Seventh Floor Exhibits

Current Exhibit:

census 2020 icon

March 2020

230 Years and Counting: The United States Census


Past Exhibits:

antique portrait of African American woman

February 2020

African-American History Books



Jazzmania illustration, band and dancers

January 2020

The Roaring Twenties Revisited


Closeup photo of old fashioned lightbulb

December 2019

Electricity! Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, Steinmetz, and General Electric


The Ducth Today book cover

November 2019

Historical and Genealogical Books Donated by the Holland Society


Claude's Doom dime novel cover

October 2019

Dime Novels


NYS Travel Guide book cover

September 2019

New York State Landmarks


Boock cover Woodstock Dream

August 2019

Remembering Woodstock


Apollo 11 mission patch, showing a bald eagle landing on the moon

July 2019

"The Eagle has Landed" (50th Anniversary of Apollo 11)


magazine cover: Asia (May 1925), with an image of two white monkeys against a blue background

June 2019

Asia Magazine


Postcard: Thor's Hammer at the Grand Canyon, Arizona (circa 1915)

May 2019

National Parks

dog and cat images from zine and magazine covers in the exhibit

April 2019

Reigning Cats and Dogs

book: The Story of the Dulcimer

March 2019

Dulcimers and Folk Music Books

musical score: Stormy Weather

February 2019

Black History Month: Notable New Yorkers

book: American Boy's Life of Theodore Roosevelt

January 2019

Theodore Roosevelt in NY

Books opened to show marbled andpapers and NYSL bookplates

December 2018

NYS Library Bicentennial Farewell

book: Army Song Book

November 2018

Federal Documents

portrait of a young man in red pants and a white shirt

October 2018

Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Art Books

illustration of Pennock apples

September 2018

The Fruits of New York

Illustration of Gulliver among the Lilliputians, from Gulliver's Travels

August 2018

What Are You Reading This Summer?/The Great American Read

brochure: How to Identify Giant Hogweed

July 2018

Invasive Species Awareness 2018

Aquaman comic book, issue 4

June 2018

Comic Books at the State Library?!?!

part of an 1887 illustration of immigrants on an ocean steamer passing the Statue of Liberty

May 2018

A Nation of Immigrants

Melville Dewey, NY State Librarian 1888-1905

April 2018

The Noble Library: 200 Years of Knowledge, Heritage and History at the New York State Library

Mary Shelley, from a miniature by Reginald Easton (Bodleian Library, Oxford)

March 29-April 2, 2018

Mary Shelley's Monster Turns 200

Dedication page from The Book of the First American Chess Congress (1859)

March 2018

Chess Books

How to Use the Patent Collection of the NYS Library

February 2018

Patent and Trademark Research at the NYS Library

Living the Dream: Let Freedom Ring! (poster)

January 2018

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

bookplate of Fletcher and Maude Battershall

December 2017


Detail of canal map and guide

November 2017

The Erie Canal by the book, pamphlet, brochure, map and picture

three images from the covers of baseball books

October 2017

Baseball Books

September 2017

Constitution Day

Millinery Trade Review (August 1924), from the exhibit on fashion magazines

August 2017

Fashion Magazines

Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants, from the exhibit on invasive species

July 2017

Invasive Species

Illustration of two soldiers, one in a kilt, from 'Songs from the Trenches.'

June 2017

World War I Poetry

U.S. Marines WWI recruiting poster: They call them devil-hounds, but they are simply hounding the devil. Our Marines.

May 2017

World War I Posters

Festival clematis, from a patent filed in 2012

April 2017

Plant Patents from NYS Inventors

Magazine cover from The Woman Citizen after the 19th amendment passed

March 2017

Women's Suffrage

Book cover from the display -- Know Your Presidents: Washington to Roosevelt

February 2017

Presidents in Print...from George Washington to Donald Trump

Sheet music: Remember Pearl Harbor

December 2016

75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Cover of Braille Book Review, from the November exhibit.

November 2016

History of Talking Book and Braille Resources

Cover of Iroquois Voices, Iroquois Visions: A Celebration of Contemporary Six Nations Art.

October 2016

Iroquois Art and Artists

portion of New York's 1788 copy of the U.S. Constitution

September 2016

U.S. Constitution

Japanese print from the exhibit

August 2016

Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints

August 1938 cover of Fortune magazine

July 2016

Fortune Magazine

Cover of Factsheet 5, isse 56

April 2016

Zines and Fringe Cultures: The Factsheet Five Collection

Folk musician Jean Ritchie, with two Appalachian dulcimers

March 2016

Jean Ritchie in New York

patent diagram of a nailing device

February 2016

Black History Month: African-American Inventors

Cover from the 'Book of Beetles,' one of the titles on display in January.

January 2016

New Books

Book cover from an 1888 version of 'A Visit of St. Nicholas.'

December 2015

Revisiting "A Visit from St. Nicholas"

part of a print of the caloric ship Ericsson (digitally altered)

November 2015

Maritime and Marine Art

book covers from the exhibit of new titles

October 2015

New Books

Section of 'Chronological Chart of Ancient, Modern and Biblical History' from the Ancient Egypt display

September 2015

Ancient Egypt

Cover of one of the books on social studies education in the August exhibit.

August 2015

Social Studies Educational Resources

NASA photo of the Challenger STS-6 launch

June-July 2015

Space Travel

poster for National Inventors' Month

May 2015

Capital Region Inventors

Image of a monarch butterfly, from the cover of The Conservationist.

April 2015

Environmental Protection and Conservation

New books on display in the NYS Library.

March 2015

New Books

poster: Racism Chains All

February 2015

Black History Month

drawings of shaker buildings

November 2014 - January 2015

Education and Schools among the Shakers in New York State

illustration of parrots from 'Birds of Australia,' one of the books on exhibit

September-October 2014

Birds Down Under

Cover of a guide to the 1964 World's Fair

July-August 2014

Welcome to the Fair!
The 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs in New York City

Book cover: Blacks in the United States Army: Portraits through History

May-June 2014

Our Colored Heroes: Black Patriots in an Age of Intolerance

Cover of 'Living on a Little,' one of the cookbooks in the exhibit.

January-February 2014


Cover of 'The Thousand days,' one of the books about John F. Kennedy in the exhibit.

November-December 2013

Dallas, 11/22/63: 50 Years Later

Poster from the exhibit

October 2013

Monsters of the Stacks: Bigfoot and Beyond

Cover of Life Magazine, featuring the March on Wasington

August-September 2013

March on Washington, 1963 (Commemorating the 50th anniversary)

Illustration from 'The Lost Merry-GoRound,' from the children's literature exhibit.

July 2013

Children's Literature in New York

Cover from Sunset magazine, part of the June 2013 exhibit on the seventh floor.

June 2013

Sunset Magazine

Robert Livingston, one of the men who played a key role in drafting New York's first constitution.

April-May 2013

New York Constitutional Conventions

Cover image from the 'Industrial Bulletin,' part of the Women Make History exhibit.

March 2013

Women Make History

'Ski New York' winter tourism poster.

January/February 2013

New York State Winter Wonderland

Cover of sheet music for 'Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.'"

December 2012

Music for the Season

Part of page two of the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.

Fall 2012

"With the President's Permission..."
New York Acquires the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

Ad with the image of a bulldog from an issue of the trade journal 'Tide.'

August to mid-September 2012

The Tide of Advertising and Marketing

Part of an Earth Science exam from 1979, showing a question about a volcanic eruption.

June-July 2012

Regents Exams

Part of an illustration from the National Police Gazette depicting a shooting.

May 2012

National Police Gazette

Cover of sheet music for a composition called 'The Wreck of the Titanic.'

April 2012

Titanic Centennial

Adirondacks poster

March 2012


Cover of 'the African-American Inventor Series.'

February 2012

African-American Inventors


section of a rebus puzzle letter

January 2012

Rebus Puzzles


Cover from the December 1926 issue of the magazine The Modern Priscilla.

December 2011

The Modern Priscilla - vintage magazine covers


New York State Fair poster

August 2011

New York State Fair


Collier's magazine cover

July 2011

Vintage Collier's Magazine Covers


Poster of teacher with two students, labelled 'The Teacher serves the nation in war - in peace.'

June 2011

World War II Poster Exhibit

Colored illustration of an orange lily.

May 2011

Botanical Plates from North American Wild Flowers

Capitol building on fire, 1911.

March - April, 2011

1911 - The Capitol Fire and the Burning of the New York State Library

Poster advertising the book 'The Beasts of Tarzan' by Edgr Rice Burroughs.

January-February 2011

Books About Posters and Posters About Books

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