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Dundee expositor.
Published 1867-1870 : Weekly. OCLC 09745122
Dundee observer (Dundee, N.Y. : 1878)
Published 1878-1969 : Weekly. OCLC 10720395
Continued by: Viewpoint Finger Lakes.
Dundee observer (Dundee, N.Y. : 1971)
Published 1971-9999 : Weekly. OCLC 14121206
Continues: Viewpoint Finger Lakes.
Dundee record.
Published 1844-1uuu : Weekly. OCLC 09746191
Dundee telegraph.
Published 1871-18uu : Weekly. OCLC 22300802
Home advocate (Dundee, N.Y.)
Published 1890-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 22300694
Viewpoint Finger Lakes.
Published 1969-1971 : Weekly. OCLC 11065475
Continues: Dundee observer (Dundee, N.Y. : 1878)
Continued by: Dundee observer (Dundee, N.Y. : 1971)

Italy Hollow

Sentinel (Italy Hollow, N.Y.)
Published 1870-1uuu : Monthly. OCLC 18775805

Penn Yan

Bunker Hill club.
Published 1840-1841 : Weekly. OCLC 12847408
Chronicle-express (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Published 1926-9999 : Weekly. OCLC 11048387
Continues: Penn Yan express. AND Yates County chronicle.
Chronicle (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Published 188u-1uuu : Semiweekly. OCLC 21390425
Clinton Street news.
Published 1936-19uu : Semimonthly. OCLC 22213559
Daily chronicle (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Published 1876-1uuu : Daily. OCLC 21390550
Daily news (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Published 1900-19uu : Daily. OCLC 21387687
Democratic Whig (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Published 1837-1839 : Weekly. OCLC 22213616
Continues: Western star (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Continued by: Yates County Whig.
Lake Keuka waftings.
Published 1892-1uuu : Weekly. OCLC 22213752
Liberalist (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Published 1831-18uu : Weekly. OCLC 22213701
Middlesex Valley chronicle.
Published 1893-1893 : Weekly. OCLC 22300845
Penn Yan courier.
Published 1947-1949 : Weekly. OCLC 10930225
Continues: Penn-Yan Democrat.
Penn Yan daily record.
Published 1898-1uuu : Daily. OCLC 22213840
Penn Yan daily telegraph.
Published 1846-1847 : Daily. OCLC 22213805
Continued by: Penn-Yan telegraph.
Penn-Yan Democrat.
Published 1822-1947 : Weekly. OCLC 09941045
Continues: The Penn-Yan herald.
Continued by: Penn Yan courier.
The Penn-Yan enquirer.
Published 1831-183u : Weekly. OCLC 15533239
Continues: Yates Republican.
Penn Yan express.
Published 1866-1926 : Weekly. OCLC 09940326
Continued by: Yates County chronicle. AND Chronicle-express (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
The Penn-Yan herald.
Published 1818-1822 : Weekly. OCLC 12847673
Continued by: Penn-Yan Democrat.
Penn Yan merchants' store news.
Published 1914-1914 : Monthly. OCLC 23086291
Continued by: The Yates County store news.
Penn-Yan telegraph.
Published 1847-1847 : Three times a week. OCLC 21403160
Continues: Penn Yan daily telegraph.
Rushville chronicle and Gorham new age.
Published 1915-1926 : Weekly. OCLC 10930086
Continues: The Rushville chronicle. AND New age (Gorham, N.Y.)
Continued by: Yates County chronicle. AND Chronicle-express (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Third degree (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Published 1908-19uu : Daily. OCLC 22214093
Western star (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Published 1832-1837 : Weekly. OCLC 11360244
Continued by: Democratic Whig (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Yates County chronicle.
Published 1856-1926 : Weekly. OCLC 09940099
Continues: Yates County Whig.
Continued by: Rushville chronicle and Gorham new age. AND Penn Yan express.
Yates County news.
Published 1923-1926 : Weekly. OCLC 22213911
Yates County Republican.
Published 1855-1uuu : Weekly. OCLC 21390490
The Yates County store news.
Published 1915-19uu : Monthly. OCLC 22213996
Continues: Penn Yan merchants' store news.
Yates County Whig.
Published 1839-1855 : Weekly. OCLC 09978451
Continues: Democratic Whig (Penn Yan, N.Y.)
Continued by: Yates County chronicle.
Yates Republican.
Published 1824-1831 : Weekly. OCLC 12847476
Continued by: The Penn-Yan enquirer.