Windows 7 and 10 Screenshots - Extracting a Book

Screenshot 4 - Searching for the Downloads Directory

Search for the Downloads Folder

Screenshot 5 - Select "Extract All"

Screenshot 4 shows the Downloads directory with one BARD book.  The context menu for that file is open and the 'Extract All' option is highlighted.

Right-clicking on the file, or pressing Shift + F10, brings up this menu.

Screenshot 6 - Uncheck "Show extracted files..."

Screenshot 5 shows the 'Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders' dialog box. The checkbox for 'Show extracted files...,' which should not be checked, is highlighted.

In this dialog box, be sure to uncheck "Show extracted files when complete," as shown in the screenshot above.

Screenshot 7 - The Download Directory

Screenshot 7 shows the Downloads directory after the BARD book has been uncompressed, when there are now two files. The uncompressed version is highlighted.

This screenshot shows both the compressed and the uncompressed BARD book in the Downloads directory. The uncompressed version, highlighted above, has the Type "File Folder." (Note: The icons to the left of each book are also slightly different. The icon for the compressed (zipped) book is a yellow folder with a vertical gray line - a zipper - running through it. The icon for the uncompressed book is an also a yellow folder, but it is open and there is no zipper.)

Last Updated: November 21, 2017