Opened to the public in November 2010, the New Netherland Research Center (NNRC) is located in the New York State Research Library. It provides a permanent location where students, educators, scholars, and researchers worldwide can access translations of early Dutch colonial manuscripts and a vast library of early documents, books, and reference works that tell the fascinating story of the Dutch global reach during the American colonial period and its lasting impact on today’s world. Researchers can discover this important chapter in American history: its legacy of cultural traditions; its qualities of tolerance, diversity, and entrepreneurship; and the tradition of a dynamic role for women. Through the NNRC, work begun by the Project is being expanded to encompass materials in collections around the globe.


The New Netherland Research Center offers:

  • Access by researchers, students, educators, and the general public to original source materials and translations of early Dutch documents and other resources of the Office of Cultural Education and other academic and research organizations related to New Netherland.
  • Collaborative opportunities, including programs, shared collections, publication partnerships, with academic institutions and other organizations.
  • Research and consulting services and support for those writing books, articles and dissertations related to New Netherland.
  • Fellowships and course-related experiences in partnership with academic and other research institutions in the study of the Dutch history of Colonial America.
  • Support for the New York State Education Department's P-16 efforts to promote the Dutch role in American colonial history, increasing awareness of the Dutch influence on our heritage among teachers and other educators.
Last Updated: July 6, 2021