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Elizabeth F. Leonard
Papers, 1875-1906


Quantity: 2 boxes (0.25 cubic ft.)
Access: Open to research
Acquisition: Gift, Edgar C. Leonard, May 1923
Processed By: Bryana Wachowicz, Student Assistant, University at Albany,Manuscript and Special Collections, December 2014; revised August 2015

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Biographical/Historical Note:

Elizabeth F. Leonard, commonly known as Bessie Woolworth Leonard, was born in Missouri on February 10, 1862, to Calvin Colton Woolworth and his wife, Sarah Parker Woolworth.

Her father owned Woolworth & Graham (later the Fort Orange Paper Company) in Castleton, Rensselaer County, New York, Bessie's great-great-grandfather was Rev. Samuel Buell, who was known to have passed information to the American forces during the occupation of Long Island by the British Army.

Bessie Woolworth married Edgar Cotrell Leonard on October 15, 1890. Edgar's family were hatters and furriers with a large department store named Cotrell & Leonard, located at 472-478 Broadway in Albany, New York. Cotrell & Leonard became well-known as the first store to sell traditional academic dress in America after Edgar C. Leonard's younger brother, Gardner Cotrell Leonard, designed a cap and gown for his graduating class at Williams College in Williamstown, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, in 1887, and had the robes manufactured through Cotrell & Leonard. In 1895, the Intercollegiate Commission at Columbia University (of which Gardner Cotrell Leonard was a member) adopted a required formal code for academic dress for all institutions of higher education.

News of Mrs. Leonard's death as a "prominent Albany woman" was featured on the front page of the Albany Times-Union. Her obituary in the New York Times noted that she was one of Albany's best-known society and club women. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard were active in various Albany civic, educational, religious, and social organizations, including the Mohawk Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution; the Institute of History and Art; the Alliance Française; the Albany Women's Club, and the Westminster Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Leonard was also notably involved with the Albany Fresh Air Guild, a charity that arranged for poor children to spend the summer in homes in the countryside of Canaan, Columbia County, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard had two daughters, Ruth (Mrs. R.B. Mitford and, with her second marriage, Princess de Djoumkovsky) and Katharine (Mrs. J.G. Perkins). Mrs. Leonard died in Paris on June 26, 1925, of lung cancer.

Scope and Content Note:

The collection consists of letters from family and friends plus invitations and responses from "society" women of Albany, including Mrs. Edith Kermit (Theodore) Roosevelt, Mrs. Zoe Wyndham (Walter Launt) Palmer, Mrs. Harriet Langdon Pruyn (William Gorham) Rice, Mrs. Linda C. (Benjamin) Odell, and Mrs. Winifred E. (Frederick) Merrill. Also included in the collection are papers and letters concerning Mrs. Leonard's work with schools and the Albany Fresh Air Guild.

Also in the collection are autographs from well-known authors and people of the day that Bessie, as a young woman, collected, including Louisa May Alcott, Harriet Beecher Stowe, William Cullen Bryant, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Henry W. Longfellow, and F.E. Spinner.

Related Collections Note (PRI5426, Boxes 112-117):

Edgar C. Leonard also donated Mrs. Leonard's collection of bookplates to the New York State Library. The State Library's 1926 annual report noted that the collection numbered 659 plates, assembled over 20 years: "The collection is mainly American, with an interesting group of bookplates of Albany owners, including the Albany Society Library and Philip Schuyler plates, which are rare. Recently Mrs. Leonard had specialized on bookplates by well-known designers and her collection contains items by Edwin Davis French, Sidney L. Smith, Elisha Brown Bird, William F. Hopson, William E. Fisher, Edmund H. Garrett and many others. With her fine plate by Mr. Bird for exchange, she would undoubtedly have been very successful." In 1927, the State Library housed the collection separately from the other bookplates it had and numbered the total as 500, exclusive of duplicates.

Box and Folder List:

Box Folder Description
1 1 Abbott, John S.C. Fair Haven, Connecticut, January 3, 1876. Autograph. 1p. 2.5 x 4.25 in. Includes quotation: "Count that day lost whose low descending sun views at thy hand no worthy action done." – Emperor Titus
1 2 Alcott, L[ouisa] M[ay]. Autograph. n.p., n.d. M.S. 1p. 1.5 x 5 in.
1 3 Barnes, Alfred C. 100 Wash. Sq., Manhattan 21st May 1901. 1(3)p. Publisher, American Book Company.  A.L.S. A thank-you for an invitation to dinner and regrets that he was not able to come and see the girl he remembers, "now a stately matron."
1 4 Battershall, Maude. n.p., n.d. Friday morning. 1(2)p. A.L.S. Re: regrets to Mrs. Leonard that she cannot accept the invitation to dine because of a houseguest and they "go to the Governors later." 
1 5 Beecher, Henry Ward. Autograph. n.p., 4 Sept. 1875. M.S. 1p. 2.5 x 4.25 in.
1 6 "Bessie" [Elizabeth Fenn Leonard (sister-in-law)?] February 4. [1901?], Amalfi, [Italy]. 1(4)p. A.L.S. Letter to Mrs. Leonard, addressed to Bessie. On Gran Hotel Quisisana, Capri, stationery. Details the family trip along with May and Father to Italy, including Naples, Sorrento, Capri, and then on to Florence.
1 7 Boss, Lewis. n.d., n.p. 1p. Wedding invitation from Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Boss for the wedding of their daughter, Bertha Boss, to Philip Farnsworth, June 4, 1902, at Saint Peter's Church, Albany, New York.
1 8 Bryant, William Cullen. 1794-1878. Autographs. n.p., 7 Sept. 1875. M.S. 1p. 2.5 x 4.25 in. Two cards. [One card is the autograph with the date; the second reads: "Will you please send me your autograph. Bessie Woolworth. 582 Washington Av. Brooklyn" with the autograph and date on the reverse.]
1 9 Burgoyne's Capture of Fort Ticonderoga. Author unknown. n.d., n.p. 8p. Report on the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga on lined paper.
1 10 Cable, George W. Letter to a Mr. Alley. Grand Rapids, Mich. 14 Feb. 1888. A.L.S. 1p. 9.5 x 6 in. Request for contact with other members of the Temple Class including Judge Colby and Deacon Hill. "The class is not only in my prayers but in my dreams, and I wish you would convey to the members of the committee at next meeting the warmest expressions of fraternal friendships." On Morton House stationery.
1 11 Carpenter, Frank B. Oct. 14, 1890. 337 Fourth Ave. 1p. A.L.S. Letter to Bessie expressing regret that he and Mrs. Carpenter cannot be present at her marriage tomorrow evening. He gives his best wishes that "It is the highest, the holiest, the most beautiful, the most solemn step, mortal man or woman can take." He expresses regret that he does not know Mr. Leonard but congratulates him on his choice. He mentions a souvenir that he has sent along that he hopes will arrive in time. 
1 12 Clemens, Samuel L[anghorne]. Autograph. n.p., n.d. M.S.  1p. 2.5 x 4.25 in. Autograph for both Samuel L. Clemens and Mark Twain.
1 13 Coffin, Edward Russell. January 14, [19]02. Union St., Schenectady. 1p. A.L.S. Re: Regrets to Mrs. Leonard that he cannot come next Tuesday evening as he will be in New York that day for the "harassing duties of 'best man' ".
1 14 Cole, Alphaeus P. Letter to George Hughes, Albany, N.Y. No. 7 Rue Boissonade, XIV Arrond, Paris, 4 Apr. [1902] A.L.S. 2(4)p. 8 x 5 in. Enclosures. Re: Cole's recent paintings of monks at work and mention in the New York Herald. Cole asks Mr. Hughes to let Mr. Leonard know that he will be in Paris after May or he may visit "his future better half Miss Wamsley" with whom he will leave a few of his pictures so that "perhaps Mr. Leonard would buy one."  The letter is accompanied by two clippings: the mention in the New York Herald and a small image of a monk reading also from the New York Herald. Also included is the envelope addressed to Mr. George Hughes. No. 2 Columbia Place, Albany, N.Y., Etats-Unis Amerique.
1 15 Cooper, Susan L. Fenimore. Feb. 10, 1900. Western Ave. & Thurlow Terrace, [Albany, N.Y.]. 1p. A.N.S. Note to Mrs. Leonard accepting an invitation for lunch on Feb. 16.
1 16 Cuyler, Theo L. n.d., n.p. Two signatures torn from the bottom of letters. One signed "In haste Yours ever cordially, Theo L. Cuyler". The second signed "As Ever, Yours lovingly, Theo L. Cuyler". [Presbyterian minister and religious writer]
1 17 Durant, M. Louise Church. January 3, 1900. 347 State Street, [Albany, N.Y.]. A.N.S. Note to Mrs. Leonard accepting her invitation for lunch on January 11, 1900. Stationery embossed with initials MLCD surrounded by a wreath and the address 347 State Street in gold.
1 18 Easton, Edward. n.p., n.d. Invitation card from Mr. and Mrs. Edward Easton for a breakfast on the fifteenth of October [1902] at one o'clock on Loudon Road.
1 18 Easton, Edward. n.p., n.d. Invitation card from Mr. and Mrs. Edward Easton for the wedding of their daughter, Edith Easton, to Ernest Livingston Miller on the fifteenth of October 1902 at St. Peter's Church. (2 pieces)
1 19 Egerton, Louise B.C. Aug. 8, [19]06. Albany, [N.Y.]. A.L.S. 1(3)p. Letter to Mrs. Leonard regarding the letter from Miss Wilcox. She let Miss Wilcox know they did not take mothers at the home but would let Mrs. Leonard know of the request and she proposes to Mrs. Leonard that perhaps the mother and daughter could go and help close up the house after the last party of children leaves.
1 20 Field, Mary French. Autograph. n.p. April 12, 1897. M.S. 1p. 5½ x 4 in.
1 21 Franklin, Agnes I. July 17, [1906?]. 320 Madison Ave, Albany, New York. A.L.S. Letter to Mrs. Leonard confirming that while she knows her sister (Helene Franklin) has sent a letter to Mrs. Leonard saying she is fearful of her sister's ability to take charge of a girls' club, Agnes Franklin believes that after inquiring into the nature of the work that she is satisfied she meets the requirements of the position.
1 22 Franklin, Helene B. June 25, [1906?]. 320 Madison Avenue, [Albany, N.Y.]. A.L.S. Letter addressed to Mrs. Gardner Leonard requesting information for her sister on the open position in the Kindergarten department of the school at the corner of Terry and Dallius. Her sister is currently employed in Queens Borough and they are anxious to have her home.
1 22 Franklin, Helene B. July 11, [1906?]. 320 Madison Avenue, Albany, New York. A.L.S. Thanks Mrs. Leonard for the information on the school on South Terry Street and for accepting an application from her sister. She notes in the letter that she is fearful that her sister may not be able to handle a club composed of older girls since she does not have experience outside of graded schools in New York.
1 23 Albany Fresh Air Guild. [Albany, N.Y., 1904] Letter from the members and directors of the Albany Fresh Air Guild urging Mrs. Leonard to reconsider her resignation from the board. Her resignation would be a "… calamity. We need the wise counsel which is the result of long experience and intimate knowledge of the work and believe that the best interests of the noble charity will be served by her continuing on the Official Branch(?). Signed by Ellie A. Gregory, Martha C. Nehmore, Lulu Gregory Palmer, Louise B.C. Egerton, Elizabeth N.J. Grinwald, I. Ama Lansing, Pauline Jerome Olcorth, Aimee A. Rudd, and M. Louise Church Durant.
1 23 Albany Fresh Air Guild. n.p. 1904. Cover page and officer listing for the 1904 annual report of the Albany Fresh Air Guild for Children. A photograph with the caption "In the Canaan Sunshine" and the quote "A Child is a sunbeam on a wintry sea, a flower in the prison garden, the music of bells chiming over the clanging discord of a great city, the ozone of the world inspiring us with hope, rousing us to wholesome sacrifice and gladdening our hearts amid the discouragements of life." On the reverse is a list of the officers and directors with Mrs. Leonard as president with handwritten notes for committee members.
1 24 Gavit, John P. November 20, 1906. Albany, [N.Y.] A.L.S. On Associated Press letterhead. Letter to Mrs. Leonard recommending several writings for her to read before the next meeting of their reading group including Morris's "Dream of John Ball," "Signs of Change," and "A King's Lesson." Other works mentioned are "The Peasant Revolts," Charles Loring Brace's "Gesta Christi," Langland's "Piers Plowman" and Green's "Short History of the English People." Mentions of Mrs. F.C. Huyck and Mr. E.N. Huyck.
1 24 Gavit, John P. November 21, 1906. Albany, [N.Y.]. 1p. A.L.S. On Legislative Correspondents Association letterhead. Follow-up to a letter from the previous day noting that he has sent his copy of Vida D. Scudder's "Social Ideals in English Letters" which should help illuminate the other readings he recommended she report on.
1 25 Greenleaf, Margaret A. Jan. 5, [1900]. 367 State St., [Albany, N.Y.]. 1p. A.N.S. Regrets that she will be unable to attend the lunch on January 11 due to a previous engagement. Stationery with initials "MAG" surrounded by a wreath.
1 26 Holland, J. G. (Josiah Gilbert Holland). Autograph. 1p.
1 27 Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Autograph. Lakewood, N.J. 8 Apr. 1882. M.S. 1p. 2.25 x 3.5 in. Reads: Oliver Wendell Holmes. Laurel Hoade, Lakewood, New Jersey, April 8th 1882. On the Reverse: Miss Woolworth, 582 Washington Av.
1 28 James, Emma Montgomery. Saturday, August 4, [1906?]. 326 Western Ave., Albany, [N.Y.]. 1(2)p. A.L.S. Re: Inquiring about the position at the Kindergarten that has opened up, hours, salary, etc.
1 29 Killife, Jessie B. August 10, 1906. 706 Madison Ave., Albany, N.Y. A.L.S. 1(4)p. Inquiring about the position of Kindergartner at the Third Reformed Church. She would not want to undertake the position alone but would like to be considered for the assistant if they are to have one. She taught at the school while training and she says "I love to work among the dear little poor children of the city." She also gives a contact number for a Mrs. Mitchell as a reference.
1 30 Lansing, Mrs. Charles Bridgen. n.d., n.p. 1p. Invitation to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard for the marriage of Mrs. Lansing's daughter, Abby Spencer, to the Reverend Edward Griffin Selden on Monday, June 4, 1900, at 146 State Street, Albany.
1 31 Leonard, Daniel [possibly]. Sept. 21, 1902. Forsyth, Mont[ana]. 4p. On Yellowstone National Park stationery. Addressed "Dear Boys"; carries over several places and dates including Monday, 22, Staples, Minn., and Chicago, Sept. 23. They are returning home at last. Mentions leaving Gardiner at 8:00 and that May was taken to the station in a Red Cross ambulance and stopped to look at the place where the stage turned over. He has Ned's letter about the time they've had with the drainage at 476. Ends with arriving at Harriet's.
1 32 Leonard, Edgar (Ned) Cotrell. (1) July 24 '06. 2(8)p. Letter to his wife describing hearing Campbell Morgan speak at Westminster and other events of the trip. (During the American Institute of Mining Engineers trip) (2) Leonard, Bessie W. n.d. Hawthorne Inn, East Gloucester. 2p. Letter from Mrs. Leonard to her father-in-law forwarding on her husband's most recent letter and requesting he pay her enclosed bill for the New York City department store Arnold & Constable. Also tells the story of an automobile accident she had. (3) Envelope addressed to Daniel Leonard, Cotrell & Leonard, 472 Broadway, Albany, N.Y. Stamped Aug 9 1906, Gloucester Mass.
1 32 Leonard, Edgar (Ned) Cotrell. (1) July 26, [1906]. n.p. Describes the purchases he made including a suit of flannels, a riding suit, Liberty Capes for the Chicks and a piece of lace for trimming the shoulders. (2) Leonard, Edgar (Ned) Cotrell. Sunday, July 29, 1906. 2(8)p. The Gleddings, Halifax stationery Letter to Mrs. Leonard noting that she is entitled to more letters than she has been receiving but he has barely been keeping his head above water and has time to only dash off a line on the fly. Descriptions of the sights he has seen and meeting Mr. and Mrs. Smith, he a man of importance in the city and a copper wire manufacturer. They discovered they are both descendants of Gov. Bradford and Hannah Bradford. (3) Envelope addressed to Mr. Daniel Leonard, 56 Willett St., Albany, N.Y. Stamped Gloucester Aug 11, 1906.
1 32 Leonard, Edgar (Ned) Cotrell. (1) Glasgow. Aug 3 '06. 1(4)p. Re: Letter to Bess about sights seen including Durham, Bamburgh Castle, and York Cathedral. He notes that he has enclosed real Scotch heather and that the white is very rare. (During the American Institute of Mining Engineers trip). (2) Envelope addressed to Daniel Leonard, 56 Willett St., Albany, N.Y. Stamped Gloucester, Aug. 14, 1906.
1 32 Leonard, Edgar (Ned) Cotrell. Aug. 9 '06. n.p. [Great Britain] Keswick Hotel stationery. 1(4)p. Letter to his wife describing a drive around Derwentwater in the Lake District of Berkshire. He compares it to an evening in Lake George. Says "This place is full of English folk who are all right when one gets acquainted with them." (During the American Institute of Mining Engineers trip) (2) Leonard, Bessie W. Aug. 20, [1906]. The Greylock, Berkshire Hills, Williamstown, Mass. stationery. 1p. Re: Letter to her father-in-law forwarding on her husband's letter and informing him of the train she is taking home. (3) Envelope addressed to Daniel Leonard, 56 Willett St., Albany, N.Y. Stamped Aug. 20, 1906.
1 32 Leonard, Edgar (Ned) Cotrell. 5 items. (1) Tues. Aug. 7, [1906]. Edinburgh. A.L.S. 1(4)p. Re: He is having a "bully time" and will be sailing home next week. Details the trip to Holyrood Castle. (2) Saturday, Aug. 3, [1906] A.L.S. 1(4)p. Details visit to Dunfermline, the birthplace of Carnegie and the ancient seat of the Scottish kings. Mentions the event from the newspaper clipping. (3) Aug. 4/06. Newspaper Clipping. "American Mining Engineers Visit To Glasgow," a short article about the 150 American Institute of Mining Engineers members visiting Glasgow and the reception they attended as part of their tour of Great Britain.(4) Leonard, Bessie W. Aug. 20, [1906]. The Greylock, Berkshire Hills, Williamstown, Mass., stationery. A.N.S. 1p. Informing her father-in-law that they arrived and enclosing the last two letters from Ned. (5) Envelope addressed to Mr. Daniel Leonard, 56 Willett Street, Albany, N.Y. Stamped Aug. 20, 1906.
1 33 Leonard, Katharine. August 21, 1902. n.p. A.L.S. 1(2)p. Letter written by Mrs. Leonard's daughter as a young child while Mr. and Mrs. Leonard are traveling. She notes they were to go to the electric park until Uncle Gardener said no when Grandma told him there had been many accidents. Includes a short note from their other daughter, Ruth, and the envelope addressed to Mr. E.C. Leonard to arrive on Columbia Line, Hamburg America, 35 Broadway, New York.
1 33 Leonard, Katharine. Albany, N.Y. Dec. 15. 2(5)p. Childhood letter from Katharine Leonard to Ruth Leonard on State Street Presbyterian Sunday School paper. Recounts her visit with Bamby and Daniel at Aunt Harriet's.
1 33 Leonard, Katharine. April 26, 1902. n.p. 4p. Childhood writing of the proverbial story of Darby and Joan with a focus on what wonderful grandparents they are.
1 34 Longfellow, Henry W. Autograph. n.p., 1875. M.S. 1p. 2.5 x 4.5 in.
1 35 Martin, Mrs. Enos Throop. n.d., n.p. 1p. Invitation to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard for the marriage of Mrs. Martin's daughter, Helen Tremain, to Mr. Francis Mason on Saturday, Sept. 27, [1902] at Saint Peter's Church, Albany.
1 35 Martin, Mrs. Enos Throop. n.d., n.p. 1p. Invitation to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard to a breakfast on Saturday, September 27, [1902] at 194 State Street, Albany.
1 36 McClure, Anna Cassin. n.d. 222 State Street, [Albany, New York]. A.N.S. 1p. Acceptance of a luncheon invitation. [Future Mrs. Parker Corning]
1 37 McKenzie, Douglas. n.d., n.p. 1(4)p. Letter written to Mr. Leonard "by" the baby born that morning, July 3.
1 38 McNeely, Eleanor. 30 Elk Street, [Albany, New York]. January 4, [1900]. A.N.S. 1(2)p. Acceptance of an invitation for a luncheon on Thursday, January 11, [1900].
1 39 Merrill, Winifred E. Friday, n.d., n.p. A.L.S. 1(3)p. A thank you for the invitation to dine on the 23rd [March 1899].  She will let Mrs. Leonard know in a day or two. [First American woman to receive a Ph.D. in mathematics. Husband was Frederick Merrill, the director of the New York State Museum]
2 1 Nast, Th[omas]. Autograph. n.p. September 22, 1875. 1p.
2 2 Newspaper Clippings. 11 pieces. Re: art sales
2 3 Newspaper Clippings. 6 pieces. Miscellaneous
2 4 Newspaper Clippings (Personal). 2 items. (1) Journal. Albany Sep. 16 1898. "A Charming Out-of-Door Wedding." Article about Mrs. Leonard's sister, Susan A. Woolworth's wedding to Ralph C. Warren. (2) "A Set of Bovine Chimes." n.d., n.p. Reads: "Four Alpine cow-bells brought from Luzerne by Gardner C. Leonard now adorn four Jersey cows owned by C.C. Woolworth of Castleton. It is said that their combined sound produces a melodious chord that is a delight to the ear."  
2 5 Norton, Frank L. Autograph. n.p., n.d. M.S. 1p. 2 x 8 in. Torn from the bottom of a letter.
2 6 Odell, Linda C. Note to Mrs. E. Leonard, Albany, 8 (Friday). A.N.S. 3p. 6.75 x 5.25. in. Note with regrets that she has obligations on the days mentioned but inviting Mrs. Leonard to her last "at home" hoping that she does not find it necessary to "find an excuse" to come. With envelope. Executive Mansion stationery. [Benjamin Odell was Governor of New York, 1901-1904].
2 7 Palmer, Zoe Wyndham. 5 La Fayette Street, Albany, N.Y. January 11, [1900].  A.N.S. 1(2)p. [Wife of painter Walter Launt Palmer]. Thanking Mrs. Leonard for the invitation to dine but her family is planning to be in the Berkshires if it does not snow. If they are in town she will call.
2 8 Parker, Mary L. February 9, [1900]. The Ten Eyck. A.N.S. 1p. M.L.P. stationery. Accepting the invitation to luncheon on Friday, February 16, [1900]. [Wife of Alton B. Parker?]
2 9 Parsons, Frances Theodora. 22 Elk Street, [Albany, New York]. n.d. Monday. A.N.S. 1p. Acceptance of dinner invitation for Thursday evening next. American [Botanist and author usually published under first married name of Mrs. William Starr Dana]
2 10 Pell, Mary H. Highland Falls. October 15, [1890]. A.N.S. 1(2)p. Congratulatory note sent with a present on Mrs. Leonard's wedding day.
2 11 Peltz, Catharine B.W. 323 State Street, [Albany, New York]. Thursday. A.N.S. 1(2)p. Regrets that she will not be in Albany and cannot accept the invitation for lunch on the eleventh [January 11, 1900].
2 12 Rice, H.L.P. (Harriet L. Pruyn) 135 Washington Avenue, Albany. January 4, [1900]. 1p. Regrets to Mrs. Leonard that she cannot attend the January 11 [1900] luncheon as she will be in New York that day.
2 13 Rogers, Howard J. State of New York, Education Department, Commissioner's Room. n.d. 1p. Re: "My Dear Mrs. Leonard, Your request is very gladly complied with not for the purpose of informing your mind, as its present state is most attractive, but for any pleasure it may afford you."
2 14 Roosevelt, Edith Kermit (Mrs. Theo. Roosevelt) To Mrs. E. C. Leonard. Executive Mansion, Albany, n.d. A.N.S. 1(4)p. 5.5 x 4 in. Dated Thursday. Accepting the invitation to the luncheon on Thursday the eleventh (the January 11, 1900 luncheon mentioned in other notes?). Executive Mansion stationery.
2 14 Roosevelt, Edith Kermit (Mrs. Theo. Roosevelt) Two notes to Mrs. E.C. Leonard. Executive Mansion, Albany, n.d. A.N.S. 1(4)p. 5.5 x 4 in. Dated Saturday. Offering regrets that she has an engagement and cannot attend lunch on the 23rd [March 1899]. Executive Mansion, Albany stationery. With envelope.
2 14 Roosevelt, Edith K. n.d. 1p. Invitation from Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt requesting the company of Mrs. Edgar C. Leonard to assist in receiving at the Executive Mansion on Wednesday, February 14 [1900]. Pre-printed card with Mrs. Edgar C. Leonard written in.
2 15 Sard, Grange. n.d., n.p. 1p. Invitation from Mr. and Mrs. Grange Sard for the marriage of their daughter, Mabel Woolverton, to Mr. Arthur Amory, Jr., on Wednesday, June 8 [1904?], at Saint Peter's Church, Albany.
2 16 Sickels, Winifred H. June 25, 1906. 81 N. Hawk St., Albany, N.Y. 1(3)p. Letter of application to Mrs. Leonard to be the "Kindergarten Director" for the school under Mrs. Leonard's supervision. She holds City and State Kindergarten certificates and is employed as a teacher at the Schenectady Public School.
2 16 Sickels, Winifred H. July 2, 1906. 81 N. Hawk St., Albany, N.Y. A.L.S. 1(2)p. Apologizes that she had been misinformed and addressed her previous letter to Mrs. Gardner Leonard and though she understands that her previous letter had been forwarded on she makes application for the position again.
2 16 Sickels, Winifred H. July 3, 1906. 81 N. Hawk St., Albany, N.Y. A.L.S. 1(2)p. Confirms, after receiving Mrs. Leonard's reply, that she is interested in the position and the accompanying missionary work as she now works mostly with the foreign population of Schenectady. She awaits the decision made by the members once Mrs. Leonard puts her name forward.
2 17 Sloan, Augustus Kellogg. n.d., n.p. 1p. Invitation to the marriage reception for Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Kellogg Sloan's daughter, Mary Florence, and Lieutenant Louis Thales Hess on Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1902, at 275 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Pre-printed card with envelope.
2 18 Spalt, Geo. n.d. 904 Broadway, Albany, N.Y. 2p. Advertisement letter for Geo. Spalt, Maker of Fine Cabinet Work, 904 Broadway, Albany, N.Y. Included is a print of a sample furnished room.
2 19 Spinner, F.E. Note to Miss Bessie Woolworth (Mrs. E.C. Leonard) Mohonk, 11 Sept. 1875. A.N.S. 1(4)p. 7.75 x 5 in. Two autographs attached.
2 20 Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Autograph. Hartford. Oct. 5, 1875. "Very Truly yours H.B. Stowe."  Reverse: "Will you please send me your autograph. Bessie F. Woolworth. 582 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.
2 21 Tillot, Mrs. Thomas R. 228 Union Street, Schenectady, N.Y. March 14, 1906. A.N.S. 1p. Requests a personal interview with Mrs. Leonard about the Fresh Air Guild for Children of which Mrs. Leonard had recently been made president.
2 22 Trowbridge, John Townsend. Autograph. n.d., n.p. M.S. 1p. 2.5 x 4.25  in.
2 23 Warren, Anne L.L. n.d. Thursday. 51 Washington Ave. 1(2)p. Accepts the invitation to serve tea on the 23rd [October 1899]. Says "You should have asked someone with a fine frock and 'rings to her fingers'."
2 24 Weidman, Mrs. Daniel. n.d., Haddonfield, New Jersey. 1p. Announcement of the marriage of her daughter, Mary Elizabeth Gilbert, to Reverend William Winfield Casselberry on Tuesday, June 25, 1901, Albany, N.Y. Card reads "At Home Haddonfield, New Jersey" at the bottom. Pre-printed note card.
2 25 Wheeler, Blanche. Vacation Home 7 September [1906]. 2(7)p. Updating Mrs. Leonard. Notes that Mrs. Egerton has the items of expenditure and she will send Mrs. Leonard a written report for the next board meeting.
2 25 Wheeler, Blanche. Vacation Home 4 September [1906]. 3(12)p. Letter to Mrs. Leonard with her disappointment that Mrs. Leonard was not able to come the twenty-fourth. Description of expenses. Notes they entertained 358 children.
2 25 Wheeler, Blanche. Vacation Home 31 May [1906]. Postal Card. Postmark illegible. 1p. "All is in readiness, & the entire place in such nice condition I wish that you might see it."
2 25 Wheeler, Blanche. Vacation Home Canaan, N.Y. Postal Card. Postmark illegible. 1p. Progress notes for cleaning up the Vacation Home.
2 25 Wheeler, Blanche. Blank postal card addressed to Miss Blanche Wheeler, Vacation Home, East Chatham, N.Y. and marked R.F. Delivery. (2)
2 25 Wheeler, Blanche. Vacation Home. 9 August [1906]. 2(8)p. Updating Mrs. Leonard on the repairs that will need to be made for next year as the summer is ending – "despite my responsibilities and general miserableness physically, it has flown.
2 25 Wheeler, Blanche. Vacation Home. 10 July [1906]. 1(4)p. Letting Mrs. Leonard know that the work progresses beautifully and the chambermaid, waitress and cook are all treasures.
2 25 Wheeler, Blanche. Canaan. 6 June [1906]. With envelope postmarked Jun 7 11 am 1906. 1(4)p. Updating Mrs. Leonard on life at the Vacation Home. She made a good deal purchasing potatoes and plans to make another one for butter.
2 25 Wheeler, Blanche. 509 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, Mass. With envelope postmarked Jan 30 10-PM. 1906. 1(4)p. Letter to Mrs. Leonard accepting the Canaan position with trepidation … knowing the standard of excellence attained by Miss McKown.
2 26 White, Andrew D. Autograph. n.p., n.d. M.S. 1p. 1.5 x 7.75 in. Torn from a letter with C.C. Woolworth, Esq., also signed below.
2 27 Whittier, John G. n.d., n.p. Autograph.
2 28 Wilcox, Carrie. Elmgreen, Berlin, N.Y. Tuesday, August 7, 1906. A.L.S. 1(3)p. Letter to Mrs. Egleston from Miss Carrie Wilcox, a director at the Albany Mothers Association home asking if she would consider allowing Mrs. Hammond and her daughter to stay at the "vacation home" in exchange for helping. A response note is written in another hand refusing the request (not signed).
2 29 Williams, Emma McClure. A.N.S. n.d, n.p. 1p. Re: Thanking Mrs. Leonard for the invitation to luncheon on January 11[1900] but plans to be in New York that day.
2 30 Windrim, Alice E. Devon, Pa. n.d. Thanks Mrs. Leonard for having her elected a member of "the women's club" as it will be a "great convenience" to her when she goes shopping in New York. She says it was a pleasure to meet Mrs. and Mr. Leonard on the "Columbia" and that she and her husband would like to meet with them again. Stationery with a small shield with a bow in green and gold with the initials AEW.
2 31 Woodruff, Lena. A.N.S. n.d., n.p. 1(2)p. Accepting an invitation to lunch with Mrs. Leonard on Friday, February 16 [1900].
2 32 Woolworth, Bessie. Albany. March 9 1888. 1(4)p. Letter addressed to "Auntie" expressing sympathy for her loss and inviting her to come stay with them for they all consider her to be a "model invalid" and "hold you up as an example." She shares that Mildred is crocheting her a wash cloth which is "fearfully and wonderfully made."
2 33 Woolworth, C.C. (Bessie Woolworth Leonard's father) New York. August 30, 1886. 1p. Check from the Woolworth and Graham Bank Account made out to Bessie Woolworth in the amount of $25. Signed by C.C. Woolworth.
2 33 Woolworth, C.C. Enderly [Castleton, N.Y.]. June 6. 1902. 1(2)p. Letter addressed "Dear children" lets them know how glad they are to get their Queenstown letter and that Ruth and K went to visit a friend near Nassau.
2 34 Woolworth, Mildred Parker. (Bessie Woolworth Leonard's sister) Rome, [Italy]. Sun. Apr. 27, [1901]. 2p. Letter to Bessie. Mildred expressed surprise to get Bessie's "newsy" letter. She describes the beautiful views they have seen in Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri, Naples and Salerno though she finds the peasants to be ignorant, the priests to be corrupt and no one speaks Italian, only their own dialect.
2 34 Woolworth, Mildred Parker. Florence, [Italy]. Sunday, May 18, 1901. 3p. Letter to Bessie and Ned saying she hopes it will reach them when they arrive at their hotel in Liverpool. Mildred writes that they are enjoying Florence immensely. She is glad for the family letters as the Huycks have not had any for days. She notes that Bessie would go crazy for the designs in stone and the "della Robbie" and she should stay in Florence for a few days and make use of her watercolors.
2 34 Woolworth, Mildred Parker. Munich, [Germany]. Tuesday [? 1901]. 1(2)p. Re: Letter to Bessie. She finds Munich to be modern but lovely and Mrs. Huyck has said it is even lovelier than Berlin.
2 34 Woolworth, Mildred Parker. Aug. 31st [1906]. Windsor Hotel, Edinburgh, stationery. 1(4)p. Letter to Bessie saying that she purchased the lace she wanted and is staying in a good hotel across from the Castle. They have excursions planned to Abbots Ford, Melrose, Gowrock, the Scotch Lakes and the church at St. Giles. The three of them feel pretty shabby so they ordered Tailor dresses which she thinks will be very pretty.
2 35 Woolworth, Sarah Parker (Bessie Woolworth Leonard's mother) April 3, 1900. New York. A.L.S. 1(4)p. Addressed to "My dear little Katherine" wishing her a happy birth-day and letting her know a parcel is waiting to be sent Express Mail that they hope will reach her in time on April 4. Mention of Aunt Cassie, Uncle Ralph and Aunt Sue. Signed "Grandma."
2 35 Woolworth, Sarah Parker. Sat. Aug. 18. [1906]. Enderley [Castleton, New York]. 1(4)p. Inquiring into how Bessie has settled into Williamstown as a change from Albany. Updating her on what is happening with her sisters, Mildred and Susie. With envelope postmarked Castleton, N.Y. Aug. 18, 1906.
2 36 Young, Cornelia H. 425 State Street, Albany, N.Y. Thursday Morning. A.N.S. 1p. Accepts Mrs. Leonard's invitation to the luncheon on January 11 [1900]
2 36 Young, Cornelia H. 425 State Street, Albany, N.Y. March 19, 1899. A.N.S. 1p. Accepts Mrs. Leonard's invitation to luncheon on Thursday, the 23rd [March 1899].
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