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New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage
Collection, 1839-1921; bulk, 1914-1917


Quantity: 1 box (0.25 cubic ft.) plus extra-large items
Access: Open to research.
Acquisition: Purchase; Kovoch, 1956
Processed By: Honor Conklin and Vicki Weiss, Manuscripts and Special Collections, August 1990; revised November 2016

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Selected items from the NYS Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage Collection have been digitized.

Historical Note:

The woman suffrage movement in New York State dates from 1846 when six women from Depauville, a hamlet in the Town of Clayton, Jefferson County, signed a petition to the men participating in the state's constitutional convention meeting in Albany, saying "the present government of [New York State] … den[ies] to the female portion [of the state] the right of suffrage" and asked the men to modify "the present Constitution of this State, so as to extend to women equal, and civil and political rights with men."

As with any issue, there were those who supported giving women the vote and those who were opposed.

The New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage initially was known as the New York State Association Opposed to the Extension of the Suffrage to Women. The name was changed sometime between October 27, 1908 and November 4, 1908.

According to the 1902 edition of the Tribune Almanac and Political Register, there "was no open action against the granting of suffrage to women by the women of the country until the New-York constitutional convention was held [in Albany, New York] in May and June 1894. The women who favored the granting of the franchise claimed that while only a few women openly espoused the cause, all the other women silently favored it or were indifferent. For this reason they were gaining ground with legislators. In order to contradict the error, and to give the members of the constitutional convention a correct knowledge of the desires of the women of the state, an organization of women opposed to the granting of suffrage to women was founded in Brooklyn, N.Y. … [and another was founded] in Albany, N.Y. … New-York followed with an organization headed by Mrs. Francis M. Scott, Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer, [and] Mrs. Elihu Root … After the adjournment of the convention, the organizations, with the exception of the one at Albany, disbanded. Later it was believed advisable to reorganize as a state association, with headquarters at New-York. That was done" ca. April 8, 1895, when, as reported in the April 3, 1912, issue of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, a "permanent organization to oppose suffrage was formed in New York City … at the home of Mrs. Abram Hewitt, with Mrs. Francis M. Scott as chairman and Mrs. George Phillips as secretary. The Brooklyn and Albany committees entered the organization as auxiliaries." Mrs. Scott was the first president and Mrs. Phillips was the first secretary.

The woman suffrage amendment to the New York State constitution didn't pass in 1915, losing in the election when 748,332 men said "No" and 553,348 men voted "Yes." The question was posed to the men again in 1917. This time the woman suffrage amendment was passed when 703,120 men voted "Yes" and 600,776" voted "No."

Scope and Content Note:

This collection consists of broadsides, posters, printed circulars, hand-outs, clippings, and pamphlets produced by anti-suffrage organizations in New York State, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nebraska, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. There are a few materials put out by the pro-suffrage movement. Much of this literature probably was generated in response to pro-woman-suffrage activities and writings in support of a woman-suffrage amendment that was voted on in New York State in 1915 and 1917. The amendment went down in defeat in 1915 and passed in 1917.

Box and Folder List:

Box Folder Description

1 1 District of Columbia Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, 1915
  • Copy of a letter to Perry Belmont from Mrs. Joseph M. Stoddard, chairman [sic] of the executive committee, of the District of Columbia Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, July 5, 1915. Typed. 2(4)p. Mentions sending a copy of "The Senator Martine Article" against woman suffrage. Includes names of officers and members of the executive committee
  • Article on Woman Suffrage Introduced in United States Senate by Hon. James E. Martine, Senator from the State of New Jersey, February 25, 1915. (Washington, [D.C.], s.p., 1915). 14p.
1 2 Man-Suffrage Association Opposed to Political Suffrage for Women, 1915, n.d.
  • Front of an envelope with the return address of Man-Suffrage Association Opposed to Political Suffrage for Women, 27 William Street, New York City, addressed to Rev. T.W. Carter, Bath, N.Y.; mailed from the Wall Street Sta[tion], New York; n.d.
  • "Do They Want the Change?" from the New York Times [February 21, 1915]. Verso: "Mr. Wheeler Replies" from Suffolk Bulletin, Huntington, L.I., [signed] Everett P. Wheeler, chairman, Man-Suffrage Association, March 9, 1915
  • "The Suffrage Map of the United States Showing Proportion of Population in Woman Suffrage States." Verso: "Special Privileges New York Women Enjoy Now. Married woman [sic] not required to contribute to support of family … Gifts are asked to help pay for 215,000 of these leaflets and their circulation, G.D.M., 125 State Street, Albany, N.Y." n.d. (2 copies)
  • Annotated copy of "Woman Suffrage – Its Expediency. There is one fundamental reason why men should oppose Woman Suffrage, and that is because of the fundamental difference between man and woman …" Typed. 1p.
  • "Woman Suffrage. Woman suffrage means forcing women into competition with men …" Typed. 1p.
  • "The Woman Suffrage Amendment. A moral and Patriotic Issue …" Typed. 2(4)p.
1 3 Massachusetts Anti-Suffrage Committee, n.d.
  • Woman Suffrage and Its Allies/Woman Suffrage goes hand in hand with Feminism, Sex Antagonism and Socialism – doctrines which would abolish the marriage ceremony, strike a blow at the fundamentals of Christianity and revolutionize our social system …
1 4 Men's Anti-Suffrage League of New Jersey, 1915
  • Two statements made by W.J. Magie:
    • "Home the Basis of Our Civilization": Statement made by W.J. Magie, former chancellor of New Jersey, at the request of the Men's Anti-Suffrage League of New Jersey, September 1915. 3(4)p.
    • "The Family the Voting Unit": Statement made by W.J. Magie, former chancellor of New Jersey, at the request of the Men's Anti-Suffrage League of New Jersey, October 1915. 3(4)p.
1 5 National Anti-Suffrage Association (Boston, Mass.), 1916
  • Letter, on National Anti-Suffrage Association, Boston, Mass., letterhead from M.W. Sanger to Miss Eleanor Garrison, New York City, September 21, 1916, encouraging her to order a copy of Anti-Suffrage Essays by Massachusetts Women. T.L.S.. 1p.
  • Envelope addressed to the association
  • Printed order form for the Anti-Suffrage Essays by Massachusetts Women
1 6 National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, 1914-1916, n.d.
  • The Woman's Protest Against Woman Suffrage/Published monthly … Vol. 4, No. 4, February 1914. 16p.
  • States' Evidence Against Woman Suffrage. Compilation Copyright, 1916, by J.S. Eichelberger. 4p.
  • "The Case Against the Federal Amendment" by Hon. Oscar Leser. Reprinted from The Woman's Protest, January 1917. 2p.
  • Facts and Figures about Woman Suffrage/History, Doctrine, Program and Effect of "Votes for Women" on Remedial and Protective Legislation, January 1915. Verso: Cartoon by E. Voos after a design by Mrs. A.J. Leatherbee entitled "Stop! Look! Listen!" showing a man in a car labeled "Good Government" being stopped, by a sign erected by anti-suffrage women at a hair-pin curve, from going down an embankment. The sign warns: "Danger! Turn to the Right." At the bottom of the embankment, labeled "Woman Suffrage Abyss" are three rocks, in a fast moving river, labeled "Feminism," "Socialism," and "Fanatical Legislation"
  • A Study on Woman in Government. 4p.
  • An Open Letter to Clergymen. 4p. (2 copies)
  • The Truth about Wage-Earning Women … A Primer … These facts can be verified by reference to the Census Reports, Vol. 4, 1910
  • "Taxation and Suffrage"  by Frederick Dwight
  • "The Saloon and Suffrage" by Geo. M. Puller. Reprint from the June [no year] issue of The Woman's Protest
  • Letter of Cardinal [Gibbons] to the Maryland Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, April 22, 1913
  • You Should Vote Against Woman Suffrage for the Following Good Reasons [22 reasons listed]
1 7 Nebraska Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, 1914, n.d.
  • Woman Suffrage and the Feminist Movement. 10(12)p.
  • Woman Suffrage a Menace to the Nation by Mrs. Helen Arion Lewis (title page only)
  • Nebraska Clergymen Condemn Woman Suffrage. 1914. 11(12)p.
  • Facts Which Nebraska Women Must Face/Women Compelled to Serve on Juries … Opinion of an Eminent Jurist … Do Good Women Want This Kind of Freedom? … 1914. Newspaper advertisement
1 8 New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, 1914-1916, n.d.
  • Letter to Thomas B. Wells, [New York] City, from Alice Hill Chittenden, president of the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, New York, August 3, 1915. T.L.S.. 1p.
  • Letter to Wallace MacFarlan [sic], New York City, from B. Aymar Sands, chairman of the finance committee of the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, New York, October 1, 1915. T.L.S.. 1p.
  • Letter to Mrs. Thomas Wells, New York [City], from B. Aymar Sands, chairman of the finance committee of the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, New York, October 7, 1915. T.L.S.. 1p.
  • Letter (draft) "To the Editor" from Alice Hill Chittenden, president of the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, New York, December 8, 1915. T.L.S.. 1p. Pencilled note: "Will not be used"
  • Letter to Henry E.H. Brereton, Diamond Point, New York, from Sarah Rodgers (Mrs. Nelson H.) Henry, chairman of the legislative committee of the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, New York, January 7, 1916. T.L.S.. 1p.
  • Letter "To the Editor of "Star" from Frances Benson, executive secretary of the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, New York, January 21, 1916. T.L.S.. 1p.
  • Letter to [unknown person] from "Louise de Raasloff (for the committee)" of the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, New York, n.d., 1p.
  • Envelope addressed to Mrs. Harald [sic] de Raasloff, 471 Park Avenue, New York City; address is typeset as in an RSVP-type envelope
  • Envelope addressed to Editor, "Post," Ellicottville, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., and postmarked New York, N.Y., Times Sq. Sta., 1915, from the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage; stamped on back of envelope: Vote NO on/Woman Suffrage
  • Envelope addressed to Edmond O'Brien, Rose Avenue, Tarrytown, and postmarked October 31, 1915; the envelope is sealed with a "Vote NO on Woman Suffrage" sticker
  • Envelope and note to Mrs. Edmond O'Brien, Rose Avenue, Tarrytown,  October 1915.
  • Envelope addressed to Hon. Samuel; Cooper, Pearl River, Rockland County, N.Y., from Times Square Station, April 8, 1915; stamped: Vote NO on/Woman Suffrage; return address is the association's New York City address
  • Post card addressed to the association. Verso: I Do Not Believe in Woman Suffrage with spaces for one's name and address plus a question: Are you a wage earner? (Write Yes or No)
  • Card on which is printed "I am Opposed to Woman Suffrage" with space for one's name, address and business
  • "The Blank-Cartridge Ballot by Rossiter Johnson." Issued by the association.
  • Anti-Suffrage and Preparedness. The following resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors of the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, January 27, 1916 …
  • Some Reasons Why We Oppose Votes for Women. First of all, for the oldest and shortest reasons: Because man is man, and woman is woman…
  • Osborne, Duffield. Xanthippe on Woman Suffrage [playscript]. Reprinted from the Yale Review for April 1915. 14(16)p.
  • "Woman Suffrage Has Been Defeated … Woman Suffrage is Going, not coming." Issued by the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, ca. 1915. Shows the year woman suffrage was defeated, including the number of votes for and against in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota. (Earlier version of item in Folder 29)
  • The People's Verdict./Woman Suffrage Defeated at the Polls [between 1898 and 1916] … Defeated in [the] Legislatures of [names of states] …
  • The People's Verdict./Woman Suffrage Defeated at the Polls [between 1898 and 1916] … Defeated in [the] Legislatures of [names of states] … [similar to but not the same as the other "People's Verdict"]
  • It Must Be Defeated. The legislators of both houses in Albany …
  • We believe the men of the state capable of conducting the government … (postcard)
  • Special Privileges New York State Women Have Secured under Male Suffrage … Woman is not discriminated against by any New York State law. Vote NO on Woman Suffrage … (2 copies)
  • Smaller version of above
  • The Red Behind the Yellow/Socialists Working for Suffrage … A Vote for Woman Suffrage Will Help Socialism. Vote NO on Woman Suffrage November 2, 1915
  • Man's Government by Man … Vote NO on Woman Suffrage Nov. 2, 1915 (2 copies)
  • Speech of Dr. Joseph Silverman, of Temple Emanu-el, New York [at the] meeting of [the] New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage held at Aeolian Hall, Thursday evening, Jan[uar]y 8, 1914. Typed. 5p.
  • What Anti-Suffrage Is. It is the Woman's Movement in the Cause of Women …
  • Anti-Suffrage News and Views. A Blow to Woman Suffrage … What's a Suffragette …
  • "The Case Against Woman Suffrage" by Miss Alice Hill Chittenden
  • Voters of New York State!/Legislators Disregard 194984 Majority/Against Woman Suffrage at last Election … are in contempt of their constituents …An immediate protest from the voters all over the State …
  • To the Legislators … The Representative Represents the Majority!. At head of title: Please sign and send to your representatives. [1915?]
  • Every Vote Counts … The end to be kept steadily in view is not merely its defeat but ITS DEFEAT BY THE HEAVIEST POSSIBLE MAJORITY. Vote NO on Woman Suffrage November 2nd … October 1915 (2 copies)
  • Comparative Population/Authority – U.S. Census …
  • Anti-Suffrage Notes … (2 copies)
  • [Newspaper display advertisement reprinting a letter sent out by the Colorado State Federation of Labor re: 1915 vote in New York State]
  • Woman Suffrage and the Equal Guardianship Law (No. 10, 1911). 2p.
  • Federal Amendment as  Form of Decision …
  • [I] am one of many thousands of women [in Ne]w York State who DO NOT WANT THE VOTE [and] I ask you to VOTE AGAINST Woman Suffrage at the ELECTION on November 2nd …
  • We believe in Woman's Rights. Primarily in her RIGHT to be exempt from the responsibility of government …
  • ["What a] Vote Will Not [Do"] – Better copy in Folder 26
  • Pencil-annotated copy of "Woman Will Not Gain by the Suffrage. Man Is Better Adapted for Government, and Woman for Works of Voluntary Association. A Letter from Edgar M. Cullen, formerly Chief Justice Court of Appeals, New York State, to "My Dear Miss Chittenden," New York, August 31, 1915. 4p.
1 9 Ohio Association Opposed to Woman's Suffrage, n.d.
  • Why the Majority of Women Oppose/Woman's Suffrage
1 10 Pennsylvania Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, n.d.
  • Why I Oppose Woman Suffrage: Address by Mrs. Horace Brock, Honorary President of the State Federation of Pennsylvania Women [and] President of the Pennsylvania Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, before the Civic Club of Philadelphia, April 27, 1915. Issued by the Pennsylvania Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage. 11(12)p.
  • Ask Suffragists to Explain This. … (Signed) Mrs. Horace Brock, President; (Signed) Mrs. J. Gardner Cassatt, Vice-President. 4p.
    • Pencilled in by Rosalie G. Jones: "My dear Mrs. Ward … This was sent me by a member of the Grange in Suffolk as it was sent to our Grange Lecturer. Evidently they are being sent out to the State Granges. Perhaps you could answer these questions as propaganda."
  • Why Women Oppose/Votes for Women … Verso: Judge W.H. Snell of Tacoma, Washington/says Woman Suffrage is a Failure …. (2 copies)
  • Woman Suffrage and/the Liquor Question/Facts Show Women's Votes Have NOT/Aided Prohibition … 4p.
  • Pennsylvania Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage … I am not in favor of votes for women. [places to fill in name and address]. Verso: Anti-Suffrage/for the Preservation of Our Homes/For the Preservation of Our Nation/For the Preservation of Our Civilization …
  • Suffrage vs. Taxation … There Are Two Kinds of Taxes … And the Reason is Plain and Unanswerable … Verso: Don't be Deceived by this Suffrage Slogan:/"Taxation Without Representation is/Tyranny." The Real Tyranny would/be a Vote Based on Property ,,,
  • Count the Cost … Work Against Woman Suffrage! Verso: Suffrage Statements Answered. … (2 copies)
  • Circular letter to "the men of Pennsylvania" signed by Mrs. Horace Brock, president of the Pennsylvania Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage in which she notes that "over 90% of the women do not want to vote."
1 11 Rochester Anti-Suffrage Association, 1915, n.d.
  • The right, the privilege and the duty of the women of New York State is to bear, rear and educate the youth of the commonwealth …
  • Vote NO on Woman Suffrage
  • Listen!
1 12 Rochester Anti-Suffrage Society, 1915, n.d.
  • Why?/New York State is far in advance of any of the Suffrage States in legislation for women … (1 printed copy; 1 typed copy)
  • Votes for women will mean more/taxes for everyone to pay without/increased benefits for anyone to en-/joy./Easy to Remember/Vote No in November/Rochester Anti-Suffrage Society.
    • Pencilled on display advertisement: Week of July 22. Liv[ingston] Co[unty] papers.
  • Is Suffrage Coming or Going? … Vote NO in November (newspaper display advertisement)
  • How and Why/Vote NO/on Woman's/Suffrage Amendment … Vote Right by pulling the Right/lever which is Right over the word "NO" (newspaper display advertisement)
  • What has father done that he can no longer be trusted to vote …
    • Pencilled in: Week of July 15 – Liv[ingston] Co[unty] newspapers
  • A suffrage leader says the wedding ring is a relic of barbarism …
    • Pencilled in: Liv[ingston] Co[unty] newspapers – Week [of] October 6
  • "The Anti-Suffragists are the Home, Heaven and Mother Party" … (advertisement in a theater program)
  • An Example of Suffrage Ethics/Vote for the Home! … by Voting/NO in November/Vote for the Home! … by Voting YES/for Woman Suffrage/November 2
    • The advertisement at the left was originated and published early in June. The one to the right was published by the Suffragists in August. Such plagiarism …
1 13 Rochester Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, n.d.
  • Do You Know That 1,000,000 Socialists/are Working for Woman Suffrage? …
1 14 The Socialist Party, n.d.
  • Socialism/What About the/Coming Political/Crash?/This will be explained by/Stephen J. Mahoney/at a/Public Mass Meeting/on …
    • Includes head-and-shoulders portrait of Mahoney and  an image of "Mahoney addressing a crowd from his car in which he travels"
    • Pencilled in: Thursday, August 19th, 8 o'clock/Waverly House corner/St. Regis Falls, N.Y.
1 15 Wage Earners Anti-Suffrage League (N.Y.), n.d.
  • Wage Earning Women/Stop! Think! Reason! …
    • Two copies, one smaller than the other
1 16 Woman Anti-Suffrage Association of  New York
Women's Anti-Suffrage Association, New York City, 1915
  • We Oppose Woman Suffrage/Because …
  • Woman Suffrage and/the Liquor Question/Facts Show Women's Votes Have NOT/Aided Prohibition … Vote NO/on Woman Suffrage/Nov. 2, 1915. 4p. (5 copies)
  • Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, president of the National Suffrage Association says: "The anti-suffragists are the Home, Heaven and Mother Party." If you like Home, Heaven and Mother, and are going our way, join us! If you are going the other way, join the suffragists. (2 copies)
  • Suffrage a Cult of Self and Sex
1 17 Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of Massachusetts, 1914, n.d.
  • Household Hints from Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of Massachusetts … Housewives!/You do not need a ballot to clean out your sink spout. A handful of potash and some boiling water is quicker and cheaper … To drive out mice, scatter small pieces of camphor in cupboards and drawers. Pedlers [sic] and suffs are harder to scare … Clean dirty wall paper with fresh bread. If an Anti swallows bi-chloride, give her whites of eggs, but if it's a suff, give her a vote … 4p.
  • Woman in Suffrage In Practice/A Criticism of "What Have Women Done With the Vote?"/By George Creel in The Century Magazine/for March, 1914/Issued by/The Massachusetts Association Opposed to the/Further Extension of Suffrage to Women. 14(16)p. booklet
  • Why?/"Why Should any Woman be an Anti-Suffragist?" … [11 reasons listed; [signed] Mrs. Albert T. Leatherbee]
  • Anti-Suffrage Democracy
  • Suffrage Statements Answered/The Suffragists give the following [seven] reasons why/Massachusetts women want the vote/1. They say: … The Anti-Suffragists answer …
  • Mr. Voter!/Remember … (2 copies; penciled in on one copy: Circulated at Pioneer Picnic, Olcott Beach)
  • By No Means "Sure to Come" (From The Remonstrance, April 1914) …
  • An Anti-Suffragist Creed (Adapted from an article by the late Octavia Hill, the noted English philanthropist) …
  • Why a Man Should OPPOSE/Woman Suffrage … (2 copies)
  • To the Working Man … Think THIS over and VOTE NO!
  • A Social Worker's View of Suffrage … The four matters on which women's votes are said to be peculiarly needed are: 1. White Slavery, 2. Infant Mortality, 3. Child Labor, 4. Women's Wages … Mrs. William Lowell Putnam, Boston, June 18, [no year]
  • Just Published! Anti-Suffrage Essays by Massachusetts Women … [1915]
  • The Real Danger of Woman Suffrage/Socialism in the Wake of Suffrage – The Red Behind the Yellow/(From The Remonstrance for July, 1913)
  • Women Losing Interest in Vote (From Boston Daily Advertiser, December 21, 1914)
  • Woman Suffrage and Taxation … Don't be Deceived by This Suffrage Slogan, "Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny." The Real Tyranny Would be a Vote Based on Property.
  • Woman Suffrage Most Bitterly Opposed in Every Way to the Liquor Traffic and all Forms of Liquor Licenses … March 19, 1915
1 18 Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of Rochester, 1915
  • Woman Suffrage Going, Not Coming! … Vote "No" on Woman Suffrage November 2, 1915.
  • Stand by the Women/Vote NO/on Woman Suffrage! … A Reflection Upon Men … Voting "No" on Woman Suffrage November 2, 1915.
1 19 [Pro- and Anti-Suffrage]
  • Petition for Woman Suffrage to the New York State Constitutional Convention, to be Held in Albany, May, 1894, [signed by] Mrs. Mitchel.
  • Platform of the Woman's Peace Party. Includes a cartoon captioned "Red Riding Hood Revisited" showing Little Red Riding Hood (labeled "Anti-Suffrage) facing a very large wolf wearing the skin of a sheep (labeled "The Womans [sic] Peace Party"). Red Riding Hood is saying, "What great teeth you have, Grandmother!" The wolf is saying, "The better to gobble you down, My Dear!"
  • Oscar Leser vs. J. Mercer Garnett (Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 1921
    • Part of first page and page 2 of a summary of the case in the Court of Common Pleas, n.d.
    • Letter to Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, New York City, from Maloy and Brady, Attorneys at Law, Baltimore, Maryland, December 4, 1920
    • Brief in opposition to petition for writ of certiorari to the Court of Appeals of Maryland, October 1921. 11(12)p. booklet
    • Letter to Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, New York City, from Maloy, Brady, Howell and Yost, Attorneys at Law, Baltimore, Maryland, November 1, 1921
  • Engraving of a photograph of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, her daughter, and her granddaughter. Dates on item: November 12, 1815 and October 26, 1902. Beneath the image: "Progress is the victory of a new thought over old superstitions."
  • Power Through Independence …
  • Letter from Katharine Fuller Walker on Votes for Women Empire State Campaign Committee, Tarryt[own], Januar[y date and year missing], to "My dear Miss Young"
  • Surely!/Are women to be trusted?/Men trust them with their money, their honor,/their homes and their children./Why not trust them with the ballot?/Woman Suffrage/has never been repealed where tried./Vote "Yes" Nov. 2nd. (Advertisement in a theater program)
  • Vote "Yes" on Suffrage/November 2, 1915/because/It Is Economical …/It Is Democratic …/It Is Expedient …/Rochester Political Equality Club. (Advertisement in a theater program)
  • Socialist Organ Supports "Suffrage Allies" (The following article appeared in The Wheeling Majority, a Wheeling, West Virginia, publication … February 26, 1914) … 1p.
  • Danger of Votes for Women … [from the] N.Y.C. German Herold, September 11, 1915. 1 typed page
  • Empire State Campaign Committee, May 28, 1915. "Woman's Sphere in 1915." 1 mimeographed sheet
  • From The Remonstrance, July, 1916: "Against the Federal Amendment." 1p.
1 20 [Unidentified by Organization]
  • Envelope addressed to Mr. Chas. A. Ashmeade, Tarrytown, N.Y., and mailed from Albany; dated 1915. In the return-address area is stamped: Vote NO on/Woman Suffrage
  • Postcard, mailed from Tarrytown, addressed to someone (name obliterated) in Tarrytown. Verso: If you are opposed to woman suffrage/place yourself on record – It is our duty …
  • Postcard, mailed from New York City on October 28, 1915, addressed to someone (name and address obliterated). Verso: I am one of many thousands of women in New York State who DO NOT WANT THE VOTE … [signed] Alice Foote MacDonegall
  • I am one of many thousands of women in New York State who DO NOT WANT THE VOTE … [signed] Miss Alice Hill Chittenden (Printed slip of paper)
  • I am one of many thousands of women in New York State who DO NOT WANT THE VOTE … [signed] May Hopp[???] (Printed slip of paper glued to a cardboard backing)
  • Anti Suffrage Calendar for 1915. Has a pink bow at the top.
  • We believe in/Woman's Rights/Primarily in her RIGHT to/be exempt from the responsibility of govern-/ment …
  • Will Woman Suffrage/Be Good for Womanhood?/No! … Vote NO on the Suffrage Amendment next November 2 copies
    • Includes quote of Dr. Anna Howard Shaw that was printed in the February 25, 1915, issue of the New York Evening Post.
  • To vote a Straight Republican ticket and also for the Judge of the various Courts and against 1st Amendment Woman Suffrage put X where marked.
    • At bottom of sheet: Fac-Simile of sample ballot designed and successfully used to defeat the Woman Suffrage Amendment on November 2nd, 1915
  • If this eminent educator's statement embody even a half-truth … The New York Times publishes a full-page interview with that prominent biologist, Prof. William T. Sedgwick of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, apropos of the Atlantic Monthly article by W.L. George, letting the feminist-movement cat of the bag (much to the embarrassment of the suffrage people) … 2p.
  • The Real Menace of the Woman Suffrage Movement … Inez Milholland
  • Woman's Suffrage and the Saloon/History Shows the Woman's Vote Has Not Helped to Carry a Single Election for the "Drys" …
  • Some Catholic View on Woman Suffrage … 4p.
  • A Woman's Business/The Family is the foundation of the State, and the FAMILY is a Woman's Business …
  • Senator Root on the Suffrage Question … Valuable Testimony from a Colorado Suffragist … Apply to G.D.M., 82 State St., Albany, N.Y., for "Home Rule" literature. 2p.
  • Some Reasons why we do not Believe in Woman Suffrage? … The suffragists seem to know no limits in their misstatements of fact. In the suffrage column of the Lynn, Mass., News for February 17, it is said: "Four million and a half women can now vote." But the total female population of the eleven full-suffrage States, from babies-in arms up, is only 3,634,778.
  • [For Men Only]/As a Man Thinketh/It tires one to hear of "woman's inferiority" almost as much as it does to see the suffering suffragette trying to prove, by strenuous word and martyr's deed, her "equality" … (2 copies)
    • Verso: Rudyard Kipling's poem: "The Female of the Species"
  • The Cost of Woman Suffrage … In Suffrage States … - Page 2; not sure what/where Page 1 is; written on a typewriter
  • Bishop Foley Is Against Granting Votes to Women …
  • Disfranchising the Voter by the Federal Amendment …
  • Anti-suffrage Gems – written on a typewriter
  • Sugar Beeters in Colorado – From Yonkers Daily News, Wednesday, May 10, 1916 – written on a typewriter
  • Sent to Post and Times – Dear Sir, The Man Suffrage Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage has just issued a statement concerning the powerlessness of the Legislature in the states where woman suffrage was recently defeated … - written on a typewriter
  • A Five-Minute Speech by Miss Margaret D. Stebbins … Cazenovia, 1915 – written on a typewriter
  • How Prohibition Will Affect You. 2p.
  • List of Breweries and Officers in and around Rochester. – written on a typewriter. 1p.
  • Prohibition NOT Assured/By "Votes for Women." 1p.
  • Woman Suffrage Most Bitterly Opposed in Every Way to the Liquor Traffic and All Forms of Liquor Licenses … (Signed) Thos. N. Doutney … The above letter was sent recently to the liquor trade. We [Massachusetts Christian Endeavor Union] reproduce in the interest of truth, without regard to other issues … March 19, 1915. – Typed letter addressed to "My dear Sir (or Sirs)". 2p. (2 copies)
  • What Women Wanted – Four-page (127-130) print of article that was printed in America, Vol. 14, No. 6, November 20, 1915
  • Public Sentiment Against Suffrage Legislation at This Session … Senator George A. Slater's hobby seems to be Woman Suffrage … Rye Courier, February 4, 1916
  • [Quo?]tations and Comments from Equal Suffrage
  • … Admits She Was Wrong/Leader in California Fight Finds Result of Franchise Is Appalling/Washington, Aug. 31 – Miss Annie Bock …
  • A College Woman Tells Why She is Opposed to Equal Suffrage (From the St. Paul Pioneer Press) … Issued by the Guidon Club. 2(4)p.
  • Woman Suffrage Fails in Colorado … Before Voting on the Woman Suffrage Amendment, Consider Colorado – written on a typewriter
  • "Song of the Cheek Fiends, or Suffragettes." Eight-stanza poem to be sung to the tune of "I Want to Be An Angel," "Annie Laurie," or "Home, Sweet Home," etc. Pencilled note: This is being distributed by Judge magazine and the local antis have repudiated it …
  • Woman Suffrage a Menace to the Nation. 4p.
  • Shall Women Vote? A Book for Men by Conway Whittle Sams, B.L. … plus reprints of articles that appeared in five newspapers in 1913-1914
  • Miscellaneous pieces
1 21 Cartoons
  • Caption: He Can't Hold on Much Longer.
    • Image of a man, labeled "Anti," holding on to the clapper of a bell labeled "Women's Liberty Bell"
  • Caption: The Allies. "Remember!/That if you do not fight AGAINST suffrage/you do, by your indifference, fight with these/allies FOR suffrage!"
    • Image of an arrow, labeled DANGER, with the point of the arrow divided into three pieces: Feminists, Mormons, Socialists; at the point of the arrow are the words ARE SUFFRAGISTS
  • Caption: Suffragist-Feminist. Ideal Family Life.
    • Image of a rooster and a hen; the rooster is perched on the edge of a nest in a straw-lined box containing 13 eggs, one of which has just hatched; the hen, wearing a "Votes for Women" sash is walking out the door. The rooster is saying: "Why, Ma. These eggs will get all cold!" The hen is saying, "Set on them yourself, old man. My country calls me!"
  • No caption.
    • Image of a gigantic woman who has burst through the roof of her house. She is holding a pennant in one of her two hands that reads "Votes for Women." A man, presumably her husband, and four small children are looking up at her in amazement.
  • Caption: Home!
    • Image of a man and two small children in a room of their house/apartment. The man is holding a lunch bucket and has come home to find his two young girls alone, next to the kitchen table. On the wall is a sign – Votes/for/Women – and a note: Back sometime this evening. He looks angry; the older girl, holding a doll, is sadly rubbing one of her eyes; the younger girl, sitting on the floor, is reaching toward her father.
1 22 Clippings, 1915, n.d.
1 23 Pamphlets
1 23 A Political Tract, by the Cobbett Club of London. No. 1. (London: J. Cleave, 1839). 53p. [No more published.]
1 23 Le Suffrage Univers[el] et la Capacité Politique de la Classe Ouvrière: Appel aux travailleurs belges à l'occasion de la Manifestation du 10 Aoùt par C. De Paepe. (Gand: J. Foucaert, 1890). 16p.
1 23 Taylor, Robert S. Woman Suffrage: An Argument Against It. n.d. 18p.
1 23 The Case Against Woman Suffrage (London: Alston Rivers, Limited, n.d.). Stamped on cover: Carrie Chapman Catt
1 23 Women's Anti-Suffrage Association. Anti Suffrage Base Ball Schedule Book 1915 (New York: The Association, 1915). 16p. Home and away schedules of the Yankees and Giants for 1915 and the records of 1914 interspersed with paragraphs promoting anti-suffrage. 16p. (2 copies)

1 24 The Phoenix, Volume 2, No. 6, May 1915, pages 330-360
1 24 The Reply: An Anti-Suffrage Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 9, March 1915, [32]p.
1 25 Photographs.

Labeled: Dorian's Buffet, 395 Ellicott St., Buffalo, New York, n.d. Sign in wall of stoop: Stand By The Women/Woman's Right is the/Right of Freedom from/Political Duties/Vote NO/on Woman Suffrage/Nov.2/N.Y.S. Association/Opposed to Woman Suffrage. Sign in window: Gerhard Lang Brewery, Buffalo (2 copies)

Letter from (Mrs. F.J.) N.R. Shuler on Votes for Women Empire State Campaign Committee, October 27, 1915, "To the Clergymen of the City of Buffalo: Many Buffalo Saloons are displaying signs Vote NO on Woman Suffrage, some even daring to put them on the outside of the building …"

1 26 New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage. (2 items)
  1. "A Woman's Business" (6239)
  2. "What a Vote Will Not Do" (6240). It will not clean streets, provide schoolhouses, lighten dark tenements, prevent over crowding, furnish pure milk, stop child labor …
1 27 Two items:
  1. "This Ballot shall not be voted. It is a sample ballot to be used for guidance of voters./Official Ballot/Special Election, October 19, 1915/ [signed] Thomas F. Martin/Secretary of State./Proposed Amendments of the Constitution of the State of New Jersey/ …
  2. [Signature sheet]: "Please remember that I am one of many thousands of women in our State who DO NOT WANT THE VOTE and that I speak for them when I beg you to VOTE AGAINST Woman Suffrage at the SPECIAL ELECTION on OCTOBER NINETEENTH. We need YOUR vote to prevent what we believe to be a great injustice to us as well as a grave menace to our State. [signed] Mrs. Thomas B. Adams.
1 28 [Circular] "Letter of Cardinal Gibbons to the Maryland Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage." Printed document from the cardinal's residence in Baltimore, dated April 22, 1913, issued by the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, New York City. (6239)
1 29 "Woman Suffrage Has Been Defeated … Woman Suffrage is Going, not coming." Issued by the New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, ca. 1915. Shows the year woman suffrage was defeated, including the number of votes for and against in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.
1 30 "Women and New York Law. Privileges and Exemptions Enjoyed by Women under the Laws of New York State." 1p. Newsprint. Abstracts of court cases and laws. (6238)

EL Poster: Think Over These Facts/Before Voting on the/Suffrage Amendment/Next Tuesday/Woman Suffrage Is Going, Not/Coming! …/The Woman's Vote in Other/States …/Woman Suffrage & Mormonism …/Woman Suffrage and/Taxation …/The Basis of Government Is/Physical Force  … Nothing Back of the Ballot … Physical Force … Might Must Exist to Make Right Secure … But in the Strong Right Arm and in the Gun and Club of the Policeman … by the fear of men clothed with authority to enforce the law … Prohibited by Nature … The Woman's Ballot Would be a Blank-Cartridge Ballot./Opinions of Eminent Men/Against Woman Suffrage … Elihu Root … Rev. Lyman Abbott … James Cardinal Gibbons … Bishop John H. Vincent …
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