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Finding Aids to Special Collections

Note: A plus sign (+) after an ID indicates a collection of oversized materials.

Collection Collection
Dates ID
ABATE of New York Records Records 1977-2008 SC19330
Abbott, Jared T., Papers Papers 1864-1865 SC11926
Abele, Fred B. Transportation History Collection Mixed 1905-1985 SC22662
Acker Family Papers Papers 1784-1925 SC23344
Adams, Charles C., Papers Papers 1915-1968
  (bulk 1915-1941)
Adirondack Forty-Sixers Records Records 1940-2012
  (bulk 1970-2012)
Adirondack Mountain Club Records Records 1922- SC20328
Albany Billiard Ball Company Records 1894-1944
  (bulk 1915-1944)
Albany Notarial Papers Papers 1646-1697 SC10031
Albany, N.Y. - Photographs ca. 1850s-1970s Images 1850-1970 PRI4060
Albany Torch Club Records Records 1926-2016 SC23322
Albany Zouave Cadets Records 1860-1931 SC14322
Alden Family Papers Papers 1834-1902 SC23276
Allen, George Correspondence Letters 1871-1902 SC19433
Allen Family Papers Papers 1800-1939 SC21233
Allen, James E., Personal Papers Papers 1955-1971 SC20854
Allen, William W., Papers Papers 1841-1871 SC12351
Almanacs Almanacs   QC16541
American Guild of Organists, Eastern New York Chapter Records 1920-2020 SC23222
Ames, Albert N., Papers Papers 1838-1864 SC12224
Anthony, Charles, Papers Papers 1835-1875 SC18695
Armstrong, Thomas, Papers Papers 1818-1869
  (bulk 1818-1845)
Association of Public Historians of New York State (APHNYS) Records Records 1967-2007 SC23302
Auction Catalog Collection Catalogs   QC16542
Averell, William Woods Papers Papers 1836-1910 SC12349
Babcock, Allen, Papers Papers 1864-1910 SC14395
Bailey-Deyo Family Papers Papers 1785-1990 SC22790
Barlow-Olmstead Family Papers Papers 1782-1958
  (bulk 1850-1900)
Barnes, Francis G., Letters Letters 1862-1865 SC20332
Bartlett, Homer N., Papers ca. 1864-1956 Papers 1864-1956 SC23062
Bartlett, Walcott D., Papers Papers 1895-1942 SC22784
Bartlett, William H., Prints Images 1837-1842 PRI5584
Bass Island Rod and Gun Club Records Records 1895-1938 SC17481
Batcheller, George Sherman Papers Papers 1825-1943
  (bulk 1858-1908)
Bazzoni, Mary A., Diaries Diaries 1910-1928 SC19521
Bergen, Teunis G., Collection Mixed 1730-1881 SC9617
Beveridge, Alexander, Papers Papers 1862 SC22957
Bleecker Family Papers Papers 1769-1830 SC20557
Bleecker, Barent Papers Papers 1784-1842 SC20601
Bleecker, Harmanus Papers Papers 1715-1872 SC9902
Bleecker, John N., Papers Papers 1700-1870 SC10431
Bleecker, Rutger Papers Papers 1771-1892 SC11846
Bliss Family Papers Papers 1825-1878 SC18044
Blossom Sisters Papers Papers 1932-1953 SC22853
Bogart, Abram Letters Letters 1862-1865 20645
Bouton, Eugene, Papers ca. 1930-1950 Papers 1930-1950 SC12466
Bouton Family Diaries Diaries 1862-1913 SC23064
Bouton Family Papers Papers 1854-1913
  (bulk 1899-1913)
Bower, Edmund R., Correspondence Letters 1923-1962
  (bulk 1943-1945)
Boyd, John H., Papers Papers 1835-1863 SC10188
Brady, James T., Papers Papers 1945-1977 SC18692
Braman, Waters Whipple Letters 1862-1865 SC12780
Bratt Family Papers Papers 1689-1854 SC17396
Brees, John, Papers Papers 1685-1848 SC11280
British Army Colonial Manuscripts Records 1752-1807 SC20855
Broadside Ballads Broadsides    
Brodhead, John Romeyn, Papers Papers 1841-1865 SC17469
Browning, Irving, Autograph Collection, ca. 1461-1911 (NY Public Figures) Autographs 1461-1911 SC16653
Browning, Irving, Autograph Collection (NY Mayors and Governors) Autographs 1678-1966 SC16596
Browning, Irving, Picture Collection, ca. 1880s-1920s Images 1880-1920 PRI3595
Brown, Allen, Account Books Records 1817-1832
  (bulk 1822-1832)
Brown, Orsell Cook, Papers Papers 1752-1931
  (bulk 1861-1865)
Bunnell, Luther G. Letters Letters 1862-1865 SC14002
Burnham, Uberto Adelbert, Papers Papers 1853-1928 SC11837
Burroughs, Julian, Papers Papers   SC21212
Butler, Benjamin, Papers Papers 1796-1910 SC12417
Caldwell, James Family Papers Papers 1795-1915
  (bulk 1802-1836)
Campbell-Schermerhorn-Clute Family Papers Papers 1707-1907 SC11062
Carvings in the New York State Capitol-Photographs
[Frederic G. Mather]
Images   PRI3199
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Albany, N.Y.) History Collection ca. 1976-2012 Papers 1976-2012 SC23342
Chadwick Family Papers Papers 1843-1919 SC16555
Champlin, Christopher, Records and Correspondence Letters 1762-1797 SC529
Champlin, George G., Autograph Collection Autographs 1740-1938
  (bulk 1880s-1900s)
Chamberlain Family Papers Papers 1860-1890
  (bulk 1861-1870)
Chester, Alden Papers 1871-1888 SC23375
Ciba Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. Ephemera 1940 PRI4609
Citizenship Day Ceremony New York State Court of Appeals, Albany, N.Y. - Photographs Images 1988 PRI5510
Civil War Collections Mixed    
Civil War Military Records Collection Records 1846-1917 SC21141
Civil War Political Cartoons Images   PRI4513+
Civil War Scenes Images   PRI4450
Clark, Myron Holley, Papers Papers 1809-1899
  (bulk 1829-1867)
Clark, William S., collector:
Hudson River Steamboat and Navigation Ephemera Collection
Mixed 1866-1964 SC23080
Clarke, George Hyde - Clarkesfield Leases Leases 1792-1831
  (bulk 1792-1794)
Cleveland, Grover, Manuscripts Mixed 1867-1908 VC19810
Clinton, George Signature and Great Seal of New York State Collection Records 1781-1801 SC23299
Cockburn Family Land Papers Land Papers 1732-1864 SC7004
Cole, Thomas, Papers Papers 1821-1863 SC10635
College for Teachers, Albany, New York-Photographs
ca. 1916-1918
Images 1916-1918 PRI1659
Collins Family Papers Papers 1799-1940
  (bulk 1812-1860)
Come, Stephen F., Correspondence Letters 1861-1865 20174
Comic Book Collection Books 1951-1993
  (bulk 1977-1987)
Conger Family Papers Papers 1772-1911 SC18698
Construction Photographs, Watertown and Gouverneur, New York Images 1909-1910 PRI5473
Cooley, George R., Papers Papers 1941-1986 SC18858
Cooper Family Papers Papers 1796-1880 SC20184
Corell, Philip, Papers Papers 1862-1930 SC11850
Cornplanter, Jesse, Drawings Images   SC12845
Costello, Thomas M., Letters Letters 1889-1902 SC23161
Cote, Windsor. Papers Papers 1913-1984 SC23069
Cowdin, Christopher Elliot, Papers Papers 1825-1908
  (bulk 1850-1880)
Coy, Family Letters Letters 1891-1903 SC21851
Crane, Warren C., Autograph Collection Autographs 1694-1882 SC8815-9065
Crocker, John Simpson, Papers Papers 1862-1890 SC18227
Cunningham, Mary E., Papers Papers 1940-1983 SC18830
Curtis Family Papers Papers 1846-1912
  (bulk 1846-1855)
Dance Theater of Nepal Records Records 1996-2013 SC23281
Daughters of the American Revolution Mohawk Collection Papers 1778-1970 SC23591
Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, New York Department Records Records 1912-1953 SC14782
Davis Family Papers Papers 1807-1832 SC23100
Demarest, James Matthew, Papers Papers 1854-1898
  (bulk 1880-1898)
De Peyster, Abraham, Account Books Books 1724-1773 SC21246
De Peyster Family Papers Papers 1706-1816 SC10919
Derbyshire, William, Letters Letters 1864-1882
  (bulk 1964)
Devendorf Family Papers Papers 1839-1952 SC12608
DeWitt Family Papers Papers 1750-1890 SC15161
Dickinson, Daniel S., Letters Letters 1838-1865 18216
Doane, William Croswell (Doane Family Papers) ca. 1786-1958 Papers 1786-1958
  (bulk 1824-1913)
Dodge, Frank L., Papers Papers 1868-1889
  (bulk 1880-1885)
Dos Santos, Josephine, Correspondence Papers 1945-1990 SC23343
Douglass, Richard Draper, Papers Papers 1853-1875 SC23293
Duane Family
Duanesburg Patent Land Papers
Land Papers 1734-1835 SC14786
Dumond-Elmendorph-Smith Family Papers Papers 1727-1914
  (bulk 1750-1850)
Dumont, Peter L., Papers Papers 1858-1880 SC23315
Eaton, Amos, Papers Papers 1797-1846 SC10685
Eaton Family Papers Papers 1849-1897 SC17395
Elliot, Andrew, Papers Papers 1767-1787
  (bulk 1775-1783)
Elliott Service Co., New York, N.Y.
News Photographs, 1943-1944
Images 1943-1944 PRI5713+
Elmendorf, William B., Papers Papers 1875-1931 SC11970
Elmer, Basil Beebe Letters 1917-1919 SC23224
Emmerich's Chasseurs (a Revolutionary-era battalion) Records 1778-1779 SC3616
Enders, Jacob Henry, Papers Papers 1851-1901 SC19615
Erie Canal near Fort Hunter, N.Y. - Photographs ca.1910 Images 1910 PRI5554
Evangelical Protestant Church (Albany, NY) Records Records 1850-2010 SC23221
Ewell, William Henry, Papers Papers 1862-1961
  (bulk 1862-1867)
Expositions, Fairs, Celebrations, and Ceremonies Collection Mixed 1876-1980 QC16514
Factsheet Five Collection, ca. 1982-1992
[Mike Gunderloy Collection]
Mixed 1982-1992 SC20329
Fairley, George A., Diaries Diaries 1867-1929 SC21245
FeMail (organization) Correspondence, 1982-2013 Letters 1982-2013 SC23215
Fenton, Reuben Eaton, Papers Papers 1854-1887 SC10722
Fillmore, Millard, Letters Letters 1829-1859 VC22280
First Baptist Church (Albany, N.Y.) Records 1814-1976
  (bulk 1853-1974)
First Baptist Church Cohoes (Cohoes, N.Y.) Records 1839-1977 SC23338
Fish, Hamilton (1926-1996), Congressional Papers
Papers 1968-1994 SC21149a
Fort Family Papers Papers 1681-1852 SC11592
French Family Papers Papers 1844-1865 SC23206
Frey, Samuel Ludlow, Papers Papers 1706-1916 SC9829
Fort Family Papers Papers 1681/2-1852 1681/2 (1681 Old Style, 1682 New Style)-1852 SC11592
Funiciello, Theresa Papers Papers 1972-2006 SC23033
Gaines, John Pollard, Papers Papers 1832-1864 SC10833
Galli-Curci, Amelita, Papers Papers 1922-1933 SC23363
Ganiard, Oliver, C. Papers Papers 1889-1936
  (bulk 1896-1936)
Gansevoort, Leonard Papers Papers 1778-1799 SC6230
Gardiner, James Terry, Papers (1776-1927) Papers 1776-1927
  (bulk 1810-1912)
Gardiner, James Terry, Papers (1860-1896) Papers 1860-1896 SC7027
Gardner, Charles Kitchell Papers Papers 1803-1897 SC12914
Gavit, Joseph, Papers Papers 1802-1955
  (bulk 1911-1950)
Genet Family Papers Papers 1794-1846 SC15308
Gershkoff, Myra Strachner, Papers Papers 1941-1945 SC20575
Gibson, James, Papers Papers 1832-1894 SC21142
Gillet, Ransom H., Papers Papers   SC11329
Glen Family Papers Papers 1728-1917 SC18229
Glynn, Martin Henry, Papers Papers 1913-1924 SC21255
Grace United Methodist Church Records Records 1841-1962 SC17397
Graves, Mark, Scrapbooks Albums 1917-1942 SC20230
Great Western Turnpike Company Records Papers 1801-1924 SC16631
Greeley, Horace, Papers Papers 1837-1872 SC19915
Grider, Rufus Alexander, Albums Albums 1886-1900 VC22932
Griswold, John, A., Papers Papers 1848-1894 SC15364
Guenette, Sandra Kay
Dunham Family Genealogical Research Papers
Papers 1994-2013 SC23284
Gurley Family Papers Papers 1862-1915 SC21620
Hagar, Charles L., Papers Papers 1862-1895 SC22915
Hardware Trade Catalog Collection Catalogs 1909-1964 QC16545
Hall, Benjamin Homer, Papers Papers 1795-1884 SC10714
Hall, Robert F., Papers Papers 1928-1993 SC21219
Hallenbeck, Charles, ca. 1860-1930, Annals of Steamboating on the Hudson River Research 1807-1908 SC14824
Hanks, Horace Tracy, Papers Papers 1861-1895 SC14009
Harris Family Papers Papers 1662-1873 SC14808
Harrison, Elizabeth Cooper Pruyn, Papers Papers 1750-1985 SC22908
Harsen-Rhoades Family Papers Papers 1752-1971 SC23260
Hawkins Family Papers Papers 1818-1937
  (bulk 1830-1850)
Health and Physical Education (USNY) - Photographs circa 1933-1936 Images 1933-1936 PRI3425
Hevenor Family Papers Papers 1856-1968 SC23346
Hill, David Bennett, Papers Papers 1872-1926 SC15275
Hinckley-Stanton-Rivers Family Papers Papers 1836-1951
  (bulk 1855-1928)
Hoke Family Papers Papers 1870-1956
  (bulk 1890-1920)
Holcomb Family Papers Papers 1805-1889 SC11335
Holley Family Papers Papers 1793-1860 SC11010
Hollyer, Samuel, Engravings Images 1901-1913 PRI3711
Houck, John L., Papers Papers 1862-1865 SC18564
Hough, Azel, Papers Papers 1825-1864 SC19271
Hough, Franklin B., Papers Papers 1840-1885 SC7009
Howe Caverns - Photos, ca. 1940 Images 1940 PRI5623
Hudowalski, Edward C., Papers Papers 1942-1965 SC19468
Hubbard,Elbert, Letters Letters 1894-1961 SC21932
Hudson, Alice, Papers Papers 1870-2014
  (bulk 1920-2000)
Hudson Highlands, N.Y. - Photographs
ca. 1920-1928
Images 1920-1928 PRI5528
Hudson-Mohawk Library Association Records Records 1946-2011 SC22715
Hudson River, The
(Bryant Union Publishing Co. ca. 1905)
Images 1905 PRI5468
Humphrey, Charles, Papers Papers 1810-1849 SC20613
Hurlbut, Christopher, Papers Papers 1788-1839 SC11599
Husted, James William, Papers ca. 1853-1943 Papers 1853-1943 SC23259
Hutchinson, Holmes, Papers Papers 1803-1889
  (bulk 1855-1865)
Inglis, John Papers, 1862-1923 Papers 1862-1923 SC22716
Ingraham, Aaron H. Letters 1861-1863 SC10028
Ireland, David (1832-1864), Papers Papers 1860-1864 X18023
Jackson, Elizabeth E., Letters Letters 1837-1842 SC23328
Johnson, Charles H.:
American Relief Administration Papers
Papers 1917-1923 SC10030
Johnson, Elbert M., Papers Papers 1864-1897 SC22688
Johnson, Sir William (1715-1774) Papers Papers 1738-1808 SC7005
Karam Family Papers Papers 1920-1944 X22585
Katz, Harry L., Papers Papers 1941-1994
  (bulk 1942-1943)
Kellar, Norman, Papers Papers 1916-1953 SC23166
Kelly, James C., Letters Letters 1862-1864 SC23332
Keith, Israel, Papers Papers 1767-1803 SC22720
Kensett, John F., Papers Papers 1830-1872 SC19480
Kent, James Papers 1785-1845   SC20231
Keyes, Frances Parkinson, Correspondence Letters 1927-1938 VC22638
Kiersted Family Papers Papers 1727-1875 SC17820
Kimball, Perry R., Papers Papers 1918-1970 SC23364
Kincaid Family Papers Papers 1888-1913
  (bulk 1888-1892)
Kindlund, Anna Belle Wing, Papers Papers 1898-1911 SC23202
King, John A., Letters Letters 1825-1883 21674
Kingsley, Ronald F.
Archaeological Research Project Files, ca. 1986-2014
Papers 1986-2014 SC23356
Kinne, Lemuel Correspondence Letters 1899-1904 SC23073
Kip Family Papers Papers 1792-1909 SC16557
Knibloe Family Papers Papers 1760-1895 SC17233
Knowlton, George Henry
Genealogical Research Papers
Papers 1895-1931 SC13163
Kochan, Stanley F., Papers Papers 1942-1980 SC23261
Kohler, Walter, Railroads and Railroading Collection Mixed   SC20630
Lake Mahopac - Photos ca. 1940 Images 1940 PRI5624
Lanman, Charles Collection Mixed 1829-1869
  (bulk 1855-1869)
Lansing, John, Jr., Manuscripts Mixed 1776-1823 SC21244
Lansingburgh Papers Papers 1771-1853 SC5174
Lee, Gideon, Papers Papers 1804-1868 SC17234
Lent Family Papers Papers 1910-1962 SC21085
Leonard, Cary C., Papers Papers 1956-1971 SC23290
Leonard, Elizabeth F. Papers 1875-1906 SC9836
Liberty, NY - Photographs Images 1900 PRI5437
Lintner Family Papers Papers 1835-1904 SC13168
Livingston Family Papers Papers 1710-1964
  (bulk 1797-1902)
Livingston, Henry, Collection Papers 1751-1883
  (bulk 1787-1811)
Lizzi, Dominick C., Valatie History Collection ca. 1996-2009 Research 1996-2009 SC23076
Lockwood, Belva A., Collection Research 1830-1917 SC21041
Lossing, Benson John Collection Mixed (bulk letters) 1847-1891 SC19618
Lowe Family Papers Papers 1881-1967 SC23371
Lydecker Family Papers Papers 1860-1983 SC19048
Lyon, Bleeker, Collection Land Papers 1794-1909 SC18047
Magnus, Charles, Collection of Prints and Illustrated Lettersheets ca. 1850s-1886 Images 1850-1886 PRI3749
Mangano, Christine B.
Genealogy and Family History Research Papers
Papers 1962-2013 SC23283
Manning, James Hilton, Papers Papers 1885-1925 SC22904
Maps - Bibliography of Selected New York State Maps Maps 1793-1900  
Maps and surveys of Otsquaga (Bleecker) and Bleecker Patents, Canajoharie and Minden Townships, Montgomery County, New York Maps 1729-1772 10816
Marcy, William L., Papers Papers 1821-1863 SC7007

Marsh Family Diaries

Diaries 1854-1911 SC20627
Mason, Silas J. Jr., Papers Papers 1862-1864 21228
Masters-Wilbur Family Papers Papers 1801-1844 SC21300
McDougall, Archibald, L., Papers Papers 1862-1863 21033
McIntire, Rufus, Letters Letters 1813-1815 SC4510
McLean Family Papers Papers 1779-1944 SC20811
Meneely and Company Records, 1825-1945 Records 1825-1945 SC13434
Meneely Bell Company (Troy, N.Y.) Account Books Records 1870-1929 SC12681
Mid-Atlantic Mental Institutions Photographs Images [n.d., possibly ca. 1915] PRI3192
Miley, John David, Papers Papers 1897-1899 SC22109
Miller, Lenore M. Sportsman Papers Papers 1935-1947 SC23140
Mohawk Valley Broom Company Records Records 1910-1922 SC23303
Mohonk Mountain House Collection ca. 1880-2012; bulk 1900-1950 Mixed 1880-2012
  (bulk 1900-1950)
Montgomery County (N.Y.)
Affidavits of War Service and Property by Revolutionary War Veterans
Affidavits 1820-1829 SC1459-1508
Moore, Howard W., Papers Papers 1915-1993 SC20795
Morana, Frank, Music Scores and Compositions Mixed 1969-2008 SC23271
Morgan, Edwin D., Papers
Papers 1833-1883 SC11818
Morris, George Pope, Papers Papers 1830-1865 SC20857
Morris-Boegly Farm Records Records 1796-1978 SC23068
Munger, A. Bennett, Papers Papers 1835-1890 SC23381
Murray, Frances D. Papers 1991-1999 SC23279
Nash, Howard C., Papers Papers 1936-1940 SC19469
National Progressive League Papers Papers 1931-1932 SC20642
Naughton, Anna Papers Papers 1899-1932, June-July 1924 SC23588
Neafie, Alfred Papers Papers 1852-1947 SC22855
New Lebanon Shaker Community Photographs
[Warren F. Broderick collection of J.E. West's Photos]
Images 1870-1910 PRI4539
New York Central Railroad Company - Photographs ca. 1920 Images 1920 PRI5480
New York City Views, ca. 1950 Images 1950 PRI5627
New York Folklore Society Records Records 1950-1998 SC22879
New York Library Association Records Records 1890-1988 SC14879
New York State Association of City and Village Clerks Records 1953-2012
  (bulk 1982-2012)
New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage Collection Mixed 1839-1921;
  (bulk 1914-2012)
New York State Library Fire Collection Mixed 1899-1942
  (bulk 1911-1913)
New York State Library in the Capitol, Albany - Photographs Images 1890 PRI3839+
New York State Library School Photograph Album ca. 1896-1898 Albums 1896-1898 PRI3640
Niagara Falls Collection, ca. 1920 Images 1920 PRI5626
Norton, Frank L. Papers Papers 1871-1882 SC23258
O'Keefe, Arthur Joseph, Papers Papers 1918-1924
  (bulk 1918-1919)
Oneonta Normal School Photographs ca. 1914-1916 Images 1914-1916 PRI3216
Parker, Arthur Caswell, Papers Papers 1915-1953 SC13604
Parker, Clarence Lucas, Papers Papers 1903-1924 SC22107
Parmerter Family Papers Papers 1848-1955 SC21590
Parsons Child and Family Center Records Records 1830- SC17377
Partridge, Edward L., Papers Papers 1897-1929 SC19563
Pell, John Collection Papers 1535-1805 X5490
Penny Family Papers Papers 1861-1872
  (bulk 1861-1864)
Perkins Family Papers Papers 1950-1955 SC23198
Perkins Family Papers ca. 1939-1996 Papers 1939-1996 SC23300
Peters, John, Loyalist Claim Papers Papers 1777-1787 SC3569
Phelps, Henry P.
Players of a century collection, 1749-1920
Mixed 1749-1920 SC14319
Pierrepont Family Papers Papers 1805-1919 SC13605
Platt, Zephaniah Papers 1745-1846
  (bulk, 1785-1800)
Pomeroy, George A., Paymaster U.S. Army Papers Papers 1862-1871
  (bulk 1862-1868)
Porter, John K., Collection Mixed 1851-1882 SC22972
Portraits of New York State Officers and Legislators Images 1873-1915 PRI3837+
Postcard Collection Images   QC16510
Pruyn, John Van Schaick Lansing Papers Papers 1824-1928 SC10762
Putnam, Frederick Wallace Papers Papers 1907-1930 SC10257
Psychological Association of Northeastern New York Records Records 1964-2010 SC18666
Rackett and Brother Records Records 1878-1900 SC17566
Railroad Memorabilia Collection (Tinkham, Herbert R.) Mixed 1868-2006 SC23280
Railroad Young Men's Christian Association (Albany, N.Y.) Records Records 1879-1971 SC15227
Randall, Henry S., Papers Papers 1830-1885
  (bulk 1841-1861)
Reddish, Nicholas, Papers Papers 1806-1941
(bulk 1840-1863)
Relyea-Raynesford-Becker Family Papers Papers 1882-1983 SC23205
Reynolds, Charles, Papers Papers 1851-1871 SC21216
Reynolds, Cuyler, Papers Papers 1914-1934 SC16588
Reynolds, Neil Photograph Collection Images 1919-1924 PRI5151
Rice, William Gorham Papers Papers 1873-1997 SC12866
Rogers, Daniel, Papers Papers 1794-1885 SC11770
Rogers, Robert Eugene Papers Papers 1861-1925 SC22519
Rome-Turney Radiator Company Photographs, ca. 1930-1940 Images 1930-1940 SC23167
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (FDR) Collection Letters 1914-1945 VC21154
Roosevelt, Theodore: Postcard Collection
[Lyall D. Squair Collection]
Images   PRI5399
Sanford Family Papers Papers 1799-1919 SC23075
Sanford, Nathan, Papers Papers 1799-1865 SC14054
Saint Cecilia Chamber Orchestra Records Mixed 1987-1997 SC23275
Sanger Family Papers Papers 1792-1956
  (bulk 1875-1925
Schenck Family Papers Papers 1856-1911
  (bulk 1856-1873
Schenectady and Troy Railroad Company. Account Books Books 1842-1853 SC17237
Schermerhorn, Reyer, Land Papers Papers 1703-1851 SC15247
Schott Family Papers Papers 1854-1870 23324
Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy Records Records 1872-2004 SC19816
Schuyler Family Collection Mixed 1679-1823 SC19811
Schuyler-Malcolm-Cochran Family Letters 1795-1918 SC23168
Scully, Bishop William - Photographs ca. 1945-1954 Images 1945-1954 PRI5513
Seward, Samuel S. Papers Papers 1790-1851 SC14995
Seward, William Henry, Collection Mixed 1828-1936
  (bulk 1828-1873
Seymour, Horatio Papers Papers 1764-1906 SC7008
Shaker Collection Mixed 1784-1992 SC20330
Sigsbee, Charles D., Papers Papers 1858-1923 SC16148
Simmons, John Papers Papers 1826-1882 SC23041
Skene, Philip, Papers, ca. 1765-1786 Papers 1765-1786 SC7282-7323
Slater, George A., Papers Papers 1878-1937
  (bulk 1890-1937
Slocum Family Papers Papers 1835-1867 SC22590
Smith, Jerry, Letters Letters 1861-1865 SC22573
Smith, Melancton, Papers Papers 1767-1795 SC14382
Smith, Sarah Frances, Collection, ca. 1917-1971 Mixed 1917-1971 SC23318
Smythe, Roland Papers Papers 1896-1899 SC14114
Sons of the American Revolution, Empire State Society Records Records 1890-1992 SC22749
Sornberger, Frank F., Railroad Photographs Collection, ca. 1872-ca. 1965 Images 1872-1965 PRI5347
Spaulding, Erastus Papers Papers 1799-1829
  (bulk 1817-1829
Spaulding, Ira, Letters Letters 1862-1863 18687
Steinman, David B, Papers Papers 1907-1960 SC20155
Sterling Family Correspondence Letters 1861-1863 SC18904
Sterling Iron and Railway Company Records Records 1740-1918 SC14069
Stieglitz, Leopold Papers Papers 1942-1956
  (bulk 1950-1956
Stillman, John S., Papers Papers 1949-1991 SC19408
Stillman, Lulu Papers Papers 1922-1984 SC20652
Stillman, William Olin Papers Papers 1865-1903 SC23138
Stoddard Family Papers Papers 1820-1963
  (bulk 1860-1910
Stoddard, Seneca Ray
Stereoscopic Views of Schroon Lake, New York, ca. 1870-1885
Photograph Album 1870-1885 PRI5645
Stone, Benjamin Bellows Grant, Papers Papers 1861-1875 SC10630
Storms, Katherine Morgan Hobbie, Papers Papers 1953-1968 SC23027
St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal Church Papers 1708-1915 SC19680
Strachan, Robert - World Trade Center Art Collection Album 2001-2002 SC23277
Street, Alfred Billing Papers Papers 1806-1906
  (bulk 1840-1880
Strong, Bryon F. Letters Letters 1861-1865 12225
Sulzer, William, Scrapbooks Albums 1903-1938 SC14320
Swetland, William, Papers Papers 1805-1825 SC11015
Synagogues in the Albany, N.Y., Area - Photographs Images   PRI5516
Tayler, John, Papers Papers 1688-1871 SC20183
Thacher, John Boyd Scrapbooks Albums 1873-1905 SC22565
Theurer, Herbert G., Papers Papers 1934-1938 SC20612
Thomas, David, Papers Papers 1818-1828 SC12671
Titus-Bedell Family Papers Papers 1790-1865 SC10571
Tobey, Mary, Playbill Collection Ephemera 1932-1977 SC23309
Tompkins, Daniel D.
New York State Militia Officer Commissions
Documents 1809-1816 X9682
Townsend Family Business Papers Papers 1802-1883
  (bulk 1808-1855
Townsend Family Papers Papers 1795-1914
  (bulk 1795-1854
Tracy, Albert Haller, Papers Papers

  (bulk 1821-1844)

Transportation Timetables Papers 1868-2003 QC16502
Traver Family Papers Papers 1791-1940
  (bulk 1791-1890)
Truax Family Papers Papers   SC11386
Turner, James B., Papers Papers 1859-1876 SC12613
Tuttle, Charles H., Papers Papers 1926-1970 SC21262
United Spanish War Veterans of New York State Records, ca. 1904 - ca. 1975 Records 1904-1975 SC18859
United States Army, Colored Infantry Regiment, 26th Records, 1864-1865 Records 1864-1865 SC20859
United States Army Infantry 6th Regiment Records 1809-1815 SC161-222
United States Declaration of Independence Signers Collection Autographs   VC17270
United States Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue
Lists of Taxes Payable – New York State Collection Districts, 1814-1815
Records 1814-1815 SC10872
Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, Inc., Records Records 1961-1986 SC19522
Vadney, Claude Henry, Papers Papers 1943-1946 SC23626
Van Allen-Alexander Estate Papers Papers 1725-1854 SC23355
Vail Family Papers Papers 1796-1878 SC11403
Van der Bogert Family Papers Papers 1723-1943 SC19272
Van Bergen Family Papers Papers 1670-1823 SC10844
Van Dyck Family Papers Papers 1754-1875 SC13215
Van Laer, Arnold J.F. (Arnold Johan Ferdinand), Papers Papers 1908-1952 SC15317
Van Loon, Lawrence Gwyn Collection, ca. 1939-1959 Papers   SC16677
Van Rensselaer (Rensselaerwyck) Manor Records
Records 1630-1899 SC7079
Van Rensselaer (Rensselaerwyck) Manor Records - Land Surveys
Records 1630-1899 SC7079a
Van Rensselaer Family Papers, ca. 1686-1964 Papers 1686-1964 SC23282
Van Rensselaer, Henry I., Papers Papers 1698-1814 SC5985
Van Schaick Family Papers Papers 1661-1863 SC10837
Van Schaick Papers Papers 1737-1829 SC10442
Van Schaick-Baldwin Papers Papers 1750-1895 SC11881
Van Schaick-Peebles Papers Papers 1707-1890 SC17284
Van Vechten, Abraham Legal Papers Papers 1686-1867 SC16906
Van Vechten, Abraham Papers Papers 1686-1867 SC7006
Van Vechten Family Papers Papers 1678-1880 SC15213
Van Voorhees Association Records Records 1932-2007 SC23157
Vander Veer Family Papers Papers 1860-1935
  (bulk 1880-1927)
Vann, Irving G., Papers Papers 1863-1918
  (bulk 1895-1913
Vaughn, George Martin, Papers Papers 1953-1976 SC23194
Veeder-Vrooman Family Papers Papers 1662-1925 SC13566
Viele, Anna Dorr Diaries 1901-1932 SC23349
Viele, Dorr Correspondence Mixed 1901-1902 SC21574
Views of Historic Buildings in New York State
ca. 1900-1938
Images 1900-1938 PRI3751
von Roth, Theo, Photograph Albums Photograph Albums 1924-1967
  (bulk 1947-1967
Wadsworth Family Papers Papers 1773-1920
  (bulk 1830-1880)
Wagner, Webster, Wagon-making Papers Papers 1837-1842 SC1044
Walbridge, Charles Eliphalet Letters 1862-1865 22710
Walbridge Family Papers Papers 1844-1905 SC21720
Wallkill Valley Railroad Company Account Books Books 1877-1895 SC17236
Walton, Henry Papers Papers 1822-1871 SC19956
Walworth, Charles Russell Family Papers Papers 1876-1925 SC23359
War of 1812 Primary Documents Mixed 1812-  
Ward, Samuel Baldwin Papers Papers 1853-1935 SC17168
Warren, Gouverneur Kemble Papers Papers 1848-1882 SC10668
Waterways in New York State -- Photographs Images 1899-1913 PRI3714
Watrous, Hilda Papers Papers 1892-1998 SC22210
Watson, Elkanah Papers Papers 1773-1884 SC13294 and
Wead, Frederick F., Papers Papers 1823-1896 SC21160
Weedsport, N.Y. - Images Images 1900s PRI5552
Weedsport, N.Y. - Photographs Memorial Day Parade Images 2001 PRI5548
Wells, Julia Orissa Papers Papers 1851-1963 SC23079
Wendell, Henry R. Papers, ca. 1709-1834 Papers 1709-1834 SC9831
West Family Papers Papers 1933-1955 SC23270
Wetmore, Robert C. Papers Papers 1804-1899
  (bulk 1838-1841)
Wheeler, Amos Papers Papers 1810-1818 SC20914
White Family Papers Papers 1794-1941
  (bulk 1830-1900)
Whitford, Noble E. Papers Papers 1905-1906 SC12616
Wilcox, Jane E.
Genealogy and Family History Papers, ca. 1948-2003
Papers 1948-2003 SC23301
Wilderness Society Records Records 1977-1983 SC18664
Willett Family Papers Papers 1733-1974 SC16670
Woman's Christian Temperance Union - Albany County Branch Records 1886-1955 SC19153
Women's History Mixed    
Wool, John Ellis - Papers Papers 1810-1869 SC15361
World War I Posters Collection, ca. 1914-1920 Posters 1914-1920 SC23360
World War II Rationing Collection Ephemera 1942-1946 SC22912
WPTR, WSNY, and WTRY Radio Stations Weekly Music Charts Collection Leaflets 1968-1976 SC23348
Wright, Benjamin, Collection Mixed 1791-1862
  (bulk 1791-1827)
Zander, Richard R., Papers Papers 1925-2003
  (bulk 1945-1990)

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