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Abraham Van Vechten
Papers, 1686-1867

Quantity: 37 boxes (19 cu.ft.)
Access: Open to research.
Processed by: Papers collected by Abraham Van Wyck Van Vechten and presented to the New York State Library by his daughters, Mrs. Effe Van Vechten Knox and Mrs. Marie Van Vechten Huntington.

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Biographical Note:

Abraham Van Vechten was born in Catskill, N.Y. in 1762 and died in Albany in 1837. He was one of the first lawyers admitted to the bar after the adoption of the state constitution and soon ranked with the gifted men of that time, among whom were Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and Robert Livingston. At various times he held the positions of recorder of the city of Albany, 1797-1808; state senator, 1798-1805 and 1816-1819; member of the assembly, 1806, 1808-1813; attorney-general, 1810, 1813-1815; member of the constitutional convention, 1821, and regent of the University of the State of New York, 1797-1823. Though in public office for some twenty years, the larger portion of his life was devoted to the practice of law and especially to the trial of cases on appeal. On several occasions he was offered the appointment of judge of the Supreme Court but declined the honor because he preferred the labors of the bar to those of the bench. The reports of the appellate courts of this state give some indication of the amount of professional labor performed by him.

Scope and Content Note:

The collection includes about 5,000 papers. Of these 125 are deeds with dates ranging from 1712 to 1828; some of the earlier ones are on parchment and many are not recorded. Three original land patents are included, one granted in 1667 by Gov. Richard Nicolls to Abraham Staats, another in 1790 by Gov. George Clinton to Ephraim Blower, and the third in 1791 by Gov. Clinton to John Taylor. There are 15 wills, three of them in Dutch, between the dates 1747 and 1818; mortgages, leases and other legal documents are numerous and most of them are earlier than 1800. There are papers, both legal and personal, relating to the families of Bradstreet, Caldwell, Cochran, Duncan, Duryea, Finck, Fonda, Forsyth, Grover, Hicks, Jackson, Lyon, Malin, Newkirk, Schuyler, Taylor, Ten Broeck, Thompson, Vandenburgh, Van Horn, Van Rensselaer, Van Schaack, and Viele; to the North Dutch, and the Associate Reformed Presbyterian churches of Albany, and to Union College. There are also several early maps and surveys.

Papers classified by counties include documents of Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Washington, Montgomery, Herkimer, Oneida, Dutchess, and Queen counties.

In addition, the collection contains a large number of Mr. Van Vechten's briefs on cases in the Albany Mayor's Court, the Supreme Court, the Court of Chancery, and the court for the Correction of Errors.

Box Folder Contents
Albany County #1 
    Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, etc. 
    Angus Papers Barhuydt-Becker Betton or Botton Bleecker-Kline Bleecker-Newkirk Coeymans-Bleecker Buchanan-Deyermand Daniel-Hicks Dean-VanDerLise Denniston-Thomson Gansevoort-McGregor Gilchrist-Johnson Hair-Sanders Hemsted-Gideon Hawley Hough-VanDerwerken Johnson-Fraser Kane-Dunlop Knous-TenEyck Lawyer-TenEyck  
  Albany County #2 
    Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, etc. 
    Lansing-Glen Leroy-Roseboom Oothoudt-Lansing Roseboom Sir Wm. Johnson-Fraser Staats-Corbin Teller-Cuyler & Ganswoort Van Den Bergh Van Wie-Williamson Vroman Warren, Peter (Blickerk-DeLancey for heirs) Viele-Leroy Young Statement of notes (1 pkg.) 
  Albany County #3 
    Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, etc. 
    Bleecker-Kline Buchannan Dean-Vanderlyn Dexter-Stewart Doty-Thomson & Borland Durant-Stewart Duane-Weist Ertzbergher-Winne Goesbeck Hawley-Dunlop Karker-Whitmarsh McClellan-Caldwell Root-Austin Rogers-Ellis Shufelt Stewart-Bagley Street-Bently Paper U.S.-Trotter Van Loon-Goesbeck Veterly Warren-Roseboom Westerlo-Babb-Brigham Wing-Tibbits Witherwax-Van Alstine 
Albany County #4 
    Alexander-Lansing-Bastian Boardman-Kleek Ensign-Webb Fonda Fredendol Geddes papers Grant-Cuyler papers Lydius-Young McAuley Mory-Williams Rose-Karker Secoteugh-Dean Ten Eyck Thomas Townsend-Lee Van Wie Wally Winne-Ertzbergher 
  Albany County #5 
    Deeds, Bonds, Agreements, etc. 
    Beecker-Klein Bloodgood-Valentine Davison Douw-Whitbeck Duncan papers Gillman-Boies Holland, heirs of Henry Licker-Coughtry McMancius-Wheeler Wendell-Winne Whitbeck-Tibbets Original Aldrich-Tupper Allen papers Carpenter, McClure, Catlin Cooper-Baadlestone Gill-McCollack Doty-Ten Eyck Dudley-Aldrich Garnsey-Jones Klein Leonard-Wendell Marshall-Kirk Merchant-Webster-Chesney Staats-Roorbach Reynolds-Culver Ryerson Tallman-Lewis-Wendell Truax Van Der Karr-Burton Van De Werke papers Van Kleeck-Anderson Vanderhuyden-Gansevoort 1 package of protests 
  Ontario County 
    Mortgages, Leases, Deeds 
    Annin-Sille Dewey-Green Pratt & Dumont Duncanson-Meech Latta papers Townsend Williamson 
  Otsego County 
    Davis & Coil Hazard - 3 bonds Latham-Smith Rich Trotter-Turncliffe Smith & Becker Papers Vrooman-Staats 
  Herkimer County (1 Package) 
    Aueryonna & Teguayatamneror-Smith Dean-Rawlins Fish-Risley Reed-Bond York 
Saratoga County (1 Package) 
    Deeds, Bonds, Mortgages, etc. 
    Beekman-McGregor Briggs Burroughs Campbell-Paterson Carmichael-Holmes Clark-Rogers Cullins-Smith Hutchenson-Merkle McDonald-Coil McMaster, Executives of Palmer Peters-Storm-Lansing Rensselaer & Saratoga Ins. Co. Rogers-Guardener Storm-Snyder Storm-Jones St. John-Davis Teller-Ford-Bailey Van Hoosen-Andrews Watts-Wilson 
  10  Rensselaer County (1 Package) 
    Deeds, Bonds, Mortgages, etc. 
    Atwood-Cone Burton-Van De Karr Lansing & Trustees of Lansingburg Oaks-Harris Staats-Van Saute Smith-Hoag Original Abrams-Dean Babcock-Sweet Campbell Colden-Wilson Coon-Case Dorr-Knapp Fonda-Case Hoyle Knapp-Smith Noyes & Bennet papers Root-Schermerhorn Tanner Viele-Smith Whitbeck-Philips 
  11  Montgomery County (1 Package) 
    Bonds, Mortgages, Deeds, etc. 
    Bonds (8) Elwood-Shafer Goose Mathias-Van Alstyne Sheaver-Sheriff sale Van Slyke-Mathias Vischer-Jackson Original Crane Cumming papers Cuyler-Beardsley Failing-Cox Fink-Hutchings Frey-Klock-Young Garlock Harper-Van Slye Herrick-Watts Keiller-Kennedy-Watts Kingsbury-Diver Leonard papers Lipe-Longshore, with survey Loan Officers-Staats Lupton-Tyler Lush, Certificate of lots 13 & 14 Nukirk-Bleecker Borst (minor) Shulter-Fuller Stone-Sheriff Smith-Stembergh Van Epps-Prentis Van Horne-Ostrander Williamson-Van Horne 
  12  Montgomery County 
    Accounts, Statements, etc. 
13  Dutchess, Queens, New York and Washington counties 
    Bryant (Penn) Clark (Washington) Franklin-White (N.Y.) Hart (Dutchess) Jaques-Dennison (N.J.) Lewis-Sayers (Dutchess) Manning-Smith (Dutchess) Miller (Dutchess) Mott (Dutchess) Nicoll-Cruger (N.Y.) Ondenaarde-Smith (Washington) Preston papers (Dutchess) Sunderlin (Washington) Vreedenbergh-Fish (Queens) Dowling-Knapp (Dutchess) Duane-Lewis (Penn) Lot 10, Campbell Patent (Washington) 
  14  Rensselaer, Berne & Westerlo Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, etc. 
  15  Massachusetts & Vermont (1 package) 
    Alvoice Dwight (deed) Parker-Thayer (Western Reserve Lands) Stewart-Gardner papers Stewart-Dexter papers Vermont Commissioners (certificate) Wilson (deed copy) 
  16  Oneida County 
    Alstyne-Stemberg Codd & wife Fort Brewerton Tillman, Sheriffs Sale Schad-Ten Eyck 
  17  Soldiers (1 Package) 
    Cornell, Caleb Dowling, Andrew Gano, John Healy, Thomas Hodge (evidence) Mem. of military lands Monty, Francis Morgan, John Oakley, Jonathan Owens, Luke Robertson, Robert (evidence) Rogers, Jacob Tippewine, Christian Thomas, John Thomson, Wm. Keating Kidd David alias Deghanyeatay & Honysh Orontatekha, children of a soldier 
    Onondaga County (1 package) 
    Beach-Crapsey, Release Lot, (original) (28, Pompey) Cheesboro-Wilson (bond) (original) Dexter papers, Lot 62, Dryden Forman (Acct) Hamilton-Thomson (mortgage) (original) Manlius lot, Papers concerning Potter-Bristol (agreement) Richardson papers Wilson-Hamilton (Sheriff's sale) Wood-Sweet 
18  Wills 
    Blucker, John (copy), 1792 Bingham, William (copy) Bruce, Judith (copy), 1817 Extracts of Livingston will Extracts of Peter Yates Michael Henry Nellis (copy), 1809 Mersereau (copy) Roseboom & wife, with translation, 1747 Smith, Platt (copy), 1799 Staats, Jacob (copy), 1734 Van Den Bergh, Garret (original), 1807 Atkinson (copy), 1825 
  19  Wills 
    Angus, Margaret Barber, William Bratt, Daniel B. (original) Campbell, Archibald Cox, Ebenezer Duryea, Abraham Duane, James Glen, Cornelius (original) Harris, Ebenezer Hocknell, Richard Lawyer, Jacob (codocil) (original) Lawyer, Frederick (original) Legrange, Isaac Livingston, Margaret Leonard, Nathan Leonard, Timothy Loop [or Soop], Jonas Staats, Joacham (original) Swart, Lewis Rattery, David (original) Thorne, Isaac Vanderhuyden, D. Van Rensselaer, John 
  20  Wills 
    Becker, Peter Blakely, David Fondy, John Livingston Marcellus, Catharine Miller, John Newcomb Yates, Peter 
  21  Wills 
    Alexander, Alexander (copy), 1809 Bratt, Daniel B. (copy), 1803 Bratt, Harmanus (copy), 1801 Livingston, Margaret, 1753 Livingston, Robert (copy), 1725 Peacock, Hugh (copy) 
  22  Bonds - 32 Pieces 
  23  Packages of papers as found in chest Caldwell, Spencer papers Cochran, James papers Newkirk papers Fonda papers Taylor papers Lyon, Brown, Turk, Northup papers 
24  Packages of papers as found in chest Bruen papers Bleckley papers Miller papers Schelluyne papers Queen papers 
  25  Miscellaneous Land Papers 
  26  Maps #2. (33 identified maps; 9 maps of unidentified places. All maps are manuscript maps unless otherwise indicated. Entry includes title, cartographer if known, size, scale, date.) (Oversize manuscripts) Map of the Half Moon Patent, 16½" x 12½", no scale, n.d. (also includes parts of Clifton Park, Kayderosseras and Wm. Apples patents) A map of the Third Tract of the Batavia Patent lying on Schohary Kill, granted A.D. 1736 to Vincent Mathews and others, 9" x 15½", 40 ch.:1 in., n.d. A color map of Lot No. 17 . patent to John Bowen and others September 15, 1770, Thomas Machin, 12¼" x 15½", 10 ch.:1 in., n.d. (1770?) A map of Lot No. 25 in a tract of 15,500 (acres) of land granted to John Bowen and others, Thomas Machin, 15¾" x 12½", 10 ch.:1 in., n.d. Map of the southerly and westerly bounds of 120 acres of land . owned by Garret Hartwick (in Van Schaack's Patent), 8" x 12", 10 ch.:1 in., February 25, 1795. Map of Lot No. 38 (Hoosick Patent), south part containing 365 acres of land, James Mallery, 16½" x 21", 10 ch.:1 in., (1800-1810?) Map of Lot No. 39 in the Patent Hoosick, J. Mallery, 19½" x 15", 20 ch.:1 in., (1804? - see watermark) Map of division of lands of Wm. Coventry and John McComb in tract near Claverack granted to Hendrick Van Salsberg and Garret Slegtenhorst, J.R. Bleecker, 10½" x 16¼", 80 rods:1 in., July 3, 1761 (copy) Map of the northwest corner of Kayderossera, 10" x 15¼", no scale, n.d. A map of . land situate . fourteen miles above the Village of Schenectady on the South side of the Mohawk River . surveyed at request of Lewis Philips, Lawrence Vrooman, 10" x 15½", no scale, August 26, 1800. Map of tract of land surveyed for John Bt. Van Eps (Jr.) on north side of the Mohawk River near Seventh Flatts, 10" x 5", no scale, n.d. (Schenectady Co., Glenville, Hoffman's Ferry) Map of Sacandaga Patent, 11" x 16", 40 ch.:1 in., n.d. This Plan describeth two Tracts of land lying near Cattskill . Patented to John M. Scott Esqu. and (77) other persons on the 2nd day of January 1770., Charles Loss, City Surveyor at New York, 17" x 14", no scale, n.d. (copied by J.R. Jr., Albany 1804) [not in folder 8/23/02] Map of land north of Otsego Lake (Springfield, N.Y.), E. Van Alen, 12½" x 15½", no scale, n.d., copy [not in folder 8/23/02] Map of Charles Van Eps's land, 13" x 16", no scale, n.d. (Schenectady County?) Map of Lot Number Twelve of the XXIV Gen'l Allotment of the Patent of Kayderosseros, Seths C. Baldwin, 14½" x 17", 20 ch.:1 in., September 26, 1803 A map of the township of Besborough in the County of Gloucester and Province of New York, as surveyed in the year 1771, by Caleb Willard, 15½" x 10", 60 ch.:1 in., 1771 Map of Thomhenock Patent, Isaac Vrooman, surveyor, 9" x 14", 20 ch.:1 in., 1765, copy Map of Cornelius J. Fonda's farm on the Mohawk, Albert Danker, surveyor, 16" x 12½", 4 ch.:1 in., July 4, 1832 Map of part of Lot No. 44, subdivision of Great Lot No. 20 of Hardenberth's Patent, town of Woodstock, Ulster County, N.Y., Wm. Cockburn Junr., 19" x 15", 20 ch.:1 in., September 1797, surveyed at request of George Clarke and Lucas Elmendorf Map, surveyed for Mr. Abraham Ten Eyck of Albany, Lot No. 137 of the Old Schohary Patent granted to Myndert Schuyler and others, Will. Cockburn. 15" x 11¾", 20 ch.:1 in., 1793, in town of Schoharie Map of Walter Franklin's tract on Schenevers Creek laid into lots, Will. Cockburn, 6½" x 17", 40 ch.:1 in., 1790, in town of Maryland, Otsego Co., N.Y., [surveyed for P. Van Schaack Esq.] Map of Walter Franklin's tract on Susquehannah River laid into lots, Will. Cockburn, 6"½ x 18",, 40 ch.:1 in., 1790, in town of Milford, Otsego Co., N.Y., [surveyed for P. Van Schaack Esq.] Map of a tract of Land near Schohary granted to Walter Franklin and others, Survey'd and laid into lots, Will. Cockburn, 6½" x 16", 40 ch.:1 in., 1790, in towns of Summit and Cobleskill, Schoharie, N.Y., [surveyed for P. Van Schaack Esq.] Map and survey of vacant lot adjoining the Schoharie road at Bangall, Guilderland, Uriah Wood, 13¼" x 8", 4 ch.:1 in., March 14, 1833; Bangall, former name of Guilderland Center. Surveyed for John Chase Map and survey of John Chase's vacant lot on north side of road leading from Simon Grout's to French's, Guilderland, Uriah Wood, 13¼" x 8", 4 ch.:1 in., March 14, 1843, surveyed for John Chase at the request of John Wands, Jr. Map and survey of Henry Jacobson's addition, Guilderland, Uriah Wood, 13¼" x 8", 8 ch.:1 in., March 14, 1833, surveyed for Henry Jacobson by order of John Wands, Jr. Survey of wood lot in No. 5 of the Cary (Cory?) Patent containing 50 acres, P.R. Frey, surveyor, 10" x 8", no scale, July 18, 1807, surveyed for R. Daugherty Map of Stewart Dean's land betw. Dock and Quay streets, Albany, 15½" x 12½", no scale, ca.1790? Map of the Great Expense Lot in Tomhanack Patent and the subdivision of said lot (Andrew Brown, Nicholas and Thomas P. Williams, owners), 17½" x 22", no scale, ca.1805? Map and survey of John Wheeler's land in the town of Guilderland, John Blair, 13" x 7½", no scale, March 6, 1828 Map, survey and letter re: south part of Lot No. 18, Sacandaga Patent, Daniel McMartin, 10¼" x 16", 10 ch.:1 in., January 1830 (3 pieces) Map and survey of Lot 22 of Bowen's Patent, Benjamin Gilbert (copy of his survey), 6" x 8", n.d. Also the folder of 9 maps of unidentified locations 
  27  Patents Blowers Patent, 1790 (seal missing) Taylor Patent (seal missing) Abraham Staats Extracts and copies of letters Patent 
  28  Deeds and Extracts of Deeds 
    Hamilton, Boyd (copy), 1746 Bessboro Smith-Delamater Peter Ziele, 1712 Klock-Frey Croghan Greene-Murray 
  29  Will Abraham Ten Broeck-Mortgages, Bonds, etc. 
30  Canal Papers - Shipment list, insurance of cargo contracts, appeals to Canal Board, appraises 
  31  Canal Papers - Notes, memorandums 
  32  Albany North Dutch Church & Presbyterian Church - Deeds, etc. 
  33  District Court - Largely Jackson Papers 
  34  Thomson Papers - Deeds, receipts, promissory notes, etc. 
  35  Cosby-Smith Papers - Deeds, letters 
36  Miscellaneous 
    Grace Crosby and Petter Warren of His Majestie's ship, Squirrel Kemble Paper. 1796 Nicoll and Cruger. 1774 McMasters, Ex of Patent, 1792 Hoghtenling, copy of Patent, 1697 Wilson-Abeel, Ex of Patent Van Rensselaer, John, 1763 
  37  Malin Papers 
  38  Garret Wendell's papers Aaron Vail, two bonds and mortgage not found in package Two letters from Garret Wendell and one from Lancaster 
  39  Notes of cases in chancery - Forsyth-Clark Union College vs. Yates 
  40  Schuyler Papers - Wills, mortgages, accounts, power of attorney, releases, correspondence 
41  Jackson-Brayton papers - Leases, court papers, summons 
  42  Isaac Hicks papers - Leases, mortgages, receipts 
  43  Martha Bradstreet papers - Court papers 
  44  Martha Bradstreet - District Court papers 
  45  Van Rensselaer papers - Court papers 
10  46  Van Rensselaer papers - Court papers 
  47  Van Rensselaer papers - Deeds, bonds, mortgages, memorandums, etc. 
  48  Duryea estate papers - mostly deeds 
  49  Viele papers - Promissory note, mortgage, deeds, etc. 
  50  Arbogast, Morris, Bengham, McNiele papers 
11  51  Van Schaack papers - Correspondence, deeds, Van Schaack vs. Edwards papers and Van Schaack notes 
  52  Duncan papers - Letters, list of unpaid subscriptions, mortgage 
  53  Vandenbergh papers - Agreements, deeds, bonds, abstracts of letters of Patent, etc. 
  54  Chancery papers: Union College 
  55  Largely Albany Mayor's Court 
  56  Finck papers List of names Inventory E. Vanderzee Friends papers 
  57  Personal notes and outlines of arguments of several cases 
12  58  Personal notes 1826-1828(?) 
  59-60  Personal notes 
13  61-64  Personal notes 
14  65-67  Litigation notes 
15  68  Miscellaneous - Blank forms, notes, letters 
  69  Miscellaneous - Deeds, notes, letters, etc. 
  70  Miscellaneous - Business letters 
  71  Miscellaneous - Will, deed, bond, etc. 
  72  Miscellaneous - Notes, bills, etc. 
16  73  Miscellaneous - Deeds, agreement, bonds, notes, etc. 
  74  Miscellaneous - Notes 
17  75  Miscellaneous - Deeds, notes, agreements, mortgages, etc. 
  76  In Chancery 
18  77  Memoranda and accounts 
  78  Personal letters 
  79  Letters  
  80  Chancery papers 
  81  Court papers - Fitzsimmons, Schuyler, Stewart and others 
19  82-83  Letters 
  84  Bills and receipts of T.B. Van Vechten 
20  85  Fonda-Van Horn papers 
  86  Bills, receipts, etc. 
  87  Supreme Court - Jackson papers 
  88  Court papers - Supreme and Mayor's 
21  89  Court of Appeals - Hart, Hoyt and others 
  90  Papers in the court of Common Pleas, 1782-1790 
  91  Largely court cost, 1790-1797 
22  92  Bills and receipts, 1786-1824? 
  93  In Chancery - Grover papers, 1829-1830 
  94  Supreme Court papers 
  95  Supreme Court Papers - Jackson, Fonday, etc. 
  96  In Chancery - Farmer's Bank 
23  97  In Chancery and Court of Appeals 
  98  Supreme Court - Jackson papers 
  99  Largely Supreme Court - Jackson papers 
  100  Miscellaney of Papers in Chancery, Supreme Court & Court of Errors 
24  101  Supreme Court - Ludlow and Jackson 
  102  Court Costs (19 bundles) 
  103  Chancery Court - Hudson Insurance Co. vs. E.S. Beach, etc. 
25  104  Supreme Court papers 
  105  Chancery Court papers 
  106  Supreme Court papers 
26  107  Chancery Court papers 
  108  Largely Supreme Court - Jackson and others 
  109  Chancery papers 
27  110  Supreme Court 
  111  In Chancery Bay vs. Ludlow 
  112  Supreme Court 
  113  Supreme & Chancery Court 
  114  Chancery Court and Court Errors 
28  115  Miscellaneous 
    Notice served on Edward Brown, dock master of the city of Albany, with survey Copy of petition for dock owners Atwood genealogy Lake George Steamboat Co. Memorandum as to the rights of mill owners Contract with Hamilton Mfg. Co. 1797-8-9 U.S & Garret Gates U.S. & John Gates Return of inhabitants and electors, 1807 Troy Turnpike & R.R. Co. (opinion) Articles of Co-partnership - Walsh, Bleecker, Winne & Fondy in milling business Rugby-Campbell, bill Bank of Albany Smith & Smith - Marriage contract 
  116  Miscellaneous - Deeds, bills, letter, report on leases, receipts, etc., 1791-1827? 
  117  Parts of papers - pre 1800 
29  118  In the Court for the Trial of Impeachment, 1826-1929 - Pamphlets 
  119  Blank form, In Chancery and In Senate pamphlets, printed material 
    John R. Livingston vs. North River Steam Boat Co. 
30  120  John R. Livingston vs. North River Steam Boat Co. (Papers originally in Folder 57) 
  121  John R. Livingston vs. North River Steam Boat Co. (Papers originally in Folder 61) 
  122  John R. Livingston vs. North River Steam Boat Co. (Papers originally in Folder 67) 
  123  John R. Livingston vs. North River Steam Boat Co. (Papers originally in Folder 68) 
  124  John R. Livingston vs. North River Steam Boat Co. (Papers originally in Folder 114) 
  125  Correspondence, 1831-1870 
  126  Correspondence, [1871]-1886 and n.d. 
  127  Estates? Lawsuits? Items in bundles labeled: Blaan (Blaam?), Uriah - Earliest date: May 14, 1790 Carpenter family - [January 15, 1800] - Petition for division of landed estate in Town of Goshen and counties of Greene and Montgomery (Bergen's Patent) of John Carpenter, who died on above date Cornwall, Amos - Earliest date: September 18, 1817 Trempbour (Trumpborn?), Jacob - Earliest date: November 6, 1819 
31    1782-1854 
    Note attached to box: Arrange chronologically in two groups: 1) Those of a family nature - concerned probably with Schuyler, Ten Broeck, Van Orden and Van Vechten families; 2) Those relating to Van Vechten's legal business outside of family affairs. Note attached to box: Van Vechten, Theunis. Will - Draft, n.d.; Wills - 642 - 1 - 2 
  128  Papers relating to Van Vechten family - largely to settlement of estates of Samuel and of Theunis Van Vechten. Rough draft of will of letter (n.d.); Abraham Van Vechten one of the executors. 
  129  1787-1800 
  130  [1801]-1810 
  131  1811-1820 
  132  1821-1830 
    Boxes 32-34: 1933-1934 accretion 
32  133  Samuel Wolf - Deed of sale of land bounty right 
  134  John Livingston lease to David Lynes 
  135  Catskill Bank 
  136  Odds and Ends 
  137  Miscellaneous legal and business papers 
  138  Business letters (1836-1847) from Attorney General's Office 
33    Miscellaneous Correspondence [not organized into folders] 
34    Family Papers, 1811-1852 
  Schuyler - Ten Broeck - Van Orden Legal and other papers relating to family matters 
35- 36    Miscellaneous land papers 
37    Van Vechten Case Register, 1817-30. BURNT/FRAGILE 
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