Bratt Family
Papers, 1689-1854


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Acquisition: Gift from the Dutch Settlers Society of Albany, April 1981
Processed by: Peter R. Christoph, Associate Librarian, Manuscripts and Special Collections. Interpretation of Dutch documents by Charles T. Gehring, 1981-1982; revised 2007

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Scope and Content Note:

The Bratt family papers relate chiefly to extensive land holdings in the city of Albany and surrounding area, the Town of Greenbush and Hoosick Patent in Rensselaer County. In addition there are last wills and testaments of various family members and genealogical notes that reveal much information about the family and the historical setting in which the documents were created.

The principal figures in the papers are Daniel Bratt (1672-1733), his son Bernardus (b.1704), Bernardus’s son Hendrick (b.1750), and Hendrick’s son Henry (b.1785). Of particular interest are (1) a 1709 document of Barent Albertsz Bratt (two years later than any other we have seen for him), (2) the fact that formal documents were still being written in Dutch in 1783, (3) the purchase by Daniel Bratt of the sawmill on the Normanskill that had belonged to his father Barent and grandfather Albert (the original “Noorman”), (4) the rise of Bernardus Bratt from shoemaker to gentleman and his service in the French and Indian War, and (5) the activities of women in the family: Rachel Ryckman’s schooling, Elisabeth Bratt’s investing in land, and Elizabeth Helling’s travelling to England. A curiosity is Neklas Bovie’s birchbark note.

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Box Folder Year Date Contents
        Documents related to Daniel Bratt (SEE ALSO oversize documents in Box 2, Folder 1)
1 1 -- March 20 Pieter Bogardus. Affirms having received lumber from Dirck Bradt and Daniel Bradt. (Dutch)
1 2 1695 May 31 Capt. Arent Schuyler. Agreement to rent to Danyell Brat and his brother Johannis a house, lot and garden at Albany for two years. (Dutch)
1 3 1699 October 3 Dirck Barentse Brat. Agreement to sell Daniel Brat a fourth interest in a sawmill on the Noormanskill. (Dutch)
1 4 1709 May 6 Barent Brat. Affirmation of a sale of two lots to his son Daniel. (Dutch)
1 5 1709 December 29 Johannis Verwey and Hendrick Verwey. Power of attorney to Daniel Brat to sell or rent a piece of land inherited by the brothers from their father Hendrick.
1 6 1716 November 13 Daniel Brat of Albany. Will. (Dutch)
Heirs: wife Elisabeth; children Susanna 19, Elisabeth 18, Gerrit 14, Bardenardus 12, Hendricus 7, and Anthony 3.  Names as executrix his wife, and as guardians of the children his brother Dirck Brat, and Barent Brat Jr.
        Documents related to Barnardus Brat (SEE ALSO oversize documents in Box 2, Folders 2-6)
1 7 -- -- List of the offspring of Barnardus and Catrena Van Vechten Brat (married January 18, 1734?): son Danel, September 5, 1736;son Johannes, September 2, 1738; daughter Maria, September 20, 1740; daughter Maria, August 29, 1742; daughter, June 22, 1742; daughter Elizaebath, November 16, 1745; son Geret, February 26, 1748; son Hendrek, October 16, 1750. (in Dutch)
1 8 1725 April 28 Ephraim Bogardus, weaver, and Johannis Van Vechten. Bond to Barent Staats.
1 9 1728 April 9 William Burnet, governor. Commission to Gerrit Bradt as ensign in the 3d militia company of the city of Albany.
1 10 1737 June 4 Johannes Van Veghte. Bond to Bernardus Brat, cordwainer. Also power of attorney, same date, for lawyers to record the bond.
1 11 1737 September 6 Anna Brat. Agreement with George Lubcken to teach her daughter Rachel Ryckman writing and arithmetic, and with Margaret Lubcken to teach Rachel tailoring, in exchange for free rent in Anna’s house. (Dutch)
1 12 1738 June 13 Unsigned transfer of the bond from Staats to Barnhardus Brat and Hendrik Bries, cordwainers, and Barent Van Buuren, yeoman
(Missing 7/17/2007)
1 13 1739 December 4 John Van Veghte. Release of land in the City of Albany to his sons-in-law, Hendrick Bratt and Barent Van Buren
1 14 1741 -- Neklas NB Bovie. Requests that Brarinardes Braet let Stievens have nine shillings. [Written on birchwood bark; in Dutch]
1 15 1751 January 20 Elizabeth Helling. Letter to her brother, Bernardus Bratt, telling him she is going to England.(Dutch with English translation)
1 16 [1756?] -- -- Cover: To Catarina Brat or to Anthony d. Brat. This to be opened six weeks after the deceace of Barnardus Brat, Jr. [possibly enclosed document in Box 2, Folder 6]
1 17 1756 May 10 Jn. Van Renselaer [sic]. Letter to Capt. Bernardus Bradt commanding the detachment of militia of the county of Albany now at Fort William Henry telling him he must not leave the fort until the relief forces come.
1 18 1757 August 20 James De Lancey. Certificate of Appointment: Bernardus Bratt captain of the company of militia in the Albany Batalion. (Printed form)
1 19 1758 May 9 Elisabeth Bratt. Receipt from Major Edmond Mathews of 50 pounds for the purchase of the house and lot which belonged to her grandfather, Daniel Brat.
1 20 1761 June 17 Elizabeth Helling. True copy of last will and testament
1 21 1783 January 19 Fragment of an invitation to Barnardus Bratt to attend the funeral of [name lost] at Hendrick Bries’s house. (Dutch)
        Documents related to Hendrick (Henry) Bratt, Sr. (SEE ALSO oversize documents in Box 2, Folder 8; extra-large EL 1)
1 22 -- -- Henry Bratt. Record of offspring of Henry and Hanah Bratt (married December 15, 1773?). Births. Barnabas, December 13, 1773 (1774?); John, July 1, 1776, and died; John, September 19, 1777; Dannil, September 23, 1779; Elesabath, September 29, 1781; Gerret Tunis, August 23, 1783; Henry, December 4, 1785; James, September 3, 1787; Cathorine, February 14, 1790. (Partly in Dutch; also a partially translated copy)
1 23 1794 February 1 Jochim Staats. Deposition for case in chancery court, Jacob Cuyler et al vs. Daniel Bradt et al. (Copy signed by Abraham Lansing, examiner, April 15, 1794)
1 24 1794 July 4 William Groesbeeck. Receipted bill at Albany to Henry B. Bradt for funeral expenses for his wife.
1 25 1794 July 18 Ebenezer Wells. Receipted bill at NormansKill to Henry Bradt for making a coffin.
1 26 1821 April 1 Henry Bratt, Albany. Lease to John Breese of GreenBush, a 50-acre lot adjoining Breese’s land for one year.
        Documents related to Henry Bratt, Jr. (SEE ALSO oversize documents in Box 2, Folder 9; extra-large EL 2)
1 27 -- -- James McKowen. Receipted bill, undated, to A. Bratt on account of James Bratt, covering conveyances and contract for Lots 15 and 16.
1 28 1825 April 1 Henry Bratt of Albany. Lease to Thomas Adams and Ephraim DeWitt of Albany for a farm in GreenBush, formerly the property of Hendrick Bradt, deceased, 40 acres plus a small island, opposite John Breese for one year. Lessees permitted to fence the farm and dig ditches through the swamp and sand.
1 29 1826 April 1 Henry Bratt. A second one-year lease to Thomas Adams of GreenBush for the above farm.
1 30 1827 January 25 Margert Brott, Chelmsford, Mass. Release of claim to all portions of a piece of property except Lots 7 and 8, they being the inheritance of her husband Barnabas Bradt.
Division of the estate of Hendrick Bratt, Albany, deceased, among his children.
1 31 1830? -- G.W. Ryckman and Co. Receipted bill, undated, to James Bratt for running an advertisement of lots for sale, December 2, 1830-January 29, 1831, in the Albany Daily Advertiser.
1 32 1831 May 5 Albany Mayor’s Court. Sidewalk assessment bills: Two to James Bradt for Lots 1 and 12, two to Henry Bradt for Lots 21 and 22, all on Ferry Street. Plus cover addressed to Henry Bradt.
1 33 1831 May 5 C.A. Waldron, Albany City Marshall. Receipt to Henry Bradt for payment of his and James Bradt’s portion of the assessment on the H. Bradt estate.
1 34 1831 June 16 (Henry Bratt estate). Legal notice from newspaper of a petition to have joint title of property in Albany on South Market Street and on Ferry and Court streets divided, subject to dower rights of Henry Bratt’s widow (residing outside New York State), among Daniel, Henry, and Catharine Bratt of Albany, James Bratt outside the State, Elizabeth McClalland of New York City daughter of the late Henry Bratt, and the children of the late Barnabas Bratt all living outside the State: Gerrit T. and David Bratt minors, Daniel and Barnabas N. Bratt, and Ann E. Underwood.
1 35 1831 July Albany Mayor’s Court. Receipted bill to the estate of Hendrick Bradt for costs of opening Dallius Street.
1 36 1832 January 7 Firemen’s Insurance Company of the City of Albany. Broadsheet containing text of Act of incorporation and announcement of shares for sale. Sent to Daniel Bratt, 12 Daniels Street.
1 37 1832 April 14 Albany Mayor’s Court. Legal notice from newspaper of Commissioners to auction land on South Market and Ferry Streets. Includes envelope addressed to Henry Bratt, 10 Ferry St., Albany, N.Y..
1 38 1832 May 30 “Valuable Real Estate at Auction.” Broadside, Albany: A parcel and three lots on South Market and Ferry streets.
1 39 1832 October 25 James McKowen, Attorney. Receipt to Henry Bratt for his proportion of printing costs to advertise partition suits in Hosick.
1 40 [1841] [October] Description, undated, of a lot on Ferry Street adjoining Henry Bratt.  (See map in Folder 41.)
1 41 1841 October 25 John Bratt, Civil Engineer. Manuscript map of lots on and near the corner of Church and Ferry Streets in Albany.
1 42 1850 January 20 James Milwain, Albany. Letter to Henry Bratt. Reminder that payment is overdue on a bond and mortgage against Bratt assigned by Catherine Bratt to Milwain.
1 43 1854 October 30 Albany County Surrogate. Legal notice from newspaper informing Garret T. and Henry Bratt, Elizabeth McClelland widow, Sarah wife of Henry A. Clement, Elizabeth wife of James Milwain of Albany; Maria widow of Elias Smith of Utica; Daniel, Barnabus Garret J. and David Bradt of Lowell, Mass.; Pracilla wife of Jesse W. Pearch of Terrehaute, Indiana; and Matthias Underwood, residence unknown, that the will of Catharine Bratt will be probated.
        Documents related to persons other than Bratts (SEE ALSO oversize documents in Box 2, Folders 10-12)
1 44 1663 January 29 Anneke Jans, widow of Roelof Jans and of Everhardus Bogardus. Will as translated by James Forrester August 16, 1831. Heirs: daughters Sara Roelofsen wife of Hans Kierstede, Catrina Roelofsen wife of Johannis Van Brugh; granddaughters Janettje and Rachel Hartgers children of her deceased daughter Fytie Roelofsen wife of Peter Hartgers and sons Jan Roelofsen and William, Cornelius, Jonas, and Peter Bogardus.
1 45 1683/4 February 11 Hoosick Patent. Purchase by Maria van Rensselaer, Jacobus van Cordtland, and Hendrick van Nes of land on both sides of the Kil by Hoosyck from Messekampen and his wife Wachkenhoostaqua, Mahikanders (Mahicans). Copy. (Dutch)
1 46 1689 February 9 Eleisebet van Tricht. Affirms having paid the estate of Hendrick Ven Wie through Hendrick Lansen. (Dutch)
1 47 1693/4 March 9 Deacons of the Reformed Church at Albany. Deed to Melckert Wynantsen van der Poel for water rights on the Beverskill and an acre of land. (Dutch)
1 48 1700-   Gerrit Tunissen Van Vechten. Will, March 8, 1700/1; codicil March 12, 1703/4. Heirs: wife Grietje Volkertsen Dow. Sons, Johannes (by first wife Antje Jansz) and Volkert; also Pieter son of Jonas Dow.
2 copies (both Dutch): June 2, 1905 by Robert Livingston Jr. and July 2, 1752 by Joh. Van der Heyden.
1 49 1701/2 February 3 Peter Bogardus. Will. Heirs: wife Wyntie Bogardus; sons Anthony, Ephraim, and Petrus; 6 adult children (not named). 2 copies (Dutch) and a translation December 6, 1760 by Jacob Goulet.
1 50 1703 September 20 Henricus Beekman, Judge, Court of Common Pleas. Affidavit that John Gacherie, Cornelis Bogardus, Lysbet wife of Jan Heermans, Madleen wife of Mattys Slegt, and Maria Hooghtyling widow affirm the will of Peter Bogardus, deceased. Copy.
1 51 1711 May 2 Cornelius Borgardus. Will, Albany, as he plans a voyage to North Carolina with his brother Ephrim. Heir: brother in law Johannes Van Vechten. Copy, June 4, 1762 from original at Kingston.
1 52 1714 July 20 Evert Bogardus, eldest son and heir of Peter Bogardus of Kingstown, Henry Beekman of Kingstown and Jacob Russell of the same. Surety bond to Gov. Robert Hunter, Peter Bogardus in his will, probated September 20, 1703 having named no executor and his widow Wyntie not having taken out letters of administration. Unsigned copy.
1 53 1718 October 3 Johannis Van Vechten, Rensselaerswyck, yeoman. Release to Ephraim Bogardus, Kingston, of property inherited from Cornelius Bogardus, Albany. Copy.
1 54 1749 June 6 Hendrik t. Will (copy). Heirs: wife Neeltie; sons Nolkert Douw Jr. (eldest) and Johannis; daughters Dorotie wife of John Newkirk, Peterje, wife of William Hogan, and Neeltie. Executors: Stepsons Gerrit, Martin, and Petrus van Bergen.
        Oversize Documents
2 1 1706/7 February 22 Peter Van Brugh of Albany, merchant. Deed to Daniell Bratt of Albany, yeoman, for a lot on Joncker Street and another adjoining.
2 2 1733 December 9 Ministers, elders, and deacons of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Albany. Deed to Elisabeth Bradt, widow of Danjel Bratt, for land along the BeaverKill.
2 3 1749 January 5 Deed of conveyance to land situated in Albany to Barnardus Brat
2 4 1756 April 19 Barnardus Brat. Last Will and Testament (and copy). Heirs: Wife Catherine (Catarina), children, Daniel B., Johannis B., Genet Tus., Hendrick I, Maria, and Elizabeth. Wife is named executor together with his brother, Anthony I. Brat. Includes cover addressed to: Catarina Bratt, Hir [sic] Son Joh[anni]s. & Daugh[ters] Maria & Elisabeth Brat or to Hendrick Brat. To be opened after the dec[ease]. of Capt[ai]n. Barn[ardu]s. Brat & his said wife Cata[rina]. Brat.
2 5 1758 August 26 Deed of conveyance for the land called het Wylie to Barnardus Brat Jr.
2 6 1764 August 29 Last Will and Testament of Barnardus Brat, Junr. and his wife, Catarina Brat [document may have come from cover in Box 1, Folder 16]
2 7 1772 [?] 27 James Van Cortlandt, Yonkers, Esq.: Abraham I. Lansingh, Albany farmer; Bernardus Brett, Albany gentleman; John Schuyler Jr., New York merchant. Agreement to pay equal proportion for expenses of suit in chancery court between Hosick Patent and Manor of Rensselaerswyck.
2 8 1797 -- Daniel B. Bradt of Hosick farmer, John B. Bradt of Cambridge farmer, Gerrit Teunisse Bradt of Hosick farmer, Hendrick Bradt of Albany yeoman, Thomas Lotteridge of Albany yeoman and wife Mary, John L. Bradt of Scachticoke farmer and wife Elizabeth. Deed to Lydia Cuyler wife of Jacob Cuyler of Albany gentleman, Cornelius Vandenbergh, Volkert Vandenbergh, Gerrit Teunisse Vandenbergh, Maria Vandenbergh, John Witbeck Van Veghten, Gerrit Teunisse Van Veghten, Lena Van Veghten, Ephraim Van Veghten, Catharine Elting wife of William Elting, Margaret Marselis, Lyida Ryckman, Barbara Merselis, Annatie Marselis, and Lydia Merselis for land in the Hoosick patent conveyed by Johannes Van Veghten to Hendrick Brees and Bernardus Bratt, and by Bernardus Bratt to Daniel B. Bratt.
2 9 1850 October 4 Henry Bratt and Ester Bratt of Albany. Warranty deed to Ann Eliza Bratt of Albany for a house and lot on Church and Ferry streets.
2 10 1705 April 20 Jacob Lansingh. Affirms having been paid with five lots in Lubberden Land and sells to Hendrik Lansingh land and buildings in Albany on the Brewers Street.
2 11 1721 March 25 Mayor and Alderman of Albany. Deed to Abraham Vosburgh of Albany son of Isaac Vosburgh, for a lot on the South Side of town.
2 12 1723 September 1 Johannis Van Vechten, Rensselaerswyck, yeoman. Deed, Andris Coyman, New York merchant, of a farm in Rensselaerswyck east of the river. (portion of the document missing).
EL 1 1790 January 13 Volkert P. Douw of Greenbush, heir of Peter Douw, Volkert A. Douw, Peter W. Douw, Henry Ten Eyck and wife Margaret, Elsie Fonda widow of Guysbert Fonda of Albany, devisees of Abraham Douw deceased. Deed to Thomas S. Witbeck of Watervliet gentleman, Daniel B. Bratt, John Bratt, Elisabeth Bratt wife of John S. Bratt, Hendrick Bratt, and Gerrit I. Bratt of Hosaick for all of the Hoosick Patent except part claimed by Rensselaerswyck, part reserved to the grantors and part to Thomas S. Witbeck.
EL 2 1823-1825   Garret T. Bradt, administrator of the estate of Henry Bradt, deceased. Itemized accounts from May 6, 1823 to February 10, 1825.
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