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Shaker Collection, 1784-1992


Quantity: 57 boxes (ca. 30 cubic ft.)
Access: Open to Research
Acquisition Collation of collections and single items acquired by the library from several sources; See Provenance Note for further information
Processed By: Fred Bassett, Senior Librarian, Manuscripts and Special Collections 1992. Revised 1995, January 2000, April 2007, January 2016

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Historical Note and Description of Papers:

From the introduction in A Guide to Shaker Manuscripts in the Library of the Western Reserve Historical Society. Kermit J. Pike, comp. (Cleveland: The Western Reserve Historical Society, 1974. pp.ix-x)

The Biblical passage "What thou seest, write it down" (Revelation 1:11) was most conscientiously implemented by the members of the United Society of Believers in Christ Second Appearing or, as they were more commonly known, the Shakers. From the date of their arrival in New York harbor from England on August 6, 1774, members of this religious communal society, founded and originally led by Ann Lee, were a visible, and at times, controversial minority group. Their religion, which embodied the notions of obedience, confession and celibacy; their modes of religious worship, including the frenetic dance that led to their being called "shaking Quakers," and their withdrawal from the world, as represented by their refusal to bear arms and to take oaths, provoked the antagonism of many of their New England neighbors who viewed the Shakers as heretics and extremists. This negative reaction, which resulted in physical as well as verbal abuse, was reason enough for the Shakers to document their activities and keep careful records of their temporal transactions. The growth in their numbers in New York in the 1780s, in New England in the 1790s, and in Ohio and Kentucky in the first quarter of the nineteenth century also prompted the creation of records.

Members in what would total 19 major communities by 1826 had to be appraised of refinements in matters of philosophy and theology, changes in the forms of worship, developments concerning increasing contact with the outside world, and news that dealt with common spiritual and temporal concerns. In order to accomplish this, letters were frequently exchanged, diaries and journals were kept, and key documents, which usually originated in the main communities at Watervliet and Mount Lebanon, New York, were painstakingly copied and distributed to the other communities; concurrently, copies of important documents originating at these communities were sent to Watervliet and Mount Lebanon. The Shakers' affinity for order and discipline also can be seen as a contributing factor to the creations of records in this manner and their careful retention through the nineteenth century.

Whereas oral agreements binding the members to a common set of beliefs sufficed for the earliest Shakers, by 1795 these agreements were replaced by written covenants. The covenants usually bound the members of a given Shaker community. In some instances, members of a given family (the typical living unit within a specific community, i.e., First Family, North Family, etc.) signed a covenant. The covenants spelled out the key element in Shaker communal philosophy – "the possession and use of a joint interest" – and contained additional statements concerning faith and principle. The strictures set forth in the covenants were supplemented through the years with the appearance of various rules and regulations that were periodically revised and codified as in the case of the millennial laws of 1821 and 1845. Other documents relating to the practical considerations of community organization and order include those that concern membership, such as indentures, apprenticeship agreements, and discharges, and those concerning land, such as deeds, agreements, surveys, and maps.

Furthermore, the Shakers regularly kept accounts of their financial transactions, particularly as these relate to their contacts with non-Shakers. Representatives of this are the records relating to the sale of seeds, herbs, cloth, brooms, and other Shaker products. The large quantity of typical 19th-century financial records, such as receipts, bills and promissory notes, are interspersed with valuation of communal and personal property, and lists of charitable donations.

Although Shaker philosophy emphasized the community over the individual, the latter was not totally submerged. Care was extended to the maintenance of membership records, often in the forms of rolls and lists. These frequently contain the individual's birth and death date, as well as the date of reception into and, when applicable, of withdrawal from a Shaker community.

As Shaker ministers set out from the East to establish eventually the seven communities in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, regular contact was maintained with the church leaders through correspondence. Many of these letters, which reflect the challenges, successes, and failures in the Midwest, have survived. Scattered as the communities were throughout the northeastern United States, the letter continued to be an important means of communication. In addition, members of the Shaker hierarchy, who found it necessary to travel among the communities, frequently kept detailed journals of their experiences. Occasionally they visited other communal sects, (but more frequently they were in search of markets for their goods). Upon direction of the elders, Shaker sisters often kept daily journals of "domestic occurrences." In other instances, Shaker artisans (i.e. shoemakers, clockmakers) kept journals in which they recorded their labors. In general, concerted effort was made to document the day-to-day activities of the brethren and sisters as well as the travels of the ministry, elders, and eldresses and the events of importance concerning the church.

While each Shaker originally enjoyed little economic independence, there were opportunities for individual expression. An example is the large number of autobiographies that were prepared. These and the biographies of deceased Shaker leaders were widely circulated among the Shaker communities. The criticism directed towards Mother Ann that continued even after her death was answered in the 1810s and 1820s by the preparation and, in some instances, publication of "testimonies." The latter contained individual accounts by Shakers attesting to the high moral character of Mother Ann and other Shaker leaders. Testimonies were again prepared in the 1840s as Shakers were called upon to testify to their belief in and acceptance of Shaker religious tenets. Many of these testimonies begin with autobiographical accounts. The existence of these autobiographies, biographies, and testimonies reflects the fact that a large number of learned and articulate people were drawn to Shakerism. This is also evident in the series of addresses, sermons, and essays that deal with a wide range of subjects, including history, education, spiritualism, the Bible, and theological subjects.

The most unusual series of records, the inspired writings, came into being at a time when the Shakers appeared to be wavering from their original religious intent and falling victim to such worldly temptations as material prosperity. Young people were challenging the accepted wisdom of bygone leaders and showed less enthusiasm for the traditional forms of worship. The result was a decade (1838-1848) characterized by visions, prophecies, messages, and communications transmitted through visionists or instruments among the Shakers. The sources of these messages were identified as deceased Shaker leaders, Biblical figures or other notable personages. These manifestations often contained warnings and instructions or word gifts and presents directed to individual Shakers. These messages, some of which are in the form of detailed drawings, had a profound religious, cultural, and social influence on the Shakers and, particularly, on their music, art, poetry and rituals, such as the dance. The impact on Shaker music, for example, is evident in a study of the many hymnals containing music and verse, much of which was "received" through inspiration. Songs, which generally were expressions of beliefs, were a Shaker characteristic from the Society's inception and their evolvement through the years reflect the continual changes that occurred in Shaker philosophy and ritual.

This collection of manuscripts and publications touches all aspects of the Shaker way of life. In addition to the better known Shaker principles – celibacy and separation from the world – it also includes information on their beliefs and actions regarding pacifism, charitableness, equality of sexes, and sanctity of labor. To a lesser extent, it reflects upon the Shakers' applied agricultural, mechanical, and technical skills, which are embodied in many of the artifacts that have fortunately survived. From the lofty medium of poetry to the more practical realm of school books, recipes and prescriptions, insights are provided into the contribution of the Shakers and forces that attended the growth, development and decline of this most significant 19th-century communal society.

Provenance and Organization

This guide reflects the total reorganization of the Shaker manuscripts and many printed items in this repository by bringing together over 400 items that had been previously catalogued separately, or not at all, to form one collection.  A substantial number of manuscripts and publications came to this repository about 1913 by donation from M. Catherine Allen on behalf of the United Society of Believers, commonly called the Shakers. Another substantial donation was made in March 1931 by Anna Case of the South Family of Shakers. Many other materials came by way of transfer from the New York State Museum, or were acquired by purchase or donation.  Complete information regarding the acquisition of individual items or collections can be found in the accession files maintained by this repository.  The basic organization scheme of this collection is two series: I. Manuscripts; II. Printed Materials. The Printed Materials series consists of works by Shakers and works about Shakers.

All the manuscripts were examined individually to determine the community of origin of each item and the following subseries were established:

  1. Watervliet, New York
  2. Mount Lebanon, New York
  3. Groveland or Sonyea, New York
  4. Harvard, Massachusetts
  5. Other, Mixed, or Unidentified Origin

The collection is arranged by community and then by form/genre (covenants, financial records, membership, etc.) to facilitate research of specific communities. (For those researching form/genre, this guide includes a Manuscripts Series Form/Genre Index.) The community of origin as defined here means one of the following: the community in which the item was first written; the community in which the writer resided or with which he or she was chiefly associated, or the community with which the item was most associated. If a community of origin could not be determined or there appeared to be more than one, these manuscripts assigned to subseries E along with those from identifiable communities, for which there were too few in number to establish a separate subseries. The communities represented in subseries E are Canterbury, New Hampshire; Enfield, Connecticut; Enfield, New Hampshire; Hancock, Massachusetts; Shirley, Massachusetts; Tyringham, Massachusetts, and Union Village, Ohio. This last subseries also includes all music, poetry, and recipe-prescription manuscripts since most of this material is multi-community in origin. Within each subseries the descriptive level is primarily by item, with additional notes when deemed necessary to bring out information a researcher might not normally expect to find in a given item.

The Printed Materials Series consist of over 250 items, including pamphlets, broadsides, trade catalogues and periodicals, most of which were authored and published by the Shakers themselves. Arrangement and description of items in this series is linked closely to the format found in Shaker Literature: A Bibliography, compiled and annotated by Mary L. Richmond (Hancock, Massachusetts: Shaker Community, Inc., 1977), the most comprehensive source of information on publications by or about the Shakers. The Richmond bibliographic number is included in parenthesis at the end of each entry in this guide so it easily can be consulted by researchers. Consulting Richmond is strongly recommended before requesting a particular title since many items are in poor physical condition.

Microfilm copies of many of the publications are also available for use in the Library.  Items in the collection that have been microfilmed have the microfilm call number in parentheses after the item listing.

Manuscript Series Form/Genre Index

I. Covenants, Laws, and Legal Documents
  Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: Boxes 17 and 18
  Tyringham, Mass.: Box 34
  Watervliet, N.Y.: Boxes 1 and 41
II. Financial Records
  Harvard, Mass.: Boxes 32 and 33
  Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: Boxes 22 and 26
  Watervliet, N.Y.: Boxes 1, 22, and 41
III. Membership/Vital Records
  Enfield, Conn.: Box 34
  Harvard, Mass.: Box 29
  Watervliet, N.Y.: Box 1
IV. Correspondence
  Canterbury, N.H.: Box 34
  Enfield, N.H.: Box 34
  Hancock, Mass.: Box 34
  Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: Boxes 16, 22-25
  Watervliet, N.Y.: Box 1
V. Diaries and Journals
  Groveland/Sodus Bay, N.Y.: Box 28
  Harvard, Mass.: Box 29
  Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: Box 19
  Watervliet, N.Y.: Boxes 2-9
VI. Testimonies and Biographies
  Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: Box 20
  Shirley, Mass.: Box 34
  Watervliet, N.Y.: Boxes 1 and 41
VII. Addresses, Sermons, Essays, etc.
  Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: Box 16
VIII. Inspired Writings
  Canterbury, N.H.: Box 34
  Enfield, Conn., Hancock, Mass., and Tyringham, Mass.: Box 30
  Harvard, Mass.: Box 30
  Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: Boxes 20 and 21
  Union Village, Ohio: Box 34
  Watervliet, N.Y.: Boxes 10-13
IX. School Records and Instructional Manuals
  Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: Box 16
  Watervliet, N.Y.: Boxes 14 and 41
X. Music
  Assorted Communities: Boxes 35-38
XI. Poetry
  Assorted Communities: Boxes 39 and 40
XII. Recipes and Prescriptions
  Assorted Communities: Box 40

Box and Folder List:

Series I: Manuscripts

Box Folder/
    Covenants, and Assorted Single Items
1 1 Covenant with signatures, 1801-1803. 11 (16)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
1 2 Covenant: A Concise Statement of the Faith and Principles of the Second Family, March 5, 1815. 26 (48)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
1 3 Covenant or Constitution of Second Family of United Society in Watervliet to which is prefixed a brief illustration of the principles on which the covenant of the United Society is founded, 1831. 52 (86)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 33, Reels 3 and 5)
1 4 Copy of the Covenant or Constitution of the Second Family (same as Folder 3, without signatures). 40p.
1 5 Novitiate Covenant of South Family, 1833-1837. 24p. (includes approximately 200 signatures) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
1 6 Membership Records: Memorandum of the births of the brethren and sisters at the Church at Watervliet …: also the deaths of our parents and believers at Watervliet …1784-1873. 16 (36)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
1 7 Membership Record: Lists of parents and guardians, with names, ages, and dates of birth of their children, ca.1923. 1p.
1 8 Membership Record: A record of the names, ages, and date of death of all persons in the Watervliet Society of Shaker's Cemetery just as given on the head-stones; beginning at the north-west corner and coming down the rows to the State road. (Compiled by Miss Annie M. Toohey, city historian, Watervliet) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
1 9 Membership Records (2 items)
  1. Memorandum listing individuals discharged from labor due to reasons of infirmities as stated. D.S., C. Miller per B.A. Buckingham to Frederic W. Evans and Benjamin Gates, Watervliet, June 12, 1863. 2p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  2. Memorandum on the longevity of Seth V. Wells and those of the same lineage. D.S., D.A., Buckingham, ca.1871. 2p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
1 10 Journal of proceedings of the removal of the remains of Mother Ann and Father William at Watervliet, N.Y., May 1835. 7p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
1 11 Memorandum concerning the Cabbage Seed Litigation, December 10, 1879. Chauncey Miller, et al. (copy) 4p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
1 12 Resolutions of the Committee for the relief of sufferers of the flood, Albany, NY, February 28, 1857. 2 items (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
1 13 Financial Records (7 items)
  1. Tax assessments, Albany County, 1867 (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
  2. Statement of South Family expenditures, April 1, 1882
  3. Statement of debts [South Family?], April 1, 1882
  4. Statement of Shaker purchases, 1873
  5. Bill of cost for constructing a Brick House, 1830
  6. Invoices for prescriptions sold, 1838
  7. Order of Galen Richmond at State Bank of Troy, January 1, 1857
1 14 Letter: Ruth Johnson to Esther Bennett, Watervliet, N.Y., January 12, 1831. ALS 3p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
1 15 Letters: Polly J. Reed to Winifred V. Aspinwall, ALS v.p. 1880-1888. 11 items (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
1 16 Testimony: Abialhur Babbit (Babbet) June 1, 1826 (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
1 17 Messages and Communications (5 items) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  1. Words written by Father William upon a large trumpet and brass by Father Joseph for the elders, second order, August 20, 1840. (Recorded May 18, 1841 by Abigail Crossman) 2p.
  2. Copy of a scroll from Mother Ann, August 25, 1840. 3 (4)p.
  3. Words of Wisdom to the ministry, December 24, 1840. 2p.
  4. Words of Father William spoken December 25, 1840, in the second order meeting. 2p.
  5. Words of Wisdom spoken December 25, 1840, in an elders meeting after the reading of the Holy laws. 2p.
1 18 Inspired Writing: A prophetic message of warning by the Prophet Ezra, June 11, 1843. 26p.
1 19 Inspired Writing: A book of love from the Holy Savior written by inspiration; Second Family member, January 14, 1843. 32p.
1 20 Address: Seth Y. Wells on the education of children, January 26, 1832. 3 (4)p.
    Journals (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reels 3-4)
2 1 Memorandum of events of the Second Order, 1818-1836. 1 v. 70p. (includes list of members)
2 2 Journal of Spiritual Meetings, 1841. 1 v. 200p. (This item was found in the Church Family residence)
2 3 Record of the South Family of the United Society, called Shakers, in the town of Watervliet, Albany County and State of New York; consisting of historical facts relative to the origin of said family; its progress through various changes, to the adoption of the amended covenant; a copy of said Covenant; an account of the admission of subsequent members; removal of all covenant members of said family, whether by death or otherwise; changes of leading members, together with all other matters, eras and events, important in, and to said family including journal, July 4, 1830-December 13, 1887.  1v. 57 (300)p.
    Daily records of events of Watervliet South Family kept by Anna B. Goepper for Anna Case, elder and trustee, 1915-1922 (6 bound volumes)
3 1 April 5, 1915-April 1916. 1 v. 173 (256)p.
3 2 April 2, 1916-April 4, 1917. 1 v. 194p.
3 3 April 5, 1917-December 31, 1918. 1 v. 194p.
4 4 January 1, 1919-December 31, 1920. 1 v. 255 (300)p.
4 5 January 1, 1921-December 31, 1922. 1 v. 228 (300)p.
4 6 Record of Gentle Manners Society, 1904-1907, contains the Roll and Minutes. 1 v. 128 (200)p.
    Diaries of Ann Buckingham

These diaries contain a record of daily activities of the Buckingham family and other members of the Watervliet Shaker community. Included are descriptions of the daily work routine, worship services, visitors from other Shaker communities, travels, and weather. Also included are the author's personal views on selected topics. (26 bound volumes—number consecutively in boxes 5-9)

5 1 Diary, 1837 (January 2)-1845 (August 31). 1 v. ca. 200p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
5 2 Diary, 1846 (January 1)-1849 (August 25). 1 v. ca. 200p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
5 3 Diary, 1849 (August 20)-1852 (December 31). 1 v. ca. 200p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
5 4 Diary, 1853-1855. 1 v. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
6 5 Diary, 1855. 1 v. ca. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
6 6 Diary, 1856. 1 v. ca. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
6 7 Diary, 1857. 1 v. ca. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
6 8 Diary, 1858. 1 v. ca. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
6 9 Diary, 1859. 1 v. ca. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
6 10 Diary, 1860. 1 v. ca. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
6 11 Diary, 1861. 1 v. ca. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
7 12 Diary, 1862. 1v.  ca. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
7 13 Diary, 1863. 1 v. ca. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 1)
7 14 Diary, 1864. 1 v. ca. 140p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
7 15 Diary, 1865. 1 v. ca. 150p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
7 16 Diary, 1866. 1 v. ca. 150p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
8 17 Diary, 1867. 1 v. ca. 150p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
8 18 Diary, 1868. 1 v. ca. 150p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
8 19 Diary, 1869. 1 v. ca. 150p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
8 20 Diary, 1870. 1 v. ca. 150p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
8 21 Diary, 1871. 1 v. ca. 150p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
9 22 Diary, 1872. 1 v. ca. 150p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
9 23 Diary, 1873. 1 v. ca. 150p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
9 24 Diary, 1874. 1 v. ca. 150p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
9 25 Diary, 1875-1876. 1 v. ca. 200p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
9 26 Diary, 1877-1878. 1 v. ca. 200p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reels 2 and 3)
    Inspired Writings and Communications (Booklets)
10 1-4 A copy of messages, gifts, and communications given by inspiration in the Church at Watervliet or Wisdom Valley, 1838-1841 (4 numbered items) (Folders 1-3 also MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 2)
No. 1 - Part I, II and III, 1838-1840. 102p.
No. 2 - Part III (cont.), 1840. 81p.
No. 3 - Part IV, 1841. 98p.
No. 4 - Excerpts from Parts I, II and III. 124p. 
    (Folders 5-19 contain communications received at Watervliet and Mount Lebanon, 1841-1842. 15 items arranged chronologically by date of inspiration.)
10 5 "The Apostle John to the Anointed on Earth," Watervliet, January 18, 1841. 36p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 6 A roll of prophecy written by the Prophet Ezra to the ministry, Mount Lebanon, N.Y., August 15, 1841. 22p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 7 "Words of the Still Small Voice, Even Wisdom. Communication was written upon a square fold given to the elder sister made known by a Holy Angel." Watervliet, February 3, 1842. 16p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 8 "Words of the Holy Eternal Father to the inhabitants of Wisdom Valley. Made known by the Holy Angel of Eternal Truth." Watervliet, February 5, 1842. 20p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 9 "Words of the Heavenly Father to the Holy Anointed to remain in the Valley." Watervliet, March 3, 1842. 12p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 10 Mother Ann's word to the ministry and elders, Watervliet, February 12, 1842. 12p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 11 Father Williams' communication to the young in the Valley of Wisdom, Watervliet, February 14, 1842. 32p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 12 A part of the Savior's Address, Watervliet, February 18, 1842. 8p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 13 Message of the Holy Spirit and prophet. Mount Lebanon, February 27, 1842. 30p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 14 The Holy Word of God concerning the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Watervliet, March 2, 1842. 16p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 15 The Holy Will of God to his People in the Valley; related to mortal understanding by the Prophet Daniel. Watervliet, March 10, 1842. 16p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 16 Words of the Prophet Daniel concerning the coming days. Watervliet, March 13, 1842. 30p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 17 Holy Word of God to the watchmen to which is added the word of Father Joseph. Watervliet, March 17, 1842. 10p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 18 Mother Ann's words scaled with five seals. Watervliet, April 11, 1842. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 19 Words of the Suffering Savior. Watervliet, September 4, 1892. 12p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
10 20 Spirit Drawing: "The Word of the Holy Father of Israel; To son of His Delight." By Seth Y. Wells, April 8, 1844. (heart-shape design).  The original manuscript is stored in the Vault.  A photocopy files with the collection. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 4)
    Inspired Writings/Communications (Bound Volumes)
11 1-2 The Burning Truth or Holy Word and Will of God concerning the cleansing and Purifying of his Church in the Valley of Wisdom preparatory to the Coming of our Holy Eternal Parents written by Inspiration in the Church at Wisdom's Valley, 1841-1842.  2 v. c. 225p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 6)
11-12 3-8 A Record of the Gifts, Messages, and Communications received by Divine Inspiration from our Eternal and Heavenly Parents and their Holy Angels written by divine Inspiration in the First Order of the Church in Wisdom's Valley, 1841-1842.  6 v. c. 225p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Vol. 3-6 on Reel 6; and Vol. 6-8 Reel 8)
13 1 Spiritual Communications from Our Heavenly Father, continued from the book of 1841, commencing February 5, 1842. (Watervliet, Second Order, 1842). 1 v. 258p.
13 2 Spiritual Record concerning many things, written in two parts … given at Holy Mount [Mount Lebanon] and Wisdom Valley [Watervliet]. 1848-1852. Part I. Concerning Animal Food, Strong Drink and Tobacco. Part II. Respecting the Tree of Mercy Forbearance, and the Holy Feast Ground. 1 v. 128p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 9)
13 2 Communications … given in Public Meeting at Wisdom Valley by William Cooper, William Wirt, and others; and delivered by Henry Hanson, medium, 1852-1853. 1 v. 231p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 8)
    School Records and Instructional Materials (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
14 1 Record of School District No. 14 [Albany Co., N.Y.] in the town of Watervliet [Colonie], 1845-1857.  1 v.. c. 125p. D.A. Buckingham, district clerk. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reels 5 and 6)
    Teacher Certifications, Memorandum, etc.
14 2
  1. Teaching Certificate of D.A. Buckingham, Town of Watervliet [Colonie] Superintendent of Common Schools, 1848 and 1855. 2 items. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  2. Manuscript Circular concerning New York State statute (Laws of 1858, Chapter 151): An Act to Change the School Year and amend statutes in relation to Public Instruction.
  3. Memorandum to trustees of Albany County School District No. 14 from the Superintendent of Albany County School District No. 3 (Knox), December 11, 1850. Re: attendance of non-resident pupils. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  4. Memorandum 1864. Re: School tax assessment on Shaker properties.
  5. Memorandum, October 9, 1866. D.A. Buckingham to trustees of School District No. 14. Re: Watervliet District Library.
  6. Catalogue of books in Watervliet School District Library, ca.1866.
14 3

Order of A.C. Flagg, New York State Superintendent of Common Schools, to Commissioners of Common Schools in Watervliet. Re: Shaker farm in District No. 14. Albany, July 24, 1826, 4p.

  1. Copy of a petition to Francis Dwight, Superintendent of Common Schools for Albany Co., N.Y. From trustees of School District No. 14, December 3, 1844. D.S. Stephen Wells, Jesse Howard, and Chauncey Copley. Re: education of Shaker children. 4p.
  2. Teacher Certifications and Licenses of Isaac Anstatt, 1862-1869 (5 items)
14 4 Student Award of Merit Certificates, ca.1840s-1850s, various pupils (10 items)
14 5 Instructional text: Arithmetic Exercises prepared by D.A. Buckingham, 1825. c. 46p. (1 page on MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
14 6 Instructional text: Analysis of Practical Penmanship by D.A. Buckingham, ca.1840 (2 items) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
14 7 Perpetual Almanac by D.A. Buckingham, ca.1851, on version of a calendar for 1851 issued by Gray & Sprague, Bookseller, etc. Albany, N.Y.
    Historic American Building Surveys of Watervliet Shaker Buildings. Field notebooks of the Office of New York History, 1939
15 1 North and Church Family Buildings, 1 and 2
15 2 North and Church Family Buildings 4, 5 and 7
15 3 South Family Building 3
15 4 South Family Building 4
15 5 South Family Buildings 5 and 20
15 6 South Family Building 7
15 7 South Family Building 8
15 8 South Family Building 9
15 9 South Family Buildings 12 and 21
15 10 South Family Building 13
15 11 South Family Buildings 11, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 22
15 12 West Family Buildings 1 and 7
15 13 West Family Buildings 3 and 4
15 14 Data Book
    Letters, Addresses, Writings, etc.
16 1 Correspondence (3 items)
  1. Seth [Wells] ALS to Jerimiah Tallcott, Mt. Lebanon, N.Y., November 5, 1828. 2p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
  2. Seth Wells, ALS to Austin ? Holy Mount [Mt. Lebanon], N.Y., September 27, 1847. 1p.
  3. Antoinette Doolittle, ALS to Mary ?, Mt. Lebanon, N.Y., June 22, 1884. 2 (4)p.
16 2 Sermon: Concerning Melchizedek, who he was and what was the nature of his order and office, 1827. 1 v. 72p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
16 3 Address: Circular Epistle to our precious Brethren and Sisters in Zion [at Watervliet]. By the ministry at Mt. Lebanon, June 23, 1870. 20p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
16 4 Essay: Descriptive nature and pernicious effects of Infidelity Exposed and the Being of God, Future Existence, and accountability of the soul clearly proved By Indisputable Facts, 1844. 42 (46)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
16 5 Inspired Writings (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  1. Father Joseph's Words to the Ministry at Mount Lebanon, April 5, 1840. 3 (4)p.
  2. A message from Father Joseph and Mother Lucy delivered to the Elders, April 11, 1840. Recorded by Abigail Crossman. April 20, 1840. 8p.
  3. A message from Father Joseph. April 27, 1840. Recorded April 30, 1841. 3p.
  4. A Roll directed by Father Joseph to the Ministry … copied Feby., 5th, 1841.
16 6 Report: New York State Department of Agriculture, Domestic Animal Disease Report on Cattle belonging to the South Family, n.d. 2 items
16 7 Report on the property of Believers yielding compliance with laws of their respective states re: Common Schools …, Mount Lebanon, N.Y., September 1844. 19p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
16 8 Account Book. Columbia County School District No. 12, 1888-1889. 12p. (disbound) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
16 9 Petitions re: School District Changes in Columbia County towns of Canaan and New Lebanon, 1850. 7 items
16 10 Instructional text: Ciphering Book, Henry DeWitt, 1820. 92p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
16 11 Instructional text: Bookkeeping, Seth Y. Wells, 1820. 16 (24)p.
    Covenants and Laws
17 1-2 Millennial Laws adopted to the day of Christ's second appearing, established by Father Joseph Meacham and Mother Lucy Wright … recorded at New Lebanon, August 7, 1821. Revised and reestablished by the Ministry and Elders, October 1845. 2 v. 142-214p. (variations in text and pagination). (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 9)
18 1-3 Rules and order for Church of Christ's second appearing, established by the ministers and elders of the church; revised and established by the same, Mount Lebanon, N.Y. May 1860. 3 v. 83-112p. (3 copies with some variation in text and pagination) (Volume 1 on MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
18 4 Revision of the above, July 1878. 1 v. 75p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
19 1 A domestic journal of daily occurrences kept by Isaac N. Youngs, January 1, 1834-December 31, 1846. Contains a detailed record of events at Mount Lebanon, such as worship services and other religious activities, commercial, and industrial activities. Also includes vital information on members. 1 v. ca. 400p. (The original is stored in the vault; available on microfilm, MB/FM,289.8,Y811,205-7262).
    Biographies and Inspired Writings
20 1 Biography: A Sketch of the Life and Experiences of Issucker Bates, 1836. 1 v. 149 (240)p. (available on microfilm, MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
20 2-4 Inspired Writing: General State or the Holy Laws of Zion with additional laws and communications, and introduction by Father James, May 7, 1843. Written by Angel Vikaland and attested by Seth Y. Wells, 3 v. c. 125-136p. Includes table of contents. (3 copies with some variation in text and pagination). (Volume 2 also available on microfilm: MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reels 3, 8 and 9)
21 1 Solemn and Sacred Word or Holy and eternal law of God almighty, even the great I am, Unto, and for, the Order of his Holy Anointed on Earth. 1841. 1 v. 165p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 8)
21 2 A record of Important Communications from our Heavenly Parents to the Children of Zion. 1842. 1 v. 230p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 8)
    Financial Records, Mount Lebanon and Watervliet
22 1 Account Book of broom sales to dealers in New York, New England, and New Jersey, 1863-1864. 1 v. 172 (226)p.
22 2 Daybook, 1899-1901. 1 v. 62 (253)p. Record of income and expenditures of a manufacturer of cloaks.
22 3 Account Book of the North Family of Watervliet kept by Josiah Barker, trustee, 1910-1916. 1 v. 200p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
    Edward Fowler Papers, 1854-1861 Edward Fowler was a trustee of the Mount Lebanon Shaker Community. Consists mostly of correspondence re: purchasing of Shaker products; goods available for exchange; shipment of goods and payment of bills; arranged chronologically. Ca. 200 items
23 1 Correspondence, May 1859-January 1860
23 2 Correspondence, February-March 1860
23 3 Correspondence, April 1860
23 4 Correspondence, May 1860
23 5 Correspondence, June 1860
23 6 Correspondence, July 1860
23 7 Correspondence, August-September 1860
23 8 Correspondence, October-December 1860
23 9 Correspondence, 1861
23 10 Invoices, 1860 and undated correspondence
    Benjamin Gates Papers, 1878-1882

Correspondence, invoices, orders, relating primarily to the production, sales, and distribution of seeds and herbs by the Mount Lebanon, N.Y. Shaker Community. Arranged chronologically; ca. 200 items per container

24 1 Correspondence, January-February 1878
24 2 Correspondence, April 1878
24 3 Correspondence, May 1878
24 4 Correspondence, June-July 1878
24 5 Correspondence, August 1878
24 6 Correspondence, September 1878
24 7 Correspondence, October 1878
24 8 Correspondence, November 1878
24 9 Correspondence, December 1878
24 10 Correspondence, January-February 1879
24 11 Correspondence, March-April 1879
25 1 Correspondence, May 1879
25 2 Correspondence, June-July 1879
25 3 Correspondence, August-September 1879
25 4 Correspondence, October 1879
25 5 Correspondence, November-December 1879
25 6 Correspondence, January-June 1880
25 7 Correspondence, July-December 1880
25 8 Correspondence, 1881
26 1 Account Credit Statements, 1878 (H. Talmadge & Co.)
26 2 Account Credit Statements, 1879
26 3 Account Credit Statements, 1880
26 4 Account Credit Statements, 1881
26 5 Account Credit Statements, 1882
26 6 Invoices, 1878-1881
26 7 Land titles, 1868-1877, 4 items
26 8 Advertisement Circulars, 1878-1879, 11 items
26 9 Memorandum Book re: inventories, loans, and sales of household furnishings, 1862-1863
    Historic American Building Surveys of Mount Lebanon. Shaker buildings and grounds. Field notebooks of the Office of New York State History, 1939
27 1 Road Survey
27 2 Meeting House: Church Family
27 3 Minister's Residence4: Church Family
27 4 Schoolhouse
27 5 Church Family Blacksmith Shop
27 6 North Family Residence
27 7 Lumber and Grist Mill Building (North Family)
27 8 North Family Waterwheel, Blacksmith Shop and Powerhouse
27 9 North Barn
    Diaries and Record books
28 1 Journal: Record of events at Sodus and Groveland, 1815-1847, kept by Eunise Esther Bennet. Chronology begins in 1826 with previous years described in preface. Also, a preface between 1836 and 1837 describing the move from Sodus in Wayne County to Groveland in Livingston County. 1 v. ca. 200p. (available on microfiche, MB/FF,289.8,B471,204-2249)
28 2 Journal: Daily record of events, January 1, 1834-June 4, 1838, kept by Eunice Esther Bennet. Provides a more comprehensive record and description of events than found in previous volume. 1 v. c. 100p.
28 3 Journal of daily activities recorded by Sister Polly Lee. 1843-1867. 1 v. c. 60 (200)p. (1843-1844 on MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
28 4 Journal: Record of daily activities, December 28, 1864-June 12, 1873. Certified by elders of Groveland and Mount Lebanon Societies. 1 v. c. 120 (250)p. (available on microfiche, MB/FF,289.8,G883,204-2287)
    Diaries/Record Books
29 1 Journal kept by Elijah M. [?], 1862. 60p. Describes his journey from Harvard, Massachusetts to Chicago. Interesting observations of Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany. Also includes poetry and prose.
29 2 Diary: Kept by Lorenzo P. Eaton of New Salem, Massachusetts, May 18, 1885-March 28, 1887. 1 v. c. 200p. This individual may have been a hired farm worker as there appears to be no record of membership in the society. Contains good descriptions of agricultural activities.
29 3 Guest Register: A record of visitors from other Shaker societies attending the Harvard Church, 1854-1911. Information includes persons, dates of birth, and conversion to Shakerism. 1 v. c. 80 (150)p.
29 4 Guest Register: Record of all visitors, at Harvard, 1854-1888. 1 v. c. 200p.
29 5 Diary: A family diary kept by elder sisters June 18, 1883-December 29, 1893. Provides a chronicle of daily events and information about many members of the Harvard Society.  1 v. 288p.
    Inspired Writings, etc. (Bound Volumes)
30 1 Inspired Writing: A book containing a general statement of the gifts and spiritual presents with the beautiful stories of love and blessing received by Eunice Batherick. In the late visitation of God to his children on earth…Harvard, Massachusetts; Shirley, Massachusetts; and Mount Lebanon, New York, 1839-1852. 1 v. c. 175p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
30 2 Inspired Writing: Sayings of Mother Ann and the first elders: gathered from different individuals at Harvard and Shirley, who were eye and ear witnesses of divine word and power revealed through them at different times and in various places, ca.1861. 1v.  207p. with index. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 8)
30 3 A record of meetings held on Mount Siani (Hancock, Massachusetts), Mount Olives (Enfield, Connecticut), and Mount Houb (Tyringham, Massachusetts), 1843-1844. 1 v. 168p. includes table of contents.
30 4 Notebook: History, geology, English literature, religion, ca. 1887. 1 v. ca. 100p.
    Financial Records (Bound Volumes)
31 1 Journal (Bookkeeping): General store accounts, January 1839-November 1846. 1 v.  c. 120p.
31 2 Account Book: Sale of seeds, roots, herbs, etc. primarily to other eastern Shaker societies, 1859-1879. 1 v. 55p. Indexed.
31 3 Ledger: Accounts receivable for sale of herbs. 1858-1881. 1 v. 50p. Indexed.
31 4 Account Book: Income and expenditures pertaining to nursery (plants and trees) and cattle, 1848-1871. 1 v.  c. 75 (150)p.
32 1 Accounts Journal, 1888-1905: Primarily a record of expenditures on sundry goods and services.  1 v. c. 150p.
32 2 Account Book: Record of payments to B.J. Gross of Ayer, Massachusetts for sundry goods and services rendered on behalf of the Harvard Society, 1896-1906. 1 v. c. 150p.
32 3 Account Book: Record of expenditures on wages and other provisions to hired laborers, who were not members of the Society, 1877-1890. 1 v. 142 (163)p.
33 1 Daybook: Record of income and expenditures for goods bought and sold, 1880-1907. 1 v. 457 p.
33 2 Account Book: Work on shirts, 1907 (most pages have been removed). Contains a form letter from the Metaphysical Publishing Company, New York. 1 v. 3 (100)p.
34 1 Canterbury, New Hampshire - Correspondence (2 items)
  1. ALS William Willard to Justice Harwood, Shaker Village, New Hampshire, January 23, 1843, 3 (4)p. Contains local news and a discussion of the Canterbury society's position on military service legislation. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
  2. Prose letter: ALS Asenath Stickley to J.E.W., East Canterbury, New Hampshire, August 7, 1912, 2 (4)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5?)
34 2 Canterbury, New Hampshire - Inspired Writing (2 items) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  1. Communication concerning the present form of Christ and Mother [Ann] from the archangel of the Lord. August 11, 1839. 4p.
  2. Message of Mother Ann to the ministry at Canterbury, New Hampshire. December 1, 1839. 1p.
34 3 Enfield, Connecticut - Membership Records (2 items) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  1. Names and members of the South family, 1886. 1p.
  2. List of members of the Samuel Prentiss, n.d. 1p.
34 4 Enfield, New Hampshire - Correspondence (2 items)
  1. ALS, Emily Brooks to the Elders, October 14, 1868. 8p.
  2. ALS, Emily Brooks to Polly Lee, January 6, 1869. 4p.
34 5 Shirley, Massachusetts - Testimonies (14 items)
  1. Barrett, Susannah, July 15, 1826. 2p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  2. Burt, Oliver, July 19, 1826. 1p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  3. Burt, Sarah, July 17, 1826. 1p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  4. Hayward, Mabel, November 4, 1828. 2p.
  5. Hayward, Moses, July 16, 1825. 1p.
  6. Osgood, Ebenezer, July 16, 1826. 1p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  7. Osgood, Mary, July 17 and October 10, 1826. 1p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  8. Safford, Sarah, July 12, 1826. 2p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  9. Wheelock, Anna, July 16, 1825 and November 3, 1826. 3p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  10. Pierces Eleohar, Lydia Hillbourng and Molly Worcester, July 1826. 2p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
  11. Kendal, Nathan, July 22, 1826. 3 (4)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
34 6 Tyringham, Massachusetts - Covenant, 1801
D.S. 67 names. 11 (20)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
34 7 Union Village, Ohio - Inspired Writing
Mother Ann's Word, Caution and Promise to the middle age and rising generation in the west, November 21, 1840. 15 (20)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
34 8 Watervliet/Mount Lebanon, New York
List of roads and distances between these communities and those in New England, n.d. 14 (24)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
34 9 Unidentified: Memoriam of Elder Amos Stewart who passed away March 7, 1884. 3 (4)p.
34 10 Unidentified: Communication received in the name of our ever blessed Father Joseph, September 4, 1842. 22p.
34 11 Unidentified writing, March 1851. 16p.
34 12 Unidentified writing, January 31, 1897. 20p. Booklet with no cover.
34 13 Unidentified writing, n.d. Penmanship booklet with cover advertisement of Sprague and Company Booksellers and Stationers, Albany, New York. 32p.
34 14 Unidentified writing or journal. (2 items) 20p. each.
34 15 Typewritten book containing material relating to Mount Lebanon and Watervliet, New York societies housed in other repositories. 17p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
34 16 Typewritten book containing a list of Shaker members who served in the Revolutionary War and were legally entitled to compensation for their services but voluntarily relinquished their claims. 8p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
34 17 Abstracts of newspaper and periodical articles relating to Shakers, 1833-1835, inclusive. 78p.
34 18 Letter: Jennie M. Wells to Charles C. Adams, New Lebanon, N.Y., May 22, 1943. A.L.S. 2p. Contains information about various members of the community.
34   Hancock, Massachusetts - Correspondence, 1947-1961. Folders 19-26 contain letters written by Mary F. Dahm to Leo Muhlfelder in regards to moving from Mount Lebanon to Hancock; life at Hancock during the 1950s, and ultimately the closing of Hancock in 1960.
34 19 Letter: Mary F. Dahm to Leo Muhlfelder, [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.], September 15, 1947. A.L.S. 8p.
34 20 Letter: Mary F. Dahm to Leo Muhlfelder, Pittsfield, Mass., October 26, 1952. A.L.S. 4p.
34 21 Letter: Mary F. Dahm to Leo Muhlfelder, Pittsfield, Mass., July 28, 1953. A.L.S. 5p.
34 22 Letter: Mary F. Dahm to Leo Muhlfelder, Pittsfield, Mass., November 29, 1953. A.L.S. 4p.
34 23 Letter: Mary F. Dahm to Leo Muhlfelder, Pittsfield, Mass., March 28, 1954. A.L.S. 2p.
34 24 Letter: Mary F. Dahm to Leo Muhlfelder, Pittsfield, Mass., February 7, 1958. A.L.S. 3p.
34 25 Letter: Mary F. Dahm to Leo Muhlfelder, Pittsfield, Mass., ca. January 1961. A.L.S. 2p.
34 26 Letter: Mary F. Dahm to Grace Muhlfelder, [Pittsfield, Mass.], December 6, 1961. A.L.S. 1 (2)p.
    Music Manuscripts (Some items on MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reels 7 and 9)
35 1  "Treatise on Music: Agreeably to the plan established at New Lebanon and Watervliet, N.Y., 1840." 1 v. 36p. Authorship attributed to Isiah N. Young and David A. Buckingham. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
35 2 Hymnal collection of sacred songs compiled and transcribed by Rollin Cramer, Watervliet, N.Y., ca.1840-1847. 1 v. 94 (20)p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
35 3 Hymnal: "A Collection of Hymns Improved in our Sacred Worship." Written by Henry C. DeWitt beginning August 2, 1852, Mount Lebanon, New York. 1 v. 194p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 6)
35 4 Hymnal: Untitled collection of hymns and sacred songs. [Mount Lebanon, New York?] ca.1884-1887. 1 v. 224p.
36 1 Hymns and sacred songs composed at various Shaker communities, 1851-1870. 43p. Inside cover inscription: Polly L. Lewis, New Lebanon, 1851, and Alice Spooner, Groveland, 1870. 1 v. 43 (400)p.
36 2 Hymnal: A Choice Collection of Sacred, Holy, and Divine Songs and Hymns. Inspired by believers in Solemn and Devotional Worship of God. Compiled by Gabriel Thompson, ca.1849-1857. 1 v. 159p.
36 3 Hymnal: Untitled collection of hymns and sacred songs, composed at various Shaker communities, 1845-1876. 1 v. 80p.
37 1 Hymnal: Collection of hymns, sacred songs, etc. composed at various Shaker communities, 1865-1876. 1 v. 160p. (Lydia Dole, Groveland, inscribed inside front cover)
37 2 Hymnal: A choice selection of divine hymns sung in our sacred worship written by Lourie Russell, Groveland, [N.Y.], May 14, 1887. 1 v. 128 (283)p.
37 2 Hymnal: A collection of Millenial hymns adopted to the present order of the church … Laura Dole, Groveland, April 10, 1864. 1 v. 34p.
38 1 Book containing hymns, sacred songs, etc. written at various Shaker societies, c.1850. 1 v. 182p.
38 2 Scores for hymns and songs, n.p., n.d., verso 1 v. 200p.
38 3 Collection of loose pages from printed hymnals, composed mostly at Canterbury, New Hampshire Society, 1876-1879. 16 items, annotated.
38 4-5 Collection of loose pages of manuscript scores of hymns and sacred songs, ca.1840s. 50 items.
38 6-7 Music for a Shaker Festival entitled "Mother Ann's Day told in Dialogue and song," August 10, 1916.
38 8 List of hymns composed by Eldress Antoinette Doolittle. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.] 1884. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
    Prose and Poetry Manuscripts
39 1 Book of poetry and prose written by Amelia J. Calver, ca.1871-1904. Mount Lebanon, New York. In three parts: 1) Tributes to the memory of departed friends. 2) Common school subjects. 3) Jingles and nonsense.
39 2 Prose writings: Diurnal gems and thoughts gathered from the mines of wisdom … by Amelia J. Culver, Harvard, Massachusetts, 1870. 1 v. 97p.
39 3 Book of prose, verse, and prayers, Harvard, ca.1871. 1 v. 120p. Caption title: Thoughts and Selected Items.
39 4 Poetry: Collective writings, c.1840-1850. 1 v. 90p.
39 5 Poetry: Collective writings, n.p., n.d. 1 v. 30 (100)p.
40 1 Poetry: Collective writings, ca.1843, compilation attributed to Loiza Chamberlin
40 2 Poem: "A Winter Journey to Busroe" by Issacher Bates, 1808. 4p. A fictional description of an actual journey made by the author. Benjamin Youngs and Richard McNemar were travel companions. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
40 3 Prose: "The Memorial Offering," 1917. 7p.
40 4 Prose: "A Brief History of Thanksgiving," 191?. 6p.
40 5 Prose: "Twilight and Evening Bells and After the Dark," 1914. 4p.
40 6 Prose: "A Tribute." Amelia J. Calver, 1908. 6p.
40 7 Prose: "Am I My Brother's Keeper," n.d. 2p.
40 8 Prose: Untitled, n.d. 3p.
    Recipes and Prescriptions
40 9 Instructions for dying cotton, wool, and silk. N.p., n.d. 61p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
40 10 Medicinal remedies for dyspepsia, dysentery, poison, etc., Watervliet, ca.1840. 45+p.
40 11 Medicinal remedies for various ailments, Groveland, New York, ca.1840. 20p.
40 12 Medicinal remedies for various ailments. On verso is a copy of Francis Kelsey's Treatise on the cultivation of bees. n.p., ca.1850s
40 13 Assorted medicinal remedies, n.p., n.d. 8 items
    Folio Size Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera
41 Loose Covenant of Seth Y. Wells' and Joseph Hodgson's family, Watervliet, N.Y>, December 24, 1807
41 1 Attendance Register, Albany County School District No. 14, Town of Watervliet (Colonie), New York, 1865-1866. 12p. (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
41 2-5 Inventories of Stock, etc. Watervliet, 1867-1898. Forms provide an annual accounting of financial assets and liabilities of the family farm.
41 2
  1. Church family, 1867, 1877, 1885, 1891, 1892, 1895, 1886, and 1898 (8 items)
41 3
  1. Second family, 1870, 1871, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1882, 1887, 1891, 1892, 189, and 1894 (12 items)
41 4
  1. North family, 1875, 1877, 1878, 1882, 1885, 1888, 1893, 1895, and 1896 (9 items)
41 5
  1. South family, 1875, 1881, 1890, 1893, 1894, and 1896 (6 items)
  2. Watervliet , 1897-1898 (1 item)
  3. New Lebanon, n.d.(1 item)
41 6 Biographical Writing: "A Brief History of Mother Ann Lee, Joseph Meacham, and Lucy Wright. First Ministers in Establishing Church Order by D.A. Buckingham," 1856. 1p. 27 x 31 cm. (Essay in a circle)
41 7 Membership Records (4 items in German)
  • Passport of Michael Sonnenberg issued by the Kingdom of Prussia, March 1840 1p.
  • Passport of Martin Anstatt issued by the Kingdom of Wűrttemberg, March 9, 1851
  • Vital information on Martin Sonnenburg and family from church records, March 16, 1899. 1p. Certified
  • Confirmation certificate of Johannes Anstatt, April 23, 1843. 1p.
41 8 Copy of a letter addressed to Nations of the Sacks, Fox, Kiewar, and Rapahoos, by Dariel Boter, Giles B. Avery, Chauncey Miller, Benjamin Gates, and others, September 19, 1874. Re: contract to serve as business agents in behalf of these Indian nations. (Copy of an original document in the Western Reserve Historical Society)
41 9 Printed Ephemera
  • Labels from canned fruit and vegetables packed by Watervliet Shakers, n.d. Issac Anstatt, agent. 4 items (missing, 10/2013)
  • Mount Lebanon Shaker seed packages, n.d. 17 items (missing 10/2014)
  • Mount Lebanon Shaker chair manufacture decals, n.d.
  • Cloth Buckmarks of E.J. Neale and Company, Mount Lebanon, manufacturers of Shaker Cloaks, n.d. 2 items
  • Advertisement circular addressed to D.A. Buckingham, 1854. Re: subscription sale of a published history on the Chapman family
  • Advertisement card: Shaker Gift Shoppe, Hancock, Massachusetts, n.d.
  • Letterhead: G.A. Lomas, Watervliet Shaker produce agent, c.1880s. 5 copies
  • Invoice letterhead: R.M. Wagan and Company, manufacturers of Shaker chairs, Mount Lebanon, New York, n.d. Version A – 2 copies; Version B – 1 copy
  • Stationery letterhead: Shakers of Mount Lebanon: Bureau of Peace Work, North Family.  Mount Lebanon, New York, ca.1900s. 2 copies
  • Stationery letterhead: The Lebanon Shakers,, 1780-1931: The North Family. New Lebanon, N.Y. 3 copies
  • Invoice letterhead: Joseph Holdern, wholesaler of Shaker brooms, pressed and sweet herbs, hops, etc. Shirley, Massachusetts, 1900s. 6 copies
  • Invoice letterhead: John Whiteley, wholesaler of brooms, herbs, and other products, Shirley, Massachusetts, 1900s. Version A – 2 copies; Version B – 1 copy
41 10 Shaker Ephemera – Gift of Amanda Batey, 2015 (5 items)
  • Shipping Invoice: A. Lee in appeared good order per Boat Albany, Capt. Benson, Utica, [N.Y.], 18 November 1847
  • Invoice: D. T. Lamman, bought of S.M. Giddings, at Shaker Depot, 112 John Street, New York, January 19, 1854; Dealers of Shakers' herbs, ointments, extracts, seeds, etc.
  • Invoice: D. T. Lamman,  bought of Coolidge, Adams, & Bond, Wholesale Botanic Druggists,  New York , May 6, 1854;
  • Blank shipping form: Hart and Shepard, Canterbury Shakers Manufacturers; Shaker Sweaters," Dorothy" Cloaks, and Fancy Goods, East Canterbury, N.H. n.d.
  • Admission ticket no. 1736, The Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, N.Y.
41a   Indentures of children adopted by Watervliet Shaker families, 1832-1872. 57 items (Items arranged alphabetically by name of the adoptee.) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5); formerly  Box 41, Folder 3
41a 1
  • Ackerman, Lewis B., January 8, 1871
  • Adams, Katherine, August 3, 1877
  • Bates, Martha, September 6, 1845
  • Bates, Mary C., March 18, 1837
  • Bates, Orrin, Jr., September 6, 1845
  • Bates, William, March 18, 1837
  • Bowie, Mary Ann, November 20, 1842
  • Brown, Alexander M., December 17, 1842
  • Brown, Joseph, May 27, 1837
41a 2
  • Call, Mary L., October 23, 1867
  • Clark, Mary, May 3, 1837
  • Durham, Adelia, August 22, 1838
  • Durham, James Henry, August 22, 1838
  • Durham, Mary Maria, August 22, 1838
  • Edwards, William, March 6, 1852
  • Everingham, F.N., July 5, 1872
  • Girsham, Gerald, June 25, 1868
  • Girsham, Henry, Jr., June 25, 1868
  • Green, Susan, July 14, 1832
41a 3
  • Hall, Amelia P., February 26, 1870
  • Hall, James F., February 26, 1870
  • Hallenback, Francis, July 28, 1870
  • Hayes, Arabella, July 13, 1839
  • Horton, Eli, February 7, 1848
  • Hufenuss, Emil, May 8, 1860
  • Hughes, George, October 22, 1851
  • Ingham, Adalade, May 28, 1845
  • Ingham, Elizabeth, May 28, 1845
  • Ingham, Frances, May 28, 1845
  • Ingham, John, May 28, 1845
  • Ingham, Samuel, May 28, 1845
41a 4
  • Leonard, Sarah Jane, October 21, 1837
  • Markwell, Fanny S., July 5, 1852
  • Markwell, Flora, July 5, 1852
  • Merchant, Oscar, August 12, 1852
  • Mulley, Mary, December 31, 1832
  • Mulley, Sarah, December 31, 1832
  • Parks, Luthar, January 1, 1837
  • Parks, Ransom C., January 3, 1837
  • Peavey, George G., February 7, 1848
  • Pierce, Edgar M., May 11, 1845
41a 5
  • Remer/Reemer, Susan, August 18, 1832
  • Sheffer, Theodore, December 8, 1868
  • Sheppermann, Carrie, July 25, 1867
  • Sheppermann, Flora, July 25, 1867
  • Simmons, Dorephus, September 13, 1837
  • Simpson, James Edward, May 6, 1869
  • Stephenson, Theodore A., March 10, 1869
  • Stephenson, Walter E., March 10, 1869
  • Valance, Clarence, November [no date], 1867
41a 6
  • Wells, Nancy, February 5, 1833
  • Wilbur, Frederick, May 23, 1867
  • Wood, Josiah, November 11, 1836
  • Wood, Nathan, November 11, 1836
  • Wood, Sarah, July 19, 1837
  • Wood, Sillis, July 19, 1839
  • Wright, Mary Frances, January 9, 1868
    Extra-large Documents(Manuscripts and Printed Materials)
-- EL1 Instructional text: Grammatical diagram, showing the order in which different parts of speech in some way or manner relate, modify, and effect one another. By D.A. Buckingham, 185? 42 x 35 cm. formerly  Box 41 folder 5 (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 5)
-- EL2 Shaker Publications 241, 247, and 248
-- EL3 Topographical Map of the Lands of Albany County known as Church Family Shaker Farm, Town of Colonie, Albany, N.Y., July 1936.  (1 item)

Series II: Printed Material

I. Works by Shakers

Items arranged as listed in Richmond, except for the following:

Books: Box 46 (Items 238-240)

Folio Broadsides, etc.: Box 47 (Items 241-256)

The Manifesto: Boxes 48-55

Accretions: Box 56

Special Materials (as noted in Richmond)

Catalogs, Broadsides, and Advertising Flyers, etc.: Items 29-45; 240-244

Indentures: Item 151

Inventories: Item 247

The Manifesto: Boxes 48-55

Notices to Visitors, Rules of Behavior, etc.: Item 248

Novitiate Covenants: Item 218
II. Works About Shakers

Books, Pamphlets, etc.: Items 228-234, 258-279

Periodical Articles: Items 235-237, 256, 280-290

(R#): Designates bibliographic number for items listed in Shaker Literature: A Bibliography compiled and annotated by Mary L. Richmond (Hancock Massachusetts: Shaker Community, Inc., 1977). 2 vols.

Box Item Contents
42 1 Advice to Children on Behavior at Table. [poem] [n.p., 18-] Broadside 26½ x 20 ½ cm. (R5)
42 2 Allen, Catherine Marie. Manna. A Shakeress on the Subject. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: n.d.] Broadside, 33½ x 7½ cm. (R12)
42 3 Allen, Catherine Marie. Questions of the Day. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 188-?] caption title. 6p. 13½ cm. (R16)
42 4 The American Shakers. [Sabbathday Lake, Maine: Published by the Shakers, n.d.] Postcard, 14 x 4 cm. (R37)
42 5 [Anderson, Martha Jane]. Peaceful Victory. [hymn] [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 190-?] Broadside 19 x 13 cm. (R40)
42 6 [Anderson, Martha Jane]. Social Life and Vegetarianism. Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1893. 27p. 12½ cm. (R41)
42 7 [Anderson, Martha Jane]. Vice. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1890?] Caption title. 7p. 13½ cm. (R42)
42 8 Andrews, A. Watson. Communism. [n.p., n.d.] Caption title. 7pp. 13½ cm. (R45)
42 9 Avery, Giles Bushnell. The New Creation. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 189-?] Caption title. 8p. 13½ cm. (R54)
42 10 Avery, Giles B. Sketches of "Shakers and Shakerism." Synopsis of Theology of United Society of Believers in Christ Second Appearing. Albany: Weed, Parsons, and Co., Printers, 1884. Cover title. 50p. illus. 19 cm. (R57)
42 11 Avery, Giles B. Spiritual Life. [Canterbury, N.H.: 1888?] Caption title. 4p. 22 cm. (R58)
42 12 Baker, W. New Zealand Letter. [Pittsfield, Mass.?] Broadside, 29 x 8 cm. (R62)
42 13 Basting, Louis. Christianity. West Pittsfield, Mass.: [printed at East Canterbury, New Hampshire: 1891] Cover title. 8p. 14½ cm. (R64)
42 14 Biblical Recitation. [Canterbury] Shaker Village, N.H.: [1855?]. Caption title. 4p. music. 24 cm. (R76)
42 15 Bishop, Ebenezer. Farewell Address of Elder Ebenezer Bishop, of New Lebanon to the Inhabitants of Zion. Written at Holy Mount, December 29, 1842. Canterbury, N.H.: 1850. 15p. 13½ cm. (R78)
42 16 Blinn, Henry Clay. A Concise Catechism Containing the Most Important Events Recorded in the Bible: Also a Short Sketch of the Lives of Our First Elders and Parents. Mother Ann, Father William, and Father James. Shaker Village, Canterbury, N.H.: 1850. 40p. 14 cm. (R94)
42 17 [Blinn, Henry Clay] The Life and Gospel Experience of Mother Ann Lee. Canterbury, N.H.: Published by the Shakers, [1882?]. Cover title. 24p. 17½ cm. (R96)
42 18 Blinn, Henry Clay. What Shall I Do to Become a Shaker? [East Canterbury, N.H.: 1855?] Caption title. 2p. 22½ cm. (R103)
42 19 [Bolton, Aquila Massie] Some Lines in Verse About Shakers. Not Published by the Society so Called. New York: William Taylor & Company, 1846. 56p. 23½ cm. (R104)
42 20 [Bowers, Lucy S.] Concise Statements Concerning the Life and Religious Views of the Shakers. North family, Mt. Lebanon, Columbia Co., N.Y. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1895] 21[2]p. 13.5 cm. (R106)
42 21 Brief Account of Shakers and Shakerism. Several Pages of Shaker Music Are Also Added that Have Never Before Been Published. Canterbury, N.H.: [1875] Cover title. 16p. 15 x 19 cm. (R108)
42 22 _____. [1876?] Cover title. 20p. 15 x 19 cm. (R109)
42 23 Briggs, Nicholas A. God, -Dual. [East Canterbury, N.H.: n.d.] Caption title. 7p. 13½ cm. (R110)
42 24 Brown, Grace Ada. Sister Corinne. Written by Sister Grace Ada Brown in Memory of Sister Corinne Bishop, Who Passed to Her Spirit Home, December 3, 1929. [n.p., n.d.] Cover title. 3p. 8½ x 14 cm. (R111)
42 25 Brown, Grace Ada. Under the Sheet, A Recital of Facts. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: Shaker Press, 1900?] Cover title. 7p. 15½ cm. (R113)
42 26 [Brownson, Hannah] Table Monitor. Gather up the Fragments that Remain, that Nothing be Lost. – Christ. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside in 2 columns. 25 x 16½ cm. (R121)
42 27 [Carr, Mary Frances] Shakers. A Correspondence Between Mary F. C[arr] of Mt. Holly City and a Shaker Sister Sarah L[ucas], of Union Village. Ed. by R.W. Pelham, Union Village, Ohio. [Union Village, Ohio?]: 1868. Cover title. 24p. 16½ cm. (R144)
42 28 ____. Springfield, MASS.: Samuel Bowles & Co., Printers, 1870. Cover title. 23p. 13 cm. (R146)
42 29 Brown's Shaker Pure Extract of English Valerian (valeriana officinalis) [n.p., n.d.] 4p. 23 cm. (R205)
42 30 Reduced Price List. Catalogue of Herbs, Roots, Barks, Powdered Articles, Etc. Prepared in the United Society, in Harvard, Mass. [n.p., 188-] Broadside in 3 columns. 34 x 22 cm. (R232)
42 31 Catalogue and Price List of Shaker Chairs. Pittsfield, Mass.: Press of George P. Denny, [1887?] 15p. illus. 14 cm. (R238)
42 32 An Illustrated Price List of Shaker Chairs Manufactured by the Society of Shakers. Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: R.M. Wagan Co., n.d. 16p. illus. 14½ cm. (R245) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
42 33 New Tomato "Livingston's Beauty." Shaker Seed Company, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Garden Seeds, Mt. Lebanon, N.Y. Buffalo: Clay, and Richmond, n.d. Broadside, illus. 23 x 15 cm. (R260)
42 34 Shakers' Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of Flowers and Vegetable Seeds for 1881. Address D.C. Brainard Agt. Mount Lebanon, N.Y. [Rochester; Democrat and Chronicle Printers], 1881. 60p. illus. 25½ cm. (R276)
42 35 Catalogue of Medicinal Plants, Herbs, Roots, Seeds, Flowers, and Select Powders, with their Therapeutic Qualities and Botanical Names … Prepared and put up … by the United Society of Shakers at New Lebanon, N.Y. Orders addressed to Edward Fowler, Mt. Lebanon, N.Y. Albany: Van Benthuyson, Printer, 1851. Cover title. 34p. 16cm. (R287)
42 36 Shakers' Wholesale Price List of Medicinal Herbs, Roots, &c., &c. Prices Nett [sic] Cash. Corrected March 1872. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.] [n.p., 1872] Broadside in 5 columns. 35 x 21 cm. (R302)
42 37 Analysis of Artesian Well Water of Mt. Lebanon, N.Y. by Professor S.C. Chandler of Union College, N.Y. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside Card. 14 x 19 cm. (R336)
42 38 The Shaker Cloak. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: n.d.] 2 illus. 17½ cm. (R345)
42 39 Catalogue of Herbs and Medicinal Plants, and Vegetable Medicines … with a List of Garden Seeds … United Society of Shakers, Watervliet, N.Y. Orders to be Directed to Buckingham & Copley, Post Office, Albany, N.Y. Albany: Evening Atlas, 1845. 11p. 18½ cm. (R423)
42 40 Catalogue of Herbs, Medicinal Plants, and Vegetable Medicines with their Therapeutic Qualities and Botanical Names;…United Society of Shakers, Watervliet, NY. Orders to be Directed to Buckingham & Copley, Post Office, Albany, NY. New York: Piercy & Houel, Printers: 1847. 7pp. 18½ cm. (R424)
42 41 Catalogue of Herbs, Medicinal Plants, and Vegetable Medicines … with a List of Garden Seeds. Raised, Prepared, and Put Up … by the United Society of Shakers, Watervliet, N.Y. Orders to be Directed to Chauncey Copley, Albany, P.O., N.Y. Albany: Printed by Charles Van Benthuysen, 1850. 11p. 17 cm. (R425)
42 42 Catalogue of Medicinal Plants and Vegetable Medicines, Prepared in the United Society, Watervliet, N.Y. Hudson, N.Y.: Printed by Ashbel Stoddard, 1833. Cover title. 8p. 17 cm. (R427)
42 43 Catalogue of Medicinal Plants and Vegetable Medicines, to which is affixed their most Prominent Medical Properties. Prepared in the United Society, Watervliet, N.Y. Albany: Printed by Packard and Van Benthuysen, 1837. Cover title. 8p. 16 cm. (R428)
42 44 Catalogue of Medicinal Plants, Barks, Roots, Seeds, and Flowers … Also, Pure Vegetable Extracts, and Shaker Garden Seeds … United Society of Shakers, Watervliet, N.Y. All Orders Addressed to Chauncy Miller, Shaker Village, (Albany, P.O.), N.Y. [n.p., ca. 1857] Cover title. 22pp. 18½ cm. (R430)
42 45 Laurus Eye Water. For the Cure of Acute and Chronic Inflammations of Eyes and Morbid Weakness of Sight. [Watervliet, N.Y.: n.d.] Broadside 21½ x 17 ½ cm.(R433)
42 46 [Clapp, Charles], comp. The Present Truth for the Honest Enquirer. Miamisburg, Ohio: Bulletin Steam Press, 1885. Cover title. 16p. 22 cm. (R463)
42 47 [Collins, Sarah], comp. Memorial of Sister Polly Lewis. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1899] Cover title. 8p. 17½ cm. (R471)
42 48 The Conflagration at Shaker Village. Lebanon Springs [sic], February 8, 1875. Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1875. 30 x 15 cm. (R474)
42 49 Devere, Margaret Cecella. Monopoly! Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: The Lebanon Press, n.d. Cover title. 4p. 13½ cm. (R502)
42 50 Doolittle, Mary Antoinette. Thoughts Concerning Diety. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: n.d.] Caption title. 4p. 18 x 9 cm. (R513)
42 51 Drew, Ira T. Legal Decisions of Common Law of the United States. [n.p., 1865] Caption title. 4p. 22 cm. (R516)
42 52 Dunlavy, John. The Nature and Character of the True Church of Christ Proved by Plain Evidences, and Showing Whereby it May Be Known and Distinguished From All Others. New York: George Wood, 1850. 93p. 19 cm. (R521)
42 53 Dyer, Mary Marshall. To the Elders and Principals of the Shaker Societies. [n.p., 1825] Caption title. [2]p. (1 fold facing pages printed) 24½  x 20 cm. (R537)
42 54 [Eads, Harvey Lauderdale] A Shaker Letter. [Shaker Village, Canterbury, N.H.: Printed by the Canterbury Shakers, 1880] Caption title. 8p. 17 cm. (R544)
42 55 Evans, Frederick William. "Although We Are Small People…" [n.p., 188-] Broadside 14½ x 8 cm. (R568)
42 56 Evans, F.W. American Shakers. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1887?] Broadside in 2 columns. 27 x 14 cm. (R569)
42 57 Evans, F.W. Atlantic Cable and Materialization. [n.p., 1880] Broadside in 2 columns. 18½ x16½ cm. (R572)
42 58 _____. Broadside. 39 x 7 cm. (Type has been reset) (R573)
42 59 Evans, F.W. The Battle of the Gods, An Open Letter to Colonel Ingersoll … [n.p., 1892] Broadside. 29 x 13 cm. (R579)
42 60 Evans, F.W. Capital and Labor. What is in a name? Wail of a Striker. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1886] Cover title. 11pp. 13½ cm. (R580)
42 61 Evans, F.W. Carnivorous Parrots. Elder Evans' Theory of the Wonders of Animal Life. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1882] Broadside 27½ x 7 cm. (R581)
42 62 Evans, F.W. Christ. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1883] Broadside. 24 x 14 cm. (R583)
43 63 Evans, F.W. Correspondence. [n.p., 1890] Broadside in 2 columns. 30 x 17½ cm. (R586)
43 64 Evans, F.W. The Country: A New Earth and New Heavens. Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: [n.d.] Cover title. 8p. 13½ cm. (R587)
43 65 Evans, F.W. Cruelty to Birds. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside. 22½ x 7½ cm. (R589)
43 66 Evans, F.W Egyptian Sphinx. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., n.d.] Caption title. 8p. 14½ cm. (R590)
43 67 Evans, F.W. Elder Evans on Collecting Debts. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1883] Broadside. 15 x 10 cm. (R591)
43 68 Evans, F.W. Elder Evans on Materialization. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside. 28 x 11 cm. (R593)
43 69 Evans, F.W. Elder Evans to Henry George. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1886] Caption title. 3p. 13½ cm. (R595)
43 70 Evans, F.W. God is Good. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1892] Caption title. 13. 14 cm. (R598)
43 71 Evans, F.W. Good Bread. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside. 12½ x 8½ cm. (R599)
43 72 Evans, F.W. "A Great White Throne." Chatham, N.Y.: Courier Printing and Publishing House, 1889. Cover title. 8p. 12½ cm. (R601)
43 73 Evans, F.W. Land Limitation. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1884] Broadside in 2 columns. 24 x 15 cm. (R604)
43 74 Evans, F.W. Lecture, Delivered in Tayor's Hall, Amenia, N.Y. [Amenia, N.Y.: n.d.] Caption title. 4p. 18 cm. (R606)
43 75 Evans, F.W. Liberalism, Spiritualism, and Shakerism. An Address. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1880] Caption title. 8p. 15 cm. (R609)
43 76 Evans, F.W. Liberty of Conscience. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1890] Caption title. 4p. 14½ cm. (R610)
43 77 Evans, F.W. The New Earth. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside in 2 columns. 24½ x 14½ cm. (R611)
43 78 Evans, F.W. New England Witchcraft and Spiritualism. [Mount Lebanon, NY, 1881] Caption title. 8p. 13½ cm. (R612)
43 79 Evans, F.W. Nobodies. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside. 15 x 11 cm. (R613)
43 80 Evans, F.W. Obituary. Death of a Prominent Shaker [Giles B. Avery] in the Community at Watervliet, N.Y. [n.p., 1891] Caption title. 4p. 19 cm. (R614)
43 81 Evens [sic], F.W. Obituary. Rufus Crossman, with Why Am I a Christian? by Walter Shepherd. Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1891. Cover title. 5p. 14 cm. (R615)
43 82 Evans, F.W. An Open Letter. [n.p., 1892] Broadside in 2 columns. 15 x 14½ cm. (R616)
43 83 Evans, F.W. Original Ideas. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1889] Caption title. 4p. 14 cm. (R618)
43 84 Evans, F.W. Peace Convention at Salt Point, Dutchess Co., N.Y. Delegation of Eight Shakers Attend. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.?, 1881] Broadside. 23½ x 15 cm. (R620)
43 85 Evans, F.W. Proposed memorial to the Late Reverend Henry Ward Beecher.  [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1887] Cover title. 21p. 14 cm. (R621)
43 86 Evans, F.W. Religious Communism. A Lecture … Delivered in St. George's Hall, London, Sunday Evening, August 6th, 1871. London: J. Burns, 1871. 32p. 18 cm. (R622)
43 87 Evans, F.W. Resurrection. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1890] Cover title. 7p. 15 cm. (R624)
43 88 Evans, F.W. Sabbath. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.?, 1886] Cover title. 7p. 14 cm. (R627)
43 89 Evans, F.W. Shaker Communism; or Tests of Divine Inspiration. London: James Burns, 1871. 122p. 18½ cm. (R629)
43 90 Evans, F.W. Shaker Essay. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1880] Caption title. 7p. 13 cm. (R631)
43 91 Evans, F.W. Shaker Evans. [Manchester, England, 1886] Broadside in 2 columns. 28½ x 14½ cm. (R632)
43 92 Evans, F.W.  Shaker Land Limitation Laws. Why the Shakers are Decreasing … [n.p., 1887] Broadside in 3 columns. 15½ x 20½ cm. (R633)
43 93 Evans, F.W. The Shaker System and Lecture Delivered at Randolph, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., December 9, 1877. Albany: Weed, Parsons, and Company, 1875. Cover title. 19p. 12½ cm. (R638)
43 94 Evans, F.W. Shaker Travail … An Essay Written Over Thirty Years Ago. Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1891. Cover title. 13p. 14½ cm. (R639)
43 96 Evans, F.W. Shaker Views and Reviews. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 188-] Caption title. 6p. 14 cm. (R640)
43 97 Evans, F.W. Shaker Russian Correspondence, between Count Leo Tolstoi and Elder F.W. Evans. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 188-] Caption title. 6p. 14 cm. (R641)
43 98 Evans, F.W. Shakerism. [n.p., 1886] Caption title. 4p. 13½ cm. (R642)
43 99 Evans, F.W. Shakerism in London. Addresses by F.W. Evans … Dr. J. Peebles Burns, and Others at Claremont Hall, Preston Street, London N. Sunday evening, July 3, 1887. London, [1887] Cover title. 8p. 18½ cm. (R643)
43 100 Evans, F.W. The Shakers. Interesting Correspondence. [n.p., 1885] Broadside in 2 columns. 24½ x 13½ cm. (R650)
43 101 Evans, F.W. The Shakers. [Who They Are and What They Believe]. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1885. Caption title. 12p. 14 cm. (R651)
43 102 Evans, F.W. The Shaker and Their Belief. [London, 1888] Caption title. 2p. 21 cm. (R653)
43 103 Evans, F.W. A Shaker's Ideas. [n.p., 1885] Broadside in 2 columns. 18 x 14 cm. (R654)
43 104 Evans, F.W. Shaker's Sabbath, Composed of Seven Days. "The Sabbath Made for Man, not Man Made for the Sabbath." Mount Lebanon, N.Y., [1891] Cover title. 7p. 14½ cm. (R658)
43 105 Evans, F.W. Shaker Sabbath, Composed of Seven Days… Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1892. Caption title. 4p. 14½ cm. (R659)
43 106 Evans, F.W. Shakers, Shaking the Old Creation. The "First Heaven and the First Earth…" Hudson, N.Y.: Press of M. Parker Williams, 1889. 16p. 12 cm. (R660)
43 107 Evans, F.W. A Shaker's View on the Land Limitation Scheme and Land Monopoly, and Morman Prosecution. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1887] Cover title. 8p. 13 cm. (R661)
43 108 Evans, F.W. The Sign in the Heavens. The Relation of President Garfield's Death to the Fulfillment of Prophecy. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1881] Broadside 26½ x 7½ cm. (R664)
43 109 Evans, F.W. Spirits the Shaker's Saw. Wm. Eddy's Work at Mount Lebanon - Marvelous Materializations [Pittsfield, Mass., 1878] Broadside. 35 x 21 cm. (R665)
43 110 Evans, F.W. A Suggestion. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 188-] Caption title. 4p. 15 cm. (R667)
43 111 Evans, F.W. Two Orders: Shakerism and Republicanism. The American Church and American Civil Government, Coequal and Separate. The New Heavens and Earth. Pittsfield, Mass.: Sun Printing Co., 1890. Cover title. 12p. 13 cm. (R673)
43 112 Evans, F.W. The Universal Republic. A Shaker Pronunciamento. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., n.d.] Broadside in 2 columns. 28½ x 15 cm. (R676)
43 113 Evans, F.W. What the Future Will Be. A Shaker's Long Look Ahead. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside in 2 columns. 25½ x 14 cm. (R679)
43 114 Evans, F.W. White Cross Celibacy. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside in 2 columns. 24 x 16 cm. (R680)
43 115 Evans, F.W. Who is Ann Lee? What Evidence is There That She is the Second Messiah. Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1889. Cover title. 13p. 14 cm. (R681)
43 116 Evans, F.W. The World's Fair! Shall it be Closed One day in the Week to Please a Certain Sect. Pittsfield, Mass.: Press Eagle Publishing Company, 1891. Cover title. 5p. 11½ cm. (R683)
43 117 The Following Lines, Said to be Written by a Quaker Contain the True Philosophy of Life. Shaker Village, Merrimack Co., N.H., [n.d.] Broadside. 9½ x 13½ cm. (R695)
43 118 Fraser, Daniel. Analysis of Human Society. Declaring the Law Which Creates and Sustains a Community Having Goods in Common. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 188-?] Caption title. 8p. 13½ cm. (R701)
43 119 Fraser, Daniel. The Divine Procedure in the Affairs of Men. [Canterbury, N.H., 1888?] 4p. 24 cm. (R703)
43 120 Fraser, Daniel. The Divinity of Humanity the Cornerstone of the Temple of the Future. Boston: Rand, Avery, and Co., Printers, 1874. Cover title. 8p. 16 cm. (R704)
43 121 Fraser, Daniel. The Labor Question. The Millionaire and the Republic. [n.p., 1878?] Broadside. 26½ x 18 cm. (R705)
43 122 Fraser, Daniel. [Letter, Dated at Mt. Lebanon, N.Y., October 1, 1885.] [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1885?] Broadside in 3 columns. 32½ x 20 cm. (R706)
43 123 Fraser, Daniel. A Letter, Touching Important Principles [of Shakerism]. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., n.d.] Caption title. 7p. 13½ cm. (R707)
43 124 Fraser, Daniel. Shaker Theology. Facts for Christendom. [Shaker Village, New Lebanon, N.Y., n.d.] Caption title. 3pp. 15½ cm. (R711)
43 125 The Gospel Monitor. A Little Book of Mother Ann's Word to Those Who Are Placed as Instructors and Care-Takers of Children. Printed at Canterbury, N.H.: 1843. 47p. 16½ cm. (R726)
43 126 [Green, Calvin?] In Answer to Frequent Inquiries, the Following Scriptural Evidences are Given in Favor of Dancing in the Worship and Praises of God. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., n.d.] Broadside (part in 2 columns). 32 x 15½ cm. (R732)
43 127 [Green, Calvin] The Law of Life … Extract from a Writing Received in the Name of the Prophet Joel, at Mt. Lebanon, N.Y., January 1841. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: n.d.] Caption title. 16p. 15½ cm. (R733)
44 128 [Green, Calvin, and Seth Y. Wells] A Brief Exposition of the Established Principles and Regulations of the United Society Called Shakers … Albany, N.Y.: Printed by Packard and Van Benthuysen, 1830. 23p. 18 cm. (R734)
44 129 [Green, Calvin, and Seth Y. Wells] A Brief Exposition of the Established Principles and Regulations of the United Society of Believers called Shakers … [Watervliet, Ohio, 1832] 36p. 19½ cm. (R735)
44 130 [Green, Calvin, and Seth Y. Wells] A Brief Exposition of the Established Principles and Regulations of the United Society of Believers Called Shakers … Improved Edition. Hartford: Press of Elihu Geer, 1850. Cover title. 36p. 19½ cm. (R739)
44 131 [Green, Calvin, and Seth Y. Wells] A Brief Exposition of the Established Principles and Regulations of the United Society of Believers Called Shakers … New York: E.S. Dodge Printing Co., 1879. Cover title. 32p. 20 cm. (R741)
44 132 [Grosvenor, Lorenzo Dow] Circular Letter in Defence of the United Society of Believers Commonly Called Shakers; with a Reply to Correspondents. [South Groton, Mass., 1849] Caption title. 17p. 15½ cm. (R752) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
44 133 [Grosvenor, Lorenzo Dow] Testimony of Jesus Concerning Marriage. [n.p., n.d.] Caption title. 12p. 23 cm. (R755)
44 134 Hampton, Oliver C. Home of the Oracle. [Union Village, Ohio: 189-?] Broadside. 23½ x 11½ cm. (R760)
44 135 Hampton, Oliver C. A Short but Comprehensive Definition of Shakerism. [Union Village, Ohio, 190-] Broadside. 31½ x 20½ cm. (R765)
44 136 Hoar, George F. A Pathetic Petition. Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: The Lebanon Press, [n.d.] Cover title. 4p. 13 cm. (R777)
44 137 [Hollister, Alonzo G.] Calvin's Confession. A Communication Given in the Name of John Calvin, the Geneva Reformer in the Shaker Community, Shakers, Albany Co., N.Y., in 1842. Medium J. LaFume … Lebanon Shakers, N.Y., [1904?] Cover title, 26p. 14 cm. (R780)
44 138 Hollister, Alonzo G. Christ the Harvester. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.?, 1909?] Caption title. [4] p. 15 cm. (R781)
44 139 Hollister, Alonzo G. Divine Motherhood. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1887] Caption title. 4p. 21½ cm. (R785)
44 140 Hollister, Alonzo G. Doing and Being. Acting and Reacting. The Seen and Unseen. The Cause and Effect. The Vail of Death Destroyed … Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1910. Cover title. 37p. 15½ cm. (R786)
44 141 Hollister, Alonzo G. Heaven Anointed Women. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.?, 1887] Caption title. 4p. 21½ cm. (R789)
44 142 [Hollister, Alonzo G.], comp. Important Rules Necessary for Every One to Observe. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 189-?] Broadside. 16½ x 19½ cm. (R790)
44 143 Hollister, Alonzo G. Interpreting Prophecy. Portland, Oregon: The World's Advance-Thought Envelope Line [Mt. Lebanon, N.Y., after 1887].Cover title. 20p. 13 cm. (R794)
44 144 Hollister, Alonzo G. The New Revolution. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1909] Caption title. 14p. 12½ cm. (R802)
44 145 Hollister, Alonzo G. Shaker Testimony. The Gospel of Eternal (Aionion) Life, Proclaimed in the Season of Judgement. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1891. Caption title. [2] p. 29 cm. (R807)
44 146 Hollister, Alonzo G. Shaker View of Marriage. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.?, 1885?] Caption title. 11p. 13½ cm. (R808)
44 147 Hollister, Alonzo G. Synopsis of Doctrine Taught by Believers in Christ's Second Appearing … [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.?, 1883] Cover title. 24p. 12½ cm. (R810)
44 148 Hollister, Alonzo G. Synopsis of Doctrine Taught By Believers in Christ's Second Appearing … [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.?, 1893-1902. Cover title. 31p. 12½ cm. (R812)
44 149 Hollister, Alonzo G. Synopsis of Doctrine Taught By Believers in Christ's Second Appearing … [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.?], 1893-1915. Cover title. 31p. 12½ cm. (R813)
44 150 Hollister, A.G. and Calvin Green. Pearly Gate of the True Life and Doctrine for Believers in Christ … Second edition improved and enlarged. Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1896. iv, 255p. 17½ cm. (R815)
44 151 Information For Inquirers in Reference to the "United Society of Believers". [Canterbury, N.H., 1885?] Broadside 23 x 15 cm. (R837)
44 152 Kaime, John. The Travel of the Soul [poem]. Canterbury, N.H.: [n.d.] Caption title. 4p. 21½ x 13 cm. (R850)
44 153 Keefover, James R. Questions About Shakerism. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1888] Caption title. 4p. 15 cm. (R852)
44 154 Lomas, George Albert. The Life of Christ Is The End of the World … Shakers. [Watervliet], Albany, N.Y.: [C. Van Benthuysen and Sons Print.], 1869. Cover title. 16p. 13½ cm. (Shaker Tract no. 1) (R868)
44 155 Lomas, George Albert. A Man Approved of God. [n.p., n.d.] Caption title. 14 cm. (R871)
44 156 Lomas, George Albert. Plan Talks upon Practical Religion: Being Candid Answers to Earnest Inquirers … Albany, N.Y.: Van Benthuysen Printing House, 1873. 24p. 19 cm. (R872)
44 157 Lomas, George Albert. "What Shall I Do to Become a Shaker?" or Plain Talks upon Practical Religion: Being Candid Answers to Earnest Inquirer. [Watervliet], N.Y.: Office of the Shaker, 1877. Cover title. 24p. 19 cm. (R873)
44 158 Mace, Fayette. Familiar Dialogues on Shakerism; in which the Principles of the United Society are Illustrated and Defended. Portland, Maine: Charles Day and Co., Printers, 1838. 120p. 19 cm. (R887)
44 159 McKechrie, Frederick. Professor Comstock's Experience which Turned the Professor from his Cruel Ways … [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.], 1902. Cover title. 16p. 14½ cm. (R888)
44 160 [McNemar, Richard]. A Concise Answer to the General Inquiry, Who, or What are the Shakers. Union Village,[Ohio], 1823. Cover title. 12p. 10 x 4 cm. (R898)
44 161 [McNemar, Richard]. A Concise Answer to the General Inquiry, Who, or What are the Shakers. Union Village,[Ohio], 1825. Cover title. 8p. 13½ cm. (R899)
44 162 [McNemar, Richard]. A Concise Answer to the General Inquiry, Who, or What are the Shakers. Stockbridge,[Mass.], 1826. 16p. 9 cm. (R901)
44 163 [McNemar, Richard, ed.]. The Orthodox Trinity, with a few Remarks Upon Certain Doctrines Connected Therewith. [5-line quotation]. [Watervliet, Ohio, 183-?]. Caption title. 16p. 13 cm. (R943)
44 164 [McNemar, Richard]. A Revision and Confirmation of the Social Compact of the United Society called Shakers at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky … Published by Order of the Church. Harrodsburg, Ky.: Printed by Randall and Jones, 1830. 12p. 17½ cm. (R951)
44 165 [McNemar, Richard, ed.]. The Shaker Society, Adv-s [sic] Gass Banta, & C. Upon an Appeal from a Decree of the Lincoln Circuit Court. [n.p., 1834]. 8p. 18½ cm. (R957)
44 166 McNish, James. From the West Indies. Something About the Shakers There. [n.p., 1881] Broadside in 2 columns. 26 x 15 cm. (R969)
44 167 A Man of Kindness to his Beast is Kind … [n.p., n.d.] Broadside. 18 x 23 cm. (R973)
44 168 The Manifesto. The Shaker Most Radically Religious Monthly in the World. Organ of the Societies of People, called Shakers … Address, G.A. Lomas, Shakers. [Watervliet], N.Y., [1871]. Broadside. 19 x 14 cm. (R978)
44 169 The Manifesto Circular to Believers. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1885] Caption title. 2p. 26 x 7½ cm. (R991)
44 170 [Meacham, Joseph] A Concise Statement of the Principles of the Only True Church of Christ. Bennington, Vt.: Haswell and Russell, 1790. Reprinted in the United Society, Canterbury, N.H., 1847. Cover title. 23p. 10½ cm. (R1008)
44 171 [Meacham, Joseph]. A Concise Statement of Principles of the Only True Church of Christ. Together with a Letter from James Whittaker, to his Natural Relations in England. Printed at Bennington, Vt. by Haswell and Russell, 1785. Reprinted in the United Society. New Glouster, Maine, 1847. Cover title. 26p. 16 cm. (R1009)
44 172 The Memorial of Stanton Buckingham, Stephen Wells, Justice Harwood, and Chauncey Copley. Trustees of the United Society of Believers Called Shakers, Residing at Watervliet in the County of Albany, most Respectively Represents, on Behalf of the Society and Their Direction … [Albany, 1845]. Broadside. 33 x 20 cm. (R1016)
44 173 The Memorial of the United Society of Believers (Commonly Called Shakers) of the towns of New Lebanon and Watervliet. Respectfully Sheweth … [Albany, 1823]. Caption title. 3p. 20 cm. (R1022) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
44 174 A Memorial of Remonstrating Against a Certain Act of the Legislature of Kentucky, Entitled, "An Act to Regulate Civil Proceedings against Certain Communities Having Property in Common" … Approved February 11, 1828. [Harrodsburg, Ky.: Printed at the Union Office, 1830] Caption title. 28p. (R1023)
44 175 Myrick, Elijah. The Celibate Shaker Life. [Mount Lebanon, 1889?]. Caption title. 8p. 13½ cm. (R1067)
44 176 New York (State). Laws, Statutes, etc. … An Act in Relation to Certain Trusts. Passed April 15, 1839 … [Albany, 1839]. Broadside. 24 x 15 cm. (R1078)
45 177 New York (State). Laws, Statutes, etc. … Remonstrance of the United Society Called Shakers, Against Passage of a Certain Law. To the Honorable Legislature of the State of New York. The Memorial of the Undersigned Committee ... Respectfully Sheweth ... [Albany, N.Y., 1850] 10p. 21½ cm. (R1082)
45 178 New York (State). Legislature. Assembly. Select Committee on the Shakers … Report of the Select Committee on the Subject of the Shakers. [Albany, 1849]. Caption title. 13p. 24½ cm. (R1084)
45 179 New York (State). Legislature. Senate. Report of the Trustees of the United Society of Shakers in the Town of New Lebanon, Columbia County, N.Y. [Albany, 1850]. Caption title. 14p. 23½ cm. (R1088)
45 180 The North Family of Shakers. Shaker Station, Connecticut, will Keep Horses, on Winter, Feed, Hay, and Grain … [n.p., 1884] Broadside. 18 x 28 cm. (R1095)
45 181 Observations on the Natural and Constitutional Rights of Conscience, in Relation to Military Requisitions on the People Called Shakers. [Albany, NY: E. & E. Hosford, Printers, 1816]. Cover title. 24p. 21 cm. (R1120)
45 182 Offord, Daniel. Seven Travails of the Shaker Church. Mount Lebanon, N.Y., [1889] Cover title. 8p. 14½ cm. (R1124)
45 183 100 Years of Shaker Life. Centennial of a Communism of Peace. [n.p., 1874] 8p. 13½ x 17½ cm. (R1130)
45 184 The Peace Resolutions. [n.p., 1905] Broadside. 23½ x 7½ cm. (R1171)
45 185 Pilate, Pontius [purported author]. An Interesting Narrative of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Translated from Latin by M. Swan. Canterbury, N.H., 1849. Cover title. 16p. 13½ cm. (R1193)
45 186 Pomeroy, Marcus Mills. Visit to the Shakers. [Canterbury, N.H.: 1883?]. Caption title. 11p. 13 cm. (R1196)
45 187 Poole, Cyrus, O. Spiritualism as Organized by the Shakers. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.?], 1887. Caption title. 16p. 14 cm. (R1199)
45 188 Post Office Addresses of Several Communities. [Canterbury, N.H.: 188-] Broadside. 25 x 16 cm. (R1200)
45 189 Preter, Carl Julius, trans. and comp. Eine kurze Beschreibung des Glaubens und Praktischen Lebens der Verein. Gesellschaft Glaubiger in Christi Zweiter Erscheinung, gewohnlich genannt "Shakers". Union Village, Ohio, 1888. 32p. 22 cm. (R1203)
45 190 A Remarkable Old Man. Elder Evans at the Age of 80 Still Bent on Reforming the World. [n.p., 1888]. Caption title. 14p. 17 cm. (R1231 and 1232)
45 191 Remonstrance of the United Society Called Shakers, Against the Passage of a Certain Law. To the Honorable Legislature of the State of New York: The Memorial of the Undersigned, Committee on United Society, Called Shakers. Respectfully Showeth. [Albany, 1849]. Broadside. 25 x 19 cm. (R1238)
45 192 Resolutions Adopted at the Peace Convention of the Shakers of Mount Lebanon, Held at Mount Lebanon, N.Y., August 31, 1905. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1965] Broadside in 2 columns. 27 x 21½ cm. (R1240)
45 193 Resolutions Adopted at the Peace Convention of the Shakers of Mt. Lebanon, Held at Mount Lebanon, N.Y., August 31, 1905. Broadside. 33 x 8 cm. (R1241)
45 194 Rules for Doing Good. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., n.d.] Wall card punched at the top. 23 x 18½ cm. (R1254)
45 195 Rupe, Nancy. A Poem Dedicated to Pleasant Hill. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside. 30 x 15 cm. (R1259)
45 196 Sears, Chauncy Edward. Shakers. Duality of the Deity; or God as Father and Mother … Rochester, N.Y.: Daily Democrat Steam Printing House, 1867. Cover title. 7p. 14 cm. (R1268)
45 197 Sears, Chauncy Edward. Shakers. A Short Treatise on Christian Love. Rochester, N.Y.: Daily Democrat Steam Printing House, 1887. Cover title. 10p. 15 cm. (R1269)
45 198 Selection of Devotional Melodies; Simple in Arrangement, Yet Inspirational … Canterbury, N.H.: Printed and published in Shaker Village, 1876. 47p. Music. 14 x 19 cm. (R1274)
45 199 The Shaker Conference. [n.p., 1905] Broadside. 25 x 7½ cm. (R1283)
45 200 Shaker Lecture & Concert at Tweedle Hall [Albany, N.Y.] on Tuesday Evening, November 1, 1870. Elder F.W. Evans … will Deliver a Lecture on The Existing Relations of Shakerism as a System and a Republican Form of Government. [Albany, 1870] Broadside. 24 x 15½ cm. (R1287)
45 201 Shaker Literature. Books - Old and New. North Family, Mount Lebanon, Columbia County, New York. [Mount Lebanon, 1904] Cover title. [4] p. 19 cm. (R1288)
45 202 Shaker School for Girls at Mount Lebanon, New York. [Mount Lebanon, 1897?] Cover title. [4] p. 19 cm. (R1300)
45 203 Shakers. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1848?] Caption title. 18p. 19 cm. (R1304)
45 204 Shakers as Farmers. Chatham, N.Y.: Chatham Courier, [n.d.] Broadside. 34½ x 14 cm. (R1306)
45 205 The Shakers' Covenant (Never before Published) with a Brief Outline of Shaker History by Roxalana L. Grosvenor … Boston: W.C. Allen, Printer, 1873. 12p. 22½ cm. (R1307)
45 206 The Shakers of Mount Lebanon Extend to You an Invitation to attend a Peace Convention in the Interest of Universal Peace to be Held at Mount Lebanon, N.Y., August 31, 1905. [Mount Lebanon, 1905] Broadside. 22 x 19 cm. (R1308)
45 207 The Shakers of Mount Lebanon Invite You to Attend a Peace Convention in the Interest of Universal Peace, to be Held at Mount Lebanon, N.Y., Thursday, August 31, 1905. [Mount Lebanon, 1905]. Broadside. 23 x 14 cm. (R1309)
45 208 Shakers Work for Peace. [n.p., 1905. Broadside. 19 x 7½ cm. (R1310)
45 209 Souvenir Folders of the Shakers, East Canterbury. Published by the Shakers, East Canterbury, N.H. [Tifton, N.H.: Atkinson News Co., 1939?] 9 x 14 cm. (R1326)
45 210 Stroud, Thomas. The Spiritual Teacher. Why the Shakers are Entitled to a Candid Hearing. [Canterbury, N.H., 1891] Caption title. [2]p. 22 cm. (R1348)
45 211 Stroud, Thomas J. The Spiritual Teacher. Why the Shakers are Entitled to a Candid Hearing. [Enfield, Conn., 1891]. Caption title. 2p. 24 cm. (R1349)
45 212 Table Monitor. [n.p., n.d.] 20 x 30 cm. (R1357)
45 213 This Agreement … [blank membership agreement form]. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside. 32½ x 20½ cm. (R1368)
45 214 To Believers in Christ's Mission to Mankind in his Second Appearing. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1887]. Broadside. 21½ x 17½ cm. (R1378)
45 215 To the Legislature of the State of New York. [Albany, 1831]. Broadside. 34½ x 21½ cm. (R1381)
45 216 To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of New York in Senate and Assembly Convened. [n.p., 1838?]. Broadside. 32 x 20 cm. (R1382)
45 217 Tyner, Paul. The Christ Ideal in Shakerism. [East Canterbury, N.H., 1896]. Cover title. 10p. 22½ cm. (R1386)
45 218 Ward, Durbin (i.e., Jesse Durbin). Shaker Income Tax. Application to Commissioner Delano. Brief of Durbin Ward for Applicants. Albany: J. Munsell, 1869. Cover title. 21p. 22 cm. (R1411)
45 219 Whereas I, the Undersigned, have this Day Attached Myself as Probationary Member of the United Society of Believers at … [n.p., n.d.] Broadside. 26 x 19½ cm. (R1425)
45 220 Witcher, Mary. Mary Witcher's Shaker Housekeeper. Boston: Weeks and Potter, [c.1887]. Caption title. 32p. 18 cm. (R1428)
45 221 White, Anna. Dedicated to the Memory of Sister Polly Lewis. The King's Daughter. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: 1899] Cover title. 7p. 13½ cm. (R1435)
45 222 White, Anna. Vegetarianism Among the Shakers. Republished from "The Counsellor" North Family, [n.d.] Cover title. 16p. 12½ cm. (R1441)
45 223 Wickcliffe, Robert. The Shakers, Speech of Robert Wickcliffe. In the Senate of Kentucky. January 1831 … [Frankfort, Ky.: A.G. Hodger, Printer, 1832]. Caption title. 32p. 18½ x 11 cm. (R1458)
45 224 Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. Clear Away the Rubbish [poem]. Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: The Lebanon Press, [n.d.] Cover title. [4] p. 13½ cm. (R1459)
45 225 [Wright, Eleanor Hayes]. Thought Suggested by the Question What Induced You to Become a Shaker? South Groton, Mass.: 1849. 4p. 18 cm. (R1466) (MB/FM,289.8,S527,202-9411 22, Reel 3)
45 226 [Youngs, Benjamin Seth] Transactions of the Ohio Mob, Called in the Public Papers "An Expedition Against the Shakers" [Albany, N.Y.: E. & E. Hosford, 1810?]. Caption title. 11p. 18 cm. (R1474)
45 227 Youngs, Benjamin Seth. Transactions of the Ohio Mob Called in the Public Papers "An Expedition Against the Shakers" [Albany, N.Y.: E. & E. Hosford, 1810?] Caption title. 12p. 19 cm. (R1475)
45 228 Baker, Arthur. Shakers and Shakerism. By the editor. London: Murdoch and Co., Clarion Newspaper Co., 1896. Cover title. 30 [2] p. 21½ cm. (R1809)
45 229 Berkshire Museum. Pittsfield, Mass. … Invites You to a Shaker Exhibition Opening Reception, Monday, October 10th, 3 to 6 p.m. Continuing to October 30, [1932]. [Pittsfield, Mass., 1932] Cover title. 4p. (R1854)
45 230 Connecticut Dairymen's Association. Dairymen's Field Meeting by Invitation of the Shaker Families, Shaker Station, Connecticut … Thursday, August 25th, 1910. [n.p., 1910] Cover title. 2 illus. (R1998)
45 231 Darrow School. New Lebanon, New York. Catalogue for the Year 1934-1935. [n.p., 1933?] 24p. illus. 24 cm. (R2023)
45 232 Jones Library, Amherst, Mass. Exhibition of Shaker Craftsmanship. June 12 to September 12 [1937]. [Amherst, Mass., 1937] Cover title. 6p. One sheet folded twice. 21½ x 9½ cm. (R2337)
45 233 McLean, John Patterson. Unappreciated Donations. [Franklin, Ohio, 1894] Broadside. 24 x 8½ cm. (R2413)
45 234 Smith College Museum of Art. Northampton, Mass. Shaker Inspirational Drawings; The Collection of Dr. and Mrs. Edward Deming Andrews. An Exhibition, 1960-1961. With an essay by Dr. Andrews. [Northampton, Mass.: Gehenna Press for Smith College Museum of Art, 1960]. Cover title. 8p. illus. (R2781)
45 235 Andrews, Edward Deming. The New York Shakers and Their Industries. New York State Museum. Circular 2, (October) 1930. [16] p. nos. 1-8 and illustrations. Figs 1-8. (R3012)
45 236 Howells, William Dean. "A Shaker Village." Atlantic Monthly, 37 (June 1876). 699-710. (R3319)
45 237 ["Northern Muscadine Grape"] Country Gentleman, 40 (December 20, 1855), p.398. (R3497)
46 238 Blinn, Henry Clay, comp. A Sacred Repository of Anthems and Hymns for Devotional Worship and Praise. Canterbury, N.H., 1852. xiii, 322p. 20 cm. (R102)
46 239 [Offord, Daniel] and others, comp. Original Shaker Music Published by the North Family of Mt. Lebanon, Columbia Co., N.Y. … Wm. A. Pond and Company, 1893. 271p. Music. 21½ cm. (R1125)
46 240 White, Ann, comp. Affectionately Inscribed to the Memory of Elder Frederic W. Evans, by his Loving and Devoted Gospel Friends … Pittsfield, Mass.: Press of the Eagle Publishing Co., 1893. 129p. 18 cm. (R1433)

Note: Items 241, 247 and 248 are housed separately with extra-large manuscripts.  Please consult librarian for further information regarding access and retrieval.
47 241 The Shaker Seed Co.'s Annual Price List for Market Gardeners. Pittsfield, Mass.: Eagle Job Print, 1886. Cover title. [4] p. 28.5 cm. (R262) (Files with Extra-large documents: EL3)
47 242 Shaker Seed Co.'s Special Price List of Vegetables and Other Seeds for Market Gardeners. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: Shaker Seed Co., 1888] Cover title. [4] p. 41 x 29 cm. (R264)
47 243 Shaker Seed Co.'s Wholesale Price List of Seeds, Grown and for Sale by the Shaker Seed Co., Mt. Lebanon, N.Y. For Dealers Only. [n.p., 1887] Caption title. [4] p. illus. 35 x 16½ cm. (R268)
47 244 Shaker's Price List of Medicinal Preparations, Mt. Lebanon, Columbia Co., N.Y. … [n.p., 1874] Caption title. [4] p. 27½ x 21 cm. (R301)
47 245 List of Garden Seeds, Raised by the Society of Shakers, near Albany, N.Y. Orders addressed to Philip Smith, Shakers, N.Y. … [n.p., n.d.] Broadside. 39 x 14 cm. (R443)
47 246 Circular. Further Directions Concerning the Distribution of the Sacred Roll and Book … New Lebanon, N.Y., 1843. Broadside. 43½ x 14 cm. (R458)
47 247 Grosvenor, Lorenzo Dow. Circular Letter. [South Groton, Mass., 1849] Broadside in 2 columns. 47 x 25 cm. (R750) (Files with Extra-large documents: EL3)
47 248 New Lebanon, N.Y. Inventory of Stock, etc. Belonging to the … Reported … 1st, 18. [n.p., n.d.] Broadside. 39 x 22½ cm. (R841) (Files with Extra-large documents: EL3)
47 249 Notice to Visitors. [Canaan, N.Y., n.d.] Broadside. 33½ x 26½ cm. (R1111)
47 250 The Shakers. [Concord, N.H., 1828] 2p. 45 cm. (R1303)
47 251 [Skinner, Charles Montgomery] Among the Shakers. Successful Communism at Mount Lebanon - Interview with Elder Evans … [n.p., 1866] Broadside in 4 columns. 40 x 26 cm. (R1313)
47 252 Stewart, Philemon. To the Inhabitants of Zion. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1843] Broadside. 43½ x 14 cm. (R1343)
47 253 Wingate, Charles F. Shaker Sanitation. [Mount Lebanon, N.Y., 1880] Broadside. 40 x 11 cm. (R1461)
47 254 Christmas at Hancock Shaker Village. Shaker Christmas Celebrations, 1790-1930 … [n.p., 1930] Broadside. 52 x 34½ cm.
47 255 Assorted News Clippings
  1. "Shaker Receivership Fiasco. Dr. J.P. McClean Reviews the Matter Calmly and Dispassionately." ca.1911
  2. "John B. Wickersham, Esq." Portraits of People. No. 469
47 256 Springfield Republican. Vol. 16, no. 2 (August 20, 1859). Springfield, Mass. Includes an article on the Enfield, Connecticut Shakers.

Shaker and Shakeress (R980)
Vol. 3 (1873) nos. 1-12
Vol. 4 (1874) nos. 1-12
Vol. 5 (1875) nos. 1-12

The Shaker Manifesto (R988 and R989)
Vol. 8 (1878) nos. 1-12
Vol. 9 (1879) nos. 1-12
Vol. 10 (1880) nos. 1-12
Vol. 11 (1881) nos. 1-12
Vol. 12 (1882) nos. 1-12
Vol. 13 (1883) nos. 1-12
Vol. 14 (1884) nos. 1-12
Vol. 15 (1885) nos. 1-12
Vol. 16 (1886) nos. 1-12
Vol. 17 (1887) nos. 1-12
Vol. 18 (1888) nos. 1-12
Vol. 19 (1889) nos. 1-12
Vol. 20 (1890) nos. 1-12
Vol. 21 (1891) nos. 1-12
Vol. 22 (1892) nos. 1-12
Vol. 23 (1893) nos. 1-12
Vol. 24 (1894) nos. 1-12
Vol. 25 (1895) nos. 1-12
Vol. 26 (1896) nos. 1, 2, 5-12
Vol. 27 (1897) nos. 1, 3-12
Vol. 28 (1898) nos. 1-12
Vol. 29 (1899) nos. 1-12

Accretion, February 1995
56 257 Declaration of the Society of People [Commonly Called Shakers] Showing their Reasons for Refusing Aid or Abet the Cause of War and Bloodshed by Bearing Arms, Paying Fines, Hiring Substitutes, or Rendering Any Equivalent for Military Services. Albany: Printed by E. & E. Hosford, 1815. Cover title. Reprint (Lenox, Mass.: Walter Wilson Publishing Associates, 196-?). (See R496) Includes added introduction and appendices not in original publication.
56 258 Lassiter, William Lawrence. The Shakers and Shaker Industries … [Albany?, 1940] 7pp. illus. (R2368)
56 259 Mount Lebanon Shaker Village. Mount Lebanon Shaker Village Self-Guided Walking Tour. [Mount Lebanon, New York: 1991] Cover title. 24p. 21½ cm.
56 260 Mount Lebanon Shaker Village. Mount Lebanon Shaker Village. [guide for visitors]. [New Lebanon, New York: Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, c.198-?] [8] p. (i.e. one sheet folded 3 times). illus., plan, map
56 261 Mount Lebanon Shaker Village. Mount Lebanon Shaker Village. [guide for visitors]. [New Lebanon, New York: Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, 199-?]. [10] p. (i.e. one sheet folded 4 times). illus., plan, map
56 262 Mount Lebanon Shaker Village. Mount Lebanon Shaker Village "Shaker Seeds - Fresh and Genuine". [New Lebanon, New York: Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, 198/9-?]. [6] p. (i.e. one sheet folded twice). illus.
Shaker Community Inc. The American Shaker. Nos. I-VI, 1961. A series of numbered leaflets published for distribution or sale at Hancock Shaker Village. The titles are listed below.
56 263 Shaker Community Inc. The American Shaker. I. Organization of the first communities. [Pittsfield, Mass.: Shaker Community Inc., 1961]. Cover title. 4p. 21½ cm. illus.
56 264 Shaker Community Inc. The American Shaker. II. Principles and practices. [Pittsfield, Mass.: Shaker Community Inc., 1961] Cover title. 4p. 21½ cm. illus.
56 265 Shaker Community Inc. The American Shaker. III. Early history. Persecutions. [Pittsfield, Mass.: Shaker Community Inc., 1961] Cover title. 6p. 21½ cm. illus.
56 266 Shaker Community Inc. The American Shaker. IV. Their mode of worship. [Pittsfield, Mass.: Shaker Community Inc., 1961] Cover title. 6[8] p. 21½ cm. illus.
56 267 Shaker Community Inc. The American Shaker. V. Industries and craftsmanship. [Pittsfield, Mass: Shaker Community Inc., 1961] Cover title. 4p. 21½ cm. illus.
56 268 Shaker Community Inc. The American Shaker. VI. Their religious art. [Pittsfield, Mass.: Shaker Community Inc., 1961] Cover title. 4p. 21½ cm. illus.
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56 287 News Clippings (3 items, unidentified source, 19th century)
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  • "The Society of Shakers"
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56 293 News Clippings, 1992-1993 (4 items)
Articles from the Times Union (Albany, N.Y.) and Boston Globe related to history of Shaker communities.
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