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Library Funding, State Aid and Grants in NYS

State Aid

State Aid Assurances and Applications for Library System Aid

The SED Monitoring System portalexternal link is the submission portal for the annual State Aid Application for Library Systems. Library Systems will use the SED Monitoring and Vendor Performance System to print out the Certification Form and to submit the online assurances.

Electronic Payments page of the Office of the State Comptrollerexternal link (for Library Aid payments)

SED Grants Financeexternal link (Reports)

How to Look Up Payments:

  • All institutions receiving state aid should look up their payments in the Statewide Financial System (SFS). Each institution is required to maintain an SFS account. For larger institutions you may need to contact your finance office.
  • Each individual aid program paid will be identified by the invoice number. (Please note: many times multiple aid programs are bundled in one payment but there will be a separate listing for each program.)

Reading the Invoice Number:

  • First 2 characters: SA= State Aid, FA= Federal Aid
  • Characters 3-12 are the project number (project numbers are listed in your Certification Form)

Invoice # SA0300240001

  • SA= State Aid
  • 0300= Public Library System Basic Aid
  • 24= 2023-2024 State Fiscal Year
  • 0001= recipient’s project code

New York State Library Aid Programs at a Glance

Federal Aid

Last Updated: March 1, 2022