Van Vechten Family
Papers, 1678-1880

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Preliminary Guide:

The collection consists of land patents, deeds and leases to property in Greene, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Herkimer and Albany Counties, New York. Also included are field books of the sixth allotment of the Canajoharie Patent, 1789, and the subdivision of the Whitebeck Patent, 1798. The wills of Huybartus Dubois and Abraham Van Vechten are also included as are registers of members of the Van Orden and Van Vechten families.

The first 61 items in the collection were calendared in great detail in 1937. The rest of the collection was finally unwrapped and descriptions written in 1985.

Most of the material has not yet been arranged in any particular order. In the meantime the present guide at least indicates the full contents of the collection.

It should be noted that two Abraham Van Vechtens play prominent roles in this collection. Abraham (1791-1885) was both nephew and son-in-law as well as executor of the estate of Abraham (1762-1837).

Box Item Year Date Contents
1678  July 8  Catskill Indians. Court House at Albanie. Deed to Capt. Silvester Salisbury and Marte Gerritse of a parcel of land at Katskill, Albanie County, province of New York, consisting of five great plains lying on both sides of the kill, with wood land, pastures, etc. - said Salisbury and Gerritse having a patent dated November 2, 1677 from Gov. Gen. Edmund Andross to these lands, providing that the native rights are duly extinguished. Adjacent owners: Jan Bronk, Eldert De Goyer. Witnesses: Philip Schuyler, Richard Pretty. D.S. (copy) by Mahak Neminau, Tamongesoes called Volkert, Papawachketik called Evert, Mamactcheek called Joris, Kachetowaa called Cobus, Uncheek called Jan De Backer, and Sinhoe, as representatives of the Catskill Nation; also, in attestation, by Robert Livingston, secretary of Albanie, Rensselaerwyck, and Schaenhechtady [sic]. 2(4)p. P age 3: Affidavit to the execution of this deed, November 25, 1678, by Manueenta called Schermerhooren, attested by Livingston. Certified as a true copy, pages 2 and 3 by Stephen DeLancey, clerk, Albany Co., July 6, 1770. Witnesses to attestation of November 25: A. Teller, Cornelis Van Dyck, Dirck Wessels, Joh. Proovoost. In Dutch. Translation attached.
  1678  July 8  (Memoranda of) true copies of . patents: Memoranda. Indian deed to Capt. Sylvester Salisbury and M. Garesen dated July 8, 1678; first patent granted March 26, 1679; another dated April 29, 1688. Indian deed to Curnelius Van Dyck and Marte Gerison date July 13, 1684. William Loveridge's patent dated [?]. I. Lakerman, dated July 29, 1686. Ditto granted John Bronk and Martin G., May 23, 1687. Ditto granted E. Banker, dated August 27. Ditto granted Henry Backeman & Gilbert Livingston dated August 27, 1718; another dated June 11, 1719. D. 2 p. Split in half along middle horizontal fold.
  1684  June 13  Catskill Indians. Albany. Deed to Cornelis Van Dyck and Marte Gerritse for lands at Catskill along the River outside the limits and east and north of those granted to Capt. Salesbury and Marte Gerritse. Other adjacent owners: Capt. Jan Cloet, Jan Bruyn, Jurian Teunise, Gysbert den Bogaert. Witnesses: Capegay, an Indian (by mark), and Dirck Wessels and Jan Janse Blekar, justices of the peace. D.S. (copy) by Mawayntay called Schermerhoorn and Ondkeek called Jan de Backer, Robert Livingston attesting. 1(4)p. On page 2: Certified as a true copy by Stephen DeLancey, clerk, Albany Co., May 28, 1770. In Dutch.
  1728  October 29  Quackenbos, Pyeter, J. Backer, and NeLoaes Groesbeek. Release to Johannis Groesbeek of Schachtekook, Albany Co., New York, yeoman, by Pieter Quackenboss of the manor of Rensselaer Wyck, Albany Co., cooper, Johannis Knickerbacker of Schachtekook, yeoman, and Niecolaes Grosbeek of Rensselaer Wyck manor, carpenter, for two lots of land on the Hudson River, being his share in the landed estate of Wouter Quackenboss, Sr., late of Rensselaer Wyck: (1) a lot in Rensselaer Wyck, 19½ rods on the river and 22½ rods at the back along the fence; (2) a lot in the city of Albany between the highway to Watervliet and the river, lying 5 rods, three feet on the highway, 4 rods, three feet on the river; subject to an annual rent for both lots of 18 pence to the Patroon of Rensselaer Wyck manor. Former owner: Wouter Quackenboss, Sr. Adjacent owners: (1) Johannis Knickerbocker, heirs of Wouter Quackenboss, Jr. Witnesses: Hendrick Ten Eyck, Rutger Bleecker. D.S. (copy) 4(6) p. Page 4: Certified as a true copy by Anthony Van Schaick and William Van Woert, December 17, 1803. On back: "Copy of release. The original is now in the hands of Genl. Gansevoort. January 15, 1810."
  1762  June 28  Rutherfurd, Walter, John Duncan, and Jelles Fonda. Release to Fonda of one-third of that half of his one-sixth of an undivided eighth part (?) (text: "one six eight part") in 6500 acres of land (originally 8000), formerly sold by him to them; this land is in Albany County, province of New York, on the west bank of the Mohawk River, and is part of that granted by George II, king of England, in a patent of November 13, 1731, to Abraham Van Horne and others; it lies in Lot 1, First Allotment, Lot 78, Second Allotment, Lots 1 and 5, Third Allotment, Lots 1 and 3, Fourth Allotment, Lots 1 and 3, Fifth Allotment; and it is subject to a quitrent to the province of 2s 6d per 100 acres annually; givers of New York City and Schenectady, respectively, Fonda of Albany County. Other and former owners: Abraham Van Horne, David Provoost, Philip Livingston, Mary Burnet, William Livingston, George Klock, David Van Horne, Samuel Van Horne, Peter Van Brugh Livingston, John Livingston, Henry Livingston, William Alexander and his wife Sarah, Alida (Livingston) Hansen, John Lawrence and wife Catharina. Adjacent owners: David Schuyler, Peter Wagenen. Mentioned: Rutger Bleecker, Hartman Windecker, surveyor; Isaac Vrooman, Ryner Mynders, Joseph R. Yates, commissioners to divide the land. Witnesses: Richard Duncan, Chrisr. Yates. D.S. 1p. On back: Acknowledged by Yates, as witness, June 5, 1770, before David Campbell, judge in the city and county of Albany. Recorded, October 2, [?], by Stephen Delancey, Clerk, Albany Co. Folded oversize.
  1762  November 22  Livingston, Phil(ip), and others. Release by part partners in the Canajoharie Patent to Johannes Carehoga, Kayinquerego, and Rakeredigha, representatives of the Indians of Canajoharie Castle, of a tract of land on the Mohawk River and Inchannanoda Creek. Former owners: Abraham Van Horne, William Proovoost, Mary, daughter of William Burnet. Witnesses: Michael Jeffrey, Jno. Broome, Edmd. Fanning, Abraham Livingston (William Alexander, earl of) Stirling, Ed. Faey, William Johnson, Guy Johnson. D.S. (copy) by Phil. Livingston, Wil. (text: William) Livingston, Wal. Rutherfurd (text: Walter Rutherford), John Duncan, and Wm. Burnet Brown; named in text, but not signing, George Klock. 8(10)p. Pages 5-8: Acknowledged severally at the city of New York, February 10, 1773, by witnesses Edmund Fanning, Edward Foy, and Guy Johnson before Daniel Horsmanden, chief justice of the province of New York. Record (as of p. 253) examined, February 12, 1773, by George Banyer, d. sec'y. Certified as a true copy, January 20, 1800, by Jasper Hopper, d. sec'y. state of New York. Compared with record, September 26, 1807, by Gerrit Cluett. Attached: Second copy, without acknowledgements, etc.
  1763  January 26  Klock, George. Canojoharie. Agreement that Klock shall convey to John Duncan and Walter Rutherfurd one half of that share in the Canojoharie Patent which he bought in company with Jellis Fonda. Witnesses: Jelles Fonda, Peter D. Schuyler. D.S. also, by John Duncan and Walter Rutherfurd. 1p.
  1764  October 9  (Vrooman, Isaac, surveyor). Map of that part of Canajoharie patent lying on the south side of the Mohawk River, Albany Co., containing 8000 acres. Original patentees (November 13, 1731) mentioned: Abraham Van Horn, Philip Livingston, Mary Burnet, Wm. Provoost. Adjacent owners: Hartman Windecker and others. Laid out in six allotments by Rynur Mynderse, Joseph R. Yates, and Isaac Vrooman, commissioners. D. 2(4)p. Some names pencilled in.
  1764  October 9  (Vrooman, Isaac, surveyor). Field Book of a survey of partition of a tract of land on the west side of the Mohawk River at Canajoharie in Albany Co., granted November 13, 1731 to Abraham Van Horne and others, containing 8000 acres. Other original patentees: William Provoost, Philip Livingston, Mary Burnet. Adjacent owners: Rutger Bleecker and others, Peter Wagner and others, Harman Windecker and others. Mentioned: Allotment 6, Lot 1, Philip Garloff, 7, David Schuyler deceased; Allotment 6, Lots 1-4, former owners - William Livingston, Walter Rutherford, John Duncan, present owners - Mohawk Indians of Canajoharie Castle, 1, the late Peter Davitse Schuyler. Witness: Isaac Vrooman, D. Surveyor General. D.S. (copy) by Isaac Vrooman, Reynier Mynderse and Joseph R. Yates, commissioners. 37(42)p. Certified as a true copy by Mat. Visscher, clerk, Albany Co., n.d. by Richard Lunt, clerk, Albany Co., September 20, 1803, and same date, compared with original by Gerrit Cluett; by John Lovett, clerk, Albany Co., April 20, 1814. Names of owners, occupants, etc., occurring more than once are not repeated.
  10  1764  November 27  Canajoharie patent. Proprietors. New York (city). Agreement for the division of the Canajoharie patent into patentee shares, and to sign releases accordingly, whatever lands may be drawn by the commissioners: Jacob Klock for his father George Klock, ¾ of a share, and Isaac Vrooman for Jelis Fonda, ¼ of a share, drew the share of the original proprietor Philip Livingston; Philip Livingston, 3/8 of a share, and Walter Rutherfurd, 5/8 of a share, drew the share of William Provoost. Witness: John Power. D.S. by Phil Livingston, Wil. Livingston, Walter Rutherfurd, Isaac Vrooman for Fonda and Duncan, and Jacob: G. Klock for George Klock. 1(4). Copy attached.
  11  1766  April 21  Fonda, Jellis, and George Klock. Memorandum of the Lotts of Lands at Caneioae (Canajoharie) drawn by George Clock and Fonda. D.S. 1p.
  12  1767  January 27  Klock (text: Clock), George. Release to Jelles Fonda, Kaghonewago, Albany Co., province of New York, merchant, of his claim to certain lands on the south side of the Mohawk River at Canajoharie, Albany Co., containing in all 582 acres, 2 rods - 118 acres, 20 perches belonging to the heirs of David Schuyler being excepted; giver of Canajoharie farmer. Former owners: Abraham Van Horne, William Provoost, Philip Livingston, Mary Burnet. Adjacent owners: Peter Wagner, John Duncan. Mentioned: Isaac Vrooman, surveyor; Philip Garloss, occupant. Witnesses: Isaac Vrooman, Justice; Jacob G. Klock. D.S. 3(6)p. On back: Acknowledged, September 21, 1803, by Vrooman, witness, before Sebastian Visscher, master in chancery. Folded oversize.
  13  1772  March 12  Dederick, Petrus. Mortgage to Johannes Sax, Albany Co., province of New York, yeoman, of a parcel of land in Albany Co. at Catrise kill on the Caters kill; giver of Caters kill. Adjacent owner: Jacob Sax. Witnesses (on back): William Van Bergen, Henry Oothoudt. D.S. 3 (6)p. On back: Acknowledged by Oothoudt, witness, May 23, 1772, before Volkert P. Douw, a judge of the interior court of common pleas for the city and county of Albany. Registered, March 26, 1772, by Stephen De Lancey, clerk, Albany Co. Unsigned and erased receipts to (1) Petrus Diderik for interest, December 25, 1773 and (2) Catrijn Diderick for interest and payment on account, December 20, 1774. On back of p.2: Unsigned release, 177-, by Johannes Sax for part of this land to Catharina, Widow of Peter Dedrick. Folded oversize.
  14  1781  October 25  Groesbeek, Anthony. (Rensselaerwyck). Release to Eli Arnold of one undivided fifth part of a lot of pasture ground in the colony of Rensselaerwyck, Albany Co., state of N.Y., on the Hudson River; parties of Rensselaerwyck; Groesbeek a blacksmith, Arnold a cooper. Adjacent owners: Peter Quackenboss, Peter Bradt, Wouter Knickerbacker. Witnesses: J.H. Wendell, A.G. Lansing. D.S. 2(4)p. Folded oversize.
  15  1784?    ___, ___. Map of Hosick Lots Nos. 42, 28, 43, with the Tomhenock Pattent, Am. Becker's land. Mentioned: Abraham Becker, ___ Cline, ___ Toll. D. 1p. Note: (Line) of the Tomhensch Pattent as I run it in 1738. Latest date cited: 1784. Folded oversize.
  16  1785  April 1  Arnold, Eli. Release to Anthony Groesbeek of a lot in the city of Albany; both parties of the West District of the manor of Rensselaerwyck, Arnold a shopkeeper, Groesbeek a blacksmith. Former owners: Jacob Groesbeek, John Groesbeek. Adjacent owners: Anthony Goresbeec, Eli Arnold, Wouter Knickerbacker. Witnesses: Abm. G. Lansing, Jno. Water. D.S. 1p. Folded oversize.
  17  1788  March 17  Klock, Jacob G., Moses Van Camp, and Abraham Van Camp. Agreement: (1) Klock, a yeoman of the Palatine District, Montgomery Co., N.Y., to release to the Van Camps Lot 1, Fourth Allotment, in that patent on the south side of the Mohawk River granted, November 13, 1731, to Abraham Van Horne, William Provoost, and others, said lot containing 120 acres; (2) conveyance to be given before June; (3) the Van Camps, of the Canajoharie District, Albany Co., to assume all debts on this land, to make agreed payments to Klock and others, etc.; (4) Klock to have the crop of wheat now in the ground. Mentioned: Harme Gansevoort of the city of Albany. Witnesses: Henry Keller, Georg J. Klock. D.S. 2(4)p.
  18  1789    (Cockburn, James, surveyor). Field book of Sixth Allotment, Canajoharie patent, containing 2551¼ acres divided into 36 lots. Former owners: Abraham Van Horne, Philip Livingston, William Livingston, Walter Rutherfurd, William Burnet Brown, John Duncan, Indians of Canajoharie Castle, George Klock. Present owners: Jelles Fonda (text: Funda), John Lansing Junr., Wm. V. Vechten, Christopher Yates. Mentioned as occupants, etc. (names occurring more than once are not repeated): Lot 1, John Peter Ravenshon; 2, Joseph Maby; 3, Peter Schuyler; 4, Adam Smith, Peter Schuyler Jr.; 6, Henry Woolever; 8, Widow Forbush; 9, Jacob Forbush; 10, Jacob Forbush (same as 9), Jacob Forbush Jr.; 11, Peter Marsh, Isaac Fosburgh, John Perrevershang (same as 1), Johannes Ackert, Johannis Smith; 12, Molly Brant, Jere. Adams Smith, Chief Joe Brant, Nicholas Schuyler, Adam Ackert; 13, Henrick Woolever; 14, Abraham Ackert; 15, Jacob Shaver, David Schuyler Jr., Wooster Dakan; 16, John Cunningham; 17, Nicholas Kilts, Johannis Shaver; 19, Carol Hern; 21, Jacob Klock, ___ Van Slyck, David Putnam, Jacob Forbush Jr. (same as 10); 22, Edward Freeman; 23, George Wallrod, Adam Bellinger; 24, Frederick Wallrod, Nicholas Baart; 25, Colden & Rightmire; 27, Isaac Vosburgh (same as 11); 28, Hans Wormwood; 32, Jacob Lansing, Counradt Kiltz, Hans Shaver. D. 39(42)p. Endorsed: Field book of lands in patent granted Abraham Van Horn and others. Copy attached. D. 40(48)p. Endorsed: Copy of field book of a survey at Canajoharie Castle. Note: "Abm. C. Lansing's" written against Lots 3, 12, 30, 31.
  19  1790  September 29  Garder, Robert (by mark), George G. Klock. Agreement to give Garder a good lease as soon as the Klocks shall obtain a patent for the lands in the town of Canajohary which they now hold in lease from the Indians; Garder to pay two pounds, ten shillings annual rent in New York currency. Witnesses: George I. Klock, John Brise (by mark). D.S. 1p. On back: Memorandum as to rent - Garder to pay only from "the first year from hence," etc.
  20  1791  January 10  Klock, Jacob G., George G. Klock, and David A. Schuyler (by mark). Agreement: As soon as they shall procure a patent for those lands in Canajoharie which they now hold from the Indians, the Klocks will give Schuyler a good lease for the lands he now holds of them; Schuyler to pay an annual rent of five pounds, New York currency. Witnesses: Jacob Forbush (by mark), Joseph G. Klock. D.S. 1p. On back: Memorandum as to rent signed by the Klocks, and assignment of agreement (called a lease) by Schuyler to Garret I (J?). Groesbeeck and John Bates, n.d.
  21  1800  October 17  Kortz, James and Anna Kortz. Release to Jacob J. Ten Broeck (text, later: Jacob Ten Broeck Junr), Catts Kill, Green Co., N.Y., son of Jacob Ten Broeck deceased, by James Kortz and wife Ann, Kingston, Ulster Co., daughter of John Ten Broeck deceased, of the northerly half of a tract of woodland on the northerly side of Hudson's River, Green (formerly Albany) Co., containing 189 acres; road rights reserved. Former owners: Wessel Ten Broeck (1733), John and Jacob Ten Broeck in common. Witnesses: Adam Caese, Jacob Trumpbour Junr. D.S. 2p. Page 2: Acknowledged by givers, December 11, 1802, before Samuel Van Vechten, a judge of the court of common pleas in and for Green Co. Recorded December 13, 1802, by J. Bill, clerk, Green Co. Folded oversize.
  22  1802  May 6  Dubois, Huybartus (by mark). Catskill. Will: After payment of debts and funeral expenses, bequeathes to daughter Catherine that land upon the south bank of Catskill Creek on which she now lives (late and present adjacent owners, brother Cornelius Dubois, Gose Hermanse deceased, nephew Benjamin Dubois; mentioned, Samuel Van Vechten's grist mill), and a contiguous parcel of woodland, and if his daughter should predecease him these lands are to be equally divided among her children; to son John the rest of his real and personal property, subject, however, to the payment within a year to daughters Rachel and Helena of $375 each; should John predecease him this property goes to John's son Peter, subject to a charge on half the real estate for her life to John's wife Catherine; testator yeoman of Catskill, Greene Co., N.Y. Executors: Son John or, failing him, grandson Peter; sons-in-law Abraham Elmendorph and Michael Philips. Witnesses: Barent Dubois, John Bogardus, Jas. Barker. D.S. 2(4)p.
  23  1806  February 3  Dubois, Huybartus (by mark). Catskill. Will: After payment of debts and funeral expenses, bequeathes to daughter Catherine that piece of land in the town of Catskill on which she now lives (late and present owners, brother Cornelius Dubois, Gose Hermanse deceased, nephew Benjamin Dubois: mentioned, Samuel Van Vechten's grist mill), and a contiguous parcel of woodland, and if his daughter should predecease him these lands are to be equally divided among her children as tenants in common; to daughters Rachel and Hellena a piece of land in the town of Catskill near the coal pits as tenants in common (adjacent owners, Frederick Smith, Caleb Benton; mentioned, Enoch Calkins); and the rest of his real estate and the whole of his personal property for their lives to Catherine the widow of his son John, Peter son of John deceased, and Catherine wife of Peter, afterwards, to be divided equally as tenants in common among the children of Peter, born or to be born; testator a yeoman of Catskill, Greene Co., N.Y. Executors: Son-in-law Michael Philips and friend Samuel Van Vechten. Witnesses: Barent Dubois, John Bogardus, Egbert Bogardus. D.S. 3p. On page 3: Memoranda as to intended alterations or additions to will (?): $500 each to daughters Rachel and Helena, etc. Mentioned: Benjamin Van Orden, buyer of certain lands.
  24  1653  October 25  Stuyvesant, Peter. Patent to Jan Van Breeman for a piece of land near Foart Albany in Catts Kill upon the North River, containing in all about 70 acres or 35 morgens. D. (copy) 1p. Copy of an extract made by Van Breeman August 1, 1668.
  25  1681  October 20  V(an) Cortlandt, S(tephanus). (Rensselaerwyck). Release, as a director of the Colonie of Rensselaerwyck, to Dirk Teunise Van Vechten of a parcel of land at Catskill beside and to the east of the kill, containing 75 acres and 30 morgens. Former owners: Jan Van Breeman, Eldert Gerbertse Cruyst. Adjacent owner: Albert Rykman. Mentioned: Gov. Richard Nicolls. Witnesses: Cornelis Van Dyk, Jan Janse Bleecker. D.S. (copy), also, in attestation, by Robt. Livingston, secretary of Albany, the colony of Rensselaerwyck, and Shinnechtady. 2(4)p. Page 2: Certified as a true copy by Robert Livingston Jr., deputy clerk, Albany Co., October (?) 9, 1703. In Dutch.
  26  1715  March 30  Van Veghten, Michael and Abraham Van Voegton. Conveyance to Johannis and Samuel Van Veghten by Michael and Abraham Van Veghten (all sons of Dirck Teunise Van Veghten, late of Catskill, Albany Co., New York, Michael being the eldest), of a farm or Bowery at Catskill on the north side of Katskill Creek, subject to an annual rent to the province of three bushels of winter wheat payable March 25 each year; all parties of Catskill except Michael, who is of the Raritans, Summersett Co., East New Jersey. Former owners: Dirk Teunise Van Veghten, Stephanis Van Cortlandt. Mentioned: Gov. Thomas Dongan, grantor of patent, March 24, 1686. Witnesses: Johs. Cuyler, Philip Livingston. D.S. 2(4)p. On back: Acknowledged at Albany by givers, March 31, before Cuyler as a justice of the peace. Folded oversize.
  27  1727  May 16  (Van Orden, John, 1727-1813) Family register: John, b. May 16, 1727, m. February 15, 1751, d. February 6, 1813. Cathrynge Trinetie Dubois, his wife, b. April 28, 1729, d. May 5, 1805. Their children: Catherine, b. March 11, 1752; William, b. February 15, 1754, d. October 25, 1777; Benjamin, b. August 27, 1756; Sarah, b. August 18, 1758. Pencil note: Died December 11, 1824 at her son Jacob's residence, Schenectady. Peter, b. September 19, 1761. John, b. September 20, 1763; Margaret, b. September 1, 1769, d. September 26, 1773. D. (copy) 1p.
  28  1733  May 22  Clarke, Geo. Release to Vessel Ten Brook (i.e. Wessel Ten Broeck), Albany Co., by George Clarke, Cadwallader Colden and Vincent Mathews, of a piece of land in Albany County on the west side of Hudson's River, containing 46 acres, the same being part of that 4000-acre tract lately granted to Vincent Matthews, Samuel Heath and others; givers of Queens, Ulster, and Orange Co., respectively. Witnesses: Anthony Van Schayck, Alex. Colden, Dirck Ten Broeck, David Abeel. D.S. by Clarke, Colden and Mathews. 1p. On back: Acknowledged by Van Schayck, witness, February 2, 1753, before Sybrant G. Van Schaick, a judge of the inferior court for the city and county of Albany. Recorded by Harme Gansevoort, clerk, Albany Co., February 22, 1753. Folded oversize.
  29  1733  May 23  New York (State) Surveyor General. Certificate of survey of division line between lands of Anthony Vanscaik and Wessel Ten Broeck west of Hudson's River, beginning at a high hill called Montreval. Mentioned: Jacob, son of Wessel Ten Broeck. D.S. by Cadwallader Colden. 1p. On lower margin: Acceptance of survey, same date, by Anthony Van Schayck (text: Vanscoyk), Wessel Ten Broeck, and Jacob Ten Broeck, with agreement that Van Schayck shall bear half the expense of Van Broeck's procuring new patents. Witnesses: Vint. Mathews, Alex. Colden. D.S. Much split along folds and badly foxed.
  30  1734  October 29  Ten Broeck, Wessle. Deed to Jacob Ten Broeck by Wessel Ten Brook of (1) a tract of land in Albany Co., province of New York, on the west side of the Hudson River, containing 46 acres, together with a dwelling house and other buildings; giver of Albany Co., yeoman. Former owners: (2) George Clarke, Cadwallender [sic] Colden, Vincent Matthews. Adjacent owners; (1) Vincent Matthews, John Cornell; (2) Vincent Matthews, Samuel Heath. Mentioned: Gov. William Cosby, grantor of patent, November 25, 1733. Witnesses: Wesl. (?) Gulse (?) v. Schaick, Martinus Hoffman. D.S. 2(4)p. Signatures of giver and witnesses are on back, the former confused with the name Jennet Bratt, which some one has written again and again over the margins and back. Edges tattered. Folded oversize.
  31  1762  December 5  (Van Vechten, Abraham, 1762-1837) Family Register: Abraham, youngest son of Teunis Van Vechten and Judith Ten Broeck, b. December 5, 1762 at Catskill, m. May 20, 1784, d. at Albany January 6, 1837. Catherine, his wife, daughter of Philip P. Schuyler and Anna (Wendell) Schuyler, b. March 23, 1766 at Albany, d. at Albany September 10, 1820. Their children: Judith, b. at Watervliet, March 9, 1785, named for her grandmother Van Vechten. Philippus, b. at Watervliet, July 14, 1786, named for his grandfather Schuyler. Teunis A., b. at Butlersbury, Montgomery Co., December 17, 1787, named for his grandfather Van Vechten. Anna, b. at Butlersbury, July 30, 1789, named for her grandmother Schuyler. Elizabeth, b. at Butlersbury, May 13, 1791, named for her aunts Elizabeth Van Vechten and Elizabeth Schuyler. Gertrude, b. at Albany, March 12 (?), 1793, named for her aunt Gertrude Schuyler. Samuel A., b. at Albany, November 28, 1784, named for his uncle Samuel Van Vechten, d. at Albany, December 15, 1825 (?). Harmanus, b. at Albany, July 29, 1796, named after his uncle Harmanus P. Schuyler. Gertrude, b. at Albany, July 1, 1798, named after her deceased sister, d. December 20, 1842. Judith, b. at Albany, May 25, 1800, named after her deceased sister. Jacob Ten Broeck, b. at Albany, May 10, 1801, named after his uncle Jacob Van Vechten, d. January 29, 1841. Judith, b. at Albany, May 22, 1803, named after her deceased sisters, d. at Albany, June 27, 1825. Maria Harriet, b. at Albany, August 28, 1805, named after her aunt Maria and Harriet Schuyler. Maria Harriet, b. at Albany, March 29, 1807, named after her deceased sister. D. (copy) 2p.
  32  1763    (Van Veghten, Teunis) (Catskill). Agreement to take Martin Gerritsen Van Bergan into partnership in the completing of an unfinished grist mill on Catskill Creek, in Albany Co., province of New York; Gerritsen in some sort represents the Catskill patentees, who make claim to the water of the creek, is to pay one-third of the costs, and to receive one-third of any future profits; Van Veghten is to be a preferred buyer, if ever Gerritsen wishes to sell his share. D. 2(4)p. Bond attached. D. 1p.
  33  1768  May 16  Van Vechten, Ab(raham), and Tho(ma)s L. Witbeck. Partition deed to a tract of land in Oneida (late Herkimer Co.), in the former Oneida Reservation, containing 4883 acres: lots 1-4, 7, 11, 16, 17, 19 20 going to Van Vechten, lots 5, 6, 8-10, 12, 15, 18, 21-23 to Witbeck; Witbeck pays Van Vechten $10,000 in addition; parties of Albany and of Watervliet respectively. Adjacent owners: John Sargant, ___ Kirkland, James Dean, John Bleecker, Abraham Wemple, Abraham Van Eps. Mentioned: Harmanus P. Schuyler, surveyor. Witnesses: Robert Montgomery, Roger Douherty. D.S. 4(8)p. Folded oversize.
  34  1770  August 18  Osterhout, Wilhelmus (by mark). Release to John Van Orden of half of 1/94th of a tract of land on the north side of the Mohawk River and on Cannada Creek, in Albany Co., province of New York, containing 94,000 acres; parties are yeoman of the Backoven and of the Great Imbought, Albany Co., respectively. Adjacent owner: Sir William Johnson. Mentioned: Isaac Vrooman, surveyor. Witnesses (on back): Henry Oothoudt, Samuel Van Vechten. D.S. 1p. On back: Osterhout's receipt for payment in full; same witnesses. Folded oversize.
  35  1771  March 22  Van Veghten, Lucas, and others. Release to Harmanus H. Wendel (text: Wemdel, Wendell, Wendle), town of Schenectady merchant, of 10 equal, undivided 1/94th parts in Glens Purchase, Albany Co., on the north side of the Mohawk River about twelve miles west of Stone Raby. Adjacent owner: Sir William Johnson. Mentioned: Henry Glen, patentee with 93 others; Isaac Vrooman, surveyor. Witnesses: Henry Glen, William Corbet, John Va Lansing, Nicholas Lansingh, John Wendell, John L. Lansingh Jr. D.S. by Lucas Van Veghten, Philip Van Veghten, Corns. Wendell, John Harms Wendell, and Jacob Wendell (text: Jacob H. Wendel), and yeomen of the city of Albany; Philip Garloch (text: Garlogh), of Canajoharie, farmer; and Jas. Shuter, Robert Clench (text: Clinch), William Petters (text: Peters), and Abrm. Groote (text: Abraham C. Groote), all yeomen of Schenectady. 1p. Folded oversize.
  36  1787  November 28  Van Vechten, Teunis Ts. Lease to John M. Van Alstyne, Cagnawago district, Montgomery Co., farmer, of Lot 37 at Butlersbury, same county and district, containing 100 acres; the land to be held during the lives of Van Alstyne, his wife Sarah, and his daughter Annatje, at the annual rent of 25 bushels of good, clean, merchantable winter wheat and of six fat fowls; Van Alstyne also, within five years, to plant and maintain an orchard of 100 trees, keep up 35 acres as woodland for building, repairs, and fencing and for fuel for one dwelling house only, and pay all taxes; lease to lapse if any part of the rent is not paid within six months of falling due, etc.; lessor of the city of Albany. Witnesses (on back): Pieter De Wandelaer, Harms. Schuyler, Ab. Van Vechten, Benjamin Van Vechten. D.S., also by John Van Alstine. 3(6)p. On back: Assignment of lease by John Vanalstine to Abraham VanVechten, November 27, 1789. Witness: Andw. Wemple. Folded oversize.
  37  1789  September 8  Fonda, Jelles. Release to Abraham Van Vechten, town of Caughnawaga, Montgomery (formerly Albany) Co., attorney at law, of one equal undivided fifth part of an 8000 acre tract on the west side of the Mohawk River in Montgomery Co., granted by patent of November 13, 1731 to Abraham Van Horn and others - which land Jelles Fonda acquired by deed of July 6, 1789 from the sachems, chiefs, warriors, principal women, and all the Indians of the Mohawk Nation of Upper Canajoharie Castle; Fonda of the town of Palatine, Montgomery Co. Adjacent owners: Rutger Bleecker, Peter Waggoner, Hartman Windecker. Witnesses (on back): Volkert Veeder, Simon Veeder. D.S. 1p. On back: Fonda's receipt for payment, same witnesses. Folded oversize. Attached: Lease, same parties, terms, and witnesses, but dated September 7. D.S. 2(4)p. Endorsed: Lease to procede a release.
  38  1790  April 30  Van Vechten, Teunis T. Peppercorn lease to Abraham Van Vechten of Lot 37 in Butlers Bury, town of Cagnawago, Montgomery Co., containing 100 acres; lessor of the city of Albany. Witnesses: Andw. Wemple, Gitty Schuyler. D.S. 3p.
  39  1790  May 1  Van Vechten, Teunis T. Release to Abraham Van Vechten, town of Cagnawago, Montgomery Co., of Lot 37 in Butlers Bury, same town and county, containing 100 acres; giver of the city of Albany. Witnesses: Andw. Wemple, Gitty Schuyler. D.S. 3p.
  40  1790  September 1  Fonda, Jelles, John Lansing Jr., Christopher P. Yates, Abm. G. Lansing, and Ab(raham) Van Vechten. Partition deed for those lands lying east of Inchannanodago Creek, together with those in Lot 27 and a part of Lot 28 to the west of the creek, in that tract on the Mohawk River, Montgomery (formerly Albany) Co., N.Y., granted patent of November 13, 1731 to Abraham Van Horne and others, being in particular for the lots falling to Abraham Van Vechten, i.e. Lot 4 containing 26½ acres, Lot 9 containing 28 acres, Lot 13 containing 69 acres, Lot 17 containing 70 acres, and Lot 33 containing 105 acres, or 401¾ acres in all; (Lots 6, 7, 15, 24, 29, 35 fell to Fonda, Lots 8, 16, 20, 23, 28, 34 to John Lansing Jr., Lots 5, 10, 14, 18, 22?, 36 to Yates, and Lots 3, 12, 21, 22, 30, 31 to A.G. Lansing); parties of Montgomery Co., except A.G. Lansing, who is of the city of Albany. Adjacent owners: ___ Schuyler, Colden and Richtmeyer (Lot 27), Jacob Lansing (Lot 33). Mentioned: James Cockburn, surveyor. Witnesses: Mary Ellis, Henry Fonda: John Rants, Sanders Lansing; and Andw. Wemple, Benj. Van Vechten. D.S. 2(4)p. On back: Agreement, same date, signers and witnesses, that the claims shall stand of settlers upon the eastern two-tenths of the tract under grants from Jelles Fonda and George Klock. Folded oversize.
  41  1790  September 21 (if O.S. Sept. 17)  Montgomery Co. Land officers. Deed to Abraham Van Vechten of a parcel of woodland on the south side of the Mohawk River at Burnetsfield, being the half of the westernmost part of Lot 38 in the new patent granted to Rudolph Staley and others. Witnesses: Ch. Nukerck, Rob McFaorlan. D.S. by Peter Schuyler and Dw. Fonda. 1p. Dated "the third Tuesday in September."
  42  1792  September 19  Albany Co. Loan officers. Release to Abraham Van Vechten, city of Albany, of a parcel of land in the district of Scatecook, Rensselaer Co., in the Hosack Pattent, being part of Lot 28, First Division, on the north side of Tomhanick Creek, containing 150 acres. Adjacent owners: James Griswold Charles H. Toll. Witnesses: John Yates Staats, James Van Ingen. D.S. by Teunis Van Vechten and Hurs. Ten Eyck, loan officers. 1p. Memorandum in left margin: Daniel Toll.
  43  1793  March 11  Lansing, John Jr. Deed to Abraham Van Vechten of Lots 2, 3, 4, and 5, part of a 1500 acre tract in Otsego Co. formerly belonging to William Jackson, containing 100 acres each; parties of the city of Albany. Witnesses: Chris. A. Yates, Jerh. Lansingh. D.S. (printed form) 1p. On back: Acknowledged by giver, March 12, 1793, before Jeremiah Lansingh as a master in chancery for the state of New York. Memorandum: Lots sold - No. 2, Thomas Slocum; No. 5, Benjn. Wilcox; Nos. 6 & 7, Joseph Sweet; No. 8, Daniel Newcomb; No. 9, Thomas Holdridge; No. 10, H (Th?), Blanchard. Unsold - No. 4. Folded oversize. Imprint: Printed and sold by Charles R. & George Webster, No. 46, State-street, corner of Middle-lane, Albany .
  44  1794  September 14  Albany Co. Loan officers. Deed to Abraham Van Vechten of one equal undivided half of a parcel of land in Rensselaer Co., now or late in the district of Scatecook, on the east side of Hudson's River and on the south side of the Cook Kill, containing by estimation 125 acres. Adjacent owner: Jeremiah Spalding. Witnesses: Nichs. Bleecker, James Norton. D.S. by Teunis Ts. Van Vechten and Hurs. Ten Eyck. 1p. Mem. on left margin: Thomas Harris. Mem. on back: Deed for 62 ½ acres . at or near the Coble Kill.
  45  1797  May 22  Van Vechten, Ab., and Thos. L. Witbeck. Memorandum of partition of Oneida Lands, Lots 1-23, between them, Lots 1-4, 7, 11, 16, 17, 19, and 20 falling to Abraham Van Vechten. Adjacent owners: J. Serjant, J. Bleecker. Witness: H.P. Schuyler. D.S. 1(4)p. On inner pages Plat of these lands.
46  1797  July 19  New York (State) Governor, 1795-1801 (John Jay) New York (city). Patent to Abraham Van Vechten for five lots, Nos. 53, 78, 123, 326, and 374, in the town of Benson, Herkimer Co., containing 160 acres each. D.S. (printed form) by Lewis A. Scott, secretary. Recorded, same date. Folded oversize. Detached seal within. Memorandum attached dated July 1, 1797. Mentioned: John Bogart.
  47  1798  January 11  New York (State) Governor, 1795-1801 (John Jay) Albany. Patent to Thomas L. Witbeck and Abraham Van Vechten, as legal representatives of Bass Chard, Samuel Hatch and others, their associates, of a tract of land in the late Oneida Reservation, Herkimer Co., containing 4883 acres; grant to be forfeited unless at least one actual settlement is made on the land for every 640 acres before January 1, 1799. Adjacent owners: John Sarjant, ___ Kirkland, James Dean, John Bleecker, Abraham Van Eps, Abraham Wemple. D.S., also, by Jasper Hopper, deputy secretary, January 30, 1798. Recorded. Folded oversize. Pendant seal.
  48  1798  April 28  Schuyler, H.P. Albany. Field book of the subdivision of the Witbeck patent in the late Oneida Reservation, granted January 11, 1798. Owners: Abraham Van Vechten and Thomas L. Witbeck. Adjacent owners: Abraham Van Eps (Lot 1), Abraham Wemple (Lot 2), John Serjant (Lot 11), John Bleecker (Lot 14). D.S. 13(16)p. Note on back: Gave map to Stan. (?) Clark, Esqr., Post Master, Vernon Center, Oneida Co.
  49  1799  February 9  Fondey, Jno. (John), Junior. (Albany). Deed to Abraham Van Vechten and Teunis Ts. Van Vechten of a lot on Center Street in Watervliet; parties of the city of Albany. Adjacent owner: Isaac D. Fonda. Witnesses: J. Winne Jr., Roger Dougherty. D.S. (printed form) 1p. Imprint: Printed by C.R. and G. Webster, at their Bookstore, Albany .
  50  1801  February 17  Van Vechten, Ab(raham). Release to John Mank (Mauk?), town of Minden, Montgomery County, of Lot 33 in the town of Minden, containing about 105 acres; giver of the city of Albany. Patentees: Abraham Van Horne and others. Mentioned: James Cockburn, surveyor, late of Dutchess County, deceased. Witnesses: Wm. Irving Jr., Richard Dodge. D.S. (printed form) 1p.
  51  1823  July 3  Van Vechten, Ab(raham), John Davy, and John Kneskern. Agreement to sell to Davie and Knieskern the westerly half of Lot 22, Sixth Allotment, Canajohary patent, town of Danube, Herkimer Co., N.Y.; warranty deed to be given when payments are completed. Witness: Dw. Fonda. D.S. 1p. On back: (1) Mem.-Agreement for Lot 22, Can'y Castle. (2) Notes of payments on principal and interest, February 24, 1824-February 28, 1827, the last a receipt in full to John Davie and Catherine widow of Knieskern, signed by Van Vechten. Mentioned: Peter son of John Knieskern.
  52  1811  March 16  Van Vechten, Ab(raham), and wife Catherine (text: Catharine) Van Vechten. (Albany). Mortgage to the Albany Insurance Company of two lots in the town of Colonie, Albany Co., in the rear of their dwelling house; givers of the City of Albany. Adjacent owners: Nicholas Quackenbush, Cornelius Van Veghten, Stephen P. Schuyler. Witness: J. Hansen. D.S. (printed form) 1p. Note, left margin, and repeated on back: Balance paid July 1858 . Abm. Van Vechten, Exr., etc. On back: Acknowledged by givers, March 28, 1811, by Chas. Cooper, clerk, Albany Co. Folded oversize. Split along middle vertical fold. Bond attached.
  53  1812  July 31  Gansevoort, Hester and others. Conveyance to Abraham Van Vechten of (1) a lot on Patroon and Orange streets in the Second Ward of the city of Albany, being 30 feet, front and rear, Rhineland measure; and (2) one equal undivided half of Lot 40 on Fourth and Third Streets in the town of Colonie, Albany Co., the two together containing one acre. Adjacent owners: (1) Heirs of James Angus deceased, William B. Winne; (2) John Fondey Jr., Nicholas Koline, Robert Lotteridge. Mentioned: John Deyermand. Witness: J.V.N. Yates. D.S. (printed form) by Hester Gansevoort, Jacob Ten Eyck and wife Magdalen Ten Eyck, and Teunis Van Vechten and wife Catherine Van Vechten. 1p. Pencil note, left margin: "Lot 40 T. Van Vechten says the grantee sold . some time before his death." On back: (1) Acknowledged by givers, same date, before John V.N. Yates, Recorder of Albany and commissioner, ex officio, to execute the duties of a Judge of the Supreme Court at Chambers, etc. (2) Recorded, July 14, 1836, by C.A. Ten Eyck, clerk, Albany Co. (3) Note: Conveyance for lands on Arber (?) Hill. (4) Pencil note: Sandries Gardinier to Johannes Beekman - Release for Lot 40, September 19, 1767. Attached note: The first described lot . this day sold . to Julia A. Tremper of Albany by Abraham Van Vechten, surviving executor of Abraham Van Vechten deceased . The original title papers given to James B. Sanders. They are deeds from John Roff (Ross?) to John Bartlett, . Bartlett to P.W. Yates, . Yates to Lemuel Gansevoort, and release from Mayor, etc. of the City of Albany to . Gansevoort from quit rent. Catskill, June 4, 1857. Abm. Van Vechten.
  54  1813  April 19  Albany (city) Albany. Lease to Abraham Van Vechten, of the city of Albany, of Lot 41 on the north side of Wolf Street and Lot 53 on the west side of Lark Street in Washington Square, First Ward, at an annual rent of $3 each. Mentioned: James Barclay, map maker. Witness: John Bogart. D.S. (printed form) by P.S. Van Rensselaer, mayor, and by Ab. Van Vechten. 1p. Pencil note on left margin: Lot on Lark St. sold to Geo. H. Hubert (Herbert?); Lot on Wolf St. sold to Oscar Dunham. Folded oversize. Fine impressed seal of city. Imprint: Websters and Skinners.
  55  1814  March 19  Eastern turnpike road company. Albany. Receipt to Abraham Van Vechten for nine shares of stock. D.S. (printed form) by Henry Guest Jr., president, and P. Hochstrasser, treasurer. 1p.
  56  1816  May 22  Albany (city) Albany. Bond to Abraham Van Vechten for the payment of $2000, security for which is an equal undivided one-fortieth part in six lots of land, the first in the First Ward, the rest in the Fourth Ward; these lots are to be mortgaged by Van Vechten to the People of the State of New York in security for a loan of $1000 from the Common School Fund, the money to be used for the completing and finishing of the Albany Academy and the Lancaster School House in the city of Albany; this mortgage is to be turned over to the city. Adjacent owners: Lot 1, Thomas Van Zant, heirs of Philip Wendell deceased; Lot 2 (Old City Hall lot), William M'Gill; Lot 3, James Hodge; Lot 4, John Tayler; Lots 5 & 6, James Warren. Witness: Thomas Bridgen (2 signatures). D.S. (printed form) by P.S. Van Rensselaer, mayor (2 signatures). 2p. Note on back: The Bond, Mortgage & releases within mentioned have this day been returned to the Corporation with an order for the money specified . Dated May 24, 1816. Thomas Bridgen.
  57  1831  July 20  Rhoades, Julius, master in chancery. (Albany). Deed to Abraham Van Vechten, of the city of Albany, counsellor at law, of part of Lot 23, Northampton patent, Saratoga Co., on the Hudson River, containing 180 acres more or less; giver of Albany. Former owners: Abijah, John and Squire Stark. Mentioned: Reuben H. Walworth, chancellor; Demarest's Hotel in Waterford, Saratoga Co. D.S. (printed form) 1p. Note, left margin: Property conveyed by A. Van Vechten, executor, etc. to Squire Stark, August 25, 1847. On back: (1) Acknowledged by giver, same date, before N.B. Doe, commissioner of deeds. (2) Recorded, February 4, 1837, by A. Goodrich, clerk, Saratoga Co. (3) Pencil note: Near White. Folded oversize. Imprint: Sold by William Gould & Co.
  58  1833   March 13  Van Vechten, Ab(raham). (Albany). Will: Bequeaths land in Albany on or near Water Street, law library, gold watch, etc.; residue of estate to be sold. Mentioned: Son Jacob T.B. Van Vechten; son-in-law Walter Van Veghten; grandson Abraham Van Vechten Jr.; daughters Ann (married), Eliza, Gertrude, Harriet Maria; daughter-in-law Mary, widow of deceased son Samuel. Executors: Son Jacob; nephews Teunis and Abraham S. Van Vechten; friend Jellis Winne. Witnesses: Anthony Van Santvoord of Albany; Wm. McElroy; Calvin T. Hulburd, student-at-law, of Stockholm, N.Y. D.S. 3p. Page 3, certificate to probate, January 30, 1837, and, page 4, to record, February 27, 1837, by A(nthony) Blanchard, surrogate, Albany Co. Attached: Grant of probate, January 30, 1837, by A. Blanchard, surrogate. D.S. (printed form) 2p.
  59  1870    (Lehmann, Harriet Mariah (Van Vechten)). (Catskill). Form of release to Abraham Van Vechten, executor, for $5000 of all further claims upon the estate of her late father, Abraham Van Vechten, which estate, under the terms of a trust provided in his will, cannot be fully settled during the lifetime of her sister Eliza; executor a nephew of testator. Mentioned: Jacob T.B. Van Vechten, son and executor; William Lehmann, husband of Harriet Mariah, and Abraham M. and Catherine L (S?)., their surviving children. D. 3p. Attached: Draft of letter of April 28, 1870.
  60  1874  May 26  King & Hallock, legal firm. (Catskill). Memoranda concerning a case tried in the Supreme Court, Greene Co.: Ira Bogardus, administrator of John Bogardus, deceased, against Abraham Van Vechten, administrator of Peter Van Vechten, deceased, May 26, 1874-May 26, 1881. D.S. 1p. Receipted.
  61  1880  March 23  King & Hallock and Hallock & Jennings, legal firms. (Catskill). Memoranda concerning a case tried in the Supreme Court, Greene Co.: Abraham Van Vechten against Aaron and Mary Timmerman, March 23, 1880-May 26, 1881. Mentioned: J.B (R?). Olney, Ira Bogardus. D.S. 1p. Receipted.
  62  n.d.    Survey of Lots 13 and 14 in Catskill Patent, John Van Vechten Surveyor
  63  n.d.    Survey of part of Lot 55 in Jerseyfield Patent by Caleb Sheldon, Jr.
  64  n.d.    List of unsold lands in Jerseyfield Patent belonging to Abraham Van Vechten et al.
  65  n.d.    Extracts of Catskill Patent title, 1660-1686. 3 items
  66  n.d.    Unsigned statement of events relating to Mr. Oothout's land, 1770-72
  67  1775  August 28  Henry Oothoudt and Johannes Schuneman lease of land in the District of Coxhacky to John Cooke for one year
  68  1792  May 29  Release of land by Jacob Goetchius to Samuel Van Vechten
  69  1808  August 13  Court order to the Sheriff of Greene Co. to seize property of Peter Dubois
  70  1811  August 17  Subpoena of Jonathan Haight et al., witnesses, in the suit James Powers vs. Benjamin Van Orden, Supreme Court Catskill
  71  1813  February 25  Memo of settlement of John Van Orden estate
  72  1813  May 1  Sarah Van Vechten widow etc., et al., deed to Henry Van Gordon for a share of the dock and ferry in the Town of Catskill
  73  1813  June 9  Agreement by ten persons in Albany to have a street extended
  74  1813  June 23  Appraisal of damages to be caused by laying out the street
  75  1825    Notes of a suit in Chancery, Peter A. Overbagh et al. vs. Samuel Legg et al.
  76  1825  September 10  Clark D. Park and wife Elizabeth, warranty deed to Benjamin Van Orden for land in the Town of Coxsackie
  77  1827  August 21  Abraham Van Vechten, lease to Patrick Murphy of a lot in Albany
  78  1827  June 2  Deed to Abraham Van Vechten and John V. Henry; sheriff's sale of property in the Town of Danube, Herkimer Co., by virtue of a writ from Chancery Court in the case of John Lansing Jr., et al. vs. Jacob G. Klock et al., with related documents. 4 items
  79  1829  March 16, 17  Affidavit of Elijah Case Jr., about a survey line between lands of John Garber and David Leavitt in the Town of Danube (March 16).With covering letter, Sanders Lansing to Barent and John R. Bleecker, Albany (March 17).
  80  1832  July 13  Mortgage, Russell D. Hall and John C. and Electa Johnson to Abraham Van Vechten for a lot and buildings in Catskill
  81  1832  July 13  Bond of indebtedness, Russell D. Hall and John C. Johnson to Abraham Van Vechten
  82  1833  May 27  Survey for Peter Rouse of a farm (place not indicated), by S.H. Webb
  83  1834  August 30  Executors of the estate of Martin G. Schuneman, deed to Abraham Van Vechten for property in Catskill
  84  1835  April 2  John Van Vechten, guardian of W.H. Van Orden et al., infants, et al., or release deed to Gertrude Van Orden for a lot in Catskill
  85  1835  November 14  Indenture between Julius Rhoades, Master in Chancery, and Abraham Van Vechten, to sell Jerseyfield parcels at auction, in the suit of Teunis Van Vechten et al. vs. Judith Pearson et al.
  86  n.d.    Memo of successive sales of deed and mortgage, 1830-1837, to property in Catskill belonging to the estate of Lyman Hall
  87  n.d.    Papers of Benjamin Van Orden and Abraham Van Vechten as trustees for Catarine Bogardus, 1832-41. 4 items
  88  1841  January 8  New York State tax bill for real estate in Jerseyfield Patent
  89  1852  September 25  Lease to Wm. H. Van Orden of a pew in the First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Catskill, Abraham Van Vechten, President of Consistory
  90  1863  March 20  Summons to defendants in the suit Phoebe Tolley, etc. vs. Charles Daniels et al., Supreme Court Green Co.
  91  1888  February 2  Wm. D. Champion, Chloride, New Mexico, note to pay William Van Orden
  92  n.d.    Memo of death dates of children of Abraham and Catharine Van Vechten, 1794-1814
  93  1799  June 12  Release, Teunis Ts. Van Vechten to Abraham Van Vechten of 8 house lots in the Town of Watervliet
  94  1806  March 7  Letter, Jacob Van Orden to Jacob Van Vechten, on family matters
  95  1816  March 26  Mortgage, Abraham Van Vechten to Jacob J. Ten Broeck, for a farm in Town of Catskill
  96  1820  May 27  Letter, J[acob] Van Orden to Lucas Elmendorf. Concerns recording the discharge of a mortgage
  97  1828  June 4  Deed, James Stevenson to Abraham Van Vechten, for property in the 5th Ward of Albany
  98  1830  March 10-21  Papers concerning a suit in Chancery, Daniel Boardman vs. William Ashley and Pelatiah Fitch. 2 items
  99  1819  December 14  Complaint in a suit in Chancery, Alexander Boyd et al. vs. John P. Ryers et al., n.d. With related receipt (December 14)
  100  1833  February 26  Assignment of mortgage, Jacob Van Orden as executor of the will of Jacob J. Ten Broeck to Rev. James Van Vechten
  101  1820  December 31  Will, Ruth Gaslay
  102  n.d.    Memo, Abraham Van Vechten requests tax statement for lots in Town of Benson, Sanders Patent, and North Hampton Patent
  103  1826  October 20  Agreement of Abraham Van Vechten to sell Lot 17 at Indian Castle to John Rice. 2 copies. With order to tenant to vacate
  104  1826  September 7  Agreement of Abraham Van Vechten to sell Lot 19, Van Horne Patent, Town of Danube, to John M. Smith. With order to tenant to vacate
  105  1811  May 10  Answer filed in a suit concerning lands of Jelles Fonda, deceased
  106  1821-1827    Notes about a suit 1821-27, John Lansing Jr., et al. vs. Jacob G. Klock et al.
  107  n.d.    Argument against appointment of a receiver, William E. Ross as executor of William Ross estate vs. W. Colton and wife
  108  1841-1860    Notes of indebtedness, from various persons to Peter Van Vechten and others, and related papers, 1842-60. 21 items
  109  n.d.    Description of a line between T.B. Cooke and land of J.P. and W.W. Van Vechten
  110  1848-1849    Receipts, etc., Philip S. Van Vechten, 1848-49. 7 items
  111  1857-1865    Papers of Abraham Van Vechten relating to the Bank of Kentucky, 1857-65
  112  1855  December 27  Letters of administration for Peter Van Vechten estate to Abraham Van Vechten
  113  1841-1845    Bond and indenture between Peter Van Vechten and Appollos Brandow, March 11, 1841, as well as a document relative to an indenture of mortgage related to Peter Van Vechten, December 27, 1845
  114  1848  December 14  Pension Office to Peter Brandon, allowing his claim
  115  1854  November 24  Inventory of bonds, mortgages and notes belonging to the estate of Peter Van Vechten
  116  1846    Memo, Abraham Van Vechten, concerning a bond and mortgage from Benjamin Van Orden and wife to Caleb Hopkins, 1846, later held by Peter Van Vechten
  117  1855-1856    Papers relating to suits of Jacob Vedder vs. Henry B. Brandow, 1855-56. 2 items
  118  n.d.    Memo of original allotments of Castle Tract, Van Horne Patent, among patentees and others
  119  1791  April 16  Abraham Van Vechten, three-year lease to Peter Marsh of Lot 27, Van Horne Patent
  120  1818  October 25  Judgement of the Delaware Co. Court of Common Pleas in the suit of (Abraham) Van Vechten and Co. vs. David Fields
121  1817  June 16  Inventory of E. and L. Bayard property sold at sheriff's sale
  122  1791  March 16  Deed, Jelles Fonda to Abraham Van Vechten for Lot 22 in the Van Horne Patent
  123  1770  August 17  Wilhelmus Osterhout, one-year lease to John Van Orden of a moiety of his share in the Jerseyfield Patent
  124  1850-1866    Receipts, bills, etc., Peter Van Vechten and the estate of Peter Van Vechten (Abraham Van Vechten administrator) 1850-1866
  125  1855-1865    Letter to Abraham Van Vechten from relatives on personal and business matters, 1855-1865
  126  1851-1856    Abraham Van Vechten business correspondence, 1851-1856
  127  1878-1879    Abraham Van Vechten bills, 1878-1879
  128  1838-1846    Accounts of legal service, correspondence, and court records, estate of Abraham Van Vechten vs. estate of Stephen Van Rensselaer, 1838-1846
  129  1840-1856    Correspondence and court records, 1840-1856, concerning suits between various presumed heirs of Abraham Van Vechten
  130  1844-1862    Suit in the matter of the Bank of Albany: Adam van Allen Receiver of the Property of the Bank of Albany vs. Abraham Van Vechten, Trustee under the will of Abraham Van Vechten deceased, 1844-1862
  131  1863  March 5  Judgement in Supreme Court, Abraham Van Vechten vs. George H. Dent et al.
  132  1836-1847    Accounts of estate of Abraham Van Vechten with Teunis Van Vechten, 1836-47
  133  1827-1837    Abraham Van Vechten business accounts with estate of S. Van Rensselaer, 1827-1837 (belongs with no. 128)
  134  n.d.    Memo concerning lots on Water Street, in Albany to be sold to various persons by Abraham Van Vechten, executor of estate of Abraham Van Vechten
  135  n.d.    Memo about various rents and properties
  136  1836-1839    Memo about land of Abraham Van Vechten in Lot 26, Town of Locke, Cayuga Co., 1836-39
  137  1848    Memo about deed to land of Abraham Van Vechten and wife Catherine in Fulton Co.
  138  1812-1848    Memo about Albany Insurance Co. dividends, 1812-1848 
  139  n.d.    Two memos listing equipment
  140  1841    Two circulating notes of banks at Clyde and Tonawanda to Abraham Van Vechten
  141  1857-1885    Papers relating to the property of Caleb S. Spencer, Catskill, 1857-1885
  142  1876-1877    Papers relating to mortgages of Andrew J. Gilbert and wife and Gilbert Rainey and wife, 1876-1877. Land in village of Catskill
  143  1874-1877    Papers relating to property insurance of Miss A.J. Grant and Joseph Cornell, 1874-1877
  144  1855    Bond of Eliza Van Vechten to Abraham Van Vechten, 1855. With warranty deed 1854 and mortgage on lot on Second Street, Albany, 1845
  145  1845    Agreement of Gideon C. Hawley, Edward C. Delevan and Abraham Van Vechten as executor of estate of Abraham Van Vechten to sell to William C. Young land in Albany
  146  1877    Papers about land of Jacob Goetchius in Catskill Town (mortgage, bond, etc.)
  147  1860-1867    Receipts, memos, etc. about mortgage of Charles Dederick, 1860-67. Land in village of Catskill
  148  1851    Supreme Court; complaint of Jane Van Horne and husband Abraham against John Smith, her father, concerning land in Minden Town, Montgomery Co. (Van Horne Patent, Lot 19). 2 copies
  149  1813    H.P. Schuyler, Chamberlain, receipt to Abraham Van Vechten for first payment on two lots in Albany
  150  n.d.    List of stocks belonging to estate of Abraham Van Vechten
  151      Lands in Milwaukee acquired by Abraham Van Vechten from the Western Land Association in 1841 and sold to Jacob and Maria Van Vechten of Schenectady in 1849
  152      Answer of Barent Van Vleck, deft. in bill of complaint of George and Archibald Campbell, in Chancery, 1824. Concerns will of Archibald Shannon of Union Village, 1806
153      Mortgage deed to land in Big Hollow, Windham; Ezra Barker and wife Mary to Friend Holcomb, September 23, 1834. Bonds, receipts, etc., 1834-40. Abraham Van Vechten acquired the mortgage July 4, 1836.
  154  1845  May 14  Agreement to convey real estate, Abraham Van Vechten executor of Abraham Van Vechten estate, 1st party; Uri Burt, Charles Asahel Burt, and James David Burt of Albany, 2d party; 2 lots in Town of Watervliet
  155      Papers relating to mortgage held against Benjamin Van Orden, 1838-66, held by Abraham and Peter Van Vechten and William Van Vechten's estate. Also agreement of Benjamin Van Orden to sell his homestead farm, Town of Catskill, to Isaac Rouse October 24, 1860, and mortgage deed January 10, 1838, Martin Fryer and Benjamin Van Orden, to part of Benjamin's farm
  156  1804-1880    Papers relating to lands in Ulster Co. of the DeMyer and Shuneman families, later sold in a sheriff's sale to satisfy a judgement in the suit, The Kingston Bank vs. Nicholas and Eliza Elmendorf, 1804-1880
  157  n.d.    Papers relating to a suit in Chancery, William J. Wiswell vs. Lewis Benedict and Peter Bain
  158  n.d.    Bank checks of Abraham Van Vechten, 1843-1865
  159  1857-1863    Correspondence of Abraham Van Vechten with various persons about land in the Town of Ohio, Herkimer Co. (Jerseyfield Patent), 1857-1863
  160  1847-1853    Same, 1847-1853
  161  1854-1867    Papers of Abraham Van Vechten relating to the Ulster and Delaware Plank Road Co. and the Chenango Bridge Co., 1854-1867, including shares assigned to Van Vechten by Nicholas Elmendorf
  162  1854-1865    Legal correspondence, court papers, etc. of Abraham Van Vechten, chiefly with the law firm of John Van Vleck and Edwin More concerning Marius Schoonmaker's stock in the railroad and bridge companies, and Nicholas Elmendorf's interest in the steamboat Alida on which James Elmore held a mortgage, 1854-1865. A broadside "Mortgage Sale Steamship Alida" has been filed with the Library's broadside collection (BRO2299+)
  163  1815-1830    Notes, bills, accounts, and court papers concerning several members of the Van Vechten family 1815-1830 (John, Peter, Samuel, Teunis S., and Sarah as Samuel's executrix)
  164  1843-1878    Notes, bills, receipts, and business correspondence of Abraham Van Vechten, 1843-1878
  165      Papers relating to lots in Town of Watervliet, later in City of Albany, sold by Teunis Ts. Van Vechten to Abraham Van Vechten; 1799, 1845-1848
  166  n.d.    Papers relating to property in Schuylerville, Saratoga Co., of Abraham Van Vechten in his own right and as a trustee of his daughter Anna; 1842-1843, 1863
  167  1845    Court papers concerning Abraham Van Vechten as Receiver in the suit Enos Collins vs. Gerrit W. Ryckman et al.
  168  1841-1870    Papers of Abraham Van Vechten as executor of the estate of Abraham Van Vechten, 1841-1870. Includes household inventories
  169  1848-1852    Papers of Philip S. Van Vechten concerning his release of claims to his father's estate in favor of Nathan G. King, 1848-1852
  170  1814  December 3  Letter from Joseph Kirkland, Utica, to Abraham Van Vechten concerning the Klock suit
  171  1826  October 28  Letter from George Feeter, Little Falls, to Van Vechten's agent Henry Loucks at Palatine Bridge about the boundary between two farms
172  1837-1844    Abraham Van Vechten estate book: Debits and credits, 1837 Capital stock, 1838-1844 Lease payments, 1838-1844
  173  1848-1854    Book of payments and receipts, 1848-1854
  174  1839-1854    Bank book, Bank of Albany, Abraham Van Vechten executor's account, 1839-1854
  175  1855-1861    Bank book, Bank of Albany, Abraham Van Vechten executor's account, 1855-1861
  176  1854-1880    Book of executor's accounts with heirs, 1854-1880
  177  1837-1854    Peter Van Vechten account book, 1837-1854
  178  1852-1871    Bank book, the Catskill Bank, Peter Van Vechten account, 1852-1871
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