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Van Schaick-Peebles
Papers, 1707-1890 (bulk: 1771-1823)

Quantity: 1 box (0.25 cubic ft.)
Access: Open to research
Accession: Gift of James Pine, Waterford, New York, November 28, 1979

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Genealogical Note:

Anthony Augustus Peebles of Lansingburgh was a son of Gerrit Peebles, a merchant of Halfmoon, Fort Miller (Argyle) and Lansingburgh. Gerrit Peebles was born in Halfmoon on March 28, 1769 to Thomas and Elizabeth (Bradt) Peebles; he married first Elizabeth Survatt, who died in Lansingburgh, November 4, 1811, aged 30 years. He then married Maria Van Schaick (January 6, 1782-March 5, 1862); Gerrit died in Lansingburgh January 23, 1841.

Maria Van Schaick was born in Cohoes, her parents being John Gerse Van Schaick (September 24, 1748-July 7, 1828), a merchant of Albany and Cohoes, and Anna Van Schaick (1754-September 26, 1815); they were cousins, both descended from Goose Gerritse Van Schaick (1633-1676), a brewer from Holland and early resident of Albany. (For details of the complicated interrelationships in this family see Cuyler Reynolds, Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs: A Record of Achievements of the People of the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys in New York State, Included within the Present Counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Washington, Saratoga, Montgomery, Fulton, Schenectady, Columbia and Greene (1911), pp. 71-2; 992-994). The Van Schaick family owned Van Schaick (earlier Anthony's Long or Cahoos) Island and Peebles (earlier Haver or Stone) Island from 1665, when Goose Van Schaick was sold this land by Indians. Many of the land papers refer to these islands and smaller adjacent islands now located within the boundaries of the City of Cohoes and Town of Waterford. The family also had extensive land ownings in the Halfmoon Patent in the present-day Saratoga County.

Scope and Contents Note:

The papers consist mostly of legal and financial records related to the estates of various members of the Van Schaick and allied Peebles families. Legal documents include copies of wills and estate inventories regarding the property of Wessel Van Schaick (1712-1783), his wife, Maria Van Schaik (d. 1797), Christina Van Schaick (d. 1809), and Gerrit Peebles (1769-1847). Also includes deeds, leases and agreements for the sale and lease of family lands and the lease of lands by family members from other landowners. Financial records include accounts, bills, receipts, and slave bills of sale. Sundry papers concern family genealogy and history.

Additional papers of Van Schaick and allied families are available in SC10442, SC10837 and SC11881.

Provenance Note:

These papers are a gift of James Pine of Waterford, New York. They had been given to Mr. Pine on two occasions by his second cousin, Emily (Kellogg) Whiting Norvelle. The papers had belonged to two aunts of Emily, Olive Kellogg and Eleanor (Kellogg) Clements. Olive, Eleanor and Evans Kellogg (Emily's father) were children of William P. Kellogg (1836-1866) and his wife Frances Parmelee (1841-1918). Frances (Parmelee) Kellogg had received the papers from her sister, Mary Louisa (Parmelee) Peebles (1834-1915), widow of Anthony Augustus Peebles (1822-1905). Mary Louisa (Parmelee) Peebles, well-known 19th century author of children's books under her pen name "Lynde Palmer," left no descendents when she died in 1915, thus her sister Frances inherited the papers.

Folder Contents
  Land Papers
1 Indenture, January 1, 1776, from Mary Van Schaick of "Isle Cahoose, Spinster" lease to Ezekiel Taylor of Halfmoon, Blacksmith, for Lot 28 in Halfmoon Patent
2 Indenture (parchment), December 12, 1785, from Abraham and Elizabeth Ten Broeck of Albany to Maria, relict of Wessel Van Schaick of the West Manor of Rensselaerwyck release for house on lot in the West Manor, now in City of Albany
3 Indenture (parchment), January 4, 1791, from Anna Ten Broeck of Town of Halfmoon, widow, release to Christina Van Schaick of Cahoos Island for lots on land in Halfmoon
4 Indenture, January 9, 1796, from Hugh Peebles of Halfmoon to Gerrit Peebles of the same place, deed for land in Onondaga County: Lot No. 80 in the Township of Cato, Lot No. 61 in Romulus and Lot No. 73 in Brutus
5 Indenture, May 1, 1784, from Catharine Van Slyck and Gosen Van Schaick, Jr. lease to Albert and Tunis Vanderzee of "Coxsaghkie," for land in that place
6 Indenture, January 1, 1784, from Christina Van Schaick, John G. & Anna Van Schaick of the County of Albany to Alexander Brevoort of Halfmoon lease for Lot No. 4 in the Halfmoon Patent, containing 100 acres
7 Indenture, April 16, 1783, from John Ross of the West Manor of Rensselaerwyck, Merchant to Elbert Willett of Albany City, Merchant, deed for land in Tryon County which had been seized by forfeiture
8 Indenture, January 7, 1784, from Christina Van Schaick and John G. and Anna Van Schaick, lease to John Connell of Halfmoon, farmer, for Lot No. 3 in the Halfmoon Patent
9 Release, September 11, 1810, from Jacob Mancius, Sheriff of Albany County to Anthony Van Schaick for 4 acres of land, being an island in the Mohawk River west of Cahoos or Long Island, seized as the result of a judgement against Rebekah Pettitt (the present Simmons Island in Cohoes). Recorded: November 7, 1812
10 Lease, May 23, 1793, from Christina Van Schaick to John Phillips, for Haver (later Peebles) Island (present Town of Waterford)
11 Lease, September 9, 1794 (same parties and land as above)
12 Lease, March 9, 1796 (same parties and land as above)
13 Lease, August 19, 1800, from Christina Van Schaick to Frona Phillips, widow of John Phillips, for Haver Island, earlier known as "Stone Island," 2 copies
14 Counterpart of Lease, November 21, 1808, between Christina Van Schaick and Frona Phillips for Haver Island
15 Memorandum of lease, December 12, 1802, between Christina Van Schaick and John G. Walter of Halfmoon for a small island in the north branch of the Mohawk River known as "Platte (Island)" (This is now partially submerged and is difficult to distinguish from Peebles Island, to which it is adjacent on the north: WFB), 2 copies
16 Copy - Release, January 15, 1818, from Mary, widow of Gosen G. Van Schaick, late of Charlton (Saratoga County) to Anthony Van Schaick for "Platt" Island
17 Memorandum of Account/Lease, July 1, 1823, from Wessel Van Schaick, Gerrit and Maria Peebles, Christina, Gerard & Henry Van Schaick to Richard Wilson for Pulimness Island.
18 In Chancery, September 16, 1796, Christina Van Schaick and John Phillips complaint vs. John Pettit of Halfmoon, alleging that Pettit "being ignorant … with force and arms entered on the premises (Haver & Cahoos Islands) and cut down and destroyed the timber and wood there growing …"
19 Rent receipt, March 25, 1707, between Anthony Van Schaick and John Cuyler, 1 bushel of wheat as quit rent
20 Rent receipt, April 1, 1729, Archibald Kennedy paid Anthony Van Schaick 2 bushels of wheat, quit rent for land in Albany County
21 Receipt, March 7, 1773, of Garret Abeel for quit-rent paid by Anthony Van Schaick for land in the "patent of Westenhook."
22 Rent receipt, October 30, 1760, from Anthony Van Schaick to Jacob Van Schaick, £7/10 on behalf of his nephew Goose Van Schaick
23 Rent receipt, received of Anthony Van Schaick 1 bushel of wheat, quit-rent for land in Albany County, March 25, 1708, to John Cuyler
24 Note and acknowledgement of receipt between Gerrit Peebles and Rosanna Schuyler of Stillwater relating to the "Newland Farm," purchased by Samuel Edmunds from Garret Peebles, December 17, 1828
  Estate Papers
25 Accounts, 1780-1783, including statement of rents due for lots in the Halfmoon patent, vs. the estate of Anthony Van Schaick (He died c.1780, son of Goosen G. Van Schaick Jr. and Nettie Abeel; he married Christina Van Schaick, his cousin), 16p.
26 Memorandum of the legacies of Anna Margareta Van Schaick and Catharine Coeymans 1771-1783, relative to the estate of Anthony Van Schaick (the Anthony who was a son of Goosen Gerritse Van Schaick, Sr.; Anthony married Maria Vanderpool)
27 Estate of Wessel Van Schaick (d. March 13, 1783):
  1. Account of Samuel Stringer, druggist ?, 1768-1782, March 26, 1784
  2. Account of Dr. Wilhelmus Mancius, who attended him 1772-1782, Albany, April 26, 1784
  3. Copy of will of Wessel Van Schaick, drawn December 16, 1782 and probated January 10, 1784
  4. Receipt, October 25, 1783, where 10 shillings were paid Zabrisky & Lansing, "the above being for 6 doz. pipes," used at his funeral
28 Christina Van Schaick, widow of Anthony Van Schaick, (d. October 4, 1809)
  1. Power of attorney, granted by Christina to her son-in-law, "John G. Van Schaick of the City of Albany, Merchant," August 9, 1782
  2. Will of Christina Van Schaick of Cahoes Island, drawn November 27, 1799; recorded December 28, 1809
  3. Inventory of the goods, chattels and credits of Christina Van Schaick (done June 19, 1810)
29 Estate of Maria G. Van Schaick, widow of Wessel Van Schaick, (d. January 31, 1797)
  1. Account of Henry Truaz, merchant, February 2, 1797, for 20 gallons of sherry wine for her funeral
  2. Receipt, February 3, 1797, where Gerrit W. Van Schaick paid William Groesbeck "for inviting and attending the funeral of your deceased mother … for the use of pall and hearse…"
  3. Account of Drs. Mancius and Woodruff, 1788-1797, 2 p., Albany, March 11, 1797
30 Wills, etc.
  1. Last will and testament of Gerrit Van Schaick, February 6, 1817
  2. Last will and testament of Gerrit Peebles, April 14, 1821
  3. Assignment, Henry Peebles to William Martin, 1846
  Financial papers
  1. Account of William Bayard & Gose [sic] Van Schaick, October 1, 1722
  2. Receipt of John Robinson, Merchant, 7 shillings for purchase of 6 nutmegs, Albany, May 17, 1783
  3. Letter, August 13, 1782, from John G. Van Schaick to Justis Knapp, inquiring how long Joseph Earl had lived on Lot 23 and James Van Driesen on Lot 24 in the Halfmoon Patent; reply on reverse to Van Schaick by Isaac Lansing and Ezekiel Halsted, n.p., n.d.
  4. Receipt, Albany, July 28, 1783, of Gerrit Van Schaick, 20 shillings for 1/8 lb. of cinnamon bought from Barent Bleecker
  5. Receipt, Albany, May 14, 1759, Goshan [sic] Van Schaick received from Anthony Van Schaick 14/7
  1. Letter, Albany, March 15, 1796, to Gerrit Peebles of Halfmoon from B. and J.R. Bleecker relative to their account (timber supply)
  2. Memorandum concerning conveyance Anatie (leversee) Van Schaick, widow of Goosen Gerrisen Van Schaick, to Anthony Van Schaick, n.p., n.d.
  3. 5 Dollar note (engraved), Bank of Albany, 181[?]
  4. Letter, December 5, 1800, from B. and J. Bleecker of Albany to Gerrit Peebles, Merchant of Fort Miller, about delivery of goods by Capt. Boyd, especially oak timber
  5. Notes engraved, August 14, 1771, where John G. Van Schaick owes £250 to widow of John Puget and Peter Puget of London
  1. Letter, October 19, 1774, from John Gerse Van Schaick of Albany to Messrs. Van Vleck and Kip of New York City, concerned in part with order for jewelry and instructions for having a bookplate engraved for him
  2. Bookplate of John Gerse Van Schaick, evidently the one mentioned above (engraved)
  3. Letter, October 3, 1771, from John G. Schaick to Messrs. Van Vleck and Kip regarding the accuracy of goods shipped to him; he remarks that the blue china bowls he has paid 6 shillings each for are ones he normally sells for 5 shillings
  4. Invitation (printed form), December 1807, for Anthony Van Schaick to join the Albany Debating Society, signed by Philip Van Vechten, President
  5. Bill of lading, March 29, 1757, from Bristol, England, for goods sent on the ship Grace to New York City for delivery to Wessel Van Schaick
  1. Receipts, December 10, 1755, between Anthony G. Van Schaick and Derick B. Van Schoonhoven, Daniel K. Winne, Gerret Vischer and John Taylor
  2. Invoice of goods shipped by Phyn Inglis & Co. to J.R. Bleecker of Albany, merchant, London, June 25, 1799
  3. Receipt, Albany, March 20, 1783, of James Caldwell to Gerrit Van Schaick for wine, probably for Wessel Van Schaick's funeral (died March 13, 1783)
  4. Receipt, Albany, October 4, 1723, to Goose Van Schaick bought of Philip Livingston for blankets and 1 dozen jack knives
  5. Statement of the account of Roorbach, teacher, of expense for schooling the children of Wessel Van Schaick: Anthony, Maritje, Jno Gerse, 1756-1757
  6. Letter, January 5, 1803, from John J. Irving of New York City to Anthony Van Schaick inquiring as to who is the sheriff of Saratoga County
35 Slave bills of sales
  1. Sale of Negro girl, Diana, February 6, 1721/2, bought of Petrus Van Deusen, Minister, by Goose Van Schaick, Furrier, for £48
  2. Sale of Negro man, Ames, May 21, 1762, bought of Benjamin Reichard of Connecticut by Gosen Van Schaick, Jr. of West Camp for £84
  3. Sale of Negro man, Robert, April 30, 1813, bought of Rebecca Carter, Eliz. Cluett, John, Mary, Wm. and Margaret Kane by John Ross for $80 with mention of his future manumission
36 Power of attorney, March 25, 1797, given by Margaret Barclay to Gerrit Peebles, certified and notarized three times, lastly by James K. Paulding, of the United States Loan Office in New York
37 Genealogical and historical notes, compiled ca. 1880-1890
38 Photograph of Catherine Gansevoort Lansing, ca. 1890
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