Van Dyck Family
Papers, 1754-1875

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Historical Note:

A group of papers related to Van Dyck and allied families of Schenectady, New York and vicinity. These papers include blotters of debit-credit accounts and receipts related to the medical practice of Cornelius [Cornelis] Van Dyck, 1759-1775. It details the cost of treatments and prescriptions provided and the value of payment in cash or kind. Also included is the will of Cornelius [Cornelis] Van Dyck, which was probated in 1758. Other papers of interest include debit-credit accounts and receipts from a general store of John Baptest Wendel [Wendell], an Indian trader; personal correspondence, 1782-1834 of various member of the family and papers related to Mary L. Buell’s academic studies at Schenectady at Schenectady Union School, 1871-1875.

Box and Folder List

Box Folder Contents
1 1 Van Dyck, Cornelius (1698-1759). Medical Journal, 1754-1759. In Dutch.
1 2 Van Dyck, Cornelius Jr. Medical Journals. 1759-1775. 2 items.
1 3 Van Dyck, Cornelius. Will. Schenectady, December 6, 1758. 6p. Probated March 13, 1759. Mentions wife, Margreta, sons: John, Jacobus, Hendrick and Cornelius; daughters Jacamintye, wife of John Babtest Wendel and grandchild Marya Bratt, daughter of his eldest daughter Elisabeth, late wife Harmanes Bratt.
    Bills and receipts
1 4 Mr. Johannes Heemstreet to heirs of Dr. Cornelius Van Dyke [sic], dec. 1747. Signed by Hendrik Van Dyke.
1 4 Harmanus Peck to heirs of Dr. Cornelius V. Dyck [sic]. 1754-1759. Signed by John Van Dyck.
1 4 Receipt to John B. Wendal from Wm. Adams. October 6, 1792.
1 4 Receipt to Ahasuerus Wendell for interest to New Loan Office of Saratoga Co. May 15, 1798.
1 4 Wendle, John B. Account with Duncan & Phyne. 1762-1766. Store accounts.
1 4 McMichael, Alexr. Account with Ahasuarus [sic] Wendell. 1784-1787. Charlton, April 25, 1792. Store accounts.
1 5 Schenectady. Trustees. Deed to Ahasuerus Wendle for land in town of Schenectady. June 6, 1796. D.S. 1p. Signed by Abraham Swits, Jelles Fonda, Andries Van Paten, Adam S. Vrooman, Richard Schermerhorn, Abm. Wempel, Nicholas Veeder, Gerrit S. Veeder Jr., John Glen, John Sanders, Abrm. Oathout.
1 5 Bond. Ahasuerus Wendell to Stephen Cooper. February 25, 1834.
1 5 Charlton. Presbyterian Ch. Report of committee on the state of the church. June 18, 1846. Copy of records of Presbytery at Albany.
1 5 Wendell, John A. (of Michigan). Mortgage to John Dawson and John Dawson Jr. of Glenville for 1/5 share of farm in township of Charlton. (farm formerly owned by Ahasuerus Wendell, deceased) March 6, 1849. D.S. 3p.
1 6 Van Dyck, Cornelius. Letter to wife, Tanaka. Pumpton, July 3, 1782. 1 (4)p.
1 6 Yates, Andrew. Invitation to Mrs. Ahasuerus Wendel and family to attend funeral of Mrs. Helen McDonnell. February 1, 1819.
1 6 Wendell, Adam E. Letter addressed to Ahasuerus Wandell. Charlton, N.Y., June 10, 1834. 3p. Salutation: Dear parents; text on page [3] in a different hand
1 6 Wendell, J. & E. Letter to sister. January 10, 1856. 4p.
    School Papers
1 7 Buell, Mary L. Scholastic reports from Union School, Schenectady, April 8, 1872; n.d. (2 items)
1 7 New York (State) University. Regents certificates to Mary L. Buell as academic scholar. 1871, 1875. (2 items.)
1 7 Buell, Mary L. School addresses, one titled “Salutatory” (2 items)
1 7 Poem to M.L.B.
1 7 The Star (school paper) v. 1, no. 2, 7. January, March 1872 (2 items.)
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