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Selected Women's History Collections held by the New York State Library

Alphabetical list, with a brief description of each collection.



Adel, Harriet
Letter. (1829). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18533

Letter of Harriet Adel of Perry, Wyoming County, New York, to her sister Pamela Landon, briefly describing her current life and expressing loving sentiments toward her family.

Adirondack Forty-Sixers
Records. (1933-1993). 60 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC19467

Correspondence between the mountain climbers and Grace Hudowalski, longtime secretary and historian for the organization. The letters feature descriptions of ascents up the mountains. Hudowalski's letters contain reminiscences of her own and others' climbing experiences. Also included are questionnaires submitted by climbers after they had successfully climbed all 46 Adirondack high peaks. The Adirondack Forty-Sixers is an organization for individuals who have reached the summit of all 46 peaks in the Adirondack Range of 4,000 feet or higher in elevation. Many of the Forty-Sixers are women. Finding aid to the Adirondack 46ers.

Advertising Collection
Advertisements. (n.d.). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: QC16507

19th- and 20th- century advertisements, primarily trade cards, many directed at women as consumers. Several of the cards illustrate women using the product being marketed.

Albany Army Relief Association
Records. (1861-1869). 1 volume, 1 photograph.
Collection Call Number: BD13614

Minutes of meetings of the Albany Army Relief Association. The members of the Association, all women, worked with the Sanitary Commission to aid Civil War soldiers in hospitals and camps by providing clothing, blankets and personal items.

Albany Female Seminary
Records. (1827-1861). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC10673

Minute books, student records, and property records of the seminary. Included are the deed to the seminary property, the Articles of Association, reports to the State Board of Regents, 1843-1848, trustees minute books, 1828-1849, and a registry of students, 1829-1861. The Albany Female Seminary was organized by an association of shareholders in 1828, and operated until 1867. Three of its seven principals were women.

Albany Woman Suffrage Society
Records. (1882-1883). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD9879

Minute book of weekly meetings. The group participated in state and nation-wide conferences in support of women's suffrage.

Alden, Mrs. Westover
Letter. (1897). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20054

Letter to Rev. Joel S. Ives from Mrs. Westover Alden, editor of the Woman's Department of the New York Tribune in New York, New York. In this letter, Alden thanks Ives for submitting a poem, which she will publish in the Sunshine column of the newspaper's women's page. Alden recounts her founding four years earlier of "The Only Woman's Page," the first page in a newspaper devoted exclusively to news of interest to women. She also describes the work of the Tribune Sunshine Society, of which she is president, organized to distribute books, magazines, flowers and other items to the homebound.

Allen, Mrs. Miriam
Account book. (1815). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD3754

Account book detailing expenses of and monies received from Allen's boarding house in Salem, Washington County, New York.

Allen, William W. (1829-1866)
Papers. (1839-1866). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC12351

Includes the papers of Cornelia Niles Allen, wife of the Baptist minister William W. Allen. Featured are five issues of The Garland, a handwritten literary magazine from Rensselaerville, Albany County, New York, of which Allen was "co-editress". Also included are several items of correspondence and books of poetry. Finding aid available.

Allen Family
Papers. (1800-1939). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC21233

Papers comprised mainly of personal correspondences between the Allen, Waldo and Warcup families, many of whom resided in Westernville, Oneida County, New York. Many of the letters were sent to Mrs. Lydia Allen from her son and six daughters and concern routine matters of everyday life such as household chores, the state of their health and finances. The letters of two daughters, Catherine and Nancy, often discussed their situation in rural Texas where they taught school. They mentioned various hardships due to the hot weather, disease and the meager pay. Julia Allen Waldo wrote mostly to her siblings regarding personal and family matters. The Warcup family correspondence includes letters written by Marion Warcup detailing her experiences as a student at a school in Oneonta, Otsego County, New York. Several of the letters were written during World War I and provide information on the hardships of that time. In one letter, she refers to the influenza outbreak. The letters also include references to new technologies, such as automobiles and phonographs. Finding aid to the Allen Family Papers.

Allison Family
Papers. (1835-1944). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC13319

Correspondence, accounting records and photographs of Ada F. Allison are included with these papers. Finding aid available.

American Red Cross
Records. (1918-1919). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 6890

Lists of New York State women who were discharged or deceased at the close of World War I. The records list the duty to which each woman was assigned, the country of assignment, dates of service and home address.

Anthony, Susan B. (1820-1906)
Letters. (1879-1901). 6 folders.
Collection Call Number:

Letters discussing the wording of a biography of Ms. Anthony, a statement of her principles, dates of meetings and appointments, and personal visits. Letters were written to the following: Lucy Ellen Guernsey, March 28, 1879: 12335 J.B. Pond, February 27, 1897: 14685 J.B. Pond, January 18,1897: 14704 Henry C. Bixler, Editorial Department of the Knickerbocker Publishing Company in New York City, December 6, 1901: 14898 "My Dear Friend", July 5, 1888: SC9104 Mrs. Margaret C. Murray, n.d.; January 24, 1901; June 18, 1903: SC9691

Arthur, Fidelia
Letter. (1838). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19672

Letter written to "My Dear Friend" by Fidelia Arthur of Lima, Livingston County, New York, refusing an offer of employment and requesting a situation closer to home.

Austin, Elizabeth
Letters. (n.d.). 3 items.
Collection Call Number: 20831

Letters of Elizabeth Austin of Monroe Works, New York, from her mother, who writes to her married daughter about family news, her father's illness, and visits made and received.

Avery, Flora B.
Diary. (1863-1887). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD18940

Diary of Flora B. Avery, a seamstress in Salisbury Center, Herkimer County, New York, whose husband and only son were killed in the Civil War. Most of the entries were written in 1863, and offer descriptions of domestic life during the Civil War period, including daily chores, sewing jobs, visits, illnesses and the weather. References to the war demonstrate its impact on her life. Avery frequently expresses grief over her family losses. This diary is particularly well-written.

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Bacon, Mary Schell (1870-1932)
Letters. (1905-1906). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 19570

Letters of the writer Mary Schell (Mrs. Charles E.) Bacon, written in New York City and Seaside, New York, to her physician and friend Dr. E.L. Partridge. In these nine lengthy letters, Bacon describes in detail her struggles as a writer, her shaky career, health and financial problems, and her turbulent emotional state. She writes of [the publisher] Henry Holt, his suggestions of alternate careers for her, and his offer to set her up in business. These letters, rich in self-analysis, reflect a woman's struggle to come to terms with her life. Also included is a letter to Bacon from "H.G." written in Manchester, England. Bacon was a novelist and playwright who wrote under the name Dolores Marbourg.

Baker Family
Letters. (1911-1935). 1 box (56 items).
Collection Call Number: SC21595

Collection of letters written mostly to and by Jessamine Baker and to her mother, Mrs. Jesse (Jennie) Baker, from friends and relatives. The Bakers lived at various times in Andover, Alleghany County, New York and Corning, Steuben County, New York. Jessamine is a young schoolgirl as the collection opens, eventually attending school in Syracuse and working for a while in Ithaca. Included are several letters from Alice B. Faulkner, a friend of Jessamine's who moved from Hornell to Titusville, Florida for a time. Alice's letters discuss life in Florida.

Barber Family
Papers. (1824-1856). 12 folders.
Collection Call Number: SC16443

Letters written to members of the John Barber family, describing life in rural villages and towns in Oneida, Wayne and Cortland counties, New York. Featured with these papers is the correspondence between women in the Barber family, including Alice Barber, Susan Enos and Emeline Hicks. Finding aid available.

Barker, William
Letters. (1832-1833). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 6020

Letters of Jeannette Barker in Albany, Albany County, New York, to William H. Barker in New York City during their courtship and marriage.

Barlett, Jane
Letter. (1836). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20430

Letter to Jane Barlett of Bristol, New Hampshire, from her sister "A.B.", describing life with her husband since moving to Brockport, Monroe County, New York. She expresses her wish to set up housekeeping as soon as their new home is vacated, and requests news of her old home. The letter includes prices for common household items.

Barnett, Isabel
Papers. (1887-1901). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 17819

Teaching notes consisting of sketches, examination questions, stories and nature studies.

Bassett Family
Papers. (1839-1899). 7 folders.
Collection Call Number: SC11811

The Bassett Family collection consists mainly of correspondence. The majority of the letters were sent to Samuel and Lucia Bassett in Gibbon, Nebraska from relatives in Coopers Plain, New York. The letters provide news about the family and friends in Coopers Plain. This collection also contains two legal documents: the will of Thomas Baker and power of attorney granted to Emma Bassett to sell and lease real estate. The remainder of the collection consists of items such as photographs, announcements, and souvenir albums. Finding aid available.

Bazzoni, Mary
Diaries. (1910-1928). 9 volumes.
Collection Call Number: SC19521

Diaries of Mary (Mrs. Charles) Bazzoni of Newburgh, Orange County, New York, describing daily activities and events, illnesses, visits made and received, trips taken, and the weather. Many entries are accompanied by statements of accounts.

Bedell, Mrs. H.P.
Diary. (1878-1880). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD12906

Daily journal in the back of an account book, kept by Mrs. H.P. Bedell of Coxsackie, Greene County, New York. The book includes clippings from The Youth's Companion pasted over the old accounts.

Bemis, Mary E.
Cookbook. (1847). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD18961

Recipes of Mary E. Bemis of Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York. Many of the recipes include the name of the person who provided them. Bemis was the great-granddaughter of James D. Bemis, the printer-bookseller.

Bennett, Orpha Hakes
Letters. (1890-1954). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC17883

Letters from family and friends to Mrs. Charles E. (Orpha Hakes) Bennett of Troy, Rensselaer County, New York, discussing daily activities.

Berry, Erick (1892-1974)
Papers. (1938-1963). 1 box, 1 package.
Collection Call Number: SC18708

Publisher's advertisements for books, including those written by Erick Berry and Herbert Best. Also featured are newsclippings, as well as correspondence to Helen Fay and Eleanor Foote of the John Mistletoe Shop in Albany, Albany County, New York. Two original Berry drawings are available, one each for Whistle 'Round the Bend and One Fiddle String. Berry was the pseudonym of author and illustrator (Evangell) Allena Champlin Best. She was the daughter of George G. Champlin, a reference librarian at the New York State Library, and May (Allen) Champlin. She grew up in Albany, New York and married Carroll Thayer Berry, and then (Oscar) Herbert Best. She was the author of more than 60 books, primarily for young people, some co-authored with Best. Berry illustrated most of her own books, as well as those of several authors including Best. Finding aid available.

Birch, Maria
Letter. (1849). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18424

Letter of Maria Birch to her cousin Phebe Ferriss, describing her move with her family to Brunswick, Ohio.

Bixby Family
Papers. (1784-1930). 3 boxes, 14 maps.
Collection Call Number: SC16585

Papers relating to the activities of Helen S. and George F. Bixby as editors of the Plattsburgh Republican newspaper, and to their interest in the history of Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York. Also available are four diaries of Deborah Stephenson Bixby kept between 1887 and 1894, and a notebook of her poetry, essays and letters ca. 1850 and 1870. Finding aid available.

Bloomer, Amelia Jenks (1818-1894)
Letters. (1893). 3 items.
Collection Call Number: V20482

Two letters addressed to Lillian F. Brown regarding the display of The Lily in a special exhibit at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, and its subsequent deposition at the New York State Library. The Lily, edited and published by Amelia Bloomer, ca. 1849-1853, was one of the first periodicals concerned with women's suffrage and related topics. Also included is a news clipping written and annotated by Amelia Bloomer regarding her involvement with the Lily. Bloomer was a social reformer and advocate of women's suffrage. She was known for a style of dress reform for women, which became known as bloomers. The copy of The Lily, owned by the New York State Library and nearly complete, is the original owned by Bloomer.

Bond, Ellen
Diary. (1850). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD13389

Diary of a young woman traveling with her family from Cincinnati to Niagara Falls, the Canadian province of Quebec, Fort Ticonderoga, Saratoga Springs, Lake George and Boston. The diary offers historical details of the sites visited. Included is a discussion of Lord and Lady Elgin.

Booth, Theodora
Letters. (1918). 7 items.
Collection Call Number: 18530

Letters of Theodora Booth, president of the Girls National Honor Guard, New York, New York, to Thelma Bishop, soliciting contributions of games, books, cards and other items for servicemen who are ill in several post hospitals. The Girls National Honor Guard was founded in 1916 by Theodora Booth as a first aid organization "for the purpose of creating a spirit of patriotism and duty among the girls of America". Young women between 14 and 30 years of age were eligible for admission. The Guard received the backing of the United States Army and Navy.

Brady, James T.
Papers. (1940-1972). 8 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC18692

Manuscripts of the juvenile literature written by Rita G. and James T. Brady, as well as related publishing correspondence. Also featured are journals, photographs and printed material. Brady was a teacher in the New York City area, and later taught children's literature in the Albany area. Both Bradys wrote and published juvenile short stories and novels. Finding aid to the James T. Brady Papers.

Braman, Vera
Diaries. (1949, 1965-1966). 3 items.
Collection Call Number: SC22578

Memoranda diaries kept by an officer of the Police Woman's Bureau of the City of New York. These items contain notes about her daily activities for two distinct periods: March-September 1949, and November 1965-March 28, 1966. Included are tersely-worded but detailed accounts of investigating gypsy fortune tellers and other alleged bunco operations, inspecting theaters for code and morals violations, child-welfare and criminal cases, as well as more mundane notes of street patrols, surveillance, attending court proceedings and matron duty. Policewomen in New York City served in a separate bureau until 1967. In 1972, 15 women volunteered to go on patrol as an experiment. The following year, with the experiment deemed a success, both the bureau and the title of policewoman were abolished.

Branch, Emma C.
Diary. (1871). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD18937

Daily diary of Emma C. Branch of Virgil, Cortland County, New York. The brief entries recount the weather, school attendance and daily events.

Bratt Family
Papers. (1689-1854). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC17396

The Bratt Family collection concerns land holdings primarily, but reveals much information about the family and the historical setting in which the documents were created. Of particular interest are the items that document the activities of women in the family: Rachel Ryckman's schooling, Elisabeth Bratt's investing in land, and Elizabeth Helling's travelling to England. The Bratts were an Albany, Albany County, New York-area family that owned large tracts of land in and around Albany, Greenbush and the Hoosick patent. Finding aid available.

Brewster, Mary
Papers. (1916-1917). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC19333

Class notes, exercises, and related materials from Brewster's attendance at the New York State Library School in Albany, New York. Also included are official publications of the institution.

Bristol, Cornelia
Letter. (1835). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18877

Letter from Cornelia Bristol of Clinton, New York, to her parents, telling of her plans to attend school in Albany in two weeks, and recounting family news.

Bronson, Orpha
Letter. (1845). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20432

Letter from Orpha Bronson of Vernon, Oneida County, New York, to her brother, expressing grief over the news of their sister's death.

Brown, Zilpha
Letter. (1854). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19088

Letter to Kate [?] from Zilpha Brown, recounting a stormy stage and boat trip with seven adults and children to Coxsackie, Greene County, New York. Brown asks for news about several friends, and inquires about recent deaths. Her letter describes the "symptoms of abortion" of one of her traveling companions.

Brown Family
Papers. (1818-1908). 2 boxes (0.7 cu. Ft.).
Collection Call Number: SC18750

This collection contains letters, legal documents, invoices, receipts, and various other material belonging to the Brown family of Minaville, Montgomery, New York, as well as correspondence from friends and business associates. Many of the letters were written by Mr. Brown and his children Cady, William, Charlotte, and Louise. The content of those letters deal mainly with family life, such as inquiries as to visits, family health, etc. In addition, there are letters addressed to Allen Brown, who lived in New York City in the 1820s and 1830s, and letters from the Lockwood family, whose ties with the Browns extend back to the 18720s when Elizabeth Lockwood contracted with Allen Brown to handle the estate of her deceased husband, Jared Lockwood.

Browne, Sarah Payne
Papers. (ca. 1730-1854). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC19926

Papers of Sarah Payne Browne of Flushing, Queens County, New York, and her extended family, including the Nicoll family of Shelter Island, Suffolk County, New York. Included are personal and business correspondence, legal documents, account statements and receipts. Also featured are the assessment rolls for Shelter Island, New York, 1832, 1842 and 1851.

Bump Family
Papers. (1800-1890). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC18702

Correspondence between members of the Bump family and relatives in the Geer, Lyon, Mills, Palmer, and Wallace families. The bulk of the correspondence after 1850 is among Solomon Bump, his wife Polly, their son Henry, their daughter Rhonda Eliza, and Rhonda's husband Charles Wallace. The letters provide news about the family and daily home life. These families resided in Auburn and nearby towns in Cayuga and Onondaga counties, New York. Finding aid available.

Burns, Mary
Scrapbook ephemera. (1928-1940). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 19321

Photographs and newspaper clippings from the scrapbook of Mary Burns of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York. Many of the items relate to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, including original photographs taken during special occasions when Roosevelt was President. Burns was active in the Democratic party and acquainted with the Roosevelts. On different occasions she presented bouquets of Dutchess County violets to Eleanor Roosevelt. A number of clippings refer to such an event on Franklin Roosevelt's second inauguration day, when the Roosevelt family wore her flowers. This incident is mentioned in a newspaper piece titled "My Day", by Eleanor Roosevelt, included with these papers. A photo of a young J. Edgar Hoover is also available. Other photographs and clippings relate to friends and local events.

Burt, Laura
Letter. (1910). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19702

Letter to "Miss Ives" from Laura Burt of Staten Island, Richmond County, New York, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to play the part of Glad in Ives's play.

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Campbell, Sarah Mynderse
Diary. (1823-1829). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 17528

Diary kept by Sarah Campbell of Schodack, Rensselaer County, New York, offering details about her failing health, church events, and the visits of family and friends.

Campbell Family
Papers. (1707-1907). 23 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11062

Business correspondence, financial and land records, diaries, and personal correspondence of the Campbell-Schermerhorn and Clute families of Schenectady County, New York. Included are the financial records and correspondence of several women in these families, most notably Angelica Campbell and Elizabeth Clute Campbell. Finding aid available.

Canfield, Malcomb (1822-1892)
Papers. (1815-1895). 6 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11767

Correspondence between Canfield and members of his family, in particular his wife Augusta. Also available is Augusta's diary. Finding aid available.

Carman, Anna
Letter. (1859). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20418

Letter of Anna Carman to her mother, describing her life as a student in Union Springs, Cayuga County, New York, probably at Howland College. In this letter, the 18-year-old Quaker describes her studies and the studies of other students, and explains her reasons for deciding not to take botany and chemistry. She recounts a walk taken on her birthday with a professor and friends, and asks for news of several family members.

Chadwick, Annie
Diary. (1861-1897). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD11377

Diary containing news of family matters including births, deaths, and visits of relatives. After 1867, the entries are often dated years apart.

Chadwick Family
Papers. (1843-1919). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC16555

Correspondence and printed memorabilia of Lucretia N. and William N. Chadwick of Cohoes, Albany County, New York, and their descendants. The bulk of these papers were generated by their three children, Anna, Peter Remsen and Joseph. Anna Chadwick attended a boarding school in New York City in the 1850s, prompting a correspondence with family and friends. Peter Remsen Chadwick's papers include the correspondence of his wife Annie. Finding aid available.

Chittenango Female Association for Missions
Record book. (1835-1847). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 19185

Record book of the Chittenango Female Association for Missions of Chittenango, Madison County, New York. This volume contains the association's constitution, lists of officers and members, and minutes. The Chittenango Female Association for Missions was founded in 1835 as an auxiliary to the Reformed Dutch Church to advance missionary activities.

Coe, Clarissa
Journal. (1847). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 13406

Personal journal of a teacher who worked in Herkimer and Ulster counties, New York. Included are short essays on such topics as morning and solitude, and an account of an imaginary journey to the planet Venus.

Coe Family
Diaries. (1890). 3 volumes.
Collection Call Number: 14200

Diary of Grace M. Coe, who was attending business school in Albany, Albany County, New York. Also featured is an autograph album of Eliza A. Coe, Fort Assiniboine, Montana.

Colles, Gertrude
Papers. (ca. 1895-1909). 7 folders.
Collection Call Number: SC13804

Correspondence, essays, notes, pamphlets, broadsides, clippings and ephemeral material concerning the women's suffrage movement collected by Colles, a New York City artist and supporter of the cause. Finding aid available.

Collins Family
Papers. (1799-1878). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11385

Family correspondence of Maria Collins and her husband Ela, United States Representative, Lewis County, New York. Featured with these papers is the correspondence of their children Emily, Edward C., Francis, Isaac, George and William, as well as other relatives including Sarah, Sally and Mary Collins. Finding aid available.

Columbian Exposition. Board of Ladies Managers
Records. (1892). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC16603

Lists of committee members and letters to the managers from several states. The Board of Ladies Managers was organized to present a portrayal of the industrial and social conditions of women for the Columbian Exposition.

Comstock, Maria P.
Letter. (n.d.). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19765

Letter of Maria P. Comstock to her sister Mrs. Cyrus Perry and niece Harriet of Wilton, Saratoga County, New York, expressing sympathy on the death of Perry's young son. Comstock also describes to her niece the virtues that are desirable in a young lady.

Conger Family
Papers. (1772-1911). 10 boxes, 62 maps.
Collection Call Number: SC18698

Land transactions and family legal matters of Abraham B. Conger, his sister-in-law Catharine Ann Hedges, and his son, Clarence R. Conger. The correspondence is focused on family conflicts: the estrangement of Theodore H. Conger, the settlement of Catharine Ann Hedges' estate, and the divorce of Abraham B. and Mary Rutgers McCrea (Hedges) Conger. The latter includes investigations into the background of Reverend George E. Northrup and his wife Margaret, who was named correspondent in the divorce. Also featured are account books of Catharine Ann Hedges. Finding aid to the Conger Family Papers.

Cooley, Mary M.
Correspondence. (1829-1868). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC19516

Correspondence of Mary M. Cooley of Greenville, New York, with several family members, discussing family and personal matters and describing daily activities.

Cooper, Carrie
Papers. (1777-1941). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC20323

Family papers of Carrie Cooper of Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York. Two volumes of accounts contain family records of the Cooper, Eaton and Buell families, scattered diary entries, 1863-1880, recipes, and newspaper clippings pasted over the old accounts. Also included are letters and notes relating to the genealogy of Cooper's family.

Cornell Family
Photograph album. 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: PRI4702

Photographs of women related to Ezra Cornell, including Dorothy and Eunice Cornell, Mary Ann (Wood) Cornell, Mrs. Frank Cornell, Dorothy C. Taylor, Peggy Cushman, and Susie Cornell. Finding aid available.

Coy Family
Letters. (1887-1903). 1 box (ca. 120 items).
Collection Call Number: SC21851

Collection of letters mainly from Mary Dorman of Norwich, Chenango County, New York, to her mother, Diana Coy, East Pharsalia, Chenango County, New York, focusing on life as a housewife and mother of two daughters, Ruth and Florence. The letters summarize her daily chores, such as sewing clothes for the girls and herself, washing clothes, and visiting with friends. Also included are letters to Diana from her two sons, Charlie and Luther, and a friend, Abbie, who lives in Whitney Point. The letters are chatty and informal and include mentions of other family members as well as friends in the communities.

Crawford-Kelly Family
Papers. (ca. 1860-1900). 4 albums, 1 envelope, 2 daguerreotype cases.
Collection Call Number: SC16176

Autograph albums and mementos of Helen, Mary H., and Evelina Hoornbeek Kelly, and Catherine K. Hoornbeek. Finding aid available.

Cunningham, Mary E. (1911-1986)
Papers. (ca. 1940-1970). 25 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC18830

Personal and professional papers of Mary E. Cunningham, including material relating to her service at the New York State Historical Association and her editorship of New York History. These papers feature materials concerning Cunningham's activities in the development of educational programs about New York State history, including material relating to the filmstrip series "Our York State", her newspaper article of the same title, and manuscripts of other articles. A large portion of these papers consists of material from Cunningham's service in the Kennedy administration, her work at Rand McNally publishing, and her activities in the Democratic party, including correspondence, clippings, memoranda and publications. Personal and family papers are also available. Cunningham joined the staff of the New York State Historical Association in 1939. During her tenure with that organization she served in a number of capacities, including editor of The Yorker and New York History, assistant to the director, associate director, director of school services and librarian. In 1957 she joined the New York State Education Department as a special consultant. She served in the administrations of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson in the Food and Drug Administration, first as Chief of the Consumer Information Branch, and after reorganization, as Deputy Director of the Division of Consumer Education. She was a founder of American Heritage magazine and served as its first editor. Finding aid to the Mary E. Cunningham Papers.

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Daughters of the American Revolution
Records. (1775-1918). 7 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC18048, SC18049

Records from the Mohawk Chapter and other state chapters relating to the American Revolution and World War I. Featured are rosters of names of those who fought in both wars, paper money from the Revolution, photographs, land deeds and artifacts.

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Records. (1912-1953). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC14782

Printed materials and records of local chapters. Included are minutes of conventions, 1912-1928, printed copies of the organization's constitution, and convention journals. Also featured are membership record books from Lockport, Albion, Rome, Dunkirk, Franklinville, Palmyra, Pulaski, Oxford, Edmeston and Kenmore. Finding aid available.

Davenport, Grace
Income tax statements. (1864-1867). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 20286

Itemized tax bills and a completed tax return of Grace Davenport of New Rochelle, Westchester County, New York.

DeAngelis, Sarah
Letters. (1829-1831). 2 items.
Collection Call Number: 18545

Letters of Sarah DeAngelis of Holland Patent, Oneida County, New York, to her sister Sarah (Mrs. Lemoyne H.) Wells, relating news of family and friends. One letter includes the lyrics to "The Minute Gun at Sea", and "Absence, Absence, Absence."

Denike, Alice B. M.
Essay. (n.d.). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18469

Typewritten essay titled "Dobbs Ferry in the Civil War", by Alice B. M. Denike.

DeSormo, Maitland C.
Photographs. 4 boxes.
Collection Call Number: PRI4963

Photographs of women camping and living in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Maitland C. DeSormo was a noted author and collector of material on the Adirondack Mountains. Finding aid available.

Devendorf Family
Papers. (1839-1952). 3 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC12608

Correspondence and land papers from Herkimer and Otsego counties, genealogical data on the Devendorf and Wheeler families, as well as correspondence of Ella Devendorf, 1865-1941, and Mary A. Wood, 1851-1883. Wood's correspondence reflects a loving relationship across the generations of her family despite physical separation. Included are letters to Wood from her daughter Anna H. Wood, her niece Lucy A. Jillett, and granddaughters Julia and Ella J. Wood. Finding aid available.

Diaries of a Woman
Diaries. (1895-1896). 2 volumes.
Collection Call Number: 18762

Diaries of a woman living in the area of Albany, Albany County, and Troy, Rensselaer County, New York. The brief entries recount daily events, visits, the weather, and activities of family members.

Diary of a Young Girl
Diary. (1857). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 18972

Diary of a young girl living with her family in the area of Albany, Albany County, New York. This lengthy diary recounts her everyday life, including chores completed, visits with friends, shopping trips, sewing, attendance at school, and the daily activities of family and friends.

Diary of a Young Woman
Diary. (1860-1862). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD16634

Diary of a young woman, age 18-20, living in the Philadelphia area. The daily entries discuss family and home life. Poems are also included.

Diary of a Young Woman
Diary. (1861-1864). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD16818

Diary of a young woman living on a farm outside Penn Yan, Yates County, New York, written in the blank spaces of a ledger dated 1828. The entries recount chores done on the farm and in the house, attendance at high school and church, visits with family and friends, and the weather. The final entries describe a trip to New York City.

Doane, William Croswell (1832-1913)
Papers. (1813-1913). 24 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11835

Correspondence, journals, writings, scrapbooks and ephemeral material of Bishop Doane, Episcopal Bishop of the Albany Diocese. The papers of James Terry Gardiner, included with this material, contain the letters of Ann Gardiner and Ann Grew Terry. Also featured is the 1901 Annual Report of the Women's Auxiliary to the Board of Missions, Albany Diocesan Branch. Finding aid available.

Drewry, Estelle Louise
Scrapbooks. (ca. 1868-1903). 5 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC20937

Five scrapbooks of Estelle Louise Drewry of Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. The bulk of the material is political in nature, and includes election pamphlets, speeches and numerous newspaper articles relating to Presidential and local elections. Of particular interest are booklets containing speeches by Daniel Webster, James Garfield, Henry Ward Beecher and New York Senator Roscoe Conkling. Also featured are election pamphlets about Ulysses S. Grant from the 1868 presidential campaign, and James A. Garfield from the campaign in 1880. Voting tickets from several Albany wards in the 1871-1890 elections are available.

Dunning, Julia
Letter. (1849). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18757

Letter of Julia Dunning to her brother John H. Young and his wife Betsey of Forestville, Chautauqua County, New York. Dunning describes a young woman's family and social life, featuring visits, sleighing and singing school. She includes a long quote from a letter from [her brother] George, describing an eventful train trip from Syracuse, Onondaga County, to Salisbury, Herkimer County, New York, and a man's serious wagon accident.

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Eaton Family
Papers. (1849-1875). 7 folders.
Collection Call Number: SC17395

Includes the diary of Sarah Landon, age 16-19, written between 1858-1861. Finding aid available.

Ehricke, Catharine
Account book. (ca. 1829-1846). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD15313

Expenses written in German.

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Factsheet Five
Records. (ca. 1976-1991). 350 cubic feet.
Collection Call Number: SC20329

A collection of "zines", independently published, alternative culture magazines of the 1980s and early 1990s, many related to feminist and lesbian issues, as well as Wicca and other goddess-oriented beliefs and practices. These records are being processed. The portion processed is available for research. Finding aid available.

Female Cent Society of Lansing, New York
Records. (1816-1824). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 18717

An account book, constitution of the organization, and the constitution of the Associated Female Society of Geneva, Ontario County, New York. The organization's objective was the propagation of the Gospel.

Ford, Eunice
Letter. (1848). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20450

Letter of Eunice Ford of Elmira, Chemung County, New York, to her elderly brother, expressing sympathy on his grave illness, and stating her "pleasing anticipation that we shall soon meet on the other side of the Jordan".

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Gannett, Caroline Werner
Speech. (June 1959). 1 pamphlet, 1 transcript.
Collection Call Number: 13761

This speech, entitled "Random Thoughts of the Lone Lady Regent", discusses education in New York State. Caroline Gannett was a New York State Regent.

Geeny, Kit
Letter. (1857). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19716

Letter to Kit (Mrs. Isaac) Geeny of Irvington, Westchester County, New York, from Dickey [?], explaining the circumstances that are preventing his visit. This was written in response to her father's skepticism that he did not wish to come.

Gershkoff, Myra Strachner
Papers. (1941-1945). 7 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC20575

Correspondence between Myra Strachner and PFC Bernard (Bernie) Staller during the years of World War II. Strachner's letters from the home front in the Bronx, New York, describe her life as a student at New York University, as well as her relationships with family and friends. This courtship correspondence, totaling approximately 700 letters, offers a detailed view of a tragic wartime romance. Bernie Staller was killed on March 18, 1945, on the Siegfried line in France during a German artillery barrage. Also included are 67 photographs, most relating to Bernie's army career, as well as material from Myra's scrapbook. Finding aid to the Myra Strachner Gershkoff Papers.

Gilead Evangelical Lutheran Church
Records. (1789-1966). 43 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC17235

Records of the Gilead Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brunswick, Rensselaer County, New York, including the papers of the Women's Home and Missionary Society, 1880-1980. The church was established as the Gilead Lutheran Church in 1742. Finding aid available.

Gordon, Hazel
Papers. (1918-1952). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC20175

Letters, photographs, posters and ephemera of Hazel Gordon and her extended family of Glens Falls, Warren County, New York. Featured are letters to Gordon from her son George, who was stationed in Panama during World War II, as well as World War II greeting cards and ration books. Also included are the World War I ephemera of Clayton Randall. Posters from these years are also available.

Green, Emma
Correspondence. (1861-1868). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 18663

Correspondence of Emma Green of Narrowsburg, Sullivan County, New York, most dating from the years of the Civil War when Green was a young woman. The bulk of the 35 letters are written to Green from family and friends. Many of the correspondents are women, including her sister E.O. Green and friends Frankie L. Mafies, Ida Barlow, Jane [?] and Alice [?]. These letters describe the daily lives of young people during the Civil War, revealing a mixture of both self-regard and concern over the greater issues of the time.

Gurley Family
Papers. (1862-1915). 7 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC21620

The Gurley family papers consist of letters, diaries and photographs that offer a glimpse of the personal and professional lives of various members of a once prominent family of the Troy, New York area. The bulk of materials are centered on Clara Gurley Williamson, the oldest daughter of William and Ruth Kenney Gurley. Included are many letters to Clara from her parents and siblings regarding personal and family matters. In addition, Clara received many letters from a friend, Sarah Cook of New Brunswick, New Jersey; these letters depict the social life and customs of the time period. Clara also kept diaries which present perceptive observations of her circle of family, friends and acquaintances. Photographs, comprising almost half the collection, include many studio portraits of family members taken circa 1870s through the 1890s. Included are several exterior and interior views of their residence, known as Elmhurst, that was situated in the Lansingburgh, Rensselaer County, section of Troy, Rensselaer County, near the boundary line with the Town of Brunswick. William Gurley established a scientific instrument manufacturing business in 1845; this firm eventually evolved into W.&L.E. Gurley, which was situated for over a century on Fulton Street in Troy.

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Hale, Edward Everett (1822-1909)
Papers. (1750-1917). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC12555

Includes the correspondence of Lucretia, Sarah E., and Susan Hale, written between 1811 and 1860. Finding aid available.

Hammond Family
Letters. (1876-1883). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 21057

Letters to Nettie and Sarah Hammond of Scriba, Oswego County, New York. The bulk of these 23 letters were written to the sisters by several female relatives and friends, most living in New York State. The letters offer a view of the lives of young women in rural New York, including news of farm, family and local events. A few of the letters were written from home to one of the girls, who was working at hop picking. The correspondents include cousins Mattie [?] and Evangeline [?], as well as friends Jennie Potter, Ella Baker, Mary Hyatt and Nora [?].

Hanks, Horace Tracy
Papers. (1885-1900). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 14010

Papers of a noted gynecologist of Albany, Albany County, New York. Included are published works related to surgeries and procedures devised by Dr. Hanks, 1891-1900.

Hardy, Fannie
Letters. (1890-1894). 1 box (31 items).
Collection Call Number: SC21719

Collection of letters addressed to Miss Fannie Hardy of Burr's Mills, Jefferson County, New York. All but one of the letters were written by a friend, Grace, who lived in Clayton, Jefferson County, New York. They relate to boyfriends, school, flowers, family news and religion. Chatty correspondence by a young woman in the late nineteenth century.

Hardy, Jane L.
Papers. (1866-1877). 3 items.
Collection Call Number: 19738

Letters to "Mrs. Farball" from Jane L. Hardy of Ithaca, Tompkins County, New York, regarding business and organizational matters of the Freedman's Association, a charitable organization to aid freed slaves. Also available is a receipt for pledges received from the Freedman's Union Society of Peruville, Tompkins County, New York, between August 1866 and June 1867.

Harrison, Mary Lord
Letter. (1896). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18801

Letter to "My dear Mrs. McCollins" from Mary Lord (Mrs. Benjamin) Harrison of New York, New York, second wife of the 23rd President. This note thanks Mrs. McCollins for her best wishes on her upcoming marriage to the ex-President.

Hastings Family
Papers. (1800-1885). 1 box (ca. 100 items).
Collection Call Number: SC21811

Included in the collection are approximately 70 letters by and about Ruth and Mary Ann Hastings and their friends and relatives. Mary Ann taught for several years at the Troy Female Seminary and there are comments about the school and its founder, Emma Willard. The letters provide insight into the lives of women who earned a living as teachers and/or tutors in the 1840s and 1850s. Many of the letters were written by Ruth and are chatty and revealing.

Hatch, John D.
Letters. (1941-1965). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC17474

Letters of Kate Eldridge, Berthe Pruyn Hamlin, and Emily Rankin are primarily of a personal nature, discussing family news and daily activities.

Henry, Betsey
Letter. (1821). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20038

Letter of Betsey Henry of Chester, New York, to her sister, expressing sympathy for her poor health and relating family news.

Herbert, Cornelia
Letter. (1855). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19485

Letter of Cornelia Herbert, written at the Hudson River Institute in Claverack, Columbia County, New York. Addressed to "My Dear Friend," this letter describes Herbert's spiritual progress as a devout Christian.

Herring, Elizabeth Mary
Composition book. (1824). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD21721

The front of the composition book is inscribed with her name and the name of her school, Albany Female Academy. The last page indicates the book concerns "astronomy and natural philosophy finished the last day of April and the last day of Mr. Booth's school in the year of our Lord 1824". Included are the names of the seven other "young ladies in the first-class at the time when Mr. Booth left-off keeping school". The book consists of notes and drawings relative to, among other topics, the motions of the earth, tides, wind, sound, color and vision. The drawings are relatively good.

Hinckley, Jane
Letter. (1889). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18502

Letter from Jane Hinckley to her cousin Nelson Hinckley and his family, recounting her first year of living in Albany, Albany County, New York. Hinckley describes a major fire in downtown Albany.

Hoke Family
Papers. (1870-1956). 3 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC18697

The papers of the Hokes, an African American family of Canajoharie, Montgomery County, New York. The bulk of the material relates to the engagement and marriage of Chester Bromley Hoke and Elizabeth Ann Phillips in Canajoharie, 1890-1920. The correspondence includes a series of love letters from C. Bromley Hoke to his fiancée Lizzie, letters to Lizzie Hoke from her children, as well as letters from several relatives and family friends. Among the business papers are bills and receipts for household and grocery items, and a series of letters to Lizzie Hoke concerning the estate of her deceased aunt Eveline Harris. Finding aid available.

Holcomb Family
Correspondence. (1812-ca.1884). 7 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11335

Correspondence between family members and friends in New York State, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Ohio, discussing illnesses, deaths, family news, the Civil War and daily events. Many of these letters are written by Mary, Miriam, Lucretia, Lucinda and Charlotte Holcomb. Finding aid to the Holcomb Family Correspondence.

Holrege, Sarah A.L.
Letter. (1840). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18523

Letter from Sarah A.L. Holrege to her parents, describing a visit with relatives in New York, New York.

Hopkins, Caleb (1780-1852)
Papers. (1802-1894). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC12804

Business and personal correspondence of Hopkins and members of his family. A significant portion of the personal letters are to Hopkin's son Charles, who resided in Mobile, Alabama, from his mother Keturah and sisters Louisa, Jane and Mary. These letters discuss family matters, current events, and local events of note in Albany, Albany County, and Catskill, Greene County, New York. Finding aid available.

Houston, Belle
Account books. (1860-1903). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC20650

Five account books of Belle Houston of Canastota, Madison County, New York, containing individual customer accounts at her family's store. Personal and household expenses are also included. One of the volumes features copies of poetry and recipes. Also available are a few letters and an amusing girlhood "Composition on Boys".

Howland, Sarah
Letter. (1847). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18498

Letter of Lydia [?] to Sarah Howland in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, describing a summer visit with her family to a farm in Fabius, Onondaga County, New York.

Howland College Student
Letter. (1859). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 17988

Letter of a student in Howland College in Union Springs, Cayuga County, New York, to her family, discussing school news, lectures attended, daily activities and family matters.

Hubbard, Jane C.
Letter. (1866). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20364

Letter of Jane C. Hubbard to a friend, describing her attendance at three weeks of revival meetings in Greene, Chenango County, New York.

Hudowalski, Edward C.
Papers. (1942-1965). 8 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC19468

Correspondence between Edward Hudowalski and his wife Grace of Albany, Albany County, New York, while Edward served in the military from 1942-1946. Grace's letters offer insights into domestic life on the home front during World War II. Also featured is a series relating to her participation in a special regional history program of WMHT, a local public television station. These papers include an extensive group of slides taken during Edward's army service, his military service records and ephemera. See also the records of the Adirondack Forty-Sixers. Finding aid to the Edward C. Hudowalski Papers.

Hunt Family
Papers. (1796-1871). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC16444

Includes letters of Emma B. Conklin of Sand Lake, Rensselaer County, New York, written in 1863 to her daughter Harriet (Mrs. Stephen P. Hunt) of Troy, Rensselaer County, New York, discussing family matters, news of her neighbors and local events. Finding aid available.

Huntington, Mary Louise
Commonplace book. (1863). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD18930

Contains handwritten poems, including those written by Emerson, Longfellow and Whittier, as well as several women poets. Huntington lived in Rome, New York.

Hutchinson, Harriot Martin
Letters. (1818-1846). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC19009

Letters of Harriot Martin Hutchinson of Williamsville, Erie County, New York, most to her sister Betsey and brother Anderson of New London, Connecticut. These letters begin with an account of her move to Williamsville with her husband John, and describe her difficulties adjusting to her new environs. The later letters provide an account of domestic details, financial and family matters, and news of her family, neighbors and friends. These letters reflect a strong family devotion over the years.

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Jermain, Catharine
Poem. (1816). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20137

Poem by Catharine Jermain of Albany, Albany County, New York, titled as lines spoken "to her friend just before her Death".

Jewell, Charlotte
Letter. (1864). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20387

Letter from Charlotte Jewell to her husband, who has recently enlisted in the army. Jewell recounts news of neighbors and family, visits to her home, and the presence of typhoid and scarlet fever in the area. She tells of drunken soldiers in Weedsport, Cayuga County, New York, and her wish to provide a particular soldier with a properly-fitting pair of boots.

Johnson, Fridolf
Papers. 30 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC18819

Extensive material relating to the use of women in advertising. These papers are being processed. The portion processed is available for research.

Jones, Julia Clinton
Letter. (n.d.). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 13520

Letter written by Julia Clinton Jones to Dr. Benson Lossing, asking a favor in memory of her mother. This letter recounts the hardships suffered by Jones and her brother while they attempted to support themselves in several teaching positions in Helena, Montana; Portland, Oregon, and Lathrop, California.

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Kane, Alida
Letter. (n.d.). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19706

Letter of Alida Kane of New York, New York, to her parents, describing visits with family and friends during a trip with her husband to Albany.

Kay, Julia
Diaries. (1885-1906). 1 box (18 items).
Collection Call Number: SC21621

While it appears that three people kept the diaries in this collection, 13 of the volumes, covering 1885 through 1904, were kept by Julia Kay, a housewife living in Litchfield, Herkimer County, New York. Entries for the early years were entered almost daily; each entry began with a word or two describing the weather and included a few words detailing what she and members of her family did that day. The diaries provide a good picture of how routine life was on a farm near the larger communities of Ilion and Frankfort in the late nineteenth century and the first years of the twentieth century. Four of the other diaries, kept by Mrs. V. Ball, cover the years 1903 through 1906.

Keyes, Frances Parkinson (1885-1970)
Correspondence. (1927-1938). 1 box (33 items).
Collection Call Number: SC22638

Correspondence between Frances Parkinson Keyes and Eleanor Roosevelt in regards mostly to political matters.

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Ladd, Rosaline
Letters. (1850-1874). 4 items.
Collection Call Number: 19930

Letters of Rosaline Ladd of Burlington, Vermont, to her brother, sister and friends, relating news of family and friends, visits made and received, and religious matters. Of interest is Ladd's account in 1855 of giving foster care to a baby whose mother has died.

Langdon, Alisia
Letter. (1860). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20448

Letter of Alisia Langdon of Elmira, Chemung County, New York, to her uncle, expressing sympathy for the loss of his eyesight, and relating family news.

Lansing Family
Papers. (1776-1907). 12 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11961

Official, business, financial and personal papers of the Lansing family of Troy, Rensselaer County, New York. Included with these papers are correspondence, albums, and financial and court records of several women in the extended family, including Anna Lansing, Sarah G. and Jane Vanderheyden, Rachel Knickerbocker, Lizzie H. Snyder and Elizabeth Gaston. Finding aid available.

Lawrence, Margaret
Letter. (1799). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19512

Letter written by Margaret Lawrence of Harlem, New York, to her married son living on a farm in Hamburg, New York. In this short letter, Lawrence advises her son on treating a bruised ankle, directs him in the placement of a new window in his house, and relays news of several family members.

Lay, Norma (1904-)
Papers. (1910-1966). 3 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC17378

Poetry manuscripts and printed works by Lay. Included are typescripts of her poems, including "Interval to Sun", a published collection of her work, unpublished poems, and notebooks of poem ideas. The printed material includes the 1974-75 edition of International Who's Who in Poetry, and several copies of Voices, a journal of poetry. Lay grew up in Elmira, Chemung County, New York, and received her teaching certificate from Elmira College. She contributed to a number of literary journals including the Saturday Review of Literature, The New York Times and The Massachusetts Review. Finding aid available.

Le Roy, Ida C.
Letters. (1874-1897). 1 box (65 items).
Collection Call Number: SC21597

Collection of letters and a small amount of related material between Ida C. LeRoy of Newburg, Orange County, New York, and Brewster Babcock of Rochester, Illinois, discussing their daily activities and friends and acquaintances.

League of Women Voters of New York State
Records. (1972-current). 13 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC17379

Records from approximately 90 local leagues statewide, including annual reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, local studies publications and the "Legislative Memo". Included from the State Office are State Board Reports and Minutes, correspondence, publicity materials, Candidate's Questions and Legislative Priorities. Official records of the local leagues are not available. Finding aid available.

Learned, Mary
Account book. (1874-1879). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD16876

Account book of a physician, listing expenses for clothing and accessories, charitable donations, car tickets and opera tickets.

Lent Family
Papers. (1910-1962; bulk 1930-1950). 3 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC21085

The Lent family papers reflect Depression-era economic hardships and concerns. This family correspondence focuses on finances, unemployment, layoffs, household economics, and amusements. The letters are from either George Lent to brother William and niece Helen or from Lillian Lent Amouroux to niece Helen. Also included are a few carbons of Helen's replies. Helen also received letters from friends and fellow Dutchess Tool Company employees. There are also folders of legal materials and taxes for Dutchess County family property; assorted invitations, cards and receipts. The bills and receipts show the family's need to resort to time payments or installment plans for domestic purchases starting in the Depression. The Lent family, four brothers (John, George, William and Davis, called Dave) and a sister (Lillian), came from Dutchess County, New York. In 1938 the recently widowed Lillian boarded with her brother William's family. Helen Lent, William's daughter, worked as a secretary for Dutchess Tool Company, Beacon, New York. She lived at home, never marrying, and handled the Beacon family finances. She wrote parodies and puns.

List, Sadie B.
Diary. (1890-1892). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD21267

Sadie List kept a diary on and off between January and April 1890, when she was 19 years old, and took it up again for the first three days of 1892. Includes comments on her teaching jobs in what appear to have been one-room schoolhouses in Cannonsville and in a community five miles outside Walton, Delaware County. She comments on daily activities and her students. Also includes some names of students; there are no dates connected with the lists of names.

Little, Augusta
Diary. (1846). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 10950

Diary of a student at the Troy Seminary, including short essays on the fine arts, grace and school activities.

Lockwood, Belva A. (1830-1917)
Collection. (ca. 1899-1988). 4 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC21041

Printed material, news clippings, monographs, letters and photographs relating to Belva Lockwood, 19th century lawyer, reformer and suffragette. Included are printed biographical information from several sources, Lockwood's published writings about peace, and copies of her letters written between 1901-1914. Also featured are newspaper accounts of events honoring her after her death. Printed material relating to many of Lockwood's friends and associates are also available. Lockwood was born in Royalton, Niagara County, New York, and held various teaching positions in the state, including principal of the McNall Seminary in Oswego, Oswego County, New York. She studied law in Washington, D.C., and became the first woman to argue a case before the Supreme Court. Lockwood was the first woman candidate for President of the United States, receiving the nomination of the National Equal Rights party in 1884 and 1888. Lockwood rose to prominence both nationally and internationally as an advocate of women's rights, temperance, peace and arbitration. Among her many activities to promote these causes, she served on the nominating committee for the Nobel Peace Prize and was a member of the International Peace Bureau in Berne. Lockwood was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1983, and appeared on a United States postage stamp in 1986. Finding aid to the Belva A. Lockwood Collection.

Loomis, Mary Ann
Correspondence. (1845-1864). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 18586

Correspondence of Mary Ann Loomis of Cazenovia, Madison County, New York. The bulk of the approximately 80 letters are from Loomis's sister Mary, who recounts the death of her husband and subsequent remarriage to William Dabrymple of Homer, Cortland County, New York. Letters from other women in the family are available, including Loomis's sister Jane [?], cousins Harriet Jane Woodward and Julia [?], as well as women friends.

Lossing, Helen Sweet
Papers. (1855-1875). 2 folders.
Collection Call Number: 17940

Diary kept in 1855-1856 prior to Sweet's marriage to Benson J. Lossing of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York. Also included are a few items of correspondence following their marriage.

Lydecker Family
Papers. (1860-1983). 192 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC19048

Papers of two generations of the Lydecker family of New York, New York. These papers feature love letters of Charles Lydecker's second wife Josephine B. Pond, as well as letters from his daughter Nathalie while she attended Wellesley College. Charles' son Leigh Kent Lydecker took charge of his father's papers and added his own, plus those of his wife Dorothy Fisher Lydecker. Dorothy's papers include several diaries and an extensive correspondence. Dorothy's sister Elizabeth, an army nurse in both World War II and Korea, wrote many letters, diaries, and a personal narrative of her life. Photographs of the MASH unit in which she served during the Korean War are also preserved here. Finding aid to the Lydecker Family Papers.

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Macy, Sarah A.
Diaries. (1895-1902). 4 volumes.
Collection Call Number: BD11395

Diary of a Quaker woman in Hudson, Columbia County, New York, recounting the daily life of the community, as well as local church activities.

Mann, Isabel R.
Letters. (1942-1944). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 20213

Letters of Isabel R. Mann, an English teacher at Troy High School in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York, from former students in different branches of the armed forces. The writers of these eight letters, in training camps and postings overseas, express appreciation for her teaching, and briefly relate news of their experiences.

Marsh, K.
Papers. (1949-1950). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC20817

Letters of Captain K. Marsh of the Women's Medical Specialty Corps, to her sister Helen (Mrs. Byron) La Laride of Utica, Oneida County, New York. Captain Marsh wrote most of these letters from Guam and the Philippines, where she was serving as a hospital dietitian. Her letters describe the working conditions at the bases where she served, as well as the social life, the local scenery, shopping trips and sightseeing tours. Finding aid available.

Marsh Family
Diaries. (1854-1911). 6 boxes (48 items).
Collection Call Number: SC20627

A group of 48 manuscript diaries kept by Elizabeth (Mrs. Orris) Marsh and daughter, H. Louisa, from 1854 thru 1911. They contain brief descriptions of daily activities and events that relate to small town life in general. The entries also recall the weather, visitors, births, deaths, and other vital information. Elizabeth (Betsy) Eames of Carroll, New York married Orris Marsh, a general merchant. They settled in Napoli, Cattaraugus County, New York in 1832. She bore three daughters: Emily E., Fayette D., and H. Louisa. The business and family residence was situated at the four corners of the town center. Orris also served as postmaster and town supervisor for many years.

Marshall, Effie Lawrence (1873-1970)
Papers. (1892-1960). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC15145

Papers relating to the life of a 20th century suffragette. These papers include a scrapbook of clippings of Marshall's speaking engagements, photographs from her college years, and a notebook listing books she has read. Marshall was a prominent author and leader of the women's suffrage movement in the early 20th century. She lectured extensively across the country, and wrote several novels based on the lives of famous women of the Bible. Finding aid available.

Martin Family
Papers. (ca. 1850-1906). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC21042

Letters, diaries, photographs and newspaper clippings of the Martin family of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Tennessee. Included are six diaries of Emma J. Martin of Sherburne, Chenango County, New York, 1869-1877, recounting her life as a schoolgirl and then teacher. Also available are the diaries of her brother Andrew, Lottie A. Martin of Smyrna, Chenango County, New York, Mrs. Charles D. Markhorn of Potterburk, Pennsylvania, and Margaret A. Cearins of Bayonne, New Jersey. These papers also feature letters to several women in the Martin family written between 1850-1880, including Julie Hicks, Mary Martin and Emma Martin. Finding aid available.

Marvin, Virginia
Diary. (1861). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD11556

Diary kept while Marvin was a student at the Temple Grove Seminary in Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County, New York. The writings express philosophical musings on life, love and friendship, and include quotations from the poetry of William Shakespeare, Lord Byron and others.

Mason, C.E.
Letters. (1918-1929). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 18995

Letters to C.E. Mason from several individuals in relation to her school in Tarrytown, Westchester County, New York. Among these letters are thank you notes from visitors to the school, as well as letters from prospective speakers,

McEwen, Robert
Papers. (ca. 1688-1884). 3 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11440

Personal and business papers of Dr. Robert McEwen and his wife Sarah E. (Watrous) of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County, New York. Included are letters from Robert to his wife, 1868-1883, as well as the autograph albums of Robert's mother, Sarah Anne Hedden McEwen, 1827-1832. Finding aid available.

McKoon, May Morgan
Papers. (1893-1931). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC16830

Printed material, news clippings and scrapbooks of the Women's Christian Temperance Union of Long Eddy, Sullivan County, New York and the Loyal Temperance Legion of New York State. Included are minutes, a treasurer's account book, a scrapbook of clippings of the column "W.C.T.U. Dept.," and annual reports of several temperance societies. Also featured are several Loyal Temperance Union Lapel pins. McKoon was an officer in New York State temperance organizations.

Mercer, Cora Livingston (Barnard) Wilson, Mrs.
Scrapbook, Miscellanies. (ca. 1860s-1870s). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD22104

Includes engravings of European hotels that were used as part of the hotels' letterheads or advertising circulars, postage stamps, calling cards, concert programs, personal correspondence, pieces clipped from personal stationery of friends/acquaintances, and items clipped from newspapers. Many items date between 1872 and 1879. Several items appear to be from a trip to Germany, Switzerland. Austria and Italy in 1873-1874. The English newspaper clippings appear to post-date the trip and seem to have no connection to it.

Meyer, Laura Mayhew (1867-1929)
Papers. (1884-1977). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC15091

Scrapbook, photographs, 1885 commencement program of the Utica Free Academy, and material relating to Meyer's election as a school commissioner in Utica, Oneida County, New York. Also featured are publications, photographs and memorabilia of the Oriskany Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Battle of Oriskany, 1777. Meyer was a teacher and founder of the Oriskany Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. She was active in the women's suffrage movement and in the preservation of the Oriskany Battlefield as a state park.

Middagh, Henrietta C.
Letter. (1850). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18495

Letter of Henrietta C. Middagh of Rochester, Monroe County, New York, to her sister and her family, relating family news. Most of the letter was dedicated to Joshua C. Schoonmakers.

Miller, Abraham I.
Papers. (1816-1863). 1 box (.25 cu. ft.), 2 maps.
Collection Call Number: SC20185

This is a small collection of correspondence, accounts, deeds, maps and legal papers involving a farm family of Montgomery, Orange County, New York and Athens, Pennsylvania. The correspondence includes letters by Sarah (Pitts) Hunt on her relationship with Abraham (Abram) I. Miller. The legal series contains some miscellaneous papers with the most important ones being papers related to the divorce of Abraham and Jane (Felter) Miller and the wills and estate papers of Abraham and his father, Jacobus Miller. Abraham and Jane had at least seven children. The marriage was a tumultuous one and after a separation they were divorced in 1832. In 1826 Miller petitioned the Reformed Dutch Church of Montgomery, New York, regarding his suspension for "unchristian intimacy" with an unmarried woman, Sarah E. Pitts. In 1831 Miller removed to Athens, Bradford County, Pennsylvania where he acquired farm land over the years and continued on an on-and-of basis, a 40-year relationship with Sarah E. (Pitts) Hunt, who had removed to Brooklyn, New York and by whom he may have had children.

Mitchell, Julia
Letter. (1873). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20218

Letter to Julia Mitchell of Girard, Illinois from Lizzie C. B[assett], recounting a trip taken with her brother Frank from Bloomington, Illinois to New York City. This young woman provides enthusiastic descriptions of the sights encountered, most notably Niagara Falls and New York City. She writes of meeting "my new father and brother" at the Stock Exchange, and the possibility that Frank will become a broker.

Monroe County War Council
Records. (1942-1945). 5 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC18693

Minutes, membership lists, printed materials, radio broadcast scripts and newspapers relating to the Consumer Division of the Monroe County War Council of Rochester, New York. Included are the scripts of radio broadcasts written and presented by Gladys Reid Holton, Executive Secretary of the Council's Consumer Division, 1943-1945, offering advice to homemakers. Also available are printed materials released by the Consumer Division, including the Report, Bulletin, Consumer News, and Timely Tips for Homemakers. Most of these are indexed. Printed material from several sources containing advice to homemakers, most released during the war, are also featured. Several issues of the Webster Herald, 1944-1945, are available. The Consumer Division of the Monroe County War Council was established on December 11, 1942, to help homemakers cope with wartime rationing, provide nutrition advice, and promote consumer purchases as a demonstration of patriotism. The Division disbanded on December 31, 1945.

Moore, Mary F.
Diary. (1868-1869). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD21978

She opens her writings with the following statement: "A Journal. I call this book by this name in distinct from a Diary as it appears to be more appropriate to write not only just the common events and [?] of every day life but any thoughts, suggestions, [?], that may propose so I have plenty of room in these pages. Begun Wednesday, January, 1st, 1868." However, it basically is a diary of weather and daily events kept by a young woman from January 1, 1868 through September 14, 1869.

Moore, Sarah
Letters. (1900-1914). 4 items.
Collection Call Number: 19931

Three letters (one partial only) of Sarah Moore of Russia, New York, to her son, expressing concern about his employment, recounting news of family and friends, and discussing financial matters. Also available is a letter to her husband from John A. Russell, making a claim of money owed him for the use of his horse.

Morgan, Edwin Denison (1811-1883)
Papers. (1830-1872). 105 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11818

A large and diverse collection relating to Morgan's personal, business and political affairs. These papers feature Morgan's correspondence with national figures, including Susan B. Anthony.

Morss, Caroline Amelia Kirtland (1810-1880)
Letters. (1829-1841). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC10597

Letters to Frederick W. Kirtland, who managed stores of the prominent merchant Peter Osterhout in Schoharie, Schoharie County, New York and New London, Connecticut. Among the correspondents are his sisters Caroline Morss and Julia Kirtland of Durham, New York. These letters discuss personal matters and items of local interest, and are often intensely religious in nature. Finding aid available.

Mosher, Clelia Duel
Papers. (1863-1940). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: SC10965

A history of the Mosher and related families compiled by Clelia Duel Mosher. Included are narrative histories of numerous family members, most from the 17th through 19th centuries, as well as genealogical charts and maps. a large bound volume features letters, portraits, land records, photographs, clippings and other materials bound or attached to sheets of Mosher family biographical narratives. Included in this volume is the biography Clelia Duel Mosher - The Questioner by Mary Roberts Coolidge, material relating to Mosher's service with the Red Cross in France during World War I, and a list of Mosher's publications. Mosher was born in Albany, Albany County, New York, and received her medical degree from Johns Hopkins in 1900. She became a distinguished physician whose research changed widely held views on women's physiology. She practiced medicine in Palo Alto, California, and was an emeritus professor of hygiene at Stanford University. Finding aid available.

Moulton Family
Diaries. (1867-1874). 4 volumes.
Collection Call Number: BD20678

Diaries of three members of the Moulton family of Steuben County, New York, including Ursula Noble (Mrs. Richard P.) Moulton and Mary Louisa Marsh (Mrs. Rice) Moulton, stepmother to Richard Moulton. Two of the volumes are diaries of Mary Louisa, a native of Naples, Ontario County, New York, who taught school in southern Ontario County and northern Steuben County from ca. 1840 to ca. 1860s before her marriage. Her diary recounts church services attended, her visits to the homes of parishioners, daily chores completed, and attendance at school. The short entries in Ursula Moulton's diary describe daily chores and events, church services attended and the weather.

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National American Woman Suffrage Association
Handbills. 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 6848

A small group of handbills.

Nesbitt and Sawyer Family
Papers. (1809-1927). 6 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC18704

Papers of the Nesbitt and Sawyer families of New York State. The bulk of these papers consists of personal letters addressed to Sawyer family members. a number of the letters to Frances H. Sawyer express sympathy about her son's death. Other letters are addressed to Frances Sawyer's daughter Sadie, and Sadie's husband W.C. Nesbitt. Letters to Sally Nesbitt, who attended a boarding school in Gambler, Ohio, are included. Finding aid available.

New York Child Labor Committee
Records. (1902-1940). 43 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC16964

Correspondence, case files, minutes, reports, legislation and photographs of the New York Child Labor Committee. The New York Child Labor Committee worked to reform child labor laws during the first half of the 20th century. Several women served on the board of directors, executive committee, and several working committees. Finding aid available.

New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage
Records. (1839-1917, bulk 1914-1917). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC13339

Broadsides, clippings and pamphlets produced by anti-suffrage organizations throughout the country. A few items by the pro-suffrage movement are included. The New York Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage was an organization created to prevent the passage of the 1915 ballot on Women's Suffrage. Finding aid available.

Newcomb, Amanda
Letter. (1827). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 18625

Letter of Amanda Newcomb to her niece Orriel Sawyer of Hector, Schuyler County, New York, recounting her refusal to marry Mr. S.P. Edgerton. Newcomb expresses a yearning to be with her family, and writes with a religious fervor.

Nightingale, Florence
Letter. (1866). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 17690

Letter from Nightingale to a friend discussing the positive attributes of beef tea.

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Oakley, Louisa
Letters. (1831-1836). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 18766

Letters to Jane (Mrs. F. Frances) Delaney and her daughter Fannie from Louisa Oakley and others of New York, New York. Oakley was a teacher in a small school for girls, and her letters to Fannie provide scholarly instruction and encouragement. The bulk of these 11 letters are from Louisa and her sister Susan to Jane Delaney, describing their plans to run a boarding house for the school's students. These letters reflect a loving relationship among these women.

Olcott, Jennie Arnold
Account book. (1868-1873). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD22652

Account book of Jennie Arnold Olcott's personal spending from November 17, 1868 through December 1873. Family expenses are simply noted as that and a total amount written in. Provides a detailed look at what she bought and how much she paid for it. Entries include prices of dress materials and trim as well as cost of candy, books, clothes for Sally, Nellie, May and Baby. Also includes dates and amounts of money she received from her husband, George, and others.

Orange County Woman's Christian Temperance Union (N.Y.)
Minutes. (1891-1904). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD21971

Minutes of the proceedings at the organization's conventions. Includes names of committee chairs and summaries of the work done by the committees from September 1891 through April 1904.

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Palmer, Martha
Account book. (1874-1893). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: BD11934

Details of household expenses including food, supplies and bedding.

Parsons Child and Family Center
Records. (1830-1931). 18 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC17377

Annual reports of the Superintendent, the Board of Managers minutes, and the papers of the Ladies Association Auxiliary. Records of children are extensive. The Parsons Child and Family Center was founded as the Society for the Relief of Orphans and Destitute Children in 1829 by Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wasson. Finding aid to the Parsons Child and Family Center Records.

Peck, Henry J.
Correspondence. (1864-1865). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC19406

Correspondence between Henry J. Peck and his wife Mary while he was serving in the army during the Civil War. Mary Peck's letters provide an account of life on the home front from the perspective of a soldier's wife.

Perry, Harriet
Letter. (1835). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19060

Brief letter from Harriet Perry to her brother George in Wilton, Saratoga County, New York, telling of her studies at school, her wish to see him, and their father's travels to Troy, Rensselaer County, New York.

Perry, Mrs. John L.
Diary. (1874). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 11557

Diary of Mrs. John L. Perry of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County, New York, describing a European tour during April and May, 1874. Cities visited include Lyons, Marseilles, Cannes, Nice, Mentone, Monte Carlo, Genoa and Paris.

Phelps, Henry Pitt (b. 1844)
Players of a Century. (1792-1896). 19 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC14319

An extra-illustrated edition of Phelp's book Players of a Century concerning the theater in Albany, Albany County, New York during the late 19th century. The collection contains manuscript letters, photographs, playbills, programs and historical sketches of Albany stage personae. Many prominent actresses and women authors are represented in the collection, including Jenny Lind and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Finding aid available.

Phillips, Hester
Diary. (1826-1843). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD12070

Diary of Hester (Mrs. Cornelius) Phillips of Florida, New York. The diary includes accounts and recipes. Also featured are short essays, such as one entitled "To Wives," which gives hints to young wives on how to please their husbands. The volume also includes histories of Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Prussia and Russia, written in1826 by Anna Barlow, a student at the Ballston Spa Female Seminary.

Pohlman, Henry Newman (1800-1874)
Papers. (1818-1874). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC16422

Features correspondence of members of Pohlman's family, including his wife Susan, as well as William H. and Theodosia Pohlman. Finding aid available.

Political Equality Club of Cattaraugus County
Records. (1893-1896). 1 volume, 1 pamphlet.
Collection Call Number: 11668

Membership lists, minutes and convention reports. The 1893 constitution of county Political Equality Clubs for New York State is available. The pamphlet contains the constitution and by-laws of the Political Equality Club of Salamanca, Cattaraugus County, New York. Political Equality Clubs were auxiliaries of the New York State Suffrage Association.

Pope, Sarah N.
Diary. (1872). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 15224

Diary documenting Sarah N. Pope's ten-month European expedition. Cities visited include Dresden, Hamburg, Hanover, Cassel, Weimar, Leipzig, Arnstadt, Schwarzburg, Wurtzburg, Heidelberg, Lucerne, Milan, Bologna and Florence.

Prohibition Party (U.S.)
Correspondence. (1885-1888). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC17482

Letters and telegrams, mostly to W. Martin Jones, attorney and Prohibition Party candidate. The letters are from officers of several temperance and prohibition organizations, including the Monroe County Prohibition Party, Women's Christian Temperance Union, Royal Templars of Temperance, National Society and Prohibition House, National Prohibition Bureau, New York Prohibition Party, and Office of Christian Prohibition State Committee. The letters concern the business and political activities of these organizations. Finding aid available.

Pruyn, J.V.L. (1811-1877)
Papers. (1824-1928). 13 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC10762

Includes the ledger of Pruyn's second wife Anna Fenn Parker Pruyn. Pruyn was a prominent Albany lawyer and businessman. Finding aid available.

Putnam, Mattie
Letters. (1889-1897). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 17595

Letters of recommendation regarding Mattie Putnam's skill as a teacher.

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Quackenbush Family
Papers. (1750-1850). 16 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC19955

Papers documenting the personal life and business and military career of Nicholas Quackenbush (1734-1813). Personal correspondence consists largely of letters to Nicholas from his mother Margaret, his daughter also named Margaret, and sons John and Nicholas. Also included is the will of Margaret Quackenbush (1713-1785). Finding aid available.

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Rice, Katherine
Diary. (1873-1874). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 12034

Diary of a fourteen-year-old girl living in Albany, Albany County, New York. The entries discuss family events and her life at school.

Rogers, Eliza
Letter. (n.d.). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19673

Letter to Eliza Rogers of White Plains, Westchester County, New York, from her friend Lucy [?], providing a lengthy description of her religious development in the years since their last contact, and asking if Rogers can offer her a teaching position in her school.

Roosevelt, Sara
Letters. (1925-1933). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 18965

Letters of Sarah Roosevelt, mother of Franklin D. Roosevelt, written from Hyde Park, Dutchess County, New York; Warm Springs, Georgia, and Paris. These letters discuss family events at the time of FDR's term as governor of New York State through his presidential election in 1932 and the period immediately prior to his inauguration. Also included are discussions of her travels, health and family news. These letters were written to the Baroness de San Severino, wife of Baron Quarenta de Severino, Italian Consul to Adalia, Turkey, and her daughter Anne Marie.

Ross, Ann E.
Letter. (1851). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19069

Letter of Ann E. Ross to her cousin Eunice Denison, written following a visit with [her brother] Isaac to Denison's house. Ross describes their return to their parents' home, where Isaac became severely ill with bilious fever.

Rossville Temperance Society
Constitution and Bylaws. (1834). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 20639

Constitution and by-laws of the Rossville Temperance Society of Rossville, Richmond County, New York. Many of its members were women. Also included in this volume is a list of subscribers.

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Schenck Family
Papers. (1856-1873). 4 boxes (1 cu.ft.).
Collection Call Number: SC22493

The papers of the Scheck family of Fulton, New York are comprised chiefly of personal letters between various family members. Included are letters related to the Civil War addressed to Mercy Schenck from her brother Martin, who served as a commissary clerk in an army hospital, and from various friends and relatives. Otherwise, the letters concern mostly routine matters of everyday life at the family homestead in Fulton, as well as experiences of family members who resettled in Michigan and Iowa. Finding aid available.

Schmitz, Lilla A.
Papers. (1916-1919). 1 box (ca. 90 items).
Collection Call Number: SC21813

The collection consists mainly of letters written home by soldiers stationed in South Carolina or France or Germany during 1918 and 1919. Most of the letters were written to women who appear to be related to one another and respond to letters from them or refer to members of their families. Included are a few letters written to Orpha (or Orphia) D. Wood (or Woods), a nurse at Base Hospital # 15 in France, from soldiers who had been cared for by her.

Shafer, Georgiana
Diary. (1891). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 20558

Diary of Georgiana Shafer of Cobleskill, Schoharie County, New York. In these short entries, Shafer describes courses studied at school, her Regents exams, family news, daily events and chores, visits made and received, and the weather.

Shaker Collection
Collection. (1801-ca. 1910s). 55 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC20330

Covenants, financial records, correspondence, diaries, journals, testimonies, biographies, sermons and addresses. Included in this collection are the diaries of Ann Buckingham, a member of the Watervliet (Albany County, New York) Shaker community. Finding aid available.

Sharp, Katherine Lucinda
Library recipes. (1893). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 19531

Library recipes compiled for the American Library Association comparative library exhibit by Katherine Lucinda Sharp of Albany, Albany County, New York. Organized alphabetically by topic, this volume includes directions for cleaning books of various types of stains, making several different kinds of paste, mounting, mending, and eradicating pests. Each instruction is followed by a citation for the source of the information.

Shepard, Helen Gould
Letter. (1913). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19700

Letter of Helen Gould Shepard of Irvington, Westchester County, New York, to Acting Governor Martin H. Glynn, turning down his offer to be the New York State delegate to the Congress of the American Prison Association.

Sheppard, Mrs. John S.
Papers. (1925-1945). 6 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11853

Campaign material, clippings, posters and testimony supporting repeal of the prohibition laws. Included are copies of the annual reports of the State Alcoholic Beverage Commission, as well as reports of the State Liquor Authority. Sheppard was chairperson of the New York State Division of the Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform. She was a member of the New York State Liquor Authority under Governor Lehman. Finding aid available.

Shoemaker, Rebecca
Diary. (1781-1782). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 17848

Diary of a Quaker woman living in New York, New York, describing daily events, weather, church functions and family news.

Slack Family
Papers. (1852-1956; bulk 1860-1920). 10 boxes (3 cu. ft.).
Collection Call Number: SC20640

The Slack family collection consists of correspondence, genealogical notes, photographs and ephemera. In two boxes of correspondence are 19th-century family letters to Andrew Pomeroy Slack and Harriet Wilson Slack from Nassau, New York, Willoughby, Ohio, and Fort Ann, Washington County, New York, and Sibley family (Mitchell ancestors) letters from Warren Mars to a young woman working away from home. The bulk of the correspondence is to Andrew's brother, Henry. It consists primarily of letters from Andrew and Harriet's daughter, Harriet Polly Mitchell, who married Harry Sumner Mitchell, a Unitarian minister. The letters are mainly about domestic life in a Unitarian parsonage, negotiations over a new pulpit and her role in community and family matters. Harriet's two daughters, Helen Ida Slack and Harriet Slack Mitchell, continued her genealogical pursuits. One box has the charts, notes, letters and accounts related to this. Also included are four boxes of photos, mostly late 19th century, of Slack and Mitchell family and friends.

Slater, George Atwood (1867-1937)
Papers. (1890-1936). 6 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC14997

The papers of George A. Slater, a pro-women's suffrage politician. These papers feature correspondence, scrapbooks, pamphlets, clippings, printed addresses and political papers. Also available are letters and congratulatory messages concerning Slater's nomination, campaign and election as Surrogate Judge of Westchester County in 1918 and his re-election in 1924, 1930 and 1936. Included with these papers are letters relating to family and business matters, as well as notes of praise for Slater's stand on issues of the day, in particular women's suffrage. Finding aid available.

Snyder, Mrs. M.A.
Diary. (1873). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD12045

Diary containing entries about family news and visits with friends, as well as community happenings and weather in the area of Troy, Rensselaer County, New York.

Soules, Olivia
Verse book. (1835-1839). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD18992

Verse book contains signed poems written for Olivia Soules. Several of the contributors were from New Hartford, Oneida County, New York.

Spencer, Lavina A.
Diary. (1876). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 18575

Diary of Lavina A. Spencer, describing life with her family on a farm in East DeKalb, St. Lawrence County, New York.

Spicer Family
Papers. (1870-1932). 3 boxes (1.5 cu. ft.).
Collection Call Number: SC19560

This collection is primarily correspondence to Frank E. and Nellie L. (More) Spicer for the years 1870 to 1910 from family and friends. The correspondence focuses on family and farm life of central and northeastern New York State, with some correspondence by their son, Warren, on his experiences during the World War I period, 1917-1923. The correspondence can best be summed up in one letter to a Mrs. C. from, apparently, Nellie Spicer, recounting a story of family deaths, rural isolation, and little money. Frank E. and Nellie L. (More) Spicer were a central New York farm family who resided principally in West Amboy, Oswego County, New York. Finding aid available.

Standish, Samuel
Papers. (ca. 1817-1835). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC16070

Personal letters, bills and receipts. The letters concern family matters such as sickness, travel and finances. Of particular interest are the letters from Morgan and Juliet Standish, who moved to Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York. These letters provide a vivid description of their lives in what they describe as "this woodsey area". Finding aid available.

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
Letters. (ca. 1879). 4 items.
Collection Call Number: 5110, 12675, 14537, 15806

Letters written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton concerning speaking engagements on women's suffrage, and one poem written about her in 1894 entitled "Katy did".

State Communities Aid Association
Records. (1872-1972). 47 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC19816

Annual reports, minutes of the Board of Managers and various committees, investigation reports and photographs of the SCAA. Also included are several publications, many of them rare and possibly unique. A large series of constitutions, annual reports, minutes and reports of the County Public Welfare Committees of the SCAA offers a local view of the welfare problem in the state in the mid-20th century. Subject files about topics from abortion to welfare provide broad coverage of the issues of concern to SCAA. The State Community Aid Association was founded in 1872 by Louisa Lee Schuyler and others to further public health and social reform. The Association founded the first training school for nurses in the United States at Bellevue Hospital, was an early provider of adoption and foster care services, and was instrumental in establishing county tuberculosis hospitals. Finding aid available.

Stephentown, N.Y.
Tax Records. (1854). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD20198

Roughly alphabetized by last name. Column headings: Names of Persons Assessed; No. Acres; Valuation; Real Estate; Personal; Military. Includes names of women included and indicates if they are widows.

Stevens, Mary J.
Letter. (1852). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20420

Letter of Mary J. Stevens to her mother, describing her new life as a teacher in Greenwich, New York. She complains about Greenwich as a place populated by "Old Bachelors and Old Maids".

Stoddard Family
Papers. (1863-1925). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC17361

Letters to Laura Stoddard, Asa H. Stoddard and Orlando H. Stoddard of Michigan. The bulk of the letters were written to Asa Stoddard of Kalamazoo from family and friends living mostly in Wayne County, New York. These letters discuss important family events, the weather, travel, and other similar topics. Letters of Carrie Russell Atkinson, a relation of Asa's first wife, are also available. In addition, genealogical notes, legal and school papers, news clippings and photographs are included with these papers. Finding aid available.

Strong, Minnie
Scrapbooks. (1885). 3 volumes.
Collection Call Number: BD 12031-12033

The scrapbooks of Minnie Strong of East Mendon, New York, include calling cards, invitations and newspaper clippings.

Suffrage Hosts of the Empire State
Handbill. (1912). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: VC23264

Handbill presented to Governor-elect William Sulzer on his arrival at the Capitol in Albany, New York, as part of the Votes for Women Pilgrimage. Participants walked from New York City to present the handbill to Sulzer, encouraging his administration to pass the Woman Suffrage Amendment.

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Tallman, Gertrude
Account book. (1904-1905). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD17555

Daily household expenses, as well as short notes about the activities of the day.

Thomas, Maria H.
Diary. (1857-1872). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 20931

Diary kept by a woman who resided in Brooklyn and later in New York City that contains detailed periodic entries related to her personal and social life. Most often she wrote about her state of health, church services, social gatherings, visitors, and other family matters. In addition, she commented on news about the Civil War and other events of the time period.

Thorpe Family
Papers. (1859-1960). 19 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC20672

The Thorpe family papers consist primarily of personal correspondence between family members. The letters, mainly about what could be regarded as mundane daily concerns, are significant in that they record the daily life issues facing a white, middle-class family from the mid-19th century through the mid-20th century. The Thorpe family members were involved in a variety of business enterprises. These are documented in the business correspondence, banking records, business receipts and legal papers.

Tibbits Family
Papers. (1684-1947, bulk 1780-1947). 390 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC13256

Seven subgroups arranged by principal individuals and family units from the Tibbits and related Knox, Sigourney, Dudley and Bridgen families. The papers of George Tibbits relate to various phases of his career in business and politics. Subsequent generations added greatly to these papers, especially the significant contributions made by Sarah B. Tibbits, George M. Tibbits, William B. Tibbits and C.E. Dudley Tibbits. Correspondence comprises the bulk of these series, much of it concerning personal and family matters. Another large component is the detailed invoices for a variety of goods and services purchased by family members for personal or household use. The Knox Family series is comprised mainly of personal correspondence and invoices. The correspondence and other papers of Lydia Huntley Sigourney and her husband Charles are included. The Bridgen Family series consists chiefly of material relating to the probate and settlement of the estate of Thomas Bridgen Sr. Also featured is the personal correspondence of Anna Maria and Katherine (Kitty) Bridgen. The Tibbits Family figured prominently in the social, economic, and political affairs of Troy and Rensselaer County, New York, for successive generations from the 1780s to 1940s. Their papers include correspondence, diaries, travel journals, estate papers and financial records of several women in the family. Most notable is the correspondence of Sarah B. Tibbits (1866-1947), an important figure in Troy society for many years. Finding aid available.

Tompkins Family
Papers. (1730-1922). 12 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC19818

These papers are chiefly comprised of diaries and account ledgers. Included are diaries kept by Caroline Cole and Libbie Tompkins; the primary topic in all the diaries is the weather. Births, weddings, visits, illness and deaths also are covered. Finding aid available.

Troy Female Education Society
Records. (1824-1859). 2 volumes.
Collection Call Number: 17888

Minutes of the Troy Female Education Society. The Society raised money for scholars who were preparing to join the Presbyterian ministry.

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Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, Inc.
Records. (1942-1983). 9 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC19522

Records documenting the activities of Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood primarily during the 1960s and 1970s, with records and correspondence on the history of the organization. Featured are board member manuals, by-laws, information on the administration and services offered, financial records, newsletters and news clippings. Patient files are not included. Finding aid to the Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood Records.

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Vail Family
Papers. (1813-1884). 6 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11403

Family papers consisting primarily of correspondence. The letters between family members are largely in French, particularly from Emilie and Elizabeth Vail. Finding aid available.

Valentine, Margaret Pope
Diary. (1831-1832). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 15231

Diary of Margaret Pope Valentine of Salem, Massachusetts. The entries discuss visits, church meetings, daily activities, books she has read and the arrival of her nineteenth birthday. Also included are three letters by "Laura" to "Mother" while Laura is at school, discussing the evils of fashion in the face of modesty.

Van Laer, A.J.F.
Correspondence. (1944-1953). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: SC16962

Correspondence between Van Laer of Albany, Albany County, New York, and Charlotte Pulliam of Altamont, New York, primarily regarding Dutch pottery and architecture.

Van Orden, Harriet
Account books. (1833-1855). 3 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC11367

Two volumes of accounts which document household and family expenses including food, clothes and school tuition. Van Orden was the wife of Jacob Van Orden (1788-1833), a prominent attorney in Catskill, Greene County, New York.

Van Wagoner, Janis
Diary. (1834-1838). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 20356

Diary of Janis Van Wagoner of Oxford, New York. Writing between the ages of 17-21, Van Wagoner recounts Bible and academic lessons at school, daily routines, parties and weddings attended, and local events of interest. This well-written diary contains numerous accounts of the deaths of neighbors and friends, including an emotional deathbed scene. The early part of the diary was written as a school assignment, read and commented on by her teacher.

Vanderheyden Hall
Records. (1834-1976). 14 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC18820

Administrative records documenting the official activities of Vanderheyden Hall of Troy, Rensselaer County, New York. Of interest are the papers of the Women's Auxiliary, 1858-1975. Vanderheyden Hall began as the Benevolent Society of Troy, New York, founded in 1800. The Society was established by 52 women to aid the indigent women and children in the area. By 1834 the Society had become an orphanage called The Troy Orphan Asylum. The name was changed to Vanderheyden Hall in 1942. Finding aid available.

Verplank, Harriet Lansing
Account book. (1784-1788). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: X10892

The accounts of Harriet Lansing Verplank of Albany, Albany County, New York, documenting expenditures of household supplies and personal needs.

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Wadsworth, Susan
Letter. (1833). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 20136

Letter of Susan Wadsworth of New York, New York, to her two traveling sons. Wadsworth refers to their "perilous escape" from a dangerous boat trip, and relates business and personal news. Her daughter Susan adds a note to her brothers.

Wadsworth Family
Papers. (1773-1920, bulk 1830-1880). 2 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC18701

Legal and personal papers of the descendants of Sarah Webster and John Wadsworth of New Lebanon, Columbia County, New York. These papers span six generations of the Wadsworth family, which lived in New Lebanon, Canaan, and East Chatham in New York State. An extensive correspondence of Rachel Wheeler Wadsworth and Sarah Ashby Wadsworth is featured. Also included are school books of Mary and Melinda Alexander. Finding aid to the Wadsworth Family Papers.

Warren Family
Papers. (1813-1896). 6 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC17563

Correspondence of family members including Phebe, Mrs. Nathan Warren, Stephen, Nathan and George Henry Warren. Finding aid available.

Wedd, Ruby
Poem. (n.d.). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 14052

Poem entitled "Sarah Pennoyer", about the American woman who defended her home against British troops during the War of 1812. The poem was written by Ruby Wedd of Richmond Hill, New York, a great-granddaughter of the heroine.

Weed, Mrs.
Account book. (1847). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 17466

The expenses of a woman living in New York, New York. Expenditures listed are for both household and personal items.

Weed, Ruth B.
Press releases. (1932). 1 folder.
Collection Call Number: 18942

Four press releases from the 1932 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, Essex County, New York, filed with the Associated Press by correspondent Ruth B. Weed.

West, James E.
Photographs. (ca. 1890). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: PRI4539

Photographs and negatives of the Shakers of Mt. Lebanon, New York. The photographs depict Shaker women employed in their daily work of sewing, laundry and cooking, as well as leisure activities. Portraits are also included. Finding aid available.

Wetmore, Pythagora
Letter. (1835). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19139

Letter of Pythagora Wetmore of Johnstown, New York, to Isaac Bronson, in which she expresses her intention to visit him in order to settle the estate of her late brother, as she has been appointed guardian to his children.

Whaley, Ellia R.
Diary. (ca. 1872-1880s). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: BD18772

Diary of Ellia R. Whaley of Wyoming County, New York. In brief entries, the diary describes Whaley's life with her husband on a farm near Wyoming and Warsaw, New York. The entries often include accounts of household and personal expenses.

Wheeler Family
Letters. (1907-1908). 1 box (49 items).
Collection Call Number: SC21596

Collection of letters from Mrs. John C. Wheeler of Interlaken, Seneca County, New York, to her daughter, Henrietta Wheeler, who is at school in Oneonta, Otsego County, New York. This is a collection from a worrisome mother who constantly lectures her daughter about what to wear, when to take car rides, when to go to bed, and especially about how frequently she should write home. She also gossips about townspeople while relating events at home.

Whitier, Bessie
Letter. (1893). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 19730

Letter from Bessie Whitier at St. Agnes School in Albany, Albany County, New York, to her grandfather James Whitier, requesting that he send her 10 dollars.

Willard, Emma Hart (1787-1870)
Papers. (1831-1846). 4 items.
Collection Call Number: 7711

Letters, note and an invitation from the educator Emma Hart Willard of Troy, Rensselaer County, New York. Of particular interest is a lengthy letter to the [?] County Superintendent of schools, in which Willard relates in detail her vision of the ideal educational plan for common schools, and advocates the use of women to serve under the Superintendent or on committees that oversee the schools. Another letter was written to her cousin John D. Willard, accompanying a gift of woolen stockings that she knit in honor of his marriage. In this letter, Willard creates an elaborate metaphor of the stockings as emblematic of her cousin's marriage, future happiness and conduct in life. Willard founded the Middlebury Female Seminary in Middleburgh, Vermont in 1814, in which she taught such subjects as mathematics and philosophy which were previously unavailable to women. In 1821 she founded the Troy Female Seminary in Troy, New York, where she continued to add higher subjects to the curriculum. The school is known today as Emma Willard School. Willard was a pioneer in women's education.

Willett Family
Papers. (1738-1974). 5 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC16670

Papers of Colonel Marinus Willett of New York, New York, his ancestors and descendants. Featured are genealogy and family records, correspondence, writings, business and land papers, and printed materials. These papers include correspondence between Mary Pearsee Willett and her son Marinus, Jr., who was serving as a surgeon's mate in the Revolutionary War. Colonel Marinus Willett was the great-grandson of Thomas Willett, the first English mayor of New York City. He is best known for his distinguished service during the Revolutionary War. Finding aid to the Willett Family Papers.

Wilmer, Rachel
Diary. (1834). 1 volume.
Collection Call Number: 19428

Diary of Rachel Wilmer, recounting her trip to Niagara Falls, Niagara County, New York, with her son, sister and niece. Wilmer reports on her steamboat trip to New York City, up the Hudson River to Albany, Albany County, and then across the Erie Canal to her destination. She describes the sights along the way, and comments on several church services attended in different cities. These well-written entries are strong in religious expression.

Wing-Thompson, Emma
Letters. (1917-1920). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC20925

Letters of Dr. Emma Wing-Thompson, osteopath in Schenectady, Schenectady County, New York, to her son Harold, a student at Wesleyan College in Middletown, Connecticut. Her letters provide details of her professional life and her activities in the suffragette movement. Dr. Wing-Thompson was a single mother, and her letters express considerable maternal concern and affection, as well as a strong religious faith.

Woman's Hospital Records
Records. (1934). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC20555

Medical reports on women who gave birth or underwent gynecology surgery in 1934 at the Woman's Hospital in the State of New York in New York, New York. The multi-page form includes a medical history, physical exam, detailed description of the surgery performed, follow-up notes and summary. The forms contain no patient's full name, and the addresses have been masked. The Woman's Hospital in the State of New York was founded in 1857 by Dr. J. Marion Sims for the treatment of women's diseases. The hospital specialized in serving those unable to afford care elsewhere.

Women's Christian Temperance Union, Albany County Branch
Records. (1886-1954). 4 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC19153

Records primarily of the Watervliet and Cohoes divisions of the Albany County Branch of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Included are the recording secretary's minute books, 1896-1954, and treasurer's books, 1909-1954. Also featured are printed programs, scrapbooks, and assorted notes on the history of the organization. Founded in 1874, the Albany County Branch of the Women's Christian Temperance Union accepted into its membership any woman who pledged to abstain from the consumption of intoxicating beverages and to work for the passage of legislation to prohibit the manufacture and sale of these beverages. Members were also involved in political and social causes, including woman's suffrage and support for the censorship of motion pictures. Finding aid available.

Women's Home Missionary Union of New York State
Certificates. (n.d.). 2 items.
Collection Call Number: 13232

Lifetime membership certificates of Anna L. Williams and Josephine S. Williams of Albany, Albany County, New York.

Women's Rights and Issues
Collection. (ca. 1970s). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC19430

Printed booklets, pamphlets, essays and newspaper clippings on feminist issues. Topics include the status of women, housework, beauty, self-defense, sexuality, women's health, birth control and abortion. Several of these writings were published by the New England Free Press, Boston, and the New York Health and Abortion Project. One issue of the journal The Female State, April 1970, is available.

Women's Social and Political Union (U.K.)
Broadside. (ca. 1908). 1 item.
Collection Call Number: 9833

A broadside entitled "Votes for Women", calling for people to "vote for the women, and keep the Liberal out" in the upcoming election in the House of Commons.

Wool, John Ellis (1784-1869)
Papers. (1810-1869). 98 boxes.
Collection Call Number: SC15361

Personal, military and business papers of John Ellis Wool of Troy, Rensselaer County, New York, relating to his service in the War of 1812, the Mexican War and the Civil War. Included are correspondence between Wool and his wife Sarah, letters to Sarah from family and friends, and letters to Wool from his niece Harriette Hart. Finding aid to the John Ellis Wool Papers.

World's Columbian Exposition (Chicago, Ill., 1893). Board of Lady Managers
Records. (1892). 1 box.
Collection Call Number: SC16603

Correspondence, flyers, brochures, circulars, prospectuses, newspaper clippings, by-laws and constitutions. The responsibility of the Board of Lady Managers was to promote the interests of the World's Columbian Exposition and to "assist the women representatives from various nations in obtaining a full and complete portrayal of the industrial and social conditions of woman, her achievements and capabilities in all the avenues and departments of life."

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