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Procedures for NYS Agencies

The NYS Library retains three print copies of all New York State Documents. One preservation copy does not circulate, and two copies are made available for public use. The NYS Library sends one copy to the Library of Congress and, through the Documents Depository Program, distributes print materials to participating libraries free of charge where enough copies are available

Depositing Electronic Items

  • The NYS Library accepts electronic copies of NYS agency publications that were published within the last five years. The Library is not accepting digital copies of items published more than five years ago.
  • Acceptable formats include TIFF and PDF (PDF/A if available).
  • Submit digital items using the NYS Library's Deposit NYS Publications form.

Depositing Tangible Items

Send print publications to:

Government Documents Unit
New York State Library
Cultural Education Center - 6th Floor
222 Madison Avenue
Albany, NY 12230

Number of Copies to Deposit

  • For all documents issued to the public, the Unit requests 17 tangible copies + 1 electronic copy OR 18 tangible copies if no electronic is available.
  • If that number of copies is not available or is prohibitively expensive to produce, contact the Government Documents Unit by email:
  • For documents only issued electronically, 1 electronic copy.

For more information about the responsibility of the NYS Library and NYS Agencies, review the Printing & Public Documents Law.

A copy of this law is available on the NYS Senate websiteexternal link.

Last Updated: January 28, 2022