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New York State Museum Memoirs

wildflower image from Memoir 15

The table below is a list of the New York State Museum Memoirs that the NYS Library has made available online as part of its Digital Collection.  The New York State Museum Memoir series began with Memoir 1 in 1889 and was suspended in 1923 with Memoir 16.  The series was renewed in 1968 with Memoir 17.


  • Memoir 25 had not been digitized due to copyright restrictions. 
  • Memoirs published during the last 10 years are not available online from the State Library.

All Museum Memoirs

List of Individual Memoirs

Memoir No. Title Author Date General
1 Development of Some Silurian Brachiopoda Charles E. Beecher and John M. Clarke 1889 Paleontology
2 A Memoir on the Palaeozoic Reticulate Sponges: Constituting the Family Dictyospongidae James Hall and John M. Clarke 1898 Paleontology
3 The Oriskany Fauna of Becraft Mountain, Columbia County, N.Y. John M. Clarke 1900 Paleontology
4 Report of the State Botanist on Edible Fungi of New York 1895-99 Charles H. Peck 1900 Biology
5 Guelph Fauna in the State of New York John M. Clarke and Rudolf Ruedemann 1903 Paleontology
6 Naples Fauna in Western New York (Part 2)  Part 1 is contained in the 16th Annual Report of the New York State Geologist. John M. Clarke 1904 Paleontology
7 Graptolites of New York. Part I: Graptolites of the Lower Beds Rudolf Ruedemann 1904 Paleontology
8 Insects Affecting Park and Woodland Trees  (Part 1 & 2) Ephraim P. Felt 1905-1906 Biology
9 Early Devonic History of New York and Eastern North America (Part 1 & 2) John M. Clarke 1908 - 1909 Paleontology
10 Devonic Fishes of the New York Formations Charles R. Eastman 1907 Paleontology
11 Graptolites of New York. Part 2: Graptolites of the Higher Beds Rudolf Ruedemann 1908 Paleontology
12 Birds of New York (Part 1 & 2) Elon H. Eaton 1910 -1914 Biology
13 Calcites of New York Herbert P. Whitlock 1910 Geology
14 The Eurypterida of New York  
(Part 1 & 2)
John M. Clarke and Rudolf Ruedemann 1912 Paleontology
15 Wild Flowers of New York
(Part 1 & 2)
Homer D. House 1918 Biology
16 The Devonian Crinoids of the State of New York Winifred Goldring 1923 Paleontology
17 Early Middle Ordovician Chazy Trilobites of New York Frederick C. Shaw 1968 Paleontology
18 Origin of Anorthosite and Related Rocks Yngvar W. Isachsen, Editor 1969 Geology
19 Bloodsucking Flies and Other Outdoor Nuisance Arthropods of New York State Hugo Jamnback 1969 Biology
20 Aboriginal Settlement Patterns in the Northeast William A. Ritchie and Robert E. Funk 1973 Anthropology
21 A Study of North American Edrioasteroidea Bruce M. Bell 1974 Paleontology
22 Recent Contributions to Hudson Valley Prehistory Robert E. Funk 1976 Anthropology
23 Franconian Trilobites of New York State Rolf Ludivgsen and Stephen R. Westrop 1983 Paleontology
24 The Inland Fishes of New York State C. Lavett Smith 1985 Biology
25 Archaeological Investigations in the Upper Susquehanna River Valley, New York State (Vol. 1 & 2) Robert E. Funk 1993 Anthropology
26 The Pearly Mussels of New York State David L. Strayer and Kurt J. Jirka 1997 Biology
27 The Motorcycle Industry in New York State: A Concise Encyclopedia of Inventors, Builders, and Manufacturers Geoffrey N. Stein 2001 History
28 A Great Day for Elmira: An Illustrated History of Twentieth-Century Grade Crossing Elimination Projects in Elmira and Elsewhere in New York Geoffrey N. Stein 2009 History
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