Van der Bogert Family
Papers, 1723-1943


Quantity: 1 Box (0.25 cubic ft.) and 1 extra-large folder
Access: Open to research
Acquisition: Gift of Mary and Giles Van der Bogert, ca. March, 1989
Processed By: Kayleigh Paster, University at Albany, Student Assistant, May 2014; revised November 2014

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Biographical Note:

This collection relates primarily to Edward Easton, Jr. (1880-1943), a lawyer, and Martha van Antwerp Stanton (1883-1976), the parents of Mary Easton van der Bogert (1909-1999), all of whom were born in Albany, New York. Mary was one of seven children. Earlier members of the Easton family emigrated from Ireland in the early 1800s, settling first in Montreal, Canada. Family members relevant to the collection include Edward Easton’s paternal aunt, Alice Easton Pray (1856-1932); his paternal grandfather, Charles Patterson Easton (1824-1885); Sarah Jones, a paternal ancestor of Edward Easton, Jr., and James Boyd (1762-1839), a maternal ancestor.

Martha Stanton’s maternal relatives, the Van Antwerp family, are also represented in the collection. The Van Antwerp family settled in the Albany and Schenectady, New York, area after emigrating from Holland in the mid-1600s. Van Antwerp family members represented in the collection include Kate van Antwerp Stanton (1860-1907), mother of Martha Stanton, and John Henry van Antwerp (1823-1903), a banker in Albany and grandfather of Martha Stanton. The family of Mary Easton Van der Bogert’s husband, Giles van der Bogert, is also represented in the collection. The Van der Bogerts were one of the early Dutch families who settled in Albany County, New York. Van der Bogert family members represented in the collection include Giles Y., Joseph Y., and Nicholas van de Bogert of the Van de Bogert Brothers Company (ca. 1862), of Schenectady, New York, and Claes Franse [Van den Bogert], also from Schenectady.

Scope and Content Note:

While the collection includes materials dating back to 1723, the bulk of the papers dates from 1902 to 1943 and relates to Edward Easton, Jr., and his wife, Martha. Additionally, there are materials related to ancestors from the Easton, Van Antwerp, and Van der Bogert families. Included are correspondence, financial documents such as deposit slips and receipts, signed affidavits, memorial books and essays, copies of wills, other legal documents, stock certificates, bank notes, and genealogical research materials. Items of special interest include an original copy of the will of Claes Frans, 1722; an order from Gen. Philip Schuyler, dated July 10, 1776, in regards to having a saw mill erected near Fort Edward; a personal letter of John Meredith Read, Jr., to Charles P. Easton, written at the Legation of the United States in Athens, Greece, June 5, 1876; a group portrait of the Yale College Class of 1902; and a genealogy chart.

Box and Folder List:

Box Folder Description
1 1 Easton family documents
  1. Letter, Henry P. Wright to Edward Easton, Yale College, New Haven, Conn., October 20, 1902
  2. Marriage certificate, Edward Easton, Jr., and Martha van Antwerp Stanton, St. Paul’s Church, Albany, N.Y., June 8, 1904
  3. Certificate of Election of City Officers for the City of Albany, Albany, N.Y., November 16, 1915; includes name of Edward Easton, Jr., as Recorder
  4. County of Albany Certificate of Election of City Recorder, for Edward Easton, Jr., Albany, N.Y., December 1919
  5. Signed affidavit regarding Edward Easton’s involvement in the Albany baseball pool scandal, August C. Meyer, [ca. December 1929]
  6. Signed affidavit regarding Edward Easton’s involvement in the Albany baseball pool scandal, Edward Easton, Albany, N.Y., December 7, 1929
  7. Certificate of Appointment of Edward Easton as Registrants Advisory Board Member, Local Board No. 347, Albany, N.Y., March 31, 1941
  8. President’s Certificate of Appreciation, Franklin D. Roosevelt to Edward Easton, March 15, 1943
  9. Certificate of Membership for Edward Easton, Jr., The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany, February 24, 1925
  10. Envelope, Knickerbocker Press to Edward Easton, Albany, N.Y.,
1 2 Easton family financial materials and Yale memorial essay
  1. Blank deposit slip from National Commercial Bank and Trust Co., Albany, N.Y.
  2. Waterman Corporation receipt, issued to Edward Easton, October 1, 1937
  3. Postcard, United Traction Co. to Martha Easton, New York, N.Y., October 16, 1943
  4. Yale College class of 1902 memorial essay for Edward Easton, October 21, 1943
1 3 Easton family correspondence
  1. John Meredith Read, [Jr.], to Charles P. Easton, Legation of the United States, Athens, [Greece], June 5, 1876
  2. [?] Van Waterman to Pattie [Martha Easton], New York, N.Y., October 14 1943
1 4 Easton family legal documents and correspondence
  1. Copy of will of Sarah Jones, Cardigan, South Wales, March 25, 1803
  2. Typed notes containing brief overview of Pioneer family genealogy
  3. Copy of entry from Original Register of Manumitted Slaves, Office of Albany Country Clerk, 1800-1825, affirmation by James Boyd, Albany, [N.Y.], April 5, 1810; includes brief history of slavery in New York State
  4. Letter, C.P. Easton to Irving Easton, Hotel Telagrapho, Havana, Cuba, February 25, 1885;
  5. Appraisal of estate of Alice Easton Pray, Surrogates Court, Albany County, N.Y., ca. May 24, 1932; includes copy of Pray’s will
1 5 Booklet: In Memoriam Charles P. Easton (reprint of booklet originally printed in 1885)
1 6 Van Antwerp family correspondence
  1. A.P. Stevens [Albert P. Stevens] to Mrs. K. van A. Stanton [Mrs. Kate van Antwerp Stanton], Albany, N.Y., December 17, 1903; includes copy of National Savings Bank of Albany minutes regarding the death of John H. van Antwerp, December 15, 1903
  2. James H. Manning to Mrs. K[ate] van [Antwerp] Stanton, Albany, N.Y., June 24, 1904
1 7 John H. van Antwerp memorial book
  1. Bound memorial book for John H. [Henry] van Antwerp, directors of the Albany Insurance Company, [Albany, N.Y.], [ca. December 15, 1903]
1 8 Stock certificates
  1. 200 shares, J.H. [John Henry] Antwerp  National Oil Company, New York, [N.Y.], October 1, 1864
  2. 50 shares, George Anderson,  Albany Petroleum Company, Albany, N.Y., December 17, 1864; endorsed by George Anderson, October 26, 1866
  3. 50 shares, George Anderson, Albany Petroleum Company, Albany, N.Y., December 17, 1864; endorsed by George Anderson, October 26, 1866
  4. 200 shares, John H. [Henry] van Antwerp, Higley Sawing & Drilling Machine Company, [?], Maine, May 24, 1889
1 9 Banknotes:
  1. Ten-dollar note, Confederate States of America
  2. Two-dollar note, Washington Banking Co., N.J.
  3. One-dollar note, “at the several banks in Albany,” N.Y.
  4. One-dollar note, Exeter Bank, [?], December 3, [1865?]
  5. One-dollar note, Central Bank, Cherry Valley, [N.Y.?]
  6. One-dollar note, New York State Bank, Albany, [N.Y.], July 1, 1829
  7. One-dollar note, New York State Bank, Albany, [N.Y.], October 9, 1819
  8. Three-dollar note, State Bank at Newark, [N.J.], January 2, 18[?]8; payable at the Mechanics’ Bank, New York, [N.Y.]
  9. Three-dollar note, Merchants’ Bank, New York, [N.Y], February 4, 1831
  10. Three-dollar note, Connecticut Bank, Bridgeport, Conn., June 1, 1856
  11. One-dollar note, Manufacturers’ Bank, Birmingham, Conn., January 1, 1846
  12. Three-dollar note, Rollstone Bank, Fitchburg, Mass., May [?], 1856
  13. Two-dollar note, Derry Bank, New Hampshire, November 2, 1842
  14. One-dollar note, Tompkins County Bank, Ithaca, N.Y., May 18, 1838
  15. Three-dollar note, Oneida Bank, Utica, N.Y., December 24, 1840
  16. Two-dollar note, Bank of Owego, [Owego], N.Y., August 5, 1845
  17. Five-dollar note, Bank of Genesee, Batavia, N.Y., July 4, 1857
1 10 Uncut sheet of 5 cent shares, Van de [sic] Bogert Bros. [Giles Y., Joseph Y., and Nicholas van de Bogert], Schenectady, N.Y., July 21, 1862
1 11 Will of Claes Franse [van den Bogert], Schonacktady [sic], Albany County, N.Y., October 19, 1723; transcript available
1 12 Photograph, Yale College, Class of 1902, dated 1917
1 13 Letter (order no. 3): Philip Schuyler to Christopher Yates, Albany, [N.Y.]. June 14, 1776; gives orders to dispatch Van Der Bogert and other carpenters to a site near Fort Edward for the purpose of building a saw mill.
  EL1 [Chart showing the genealogical] History of the Family Van der Bogert, dating back to Harmense Myndertse van den [sic] Boogaerdt, “born in Holland in 1612”. Signed: Giles Y. van der Bogert 1934
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