NYS Document Depository Program - Current Procedures

Retention of Documents

All members of the depository program are required to retain depository publications for a minimum of five years, except those publications superseded by later editions, replaced by cumulated volumes, or with outdated information.

Substituting Online for Tangible Versions

Depository libraries are permitted to replace tangible versions with online equivalents. It is expected that bibliographic descriptions and Internet hyperlinks will be maintained to the online versions.

Discard Procedures

Program members are free to discard depository materials without consulting the State Library. These materials should not be returned to the State Library. Please contact the State Library before shipping any non-depository New York State documents to us.


New York State Document Depository Program
New York State Library
Cultural Education Center
Albany, New York 12230
(518) 474-3854
Last Updated: December 21, 2017