BARD Express

BARD Express is now available to all BARD members. BARD Express manages audio materials that users download to their computer and categorizes the materials by books, magazines, read items and unread items for easy sorting. The program also simplifies downloading and transferring talking books to a cartridge or USB drive by providing a button that unzips and transfers the files to an external storage device. It also provides device management options from the main menu.

To get BARD Express, download the software from the Additional Links section of your BARD accountexternal link. If your BARD account has become inactive for a full year and you would like to try out BARD Express, call your Bard Administrator at 800-342-3688 to reactivate your account.

NLS has provided some BARD Express video tutorialsexternal link that can view or listen to.

Last Updated: January 6, 2017