Hevenor Family
Papers, 1856-1968


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Acquisition: Gift of Mary Woodward, Glenmont, New York, September 2015
Processed By: Regina Berry, Student Assistant, State University of New York at Albany, October 2015

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Biographical Note:

The Hevenor family originally came from Rhinebeck, New York, where Benjamin Jacques Hevenor (1838-1936) was born.  Hevenor served in the 150th New York Infantry Regiment during the Civil War, taking part in the battles and campaigns at Gettysburg, Atlanta, and “March to the Sea” under the command of General William Tecumseh Sherman. In 1872 Benjamin married Lucy Higham (1848-1910) from Albany, New York.  In 1880 the family moved to Albany, where he was employed as a toolmaker on the construction of the New York State capitol.

Horace Lindley Hevenor (1894-1970) was the couple's tenth and last child.  He was born and raised in Albany and attended Albany High School.  Horace served with the First New York (Troop B) Cavalry from Albany in World War I.  His unit served at McAllen, Texas, during the Mexican border conflict in 1916-1917.  In 1918 Hevenor was sent to Europe, serving in the Flanders region of Belgium. He was wounded in action, and was evacuated to England where he recovered.  He was honorably discharged from service in 1919. 

Following the war, Hevenor entered the advertising business.  In 1956 Hevenor's firm joined with another Albany agency to form Woodward, Voss & Hevenor.  Around 1960 several Albany advertising executives formed the Albany Ad Club; Hevenor was a founding member and received the club's outstanding achievement award in 1962.

Horace Hevenor was married twice, first to Dorothy Spencer with whom he had a daughter, Jean Spencer Hevenor (ca. 1925-2006?), then to Veronica Nugent (1900-1991).  Horace and Veronica had two sons, Robert H. (1930-?) and David N. Hevenor (ca. 1937-?).

Many members of the Hevenor family are buried in Albany Rural Cemetery.

Scope and Content Note:

In addition to family history information, put together by persons unknown, the collection includes several Civil War documents from the military service of Benjamin J. Hevenor and a family photograph taken sometime after the death of Benjamin's wife, Lucy, in 1910.  The most unusual items in the collection are the photographs taken in 1916 of Horace Hevenor's Troop B of the First New York Cavalry while they were stationed in Texas.  During the period of the Mexican border campaign each regiment developed an entertainment troupe, and Troop B's efforts are documented in this collection.  The photos were published in the Albany Sunday Telegram in January 1917.

Hevenor's connection with the advertising community of Albany is documented in several photographs of group events; unfortunately the other group members are not identified.

Related Collections:

The Rhinebeck Historical Society has a collection of the letters and diaries of Benjamin J. Hevenor from the Civil War period.  An article about them was published in the Poughkeepsie Journal of May 24, 2015: “Letters, diaries reveal Rhinebeck Civil War veteran's service.external link

Box and Folder List:

Box Folder Description
1 1 Hevenor family biographical and genealogical information, n.d.  (4 items)
1 2 Letters: Winfield S. and Benjamin J. Hevenor (brothers), Albany, New York, 1856  (2 items):
  1. To “Parents” from Winfield S. Hevenor, and to “Father” from Benjamin J. Hevenor, March 8, 1856
  2. To “Mat” (another brother) from Winfield S. Hevenor, May 26, 1856
1 3 Benjamin J. Hevenor—Certificate of appointment as a corporal, October 11, 1862  (1 item)
1 4 Benjamin J. Hevenor—Certificate of appointment as a first lieutenant, June 25, 1863  (1 item)
1 5 Benjamin J. Hevenor—Military discharge paper, June 8, 1865  (1 item)
1 6 Benjamin J. Hevenor and children—Family photograph, ca. 1915  (2 items)
1 7 Horace L. Hevenor—World War I “Troop B” satirical photographs, ca. 1916 
(12 items):
  1. “Dependent order of Canteeners”
  2. “Interior Guard of ‘Belly Robbers' Motto ‘No-2nds'”
  3. “Troop B's Anti-Reveille Union”
  4. “_____Grubbers—Doleful Union, No. USE, Crap Alley, Tex.” (Horace Hevenor appears in center of photo)
  5. “Amalgamated Association of Latrine Burners and Pecan Operators Stink Union No. 5”
  6. “United Order of Stable Mechanics, No. 1917”
  7. “Amalgamated Union of Peace Workers No. 10, Recruited from Bryan's Overnight Army”
  8. “Horse Undertakers of the United States and Texas, Post No. 2” and Ancient Order of Grave Diggers”
  9. “Troop B's Labor Day Parade”
  10. “The Despondent Delegation of Disappointed Detail Dodgers”
  11. “Amalgamated Rumor Spreaders, Union No. 9”
  12. “The Last of The Kickapoos”
1 8 Horace L. Hevenor—Christmas card to family, 1916 (1 item)
1 9 Horace L. Hevenor—1st New York Cavalry items, 1916-1917 (3 items):
  1. Copy of two black-and-white photographs of Hevenor in uniform and with a cavalry horse, ca. 1916
  2. Postcard to Margaret Hevenor (sister), from McAllen, Texas, 1917
  3. Memento poster of Troop B of the First New York Cavalry, Mexican Border Service, 1916-1917, signed by the members, ca. 1917
1 10 Horace L. Hevenor—Newspaper clippings of “The New Camp of Troop B, Albany's Crack Cavalry at McAllen, Texas,” The Sunday Telegram, Albany, New York, January 7, 1917.  Uses the photographs listed in Folder 7, with names in captions.  (6 items)
EL 1 Mounted newspaper article—“Albany Boy Killed in Midnight Raid of Hun Airmen,” Albany [Evening Journal?], ca. 1918  (1 item)
1 11 Photographic slides, n.d.:
  1. Three Kodak Ready-mount color slides, appear to be a military dress parade [ca. 1940]
  2. Glass plate color slide of military ceremony or parade, n.d.
  3. Glass plate color slide of young man posing outside a house [may be Benjamin Hevenor, Jr., brother of Horace], n.d.
  4. Glass plate color slide of young man posing outside a house [may be Horace Hevenor at family home, 679 Myrtle Ave, Albany, N.Y], n.d.
  5. Glass plate color slide of young man posing outside a house with a dog [may be Horace Hevenor], n.d.
1 12 Horace L. Hevenor – Newspaper clipping of Albany Ad Club award, March 17, 1962  (1 item)
1 13 Horace L. Hevenor – Troop B Cavalry Veterans Association materials, 1968 (2 items)
1 14 Horace L. Hevenor – Photographs of Albany Ad Club events, n.d.  (4 items)
1 15 Photograph of Dr. William E. Milbank (1841-1928), noted on back as family physician, n.d.  (1 item)
1 16 Yearbook—The XLII Shrapnel, presented by the Senior Class of New York Military Academy, 1957 (1 item) [This item appears to be the property of Ralph L. Small, Professor of English, to whom this issue is dedicated.  Horace Hevenor's son, David Hevenor, married Linda Dale Small in 1973.  She may be related to Professor Small.]
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