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2004-2007 Research Library Strategic Plan

rev. May 25, 2004


The New York State Library serves the government and people of New York State.


The New York State Library's Research Library meets the information and research needs of present and future generations of New Yorkers by providing convenient access to its extensive resources, services, and staff expertise and by preserving its valuable collections.

Strategic Plan

  1. The Research Library's cultural information and resources will be available and accessible to all people (OCE and Regents Goal 4).  To improve our service to all people, including current customers who visit the Library or who use our online resources and future customers who are not yet aware of our resources, the Library will:

    Initiative 1:  Provide customers with extended hours while maintaining high levels of service.
    • Increase the hours the Library is open to the public.
    • Develop a flexible working schedule for Library staff to provide the extra coverage required by increased hours.

    Initiative 2:  Fully integrate the Research Library's online resources to provide customers with improved access to them.

    • Investigate the potential of data integration, unit collaboration and partnerships with others to provide more seamless access to the wide variety of online resources available from the Library.
    • Improve the content of the Library's online resources.

    Initiative 3:  Promote the Research Library through improved marketing, public relations and outreach efforts.

    • Establish a Marketing/Outreach Office for the Research Library.
    • Provide sufficient staff, resources and management support to maintain an ongoing program that includes outreach, marketing and media relations.
  2. Resources under our care will be securely and professionally maintained for current and long-term use by the people of New York (OCE and Regents Goal 5).  To ensure that the Research Library's collections will be maintained properly and remain accessible, both now and in the future, the Library will:

    Initiative 4:  Explore opportunities for raising funds outside of those provided by New York State government.

    • Develop a program to identify potential sources of outside funding.
    • Procure said funding.
  3. Our work environment will meet high standards (OCE and Regents Goal 6) and Research Library staff will be current with best practices in their fields and increasingly will reflect the diversity of New York (OCE and Regents Goal 3).   To attract, develop and retain excellent and diverse staff members who can provide high-quality service to our customers, the Library will:

    Initiative 5:  Improve internal communication, particularly sharing information among units.

    • Identify types of information to be shared.
    • Find ways to efficiently share information, particularly among units.

    Initiative 6:  Develop new ways to train Library employees, so that expertise is shared and a high level of service is maintained. 

    • Identify ways to enhance the orientation program for new employees.
    • Identify new ways to improve training for current employees.
    • Facilitate sharing of skills and expertise among units.

    Initiative 7:  Improve the opportunities available in the Library for career development.

    • Work to raise salaries.
    • Develop a career ladder.
    • Provide opportunities for promotion.
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