Frances D. Murray
Genealogy and Family History Research Papers, 1991-1999


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Biographical Note:

This collection of genealogical research, compiled by Frances DeBeukelaer Murray (1922-2004), of Santa Rosa, California, focuses on the lives of her great-grandparents, Catherine Elizabeth Duval (1818-1885) and Charles Frederick Marchand (1811-1868), their parents, and their descendants. Originally from France, the Duval family immigrated to the United States in 1832 from Germany and settled in Lee, Oneida County, New York; in 1833 Charles F. Marchand immigrated to the United States from France. Catherine and Charles married in 1834 and possibly lived in Massachusetts before returning to Oneida County, where they resided for the rest of their lives. The couple had ten children: Catherine Bartlett, Margaret Mott, Rosina Griffith, John Marchand, Charles F. Marchand, Jr., Emma DeBeukelaer, Eliza Savery Griffin, Francis Louis Marchand, Benjamin Franklin Marchand, and Sara Jane Fox.

Scope and Content Note:

The collection consists of genealogical research and an unpublished genealogy for the Duval and Marchand families. The research, contained in sixteen volumes of loose leaf binders, is primarily notes and copies of original documents such as photographs, newspaper articles, census records, and correspondence, as well as records pertaining to births, marriages, and deaths. Other materials include copies of land records and maps, immigration records, and military records, as well as a small collection of labels from distillery and confectionery companies owned by members of the DeBeukelaer family in Antwerp, Belgium. A number of volumes consist of notes on the contents of Soundex indexes, Federal and State Census indexes, National Archives resources, and email correspondence related to the Duval-Marchand family research.

The unpublished genealogy of the Duval and Marchand families, entitled Louis F. and Catherine Duval and Their Marchand Descendants, documents the lives of the Duvals and of Catherine and Charles Marchand and their children. Each entry contains a time line and history for each individual as well as information about his or her spouse and children. It also briefly traces the descendants of the Duval-Marchand family and includes lists of sources used to compile each profile.

The organization of the volumes varies. Some volumes contain general research on the Duval-Marchand family while others focus on an individual or a group of family members. With the exception of the unpublished genealogy, which was not given a number, the original organization and labeling system of the volumes has been preserved. Additional details such as full and maiden names have been noted when clarification is necessary.

Box and Volume List:

Box Volume Description
1 1 Duval [family]
  1. Louis and Catherine Duval
  2. Louis Duval, Jr.
  3. John and Jane Duval
  4. James and Frances Riley
  5. Frank J. Duval
  6. Emma and Charles Hosmer
  7. [Helena Elenora] “Nellie” Duval, [Rolland E.] Edwards, and [?] Holmes
1 2 Marchand [family]
  1. [Maps]
  2. References
  3. Photos
  4. Other Marchands
1 3 Marchand / Libraries
  1. Library of Congress
  2. Library of Congress / Maps
  3. New York  Research
  4. Massachusetts Research
  5. Civil War
  6. Cemeteries / Funeral Homes
  7. Surnames
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. On site - Oneida County
  10. City Directories – Chicago
  11. DeBeukelaer / NYC, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Newark
  12. Syracuse
  13. Rome
  14. Albany / Troy Sutro [Library] Research
  15. Utica – Sutro [Library] Research
  16. Sutro [Library] – Buffalo
1 4 Marchand / FHC [Family History Center] / Census
  1. Census Index / FHC [Family History Center]
  2. 1925 [New York State census]
  3. 1915 [New York State census]
  4. 1905 [New York State census] / 1910 [Federal census]
  5. 1892 [New York State census, 1895 and 1905 Iowa State census] / 1900 [Federal Census]
  6. 1875 [New York State census] / 1880 [Federal census]
  7. 1865 [New York State census] / 1870 [Federal census]
  8. 1855 [New York State census] / 1860 [ Federal census]
  9. 1835 [New York State Census]
2 5 Charles [Frederick] Marchand, Sr.
2 6 Marchand / NARA Archives
  1. 1920 Soundex
  2. 1920 Federal census
  3. San Bruno 1910 Soundex
  4. San Bruno 1910 [Soundex]
  5. [Indiana] Soundex 1900
  6. 1900 Federal census
  7. 1880 Soundex
  8. 1880-1890 Veterans
  9. 1850-1870 [Federal census]
  10. Pre-1850 [Federal census]
  11. National Archives
2 7 Catherine [Marchand Bartlett]
  1. Catherine and George Bartlett
  2. [Margaret] Jennie and Albert Kingsbury
  3. [Ethel and John] O’Connor
  4. Charles [Bartlett]
  5. Franklin [John Bartlett]
2 8 Margaret [Marchand Mott]
  1. Margaret and Albert Mott
  2. [Daniel G. and Laura] Butts
  3. Eddie Mott
2 9 Rosina [Marchand Griffith]
  1. Rosina and David Griffith
  2. Eugene Griffith
  3. Charles [Griffith], Louis [Griffith], Rosina [Griffith], Gladys [Griffith Lamb]
  4. Lillian Kelly and Maude Warner
  5. Maude Kelly Warner
  6. Charles and Emma Adler
  7. Carrie and Stanley Brawn
  8. Benjamin [Griffith]
  9. Wilbur Griffith
3 10 John [Marchand]
  1. John and Helen Marchand
  2. James Henry Marchand
  3. Robert and Cora Belle Wilson
  4. Mabel “Minnie/Manuelita” Marchand
  5. Kate and Waldemar Kelly
3 11 Charles [Frederick Marchand] Jr.
  1. Charles and Lydia
  2. Ellison [White], Edgar [White], Harry [White]
  3. Charles and Ida [Senecal]
  4. Mary Ella Senecal
  5. Bernice Senecal
  6. Barbara [Martin] and Shirley [Butler]
  7. Frances and Agnes [Senecal]
  8. Harriet M. and [Warren] Jones
  9. Charles and Alzada Marchand
  10. Edwin L. and Maude [Marchand]
  11. Cora Belle and Harry Ashburn
  12. Verna and John Whaley
  13. Sidney and Blanche Colton
  14. George and Mary Strott
  15. Nina and William Lagrow
3 12 Eliza [Marchand Griffin Savery]
3 13 Louis [Marchand]
  1. Louis and Kate Marchand
  2. Louisa and George Woodworth
  3. Harold and Nellie Woodworth
  4. Leon and Adele Woodworth
  5. Leon and Bertha Marchand
  6. [George and Bertha Hollenbeck]
  7. [Harland and Mabel Kilts]
  8. Kitty and Henry Williams
  9. Marion and Horace Holbrook
  10. Margaret and Frank Nickerson
  11. Katie Palmiter
3 14 Franklin [Marchand] and Sarah [Marchand Fox]
  1. [Benjamin] Franklin and Mary Marchand
  2. [Benjamin] Franklin and Martha Marchand
  3. Sarah and Edson Fox
  4. Emma and Albert Shaw
4 15 DeBeukelaer [family]
  1. F.X. de Beukelaer company labels
  2. Felix and Emma [DeBeukelaer]
4 16 FHC [Family History Center] / Marchand
  1. Research to date FHC [Family History Center]
  2. Indexes- AIS [Accelerated Indexing System], IGI [International Genealogical Index, FHC [Family History Center]
  3. Land and Property – Oneida
  4. Land and Property – Madison and Other
  5. Naturalization
  6. Passenger Lists
  7. Probate and Surrogates Court
  8. Vital Records
  9. City Directories
  10. Miscellaneous
4 17 Unpublished genealogy, Louis F. and Catherine Duval and Their Marchand Descendants, Frances Murray, 1997
4 (folder) Photographs
  1. 27 black-and-white photographs of Duval-Marchand family gravestones, Rome Cemetery, Rome, New York.
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