Walter Kohler
Railroads and Railroading Collection

Quantity: 92 Boxes (48 cubic feet)
Access: Collection is open for research
Acquisition: Gift of Mary Blanken Kohler, ca. 1980
Processed by: Fred Bassett, Senior Librarian, Manuscripts and Special Collections, April 2003.

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Scope and Contents Note:

The Walter Kohler Railroads and Railroading Collection is organized into two series:

  1. timetables and railroad company publications;
  2. scrapbooks on railroads and railroading.

The timetables and railroad company publications are arranged alphabetically by name of railroad line or company, as it existed circa 1930s-1950s primarily in the United States and Canada. Public timetables contained information on the schedule of trains, station stops, and the type of equipment and services available on a particular train; they were distributed to travelers and ticket agents. Other railroad company literature includes brochures related to travel and tourism, and magazines distributed to employees and stockholders. The scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, articles from periodicals, and printed materials arranged mostly by topic. Some of the topics are locomotive and engines, railroad cars, and stations.

Series I: Public Timetables and Railroad Company Publications

Box Folder(s) Contents
1 1-2 Alaska RR

3 Ann Arbor RR

4-10 Atcheson, Topeka, & Santa Fe RR

11 Atlanta & Birmingham RR

12 Atlanta & West Point RR

13 Atlantic City & Shore RR

14-16 Atlantic Coast Line RR
2 1-3 Atlantic Coast Line RR (cont.)

4 Baltimore & Eastern RR

5-15 Baltimore & Ohio RR
3 1 Bangor & Aroostock RR

2 Bessemer & Lake Erie RR

3-4 Boston & Albany RR (New York Central System)

5-6 Boston & Maine RR

7 Buffalo & Lake Erie RR

8 Buffalo, Rochester, & Pittsburgh RR (B&O System)

9 Catskill Mountain RR

10 Central of Georgia RR

11-17 Central of New Jersey RR
4 1 Central Vermont RR

2-4 Chesapeake & Ohio RR

5 Chicago & Alton RR (GM&O)

6 Chicago, Aurora, & Elgin RR

7-17 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR  (Burlington Route)
5 1 Chicago & Eastern Illinois RR

2 Chicago Great Western RR

3 Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Louisville RR (MONON)

5-9 Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR (Milwaukee Road)

10 Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee RR (North Shore Line)

11-16 Chicago & Northwestern RR
6 1-3 Chicago & Northwestern RR (cont.)

4-7 Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR  (Rock Island)

8 Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis RR (Big Four)

9 Colorado & Southern RR (Burlington)

10-11 Delaware & Hudson RR

12-17 Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR
7 1-3 Denver, Rio Grande, & Western RR

4 Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic RR
Duluth, Missabe & Northern RR

5-11 Erie RR
8 1 Georgia RR
Georgia & Florida RR

2-4 Great Northern RR

5-6 Gulf, Mobile & Ohio RR

7 Hocking Valley RR

8-9 Illinois Central RR

10 Illinois Terminal RR

11 International Railway

12 Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern RR

13 Kansas City Southern RR

14-15 Lehigh Valley RR

16-10 Long Island RR
9 1 Los Angeles Railway

2 Louisiana & Arkansas RR

3-5 Louisville & Nashville RR

6 Maine Central RR

7 Manitou & Pikes Peak RR

8 Michigan Central RR

9 Minneapolis & St. Louis RR

10 Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie RR (Soo Line)

11 Missouri, Kansas & Texas RR (KATY)

12 Missouri Pacific RR

13 Mobile & Ohio RR

14 Mount Washington Cog Railway

15 Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis RR (Dixie Line)

16 New York & New Jersey RR (Erie)

17-21 New York Central RR
10 1-12 New York Central RR (cont.)
11 1-5 New York Central RR (cont.)

6 New York, Chicago & St. Louis (Nickel Plate)

7 New York & Greenwood Lake Railway (Erie RR)

8 New York & Long Branch RR

9-14 New York, New Haven & Hartford RR
12 1-3 New York, Ontario & Western RR

4 New York, Susquehanna & Western RR

5 Niagara Gorge RR

6 Norfolk & Southern RR

7 Norfolk & Western RR

8-10 Northern Pacific RR

11 Northern Railroad of New Jersey

12 Northwestern Pacific RR

13-18 Pennsylvania RR
13 1-13 Pennsylvania RR (cont.)
14 1-15 Pennsylvania RR (cont.)
15 1-2 Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore RR

3 Pere Marquette RR

4 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie RR

5 Pittsburgh, Shawmut & Northern RR

6-11 Reading RR

12 Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR

13 Rutland RR

14 Saint Louis & San  Francisco RR (FRISCO)
16 1 Saint Louis & Southwestern RR

2 Seaboard RR

3-16 Southern Pacific RR
17 1-2 Southern Railway

3 Spokane International Railway

4 Spokane, Portland & Seattle RR

5 Staten Island Rapid Transit

6 Texas & Pacific RR

7-14 Union Pacific RR

15 Virginian Railway

16 Wabash RR
18 1-3 Western Pacific RR

4 Western Railway of Alabama

5-9 West Shore RR (New York Central)

10 Wheeling & Lake Erie RR

11 Wichita Valley RR (Burlington)
19 1-3 Canadian National RR

4-7 Canadian Pacific RR

8 Dominion Atlantic RR

9 Newfoundland Railway

10 Ottawa Electric Railway

11 Quebec Central RR

12 Pacific Great Eastern RR

13 Temiskaming & Northern Ontario RR

14 Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo RR

15 White Pass & Yukon RR
Railroad magazines (various issues)
a.      Santa Fe Magazine
b.     B and O Magazine
Railroad magazines (cont.)
a.      Erie
b.     The Lackawanna
Railroad magazines (cont.)
a.      New York Central Headlight
b.     Western Pacific Mileposts
23 1-9 Pullman Company
24 1 Directory of Named Passenger Trains Operated on Railroads in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, September, 1940.

2 Clippings: Railroads in United States history

3 Brochures: Railroads during World War II

4 Brochures: Century of Progress International Exposition, Chicago, 1933

5 Brochures: New York World’s Fair, 1939

6 The Royal Tour of Canada and the United States, 1939 (King of England)

7 Dinning Car Souvenir Menus

8 Model Railroad Trade Catalogs

9 Newspaper clippings: Streamlined trains

10 Booklet: Quiz on Railroads and Railroading

11 Brochures: Railroad museums

12 Clippings: Famous trains

13 Magazines and booklets about railroads

14 Railroad Journal, October-December 1943

Railroad Timetables and Travel Brochures

1 West Indies and South America

2 Bahamas, Barbados and Bermuda

3 Cuba

4 Dominican Republic

5 Jamaica

6 Curacao, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Virgin Islands

7-8 Mexico

9 Central America: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama

10 South America: Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru

11 Europe

12-14 Great Britain

14 British Railways
26 1-3 London, Midland & Scottish Railway

4 London & Northeastern Railway

5 Southern Railway of England

6 Wales

7 Scotland

8 Ireland

9 Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland

10 Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

11-13 France
27 1-6 France (cont.)

7-8 Germany

9 Greece

10 Italy

11 Spain

12 Switzerland

13 Turkey

14 Egypt

15 Australia
28 1-3 Africa

4-5 South Africa

6-7 Japan

8 China: Manchurian Railway

9 India

10 Ceylon

11 Southeast Asia

12 Netherlands Indies
29 1-7 Scrapbook: New York State
30 1-5 Scrapbook: New York City
Scrapbooks: Travel Brochures

1 Alabama

2 Arizona

3-6 California

7 Colorado

8 Connecticut

9 Florida

10 Georgia

11 Hawaii

12 Idaho
Scrapbooks: Travel Brochures

1 Illinois

2 Indiana

3 Kansas

4 Kentucky

5 Louisiana

6 Maine

7 Maryland

8 Massachusetts

9 Michigan

10 Minnesota

11 Mississippi

12 Missouri
Scrapbooks: Travel Brochures

1 Montana

2 Nevada

3 New Hampshire

4 New Jersey

5 New Mexico

6 North Carolina

7 North Dakota

8 Ohio

9 Oklahoma

10 Oregon

11 Pennsylvania

12 Rhode Island

13 South Carolina

14 South Dakota

15 Tennessee

16 Texas
Scrapbooks: Travel Brochures

1 Utah

2-3 Virginia

4 Washington

5 West Virginia

6 Wisconsin

7 Wyoming

8 Washington, D.C.

9 United States

Nationwide Map Service - Highway Map and Guide Series (maps, ca. 1930s for each state)

10 Alabama-Georgia

11 Idaho-Louisiana

12 Maine-Montana

13 Nebraska-Oklahoma

14 Pennsylvania-Utah

15 Vermont-Wyoming

Series II: Railroads and Railroading Scrapbooks

Box- Volume Contents
36 1 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Alaska RR
b.     Arcade & Attica RR
c.      Atcheson, Topeka & Santa Fe RR
d.     Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast RR
e.      Atlanta & West Point RR
f.       Atlantic City RR
37 2 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Atlantic Coast Line
b.     Baltimore & Annapolis RR
c.      Baltimore & Eastern RR
d.     Baltimore & Ohio RR
38 3 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Bangor & Aroostook RR
b.     Bessemer & Lake Erie RR
c.      Big Four Route
d.     Boston & Albany RR
e.      Boston & Maine  RR
f.       Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh RR
39 4 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Central of Georgia RR
b.     Central Railroad of New Jersey (New Jersey Central)
c.      Central Vermont RR
d.     Chesapeake & Ohio RR
e.      Chicago & Alton RR
40 5 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR
b.     Chicago & Eastern Illinois RR
c.      Chicago Great Western RR
d.     Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Louisville RR
e.      Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR (Milwaukee Road)
f.       Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee RR (North Shore Line)
41 6 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Chicago & Northwestern RR
b.     Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR (Rock Island)
42 7 Railroad Lines—United States
a.      Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis RR (Big Four)
b.     Colorado & Southern RR
c.      Delaware & Hudson RR

8 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR
b.     Denver, Rio Grande & Western RR
c.      Duluth, Mesabi & Northern RR
d.     Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic RR
43 9 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Erie RR
44 10 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Florida East Coast RR
b.     Forth Worth & Denver RR
c.      Georgia RR
d.     Florida & Georgia RR
e.      Great Northern RR
f.       Gulf, Mobile & Ohio RR
g.      Illinois Central RR
45 11 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern RR
b.     Kansas City Southern RR
c.      Lehigh Valley RR
d.     Long Island RR
e.      Louisiana & Arkansas RR
f.       Louisville & Nashville RR
46 12 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Maine Central
b.     Manitou & Pikes Peak RR
c.      Michigan Central RR
d.     Minneapolis & St. Louis RR
e.      Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie RR (Soo Line)
f.       Missouri, Kansas & Texas (KATY)
g.      Missouri Pacific RR
h.      Mobile & Ohio RR
i.       Mount Washington Cog Railway
j.       Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis RR
k.      New Jersey & New York RR
47 13 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      New York Central & Hudson River RR
48 14 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      New York Central (cont.)
49 15 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      New York, Chicago & St. Louis RR (Nickel Plate)
b.     New York & Greenwood Lake RR
c.      New Jersey Central RR
d.     New York, New Haven & Hartford RR (New Haven)
50 16 Railroad Lines: United States
a. New York, Ontario & Western RR
b. New York, Susquehanna & Western RR
c. Niagara Gorge Railway
d. Norfolk & Western RR
e. Northern Pacific RR
f. Northern Railroad of New Jersey
g. Pacific Electric RR
51 17 Railroad Lines: United States
a. Pennsylvania RR
52 18 Railroad Lines: United States
a. Pennsylvania RR (cont.)
53 19 Railroad Lines: United States
a. Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore RR
b. Pere Marquette RR
c. Pittsburgh & Lake Erie RR
d. Reading RR
e. Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR
f. Rio Grande Southern
g. Rochester & Syracuse RR
h. Rutland RR
i. Sacramento Northern RR
j. Saint Louis & San Francisco RR (FRISCO)
k. Saint Louis Southwestern RR (Cotton Belt Route)
l. Seaboard RR
54 20 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Southern Pacific RR
b.     Southern Railway
c.      Spokane International RR
d.     Spokane, Portland & Seattle RR
e.      Staten Island Rapid Transit
f.       Texas & Pacific RR
g.      Tidewater Southern RR
h.      Ulster & Delaware RR
i.       Union Pacific RR
j.       Virginian Railway
55 21 Railroad Lines: United States
a.      Wabash RR
b.     Washington & Old Dominion RR
c.      West Jersey & Seashore RR
d.     West Shore RR
e.      Western & Atlantic RR
f.       Western Maryland RR
g.      Western Railway of Alabama
h.      Western Pacific RR
i.       Wheeling & Lake Erie RR

22 Railroads: Canada
a.      Canadian Pacific RR
b.     Dominion Atlantic RR
c.      Newfoundland Railway
d.     Pacific Great Eastern Railway
e.      Prince Edward Island Railway
f.       Quebec Central Railway
g.      Quebec, North Shore & Labrador RR
h.      Temiskaming & Northern Ontario  Railway
i.       Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway
j.       White Pass & Yukon RR
56 23 Railroads: Canada
a.      Canadian National
b.     Grand Trunk RR
57 24 Railroad Collections, Hobbyists, Clubs and Books
58 25 Street Railways, Electric Lines and Urban Transit
59 26 Subways and Elevated Railways
a.      New York City
b.     Chicago
c.      Boston
60 27 Railroad Cars
a.      Passenger Coach
b.     Caboose
c.      Circus
d.     Coal
e.      Dining and food service
61 28 Railroad Cars
a.      Freight (box, hopper, tanker, etc.)
b.     Mail
c.      Piggyback
d.     Sleeper
e.      Vista Domes
f.       Wreckers and Cranes
62 29 Railroad Cars
a.      Builders and Manufacturers (American Car Foundry)
b.     Service and Maintenance
c.      Yards 
63 30 Pullman Company
64 31 Pullman Company (cont.)
65 32 Railroad Engines and Locomotives
a.      History
b.     Builders and manufacturers (ALCO, Baldwin, etc.)
c.      Parts
66 33 Railroad Engines and Locomotives
a.      Maintenance and repair
b.     Types (design and classification)
67 34 Railroad Engines and Locomotives
a. Pictorial Chronology of the Steam Engine, 1789-1899
68 35 Railroad Engines and Locomotives
a.      Pictorial history (Aberdeen RR-Lehigh & Hudson RR)
69 36 Railroad Engines and Locomotives
a.      Pictorial history (Lehigh Valley RR-Pacific Electric RR)
70 37 Railroad Engines and Locomotives
a.  Pictorial  history (Pennsylvania RR-Yosemite Valley RR)
71 38 Railroad Engines and Locomotives
a. Diesel—Electric Power
72 39 Railroad Subjects
a.      Accidents
b.     Almanacs
c.      Anniversaries of Railroad Companies
d.     Association of American Railroads
e.      Automobiles
f.       Baggage
g.      Boats
h.      Bonds and stocks
i.       Books
73 40 Railroad Subjects
a.      Bridges
b.     Builders
c.      Bus lines
d.     Calendars
e.      Coal
f.       Cogs
g.      Crossings
74 41 Railroad Subjects
a.      Employees
b.     Engineers
c.      Express Agencies
75 42 Railroad Subjects
a.      Fares
b.     Firsts
c.      Freight
d.     Gauges
76 43 Railroad Subjects
a.      Grade Crossings
b.     Guides
c.      Information Booklets
d.     Land Grants
e.      Magazines  (by railroad company, A-M)
77 44 Railroad Subjects
a.      Magazines (N-Z)
b.     Mail
c.      Maps
d.     Mileage
e.      Miniatures and Models
f.       Movies (Motion Pictures)
g.      Museums
h.      Officers
i.       Ownership
78 45 Railroad Subjects
a.      Parts
b.     Passengers
c.      Payroll
d.     Piers
e.      Police
f.       Presidents
g.      Quiz
h.      Radio
i.       Real estate
j.       Regulations
k.      Retirement and Employee Benefits
l.       Right-of-way
m.    Routes
n.      Safety
o.     Shipping
p.     Shops
q.     Shorelines
79 46 Railroad Subjects
a.      Signals
b.     Snow
c.      Stations
80 47 Railroad Subjects
a.      Stationery
b.     Strikes (Labor)
c.      Supplies
d.     Taxes
e.      Telegraph
f.       Telephone
g.      Television

48 Railroad Subjects
a.      Ticket Stubs
b.     Ticketing
81 49 Railroad Subjects
a.      Time (Railroad Standard Time)
b.     Timetables
c.      Tracks
d.     Trademarks
e.      Travel and Tours
f.       Tunnels
82 50 Railroad Subjects
a.      War (World War mobilization)
b.     Wrecks
c.      YMCA
83 51A Trains: Subjects
a.      Air conditioning
b.     Anniversaries
c.      Fastest trains
d.     First trains

51B Trains: Subjects
a.      Heating Systems
b.     Names of trains
c.      Robberies
d.     Train talks
84 52 Trains (Classification)
a.      Aero-train
b.     Aluminum
c.      Custom-made
d.     Defense
e.      Hi-level
f.       Hospital
g.      Jet train
h.      Model train
i.       Snow train
j.       Talgo train
k.      Tubular train
85 53A Fairs and Expositions
a.      Great Lakes Exposition, 1936
b.     New York World Fair, 1939
c.      Golden Gate International Exposition (San Francisco), 1939
d.     Chicago Railroad Fair, 1949

53B Railroad Miscellany
a.      Historical
b.     Travel
c.      New York World’s Fair, 1939
86 54 Railroads or the World: Central and South America
a.      Bahamas
b.     Barbados
c.      Bermuda
d.     Cuba
e.      Dominican Republic
f.       Haiti
g.      Jamaica
h.      Puerto Rico
i.       Trinidad
j.       Virgin Islands
k.      Mexico
l.       Guatemala
m.    El Salvador
n.      Costa Rica
o.     Panama
p.     Argentina
q.     Bolivia
r.      Brazil
s.      Chile
t.       Colombia
u.      Ecuador
v.     Peru
w.    Uruguay
x.      Venezuela
87 55 Railroads of the World: Great Britain and Ireland
a.      Associated British Railways
b.     City of London
c.      Cheshire Line Railway
d.     Great Western Railway
e.      London, Midland and Scottish Railway
f.       London & Northeastern Railway
g.      Southern Railway of England
h.      Great Northern Railways (Ireland)
i.       Great Southern Railways (Ireland)
88 56 Railways of the World: Europe
a.      Austria
b.     Belgium
c.      Czechoslovakia
d.     Denmark
e.      Estonia
f.       Finland
g.      France
89 57 Railways of the World: Europe
a.      Germany
b.     Greece
c.      Holland (The Netherlands)
d.     Hungary
e.      Italy
f.       Latvia
g.      Lithuania
h.      Norway
i.       Poland
j.       Russia
k.      Spain
l.       Sweden
m.    Switzerland
n.      Turkey
o.     Yugoslavia
90 58 Railroads of the World: Asia
a.      Burma
b.     Ceylon
c.      China
d.     Hong Kong
e.      Hawaii
f.       India
g.      Japan
h.      Java
i.       Korea
j.       Malaysia
k.      Manchuria
l.       Mongolia
m.    Pakistan
n.      Palestine (Israel)
o.     Persia
p.     Philippines
q.     Thailand
91 59 Railways of the World
a.      Africa
b.     Egypt
c.      Sudan
d.     South Africa
e.      Australia
f.       New Zealand

60 New York Central System: History and Excursions
92 61 United States Politics and Presidential Campaigns
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