Abraham Van Vechten
Legal Papers, 1686-1867

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Scope and Content Note

This collection contains papers of several Greene County residents, including Abraham Van Vechten (1762-1837), Jacob Van Orden (1788-1833), and Jacob J. Ten Broeck (1773-1833), who were connected through both family relationships and business interests. It is not known when or by whom these papers were brought together. However, the leading candidates would seem to be Jacob Van Orden's son, William H. (1816-1894), and William's son, Philip V. (born 1841), who are represented in the collection with some fairly late documents. Despite the fact that these papers were preserved separately from other collections of Van Vechten and Van Orden papers and came to the New York State Library from a source different from the others, they should not be considered as independent of them.

The principal divisions of this collection are as follows:

Van Vechten Papers. There are two groups of these. The larger one comes from Abraham Van Vechten and represents his varied career as lawyer, State Attorney General, landowner and storekeeper. It includes papers relating to his sons, to his brother and business partner, Teunis T. (1749-1817), to his father Teunis (1707-1785), and to Teunis's uncle, Samuel (1673-1741). Of particular interest are the Mohawk Valley land dealings of the family and the rather poignant correspondence between Abraham and his son-in-law Walter Van Veghten (1779-1860) concerning Walter's business failures and marital problems. The smaller second group of papers is a miscellaneous lot which concerns the family of Abraham's brother, Samuel, especially his sons, John (1785-1879) and Peter (1794-1854), and John's son, Samuel J. (1813-1852).

Van Orden Papers. Included are papers of Jacob Van Orden and his great-grandfather, William (ca. 1695-1765), mostly concerning the family's holdings in the Loveridge Patent south of Catskill. William's wife was Temperance Loveridge (ca. 1701-1774), who bequeathed her inheritance to her children and grandchildren (among whom were the frequently mentioned DeMonts).

Ten Broeck Papers. These concern several properties:

  1. The Wessel Ten Broeck Patent near Catskill, a portion of which was inherited by Jacob J. Ten Broeck.

  2. The East Camp Patent near Germantown, several lots of which were bought up by speculators and eventually acquired by Mrs. Abraham (Maria) Delamatter, cousin of Jacob J. Ten Broeck and stepmother of his wife Catharine.

  3. Various properties, chiefly in Albany, acquired by John H. Roseboom (1726-ca.1788) from several relatives and bequeathed to his sister, Gerritje (born 1738), mother of Jacob J. Ten Broeck.

Papers whose provenance is uncertain are arranged at the end of the collection. For instance, three Schuyler documents are there since they may relate to either Abraham Van Vechten or Jacob Van Orden, both of whom married Schuylers. Some papers of Nancy McGregor are also there, although it should be noted that in her will filed at the Greene County Court House she appointed "my friend Philip V. Van Orden" as executor.

Information concerning familial relationships has been added to the guide in order to provide insight into some of the transactions. The principal sources consulted were The Van Vechten Genealogy, by James Brown Van Vechten (Detroit, 1954); my article "One Branch of the Van Order/Van Orden Family of Catskill" in the January 1978 issue of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record; The Ten Broeck Genealogy, compiled by Emma T.B. Runk (New York, 1897), and the guides to the library's other collections of Van Vechten and Van Orden papers. Information concerning other families represented in the collection was taken from numerous sources in the library's genealogy and local history collections. The map and land patent holdings of the State Library and the State Archives have been consulted, as well as land and probate records at the Greene County Court House.

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  Van Vechten Family Papers 
  Records of Samuel Van Vechten (1673-1741) and his nephew, Teunis Van Vechten (1707-1785) 
    Van Vechten, Johannes. Deed to his brother, Samuel, of a half interest in land on the north side of Catskill Creek, formerly the property of their father, Dirk Teunise; August 9, 1721. Van Vechten, Samuel. Will, December 3, 1739. Sole heir and executor: nephew Teunis, second son of brother, Teunis. Mentioned: brother Michael; deceased brothers Johannis, Abraham, Teunis; deceased father Dirck Teunisse. New York (Colony) Council. Minutes, April 18, 1770. Petition of Teunis Van Vechten for himself and associates for land at Catskill in the Elizabeth Salsbury and Martin Garretsen Patent (Lot No. 1: 2,133 acres). The Council advises Lt. Governor Colden to issue letters patent. Copy, made May 19, 1774. Van Vechten, Teunis. Will, August 7, 1782. Heirs: wife, Judith; sons, Samuel (eldest), Jacob, Teunis, Abraham; daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Hezekiah Van Orden. Mentioned: brother Dirck; Dirck's son Hubartus; deceased uncle Samuel Van Vechten. Copy. 
  Mohawk and Susquehanna Valley land papers of Teunis Van Vechten and his sons, Abraham (1762-1837) and Teunis Teunisse (1749-1817) 
    Kasselman, Severinus. Release to Philip Walter for the westerly moiety of Lot No. 3 in Van Slyke's Patent, Tryon (now Montgomery) County (150½ acres); April 17, 1775. Kasselman, Severinus. Deed to Philip Walter for the above property, April 18, 1775. Tryon County. Sheriff (Abraham Van Horne). Sheriff's sale to Teunis Van Vechten of Philip Walter's land; July 30, 1782. New York (State). Commissioners of Forfeiture (Henry Oothoudt and Jeremiah Van Rensselaer). Deed to Peter Vrooman for Lot No. 127 (estimated 102 acres) in the first allotment of the Kingsland or Royal Grant (Fulton County); September 7, 1786. New York (State). Commissioners of Forfeiture (Ooathoudt and Van Rensselaer). Deed to Benjamin Crosset for an estimated 18 acres in the western allotment of Kingsborough Patent, Caughnawaga District, Montgomery (now Fulton) County; September 25, 1786. A scheme for dividing land on the Susquehanna River belonging to John Lansing, Abraham G. Lansing, [Abraham Van Vechten] and Teunis Teunisse Van Vechten; 8,349 acres; December 10, 1786. The second memo lists property of Abraham Van Vechten in the Stighkoke Patent (west of Coxsackie), in Jersey Field (Fulton and Herkimer counties) on the Susquehannah, and in Lot No. 6 in the first allotment of the Royal Grant. New York (State). Commissioners of Forfeiture. Deed to William Steel for Lot No. 512 (estimated 216 acres), western allotment of Kingsborough Patent, Caghnawaga District, Montgomery (now Fulton) County; January 1, 1787. Assigned to William Duer, May 24, 1787. Lansing, John Jr. and Abraham Van Vechten. Agreement with Joseph Sweet to sell him land of John Bullock (Lot No. 6: 100 acres) in Otsego County; October 28, 1791. Dodge, Richard. Letter, Johnstown, N.Y., to Abraham Van Vechten concerning the availability of good lands in various Montgomery (Fulton) County patents; August 28, 1798. Chiefly land in the Kingsborough Patent and lots around Johnstown. Montgomery County Loan Officers. Deed to Richard Dodge for Lot No. 42 (110 acres) in Harpersfield (now in Delaware County); 3d Tuesday of September 1802. Newton, George and John McKay. Deed to Richard Dodge of Lot 96 on Sackandaga Street in Johnstown; March 13, 1805. Smith, Elias. Bond to Richard Dodge acknowledging debt; May 3, 1805. Statement of accounts, 1795-1806, among Richard Dodge, Teunis Teunisse Van Vechten and Abraham Van Vechten; October 8, 1806. 
    Papers relating to Abraham Van Vechten's service as Attorney General of New York State (February 1810-February 1811, February 1813-February 1815). 
  New York (State). Governor (Tompkins). Commission of Abraham Van Vechten as the State's Attorney, Solicitor and Advocate General; February 2, 1810. New York (State). Attorney General. Notice that Lot No. 87 (250 acres), held by Jacob Richardson, whose mortgage is in default, is to be auctioned; June 11, 1813. New York (State). Comptroller's Office. Note to the Attorney General concerning an enclosed list (present) of persons who owe court costs for Supreme Court hearings, July 22, 1813. Yule, Barnabus. Letter to the Attorney General stating that he will send the clerk's fees as soon as a safe means of conveyance is found; August 7, 1813. Powell, F.C. Letter to the Attorney General listing charges for advertising state mortgages in a Plattsburgh newspaper; October 31, 1813 (endorsed: The People vs. Charles Owen and others). New York (State). Attorney General. Notice that 64 enumerated lots in the Onondaga Reservation are to be sold at auction for default of mortgage; November 1, 1813. New York (State). Attorney General. Notice that Lot No. 47 (100 acres) in Township No. 1 of the Short range west of the Genesee River in the Town of Northampton, Genesee County, was forfeited to the state by Charles Harford and will be auctioned; November 1, 1813. Pace, James. Deposition by the editor of the Western Federalist in Auburn that he published advertisements for the sale of lands held by William Hill, Stephen Grover and Jacob Richardson; January 11, 1814. Robinson, Jeremiah. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten alleging official malfeasance by Charles Martin, constable of Exeter; endorsed by S. Starkweather (case of The People vs. Martin); November 11, 1814. 
  Abraham Van Vechten's personal and business correspondence with, and legal actions against, his son-in-law (and third cousin) Walter Van Veghten (1779-1860) of Cambridge and Saratoga (Schuylerville). Smith and Van Veghten. Promissory note to Richard Dunn & Son, March 12, 1814. (Walter Van Veghten was a partner in the unsuccessful firm of Smith and Van Veghten). Van Veghten, Walter. Promissory note to Abraham Van Vechten; November 14, 1814. With memorandum that half was advanced by G[errit] Wendell; January 28, 1819. Wendell, G. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten. He has endorsed Walter's note on condition that Walter disassociate himself from Mr. Talbot and the paint shop; May 9, 1815. Wendell, G. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten reporting his problems with Walter and including a copy of a letter he received from Walter; May 17, 1815. Van Veghten, Walter, and Ann, his wife. Release to Gerrit Wendell for properties in the city of Albany and town of Saratoga bequeathed to Walter by his father Cornelius; July 17, 1819. Van Veghten, Walter. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten enclosing a deed (not present) to be delivered to Gerrit Wendell; July 19, 1819. Lush, Samuel J. Receipt to Abraham Van Vechten for payment of court costs in the case of Sarah Visscher vs. Walter Van Veghten, survivor of (his partner) Philip Talbut (the case is also called Abraham Van Vechten vs. Walter Van Veghten); November 4, [1819?]. Van Veghten, Walter. Promissory note to Abraham Van Vechten in the case of Abraham Van Vechten vs. G. Wendell and Walter Van Veghten; November 14, 1819. Albany County Sheriff [Leonard H. Gansevoort]. Receipt for sheriff's fees for the sale of the defendant's property in the case of Gerrit Wendell vs. Walter Van Veghten; April 26, 1820. Van Veghten, Walter. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten concerning a bank draft he hopes Abraham will honor; April 29, 1821. Wendell, G. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten referring to Walter Van Veghten's financial problems and enclosing Walter's bank draft (not present); May 1, 1821. Van Veghten, Walter. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten listing Walter's debts, and stating that the family is well except that Ann is suffering the usual aftermath of an opium frolic; August 11, 1821. Van Veghten, Walter. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten reciting his difficulties with Ann, whom he considers extravagant, intemperate and irrational; September 2, 1822. Van Veghten, Walter. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten reporting his decision to separate from Ann, who is now returning to Abraham; September 19, 1822. Van Vechten, Abraham. Letter to Walter Van Veghten questioning both his proposed business ventures and remarks he made of a personal nature; September 20, 1822. (Copy) Van Veghten, Walter. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten elaborating on his plan to sell off his furniture to pay his debts; September 28, 1822. Van Veghten, Walter. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten containing a copy of a letter from Ann dated October 11, 1822 in which she seeks a reconciliation and reports on her father's business intentions concerning Walter; he writes of his distress that Abraham has not given him more support; October 16, 1822. Van Vechten, Abraham. Letter to Walter Van Veghten admonishing him for his demands and his attitude; October 18, 1822. (Draft copy) Van Veghten, Walter. Letter to Abraham Van Vechten insisting that his intentions toward Ann depend upon her disclaiming her statement that he had accused her of adultery; October 23, 1822. Van Vechten, Abraham. Letter to Walter Van Veghten insisting that he explain his intentions toward Ann and the child; November 12, 1822. (Copy) 
    Business and Legal papers of Abraham Van Vechten 
  Van Vechten, Teunis T. Letter to his brother Abraham at Butlersbury reporting expenses of repairing Philip Lansing's house and other business matters; June 26, 1791. (Apparently Abraham had recently sold the house.) Hollister, Jesse. Letter, Manchester, to Abraham Van Vechten seeking to have his cow returned which is being held for security (the case of Van Vechten vs. Hollister); April 2, 1792. Van Vechten, Teunis and Abraham. Record of Daniel Camble's account with their firm, July 18, 1785-March 18, 1793. Van Vechten, Abraham. Bills to Fr. Bloodgood for court clerk's fees, one through October 15, 1798, the other to 1799; settled September 25, 1800. Albany Library. Stock certificate to Abraham Van Vechten; August 25, 1810. Van Schaick, Anthony. Letter, Lansingburgh, to Abraham Van Vechten, delivering the sheriff's deed (not present) for land to be sold; November 16, 1815. Coxe, John D. Letter, Philadelphia, to Abraham Van Vechten requesting a determination of taxes owed and lots sold for taxes in the Owego Patent; December 26, 1815. Powers, J.A. Letter, Catskill, to Abraham Van Vechten stating that he wishes t settle his expenses [the case of Van Vechten vs. Powers and others]; September 26, 1818. Ten Broeck, Margaret. Letter from Kingston to Abraham Van Vechten thanking him for collecting a debt owed by the firm of Beech and Hyde to Jacob Ten Broeck, and asking that the money be paid to Ch. H. Ruggles; May 26, 1820. Lake Champlain Steam Boat Co. Ten shares assigned to Abraham Van Vechten, signed by company president Teunis Van Vechten; March 21, 1821. Van Vechten, Abraham. Ten checks drawn on the Bank of Albany to St[ephen] P. Schuyler, December 31, 1824-October 27, 1826. Parker, Obediah. Grant to Electa Johnson of interest in a scientific patent for the use of hydraulic cement, and sale of half that interest to Abraham Van Vechten in trust for Mrs. Johnson and not for her husband General John C. Johnson; 1835 (no month or day given). New York (State). Court of Chancery. Certification for an unidentified document; no date given. Stevens, Samuel. Opinion as to the validity of the construction of Abraham Van Vechten's will; no date. Bull, Daniel Jr. Opinion as to the validity of the construction of Abraham Van Vechten's will; February 27, 1837. 
    Documents issued to Abraham Van Vechten 
  Queens College. Diploma (honorary degree); no date. In Latin. (Queens College was renamed Rutgers in 1825; classes first met in 1771) New York (State). Court of Chancery. Chancellor [R.R. Livingston]. License to Abraham Van Vechten as solicitor; July 31, 1783. Union College. Adelphia Society. Membership certificate to Abraham Van Vechten; June 3, 1801. The secretary of the society was Teunis Van Vechten (perhaps Abraham's nephew (1785-1859), a Union graduate). Albany (City). Commission as Recorder; April 12, 1808. With seal. 
    Documents of Abraham Van Vechten's sons 
  Union College. Diploma of bachelor of arts to Teunis A. Van Vechten; July 30, 1806. Van Vechten, Philip. License as counsellor at law; February 15, 1807. (Abraham's son) 
    Papers of the descendants of Samuel Van Vechten (1742-1813), brother of Abraham 
  Van Orden, J. Letter to John Van Vechten ("cousin") reporting on Governor Tompkin's speech which he criticizes, and on the Assembly's election of officers, most of whom meet his approval; January 31, 1810. (Perhaps Jacob Van Orden, whose mother was the sister of John's father, Samuel) Love, Edward. Deposition that he had seen P. Van Tassel loan money to P. Van Vechten, sworn before Alderman Teunis Van Vechten; June 25, 1814. (Teunis is the son of Teunis T.; P. is perhaps Peter, the son of Samuel, and, therefore, first cousin of the alderman) Van Vechten, John, and his wife, Anna Maria. Deed to their son, Samuel J. Van Vechten, and his wife, Catharin for Lot 11 (part of Great Lot 10) on William Street in the village of Catskill; November 17, 1840. Included is a map. (John is the son of Samuel.) Van Orden, William H., his wife, Mary, and his brothers, Philip and Lucas. Deed to [William's sister] Catharine S. Van Vechten, wife of Samuel J., for 15 acres of swampland by the river in Lot 5, Great Lot 4 of Loveridge's Patent; also for a lot in Catskill between Liberty and Broad streets and between Francis Story and the heirs of George Clark; also a three-acre meadow in the Town of Catskill northeast of Loveridge's meadow and known as W. Van Orden's in 1786; April 7, 1842. Russell, J. Letter to Peter Van Vechten explaining a payment he has just sent, January 23, 1843. (Peter is the son of Samuel.) Olnay, John A. Deed to Samuel J. Van Vechten for real and personal property originally acquired from the said Samuel J.; done at Milwaukee, registered in New York; July 24, 1852. Turner Brothers. Letter to A. Van Vechten, of which little more than the fancy letterhead remains, June 29, 1859. Turner Bros. of New York, Buffalo and San Francisco manufactured wines and soft drinks. The addressee may be one of three Abrahams: the Attorney General's grandson (Jacob's son); Samuel's grandson (son of Samuel Jr.), or Samuel's son, who married the Attorney General's daughter, Gertrude. 
  Van Orden Family Papers 
  Documents relating to William Loveridge, grandfather of Temperance Loveridge, the wife of William Van Orden 
    Loveridge, William. Will, January 6, 1683/4; copy made May 20, 1700. Heirs: wife, Temperance; sons, William (eldest) and Samuel; daughters, Hannah (eldest), the wife of Henry Slade in Carolina, Temperance, wife of Isaac Molyn at New York, and Sarah (youngest), wife of John Warde at Esopus. Executors: wife and son, William. William received the Loveridge Patent, Samuel and the three sisters the Camp lands at Catskill. New York (Colony). Governor (Dongan). Patent to William Loveridge, deceased, his heirs and assigns for land at the Great Imboght below Catskill; February 8, 1686/7. (Confirming an existing title) 
  Papers of the Van Orden and Du Mont families relating to the Loveridge Patent 
    Van Orden, Temperance. Deed to William Van Orden for land at the Great Imboght; undated fragment. Van Orden, William, and Temperance, his wife. Deed to Wallerland Du Mont for land at the Great Imboght; September 27, 1722. Explains that Temperance's father, William Loveridge, Jr., bequeathed the patent to his children William, Walrand, Margaret, the wife of Alexander McDowell, Temperance, and Hannah. The sons sold their rights to Michael Van Vechten and his wife, Jannetie (sister of Wallerand Dumont and of Margaret, the wife of William Loveridge, Jr.). When the patent was divided into five lots, the Van Vechtens received lots No. 5 and 3, half of the meadow in the hills on Lot No. 4, and the privilege of a wagon path from the meadow to Lot No. 5. Temperance received Lot No. 4, bounded south and north by lots No. 5 and 3, the Hudson to the east and the Katers Kill to the west, containing an estimated 1,515 acres (revised in a later document to 1,415). Du Mont, Wallerand. Deed to William and Temperance Van Orden for land at the Great Imboght; September 29, 1722. This returned Lot No. 4 to the Van Ordens in a legal maneuver that gave William equal title with his wife to the land. Hegeman, Dennis. Release to William Van Orden, whereby Hegeman on Lot No. 3 renounces any claim to land beyond the new boundary between lots 3 and 4; April 20, 1762. (Hegeman was a grandson of Michael and Jannetie Van Vechten, former owners of this lot) Van Orden, William. Will, January 30, 1761. Heirs: wife Temperance; sons, William (eldest), John, Egenas (Ignatius); daughters, Margaret, wife of Jan Baptist Du Mont, and Elizabeth, wife of David DuMont. Executrix: Temperance. (Superseded by a will devised jointly with his wife, February 22, 1765, for which see Jacob Van Orden Papers (SC11367), folder 13) Van Orden, Temperance. Deed to John Van Orden (her son) for a portion of Lot No. 4 (200 acres plus about 1/5 of the undivided land and 1/5 of the swamp along the river); July 24, 1767. (Copy, June 8, 1839) Inventory of the personal estate of William and Temperance Van Orden, deceased; July 5, 1774. Tappan, Christopher. Deposition testifying to the existence of a deed from Temperance Van Orden to the children (her grandchildren) of Jan Baptist DuMond for land at the Great Imboght, which deed was destroyed by fire; February 26, 1781. On the same document: Van Orden, William[, Jr.], John Van Orden, and David DuMond. Deposition that the land above cited was assigned July 24, 1767 to William, Egenas, John and Temperance DuMond; February 28, 1781. (Between the 1761 will and the 1765 will of William and Temperance, their daughter, Margaret Dumond, died and her fifth share of Lot No. 4 was bequeathed to her children) Field book of lots 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 in the Great Imboght belonging to Van Ordens and Du Monds; January 4, 1786/7. Land bounded by the river, Philip Spawn and John Van Orden. (These are perhaps the five lots which Temperance Van Orden assigned on July 24, 1767: four to her son, William, and one to the children of Margaret Du Mont) Deed to William Van Orden[, Jr.] for lots 2 and 7 of Great Lot 4, granted by John and Ignatius Van Orden, David and Elisabeth Du Mond, John B. and John B., Jr. DuMond, and Hendrick and Temperance Burhans; January 31, 1786/7. (In this and the following documents, the heirs of the previously undivided land renounce all claims to each other's partition. Temperance (Mrs. Hendrick) Burhans is the sister of John B. DuMont Jr.) Deed to John Van Orden for lots 3 and 6 of Great Lot 4 from the other eight heirs; January 31, 1786/7. DuMond, John B., Jr., and Henderick Burhans. Bond of idemnification to William, John and Ignatius Van Orden and David DuMond; January 31, 1786/7. DuMond, David, and Elizabeth, his wife. Deed to William Van Orden for a road leading across the DuMond's land from Lot 5 to Van Orden's meadowland; January 31, 1786/7. (Apparently Van Orden has acquired Michael Van Vechten's lot) Overbaugh, Peter J. Agreement to terms of a lease from Ignatius Van Orden for land at Green Point in the Great Imboght; October 2, 1797. 
  Papers relating to the Lane family, descendants of William Loveridge, concerning land in the Loveridge Patent 
    Lane, Aurie. Release to Hannah, his daughter, and Elizabeth, daughter of his brother, William, for land at Catskill inherited from Hannah (Aurie's mother) Loveridge, wife of Gysbert Lane, deceased; September 7, 1780. (Hannah Loveridge was the daughter of William and Temperance) Middleworth, John V., Gilbert Lane, and Elizabeth Lane. Deed to Benjamin and William Van Orden for the Nine Chain lot in Great Lot 2, the Loveridge Patent, November 5, 1796. Lot 2 is bordered by the Bolleburgh (?) and land of Michael Van Vechten (now Nicholas Tremper and others), Frederick Dederick, Benjamin DuBois, and Frederick Smith. (Benjamin, son of John, and William, son of Ignatius, were grandsons of William and Temperance Van Orden) Middlesworth, John V., and Hannah, his wife. Release to Benjamin and William Van Orden of the Nine Chain lot, January 24, 1797. (Hannah was the sister of Aurie (Arie) and William Lane.) 
  Papers of the heirs of William Loveridge, Jr. relating to his land at Perth Amboy, N.J. 
    East New Jersey. Proprietor. Deed to Benjamin Clark for land at Perth Amboy; July 10, 1688. Agreement, April 9, 1719, among the heirs of William Loveridge, Jr. to divide the land at Perth Amboy purchased by the deceased from Benjamin Clark. Signed by William and Mary Loveridge, Alexander and Margaret McDowall, Hannah Loveridge, and William and Temperance Van Orden. Van Orden, William. Power of attorney to his son, John, to sell land at Perth Amboy on behalf of William and his wife, Temperance; September 22, 1761. Also a description is given of the two lots. Van Orden, John, as attorney for his parents. Articles of agreement with William Burnet for the sale of the above land; October 13, 1761. On the same document Burnet sells the land to John Stevens; October 16, 1761. 
  Papers of the survivors of Jacob Van Orden. Jacob (1788-1833) was the eldest son (to reach maturity) of Hezekiah, only son of William Van Orden, Jr. 
    Van Vechten, Abraham. Record of the account of Harriet (widow of Jacob) Van Orden at his store, July 13, 1836-July 28, 1837. Apollo Association. Receipt to Jacob Van Orden[, Jr.] (1819-1864) for 1843 membership dues. American Art Union. Receipts to Jacob Van Orden[, Jr.] for membership dues, December 2, 1844, 1845, September 26, 1848. (This group was apparently the successor to the Apollo Association of Catskill) Van Orden, Benjamin[, Jr.] Bill of sale to Jacob Van Orden[, Jr.] for grass; July 9, 1845. Van Orden, Jacob[, Jr.] Will, April 30, 1861. Proved February 22, 1864. Heirs: brothers, William H. (eldest), Philip V.; sister, Catharine; nephew, Jacob, son of deceased brother Lucas S. Executors: William H. and Philip V. (for a land patent granted to Jacob Van Orden, Jr. and Priscilla Ten Broeck; see Box 2, Folder 6). King, R.H. Receipt to William H. Van Orden as guardian of Jacob Van Orden (son of Lucas) for proceeds from the sale of a Dubois farm; March 21, 1867. A genealogical note concerning the Van Norden family of New Brunswick, N.J. 
  Licenses of William H. Van Orden (1816-1894) and his uncle, Samuel Van Orden (1790-1882) 
    New York (State). Supreme Court. Chief Justice (Smith Thompson). License to Samuel Van Orden as attorney at law; August 14, 1816. New York (State). Supreme Court. Chief Justice (Ambrose Spencer). License to Samuel Van Orden as counsellor; August 13, 1819. New York (State). Supreme Court. Chief Justice (Samuel Nelson). License to William H. Van Orden as attorney; May 18, 1838. New York (State). Court of Chancery. Chancellor (Reuben H. Walworth). License to William H. Van Orden as solicitor; November 20, 1838. New York (State). Supreme Court. Chief Justice (Nelson). License to William H. Van Orden as counsellor at law; May 15, 1841. 
  Ten Broeck Family Papers (Folders 1-6) Miscellaneous Papers (Folders 7-10) 
  Papers of the Ten Broeck family, chiefly relating to the Wessel Ten Broeck Patent near Catskill 
    Inventory from the estate of Jacob Ten Broeck; November 12, 1781. In Dutch. Jacob (1745-1780) was the son of Jacob (1700-d. after 1754) and grandson of Wessel (1664-1747). Inventory of accounts between Jacob Ten Broeck (1745-1780) and his brother, John (1729-1784), and receipts of settlement signed by John's widow, Gerretje (nee Roseboom), and Jacob's executor, Gerret (Gerhard) Daniel Cock, January 12, 1787. (Cock's wife, Christina, was Jacob's sister; Jacob's wife, Anna Elisabeth, was Cock's sister) Kortz, James, and Anna, his wife, of the Town of Kingston. Deed to Jacob J. Ten Broeck of the Town of Catskill for 3 acres of meadowland in the Great Imboght, bounded on the east, west and south by Ten Broeck and to the north by Gosen Van Schaick; June 13, 1798. Map of lot attached. (Anna Kortz was the daughter of Jacob Ten Broeck (1745-1780) and cousin of Jacob J. (1773-ca.1829), son of John Ten Broeck (1729-1784)) Ulster County Sheriff (Peter Ten Broeck). Deed from sheriff's sale to Andrew McFarlan for land seized from Jacob Eckert in Catskill; October 16, 1798. McFarlan, Andrew. Deed to Jacob J. Ten Broeck for the above half acre of land, October 18, 1798. Kortz, James, and Anna, and Jacob J. Ten Broeck. Agreement that their title to wood land on the Wessel Ten Broeck Patent in the Town of Catskill is equally seized and possessed, and any penalty must be equally shared; October 18, 1800. Eligh, Jeremiah and Wilhelmus Woolfe. Release to James and Anna Kortz and Jacob J. Ten Broeck for half the 20 acres of goze claimed by both the Vly Patent (George Meales and company) and the Wessel Ten Broeck Patent, December 5, 1802. Kortz, James, and Anna. Deed to Jacob J. Ten Broeck for 23 acres of land in the Wessel Ten Broeck Patent and the Vincent Mathrews Patent; December 6, 1802. Related to the previous two documents as part of an equalizing of shares. New York (State). Comptroller's Office. Receipt to Jacob Ten Broeck for quit rent on 375 acres in the central part of the Wessel Ten Broeck Patent; November 16, 1815. Ten Broeck, Jacob J. Will, June 2, 1825. Heirs: wife, Priscilla; (first cousins) Anna, widow of James Kortz; Christina (nee Ten Broeck), wife of Samuel Ten Broeck; Jane (nee Ten Broeck), wife of Jeremiah Ten Broeck, and Mariah, wife of Seth Ten Broeck and daughter of the late William Schepmoes (and of Lena Ten Broeck); (children of first cousins) Wessel, Henry, William and Jane Ann, the children of William Van Orden (and Catharina Ten Broeck); Jacob, Sarah and Catherine, the children of Jacob Ten Broeck of Clermont and his wife Catherine, the daughter of Wm. Schepmoes; the unnamed children of James Gale and his wife, Elshe, the deceased daughter of Wm. Schepmoes; (others) Jacob and Elizabeth Lansing and Margaret (Lansing), wife of Gedeon Hawley, grandchildren of Henry Quackenbush (his 2d wife, Elisabeth Roseboom, was stepmother of the children's mother, aunt of the testator); William Musier, his wife Hannah, and children William, Jacob J.T.B., and Sarah Catherine (relatives of the testator's wife Priscilla Musier); Jacob Ten Broeck, son of Jacob at Clermont; Jacob, son of Jacob Van Orden; Garret Cuck (Gerhard Cock, husband of the testator's cousin); Jacob Ten Broeck in Canada; Thomas C. Gardner (testator drops his lawsuit against Gardner); Jaims [sic] Richardson (the next year's lease is rent-free); Peter Sharp of Manortown. (His wife's half-sister was the testator's first wife). Executors: Jacob Ten Broeck of Clermont, Jacob Van Orden[, Sr.] of Catskill. Land bequests: return to Anna Kortz of 20 acres of woodland (bordering Kortz, William Musier, and Gould and Lush), which testator purchased from James and Anna Kortz; house in Albany at [80] North Pearl St. to the Lansing children which formerly belonged to their deceased uncle, Jeremiah Lansing; part of the woodlot being leased by William Musier is bequeathed to his son Jacob J.T.B. - the farm and woodland in the Town of Catskill being leased by James Richardson is bequeathed to wife Priscilla and Jacob Van Orden Jr. New York (State). Governor (Throop). Letters patent to Priscilla Ten Broeck and Jacob Van Orden, Jr. for land under the Hudson River at Catskill adjoining the farm of Jacob J. Ten Broeck, deceased; April 28, 1829. (Priscilla was the 2d wife of Jacob J. Ten Broeck; Jacob Van Orden, Jr. was the ten-year-old son of Jacob, Sr. (1788-1833)) 
  Deed to Delamatter family property 
    Kingston. Trustees. Deed to Johannes DeLaMatter and his brother, Jacobus, for 13 acres at the rear of their brother David's land, part of their deceased father Abraham's pasture; also 5 acres of additional pasture land; March 3, 1734/5. (Perhaps inherited by the later Abraham Delamatter, son of the above Johannes and father-in-law of Jacob J. Ten Broeck) 
  Records of land at Germantown in the East Camp Patent, acquired by the Delamater-Ten Broeck family 
    Camp Patent. Trustees (Johannes Hoener and Christoffel Hagedorn). Deed to Mathys Meurer for lots No. 16 (2 acres), 51 (11 acres), 147 (46 acres), and 270 (10 acres); June 15, 1741. Haver, Christian. Deed to Andries Weiss for lots 59 (2 acres) and 60 (4 acres); undated fragment. Haver, Christian. Deed to Andries Weis for Lot 50 (2 acres); March 18, 1747/8. Snyder, Christoffel. Deed to Andries Weis for lots 49 (8 acres), 52 (5 acres), and 52 (3 rods); May 10, 1749. Miller, Samuel. Deed to Andries Weis for Lot 61 (1 acre); March 1, 1749/50. Haver, Christian. Deed to Andries Weis for lots 28 (2 rods) and 30 (2 rods); August 16, 1651. Will, Hendrick Wilhelm. Deed to Andries Weis for Lot 58 (2 rods); August 18, 1751. Weis, Andries. Deed to Henry Heiser for land acquired from Hendrick and [sic] William Will, Matthyse Mower, Christophel Snyder, Christyan Haver and Samuel Millar at the Camp in Livingston Manor; (June) 14, (1773). Kortz, Johannes, and wife, Elisabeth. Deed to Hendrick Heiser for lots 25 (2 acres), 27 (2 rods), 31 (2 rods), 34 (2 rods), and 32 (2 rods); June 19, 1773. Schneider, Conrat. Deed to Henry Heiser for lots 33 (2 rods), 35 (3 rods), and part of 68 (249 x 203 feet); June 19, 1773. Heiser, Henry, and wife (Petternella?). Deed to Abraham Delamatter for lots acquired by Heiser June 14, 1773 from Andries Weis; April 20, 1781. Heiser, Henry. Release to Abraham Delamatter for the above land; April 23, 1781. Jacobsen, John Jacob, and his wife, Catharine. Lease to William Linck for lots 2 (22 acres), 7 (32 acres), 10 (76 acres), 29 (2 rods), and 61 (1 acre), all in Great Lot 31; July 22, 1782. Reassigned by Linck to William Schermerhorn and William Schapmoose; July 19, 1784. Jacobson, Jacob, and wife, Catharine. Deed to William Schermerhorn and William Schepmous [sic] for lots 2 (22 acres) and 68 (2 acres), as well as 20 acres of woodlot and the following lots (no sizes given): 26, 27, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36; July 24, 1784. Heiser, Henry. Release to David L. Riglar for lots 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, and the moiety of Lot 68; December 18, 1786. Heiser, Henry. Deed to David L. Riglar for the above lots; December 19, 1786. Rigland, David L. and wife Christina. Deed to Abraham Delamatter for the land listed above; November 1, 1787. De La Matter, Abraham. Will, June 13, 1801. Two copies, one with Surrogate's seal, the other with notes concerning depositions of witnesses and executors. Proved December 9, 1802. Heirs: wife, Maria (received lands at Germantown); sons, Jacob (received a lot at Middletown, Delaware County), John; daughters, Blandina (eldest), Christina, Maria, Caty (Mrs. John Ten Broeck). Executors: wife, Maria, daughter, Caty, and son, Jacob. Fuchs, Rev. Valentin Rudiger and his wife, Maria Charlotta Suiss. Deed to Maria Delamatter for the former Reformed Church parsonage lot (1½ acres) at Germantown; February 18, 1805. Delamatter, Maria. Deed to Catharine, wife of Jacob J. Ten Broeck, for the above parsonage lot; August 31, 1809. (Maria was both the stepmother of Catharine and a first cousin of Catharine's husband, Maria's father being Jacob Ten Broeck) 
  Papers relating to property at Albany, Catskill, and in the Mohawk Valley bequeathed to John H. Roseboom (1726-ca.1788) by various relatives 
    Bond of indebtedness to John H. Roseboom from (his sisters) Elisje, Elizabeth and Gerritje and (his cousins) Henry Bleecker, Jr., John N. Bleecker, Anna Cathrina Van Schaick, and Gerritje (Van Schaick), wife of John J. Bleecker (cousin of the other Bleeckers), all of Albany. All the above, along with minors Nicolaes Bleecker and Anthony Sybt. Van Schaicks are mentioned in the will of their uncle John Roseboom, dated September 22, 1761. (This document, along with the following bonds, concerns the division of the estate into 10 equal shares) Bond of indebtedness to Elizabeth Roseboom (Mrs. Henry Quackenboss) as above; September 22, 1761. Bond of indebtedness to Elsje Roseboom (Mrs. Goosen Van Schaick) as above; September 22, 1761. Bond of indebtedness to Gerritje Rooseboom (Mrs. Johannes Ten Broeck, mother of Jacob J.) as above; September 22, 1761. Bleecker, Henry Jr. Deed to John H. Rooseboom for the moiety or half of Lot No. 2 in Albany, the one-acre lot on Foxes Creek being bounded by Howe and Wall streets, Abraham Yates Jr., and Volkert Dow. Bleecker, Margreta (widow of Hendrick Bleecker). Release to (her brother) Hendrick Roseboom acknowledging receipt of payment as specified by their father in his will, dated March 14, 1737, whereby Hendrick receives title to a house and lot in Albany south of Gerrit Roseboom and north of the heirs of Jurein Hogen; March 19, 1768. Roseboom, Geertury. Release to her brother, Hendrick Roseboom, as above; March 19, 1768. Roseboom, Gerrit. Release to his nephew John H. Roseboom of any claim to the south half of a lot in the 2d Ward of Albany on Pearl Street, bounded also by the heirs of Juriaen Hogan, the back street, and a house and lot now belonging to Gerrit Abm. Lansingh, the said lot bequeathed to Gerrit and his brother, Hendrick, by their father, Johannes, in his will of March 14, 1737, and the other half having been bequeathed by Hendrick in his will of January 15, 1760 to his son John H.; December 22, 1769. Roseboom, Geertruy. Will, October 29, 1774. Heirs: sister, Margrieta (Mrs. Nicholas) Bleecker; (nieces) Anna Cathrina Van Schaick, Gerritje (Van Schaick), wife of John J. Bleecker. Executors: (nephew) Henry Bleecker, John N. Bleecker. Roseboom, Gerrit. Will, October 29, 1774. Heirs: (nephews) John H. Roseboom, John N. Bleecker, Henry Bleecker, Anthony Van Schaick, all to receive equal parts of both the patent at Anthony's Nose on the Mohawk River (Montgomery Co.) which had belonged to the testator's father, Johannes, and the testator's lots in Albany on Foxes Creek; Henry Bleecker to have also the testator's house and lot north of the house and lot of deceased brother, Hendrick Roseboom; (nieces) Elsje (Roseboom) wife of John Ten Broeck, Gerritje (Van Schaick), wife of John J. Bleecker, Anna Cathrina Van Schaick; sisters, Geertruy Roseboom, Margaret, widow of Nicholas Bleecker, Anna, wife of Sybrant Van Schaick. Executors: (nephews) Henry Bleecker, John N. Bleecker. Bleecker, John J. and wife Gerretje (Van Schaick); John N., Nicholas, and Henry Bleecker; Anthony S. and Anna Catharina Van Schaick. Release to John Roseboom, Goose Van Schaick and wife, Elsie, Henry Quackenboss and wife, Elizabeth, and John Ten Broeck and wife, Gerretje, of all claims to the middle portion of a lot in Albany; August 24, 1781. The complete property is south of the street leading to Foxes Creek, east of a lane, north of Cornelius Van Schellyne, and west of John Jacobse Beeckman. The middle portion of the lot is bounded by the lane and Beeckman, to the south by the portion released to John N., Nicholas, and Henry Bleecker, and to the north by the portion released to John J. and Gerretje Bleecker, Anthony S. Van Schaick and Anna Catharina Van Schaick. 
  Correspondence of John H. Roseboom 
    Strubble, Emmanuel and wife, Helena. Indenture of service for their son, David Burns, to be an apprentice baker to John H. Roseboom; March 12, 1761. Donnell, Robert. Apology for not keeping an appointment, since he had to pursue and escaped slave; July 1, 1782. Cuyler, Philip. Letter to Jacob H. Roseboom ordering cider and apples; November 1, 1782. Cock, Gerhard Daniel. Letter to John Roseboom at the Great Imboght inquiring whether he will grant Robert Donald (Donnell) four years to pay his debts; October 22, 1783. Donnell, Robert. Letter from Red Hook thanking Roseboom at West Camp for his cooperation in the above matter, and offering to sell him a slave as settlement; April 13, 1784. Albany Co. Sheriff (John Ten Broeck). Deed from sheriff's sale to John Roseboom for land at the Great Imboght seized from Thomas Musier to pay debts owed by Musier and Peter Dounin to Kingsbury Sanford, James Lathrop and Philip Rockefeller; November 20, 1787. 
  Papers relating to the estate of John H. Roseboom 
    Roseboom, John. Will, January 19, 1788. Also, superseded wills of October 14, 1784 and August 27, 1782. Heirs: sister, Gerritje, widow of John Ten Broeck, to have several properties in Albany (Pearl St., Foxes Creek) bequeathed to testator by uncles, Garrit and John Roseboom, and a farm at Catskill formerly belonging to Thomas Musier; sister, Elizabeth, wife of Hendrick Quackenboss, to have his tenth share of the land at Anthony's Nose bequeathed by his uncle, John; nephew, Jacob J. Ten Broeck. Executors: Jacob J. Ten Broeck, Hendrick Quackenboss, Gerritje Ten Broeck. The earlier wills include his sister, Elsie Van Schaick. Oothout, John. List sent to Gerrit Lansing of certificates and bills belonging to John Roseboom (no date). Part of an inventory of property of John H. Roseboom, much concerning accounts with John Ten Broeck, deceased. (No date but after May 31, 1780. Roseboom and Ten Broeck were brothers-in-law) 
  Papers of the Schuyler family. These may belong with the papers of either Abraham Van Vechten or Jacob Van Orden, both of whom married Schuylers. 
    Van Eps, Abraham. Statement to Harmanus P. Schuyler of debts owed, to be paid to James Murdoch; October 17-25, 1796. Van Denburgh, Jacob. Bond to Stephen P. Schuyler (the case of Schuyler vs. Van den Burgh); January 7, 1815. (Van Denburgh lived in the town of Greenbush, Rensselaer County) Hughes, Peter. Bond to Stephen P. Schuyler; November 4, 1815. Witnessed by Samuel Van Orden. Hughes lived in the Town of Aurelius, Cayuga County. (A note in Box 3, Folder 10 may be related.) 
  Papers relating to the purchase and renting of houses by Nancy McGregor (The executor of her will was Philip Vernon Van Orden, son of William H.) 
    Doane, John, and wife, Maria. Deed to Nancy McGregor of a half lot on Main St. in Catskill; August 23, 1849. (copy) Mackey, Ebenezer R. Landlord's agreement with Nancy McGregor for the house she occupies on the east side of Main Street; April 2, 1864. Tanners Bank, Catskill. Receipt to Nancy McGregor for funds deposited; May 5, 1864. 
  Miscellaneous land records 
    New York (Colony). Governor (Van Dam). Letters patent to Abraham Van Horne, William Provoost, Philip Livingston and Mary Burnet for 8,000 acres of land on the Mohawk River (in the Towns of Minden, Montgomery County and Danube, Herkimer County) bordering Peter Wagoneer and Hartman Wendecker, Rutger Bleecker's island, and a stream called Inchannanodo; November 13, 1731. Copy, made September 26, 1807. (Perhaps one of the Mohawk Valley investments of the Van Vechtens or the Rosebooms) Kingston. Trustees. Deed to Jan Van Acken for 20 acres of land on the north side of the Strand road, purchased by Van Acken from Albert Beem; February 28, 1736/7. Ray, Mathew and Daniel. Deed to John Follett for half the undivided moiety of 125 acres where the Cool Kill empties into the Hudson River at Schaghticoke; October 18, 1788. Runnians, Benjamin. Deed to Douw Fonda for army service bounty land when such is given; August 30, 1791. The land eventually granted was Lot 71 (600 acres) at Manlius, later released to Jeremiah Van Rensselaer. Runnians had been a private in the First New York regiment. Waldo, Jonathan. Deed to Mathew Watson for part of Lot 164 (220 acres) and Lot 45 (80 acres) in the land in Clinton County set apart for Canada and Nova Scotia refugees; November 7, 1792. 
  10  Miscellaneous papers 
    Arthurs, Robert C. Letter to Isaac James giving the terms whereby he is willing to accept a house for rent at Raydner; March 1, 1821. Van Rensselaer, Stephen. Release to Stephen, Jr. of rights to a penal bond given by Rensselaer Westerlo to Jacob Evertsen; July 21, 1829. Russel, Wm. Letter to his brother Alexander introducing the bearers immigrating to America, and giving family news; April 13, 1836. Note concerning the receipt of flour from Stephen W. Hughes as payment and the balance due on a bond; June 2, 1819. (Perhaps related to the Peter Hughes bond in Box 3, Folder 7) Reckoning of moneys due. No name or place.
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