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Baldwin Place

The Elephant.
Published 1978-uuuu : Weekly. OCLC 56829401


Brewster Democrat.
Published 18uu-uuuu : Unknown. OCLC 52497612
The Brewster standard.
Published 1869-9999 : Weekly. OCLC 11192461
Continues: The Putnam County standard.
The Putnam County standard.
Published 1871-1882 : Weekly. OCLC 09735488
The Putnam County times & Republican.
Published 19uu-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 26529721
Putnam County times (Brewster, N.Y.)
Published 19uu-9999 : Weekly. OCLC 26529722


Democratic courier (Carmel, N.Y.)
Published 1849-1851 : Weekly. OCLC 17963444
Continues: Putnam Democrat (Carmel, N.Y.)
Continued by: Putnam County courier (Carmel, N.Y. : 1852)
Free press. And Putnam County local record.
Published 186u-1868 : Weekly. OCLC 16348317
Continues: Putnam free press.
Continued by: Gleneida monitor.
Gleneida monitor.
Published 1868-1870 : Weekly. OCLC 09990524
Published unknown : Frequency unknown . OCLC unknown
Putnam Co. Republican.
Published 1880-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 09988415
Continues: The Putnam County monitor.
Continued by: The Putnam County press.
Putnam County courier (Carmel, N.Y. : 1852)
Published 1852-1993 : Weekly. OCLC 09988383
Continues: Democratic courier (Carmel, N.Y.)
Continued by: Putnam trader (Carmel, N.Y.) AND Putnam courier-trader.
Putnam County courier (Carmel, N.Y. : 1998)
Published 1998-9999 : Weekly. OCLC 39707868
Continues: Putnam courier-trader.
The Putnam County monitor.
Published 1870-1880 : Weekly. OCLC 09988131
Continues: Gleneida monitor.
Continued by: Putnam Co. Republican.
Putnam County times (Carmel, N.Y.)
Published 1949-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 26272222
Continued by: The Putnam County press.
Putnam courier-trader.
Published 1993-1998 : Weekly. OCLC 28388800
Continues: Putnam County courier (Carmel, N.Y. : 1852)
Continued by: Putnam County courier (Carmel, N.Y. : 1998)
Putnam democrat (Carmel, N.Y.)
Published 184u-1849 : Weekly. OCLC 09977920
Continued by: Democratic courier (Carmel, N.Y.)
Putnam free press.
Published 1858-186u : Weekly. OCLC 09993001
Putnam spectator.
Published 1823-1824 : Weekly. OCLC 09992983
Putnam trader (Carmel, N.Y.)
Published 1987-1993 : Weekly. OCLC 26271161
Continued by: Patent trader. AND Putnam County courier (Carmel, N.Y. : 1852)

Cold Spring

Cold spring journal.
Published 1855-1856 : Weekly. OCLC 11221408
The Cold Spring recorder.
Published 1866-1937 : Weekly. OCLC 09988154
Continued by: The Putnam County news. AND News recorder (Cold Spring, N.Y.)
The Hudson, Putnam and Harlem Valley news.
Published 1933-1933 : Weekly. OCLC 26288163
Continued by: The Putnam County news.
News recorder (Cold Spring, N.Y.)
Published 1937-1938 : Weekly. OCLC 25563307
Continues: The Putnam County news. AND The Cold Spring recorder.
Continued by: Putnam County news and recorder.
The Philipstown news.
Published 1uuu-19uu : Unknown. OCLC 26279944
The Philipstown times.
Published 194u-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 26288320
The Putnam County news.
Published 1933-1937 : Weekly. OCLC 25563234
Continued by: The Cold Spring recorder. AND News recorder (Cold Spring, N.Y.)
Putnam County news and recorder.
Published 1938-9999 : Weekly. OCLC 25563341
Continues: News recorder (Cold Spring, N.Y.)
Putnam County reporter.
Published 1931-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 26287891


Highlander (Garrison, N.Y.)
Published 1873-1uuu : Unknown. OCLC 26287762


Lake Mahopac herald.
Published 187u-1uuu : Weekly. OCLC 26529266
The Mahopac Mercury.
Published 1932-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 10028243
Continued by: The Putnam County press.
The Putnam County press.
Published 1858-9999 : Weekly. OCLC 13512722
Continues: The Mahopac Mercury. AND Putnam Co. Republican.
Putnam independent.
Published 195u-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 26273416
Putnam review (Mahopac, N.Y.)
Published 1968-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 26288453


Putnam Valley Press.
Published 1931-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 26618265


Patterson weekly news.
Published 1901-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 09946649
Continued by: Pawling-Patterson news.


The Highlands lookout.
Published 1968-1969 : Weekly. OCLC 26288507

Putnam Lake

The Putnam times.
Published 193u-19uu : Monthly. OCLC 26529380

Putnam Valley

Community current.
Published 1977-1990 : Weekly. OCLC 26272262
Putnam Valley news.
Published 19uu-19uu : Unknown. OCLC 26618681
Putnam Valley post.
Published 1947-19uu : Monthly. OCLC 26618652

Tompkins Corners

The Post of Putnam Valley.
Published 1931-19uu : Weekly. OCLC 26618371