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Prequalification requirement for not-for-profit entities applying for grants

New York State has implemented a prequalification requirement for not-for-profit entities applying for grants. In order to be eligible to apply for an award under this grant, any not for-profit entity who is the lead applicant must prequalify using the Grants Gateway. No paperwork is required to be sent as proof of application. Proposals received from not-for-profit applicants that have not Registered and are not Prequalified in the Grants Gateway on the proposal due date of 5:00 PM on 1/6/23 cannot be evaluated. Such proposals will be disqualified from further consideration. As this process may take up to a few weeks, it is advised that interested agencies begin this process immediately upon RFP announcement. Even if you have prequalified in the past please be sure you have completed the necessary steps to maintain a Prequalified Status.

Prequalification Information for Current and Potential Granteesexternal link (from the Division of Budget, Grants Reform page)

Prequalification Application for Grants Reform

The State of New York has implemented a new statewide prequalification process designed to facilitate prompt contracting for not-for-profit vendors. Interested vendors are asked to submit commonly requested documents, and answer frequently asked questions once. The application requests organizational information about the vendor’s capacity, legal compliance, and integrity. To learn more about prequalification, go to the Grants Reform websiteexternal link where you can preview the questions and required documents.

All not-for-profit vendors are required to prequalify prior to grant application.

Below is a summary of the steps that must be completed to meet registration and prequalification requirements. The Vendor Prequalification Manual on the Grants Management website details the requirements and online tutorials are available to walk users through the process.

  1. Register for the Grants Gateway
    • On the Grants Reform Website, download a copy of the Registration Form for Administrator. A signed, notarized original form must be sent to the Division of Budget at the address provided in the instructions. You will be provided with a Username and Password allowing you to access the Grants Gateway.
    • If you have previously registered and do not know your Username please email If you do not know your Password please click the Forgot Password link from the main log in page and follow the prompts.
  2. Complete your Prequalification Application
    • Log in to the Grants Gateway. If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to change your password at the bottom of your Profile page. Enter a new password and click SAVE.
    • Click the Organization(s) link at the top of the page and complete the required fields including selecting the State agency you have the most grants with. This page should be completed in its entirety before you SAVE. A Document Vault link will become available near the top of the page. Click this link to access the main Document Vault page.
    • Answer the questions in the Required Forms and upload Required Documents. This constitutes your Prequalification Application. Optional Documents are not required unless specified in this Request for Proposal.
    • Specific questions about the prequalification process should be referred to your agency representative at or to the Grants Reform Team at
  3. Submit Your Prequalification Application
    • After completing your Prequalification Application, click the Submit Document Vault Link located below the Required Documents section to submit your Prequalification Application for State agency review. Once submitted the status of the Document Vault will change to In Review.
    • If your Prequalification reviewer has questions or requests changes you will receive email notification from the Gateway system.
    • Once your Prequalification Application has been approved, you will receive a Gateway notification that you are now prequalified to do business with New York State.

Vendors are strongly encouraged to begin the process as soon as possible in order to participate in this opportunity.

If you have any questions about prequalification, please go to the Grants Reform website or contact your State agency representative via email at

Last Updated: September 22, 2022