Registering a Public Library in New York State

IMPORTANT: Please contact your library system's regional liaison at the New York State Library and your public library system when considering the Application for Registration. State Library staff will assist a library in the proper preparation of materials for an Application for Registration.

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Registration of public and association libraries is required by CR 90.1 and CR 90.2 in New York State. Through the registration process a library demonstrates its compliance with Minimum Standards for Public Libraries. Once registered through the New York State Library, State Education Department, a public or association library may legally accept local and state public funds.

Libraries are registered following Regents incorporation by charter. Once registered, each library provides an annual assurance that minimum standards are met through the annual report to the New York State Library.

Application for Library Registration

Minimum Standards for Public Libraries

For more information, please first contact the appropriate State Library Regional Liaison.

Beginning July 15, 2015, libraries will submit the completed "Application for Library Registration" and all accompanying materials by e-mail to:

Adriana Mastroianni
Education Program Assistant

For Further Information

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Last Updated: July 13, 2018 -- asm; for more information, contact your public library system liaison