Laws of New York State

New York State seal, with the motto 'Excelsior.'

Revised statutes, compilations, consolidations, or codes are synonyms for edited sets of current laws. These edited sets of current laws are generally comprehensive, arranged by subject and can be produced by official or commercial bodies.

The New York State Library has a complete collection of New York State Session Laws from the beginning of statehood to the present in print or microform copy.

Note: Some of the acts that appear in the State Session Laws are not included in the revised statutes or consolidations. For example, "a private act for the relief of a widow" would not be included in the revised statutes.

Listed below are New York State revised statutes/consolidations that have been digitized from volumes in the New York State Library’s collection. As the State Library digitizes other law sets, links to the digital copy will be added to this list.

Laws of the State of New York, 1802: The Laws of the State of New York published in 1802 is a two-volume set that contains selected early statutes and is the first consolidation of local law (county, town, city and village law), banking laws, corporation (turnpikes and toll bridges) law, navigation law, etc.  This set is commonly known as the "Kent and Radcliff Revision"; James Kent and Jacob Radcliff were judges of the NYS Supreme Court at the time.

Laws of the State of New York, 1807: The text of the 1807 edition is almost the same as the 1802 version; some errors in text and binding were corrected in the 1807 edition.

Revised Statutes of the State of New-York, 1829: This three-volume set includes the statutes passed during 1827 and 1828, as well as former acts which had not been revised.  The Articles of Confederation, the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of New York State are included in volume one of this set.

Revised Statutes of the State of New York, 1882: This two-volume set, the seventh edition of revised statutes, was the first of two commercially published editions edited by Montgomery H. Throop.  Montgomery Throop was the grandson of Governor Enos T. Throop and a member of the New York State Statutory Revision Commission from 1870-1878. This set includes statutes in force passed from the year 1778 to the close of the Legislative session of 1881, together with statutes as altered by subsequent legislation.  Annotations, explanations and references to judicial decisions are also included.

Consolidated Laws of the State of New York, Official Edition of 1909: Compiled by the Board of Statutory Consolidation in 1909 and 1910.  Adolph J. Rodenbeck was chairman of the Board. Volumes include:

  • v.1 Agriculture law to education law;
  • v.2 Election law to insanity law;
  • v.3 Insurance law to partnership law;
  • v.4 Penal law to real property law;
  • v.5 Religious corporations law to village law;
  • v.6 Statutory record;
  • v.7 Index;
  • v.8 Education law;
  • v.9 Public service commissions law and railroad law.

The titles listed above are also available in print or microform at the NYSL for use onsite or for loan, depending upon condition and location code. Other materials relating to New York State laws can be found by searching the NYS library's online catalog. For more information, contact the Reference Desk at 518-474-5355 or via email, or see the Digital Collections FAQ.

Last Updated: June 29, 2021