John Pell
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Scope and Content Note:

A collection of facsimile documents ranging from a letter from Captain John Davys to Secretary Walsingham concerning his discovery of the Northwest Passage to  a large number of documents concerning John Pell mostly dating from the seventeenth century. A single letter, dated 1805, is from Benjamin Pell to Asa Aldis. A majority of the material was copied from records at the British Museum.

Item Contents
1 Capt. John Davys to Mr. Secretary Walsingham concerning his discovery of a North West Passage, October 3, 1535. (B.M., Lansdowne MSS, 46: art. 21)
2 (a) William Raymond to John Pell, relating to a loan of books and papers, December 13, 1650; and (b) answer, Breda, December 14/24. ("Pell Papers" - B.M., Lansdowne MSS, 752:62)
3 John Pell, petition for a pass back to Flanders where he has been teaching in the University of Breda, (1652?). ("Pell Papers" - B.M., Lansdowne MSS, 752:72)
4 John Pell, petition to Oliver, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, for salary and a house, and memorandum of the secretary referring petition for investigation, January 25, 1653. ("Pell Papers" - B.M., Lansdowne MSS, 752:85)
5 John Pell to Henry Lawrence, Lord President of the Council, on official matters, Zurich, August 21/31, 1856. (B.M., Lansdowne MSS, 746:4)
6 W. Thurloe to John Pell, concerning his recall to England, Whitehall, May 6, 1658. ("Pell Papers" - B.M., Lansdowne MSS, 754:398)
7 Oliver [Cromwell] recalling John Pell, Resident diplomatic representative, with the Protestant Cantons of Switzerland, Whitehall, May 6, 1658. (B.M., Lansdowne MSS, 754:400)
8 Switzerland. Address of the Ambassadors of the four Protestant Cantons to John Pell, Resident (diplomatic representative of England, Baden, July 2, 1658. Superscription on separate print. ("Pell Papers" - B.M., Lansdowne MSS, 754:454)
9 (a) John Pell, certificate concerning the character of Jane Wood, Fobbing, Essex, March 10, 1661. (B.M., Sloan MSS, 4280:146); (b) Wm. Owtram and John Greene, certificate that John Pell had received the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper according to the custom of the Church of England, May 18, 1673; (c) Wm. Batchilder and Richard Whittakers, similar certificate and (d) Statement that (b) and (c) were used in Court of Chancery, June 11, 1673. (B.M., Sloan MSS, 4280:324)
10 John Pell and Rachel, his wife, to Jacob Leisler, deed for land in the Manor of Pelham, September 20, 1689. ("Deed found in New Rochelle in 1911 and now in the Public Library.")
11 Appraisal of estate of Lewis Morris, signed by P.V. Cortlandt, N. Bayard, John Pell and Wm. Richardson. Exhibited by Lewis Morris, administrator, February 17, 1691. (Original owned by Lewis S. Morris, 25 Liberty Street, New York City)
12 Benj. Pell and Son to Asa Aldis, Esq., Burlington, August 21, 1805.
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