New York State Newspapers on Microfilm

General Information

Members of the general public are welcome to use the New York State Library's collections on site during regular library hours. The State Library also loans its newspapers on microfilm (except for The New York Times) but other libraries may not. Inclusion in our statewide listings does not imply nor insure access. It is advised to contact these libraries before visiting or initiating requests.

Borrowing Microfilm

Newspapers on microfilm may be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan, with a limit of five consecutive reels per title per request. Newspapers in paper format may be used at the State Library if condition permits. Many newspapers in paper format are stored in another building. Users must request them one workday in advance of use. Visit Interlibrary Loan for details.

Purchasing Microfilm

Microfilm copies of the Library's roll microfilm materials may be requested through Reference Services.

Donating Microfilm

Vault Storage and Unrestricted Donations of NYS Newspaper on Microfilm

Last Updated: August 3, 2021