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Services for Schools and Children

Children may receive TBBL services at home and/or through their school.

Schools in the 55 counties of upstate New York may register to borrow books in braille, audio books on cassette or in digital format, and special talking book players if they have eligible students enrolled. This may include students with certain learning disabilities as well as those with visual or other physical disabilities. Schools may borrow materials for use in the school building. Each school building within a district must register separately with the Talking Book and Braille Library to enable us to keep track of materials on loan.

Books which may be borrowed include fiction and nonfiction, required school reading for literature or other courses (excluding textbooks), and recreational or summer reading.

Schools may contact the Library for an educator's registration and information packet, which includes an application for school service, individual student applications, School Guidelines, information for parents, sources of textbooks in special format, and a sample braille alphabet card. If your school is already registered and you have additional students who are eligible and need talking book library service, please download an individual application for each student by using the link in the "Application Form" section below.

Children (age three and up) and young adults with eligible print disabilities may register and receive free library service at home. Parents may register their eligible child for home service in order to:

  • Encourage reading and improve reading skills.
  • Help the child participate in their public library's summer reading program.
  • Provide help with reading required for school assignments.

Parents may also wish to obtain information on sources of textbooks for their child's required curriculum reading materials.

Download an application for individual service from the link below. The application form is available on line, but it must be printed out and returned to the Library by mail because we require that an original certification signature be kept on file. It cannot be submitted electronically or faxed because an original signature is required.

Alternatively, parents can call or e-mail the Library to request that an application be sent to them.

Phone: (800) 342-3688 or (518) 474-5935

Last Updated: April 8, 2021