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Van Schaick Family
Papers, 1661-1863

Quantity: 3 boxes (1.0 cubic ft.)
Access: Open to research
Acquisition: Collation of SC10837 and SC17093, March 2005.  SC10837 was accessioned December 1940 from an unknown source; SC17093 was accessioned ca. September 1973, also of unknown origin.
Processed By: Christine Kooi, Student Intern, College of St. Rose, November 1986

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Biographical Note:

The members of the Van Schaick family documented in these papers were descendants of Goosen Gerrits Van Schaick, who emigrated to the Dutch colony of New Netherland from Utrecht in 1637. In 1665 Goosen, a brewer by trade, was granted lands at the mouth of the Mohawk River (including present-day Cohoes Island and Waterford) by the Indians. The Van Schaicks eventually became one of the most prominent Dutch families in Albany.

Anthony Van Schaick (1681-1756), a grandson of Goosen, was a prominent merchant in Albany; his son, Jacob (1718-1785?), was also a merchant, concerned especially with transatlantic trade. 

Anthony Van Schaick (1779-1822) was a lawyer in Albany in partnership with Abraham Van Vechten. He was a great-grandson of Anthony Van Schaick (1681-1756), descending from Wessel Van Schaick (1712-1783) and John G. Van Schaick (1748-1828).  Henry Van Schaick (1795-1829) and Wessel Van Schaick were also sons of John G. Van Schaick.

Scope and Content Note:

These papers document successive generation of the Van Schaick family from approximately 1715 to 1863, consisting mostly of deeds and other legal documents related to the family's vast land holdings that were situated in the vicinity of Cohoes, Waterford, and the Lansingburgh section of Troy, New York.  Also includes wills and other legal papers related to the estates of Jacob Van Schaick and Gerritt W. Van Schaick.   Business and mercantile interests of Anthony Van Schaick (1681-1756), and his son Jacob (1718-1785) are also documented in these papers, which include correspondence, receipts, invoices, and bills of sales for slaves.

Papers of later generations include personal correspondence and financial records of Anthony Van Schaick (1779-1822) and deeds and other legal documents related to landholdings of two of his brothers, Henry Van Schaick (1795-1829) and Wessel Van Schaick (1776-1836). 

Additional papers of Van Schaick and allied families are available in SC10442, SC11881 and SC17284.

Container List

Box Folder Contents
1 1 Family correspondence, 1747-1819. 11 items
1 1 Family correspondence, 1747-1819. 11 items

2 Business correspondence, primarily of Anthony Van Schaick (1681-1756) and son Jacob (1718-1785?), 1725-1824. 29 items

3 Bills and receipts for goods - Anthony, Jacob, John G. & Henry Van Schaick, 1715-1829. 30 items

4 Statements of accounts and sales - Anthony & Jacob Van Schaick, 1720-1828. 16 items

5 Invoices for shipped goods, 1724-1784. 7 items

6 Bonds, mortgages and agreements, 1769-1829. 10 items

7 Bills and receipts for services, 1738-1828. 8 items

8 Receipts for money, 1722-1827. 15 items

9 Wills of Jacob Van Schaick and Gerritt W. Van Schaick, 1781-1816

10 Inventories and accounts of estates and legacies, 1782-1830. 11 items
2 1 Bills and receipts, primarily concerning the estate of Anthony Van Schaick, 1743-1831. 11 items

2 Scattered documents concerning estates, 1782-1819. 7 items

3 Land records, primarily real estate transactions of Jacob Van Schaick, 1680-1828. 17 items

4 Affidavits concerning land. In Dutch with English translations, 1661-1681. 10 items

5 Land agreements, 1809, 1816. 2 items

6 Leases of Van Schaick property in Albany and Saratoga, 1732-1820. 8 items

7 Receipts of rents and leases, mostly of Gerard Van Schaick, 1826-1827. 3 items

8 Letters and receipts of Anthony Van Schaick (1779-1821), son of John G., 1797-1808. 8 items

9 Lawyer's accounts of Anthony Van Schaick (1779-1822), 1810-1817. 36 items

10 Inventory of the estate of Anthony Van Schaick (probably unfinished), 1822

11 Bills of sale of Negro slaves owned by Jacob Van Schaick, 1751-1778. 3 items

12 Letters concerning runaway slaves, 1786. 2 items

13 Memoranda concerning family members, n.d. 2 items

14 Miscellaneous documents, n.d. 3 items
Estate Papers (formerly SC17093)

1 Receipts concerning estate of Henry Van Schaick, 1828-1836. 3 items

2 Estate papers of Anna and Christina Van Schaick; memoranda, leases, inventories, 1816-1843. 7 items


3 Leases from Henry Van Schaick, 1819-1829. 18 items

4 Leases to Henry Van Schaick from Christina Van Schaick and from trustees of the Village of Lansingburgh, 1820, 1827

5 Leases from Wessel Van Schaick to John Sibble and John McLeuken, 1816, 1817

6 Lease from John Melick to John Benjamin, 1806


7 Deeds to Henry Van Schaick, 1818-1824. 5 items

8 Deed from Henry Bleecker to Wessel Van Schaick, 1824

9 Deeds to Anna and Christina Van Schaick, 1832-1846. 3 items

10 Deed from John Melick to Gerrit W. Van Schaick, 1815

Other Land Documents

11 Receipts between Wessel Van Schaick and Gerard Van Schaick, 1826. 3 items

12 Inventory of Van Schaick lots, n.d.

13 Schedule of lots belonging to Wessel Van Schaick, 1826 Statement of the chain of title for swamp lot in the city of Troy, 1827

Miscellaneous Documents

14 Bills of sale of Ebenezer Sever, 1823-1836. 4 items

15 2 stock certificates of the Milwaukee and Minnesota Railroad Co. owned by Edward P. Allis and Charles Stanford, 1863

16 Family documents: memoranda, calling cards, report cards, ticket stubs, programs of the Troy Citizens' Corps. Ball, 1842-1849. 10 items
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