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Rufus Alexander Grider
Albums, 1886-1900


Quantity: 9 volumes (boxes) ; 3 cubic feet
Access: Restricted: stores in the vault; viewing the original documents requires making special arrangements through Manuscripts and Special Collections
Acquisition: Purchased by the New York State Library, October 4, 1941 from William P. White of Clinton, N.Y. with money from the Gotshall Fund. See provenance note for further information.
Processed By: Elizabeth Shaver, Volunteer, May 1991; revised by Vicki Weiss, August 2006.

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Rufus A. Grider
Rufus A. Grider, from the title page of volume IV,
First Commercial Highways of the State of New York.

Biographical Note:

Rufus Alexander Grider was born April 13, 1817, in Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a town founded by members of the Moravian Congregation in 1756. Grider's ancestors came from Switzerland and Grider was confirmed in the Moravian Church. He graduated from John Beck's School for Boys in Lititz.

Grider married Elizabeth Skirving of Germantown, Pennsylvania, October 20, 1863 (or October 13, 1864); they had two daughters: Amy (born ca. 1865), who married James H. Sammons of Canajoharie, and Margaret (Margaretta S., born ca. 1868). Elizabeth Grider died March 12, 1875.

Census records show the Griders lived in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania from 1870 to 1883, when he moved to Canajoharie, Montgomery County, New York. He taught art at the Canajoharie Academy (replaced on the site in 1892 by the West Hill School) until his retirement in 1898.

Rufus Grider died February 7, 1900. He was survived by a brother, Lawrence, of Cadiz, Ohio, and a sister, Mrs. Adeline Fett, of Lititz.

Provenance Note

The Rufus Alexander Grider albums of his pen-and-ink sketches and watercolors were acquired by the New York State Library in October 1941 by special funds made available through the bequest of the late William Charles Gotshall. Before coming to this repository most written accounts indicate that upon Grider's death in 1900, his albums "fell into the hands" of an Albany (N.Y.) dealer in rare books who sold them to W. Pierrepont White of Utica, New York. On the latter's death, his wife and sons offered them to the State Library.

winter scene showing the old fort
"The OLD FORT from the west, showing the CREEK,
taken from the E. window of the W.hill Schoolhouse, in Jany.
1887 by Rufus Alexr. Grider of Canajoharie, N.Y."

Scope and Content Note:

Rufus A. Grider's artistic endeavors of places and objects related to New York State history began in August 1886, while sketching the buildings erected by Sir William Johnson at Johnstown, Fulton County, New York; this is when he said that he first came up with the idea of making a "collection of pictures of old and new & curious objects possessed by inhabitants" of the Mohawk Valley. He decided he could also draw objects that "formerly existed" if he could find individuals who could "describe the objects & recognise [sic] them when drawn or restored to view."

Initially he drew views of buildings and landscapes, then Indian relics and finally "any object suited for illustration," including documents, which he "copied by tracing, making a coplete [sic] duplicate of the original".

From 1886 to about 1900, whenever his "school duties allowed," Grider traveled up and down the Mohawk Valley, with occasional excursions to the Cherry and Schoharie valleys and Lake George and Lake Champlain, in search of historic buildings, battlefields, the sites of ancient forts, the relics of Indians and early settlers, all of which he drew or copied and then arranged – with explanatory notes – on pages of albums.

In the October 1, 1888 preface to Volume I, Grider states the object of his work was twofold: "to preserve the memory of very many interesting objects of this locality – which might otherwise be lost – and 2d, for the pleasure such researches gave me, the greater the difficulty of solving a mystery, the greater the interest".

By the time of Grider's death in 1900,  he had compiled nine volumes containing 1,041 pieces, including 623 water color sketches, 42 water color portraits, 169 tracings of manuscripts, 81 original engravings, seven original manuscripts, 71 tracings of maps and plans, 23 photographs and 25 water color drawings of powder horns. The first five volumes are devoted primarily to the history of the Mohawk Valley region of New Yew York State. The first three include a potpourri of images that include historic buildings and structures, natural features, early family records and historical documents, and Indian artifacts; the fourth devoted to the first commercial highways of the state, including the rivers, canals and turnpikes, and the fifth, with text as well as pictures, telling the story of the invasion of the Mohawk and the Schoharie valleys by Sir John Johnson and his Indians and Tories in 1780. Volume six contains material on Fort Ticonderoga, Lake Champlain, Lake George and other parts of the state, while volume seven is devoted entirely to the Cherry Valley, and volume eight, to the Schoharie Valley. The ninth volume contains text and illustrations devoted to the Continental Road built by General Sullivan's army between the Mohawk River and Otsego Lake in 1779 during the expedition that destroyed the settlements and crops Iroquois Indians in central and western New York.

The text of the title pages of the nine volumes are as follows:

Volume I: A Collection of Illustrations of Historic Matter Consisting of Tracings of Documents, and Pictures of Curios, &. &. Collected Principally in the Mohawk Valley, A.D. 1886 & 1887 by Rufus Alex'r Grider, of Canajoharie, N.Y.

[Volume II]: A Collection of Historic Matter Relating Principally to the Mohawk Valley, Being the Second of a Series Made by Rufus A. Grider of Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., N.Y., 1889.

[Volume III]: A Collection of Illustrations of Historic Matter Consisting of Tracings of Documents, of Pictures, of Restorations, Curios, Portraits, & &. Relating to the Mohawk Valley, Gathered Mostly During the Years 1889 to 1897. It Is Not a History, But Consists of Material Suitable for Illustration and Which, It Was Thought, Should Be Preserved. This Volume Is the Third of the Mohawk Series, Soon to Be Followed by a Fourth – Illustrating the Great Invasion in the Years 1780 by Sir John Johnson. Collected & Drawn by Rufus A. Grider of Canajoharie, N.Y. [Dated]: March 10th, 1897.

[Volume IV]: First Commercial Highways of the State of New York by Rufus A. Grider..

[Volume V]: The Invasion of the Schoharie and Mohawk Valleys by Sir John Johnson in 1780 by Rufus A. Grider

[Volume VI – no title page]

[Volume VII]: A Collection of Historic Matter Relating Mostly to Cherry Valley, Otsego County, N.Y. Made in the Year 1888 Being the Fourth of a Series Made by Rufus A. Grider of Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York.

There is a discrepancy as to whether this is Volume IV or Volume VII. The date and the reference "fourth in a series" seems to indicate this volume should be Volume IV. However, provenance suggests the volume became Volume VII.

[Volume VIII]: Illustrated Collections, New and Old, Made in 1887 & 1888 by Rufus A. Grider of Canajoharie, N.Y., Embracing Principally Matter Relating to Schoharie County, State of New York. (Begun July 29, 1887. Completed Sept. 18, 1888)

An article by R.W.G. Vail on the items in Volume VIII appeared in the Quarterly Bulletin published by the Schoharie County Historical Society in January 1944 (pages 6-16). The article was basically the same as the one that originally had been published in the 125th Annual Report of the New York State Library. The article prefaced descriptions of the images in Volume VIII that are more detailed than the item-number descriptions provided in this finding aid. A copy of the article is appended to the paper copy of the finding aid available in the reading room of the Manuscripts and Special Collections unit of the New York State Library.

[Volume IX – no title page]

Prefatory information in volumes II and IV refer to "a collection of over 100 colored pictures of powder horns ... with notes relating where & by whom used in war time & views of the places where made or used. This latter collection seems to be the only one known to exist & has excited the attention of many antiquarians as an entirely new idea. Should these books be separated, the foregoing explains how they follow & that each vol. is complete in itself." A penciled note signed R.W.B. Vail on the preface for Volume II states: "The powder horn collection is now in New York Historical Society and a partial duplicate (?) collection in Worcester (Mass.) Historical Society".

Several of the nine volumes have hand-lettered indexes. The item list compiled by the New York State Library for the collection was an embellishment of the original indexes.

Vol Description Item Numbers
Autographs or signatures  54, 57, 67, 68, 100 
Battle markers, Stone Arabia  82, 85 
Bellinger, Col. Peter  55 
Brant, John, portrait  91 
Brant, Joseph, portrait  87 
Brewster, Dr. Oliver, portrait  88 
British Corners, old house  51 
British officer's red coat  89 ¼ 
Brown, Col., Monument  86 
Butler homestead, during Revolution  20 
Butler homestead, 1886  20 
Butler Rangers cockade  20 
Canajoharie, roads & ferry  99 
Castle Church, Danube  50 ½ 
Caughnawaga Stone Church  23, 83 
Caughnawaga church bell  24 
Caughnawaga old store/tavern  25 
Caughnawaga old dwelling  26 
Certification of Oriskany wounded  55 
Comforture (used to light pipes) at Caughnawaga  26 
Christie's Rift, from south  70 
Christie's Rift, from north  71 
Coat, British officer  89 ¼ 
Cook, Casper, portrait  88 
Court House, Herkimer County  50 ½ 
Dievendorf, Jacob, portrait  87 
Ehle (Oel), John Jacob, history  30 
Ehle (Oel), John Jacob, ordination  32 
Ehle (Oel), John Jacob, translation  33 
Ferry, Canajoharie  99 
Fort Ehle  27, 28 
Fort Ehle, fireplace  29 
Fort Ehle, history  30 
Fort Failing  82 
Fort Herkimer, church, 1767  49 
Fort Herkimer, church pulpit  49 ½  
Fort Herkimer, plan, 1756  37, 50 5/8 
Fort Herkimer, church history  50, 90 
Fort Herkimer, church construction  50 
Fort Herkimer, church, 1888  50 ½ 
Fort Herkimer, petition for money  50 ¾ 
Fort Johnson or Aiken, 1886  16, 17, 18 
Fort Kayser, as remembered  74 
Fort Kayser, construction and occupants  75 
Fort Kayser, north & east views  80 
Fort Klock (St. Johnsville), 1886 
Fort Paris, site of  72, 73 
Fort Paris, blockhouse  77 
Fort Paris, from distance  77 
Fort Plain, plan  38 
Fort Plain, monuments  39 
Fort Plain, site from railroad  41 
Fort Plain, church & parsonage  39 
Fort Plain, monuments, 1886  39 
Fort Plain, from railroad  41 
Fort Plain, site from valley  42 
Fort Plain, appearance and construction  42 ¼ 
Fort Plain, from Lipe farm  43 
Fort Stanwix, plan of  59 (oversize) 
Fort Van Rensselaer, print and history 
Fort Van Rensselaer, & Episcopal Church 
Fort Van Rensselaer, photo, 1888 
Fort Van Rensselaer, as a ruin  6, 7 
Forts on Mohawk & north, names and dates  42 ½ 
Fox, Peter C., document, 1832  101 
Frey Fort, view & history  45, 46 
Frey Fort, from Canajoharie  44 1/22 
Frey Fort, port hole block  44 
Frey Mansion mantel  44 ¼ 
Fuller, Truman  81 
Gansevoort, Gen. Peter, portrait & signature  89 
Garoga Lake  66 ½ 
Genealogy, Klock  35 
Genealogy, Silvernail  79 
Genealogy, Van Alstine 
German names & translations  50 7/8 
German Reformed Church at German Flats, 1886  48 
Ginseng  98 ¼ 
Herkimer, General, residence  50 ½, 52 
Herkimer, homestead  50 5/8 
Herkimer, portrait and biography  53 
Herkimer County History, title page  50 ½ 
Herkimer, Fort  37, 50 5/8 
Indian Castle Church, early  21 
Indian Castle Church, 1886  21 
Indian Castle Church, views  22 
Indian baby frame, canoe, etc.  96 
Indian hatchets  86 
Indian names, meaning & English  19 
Indian picture writing  94, 95, 97 
Indian pipe, green soapstone  47 ¾ 
Indian pipes  47 ¾, 101 
Indian relics  97, 102 
Indian seal  9 ½ (oversize) 
Indian signatures  96, 97 
Johnson, John, night camp, 1780  82 
Johnson, John, river crossing  85 ½ 
Johnson, John, forming area  85 ½ 
Johnson, Sir William, portrait  8 ¼, 87 
Johnson, Sir William, finger ring 
Johnson, Sir William, prayer book 
Johnson, Sir William, neglected grave  15 
Johnson, Sir William, proclamation to Indians, 1757  9 ½ (oversize) 
Johnson Hall, from Lossing  8 ½, 9 
Johnson Hall, from north (drawn by Guy Johnson)  8 ¼ 
Johnson Hall, stairway  10 
Johnson Hall, old door  11 
Johnson Hall, post cut by Brant  11 
Johnson Hall, from west (orig.)  12 
Johnson Hall, from east, 1886  13 
Johnson Hall, poplar tree, 1886  14 
Johnson Fort at Aiken  16, 17, 18 
Kane Bros. store (Canajoharie)  36, 37 
Kayser, Fort  74, 75, 80 
Klock, family record  35 
Klock's Fort, 1886 
Loucks, Adam, residence  66 
Map, Stone Arabia battlefield  85 
Monument, Col. John Brown  86 
Money (found at St. Johnsville)  47 ¾ 
Nick Stoner's Island, Canada Lake  66 
Octagon Church, Little Falls  50 ½ 
Otter  51 
Palatine Stone Church, 1770  60 
Palatine Stone Church, why not burned  60 ½ 
Palatine Village, destroyed, 1757  50, 95 
Paris, Fort  72, 73, 77 
Paris House, Fort Plain  98 
Pettingill, Dr. Sam'l, residence  98 ½ 
Roads & Ferry, Canajoharie  99 
Round Top, from east  36 
Round Top, from west, 1886  37 
St. Johnsville, first church  64 
St. Johnsville, church & cemetery  65 
St. Johnsville, battleground  69, 70, 71 
St. Johnsville, blockhouse & Nellis Fort  71 
St. Leger, Barry, portrait  89 ¼ 
Sacandaga River  66 ¼ 
Signatures, early settlers  54, 57, 67, 68, 100 
Stanwix, Fort  59 
Stone, William L., portrait  8 ½ 
Stone Arabia battle, 4 actors  88 
Stone Arabia battlefield  83, 84, 85, 85 ½ 
Stone Arabia battlefield, map  90 
Stone Arabia boulder, monument  85, 85 ¼ 
Stone Arabia, centennial address  63 ½ 
Stone Arabia, German Reformed church history  61 
Stone Arabia churches, view  62 
Stone Arabia churches, view  63 
Stone Arabia churches, Lutheran church  63 
Stone Arabia churches, history  63 ½ 
Stoner, Major Nicholas, portrait  8 ½ 
Silvernail homestead  78 
Silvernail farm history  79 
Snell, Jacob, biography  92 
Snell, Jacob, portrait-young  88 
Snell, Jacob, portrait-judge  91 
Snell, Jacob, his grave  93 
Spracher, John Jost, portrait  88 
Title page 
Tombstone at Fort Herkimer, 1755  50 
Trenton Falls  50 ½ 
Van Alstine's house  3, 4, 5, 6 
Van Alstine genealogy 
Van Slyck farm  81, 90 
Van Slyck, map of patent, 1726  59 (oversize) 
Unknown  47 ½ 
Wampum, commercial value  57 
Wick farm (Stone Arabia)  80 
Willett, Col. Marinus, portrait  89 
Willett, Col. Marinus, letter  89 ½ 
Wollkemate, John, receipts  58 
Wormuth, Peter, farmhouse  47 
II  Ancient Indian village, Auriesville  21 
II  Auriesville relics  32 
II  Auriesville Shrine, views  22 
II  Bauder, George, invitation  70 
II  Bellinger, Johannes, home and blockhouse  12, 13 
II  Bill of Dr. Petry (for soldiers wounded at Oriskany)  100 
II  Boating on the Mohawk  35 
II  Boating on the Mohawk, Little Falls  48 
II  Boating on the Mohawk, Rome  36 
II  Boiling pot, Little Falls  48 
II  Boyd, John, discharge, 1755  81 
II  Brant, Joseph, letters  70, 71 
II  Brant, Molly, Canadian home  42 
II  Broad axe  38 
II  Bull plow, wooden  38 
II  Canajoharie Patent  99 (oversize) 
II  Canajoharie Military Co., 1781  57 
II  Canteen, carried by Kircher  63 
II  Caughnawaga, Mohawk River  19 
II  Cedar Swamp, Battle of Sharon, July 10, 1781  23 
II  Chapel at Fort Hunter (This view had been removed before the volume came to the State Library. A reproduction of this sketch appears in Vol. 5, page 6.)  7  
II  Cincinnati, Order of (medal)  56 
II  Coat of arms, Livingston  49 
II  Coat of arms, Putnam  47 
II  Coat of arms, Van Horne  32 
II  Coffin Stone near Fonda  19 
II  Dievendorf, where scalped  23 
II  Dievendorf, dwelling & fort  24 
II  Dievendorf, appearance of head  25 
II  Dievendorf, farm cemetery  25 
II  Discharge from army, 1755  81 
II  Door knocker, Stafford  31 
II  Door knocker, Vorhees  44 
II  Drinking horn, large  41 
II  Drinking horn, small  44 
II  Dygert, marriage certificate  72 
II  Ehl, Johannes, signature  14 
II  Ehl, John Jacob, ordination  15 
II  Ehle, Petrus, residence  14 
II  Embargs, John, discharge, 1755  81 
II  Erie Canal  19 
II  Family register, Rachel Flint  54  
II  Family register, Daniel Scouten  61 (oversize) 
II  Family register, Sneck family  50 (oversize) 
II  Family register, Mary Ann Sneck  54 
II  Family register, Rev. John J. Wack family  58 (oversize) 
II  Family register, Walrath family  46 
II  Feather sheath & shield, 1776  76 (missing) 
II  Fonda, Mohawk River  19 
II  Fonda & Caughnawaga, view  19 
II  Fort Bellinger  12, 13 
II  Fort Ehle  14 
II  Fort Frederick of Ticonderoga, plan  77 
II  Fort Hess  11 
II  Fort Hunter  27 
II  Fort Hunter Chapel  6, 7 
II  Fort Plain bridges  28 
II  Fort, prehistoric Indian  16, 17, 18 
II  Fort Stanwix, Rome, 1802  36 
II  Fort Wagner  10 
II  Fort William Henry, plan  77 
II  Gansevoort, Col. Peter, letter  106 
II  German Flats, view of  64 
II  Goupil, Rene, poem of martyrdom  21 
II  Grider, Rufus, Photograph 
II  Groat, Jane, tombstone  24 
II  Harrison's Patent  98 (oversize) 
II  Hawdy, High (Capt.), warrant  75 
II  Hendrick, King of Mohawks, portraits and history  26 
II  Hess Fort  11 
II  Hour glass  30 
II  House, Joseph (Capt.), payroll  57 
II  Indian Church communion silver 
II  Indian deed, to Bleecker & Suits near Canajoharie  80 
II  Indian deed, to Van Driessen & Ehl  81 (oversize) 
II  Indian deed, to Jan Wemp  87 ½ (oversize) 
II  Indian deed, to John Wemp  87 (oversize) 
II  Indian deed, Hoosic lands  88 (oversize) 
II  Indian deed, to King George (Lake Oswego)  69 
II  Indian deed, to David Schuyler (Onewedake)  89 
II  Indian deed, to Jacob Lansingh at Canajoharie  92 (oversize) 
II  Indian deed, at Cayadutta Creek  93 (missing) 
II  Indian deed, Harrison's Patent  97 ½, 97 ¾ 
II  Indian deed, signatures  94 (oversize) 
II  Indian dress, male  37 
II  Indian Hill, prehistoric fort  16, 17, 18 
II  Indian model of dog's head  38 
II  Indian relics (Crannell)  34, 45 
II  Indian relics, Jesuit cross  34 
II  Indian relics, pipes  26, 33, 34 
II  Indian relics, stone  26, 38 
II  Indian relics, bird & medal  39 
II  Indian relics, birchbark box  39 
II  Indian relics (Dr. Kellogg)  42 
II  Indian relics (Strang)  42 
II  Indian relics (Lasher)  44 
II  Indian relics (Nellis)  54 
II  Indian relics (Richmond)  42, 43, 63 
II  Indian picture writings  67 (missing) 
II  Indian picture writings  68, 69 
II  Indian treaty with Sir William Johnson  91 (missing) 
II  Indian villages, map of locations  21 
II  Indian warrant  75 
II  Johnson, Sir William, order for hats for Indians  60 
II  Johnson, Sir William, Treaty, 1757  91 (oversize) (missing) 
II  Justices of the Peace, Tryon County  78 
II  Kane Bros. store, Canajoharie  35 
II  King Hendrick, portraits  26 
II  Knitting sheath  39 
II  Knocker, door, Stafford  31 
II  Knocker, door, Vorhees  44 
II  Lafayette relics & portrait  56 
II  Little Falls, 1802  36 
II  Livingston coat of arms  49 
II  Marriage certificate by Rev. Wack  72 
II  Massachusetts bill of 1690  77 
II  Mayfield Patent  97 (oversize) 
II  Miller, Andrew & William, discharges, 1755  81 
II  Mohawk River, navigation  35 
II  Monies  72, 77 
II  Mortar of curly maple  42 
II  Nose, view of  19, 48 
II  Oriskany Battle (doctor's bill)  100 
II  Painted Rocks, ancient view 
II  Painted Rocks, 1886 view 
II  Painted Rocks, Kehoo's recollection 
II  Painted Rocks, story  8 ½ 
II  Patent, Canajoharie  74 (missing) 
II  Patent, Chase's  99 (oversize) 
II  Patent, Harrison's  98 (oversize) 
II  Patent, Mayfield  97 (oversize) 
II  Payroll of Capt. Joseph House  57 
II  Pot ash boiler  76 (missing) 
II  Pounding corn  77 
II  Powder horn, Hartley  76 (missing) 
II  Powder horn, Schell  66 (missing) 
II  Powder horn, Van Eps  20 
II  Prehistoric Indian fort  16, 17, 18 
II  Putnam coat of arms  47 
II  Queen Anne Chapel  7 (missing), 26 
II  Queen Anne Chapel, history  8 ¼ 
II  Queen Anne Chapel, furniture and service 
II  Queen Anne parsonage, views  8, 9 
II  Rome, 1802  36 
II  Sanders house, Scotia, history  29 
II  Sanders house, doors  30 
II  Sanders house, silver beaker  31 
II  Sand Hill Church seal  59 
II  Scalping evidences  102-105 
II  Schell, house and history  65 
II  Schell, powder horn  66 (missing) 
II  Schoharie Creek, Fort Hunter 
II  Sharon, Cedar Swamp battlefield  23 
II  Shinplasters  72, 77 
II  Shoe buckle from Fort Hunter  38 
II  Shrine at Auriesville, views  22 
II  Snick family register  50 (oversize) 
II  Snuff mill  44 
II  Spinning woman  77 
II  Tribes Hill, old tavern  40 
II  Tryon County justices, 1778  78 
II  Tryon County rangers, 1777  57, 83 (oversize) 
II  Van Driessen, Rev., signature  14 
II  Van Eps powder horn  20 
II  Van Horne, coat of arms  32 
II  Van Horne, portrait  32 
II  Van Scouten family register  61 (oversize) 
II  Wack, Domine John, seal  59 
II  Wack family record  58 
II  Waggoner or Wagner, farm, views and history  10 
II  Walrath family record  46 
II  Walrath invitation  70 
II  Walrath Tavern  40, 47 ½ 
II  Warrant by an Indian justice  75 
II  Washington, letter of  55 
II  Wooden plow  38 
II  Wyoming Massacre  53 (oversize) 
III  Alexander's Patent (James Alexander)  110 (oversize) 
III  Amsbury, Thomas, canteen  52 
III  Atotarho, Chief  10 
III  Auriesville Shrine  18-25 
III  Austin, Edmund, powder horn  83 
III  Ball invitation  114 
III  Barlow, Joseph, powder horn  60 
III  Bostonians in Distress, cartoon  95 (oversize) 
III  Bounty for wolf scalp  111 
III  Butler, Major Walter, death of  45 
III  Butler's Crossing  46 
III  Canajoharie Patent  122 (oversize) 
III  Canajoharie, division of tract  124 (oversize) 
III  Canajoharie, First Indian deed  125 (oversize) 
III  Canajoharie, Second Indian deed  126 (oversize) 
III  Canajoharie, Third Indian deed  127 (oversize) 
III  Canal lock at Little Falls  67 
III  Canteen of Thomas Amsbury  52 
III  Cartoon, Bostonians in Distress  95 (oversize) 
III  Cartoon, New Method of Macarony Making  89 (oversize) 
III  Cartoon, Taxing the Exciseman  88, 92 (both missing) 
III  Caughnawaga Church  83 
III  Ceanothus or New Jersey tea  48 
III  Chapel, Queen Anne  28 
III  Cherry Valley Female Academy  82 
III  Cherry Valley Martyrs' Monument  78 
III  Chuctanunda, meaning  61, 62 
III  Chuctanunda Creek recesses  61 
III  Church (old) at Sprakers  74 
III  Clyde, Samuel, appointment as captain  65 
III  Continental money depreciation  42 
III  Deed for soldiers' lands  108 
III  Dadanoscara Creek  94, 96, 97, 98 
III  Depreciation of Continental currency, 1777-1780  42 
III  Drid the Indian, death  34, 37 
III  East Canada Creek falls  58 
III  East Creek bridge & turnpike  70 ¼, 70 ½ 
III  East Creek tavern & turnpike  70 ½, 70 ¾ 
III  Election inspectors, 1784  100 
III  Family register, Brame family  66 (oversize) 
III  Family register, Dieffendorf   76 (oversize) 
III  Fonda, Jelles, history  109 
III  Fonda, Jelles, invoice of furs  112 
III  Flying heads, Cusick's story 
III  Fort Failing  57 
III  Fort Hunter, village and canal  21 
III  Fort Hunter, chapel and parsonage  28 
III  Fort Hunter and Erie Canal  21 
III  Fort Hunter Indian trails  26 
III  Fort Hunter, bill for  113 
III  Fort Johnson Creek  50 
III  Fort Rensselaer, bill of sale  105 
III  Fort Rensselaer, election inspectors  100 
III  Fort Stanwix, site of  93 
III  Fort Stanwix, siege of  118
III  Foster, Nathaniel, killing Drid  34, 37 
III  Fox family  60 
III  Franklin, Benjamin, fable  79 
III  Frey & Bellinger, prisoners  111 
III  Frey, Hendrick, letter to Sir William Johnson  99 
III  Fulton Chain of Lakes  34a 
III  Gate of turnpike, St. Johnsville  70 ¾ 
III  Ginseng  49, 111 
III  Goupil, Rene  19-20, 22 
III  Herkimer, General, portrait  28 
III  Herkimer, old tomb  30 
III  Herkimer, residence  29 
III  Herkimer, residence & cemetery  31 
III  Herkimer, monument inscriptions  56 
III  Herkimer, old cemetery  32 
III  Herkimer, powder magazine  33 
III  Herkimer, stables  57 
III  Indian account book, Jelles Fonda  106 
III  Indian cave on Nose Hill  63 
III  Indian deed, Canajoharie Patent, Sept. 3, 1722  125 (oversize) 
III  Indian deed, Canajoharie Patent, Sept. 6, 1722  126 (oversize) 
III  Indian deed, Canajoharie Patent, Oct. 3, 1722  127 (oversize) 
III  Indian fort, prehistoric  1-3 
III  Indian Hill  81 
III  Indian History of world, Cusick  5-10 
III  Indian implements from Briggs Run  53 
III  Indian medals  76 
III  Indian pottery  54 
III  Indian relics  76 
III  Indian relics from Cayadutta  15 
III  Indian relics (Dievendorf)  53 
III  Indian relics (Chapin)  53 
III  Indian trails  26 
III  Indian village, prehistoric, Minden 
III  Indian village, prehistoric, Cayadutta Creek  11-13 
III  Indian village, Wagners Hollow  64, 81 
III  Indian village at Briggs Run  51, 53 
III  Indian village caches  55 
III  Indian village, Henry Wempel's farm  55 
III  Inland navigation lock at Little Falls  67 
III  Invitation to a ball  114 
III  Iroquois myths  5-10 
III  Jerome, Chauncey, tavern  70 ½, 70 ¾ 
III  Jersey tea  48 
III  Jesuit medals  76 
III  Jogues, Father Isaac  18, 18a, 19, 20 
III  Johnson's night camp at Nose  52 
III  Johnson, Sir William, order for hats for Indians  99 
III  Johnstown battlefield  116 (oversize) 
III  Kane, Archibald and James, signatures  107 
III  Kane Brothers receipt  100 
III  Lake Caroga, view  35 
III  Lake Piseco, fisherman  41 
III  Lake Piseco, view  39 
III  Lake Pleasant, view  39 
III  Lake, Ox Bow, view of part  40 
III  Lake, Round, view  40 
III  Lakes, Fulton Chain of  34a 
III  Laub, fisherman of Piseco  41 
III  Letter, Hendrick Frey to Sir William Johnson  99 
III  Lipe, John, bill for Fort Rensselaer  105 
III  Little Falls, view of  59 
III  Little Falls, powder horn  60 
III  Little Falls, power plant  64 
III  Little Falls, Inland Co. lock  67 
III  Map, Burgoyne campaign 120
III  Map, Fulton Chain of Lakes  34a 
III  Map, Mohawk Indian castles  25 
III  Map, Indian trails at Ft. Hunter  26 
III  Martyrs' monument, Cherry Valley  78 
III  Medals, Indian  76 
III  Merkley, Miss Catharine, death  78 
III  Missionary tour, Mohawk Valley  101-103 
III  Mitchell's Cave  63 
III  Mohawk Turnpike & Bridge Co.  68 
III  Montressor's Map, 1777  44 
III  Mosquito, The Great (Cusick) 
III  Negro, deed of sale  65 
III  New Jersey tea  48 
III  Noses, canal & Schenck's farms  73 
III  Ox Bow Lake, view of part  40 
III  Palatine District, Revolutionary paper  122 (oversize) 
III  Parsonage, Queen Anne Chapel  28 
III  Poem on Burgoyne's defeat at Saratoga  113 
III  Powder horn, Joseph Barlow  60 
III  Powder horn, Edmund Austin  83 
III  Queen Anne Chapel and parsonage  28 
III  Revolutionary proceedings  123 (oversize) (missing) 
III  Revolutionary Soldiers land grants, form for  108 
III  Revolutionary Soldiers, statistics table  43 
III  Round Lake, view  40 
III  St. Johnsville bridge  90 (oversize; verso of 89), 91 
III  St. Johnsville tollgate  70 ¾ 
III  Scalp certificate, Daniel Claus  79, 80 
III  Schenck's farm, view of  72 
III  Schenck's coat of arms  72 
III  Schenectady bridge, view from  63, 93 
III  Seeber, William, receipts for monies paid  100 
III  Seneca Lake, view of  7, 8 
III  Shrine, Auriesville  18-25 
III  Signatures of well known persons  106, 107 
III  Simms, letter to Gebhard  104 
III  Soldiers sent to various states  43 
III  Sprakers Church  74 
III  Sprakers Ferry  70 
III  Spraker's Tavern (Sprecher's Tavern)  68, 70 
III  Sprecher, George & wife, portraits and history  71 
III  Sprecher, Han Yost, anecdotes  74 
III  Stanwix, siege of  118 (oversize) (missing) 
III  Stoner, Major Nicholas, portrait  34 
III  Stoner shooting Indian  36 
III  Stoner Island, Canada Lake  38 
III  Stonish giants (Cusick) 
III  Stringer, Samuel, receipt for ginseng  111 
III  Tavern sign, Van Alstine  44 
III  Taxing the Exciseman, cartoon  89, 92 (both missing) 
III  Toll gates on Mohawk Turnpike  68, 69 
III  Tribes Hill, views  21, 25, 70 ¼ 
III  Tribes Hill railroad station  67 
III  Turnpike Stage Tavern  70 ¼ 
III  Turnpike tolls  68, 69 
III  Turnpike views  68-72 
III  Unicorn (supposed) 
III  Unknown tree  47 
III  Van Alstine tavern sign  44 
III  Van Slyck's Island, Schenectady  63, 93 
III  Wack, Rev., receipt  100 
III  Wagner's Hollow  64, 81 
III  Wampum belt, Iroquois  84 
III  War dance (Cusick)  10 
III  Warren, Benjamin, diary excerpts  82 
III  Wells, William bounty for wolf  111 
III  Wemp, Jan, bill for building Fort Hunter  113 
III  Wempel, Henry, view of farm  55 
III  Yates coat of arms  75 
III  Younglove, Moses and wife, portraits  33 
III  Zeisberger's journey to Mohawk  101-3 
IV  First Commercial Highways of the State of New York   
IV  First period  1-37 
IV  Second period  38-72 
IV  Inland Navigation   
IV  Text  1-6, 8-15, 17-18, 21, 25, 27, 29-34 
IV  Illustrations:   
IV  Boat forcing a rift  16 
IV  Boats (flat, Durham, Schenectady)  16 
IV  Fort Stanwix (Artist Duguine) 
IV  Fort Stanwix with ground plan  12 
IV  German Flats, lock site  26 
IV  German Flats, lock tolls  22 
IV  Kane Bros. store, Canajoharie  12, 19, 20 
IV  Lock, Little Falls, explanation 
IV  Lock, Little Falls, views  11, 23, 24 
IV  Old Fort, Canajoharie  21 
IV  Tolls at German Flats lock  22 
IV  Van Alstine dwelling  21 
IV  Turnpikes   
IV  Text  39-44, 48-50, 53-60, 63 
IV  Illustrations:   
IV  Bar rooms  48-49 
IV  Bells  48 
IV  Bridge at Schenectady  46 
IV  Cargoes  44 
IV  Horses  48 
IV  List of turnpikes in 1807  68a, 68b, 68d, 68e 
IV  Rates  44 
IV  Stages, ads, 1811  67 
IV  Tavern, Chauncy Jerome  66 
IV  Tavern, East Canada Creek  66 
IV  Tavern, Schenectady (Hildebrandt)  47 
IV  Tavern, Spraker's  51 
IV  Tavern, Tribes Hill  52 
IV  Tavern, George Wagner  72 
IV  Tavern signs  69, 70 
IV  Toll house, St. Johnsville  61 
IV  Toll house, Wagner's Hollow  62 
IV  Toll houses between Utica and Schenectady, list  56 
IV  Turnpike routes, Albany to Buffalo  64 
IV  Wagon tires  44 
IV  Wagons  44, 48 
V  Invasion of Schoharie and Mohawk Valleys by Sir John Johnson in 1780   
Text  1-4 
Aqueduct over Schoharie Creek 
Big Nose  10, 11, 12 
Brant, Joseph, portrait  15, 16, 19, 38 
Brant, Joseph, history and monument  38 
Brewster, Dr. Oliver, portrait  14 
Brown, Col. John, signature  32 
Brown, Col. John, monument  55 
Brown, Col. John, history & poem  54 
Butler, Col. John, homestead  23 
Caughnawaga, view 
Caughnawaga Dutch Church 
Chapel, Fort Hunter 
Christie's rift  35, 35a 
Cook, Casper, portrait  14 
Court of inquiry for Gen. Robert Van Rensselaer  56-68 
Ehle, John Jacob, residence  24 
Election inspectors, 1784  36 
First meeting, Palatine Comm. of Safety, 1776  22a (oversize) 
Fonda, Jelles, grist mill site  23 
Fort Herkimer, plan  52 
Fort Herkimer Dutch Reformed Church  51 
Fort Hunter 
Fort Hunter, chapel and parsonage 
Fort Kayser  50 
Fort Paris  13 
Fort Plain  20 
Fort Plain crossing  25 
Fort Plain ferry  26 
Frey Fort, Palatine Bridge  22 
Herkimer, Gen. Nicholas, monument  48 
Herkimer, Gen., old cemetery  44 
Herkimer, Gen., old homestead  51 
Herkimer, Gen., portrait  42 
Herkimer, Gen., residence  42, 43 
Herkimer, Gen., tombstone  41 
Johnson, Sir John, portrait  18 
Johnson, John, route of army  35a, 37 
Johnson, John, story of his raid  56-68 
Johnson Hall, interior  17 
Johnson Hall, exterior  18 
Ketors Rift  12 
Klock, Adam, farmhouse  30, 31, 33, 34 
Klock's field or Stone Arabia battlefield  35a 
Klock Island  30 
Lipe homestead  20 
Little Falls and river  49 
Map, Indian trails  40a 
Map, Johnson's army  35a, 37 
Map, Six Nations, 1771  38 
Merkley, Catharine, death 
Nellis farmhouse and blockhouse  29 
Palatine Church  28 
Ring, John, tombstone  52 
Schenck's Hollow 
Smith, Henry, farmhouse  29 
Snell, Jacob, portrait  14 
Snell, Judge, portrait  14 
Sprakers Basin  12 
Sprecher, Han Yost, portrait  14 
Stone Arabia, battlefield  32, 35, 35a 
Stone Arabia, battle participants  14 
Stone Arabia, Fort Paris  13 
Tombstone, Col. John Brown  55 
Tombstone, Gen. Herkimer  41 
Tombstone, John Ring  52 
Van Alstine homestead  121 
Van Rensselaer's Crossing, Fort Plain  25, 27 
Walrad's Ferry, Fort Plain  26 
Willett, Col. Marinus, portrait  20 
VI  Albany, Dutch fort  84 
VI  Albany, English church  84 
VI  Albany, oldest house in 1889  49 
VI  Albany Business College, 1857  49 
VI  Arnold, Benedict, fatal pass  53 
VI  Bishop, Bridget, sentenced as a witch  35 
VI  Bishop, Bridget, site of trial  36 
VI  Black Mountain  24 
VI  Bloody Pond  22 
VI  Braddock's Field, map  46-47 
VI  Brown, Elisha, tombstone  37 
VI  Canteen, horn  50 (missing) 
VI  Cartoon, Boston Tea affair  56, 58 
VI  Cartoon, 1653  58 
VI  Church, Albany Dutch  31 
VI  Church, Albany English  84 
VI  Church, Schenectady Dutch  60 
VI  Elizabethtown - Mt. Cobble  19 
VI  Erie Canal, first boat  54n  
VI  Fort, built by Col. Bouquet in 1764  45a 
VI  Fort Brewerton  96 (missing) 
VI  Fort Crown Point 
VI  Fort Crown Point, lighthouse  18 
VI  Fort Crown Point, ruins  16, 17, 42 
VI  Fort Edward, plan 
VI  Fort Edward, relics 
VI  Fort Edward, site 
VI  Fort Frederick (Ticonderoga) 
VI  Fort, Frenchman's Island  96 (missing) 
VI  Fort George, ruins at Caldwell  18 
VI  Fort Pitt  44 
VI  Fort, Upper Schoharie  59 
VI  Fort William Henry  53 
VI  Fort William Henry, map of battle  99 
VI  Frazer, General, house where he died  26 
VI  Gansevoort, coat of arms  55 
VI  Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga  26 
VI  Grant, General, cottage at Mt. McGregor  33 
VI  Grant, General and horse  57 
VI  Grider, Rufus, Photograph  Frontispiece 
VI  Herkimer, Stone Church  66 
VI  Homespun, sample, 1812  54 
VI  House of Seven Gables, Salem  34 
VI  Howe, Lord, monument at Ticonderoga  11 
VI  Howe, Lord, portrait  10 
VI  Indian, mask  42 
VI  Indian, map of battle with Champlain  42 
VI  Indian, method of catching game  42 
VI  Indian, settlements on Frenchman's Island  96 (missing) 
VI  Indian, settlements in Janesville  97 (missing) 
VI  Indian, settlements in Onondaga County  94 (missing) 
VI  Indian, settlements in Pompey  97 (missing) 
VI  Indian, talk at Buffalo Creek, 1793  83 
VI  Indian warrant  75 
VI  Iroquois Nations, 1771 map  100 
VI  King Hendrick, thigh bones 
VI  Lake George, Baldwin  25 
VI  Lake George, Deer Leap Mt.  22, 25 
VI  Lansing, coat of arms  55 
VI  Lincoln, Gen. Benjamin  83 
VI  McCrea, Jane, Ft. Edward home 
VI  McCrea, Jane, rib 
VI  McCrea, Jane, site of tragedy 
VI  McCrea, Jane, tombstone 
VI  Map, grants in northern states  48a, 98 
VI  Map, Iroquois Nations  100 
VI  Map, Lake Champlain, 1632  101 
VI  Map, Schoharie, ca.1755  80 
VI  Mask, Iroquois Indian  42 
VI  Moravians  32, 32a, 82 
VI  New England "Courant," 1723  45 
VI  Pemberton House, Albany  49 
VI  Pinkster Ode, 1803  84-92 
VI  Po-co-hon-tas  28 
VI  Port Henry, from Fort Crown Point  16 
VI  Port Henry iron works  18 
VI  Powder horn, Israel Putnam  39 
VI  Powder horn, Johan. Christ. Schel  66 
VI  Pruyn, Great-great grandmother  31 
VI  Pulaski banner  29, 30, 32, 32a 
VI  Putnam, Israel and the wolf's den  38 
VI  Putnam, Israel, powder horn  39 
VI  Putnam, Israel, tombstone  39 
VI  Putnam, Israel, tavern  26 
VI  Revere, Paul, bill  53 
VI  Revere, Paul, portrait  41 
VI  Revere, Paul, tombstone  37 
VI  Rogers, Major Robert, portrait  55 
VI  Sabbathday Point, view of  7, 11, 12, 13, 23, 24, 25 
VI  Salem witchcraft  35, 36 
VI  Schel, Johan. Christ., powder horn  66 
VI  Schenectady, old Dutch Church  60 
VI  Schoharie, map, ca.1755  80 
VI  Schuylerville, old buildings  27 
VI  Shinplasters  56 
VI  Stamps, postage, 1892  55 
VI  Stamps, revenue (Revolutionary War)  55 
VI  Stark, General, victory at Bennington  43 
VI  Tavern sign, Putnam's  26 
VI  Ticonderoga, battle explained  10, 12 
VI  Ticonderoga, fort in distance  13, 14 
VI  Ticonderoga, map, 1776  14a 
VI  Ticonderoga, rebuilt  14 
VI  Ticonderoga, ruins  14, 15, 20, 21 
VI  Ticonderoga, view of lake  13 
VI  Ticonderoga, village  9, 13 
VI  Timetable, Champlain Transportation Co., 1887  102-103 
VI  Tombstones at Boston  37 
VI  Tombstone, Elisha Brown  37 
VI  Tombstone, Jane McCrea 
VI  Tombstone, Paul Revere  37 
VI  Van Steuben, Baron, residence  43 
VI  Washington Crossing the Delaware  32b 
VI  Watch Island, Sabbathday Point  7, 23, 24 
VI  Watkins Glen, pool  43 
VI  Williams, Col. Ephraim, monument 
VI  Witchcraft, Salem  35, 36 
VII  Cherry Valley, settlement by Irish from New England  [1-4] 
VII  Address of Douglas Campbell, Cherry Valley Centennial  99 
VII  Address of Horatio Seymour  98 
VII  Alden, Col. Ichabod, encounter with Joseph Brant  89 
VII  Alden, Col. Ichabod, tombstone  35 
VII  Alden descendant  94a 
VII  Basket, winnowing grain  37 
VII  Beaver dam, remains  31 
VII  Brant, Joseph, encounter with Col. Alden  89 
VII  Brant, Joseph, portrait, 1776  15 
VII  Brant, Joseph, portrait, middle age  15 
VII  Brant, Joseph, portrait, aged  23 
VII  Brant, Joseph, rock  96 
VII  Brant, Joseph, monument in Canada  23 
VII  Campbell chair and spectacles  41 ½ 
VII  Campbell coat of arms  39 
VII  Campbell family Bible  45 
VII  Campbell genealogy  43c, 43d, 43f 
VII  Campbell incidents  44-45 
VII  Campbell portraits  39, 40 
VII  Campbell relics  41 ½ 
VII  Campbell letter re: relics  41 ¾  
VII  Campbell, James S., portrait  40 
VII  Campbell, James S., story  47 
VII  Campbell, Jane, portrait  40, 46 
VII  Campbell, Cleaveland [sic], signature  46 
VII  Campbell, Cleveland, tombstone  35 
VII  Campbell, Douglas, biography  43e 
VII  Campbell, Douglas, letter  94b 
VII  Campbell, Douglas, signature  46 
VII  Campbell, Matthew, story  47 
VII  Campbell, Col. Samuel, as ensign  43a 
VII  Campbell, Col. Samuel, as captain  64 (oversize; verso of 111) 
VII  Campbell, Col. Samuel, portrait  40 
VII  Campbell, Col. Samuel, tombstone  35 
VII  Campbell, Samuel, 2d Lieut.  43b 
VII  Campbell, William, biography  42 
VII  Campbell, William, letter from James Fenimore Cooper  43 
VII  Campbell, William, portrait  40 
VII  Campbell, William, signature  46 
VII  Campbell, William, tombstone  35 
VII  Cannon, Matthew, tombstone  35 
VII  Cherry Valley, view from Clyde farm  10 
VII  Cherry Valley, view from SE hill  11 
VII  Cherry Valley, from below cemetery  12  
VII  Cherry Valley, from cemetery  13 
VII  Cherry Valley, from hop house  32 
VII  Cherry Valley, toward village from road  13 
VII  Cherry Valley, from west, 1840  93 
VII  Cherry Valley, 1835  17 
VII  Cherry Valley, from Campbell's farm  24 
VII  Cherry Valley, Campbell's farm  15 
VII  Cherry Valley, Brant Rock  14  
VII  Cherry Valley, Lady Hill  16 
VII  Cherry Valley, 1st Methodist Church  31 
VII  Cherry Valley, oldest house  16 
VII  Cherry Valley Female Academy  See Vol. III 
VII  Cherry Valley, tombstones  35 
VII  Cherry Valley Massacre, story of  18-20 
VII  Cherry Valley, McKendry's Diary  112 missing 
VII  Cherry Valley, Benj. Warren  84 missing 
VII  Cherry Valley, evidence of Geo. Ripley  81 
VII  Cherry Valley Centennial  97-108 
VII  Cherry Valley Massacre, newspaper articles, 1890  88, 108a 
VII  Clinton, DeWitt, portrait  48 
VII  Clinton, Gov. George, portrait  48 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, biography by Judge Geo. Clyde  69-73 ¾ 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, biography by Judge J.D. Hammond, 1852  75-80 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, biography by Judge W.W. Campbell, 1868  91-92 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, commission, 1758  64 (oversize) (missing) 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, commission, 1775  63 (missing) 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, commission as major  62 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, commission as lieutenant colonel  61 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, commission as Sheriff  58 (oversize) 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, election as captain  56 (oversize) 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, homestead and relics  53 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, letters to Gov. Clinton  57, 59 (oversize; verso of 58) 
VII  Clyde, Col. Samuel, tombstone  35 
VII  Clyde, George C., portrait  67 
VII  Davis, McFarland, journal  21 
VII  Deed of land to David Schuyler and John Lyndesay, Nov. 7, 1835  5 (oversize; verso of 4) 
VII  Deed, Indian, for Cherry Valley Patent  4 (oversize; verso of 5) 
VII  Dickson, Elizabeth, tombstone  35 
VII  Explanation of Massacre map  9a (oversize; verso of 29) 
VII  Family Register, Isaiah Newcomb  25 (oversize; verso of 26) 
VII  Family Register, Elijah C. Phillips  29 (oversize; verso of 9a) 
VII  Family Register, Abraham Roseboom  54 (oversize) 
VII  Flax, preparation of  38 
VII  Gebhard, John G., certificate as Union College student  52 
VII  Grider, Rufus, newspaper accounts  88, 108 
VII  Grider, Rufus, photograph 
VII  Index  109-110 
VII  Indian Deed, Cherry Valley Patent  4 (oversize) 
VII  Indian relics  37 
VII  Inscriptions on soldiers monument  34 
VII  Jay, John, portrait  48 
VII  Johnson, Sir William, order for hats for Indians  15 
VII  Johnson, Sir William, portrait  23 
VII  LaSalle and Marquette statue  22 
VII  Map, Montressor, Cherry Valley, 1777 
VII  Map of early patents 
VII  Map of Cherry Valley at time of massacre  8, 9 (9a oversize: explanation) 
VII  Map of Sharon Springs  26 (oversize; verso of 25) 
VII  Map by Wm. Gray with Sullivan, 1778  111 (oversize; verso of 64) 
VII  Martyrs Monument  18, 108 
VII  McKean farm  38 
VII  McKendry's Journal  21 
VII  Medal of bronze  38 
VII  Mitchell, Hugh, story of massacre  20 
VII  Monument inscriptions  18, 34 
VII  Monument to Joseph Brant (Canada)  23 
VII  Newberry, the Tory  20 
VII  Newcomb, Isaiah, family register  25 (oversize; verso of 26) 
VII  Niskayuna (on trail to Unadilla)  85 
VII  Nott, Dr. Eliphalet, signature  52 
VII  Phillips, Elijah, family register  29 (oversize) 
VII  Powder horn, Col. Campbell, #1  96 
VII  Powder horn, Col. Campbell, #2  95 
VII  Powder horn, Col. Campbell, #3 and two others  66 
VII  Powder horn, McCallum Mere  95 
VII  Presbyterian Church, reorganization 1785  53 (oversize; verso of 54) 
VII  Reaping machine, first  37 
VII  Return of rescue party with Mrs. Clyde  74 
VII  Ripley, Geo. B., evidence  81-82 
VII  Rocking chair (Washington sat in it)  41 ½ 
VII  Roseboom, Abraham, family register  54 
VII  Schuyler, Philip, portrait  48 
VII  Signatures of prominent people  46, 50 
VII  Soldiers' monument  33, 34 
VII  Spectacles  41 ½ 
VII  Spinning and carding wool  38 
VII  Stuyvesant, Peter, portrait  48 
VII  Sugar camp  32 
VII  Sullivan Expedition pamphlet  112 (missing) 
VII  Te-ka-ha-ra-wa Falls  28 
VII  Tomahawk  37 
VII  Tombstones, Cherry Valley cemetery  35 
VII  Van Alstine, Gosen, stone house  74 
VII  Washington, chair he sat in  41 ½ 
VII  Washington, tree where he had tea  96 
VII  Wells farm  86 
VII  Wells farm, massacre  87 
VII  Willson, family relics  48 
VII  Willson (Wilson), letter, 1786  50 
VII  Willson, verse  49 
VII  Willson, view from farm  48 
VII  Winnowing basket  37 
VII  Wykoff farm  86 
VIII  Adze, sent by Queen Anne  91 
VIII  Andre, Major John, portrait  12 
VIII  Army orders, Geo. Washington  123 (oversize) 
VIII  Bake oven  76 
VIII  Battle of Sharon  97 
VIII  Beaver, picture of  20 
VIII  Ball invitation  48 
VIII  Becker, Major Jacob, dwelling mill, attack on  95 
VIII  Becker, Major, door knocker  96 
VIII  Becker, Johannes, receipts  120 ½ 
VIII  Becker, John, powder horn  83 
VIII  Becker's farmhouse  33 
VIII  Bellinger family relics  93 
VIII  Bill for Indian services, 1777  123 (oversize) 
VIII  Bill of sale for Negro man (Vrooman to Van Alstine)  134 (oversize) 
VIII  Bostonians in Distress, Cartoon  65 (oversize) 
VIII  Bouck house, history of  24 
VIII  Bouck house, door knocker  24 
VIII  Bouck house, mantel  23 
VIII  Bouck's Falls  26 
VIII  Bouck's Island ford  68 
VIII  Bouck's Island, views  66, 67 
VIII  Bowry, Old Map  154 (oversize) 
VIII  Brant, Joseph, Letter to Bostonians  140 
VIII  Brant, Joseph, portraits  105, 106 
VIII  Bridge, 1813 covered over Schoharie Creek, photo  15 
VIII  Bridge, building over Schoharie, 1887  15 
VIII  Brigham's Tavern sign  17 
VIII  Brunnendorf map, 1753 (Schoharie Village)  141 (oversize) 
VIII  Brunnendorf Church 
VIII  Buckle, knee (H.H. Johnson)  20 
VIII  Budd, Dr. Daniel, tombstone 
VIII  Butler, Walter, Indian deed  116a (oversize) 
VIII  Buttons, copper  91 
VIII  Canister, tea  68 
VIII  Cannon ball, Lower Fort, 1780  16 
VIII  Cartoon, "Bostonians in Distress"  65 (oversize) 
VIII  Caves in rocks, Grovenor's Corners  89 
VIII  Cedar Swamp, battle  97 
VIII  Cemetery, Schoharie Lutheran 
VIII  Central Bridge Cliff, Indian Stairs  98 
VIII  Certificate of Colonel Bellinger, re: wounded at Oriskany  132 (oversize) 
VIII  Church, First Lutheran, Schoharie 
VIII  Church, New Rhinebeck  12 
VIII  Church, Middleburgh First Methodist  99 
VIII  Church, Middleburgh Reformed  38 
VIII  Churchland, Weiser's Dorf  37 
VIII  Claus, Daniel, Indian service, 1777  123 (oversize) 
VIII  Claver Way Road  39 
VIII  Clinton, DeWitt, portrait  109 
VIII  Clinton, Gov. George, portrait  109 
VIII  Clinton, Gov. George, and wife  108 
VIII  Cobus Kill, Indian deed  128 (oversize) 
VIII  Colden, Cadwallader, Portrait  108 
VIII  Continental money  121 
VIII  Court house, 1st of Schoharie  13 
VIII  Cradle, grain  112 
VIII  Creisler (Chrysler) mill & bridge  69 
VIII  Deed, Indian, 1711  149 (oversize) 
VIII  Dievendorf, Jacob, portrait  98 
VIII  Dievendorf, Jacob, scalped  97 
VIII  Donation of wheat, 1775  13 7/8 
VIII  Door knockers  24, 62, 84 
VIII  Douw, Volckert, Letter  132 (oversize) 
VIII  Early patents on south side of Mohawk River  131 
VIII  Engle, P.H., powder horn  72 
VIII  Family register, Lawyer family  70, 72 (oversize) 
VIII  Fanning mill  113 
VIII  Feeck, Margaret, elopement  59 
VIII  Feeck, Margaret, crossing river  58 
VIII  Feeck, dinner call  62 
VIII  Fester, Johannes Martin, church death record  123 (oversize) 
VIII  Food customs  73, 74-76 
VIII  Foot warmer, Col. Vrooman  66 
VIII  Fort Hunter, junction Schoharie Creek and Mohawk  52 
VIII  Fort, Indian at Vroomansland  71 
VIII  Fort, Lower, description and view 
VIII  Fort, Lower, ground plan  9 ½ (oversize) 
VIII  Fort, Lower, from rear 
VIII  Fort, Lower, interior 
VIII  Fort, Lower, Schaefer's picture 
VIII  Fort, Lower, names engraved on wall 
VIII  Fort, Lower, surroundings, during Revolution 
VIII  Fort, Lower, from Fox Kill 
VIII  Fort, Lower, weathervane  12 
VIII  Fort, Lower, Photograph, 1886  15 
VIII  Fort, Lower, cannon ball fired into it in 1780  16 
VIII  Fort, Middle, kitchen from south and history  31 
VIII  Fort, Middle, kitchen from northwest  32 
VIII  Fort, Middle, as Becker's farmhouse  33 
VIII  Fort, Middle, description & remarks  34 
VIII  Fort, Middle, kitchen fireplace  34 
VIII  Fort, Middle, during Revolution  55 
VIII  Fort, Middle, attempt to restore  36 
VIII  Fort, Middle, key  49 
VIII  Fort, proposed, plan and view  27 (oversize), 71 
VIII  Fort, Upper, ground plan  79 
VIII  Fort, Upper, during Revolution  80-82 
VIII  Fountaintown, 1st division of lands  14, 141 (oversize) 
VIII  Fountaintown, First Lutheran Church  
VIII  Frantz, John and Sebastian, church death record  93 
VIII  Freemyer, Jacob, church death record  123 (oversize) 
VIII  Freemyer, Johannes, church death record  123 (oversize) 
VIII  Gebhard, John Jr., memoriam  22 
VIII  Gebhard, John, portrait & testimonial  24 
VIII  Gebhard, John, school awards  21 
VIII  Gebhard, John, tombstone 
VIII  Glaiser, Colonel, powder horn  78 
VIII  Grain cradle  112 
VIII  Grider, Rufus, photograph 
VIII  Hand fan, winnowing  113 
VIII  Harvesting implements  111 
VIII  Heald, Thomas, powder horn  85 
VIII  Heathcote, Caleb, portrait  108 
VIII  Hellmer, Lt. George, wounded at Oriskany  132 (oversize) 
VIII  Henry, Seth  94, 114 ½ 
VIII  Hidden, Samuel, powder horn  85 
VIII  Hoffman, Philip, church death record  118 
VIII  Indian Castle, plan  27 oversize 
VIII  Indian caves, Grovenor's Corners  89 
VIII  Indian courtship  110 
VIII  Indian dress  110 
VIII  Indian deed for Schoharie  116 
VIII  Indian deed to John Peter Kniskern  124 
VIII  Indian deed to Adam Vrooman  149, 150 (oversize), 151 oversize, 156 (oversize) 
VIII  Indian deed for Cobleskill  128 (oversize) 
VIII  Indian deed to Walter Butler  116a (oversize) 
VIII  Indian hatchet/pipe  92 
VIII  Indian justice's warrant  48 
VIII  Indian petition to New York governor, re:. land swindle  156 (oversize) 
VIII  Indian relics, of horn and bone  20 
VIII  Indian relics, stone lizard  17 
VIII  Indian relics, stone  25 
VIII  Indian relics, pipes, fork, etc.  63 
VIII  Indian relics, pipes  55, 90 
VIII  Indian relics, birchbark knifebox and sugar bowl  68 
VIII  Indian relics, straightener for box strings  70 
VIII  Indian relics, figure from Ohio mound  70 
VIII  Indian relics, ceremonial stone  70 
VIII  Indian relics, pipe & scalping hatchet  87 
VIII  Indian relics, war shirt & bonnet  110 
VIII  Indian types  107 
VIII  Indian Stairs, Central Bridge  98 
VIII  Jay, John, portrait  109 
VIII  Johnson, Sir John, route of army in 1780  9 ½ (oversize) 
VIII  Johnson, Sir William, portrait  106 
VIII  Johnson, Sir William, receipt for land  118 
VIII  Kircher Cave, sanctuary from Tories  88 
VIII  Larue, N.M., powder horn  85 
VIII  Latch, door  91 
VIII  Lawyer, Abraham, family register, 1758  72 (oversize) 
VIII  Lawyer, Johannes, tombstone 
VIII  Lawyer, John, family register, 1748  70 (oversize) 
VIII  Letter, John Lansing to Peter Vrooman, 1787  116 (oversize) 
VIII  Letter, Benson Lossing to Rufus Grider  64 (oversize) 
VIII  Letter, Joseph Brant to Bostonians  140 
VIII  Letter, William Beauchamp to Rufus Grider  153 
VIII  Letter, Volckert Douw to Peter Vrooman, 1761  132 (oversize) 
VIII  Lutheran Church, first in Schoharie 
VIII  Lutheran Church, second building 
VIII  Lutheran Church, third 
VIII  Lutheran Church cemetery 
VIII  Lutheran Church, engraved stones 
VIII  Lutheran Church, record of Indian murders  118, 123 (oversize) 
VIII  Lutheran Parsonage, Schoharie 
VIII  McDonald's Point, battle with Tories  69 
VIII  Mail Stage notice, 1795  48 
VIII  Map, Indian lands owned by Adam Vrooman  158 (oversize) 
VIII  Map, Indian, of Schoharie  155 ½ (oversize) 
VIII  Map, Old Schoharie Patent, 1802  136 
VIII  Map, Schoharie by Capt. Gray, 1778  132 (oversize) 
VIII  Map, of early patents, south side of Mohawk  27a (oversize), 131 
VIII  Map, Schoharie, by Cockburn, 1731  154 (oversize) 
VIII  Map, Schoharie, by Bleecker  156 ½ (oversize) 
VIII  Map, lands of Morris & Conemans  157 (oversize) 
VIII  Map, route of Johnson's army  9 ½ (oversize) 
VIII  Map, Vroomansland  154 (oversize) 
VIII  Map, Schenectady, 1750 & 1768  104 
VIII  Markley (Merkley, Marcley, Merkle), Catherine, church death record  93, 123 (oversize) 
VIII  Markley, Catherine, grave  94 
VIII  Markley, Catherine, shoebuckles, hair & scarf  93 
VIII  Mat hook  111 
VIII  Meals  73, 74-76 
VIII  Merckel Reformed Church (Middleburgh)  38 
VIII  Money  4, 121 
VIII  Monument, Andre's captors at Tarrytown  12 
VIII  Monument, David Williams, captor of Andre  10 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, biography  54, 58-60 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, dining table  73 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, elopement  59 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, mortar and pestle  57 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, residence  55, 55 ½, 56 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, resistance  54, 58-60 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, powder horn  55 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, silver spoons  68 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, site of exploits  63 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, snowshoes, watch  58 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, rifle target and smokehouse  60 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, tombstone and family graveyard  46, 61 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, death of Seth Henry  114 ½ 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, signature  61, 120 ¼ (oversize) 
VIII  Murphy, Timothy, door knocker  62 
VIII  Negro, Jake, sold to Nicholas Van Alstyne, 1809  134 (oversize) 
VIII  Negro, Sam, sold to Nicholas Van Alstyne, 1800  117 
VIII  Negro, Thomas (9 yrs. old), sold to John Van Eps, 1809  117 ½ 
VIII  New Rhinebeck Church  12 
VIII  Obberwagon, Carl, church death record  118 
VIII  Onistagrawa, Mt. (Vrooman's Nose, Schoharie)  42, 46, 47, 65, 71 
VIII  Oriskany, wounds  132 (oversize) 
VIII  Parsonage, Lutheran, Schoharie  141 (oversize) 
VIII  Patents of land on south side of Mohawk River  27a (oversize), 131 
VIII  Petition for rebuilding Schoharie Reformed Church, 1784  119 
VIII  Petition to Legislature by Peter Vrooman  146 (oversize) 
VIII  Petrified turtle  100 
VIII  Petrie, Dr. William, bill for wounded at Oriskany  132 (oversize) 
VIII  Pewter dishes  73 
VIII  Powderhorn, John Becker  83 
VIII  Powderhorn, Bunker Hill  51 
VIII  Powderhorn, Stephen Clark  51 
VIII  Powderhorn, P.H. Engel  72 
VIII  Powderhorn, Col. Glasier  78 
VIII  Powderhorn, N.M. Larue  85 
VIII  Powderhorn, J.M. McGraw  91 
VIII  Powderhorn, Thomas, Heald/Samuel Hidden  85 
VIII  Powderhorn, Timothy Murphy  55 
VIII  Powderhorn, Vland  52 
VIII  Powderhorn, David Williams  77 
VIII  Raspak, Frederick, wounded at Oriskany  132 (oversize) 
VIII  Reaping machines  111, 112 
VIII  Reaping implements  111 
VIII  Red Jacket, portrait and dwelling  107 
VIII  Reformed Church, Middleburg, 1786  38 
VIII  Reformed Church, Schoharie, 1855 
VIII  Reformed Church, Schoharie, interior, 1888 
VIII  Reformed Church, seal of, 1796 
VIII  Resolution, 1775 for donation of wheat  13 7/8 
VIII  Revolutionary War, beginnings  53 
VIII  Relics, Bellinger family  92 
VIII  Relics, Indian (See Indian relics)   
VIII  Rhinebeck, New, church  12 
VIII  Rock caves, Grovenor's Corners  89 
VIII  Sapahn (mush and milk)  73 
VIII  Scalps, amount of  101 
VIII  Scalps, female  103 
VIII  Scalps, method of taking  98-9 
VIII  Scalps, soldiers, farmers, children, etc.  102 
VIII  Schaefer, Martin Luther, family register  13 ¾ 
VIII  Schaefer, Martin L., receipt for Oriskany pension  120 ½ 
VIII  Schaefer, Martin L., residence  13 
VIII  Schaeffer door knocker  84 
VIII  Schaeffer-Kingsley farm  13 ¼, 13 ½ 
VIII  Schaeffer, Jacob, church death register  123 (oversize) 
VIII  Schenectady maps, 1750 and 1768  104 
VIII  Schoharie, Bleecker's Map  156 ½ (oversize) 
VIII  Schoharie, Indian map  155 ½ (oversize) 
VIII  Schoharie Creek, junction with Mohawk  52 
VIII  Schoharie Creek, downstream  66, 67 
VIII  Schoharie Creek, from Mountain Rd.  63 
VIII  Schoharie Creek at Flat Rock  29 
VIII  Schoharie Creek, view  30 
VIII  Schoharie Valley map, 1778  142 (oversize) 
VIII  Schoharie Valley, from West Mt.  86 
VIII  Schoharie Valley, from Lutheran Cemetery  28 
VIII  Schoharie Valley, from north  16 
VIII  Schoharie Village, from east  18 
VIII  Schoharie Village, map  141 (oversize) 
VIII  Schoharie Village, upper part  112 
VIII  Schoharie Indian deed  116 
VIII  Schram log cabin  51 
VIII  Schuyler, Domine, receipt for salary, 1767  37 
VIII  Schuyler, Peter, portrait  109 
VIII  Scythe  111 
VIII  Sharon, Battle of  97 
VIII  Sharon Springs, view from north  99 
VIII  Shin plaster 
VIII  Sickle  111 
VIII  Signatures, early settlers  120, 121, 123, 124, 139 
VIII  Signatures, Indian  116a, 128, 149, 150, 151, 156 (all oversize) 
VIII  Sketches  55 ½, 65 ½ 
VIII  Sommer, Domine Peter, tombstone 
VIII  Soups  75 
VIII  Sources  64 
VIII  Stuyvesant, Peter, portrait  109 
VIII  Sugar, use of  74 
VIII  Survey of land on Fox Creek  138 
VIII  Table, round top  74 
VIII  Table, Timothy Murphy's  73 
VIII  Tavern sign, 1805  17 
VIII  Tea canister  68 
VIII  Tombstone, Catherine Marcley (Markley)  94 
VIII  Tombstone, Timothy Murphy  46 
VIII  Tombstone, Vrooman (Schenectady)  66 
VIII  Tombstones, Schoharie Lutheran Church 
VIII  Turtle, petrified  100 
VIII  Van Alstine, purchase of slaves  117, 134 (oversize) 
VIII  Van Wormer, Isaac, about Indian caves  90 
VIII  Van Wormer, Miss Satie, portrait  90 
VIII  Vland, powderhorn  52 
VIII  Vrooman, Adam, Indian deed, 1711  149 (oversize) 
VIII  Vrooman, Adam, Indian deed, 1714  150 (oversize) 
VIII  Vrooman, Adam, Indian deed, 1726  151 (oversize) 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, commission, 1731  135 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, commission, 1733  136 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, commission, 1759  115 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, commission, 1760  137 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, account of goods delivered to Indians, 1770  118 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, foot warmer  66 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, gate on King's Highway, 1773  139 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, order to raise recruits, 1782  114 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, petition to NYS Legislature, 1784  119 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, petition to NYS Legislature, 1785  120 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, petition to NYS Legislature, 1771  146 (oversize) 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, receipt for land from Sir Wm. Johnson  118 
VIII  Vrooman, Peter, relics  84 
VIII  Vrooman tombstone, Schenectady, 1690  66 
VIII  Vrooman's Nose (Onistagrawa), views  42, 46, 65 
VIII  Vrooman's Nose, near views  47, 71 
VIII  Vrooman's Nose and valley  65 
VIII  Vroomansland, Indian fort  154 (oversize) 
VIII  Warrant of an Indian justice  48 
VIII  Washington, George, orders, 1782  123 
VIII  Weathervane, Lower Fort  12 
VIII  Weisersdorf (Middleburgh), church land survey  37 
VIII  Weisersdorf, old buildings  49 
VIII  Wheat donation to Boston, 1775  13 7/8 
VIII  Williams, David, cane  77 
VIII  Williams, David, description of his home  11 
VIII  Williams, David, monument  10 
VIII  Williams, David, powderhorn  77 
VIII  Williams, David, silver medal  10, 77 
VIII  Williams, David, visit to New York City, 1830  11 
VIII  Winnowing  113 
VIII  Zeh, Adam and Johannes, church death record  123 (oversize) 
VIII  Zielie house, Middleburgh  39 
IX  Continental Road/Sullivan's Campaign   
IX  Canajoharie, settlement 
IX  Continental Road, Mohawk River to Lake Otsego  2-9 
IX  Cooper's Monument, Cooperstown  26 
IX  Fort, Middle Schoharie 
IX  Fort Paris, Stone Arabia, view 
IX  Fort Rensselaer, Canajoharie 
IX  Frey, Major, photo of residence 
IX  Journal, Lt. Van Hovenburg 
IX  Journal, Lt. Wm. McKendry 
IX  Journal, E. Beatty 
IX  Leatherstocking Monument, Cooperstown, photo  26 
IX  Letter, Gen. James Clinton to Gov. George Clinton, 1779 
IX  Letter, John S. Clark to Rufus Grider  28 
IX  Map, Sullivan's Expedition, 1779  1, 27 (oversize)
IX  Mohawk River, view from Palatine Bridge  11 
IX  Mohawk River, looking west at Canajoharie  12 
IX  Monument, Cooper  26 
IX  Monument, Leatherstocking  26 
IX  Mud Lake  19 
IX  Otsego Lake, at Cooperstown, looking west  25 
IX  Otsego Lake, looking up  20, 21 
IX  Otsego Lake, above 5 Mile Point  22 
IX  Otsego Lake, Clark's Memorial Tower  23 
IX  Otsego Lake, below 5 Mile Point  24 
IX  Otsego Lake, down outlet, photo  26 
IX  Reminiscences, Levi Beardsley 
IX  Seeber, Conradt, tavern  5, 14, 15, 16 
IX  Seeber, Johannes 
IX  Seeber, cemetery and tombstones  17 
IX  Springfield, view on road  18 
IX  Tavern, Conrad Seeber  5, 14, 15, 16 
IX  Tavern, Walrath 
IX  Walrath Tavern  3
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