Photograph Album of a New York State Library School Student
ca. 1896-1898


Quantity: Handmade photo album (pages: 25.25 x 20 cm.) containing 50 black-and-white and monochrome blue (cyanotype) images (various sizes ranging from 4 x 5.25 cm. to 9.5 x 11.5 cm.) and one loose photograph glued to paper (53 x 45.5 cm.)
Access: Open to research
Restrictions: White cotton gloves must be worn when handling photographs.
Processed By: Manuscripts and Special Collections, December 2010

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Scope and Content Note

This handmade photograph album made by an unidentified New York State Library School student includes pictures of library school staff and students, scenes from around Albany, and pictures taken in April 1897, during the library school's field trip to New York City to visit libraries in and near the city.

Image List

Page Image  Number Caption / [Description]
1 1 M. S. Cutler, Vice-director, New York State Library School / [Ms. Cutler sitting at table; bookcases and card catalog case in background]
1 2 Martha Wheeler, cataloger / [Ms. Wheeler sitting at desk; bookcases and card catalog case in background]
1 3 Florence Woodworth, Miss Cutler's assistant / [Back of Ms. Woodworth sitting at desk; bookcases and second tier of room in background]
2 4 New York State Library / [Foreground: Woman working at a desk. Background: Blurry images of two other women, one of whom is entering a door]
2 5 Old lecture room / [Four women sitting in chairs facing a “teacher’s desk”; books and pictures on shelves behind them]
3 6 New York State Library School. Old school room / [Blurry image of woman sitting at a table; in the background can be seen a card catalog, book shelves and the second tier of the room]
3 7 New York State Library / [View of two levels of the main reading room showing tables, chairs, bookshelves, two busts on pedestals; clock attached to railing and framed by arch is focal point of top of photo]
4 8 President of Junior Class 1896-1898 / [Woman standing behind tables on which are standing many books; bookcases in background]
4 9 Our senior / [Woman sitting at a table almost completely hidden by books standing on the table; bookcases in background]
5 10 Court House / [Actually distant view of Albany City Hall; horse-pulled carts in foreground and view of section of the Capitol facing Washington Avenue]
5 11 Capitol / [Distant view of the Capitol; lower portion of building is obscured by buildings in foreground]
6 12 52 Chestnut St., Albany, N.Y. 1896-1897 / [Group shot of nine women of varying ages
7 13 Vassar College Library / [Distant exterior view]
7 14 Vassar College Library / [Interior view taken from second floor looking down to first floor]
8 15 Vassar College / [Distant exterior view; faded]
8 16 Central Park N.Y. / [Boy looking at  camel in cage; camel looking at boy]
9 17 New Columbia College Library, Morningside Heights, New York [City] / [Distant exterior view]
9 18 H.W. Beecher statue in Brooklyn / [Distant view of the Henry Ward Beecher statue]
9 19 St. Patrick's Cathedral, 5th Avenue and 51st St. / [Distant view of cathedral framed by buildings]
9 20 Three little maids / [Extremely dark image of three women]
9 21 In Central Park / [Distant view of a swan[?] standing on boulder?]
9 22 Washington St. from Swan St. looking toward Capitol [Albany, N.Y.] / [Capitol in background behind row houses on right side of photograph]
10 23 Teacher's College, New York / [Interior view of a room with many chairs]
10 24 View from window of Teacher's College / [Distant view of cityscape]
10 25 Grant's Tomb, Morningside Heights / [Distant view]
10 26 Grant's Tomb, Morningside Heights
10 27 Morningside Heights / [Two people standing in park-like setting]
10 28 Vassar College Museum / [View of a room with many paintings on the walls and cases filled with rocks?]
10 29 Lenox Library / [View of a room that includes four busts on pedestals]
10 30 Lenox Library / [View of a room]
11 31 Lenox Library, New York / [Exterior view]
11 32 Lenox Library, New York / [View of  reading room]
12 33 Newark, N.J. Public Library / [Interior view of reading room showing the chandelier, the entrance (revolving door?) and two windows that rise from the second level of the room to the ceiling]
12 34 Newark, N.J. Public Library / [Close-up view of part of the room seen in Image 23]
13 35 Columbia College Library, April, 1897 / [View of reading room taken from the second level of the room; two stained-glass windows can be seen in the background]
13 36 Mercantile Library, New York / [View of part of two levels of a room; two women standing near column in background]
14 37 Library, New York Bar Association / [View of study tables diminishing from the foreground to the background; fireplace and bookshelves in background]
14 38 Library, New York Bar Association / [View of large table in a large room; carpet on floor]
15 39 New York Bar Association / [View of stairway and marble (granite?) column in foreground]
15 40 Apprentice’s [sic] Library, New York / [Two men in overcoats and derby hats and one woman in a coat standing in front of a large wooden registration (circulation?) desk; three levels of bookshelves diminishing from foreground to background]
16 41 Y.M.C.A. Library, New York, April 1897 / [View of reading room; light from window in background caused streaking in the photo]
16 42 Mt. Vernon, N.Y., Public Library / [Table and chairs in foreground; shelves of books in background]
17 43 Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y., Library / [Exterior view of the three-story building; women walking on sidewalk]
17 44 Children's room / [Presumably of Pratt Institute Library; lights hanging from ceiling; framed pictures on walls above bookcases; wooden fence with gate runs through middle of image]
18 45 Society Library, New York / [Men and women at tables and shelves on the first level of the two-tiered room]
18 46 In the Grolier Club exhibit, New York, April 1897 / [Painting on curtained wall is flanked by two lights (statues?)
19 47 Jersey City / [Distant view of buildings on shore line]
19 48 Brooklyn Library / [Exterior view of the building flanked by other buildings; two horse carts (delivery wagons?) stand on street in front of building]
20 49 Washington Arch, Washington Square New York / [Buildings can be seen behind the arch]
20 50 Central Park New York / [View of Cleopatra’s Needle on a knoll]
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