Samuel Ludlow Frey
Papers, 1706-1916


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Acquisition: Gift: Henry A. Frey and Charles K. Winne, Jr., on behalf of the estate of Samuel Ludlow Frey, October 1927
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Historical Note:

Samuel Ludlow Frey (1833-1924), a resident of Palatine Bridge, Montgomery County, New York, was an antiquarian and writer on the Mohawks and the Mohawk Valley from its early settlement through the revolution. His publications include the annotated The Minute Book of the Committee of Safety of Tryon County (New York: Dodd, Mead, 1905).

Frey was descended from one of the early settlers to Montgomery County, Hendrick Frey of Zurich, Switzerland, who arrived to the Mohawk Valley in 1689. Hendrick's son, Henry Frey, Jr. (1712-1763), a surveyor, fathered Barent, Col. Hendrick (?-1820) (the ancestor of Senator Roscoe Conkling) and Major John Frey (1740-1833). John Frey was one of the founders and chairmen of the Tyron County Committee of Safety, a military officer (fighting at Oriskany), a member of both the Senate and Assembly, and a justice of the peace, among other appointments. Both Hendrick and John married relatives of General Nicholas Herkimer. Several members of the family were lawyers, including John, his son, Henry I., and nephew, Philip R. Frey. John H. Frey was employed at the customs house in New York City.

A touching family portrait emerges from the documents of the family of Samuel Ludlow Frey's grandmother, Elizabeth (Van Schaack) Frey, Mrs. Henry I. Frey. Cornelius Van Schaack, a merchant residing in Kinderhook, Columbia County, was descended from Dutch ancestors. He had seven children, among them Henry Van Schaack (1733-1823), an Albany and Kinderhook merchant and public official, and Peter Van Schaack (1747-1832), Elizabeth Frey's father. Peter Van Schaack was educated at Kings College (Columbia University), New York City, where in 1765 he married Elizabeth Cruger, daughter of Henry Cruger, a New York City merchant, against her parents' wishes. A 1767 letter from Henry Cruger, Jr., welcomes Elizabeth Van Schaack back into the family's graces. (See Elizabeth Van Schaack's correspondence.) Peter Van Schaack began his career in law in New York City, first with Peter Silvester, then William Smith. He joined the bar of the Supreme Court in 1769. In 1770, a discussion group was formed by New York City lawyers called "the moot" and included William Smith, John M. Scott, John Jay Egbert Benson, Robert R. Livingston, Jr., James Duane, Gouverneur Morris, and Peter Van Schaack.

In 1775 the Peter Van Schaack family removed to Kinderhook due to the ill health of some if its members, six of his children having died within four years, two of them in 1775. Peter Van Schaack refused to sign the Articles of Association in Support of the Revolution, opposing the use of force, which had dire effects on his family. In 1777, Van Schaack was banished to Boston and Leominster, Massachusetts, but he returned within a few months. Elizabeth (Cruger) Van Schaack was taken ill in 1775 and, because of security reasons involving the American and British conflict, she was denied, in 1778, permission to travel to New York City, a British stronghold, nor the attendance of her doctor, Dr. John McNamara Hayes, who served in the British Army. (See correspondence between Peter Van Schaack and John McNamara Hayes.) Elizabeth C. Van Schaack died in April 1778 after which Peter Van Schaack wrote an account of her final hours, attributing the cause in part to the effect of the loss of several children on her health, and of her forgiveness of John Jay for denying her permission to return to New York City where she was raised and where her friends and church were located. (See biographical and genealogical notes.)

In June 1778, Van Schaack appeared before the Commissioners in Albany, New York, in regards to the Banishing Act passed in 1778. He was granted, by Governor George Clinton, permission to travel to England for a cataract operation, embarking that October. Left behind were the Van Schaacks' three surviving children: Henry (Harry), Cornelius (Buck), and Elizabeth (Betsy). During this time he wrote of his concern for their education and of Elizabeth (Cruger) Van Schaack's wish that their daughter, Elizabeth, receive her clothes. (See financial and legal documents.) Fearing the volatile climate in America and the continuous deterioration of his eyesight, Peter Van Schaack remained in England. It appears that the children were in the separate care of various Cruger and Van Schaack relations, primarily Peter's sister, Jane Silvester.

Peter Van Schaack's citizenship was restored in 1784 and he returned in 1785, resuming the practice of law in 1786 until 1832. Peter Van Schaack's correspondence with his daughter spans her years as a teenager into her early twenties, 1791-1798 (See correspondence between Elizabeth Van Schaack Frey and Peter Van Schaack). During this time Peter Van Schaack lost his beloved eldest son, Henry, aged 29, in 1797. Peter Van Schaack had a second family, marrying, in ca. 1789, Elizabeth Van Allen, who died in 1813 at the age of 48. They had several children, among them John, who died in 1811 at the age of 20; Henry Cruger, the family chronicler; Lydia; Peter; and David. Peter Van Schaack died in 1832 in Kinderhook, New York. The Life of Peter Van Schaack, LL.D., Embracing Selections from His Correspondence and Other Writings during the American Revolution and His Exile in England (New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1842) and Memoirs of the Life of Henry Van Schaack Embracing Selections from His Correspondence during the American Revolution (Chicago: A.C. McClurg, Co., 1892). Henry Cruger Van Schaack (1802-1887), an antiquarian, collected the papers of Henry Van Schaack, John Frey, Matthew Vischer, John Jay and others from the Revolutionary era. (See the Henry Cruger Van Schaack Papers (SC13564) which contains several papers of his father, Peter Van Schaack.))

David Ludlow, the grandfather of Samuel Ludlow Frey, settled in Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York, in 1784. He married, Phebe [Pheby] Baldwin and their children, Samuel (1791), Maria (1795), Henry Gilbert (1797), Maria (1798), and Caroline (1804, born 1803), were baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church of Kinderhook. Papers related to the Ludlows include an 1803 slave bill of sale for a woman named Mariana or Marayawn to Daniel Ludlow; Phebe Ludlow's record of stock (1821) in the Kinderhook Library; a record of marriages solemnized by H[enry] G[ilbert] Ludlow that includes a few deaths in Poughkeepsie, New York, for 1828-1840, which mentions John Frey's marriage to Caroline Ludlow on June 17, 1828. (See financial and legal documents.) The History of Poughkeepsie, from the Earliest Settlements, 1683-1905 by Edmund Platt, has Reverend Henry G. Ludlow dedicating the Presbyterian Church in 1851 and a cemetery in 1853.

Scope and Content Note:

The Samuel Ludlow Frey Papers consist of documents related to the Frey and collateral families as well as documents (primarily deeds, notes, and writings) he used in his research on the history of the Mohawk Valley. Several members of the Frey family were lawyers, hence, there is a strong representation of court-related papers, introducing personalities outside of the Frey family and Samuel Ludlow Frey's interest in early Montgomery County history.

The Biographical and Genealogical Series consists of a few genealogical charts of the Astor; Bingham; Kirkland; Schuyler, Van Rensselaer, Van Cortland, and Livingston; Cruger and Van Schaack; Washington; and Yates families. It is unclear whether these are related families or families that Samuel Ludlow Frey was researching in his writings of the Mohawk Valley. It has been written that Samuel Ludlow Frey published a Frey genealogy, but it has not been located at the writing of this finding aid. There is also a brief memoir by Peter Van Schaack on the death of his wife, Elizabeth (Cruger) Van Schaack who died in April 1778.

The Correspondence Series (1761-1912) is primarily family correspondence involving the Frey (Montgomery County), and Van Schaack, and Cruger (Kinderhook, Columbia County) families. Justice Alfred Conkling and his son, Senator Roscoe Conkling, were second (by marriage) and third cousins, respectively, of John H. and Samuel Ludlow Frey. There is also a second grouping of the Bingham, Kirkland (Oneida County) and Shaduck families, primarily of Windham, Windham County, Connecticut. It is unclear how the two groups are connected. Jerusha Bingham Kirkland was the wife of Reverend Samuel Kirkland, missionary to the Oneida and Seneca. Some of the Binghams and Kirklands moved to central New York and may have married into the Frey family. Jerusha Kirkland traveled from her mission home to be with her mother in Windham, Connecticut, for the birth of her children, but was forced to have them at General Herkimer's residence in Fall Hill, Herkimer County. The Herkimers were related to the Freys. There are also some letters to and from the Jelles Fonda family of Caughnawaga, Montgomery County, New York. Jelles Fonda (1727-1791) was a merchant and early settler to the Mohawk Valley area and connected to the Freys through business and land dealings. Some correspondence concerns land matters.

The Financial and Legal Series (1725-1910) consists of accounts, bills, receipts, and miscellaneous documents concerning New York State and Montgomery County legislation; a statement by Peter Van Schaack on the dispersal of his wife's clothes upon her death in 1778 and again by Van Schaack on his wishes for his children's education; documents pertaining to the 138th Regiment of the New York State Militia in 1714; commission papers for Willem Van den Boetselaer (1725) and Carel Van Boetselaer (1786), in Dutch; a record of marriages solemnized by H.G. Ludlow, along with notes on deaths, in Poughkeepsie (1826-1848); and two slave bills of sale for women in Columbia and [Montgomery?] counties (1803, 1819). Various Frey family members were New York State lawyers and justices of the peace. The remainder of the documents in this series involves court matters: admissions to bail, affidavits, award, complaints, pleas, orders, summons, writs and four volumes of registers belonging to John Frey, Henry I. Frey and the firm of Frey and Van Schaack. A Peter A. Walradt is frequently mentioned in some of the documents.

The Land Papers Series (1706-1835) consists primarily of deeds with a few field notes and maps. The deeds are for the most part of Montgomery and surrounding counties arranged mostly alphabetically by names most prominent to the connection, including, Bingham, (Windham, Connecticut), Fonda, Frey, Van Schaack, and Van Slyck, on whose patent the first Hendrick Frey settled in 1689 in what is now Palatine, Montgomery County, New York. Some of the deeds appear to have been collected by Samuel Ludlow Frey for his research on the Mohawk Valley and feature signatures he deemed worth noting, being a prominent name or family relation.

Hendrick (Henry) Frey Jr. was a surveyor but only one map (Item 132) of the eleven in this collection is attributed to him. The maps are of the Alexander; Canajoharie; Caughnawaga; Gros, Fonda, Oothoudt, Livingston; and Van Slyck patents in Montgomery County; the Chase Patent in Fulton County; and the Henderson, Young, Lindsay, and Livingston patents in Herkimer County, New York.

The Miscellaneous Series (1748-1775) contains a hymn and an unattributed sermon as well as sermons from Stanford, [Dutchess County], 1748-1773. There is a sheet of paper with these latter sermons stamped with the New York State document number and penciled Augustus W[heelock?] Bingham. The only Augustus Wheelock Bingham in Theodore A. Bingham's The Bingham Family in the United States lived from 1764 to 1858.

The Printed Material Series (1800-1885) is made up of a few broadsides and hand bills regarding campaigns, elections, and a notice of the funeral of U.S. Grant.

The Writings Series (1826-1838) includes the poetry of an Anna C. to Elisabeth Frey of Palatine and by Nathaniel Shaduck, the brother of Hannah (Mrs. Ralph) Bingham. There is also a fragment of a letter draft, dated 1838, by T[homas] H[ulsford?] Bingham requesting the President to bestow an honor on Washington.

The Writings and Research Series (1888-1916) consists of correspondence, notes and papers by Samuel Ludlow Frey on the Mohawks and the settlement of the Mohawk Valley. It also contains a photograph of the Reformed Dutch Church in Stone Arabia and photographs of an archaeological dig at Garoga, [Fulton County?], New York.

Box and Folder List

Box Folder Contents

Biographical and Genealogical
1 1 Minutes of Peter Van Schaack relating to the death of his wife, N.p., April 18. (Item 289)
Family record of Peter Van Schaack, N.p., 1779. (Item 288)
1 1 Astor Family genealogical notes, N.p., n.d.(Item 216)
1 1 Cruger family genealogical notes, N.p., n.d. Item 211)
1 1 Letter to Thomas H. Bingham, of Canajoharie, N.Y., from D.H. Bingham, Washingto, [D.C.], April 28, 1865. (Item 347)
1 1 Jerusha Kirkland genealogy, N.p., n.d. Item 344)
1 1 Van Rensselaer family genealogical notes, N.p., n.d. (Item 212)
1 1 Ann Yates genealogy, N.p., n.d. (Item 210)
1 1 Washington family genealogical notes, N.p., n.d. (Item 217)

Correspondence (1761-1912)
1 2 Letter to sister [Hannah Bingham] of Windham, [Conn.], from [her sister-in-law?], Jerusha Kirkland [wife of Rev. Samuel Kirkland?], Stockbridge, [Mass.], June 1, 1780. 2p. (Item 341)
1 2 Letter to sister [in-law?], [Hannah Bingham of Windham, Conn.], from [her sister-in-law?], Jerusha Kirkland [wife of Rev. Samuel Kirkland?], Stockbridge, [Mass.], May 1, 1781. 2p. (Item 342)
1 3 Letter to Mrs. Hannah Bingham of Windham, [Conn.], from husband, Ralph Bingham, Stockbridge, [Mass.], May 7, 1778. 1(4)p. (Item 351)
1 3 Letter to Mrs. Hannah Bingham of Windham, [Conn.], from husband, Ralph Bingham, Stockbridge, [Mass.], April 22, 1778. 1(4)p. (Item 352)
1 4 Letter to Mrs. Bingham of Hartford, [Conn.], from S. Fabre, Quincy, April 17, 1800. Includes note to Mr. and Mrs. Center. 4p. (Item 350)
1 5 Letter to Thomas H. Bingham of Suffield, [?], from Thomas Bingham, Hartford, [Conn.], December 13, 1799. 1(2)p. (Item 359)
1 5 Letter to Thomas H. Bingham of Hartford, Conn., from Augustus W. Bingham, Hamilton, [?], May 27, 1803. 1(4)p. (Item 361)
1 6 Letter to unnamed cousin from Thomas H. Bingham of Hartford, [Conn.], December 21, 1800. 4p. (Item 375)
1 7 Letter to Thomas [H?] Bingham, N.p., from D.H. Bingham, Washington [D.C.], April 28, 1865. 4p. (Item 348)
1 8 Letter to Isaac Vrooman or John Dies, N.p., from Alexander Colden, New York [N.Y.], May 28, 1761. 3(4)p. (Item 99)
1 9 Letter to Henry Cruger and Henry Holland, N.p., from Joseph Chew, Johnstown, [N.Y.?], March 3, 1775. 2p. (Item 23)
1 10 Letter to Joseph Chew of Johnstown, [?], from Henry Cruger, Sr., New York, April 12, 1775. 1(4)p. (Item 278)
1 11 Letter to Douw Fonda of Cawghnawaga [Caughnawaga], [N.Y.], care of Major Henry Fonda, from J[ohn S.] Buckman, Albany, [N.Y.], October 22, 1802. 1(4)p. (Item 12)
1 12 To Giles Funde [Jelles Fonda?], from Henrich Staring, Cosse Plan, [?], November 23, 1784. 1(2)p. (Item 188)
1 13 (To) Fonda, Jelles, Major, of Caughnawaga, N.Y., from:
  • William Backhouse, New York, May 17, 1783. 1(4)p. (Item 185)
  • Stephanus Degois [Degrois?], Fort Stanwix, [N.Y.], September 6, 1774. 2(4)p. (Item 192)
  • Stephanus Degois [Degrois?], Fort Stanwix, [N.Y.], September 28, 1774. 1(2)p. (Item 184)
  • John Frey, Canajoharie, [NY], April 27, 1775. 1(2)p. (Item 180)
  • William Hare, Niagaria, [Niagara, N.Y.], September 24, 1769. 1(4)p. (Item 187)
1 14 Letter to Doctor Dail of Niagara, [N.Y.], from Jelles Fonda, Pallentine [Palatine], [N.Y.], February 25, 1786. 2p. (Item 191)
1 15 Letter to A.C. Frey, N.p., from William W. Campbell, Cherry Valley, [N.Y.], September 15, 1878. 1(2)p. (Item 40)
1 16 Letters to Elizabeth Van Schaack Frey (Mrs. Henry I. Frey), of New York, from her father Peter Van Schaack. Most of the letters are written from Kinderhook, N.Y. (Item 298)
  • February 26, 1791. 2(4)p.
  • March 6, 1791. 1(2)p.
  • March 9, 1791. 2(4)p.
  • October 13, 1792. 1(2)p.
  • 1793. 1(2)p.
  • 1793. 2(4)p.
  • March 6, 1793. 2p.
  • August 31, 1796. 2p.
  • December 21, 1796. 2p.
  • June 12, 179?. 2(4)p. (Sent: Care of Henry Cruger, of Morrisania, [N.Y.])
  • December 31, 1798. 2(4)p. (Sent to Elizabeth in New York [Capt. Morris's]
  • n.d. 2(4)p.
  • Letter [fragment], N.p.., n.d.
1 16 Letter to Mrs. Henry I. Frey [Elizabeth Van Schaack Frey] of Palatine Bridge, [N.Y.], from PVS [Peter Van Schaack], April 8, [17--?]. 2(4)p. (Item 297)
1 16 Letter to Elizabeth [Van Schaack?], N.p., from Henry Cruger, Jr., Palatine Bridge, [N.Y.], June 24, 1837. 2p. (Item 282)
1 17 Letter to unidentified individual, N.p., from Hendrick Frey, Freyburg, [?], March 29, 1800. 1p. (Item 277)
1 18 Letters of recommendation for Henry A. Frey, of Montgomery County, New York, for a job in the Customs House of the Port of New York from:
  • F. Fish, Albany, [N.Y.], February 15, 1861. 1(4)p. (Item 49)
  • Francis Hall, New York, [N.Y.], February 20, 1861. 1(4)p. (Item 33)
  • R.J. Wagner, Fort Plain, N.Y., February 21, 1861. 2(4)p. (Item 44)
  • Henry E. Davies (addressed to Hiram Barney), N.p., April 6, 1861. 1(4)p. (Item 51)
  • Roscoe Conkling, Washington, March 7, 1861. 2(4)p. (Item 53)
  • Clark B. Cochrane, Albany, [N.Y.], March 8, 1861. 2p. (Item 50)
  • Peter G. Webster, Fort Plain, [N.Y.], March 8, 1861. 2(4)p. (Item 48)
  • D.C. Littlejohn, Albany, [N.Y.], March 16, 1861. 1(4)p. (Item 47)
  • R.F. Paine and others, Cleveland, Ohio, March 23, 1861. 1(4)p. (Item 43)
  • Abraham Hees, Montgomery County, N.Y., 1861. 2(4)p. (Item 32)
  • T.R. Morton[?], N.p., n.d. 1(4)p. (Item 52)

Included in the folder is a letter to Hiram Barney, N.p., from Henry A. Frey, New York, [N.Y.], April 8, 1861. Regarding letters of recommendation listed above. 1(4)p. (Item 31)

1 19 Letters to Henry I. Frey, of Palatine Bridge, [N.Y.] from:
  • J. Bissell, Sprakers, [N.Y.], n.d. 2p. (Item 149)
  • John De Wandelaer, N.p., August 4, 1819. 1p. (Item 306)
  • H.I. Ehle, N.p., n.d. 1p. (Item 309)
  • Joseph Failing, Canajohary [Canajoharie], [N.Y.], August 19, 1816. 1p. (Item 307)
  • Elias Kane, Albany, [NY], July 13, 1826. 1(4)p. (Item 79)
  • Charles Nukerck, Palatine [Bridge, N.Y.], August 11, 1817. 1p. (Item 317)
  • Charles Nukerck, Palatine, [N.Y.], March 26, 1825. 1p. (Item 318)
1 20 Letter to C.P. Bellinger, N.p., from Henry I. Frey, Palatine, [N.Y.], January 7, 1823. 2p. (Item 155) Includes map [of Lot II, in Great Lot 17, Fall Hill Patent, Little Falls township, Herkimer County, 1823[?]. See also deed, Henry I Frey, 1796, Box 5, Folder 112.
1 20 Letter to Henry I. Frey of Palatine, [N.Y.], from C.P. Bellinger, German Flats, [N.Y.], January 5, 1823. 1(4)p. (Item 156)
1 20 Letter to Abraham Ogden of New York, [N.Y.], from Henry I. Frey, Palatine Bridge, [N.Y.], March 1823. 1(2)p. (Item 225).
1 21 Letters to John Frey, mainly of Palatine Bridge, from:
  • Conkling, Parma, [N.Y.], April 5, 1854. 3(4)p. (Item 87)
  • Roscoe Conkling, Washington [D.C.], January 21, 1869. 3(4)p. (Item 158)
  • Roscoe Conkling, Washington [D.C.], May 2, 1870. 3(4)p. (Item 158 [sic])
  • Daniel Hale, New York, February 1, 1799. 1(2)p. (Item 175)
  • Henry Markele, Washington, [D.C.], December 15, 1828. 2(4)p. (Item 162)
  • Jonathan Pearson, Schenectady, [N.Y.], March 29, 1854. 2(4)p. (Item 98) (2 copies)
  • Cornelius I. Wynkoop, Canajohary [Canajoharie, N.Y.], January 18, 1799. 1(4)p. The alternate addressee is Daniel Pars [Paris?] (Item 58)
Included in the folder is a letter to D. Paris [Pais?], N.p., from John Frey, N.p., December 23, 1833. 2p. (Item 262)
1 22 Letter to John Porteous, N.p., from Philip R. Frey, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], January 5, 1792. 1(2)p. (Item 271)
1 22 Letter to Samuel C. Frey, Salina, [N.Y.], from Philip R. Frey, Palatine, [N.Y.], July 26, 1820. 2p. (Item 274)
1 23 Letter to John Frey, N.p., from S[amuel] C. Frey, Springfield, Ohio, January 13, 1870. 4p. (Item 227)
1 23 Letter to John Frey, N.p., from S[amuel] C. Frey, Springfield, Ohio, October 30, 1870. 4p. (Item 228)
1 24 Letter to S.L. Frey, N.p., from Andrew Lang, Ardtornish, Morvern, Oban, [England], n.d. 2(4)p. (Item 45)
1 24 Letter to Andrew Lang, N.p., from S.L. Frey, N.p., n.d. 10p. (Item 46)
1 25 Letters to Samuel Ludlow Frey, of Palatine Bridge, N.Y.,  from:
  • H.G. Babcock, Little Falls, N.Y., June 14, 1888. 1p. (Item 272)
  • L.F. Bellinger, Chicago, [Ill.], July 17, 1907. 2p. (Item 220). [Attached is letter to L.F. Bellinger of Brooklyn, N.Y., from V. Warner, Washington, D.C., May 24, 1907. 1p. Concerns Revolutionary service record of Peter P. Bellinger.] (Item 219)
  • John Burroughs, West Park, N.Y., June 9, 1889. 3(4)p. (Item 54)
  • John Burroughs, Pelham, N.Y., February 6, 1912. 1p. (Item 89)
  • G. Hyde Clark, Cooperstown, N.Y., February 6, 1912. 6(8)p. (Item 329)
  • Charles A. Dana, New York, [N.Y.], September 19, 1894. 2(4)p. (Item 42)
  • John Evans, Nash Mills, [England], June 27, 1878. 3(4)p. (Item 36)
  • Joseph Henry, Washington, D.C., March 12, 1878. 2(4)p. (Item 35)
  • C.W. Hutchinson, Utica, [N.Y.], January 22, 1884. 1p. (Item 173)
  • Robert H. Kelby, New York, [N.Y.], March 22, 1906. 1p. [Reply to letter to Edward F. Delancy of New York, [N.Y.], from Samuel Ludlow Frey, N.p., March 20, 1906. 6p.] (Item 213)
  • Mary Johnston, Warm Springs, Va, September 13, 1901. 1p. (Item 41)
  • John F. Seymour, Utica, [N.Y.], May 1, 1885. 2p. (Item 178)
  • Andrew R. Smith, St. Petersburg, Fla., January 25, 1912. 2p. (Item 330)
  • H.C. Van Schaack, Manlius, [N.Y.], June 5, 1882. 4p. (Item 273)
1 26 Letter to Samuel Ludlow Frey, N.p., from Julia Pierson Kirkland, Utica, N.Y., February 5, 1902. 2(4)p. (Written and signed by Caroline Evans, nurse) (Item 345)
1 27 Letter from D. Ludlow, Utica, [N.Y.] to his mother, April 14, 1808. 2p. (Item 229)
1 28 Letters from Nathaniel Shaduck, to his sister, Hannah Shaduck of Windham, Conn.:
  • Sharon, [N.Y.? Conn.?], May 20, 1771. 2(4)p. (Item 362)
  • N.p., February 6, 1773. 2(4)p. (Item [355])
  • N.p., February 13, 1773. 3(4)p. (Item 377)
  • Nine Partners, [N.Y.], July 12, 1775. 1p. (Item 353)
1 28 Letter from Nathaniel Shaduck, to his friends, in care of his sister, Hannah Shaduck of Windham, Conn., North Guilford, [Conn.], December 20, 1773. 1p. (Item 363)
1 28 Letter to friends, in care of Stephen Brown, of Windham, [Conn.], from Nathaniel Shaduck, N.p., March 26, 1772. 1(4)p. (Item 354)
1 29 Letter to Elizabeth [Van Schaack], N.p., from Henry Cruger, her brother, Bristol, [N.Y.?], January 5, 1767. 2(4)p. (Item 230). (Includes note from S.L. Frey, December 19, 1886)
1 30 Letter to Peter Van Schaack of Kinderhook, [N.Y.], from John McNamara Hayes, Albany, [N.Y.]:
  • March 25, 1778. 3(4)p. (Item 292)
  • March 28, 1778. 3(4)p. (Item 293)
  • April 3, 1778. 2(4)p. (Item 294)
  • April 16, 1778. 3(4)p. (Item 295)
1 31 Letter to father-in-law, Henry Cruger, Sr., N.p., from Peter Van Schaack, Oxendon, [England?], July 31, 1779. 1p. (Item 270)
1 32 Letter to brother-in-law, P[eter] Van Schaack, N.p., from Henry Cruger, N.p., July 25, 1781. 1p. (Item 226)]
Attached is a letter addressed to S. Ludlow Frey, Palatine Bridge, N.Y., dated Oct 21, [18?]78.
1 33 Letter to Allen and Matthewson, N.p., from Bernard Frey Yates, Boonville, [N.Y.], February 14, 1867 [1859?], regarding Frey and Christopher P. Yates Papers. 1p. (Item 275)

Financial and Legal (1740-1851)
1 34 Accounts, Bills, Receipts, 1740, 1767, 1769, 1770s
  • Letter from Jan Wemp, N.p., to Abraham De Peyster, Albany, [N.Y.] October 18, 1740. (Item 94)
  • Receipt from John Frey on behalf of Nicholas Frelling to Henrick Geblar, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], August 17, 1767. (Item 252)
  • Bill from Samuel Stringer to Jelles Fonda, N.p., September 8, 1769. (Item 199)
  • Receipt of Samuel Stringer for 13 casks of ginseng, Albany, [N.Y.], January 18, 1770. (Item 101)
  • Excise book of John Frey, Tryon Co., [N.Y.], 1773-1774. (Item 170)
  • Note from Daniel Burns to Robert Adams, N.p., April 15, 1774. (Item 16)
  • Note from James Franklin to Eliphalet Dunn, N.p., April 16, 1774. (Item 14)
  • Bond from Daniel Budd and Gilbert Sue to the King in the sum of £500, Schoharie, [N.Y.], May 12, 1774. (Item 24)
  • Bill, from John Butler, of costs in the case of executor of John Vanderheyden vs. Matthias, Tryon Co., [N.Y.], November 15, 1774. (Item 75)
  • Receipt for Oliver Dyer on behalf of Nemory DeWitt from Jonathan Martin on behalf of Nathaniel Shaduck, Windham, [Conn.], December 30, 1774. (Item 370)
  • Note from Jacob Van Allen to Adam Welmar, Schenectady, [N.Y.], March 6, 1775. (Item 346)
  • Memorandum concerning wages of batomen [bateaux men], Caughnawaga, [N.Y.], April 20, 1776. (Item 190)
  • Note from [Ralph Bingham] to Ruth Shadduck, Windham, [Conn.], May 29, 1776. (Item 364)
  • Receipt of Peter Adamy for a rifle from the committee of safety, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], August 29. 1776. (Item 268)
  • Bill from John Stanhouse to John Frey and Frederick Bellinger, Montreal, [Canada], November 10, 1777. (Item 169)
  • Statement of account, John Gove, with Ralph Bingham, Windham, [Conn.], April 1, 1778.(Item 376)
1 35

Accounts, Bills, Receipts, 1780s

  • Hez Huntington, receipt to and note from Joseph Bingham, Windham, [Conn.], February 12, 1784. (Item 378)Order from Hannah Galpin on Peter Van Schaack, Gloucester, August 3, 1784. (Item 11)
  • Order from Peter Van Schaack on J & G Whitehead to pay to Henry Cruger £120, London, [England], August 8, 1784. (Item 93)
  • Bond from Jost and Rudolph Shoemaker to Gertrude Shoemaker, German Flats, [N.Y.], March 25, 1785. (Item 88)
  • Account of Ralph Bingham, N.p., November 5, 1785. (Item 373)
  • Bill from Walsh & Staats to John Kane, Albany, [N.Y.], June 23, 1789. (Item 13)
  • Mortgage of Ralph Bingham of certain goods and chattels to Stephen Brown, Windham, Conn., November 10, 1789. (Item 357)
  • Checks from Peter Van Schaack drawn on John and George Whitehead, London, [England], n.d. (Item 265)
1 36

Accounts, Bills, Receipts, 1790s

  • Bill from Ralph Bingham to Col. Bissell, [Windham, Conn.], March 30, 1791. (Item 372)Receipt of Adam Salts from Andrew Wonire, N.p., March 19, 1793. (Item 310)
  • James V.A. Kane, account with John Frey, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], October 20, 1795. (Item 231)
  • Bond from John Schuyler to Andrew Van Wie for $2500. Minden, [N.Y.], June 18, 1799. (Item 65)
1 37 Accounts, Bills, Receipts, 1803-1808
  • Bond from Eben Britton to Hendrick Frey and William Alexander, Herkimer, [N.Y.], March 18, 1803. (Item 82)
  • Henry I. Frey, sundry bills, Albany, [N.Y.], 1805. (Item 284)
  • Bill from Myndert Lansing to Francis Silvester, Albany, [N.Y.], September 11, 1805. (Item 286)Bill from Peter and John I. Boyd to Miss Bogart, Albany, [N.Y.], September 21, 1805. (Item 283)
  • Receipt for Abram Van Slyck from John Frey, Palatine, [N.Y.], June 1, 1806. (Item 96)
  • Bill from Henry F. Yates to Henry I. Frey, Palatine, [N.Y.], August 23, 1806. (Item 116)
  • Bill from Archibald Kane to Henry I. Frey, N.p., December 16, 1806. (Item 264)
  • Note from Henry I. Frey to John De Peyster Douw for $300, N.p., October 20, 1808. (Item 281)
1 38 Accounts, Bills, Receipts, 1813-1818
  • Receipt of Henry Lieber of costs in the case of Lieber vs. Kip, Johnstown, [N.Y.], May 9, 1813. (Item 304)
  • Note from Cornelius Hoff to Joseph Failing for $100, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], May 4, 1815. (Item 312)
  • Note from W. Buch to [?], Canajoharie, [N.Y.], January 22, 1817. (Item 311)
  • Note from James Kane to Henry I. Frey for $63.03, Albany, [N.Y.], October 5, 1817. (Item 85)
  • Receipt from Leonard Smith to Henry I. Frey, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], November 17, 1817. (Item 316)Receipt of Gloudy Van Deusen for costs in the case of Van Deusen vs, Caldwell, [Johnstown, N.Y.], August 14, 1818. (Item 303)
1 39 Accounts, Bills, Receipts, 1821-1833
  • Peter Van Schaack, Jr. Librarian, Certificate of stock owned by Phebe Ludlow in the Kinderhook Union Library, Kinderhook, [N.Y.], August 10, 1821. (Item 340)
  • Note from Henry I. Frey to John Frey for $300, N.p., February 24, 1823. (Item 253)
  • Letter from H. Allen to [?], N.p., May 1, 1824. (Item 308)
  • Receipt from Herman Ehle for Henry I. Yates, N.p., September 8, 1828. (Item 161)
  • Bill from H. Loucks to the estate of Henry I. Frey, N.p., August 19, 1833. (Item 251)
1 40 Accounts, Bills, Receipts, 1830s-1850s
  • Letter from John P. Walrath to David Lipe, Johnstown, [N.Y.], June 22, 1830. (Item 146)
  • Bill from Henry F. Cox to John Frey, N.p., 1833. (Item 314)
  • Bill from John Frey to the post-office at Palatine Bridge, Palatine Bridge, N.Y., 1833. (Item 174) 
  • Bill from Joshua Webster to John Frey, N.p., February 9, 1833. (Item 254)
  • Receipt from John Frey to Daniel Cady, N.p., November 24, 1836. (Item 261)
  • Bill from N. Lipe to David Lipe, Fort Plain, [N.Y], December 4, 1837-January 24, 1839. 8p. (Item 105)
  • Letter from F.E. Spinner to his father, New York, [N.Y.], September 15, 1846. (Item 157)
  • Bill from James McFarlane to John Frey, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], November 16, 1847. (Item 258)
  • Receipt from Thomas H. Bingham to C.H. McKinstry, Root, [N.Y.], May 14, 1849. (Item 374)Release of interest from John Frey and Caroline L. Frey to Augustus Beardslee, N.p., November 5, 1850. (Item 263)
  • Receipt to C.W. Winne from John Frey on behalf of the assignees of Smith & Beery. Canajoharie, [N.Y], March 3, 1851. (Item 255)
  • Bill from A.P. Settle to John Frey, Canajoharie, [N.Y], December 24, 1851. (Item 259)
1 41 Memorandum for loading at Niagara, N.p., n.d. (Item 186)

Receit [i.e., recipe] for purple dye, N.p., n.d. (Item 371)
1 42 Account Book of the Wall Farm, John Frey, [Palatine?], 1813. (Item 152)
1 43 Amaziah Blackmar and others; Apprenticeship bond of Anthony Blackmar to John Frey, Palatine, [N.Y.], May 11, 1807. (Item 266)
1 44 Argument against the toll bridge bill by John Frey, [Palatine and Canajoharie, Montgomery County?], N.p., n.d. [ante-1801?] (Item 260)
1 45 Certificate of election of John Frey and others as members of the Assembly by Christian Nellis and others, Montgomery, Co., [N.Y.], May 29, 1787. (Item 22)
2 46 Admissions to Bail:
  • William Wallace (Jelles Fonda, judge), Tryon Co., [N.Y.], February 1784. (Item 198)
  • John Frey and Jacob G. Klock (John Frey), Johnstown, [N.Y.], October 1784. (Item 74)
  • Rufus Lawrence (Zephaniah Batcheller, judge), February 1785 (Item 104)
  • Hendrick Wormwood, Montgomery Co., [N.Y.], February 1786. (Item 68)
  • Thomas White (G.I. Frey), Johnstown, [N.Y.], January 1813. (Item 287)
  • James Borland (D. Cady), (Johnstown), [N.Y.], October 1814. (Item 86)
2 47 Affidavits in a case, Joseph C. Yates vs. Christopher P. Yates, Canajoharie, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], John Frey, Attorney, April 25, 1830. (Item 313)
2 48 Award in settlement of disputes between Roger Dougherty, Henry I. Frey and Daniel Paris, of Montgomery County, New York, with John H. Van Wie, James R. Schuyler and Stephen Bush, Palatine, [N.Y.], July 20, 1811. (Item 84)
2 49 Complaint against John Foster on behalf of Luther Rich, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], February 1791. (Item 67)
2 50 Plaintiff's complaint (Frey and Van Schaack (firm)) in the suit of John Lieber [Sieber?] vs. John Helmer, Johnstown, [N.Y.], December 20, 1817. (Item 76)
2 51 Complaint of Jelles Fonda against Jacob G. Klock and John Frey, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], October 1784. (Van Vechten for the plaintiff) (Item 102)
2 52 Complaint against Henry Lieber [Sieber?] on behalf of Thomas Beekman, Albany, [N.Y.], July 1, 1836. (D. Cady for the plaintiff) (Item 164)
2 53 Complaint against Peter Servis, Jr., on behalf of the executors of the estate of Jelles Fonda, Johnstown, New Fulton County, [N.Y.], October 1798. (Abraham Van Vechten, Douw Fonda, Adam Fonda, John Yates and Hendrick Frey) (Item 77)
2 54 Agreement in case of Peter A. Waldradt vs. James Smith, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], March 12,1817. (S. Conkling for the plaintiff) (Item 30)
2 55 Docket of the Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery Co., [N.Y.], re: Yates & Dougherty cases, 1800. (Item 197)
2 56 Inquisition made in the case of John Sawyer vs. George Wasel, N.p., 1789. (Samuel Clyde, sheriff, and others) (Item 25)
2 57 Pleas:
  • Plea of guilty by Hendrick Wormwood in the suit of Jelles Fonda vs. Hendrick Wormwood, N.p., February 7, 1786. (Christopher P. Yates for the defendant) (Item 66)
  • Plea of guilty of John Roorback in the suit of Frederick Arndorf vs. John Roorback, Montgomery Co., [N.Y.], October 13, 1790. (Item 71)
  • Relinquishment of plea in the case of the Presbyterian Congregation of Johnstown vs. Ahremaz Easton, [Montgomery Co., N.Y.], January 22, 1806. (Item 73)
  • Plea of guilty in the suit of William A. Reid vs. Jonathan Eights, N.p., January 17, 1809. (Item 70)
  • Plea of not guilty by Peter Ehle in case of Maria Magdalene Ehle vs. Peter Ehle, N.p., April 20, 1809. (James Cochran for the defendant) (Item 72)
  • Plea of one of the defendants in the case of John Murray vs. Asa Ellis, Montgomery Co., [N.Y.], February 11, 1810. (James Cochran) (Item 69)
  • Plea in the case of the Bowman's Creek Turnpike Co. vs. James Emerson, Johnstown, [N.Y.], June 15, 1816. (S. Conkling for the plaintiff) (Item 29)
2 58 Note in case of John De Lancey vs. Thomas Conkling, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], April 9, 1800. (H.F. Yates, attorney) (Item 113)
2 59 Order to the Sheriff of Montgomery County to hold Peter A. Walradt for appearance before the New York State Court of Chancery, Albany, [N.Y.], June 14 1801. (Item 148)
2 60 Power of attorney to Henry I. Frey from E[benezer] F. Backus, Albany, [N.Y.], June 17, 1829. (Signed also by William L. Marcy) (Item 78)
2 61 Receipt of cost in case of Abraham Roseboom et al vs. Frederick Walradt, Johnstown, [N.Y.], August 19, 1817. (Item 305)
2 62 Summons by John Frey for Andreas Counterman [Conterman?], Tryon County, [N.Y.], February 16, 1775. (Item 177)
2 63 Summons for a jury in the case of John F. Rees vs. Andrew Firick [?] in the Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery County, Johnstown, [N.Y.], June 11, 1783. (Christopher P. Yates, clerk) (Item 27)
2 64 Summons for a jury in the case of Peter Colson vs. Cornelius Van Alsteine, Junior, in Montgomery County, New York State Supreme Court, Albany, [N.Y.], August 15, 1807. (Item 145)
2 65 Writ of habeous corpus [James Cushney] by the clerks of the Court of Common Pleas for Montgomery County, New York, May 14, 1808. (D. Cady, attorney) (Item 97)
2 66 Writs of Inquiry:
  • Writ of inquiry in the case of Peter Freer vs. George C. Lyts, Johnstown, [N.Y.], June 13, 1789. (Christopher P. Yates, clerk) (Item 20)
  • Writ of inquiry in the case of Henry Trumper vs. Joseph Harrison, Johnstown, [N.Y.], October 18, 1789. (Christopher P. Yates, clerk) (Item 28)
  • Writ of inquiry in the case of Stephen Lush vs. Albert J. Vander Werken, Johnstown, [N.Y.], October 18, 1789. (Christopher P. Yates, clerk) (Item 26)
  • Writ of inquiry in the case of Baltus Smith vs. John Smith, Johnstown, [N.Y.], February 15, 1791. (Christopher P. Yates, clerk) (Item 19)
  • Notice of service of a writ of inquiry in the case of Schuyler vs. Low, [Johnstown, N.Y.], December 3, 1791. (J. Cochran) (Item 83)
  • Notice of executing a writ of inquiry, Palatine, [N.Y.], December 3, 1791. (James Cochran) (Item 109)
  • Notice of execution of a writ of inquiry in the case of Foster [?] vs. Staats, Johnstown, [N.Y.], January 12, 1792. (J. Cochran) (Item 106)
  • Notice of execution of a writ of inquiry, Montgomery Co., [N.Y.], May 21, 1792. (J. Cochran) (Item 107)
  • Writ of inquiry in the case of Catharine Doxstedder vs. John Servis and Christian Servis, Johnstown, [N.Y.], October 12, 1793. (Christopher P. Yates, clerk) (Item 250)
2 67 Writ of replevin issued against James Mabey on behalf of Hendrick Wolheven, Albany, [N.Y.], June 26, 1779. (Gansevoort, clerk) (Item 34)
2 68 Gift of clothes of the late Elizabeth (Mrs. Peter) Van Schaack to her daughter, Elizabeth; note signed by Peter Van Schaack, N.p., August 14, 1778. (Item 290)
2 69 Instructions to the [guardians] of the three Van Schaack children on their education, by Peter Van Schaack, 1778 (Item 291) [Item number not on original typed finding aid]
2 70 Insurance policy for the brig Dolphin by Adam Comstock and others, Providence, [R.I.], August 31, 1770. (Item 315)
2 71 Inventory of Silverware belonging to Elisabeth Frey, N.p., January 2, 1833. (Item 285)
2 72 License by James Kent for Henry I. Frey to practice law in the Supreme Court of New York, New York, [N.Y.], November 23, 1804. (Item 154).
2 73 ["To do list." First line on list reads:] Memorandum for Jelles Fonda to take to Albany, [N.Y.], October 1785. Note with list: "Papers of Major Jelles Fonda. Letters, memorandums, &c, from Fort Niagara; Stanwix, Caughnawaga. From garret in the old Fonda house, Caughnawaga [now Broadalbin, Fulton County]." (Item 189)
2 74 Account for Adam J. Roof with the United States, New York Militia, N.p., January 4, 1817.(Item 202)
2 75 Military commission for Willem Lodewyck van den Boetselaer from Holland and West Friesland (The Hague). Parchment with seal; in Dutch; commission as lieutenant colonel and cavalry captain replacing Gerrit Willem Van Heuval, deceased, September 14, 1725. (Item 395)
2 76 Military commission for Willem Lodewyck van den Boetselaer from the State-General of the Netherlands, the Hague, Parchment; in Dutch, September 18, 1725. (Item 393)
2 77 Military commission for Carel Van Boetselaer by States-General of the United Netherlands, the Hague. Parchment with seal; in Dutch; appointment to the position of adjutant general replacing D.L. d. Aulbonne, deceased, November 30, 1786. (Item 394)
2 78 Military history notes regarding careers of Hendrick Frey and John Frey, N.p. [Kingston, N.Y.?], May 20, 1777. (Item 223)
2 79 Military payroll, September 4-November 14, 1814, New York State Militia, 138th Regiment, N.p., November 14, 1814. (Item 201)
2 80 Military pension certificate for John Frey of Palatine, Montgomery County, [N.Y], September 26, 1815. (Item 176)
2 80 Military pension certificate for John Frey of Palatine, Montgomery County, [N.Y], March 6, 1826. (Item 179)
2 81 Military subsistence account of paymaster Adam J. Roof, New York Militia, 138th Regiment, N.p., September 7, 1814. (Item 203)
2 82 Extract from the minutes of the board of supervision for the session of 1839, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], September 18, 1845. (T.R. Horton, clerk) (Item 257)
2 83 Poll list at an election for members of the Assembly, Palatine District, Montgomery County [Tryon Co., N.Y.], March 27, 1778. (John Frey and others) (Item 204)
2 84 Record of marriages solemnized by H[enry?] G[ilbert?] Ludlow [with deaths, in Poughkeepsie, between January 1 and May 7, 1848], 1826-1848. (Item 140)
2 85 Stocks belonging to Adam Roof and John Roof (1806, 1807)
  • Certificate of stock of Adam Roof in the Fall Hill Turnpike and Bridge Co., N.p., May 1806. (Signed by Robert McFarlan, president, and Christopher P. Bellinger, treasurer) (Item 90)
  • Certificate of stock of John Roof in the Canajoharie and Charleston Turnpike & Bridge Co., Charleston, [N.Y.], October 20, 1807. (Item 339)
  • Certificate of stock of John Roof in the Fall Hill Turnpike and Bridge Co., N.p., August 1806. (Signed by Robert McFarlan, president, and Christopher P. Bellinger, treasurer) (Item 91)
2 86 Bill of sale of a "Negro wench named Mariana or Marayawn" to Daniel Ludlow by James Wyngard of Kinderhook, Columbia County, [N.Y.], November 1, 1803. (Item 100)
2 87 Bill of sale of a "Negro woman named Bet" and her son to Joshua Reads by Henry I. Frey, N.p., October 15, 1819. (Item 269)
2 88 Transcript of the records of the House of Representatives, Kingston, New York, March 27, 1777. (C.H. McKinstry, secretary) (Item 172)
2 89 Certificate to the effect that Ozram Sweat killed a wolf and brought the head [with] "the skin and ears entire thereon" to William Wells, justice of the peace of Wells, Montgomery County. Item found in County Clerks Office in Fonda, New York by S[amuel] L[udlow] Frey, May 24, 1820. (Item 95)

Court Matters (bound volumes)
Justice's Docket, Major John Frey, Tryon County, 1772-1776 (No. 379)
Supreme Court Register, Henry I. Frey, 1805-1825 (No. 383)
Supreme Court Register, Frey and Van Schaack (firm), Montgomery County, 1817-1828 (No. 380)
Common Pleas Register, Frey and Van Schaack (firm), 1817-1828 (No. 381)

Land Papers (1706-1837)
5 90 Burgess ticket to Thomas Andrew Hogg by the provost and baillies of Linlithgow, Scotland, July 20, 1752. Parchment with seal. (Item 388)
5 91 Deed to Hannah Bingham, of Windham, Conn., from Stephen Brown of Windham, Conn., of lot, Windham, Conn., April 4, 1787. (Item 368)
5 92 Deeds to Ralph Bingham of Windham, Windham County, Conn.:
  • From John Allen, Windham, [Conn.], November 20, 1778. (Item 367)
  • From Peabody Clement, Norwich, New London County, Conn.,  for lands in the town of Windham, [Conn.], January 1779. (Item 17)
  • From Prince Tracy to a plot of land, Windham, [Conn.], May 28, 1782. (Item 365)
  • From Joseph Bingham, Windham, [Conn.], June 4, 1783. (Item 366)
5 93 Deeds from Ralph Bingham of Windham, Windham County, Conn.:
  • To Stephen Brown of Windham, [Conn.] of a plot of land in the town of Windham, [Conn.], April 4, 1787. (Item 343)
  • To Ruth Shattuck of a milch cow, Windham, [Conn.], April 7, 1787. (Item 356)
5 94 Note of patent granted to Rutgert Bleecker, Albany, [N.Y.], September 22, 1729. (Peter S. Curteneus) (Item 57)
5 95 Deed to John ___ from Henry Dagsteder of a plot of land of 296½ acres on the Mohawk Country, N.p., n.d. (Item 232)
5 96 Leases from John Delancey of New York City to:
  • Samuel Lathem, Albany County, New York, January 2, 1791. (Item 300)
  • George Darrow of a plot of land of 100 acres in Canajoharie. Canajoharie, N.Y., August 7, 1793. (Item 243)
  • Samuel Bailey of a plot of land of 100 acres in Canajoharie. Canajoharie, [N.Y.], August 22, 1794. (Item 153)
  • Samuel Munro of a plot of land in Canajoharie. Canajoharie, [N.Y.], August 21, 1794. (Item 115)
  • John Doty of a plot of land in Canajoharie. Canajoharie, [N.Y.], August 7, 1793. (Item 63)
  • James Marvin of a plot of land in Canajoharie. Canajoharie, [N.Y.], August 7, 1793. (Item 62)
  • David P. Quackenbush of a plot of land in Canajoharie. Canajoharie, [N.Y.], August 7, 1793. (Item 61)
5 97 Deed to Hugh Denniston from Sir Henry Moore, governor of the Province of New York from 1765 to 1769, and others, of lands in Albany County along the Hudson River, March 8, 1769. Parchment. (Item 386)
5 98 Patent in the name of Queen Anne to Isaac D'Reimer [D'Riemer?] and others from George Clarke, Secretary of New York, for a plot of land in Suffolk County, New York, April 11, 1706. Parchment with seal. (Item 390)
5 99 [List of Parcels of land belonging] to Douw Fonda and to [?] Fonda, N.p., 1820. (Item 183)
5 100 Deed of sale to Gysbert Fonda, Albany, Albany County, [N.Y.], from Sheriff Henry Ten Eyck, Jr. of Albany, for a tract of land 3,200 acres, Montgomery Co., [N.Y.], July 21, 1772. (Includes note by [Samuel Ludlow Frey?] saying this is in Frey Bush and is believed to be an illegal transaction.) (Item 240)
5 101 Transcript of a deed from the heirs of Abraham De Peyster to Jelles Fonda, represented by John Cruger, et al of New York City of land in Canajoharie, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], November 21, 1768. (Item 200)
5 102 Deed, to Jelles Fonda from John Cruger, Philip Livingston, Leonard Lispenard, Henry Holland and William Bayard of Albany, for plot of land of 157 acres in Canajoharie, Montgomery County, 1768. Parchment. (Item 385)
5 103 Deed, agreement between Jelles Fonda, Abraham G. Lansing, Abraham Van Vechten, Christopher P. Yates and John Lansing, Jr., concerning a plot of land in Caughnawaga, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], September 1, 1790. Parchment. (Item 384)
5 104 Deed to Hendrick Frey [Sr.] of Stone Arabia, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], by Harmanus Van Slyck, Schenectady, [N.Y.], of 2,000 acres in Canajoharie, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], October 16, 1728. (Item 165)
5 105 Deed to Hendrick Frey of Canajoharie by Jacobus Van Slyck, Adam Van Slyck and Harmanus Van Slyck of Albany County, of 19 acres in Canajoharie, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], June 29, 1752. (Item 247)
5 106 Deed to Hendrick Frey by Peter Van Brugh Livingston, John Livingston, Philip Livingston, and Henry Livingston, of a plot of land of 3,200 acres in Canajoharie, Montgomery County, [Frey Bush], April 4, 1760 (Item 166)
5 107 Deed to Hendrick Frey, Jr. by Harmanus Van Slyck, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], January 25, 1763. (Item 236)

Release to Henry Frey, Jr. by Harmanus Van Slyck, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], January 26, 1763. (Item 234)
5 108 Deed, to Hendrick Frey of Canajoharie, [N.Y.], by Peter Wolleben, Burnetsfield, [N.Y.], of land of land of 250 acres in the Herkimer Patent, Burnetsfield, [N.Y.], February 25, 1769. (Item 241)
5 109 Deeds from [Col.] Hendrick Frey:
  • To Barent Frey of a plot of land in Montgomery Co., Canajoharie, [N.Y.], March 5, 1772. (Item 248)
  • To John Frey of a piece of land, 19 acres, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], March 5, 1772. (Item 246)
5 110 Deed to [Col.] Hendrick Frey by Johannes Roof, both of Canajoharie, [N.Y.], April 1, 1792, of a plot of land of 300 acres in lot no. 5 in patent granted to James Alexander and others in Canajoharie, Montgomery County, [N.Y.]. (Item 239)
5 111 Agreement with [Col.] Hendrick Frey, by Henry H. Felling, both of Canajoharie, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], for land in lot no. 6 in patent granted to James Alexander, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], December 4, 1797. (Item 244)
5 112 Deed to Henry [I.?] Frey, from Gertrude Shoemaker [widow of Rudolf Shoemaker], German Flats, [N.Y.], of land at the Little Falls in a patent granted to Jan Jost [John Joseph] and Hendrick Herkimer, lot no. 11 in great lot 17, February 8, 1796. (Item 222). See also correspondence, Henry I. Frey for map, German Falls, [N.Y.], Box 1, Folder 20.
5 113 Deeds:
  • To Cornelius Blank from Edward Duer of a plot of land of 20 acres, Palatine, N.Y., December 13, 1809. (Item 60)
  • Mortgage to Edward Duer from Cornelius Blank of a plot of land of 22 acres, Palatine, N.Y., December 13, 1809. (Item 59)
  • To Casper Lipe [Lipes?] from Cornelius and Elizabeth Blank of a plot of land of 22 acres, Palatine, [N.Y.], May 7, 1811. (Item 238)
5 114 Deed between Casper Lipe [Lipes?] and Nancy, his wife, and David Lipe [Lipes?] and Elizabeth, his wife, and Henry I. Frey of a plot of land 22 acres, Palatine, [N.Y.], November 14, 1811. (Item 242)
5 115 Deed to Henry I. Frey by Sheriff Robert Shoemaker (for James Kane) of 50 acres in Danube, Herkimer County, [N.Y.], June 18, 1819. (Item 151)
5 116 Deed to Major John Frey from Bernard Frey:
  • Of a plot of land three acres in Montgomery County, Palatine, [N.Y.], January 23, 1776. (Item 249)
  • Of all personal belongings now on John Frey's farm, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], January 23, 1776. (Item 224)
6 117 Sheriff's sale to John Frey of a parcel of land in lot no. 4 of Frederick Young's Patent, Johnstown, [N.Y.], October 21, 1789; John Winn, sheriff. (Item 15)
6 118 Indenture (fragment), for [John?] Frey signed by John Bowman and Thomas Herbert as witnesses, Palatine, [N.Y.], September 3 [sic]. (Item 64)

Deed from Major John Frey to John Gray, Cherry Valley, Otsego County, [N.Y.], 1796. (Item 233).
6 119 Lease from Major John Frey to Hugh Campbell:
  • Of a plot of land in Cherry Valley, Palatine, [N.Y.], September 18, 1799. (Item 114)
  • Of a plot of land of 60¼ acres in Cherry Valley, Palatine, [N.Y.], September 18, 1799. (Item 181)
6 120 Deed to Major John Frey by Peter Van Slyck, both of Palatine, [N.Y.], of 162½  acres, lot no. 2 of Van Slyck Patent in Palatine, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], December 10, 1800. Includes Philip R. Frey's signature. (Item 245)
6 121 Notice of sale of property of John H. Frank to satisfy a mortgage to John Frey, Herkimer, [N.Y.], September 14, 1817. (George H. Feeter, attorney) (Item 159)

Affidavit of publishing notices of sale of the land of John H. Frank by George H. Feeter [attorney] on behalf of John Frey, Herkimer, [N.Y.], August 29, 1817. (Item 160)

Deed to John Frey from John H. Frank of a plot of land, Frankfort, N.Y., August 10, 1809. (Item 108)
6 122 Deed to Major John Frey by [Col.?] Hendrick Frey of a plot of land, Canajoharie, [N.Y.], April 12, 1810. (Item 237)
6 123 Deed to Major John Frey by Jabez and Maria Fox "half part of lot no. 1" in the Hans Dederick Stately Patent, Frankfort, Herkimer County, [N.Y.], September 13, 1817. (Item 235)
6 124 Mortgage of a farm in Palatine to Augustus Beardslee and Luther Parker from John Frey, Palatine, [N.Y.], January 1, 1835. (Item 144)

Deed to Philip Frey of ½ of the homestead farm of Major John Frey, Palatine, [N.Y.], May 2, 1835. (Item 103)
6 125 Patent to James MacDonald by George Clarke in the name of George III, of a plot of land of 10,000 acres in Ulster County, [N.Y.], August 8, 1765. Parchment with seal. (Item 392)
6 126 Grant by King George I of England to Lewis Morris and others of a plot of land of 3600 acres in Ulster County, New York, February 10, 1715. (Robert Hunter, Governor of New York) Parchment with seal. (Item 387)
6 127 Bid to George Waggenar from Cornelius C. and Alida Roosevelt of a plot of land of 200 acres in Montgomery Co., N.p., June 5, 1787. (Item 302)

Deed (Fragment) of Cornelius C. Roosevelt, N.p., n.d. (Item 55)

Deed (Fragment of Cornelius C. Roosevelt, N.p., n.d. (Item 56)
6 128 Deed to Johannis Wolgemuth from Jacob Detrich, Schoharie, [N.Y.], June 30, 1750. (Item 18)
6 129 Memorandum on Stephen Tracy buying land of Mr. Whiting, N.p., n.d. (Item 360)
6 130 Deed to the Utica and Schenectady Rail Road Company of lands necessary for their right of way, N.p., 1831. (Item 256)
6 131 Grant to Martin Garretson Van Bergen and others from Sir Henry Moore, Governor of New York in the name of George III, of a plot of land of 35,000 acres in Albany County, New York, [N.Y.], July 11, 1767. Parchment with seal. (Item 391)
6 132 Covenant of Henry C. Van Schaack with Cornelius and Elizabeth Van Schaak, N.p., June 2, 1796. (Item 279)
6 133 Agreement between Josiah Shepard and Harmanus A. Van Slyck, Palatine, [N.Y.], January 29, 1807. (Item 163)
6 134 Deed from Harmanus A. Van Slyck, of Palatine, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], to Adam Van Slyck and others of lots in the Jersey Field patent (Herkimer and Fulton counties), Palatine, [N.Y.], November 12, 1810. (Item 338)
6 135 Deed (fragment) from Harmanus Van Slyck, and others to Peter Van Slyck of Palatine, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], of a plot of land in Palatine, Schenectady, [N.Y.], December 1, 18--. (Item 299)
6 136 Lease of a plot of land at Stone Arabia to Martin Nessel from Hendrick H. Van Wie, Stone Arabia, [N.Y.], September 21, 1768. (Item 112)
6 137 Deeds to Hendrick H. Van Wie from Henry Oothoudt and Jeremiah Van Rensselaer:
  • Of lot 55 in the Kingsland patent formerly belonging to Sir William Johnson, Albany, [N.Y.], September 28, 1786. (Item 80)
  • Of lot 59 in the Kingsland patent formerly belonging to Sir William Johnson, Albany, [N.Y.], September 28, 1786. (Item 81)
6 138 Deed to Nicholas Walrath, of Stone Arabia, Palatine, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], from William Empie, Stone Arabia, of 21½ acres of land at Stone Arabia, Stone Arabia, [N.Y.],  March 20, 1773. (Item 410)
6 139 Memorandum on surveys of the lands belonging to the Wheelocks and Shuttucks [Shadocks] in [Windham, CT.?], n.d.(Item 369)
6 140 Map of the Alexander Patent, Johnstown Township, Montgomery County, n.d. (Item 137)
6 141 Map and survey [made by Philip R. Frey] of westerly half of part of lot no. 5, Canajoharie patent, Canajoharie township, Montgomery County, [N.Y.], n.d. (Item 139)
6 142 Map of Chase's patent in the town of Bleecker, N.Y., N.p., n.d. (Item 130)

Map of Chase's Patent, N.p., n.d. (Under J. M.) (Item 136)
6 143 Map of Youngs Patent, N.p., 1837. Verso: Adam G. Roof. Shows "part of Ganiaderage Lake" (Item 134)
6 144 Map of Lindsay and Livingston patents, [Danube Township?] Herkimer County, [N.Y.], 1736. (Item 135)
6 145 On Map: Harrison's Patent. Patent contains 2000 acres (actually contains about 6000). The dotted line denotes the extent of the low-land or flatts. Endorsement: Van Slyck and Depuyster map and division. Shows land of Hendrick, Barent, and John Frey land. [Canajoharie?] [(Item 127?)]
6 146 Field notes of a survey of 10½ acres of land by John Malick, N.p., May 7, 1825. [Van Slyck and De Peyster Patent, Palatine, Montgomery County?] (Item 358)
6 147 Field notes of a survey for William Chase of Chase's patent by Nathan Brewster (copy), Johnstown, [N.Y.], October 20, 1792. (Item 150)

Land Papers (File with extra-large manuscripts)

EL1 Map of lots in Van Slyck's Patent (a portion sold to De Peyster) showing a part of Montgomery County north of the Mohawk River, including the townships of Palatine and Johnstown with some residences including that of Hendrick Frey, 1887 copy map by Gerard Banckor of William Vrooman's survey of 1726 with annotations by Rufus A. Grider, color, 43 x 71 cm. (Item 126) [See also Box 8, Folder 176.]

EL2 Map of Caughnawaga Patent showing Montgomery County north of the Mohawk River, including the townships of Oppenheim, Palatine, Johnstown and Amsterdam and the location of some residences, including Douw Fonda's, by Lawrence Vrooman, 1800, color, 27 x 50 cm. (Item 129)

EL3 Map of Canajoharie Patent, N.p., n.d. (Item 132) (oversize)

EL4 Map of Glenn, Bleecker and Livingston Patents, Albany, April 1, 1808 (Item 133)

EL5 Map of the patents of Johan Daniel Gros, Jelles Fonda, Abraham Oothoudt and Henry Oothoudt, Philip Livingston, etc., in Root township, Montgomery County; and Carlisle, Sharon, and Cobleskill, Schoharie County, circa. 20,000 acres, 52.5 x 64 cm. (Item 138)

Miscellaneous (1748-1775)
6 148 Seal of New York State, 1771 (Item 389)
7 149 Hymn, "A Hymn on the Birth of Christ," [handwritten for? by?] Henry Cruger Van Schaack, aged 6 years, N.p., 1775. (Item 319)
7 150 Sermons, Augustus W. Bingham, Stanford, [Dutchess County?], [N.Y.?], 1748-1773. (Item 320)
7 151 Sermon excerpt: "On the Pleasures of Religion,", N.p., n.d. (Item 92)

Printed Material (1795-1885)

EL6 Broadside. Funeral arrangements for U.S. Grant, July 1885, 69 x 51 cm. (Item 168) (oversize)
7 152 Broadside. Thomas Jefferson's speech at his inauguration, Washington, March 4 1801. (Item 167)
7 153 Handbill endorsing Robert Yates for governor, Albany, [N.Y.], February 23, 1795. (Signed by Arie La Grange, chairman, and Sebastian Visscher, secretary, of "a committee, appointed at a meeting of a respectable number of persons from different counties in the state … Albany, 23d Feb. 1789 [sic].") (Item 206)
7 154 Notice of the publication of the monograph, The Life of Peter Van Schaack by Henry C. Van Schaack, his son, New York, [N.Y.], 1842. (Item 296)
7 155 Notice on the publication of an unidentified work, N.p., n.d. (Item 280) [Item number not in original finding aid.]
7 156 Circular letter by Major General John A. Dix on the presidential campaign, Paris, [France], September 4, 1868. Reprinted from New York World, Sept. 23, 1868. (Item 301)
7 157 "A Statement of the funds of the State and of the Annual Revenue …, New York (State) Comptroller; copy belonging to John Frey, published Albany, [N.Y.], December 4, 1800. (Item 147)

Writings (1826-1838)
7 158 [Letter draft?], fragment, by T[homas?] H[ulsford?] Bingham, Root, [Orange County?], January 19, 1838 (Item 349)
7 159 Poetry signed "Anna." Endorsement: Miss Elisabeth Frey, Palatine, [N.Y.], January 16, 1826. (Item 267)
7 160 Miscellaneous writings, Nathaniel Shaduck, N.p., n.d. (Item 354)

Writings and Research of Samuel Ludlow Frey (ca. 1888-1916)
7 161 Notes: Proceedings of the Committee of Safety of Tryon County Relating to Peter P. Bellinger, N.p., February 5, 1778. (Item 218)
7 162 Notes on Joseph Brant (Thay-an-da-a-gea), N.p., n.d. (Item 6)
7 163 Notes on Fort Johnson, N.p., n.d. (Item 123)
7 164 Extracts from Clinton's Papers in regard to Fort Rensselaer, Canajoharie, N.p., n.d. (Item 122) [See also Box 8, Folder 187]
7 165 Paper on Gen. Gansevoort's expedition, Sept. 20, 1779. N.p., n.d. (Item 331)
7 166 Notes: "The Little White Boy of Kanadesaga found September 7, 1779 by the Sullivan Expedition … Extracts from the Journals of Lieut. Erkuries Beatty," N.p., n.d. (Item 4)
7 167 Notes and Letters, [on persons who made a trip to the Mohawk River with George Washington in 1783], ca.1912:
  • Letter to James A. Holden from Lillie Estabrook, Newburgh, [N.Y.], February 1912. (Item 334)
  • List of names of persons who made a trip to the Mohawk in 1783 with George Washington, N.p., n.d. (Item 335)
  • Letter to S. L. Frey from J.C. Fitzpatrick (of the Library of Congress), Washington [D.C.], February 13, 1912. (Item 336)
7 168 Notes and correspondence, on the history of the Mohawk Valley, including notes regarding Arendt Van Corlaer, between Samuel Ludlow Frey and John S. Clark, ca.1870s-1880s. (Item 337) [See also Box 8, Folder 175]
7 169 Genealogical notes of Cornelis Automssen Van Slyck's descendants, N.p., n.d. Includes information on the Abeel, Van Slyck and Fonda families of the Mohawk Valley. (Item 208)
7 170 Notes, [miscellaneous on houses, personalities, and the history of Montgomery County and the Palatine], N.p., ca.1903. (Item 124)
8 171 Notes, "The Princess Palatine Burning of the Palatinate in the time of Louis XIV," n.d. (Item 2) [See also Box 8, Folder 189]
8 172 Notes: Rent rolls of farms confiscated from John Johnson and others during the Revolution, N.p., n.d. (copied "from supplement of New York in the Revolution, page 246") (Item 215)
8 173 Paper on the St. Leger expedition, N.p., n.d. (Item 327)
8 174 Notes on ‘A Tour of Four Great Rivers,' by Richard Smith (1769), N.p., n.d. (Item 324)
8 175 Letters to S.L. Frey of Palatine Bridge, N.Y., from William Hayes Ward, New York, [N.Y.], November 2 and 7, 1895. (Item 38)

Letter to S.L. Frey from James Grant Wilson, New York, [N.Y.], October 21, 1895. (Item 37)

Letter to S.L. Frey from James Grant Wilson, Middletown Springs, Vt., July 14, 1898. (Item 39)

Notes, etc. concerning Arendt Van Corlaer and Mohawk Valley history, N.p., ca. 1890s, 1908. (Item 337) [See also Box 7, Folder 168]
8 176 Field book on Van Slyck's Patent (copied by Samuel Loucks), N.p., n.d. (Item 128)

Letter from Rufus A. Grider concerning Van Slyck's Patent, N.p., n.d. (Item 126) [See also Oversize Item 126]
8 177 Notes on Van Slyck's Patent, N.p., n.d. (Item 209)
8 178 Notes on Sir Peter Warren, N.p., n.d. (Item 214)
8 179 Paper on Indian jugs and jewelry, "A Big Find: Pipes of Our Pagan Predecessors. Jugs and Jewelry," N.p., n.d. Includes three sketches, two of pipes and one of a jug. (Item 1)
8 180 Paper on the boundaries of Tryon County and the Colony of New York, N.p. n.d. (Item 323)

Letter to Burrow Bros. of Cleveland, [Ohio], from David M. Mattison, Cambridge, [Mass.], May 22, 1908. (Item 322)
8 181 Paper on "Canada", N.p., n.d. (Item 120)
8 182 Paper on "Cayadutta" [a Mohawk village], N.p., n.d. (Item 7)
8 183 Paper on "Colonel Thomas Cassaty" (Cassaty: Cassety), N.p., n.d. (Item 333)
8 184 Paper on "Cooking Among the Mohawks,", N.p., n.d. (Item 3)
8 185 Paper on "The Fort in the Mohawk Valley,", N.p., n.d. (Item 332)
8 186 Paper on Fort Plain, N.p., n.d. (Item 326)
8 187 Paper on "Fort Rensselaer," including correspondence with Mrs. Horace L. Green, N.p., n.d. (Item 122) [See also Box 7, Folder 164]
8 188 Paper on "Fort Rensselaer, Canajoharie,", N.p., June 28, 1894 (Item 141)
8 189 Paper on "Governor Spotswood, the five nations and the Virginia Palatines," with notes, N.p., n.d. (Item 2) [See also Box 8, Folder 171.]
9 190 Paper on "How They Made Arrow Heads,", N.p., n.d. (Item 10)`
9 191 Paper on the Indians, N.p., n.d. (Item 143)
9 192 Paper on "The Indians of New York,", N.p., n.d. (Item 8)
9 193 Paper on "The Manor Houses of a New York Baronet," [Sir William Johnson], N.p., n.d., with letter to Miss C.C. Frey, of Palatine Bridge, N.Y., from William B. Wemple (Mohawk Valley Democrat) , Fonda, N.Y., February 18, 1916. (Item 118)
9 194 Paper on "The Mohawks: An Enquiry into Their Origin, Migrations, and Influence Upon the White Settlers," published in Transactions of the Oneida Historical Society at Utica, N.Y., 1898. (Item 9)
9 195 Manuscript: "The Old Houses of the Mohawk Valley and Their Stories," N.p., n.d. (Item 119) Chapters: Queen Anne's Indian Chapel of the Mohawks; The Stone Arabia churches; The Frey house; Johnson Hall; The Caughnewaga Church; The house of the Butlers; The Palatine Church; Fort Klock; The Wagner house ("Fort Waggoner"); Fort Herkimer church; The Paris house; The Old Round Top; The Cochran house; Gen. Herkimer's house; The Van Alstine house; The Ehle house; The Glen-Sanders house at Scotia; The Mabie house; The old stone fort at Schoharie; The Cherry Valley monument; The Oriskany monument; The Shoemaker house at Mohawk; The church at Indian Castle. [See also Box 9, Folder 203]
9 196 P paper on "The Round Top," N.p., n.d. (Item 117)
9 197 Paper read at the Stone Arabia centennial [about the settlement of the Stone Arabia Patent], Stone Arabia, [N.Y.], 1888. (Item 142)
9 198 Paper on "Sullivan's Expedition Against the Seneca and Cayuga in 1779 and the Reasons for the Campaign," N.p., n.d. (Item 328)
9 199 Paper on "Sullivan's Expedition Against the Seneca and Cayuga and the Reasons for the Campaign," N.p., n.d. (Item 321)
9 200 Paper on "Traditions and Suppositions Regarding Stone Arabia," N.p., n.d. (Item 325)
9 201 Paper on "The Tuscarora," N.p., n.d. (Item 5)
9 202 Photographs, [of an archaeological dig at Garoga, an Indian village, [Fulton County?], New York, showing Irwin Hayden of Winthrop, Mass.], Garoga, [N.Y.], [September 27 1905]. (Item 121)
9 203 Photograph, [Reformed Dutch Church, Stone Arabia, Centennial Celebration, (accompanied the Manuscript "The Old Houses of the Mohawk Valley" by S[amuel] L[udlow] Frey), 1888] (Item 119) [See also Box 9, Folder 195.]
9 204 Speech by Sagonah [Red Jacket] in reply to a speech of W. Richardson regarding land sales in the Holland Purchase, Buffalo, [N.Y., May 1811. (Item 205)

Oversize Materials

Land Papers (File with extra-large manuscripts)

EL1 Map of lots in Van Slyck's Patent (a portion sold to De Peyster) showing a part of Montgomery County north of the Mohawk River, including the townships of Palatine and Johnstown with some residences including that of Hendrick Frey, 1887 copy map by Gerard Banckor of William Vrooman's survey of 1726 with annotations by Rufus A. Grider, color, 43 x 71 cm. (Item 126) [See also Box 8, Folder 176.]

EL2 Map of Caughnawaga Patent showing Montgomery County north of the Mohawk River, including the townships of Oppenheim, Palatine, Johnstown and Amsterdam and the location of some residences, including Douw Fonda's, by Lawrence Vrooman, 1800, color, 27 x 50 cm. (Item 129)

EL3 Map of Canajoharie Patent, N.p., n.d. (Item 132) (oversize)

EL4 Map of Glenn, Bleecker and Livingston Patents, Albany, April 1, 1808 (Item 133)

EL5 Map of the patents of Johan Daniel Gros, Jelles Fonda, Abraham Oothoudt and Henry Oothoudt, Philip Livingston, etc., in Root township, Montgomery County; and Carlisle, Sharon, and Cobleskill, Schoharie County, circa. 20,000 acres, 52.5 x 64 cm. (Item 138)

Printed Material (Files with extra-large manuscripts)

EL6 Broadside, on the funeral arrangements for U.S. Grant, July 1885 (Item 168)

Missing Items

Lease of a farm in Palatine to Rogert Miller from John J. Wack, March 30, 1813 (Item 111)
    Legal Notebook, James I. Van Wie, N.p., n.d. (Item 382)
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