James Terry Gardiner
Papers, 1776-1927; bulk 1810-1912


Quantity: 10 boxes (3.0 cubic ft.)
Access: Open to research
Acquisition: Gift of Mrs. Margaret Doane (Gardiner) Fayerweather, 1947, with subsequent accretions in 1952 and 1958
Processed By: Regina Berry, Student Assistant, State University of New York at Albany for Manuscripts & Special Collections, March 2015

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Biographical Note:

James Terry Gardiner (May 6, 1842-September 10, 1912) was a surveyor, engineer, public health pioneer, and director of the New York State Survey.  Mount Gardiner in Kings Canyon National Park was named in his honor by the California Geological Survey. (The family name historically had been spelled with an "i" until his grandfather, George, dropped the "i."  James returned to the original spelling in his middle years.)

Born in Troy, N.Y., James was the second son of Daniel Gardner (1799-1863), a lawyer, and Ann Terry Gardner (1814-1883). As a boy he spent much time in Hartford, Conn., with his mother's father, Judge Seth Terry (1781-1865).  It was there, while attending the prestigious Hartford High School, he met Clarence King, his good friend and future partner.  He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1861, studying engineering, then, along with King, studied at the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale.  After unhappily trying out Columbia Law School with his brother Eugene in 1863, he was persuaded to join King on a journey by horseback across the country to California.  In San Francisco, he and King joined the United States Engineer Corps, where they made topographical surveys of Black Point and Angel Island in San Francisco Harbor.  In 1864 he became the topographer of the State Geological Survey of California under Professor J. D. Whitney, and assisted in the survey of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  In September 1864, following the designation, by President Abraham Lincoln, of the Yosemite Valley area as a permanent public reserve, King and Gardiner were hired to make a boundary survey around the rim of Yosemite Valley, followed by exploration and mapping of northern Arizona and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1865-1866.

In 1867 King secured funding from Congress for the U.S. Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel, commonly known as the Fortieth Parallel Survey.  King appointed Gardiner chief topographer.  Over the next six years King, Gardiner and their team explored areas from eastern California to Wyoming.  In 1872 Gardiner joined the Hayden Survey as chief topographer of "The United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories," established by an act of Congress.  He was elected general secretary of the American Geographical Society in 1875.  After returning to New York he was appointed director of the State Survey of New York in 1876.

From 1880 to 1886 he was also a member of the New York State board of health and was instrumental in establishing proper sewage systems throughout the state.  Meanwhile he became involved in the mining industry, writing a report on coal and iron in Colorado in 1875; serving as vice president of the coal companies belonging to the; and becoming president of the Mexican Coke and Coal Company in 1899.

Gardiner married Josephine Rogers (ca. 1849-1872) of Oakland, California, in 1868 and they had one child, Florence (Hall) (1870-1956). Josephine died two years later and, in 1881, he married Eliza Greene Doane (1854-1912) of Albany, New York, daughter of William Croswell Doane, bishop of the Albany Episcopal diocese. The couple had five children: Mary Spring (Frazier) (1882-1920); Margaret Doane (Fayerweather) (1883-1958); Doane (1885-1933); Anne Terry (Pier) (1887-1982); and Elizabeth Greene Gardiner (1890-1987).

With his father-in-law, Bishop Doane, Gardinier established the community of Northeast Harbor on Cadillac Island (Mount Desert Island in Maine. He built a large summer home there in 1883 and named it Ye Haven. It still stands today and is known as The Haven. He started a water company, and engineered roads and public utilities. He died in Maine on September 10, 1912, aged 70, about six weeks after the death of his wife.

Scope and Content Note:

The James Terry Gardiner papers include genealogical material, correspondence, photographs, business papers, notebooks, maps and architectural drawings by Gardiner and his family. A majority of the collection relates to Gardiner's activities in the western territories in the 1860s and 1870s. The family papers relate to Gardiner's grandfather, Judge Seth Terry (1781-1865); his grandmother, Ann Grew Terry (1786-1835); his father Daniel Gardner (1799-1863); his mother, Anne Terry Gardner (1814-1883); and his second wife, Eliza Greene Doane Gardiner (1854-1912).  Some material is related to his grandfather, George Gardner (1766-1840) and his maternal uncle, Seth Hall Terry (1818-1884).

The papers of James Terry Gardiner cover his early career as a surveyor for the United States Department of the Interior in the U.S. West and as the director of the New York State Survey. Included in these papers are maps of areas surveyed by Gardiner, photographs of areas in and around Yosemite Park, which was surveyed by Gardiner, and photographs of Gardiner himself. Gardiner's correspondence relates to his survey work, but contains significant amounts of personal material as well, particularly in the letters exchanged with his mother.

Some highlights of this richly detailed collection are:

  • Detailed letters to Gardiner's mother and various reports on his travels and experiences during the Western explorations (Box 1 and Box 2; many transcribed)
  • Draft of James T. Gardiner's official report to Dr. Ferdinand V. Hayden on his surveying party's encounter with Indians, August 15 and 16, 1875 (Box 1, Folder 12)
  • Letters from Clarence King to James T. Gardiner, 1859-1862, 1869. (Box 2, Folder 1)
  • "Adventures with the Geological Survey" by James T. Gardiner, 1863-1869 (Box 2, Folder 7)
  • "The Hayden Survey in Colorado in 1873-1874" (Box 3, Folder 2)
  • Photographs: James T. Gardiner and colleagues on expedition, 1864 (Box 3, Folder 9)
  • Yosemite Valley Prints by Carleton E. Watkins, 1861 (Box 3, Folder 12)
  • Photograph of Mt. Gardiner by Ansel E. Adams (Box 6, Folder 3)
  • William H. Jackson photographs from the Hayden Survey, ca. 1871 (Box 6, Folders 3-7)
  • Letters from notable persons: Clarence King, J.D. Whitney, Julia Ward Howe, Albert Bierstadt, Hamilton Fish, Wendell Phillips, William Seward

For more information on James Terry Gardiner's later career in the State of New York as director of the State Survey and his service on the State Board of Health, covering the years 1876 to 1886, see  collection SC7027, also called the James Terry Gardiner Papers.

Provenance Note:

This collection was originally donated by the daughter of James Terry Gardiner, Margaret Doane Gardiner (Mrs. Charles) Fayerweather (1883-1958), in 1947 as part of the William Croswell Doane Papers (SC11835).  In March 2015, it was made into a separate collection.  Documents from a single accession (11007), donated by James T. Gardiner's heirs in 1938, were added to the collection in June, 2015.

See the Doane Family Papers (SC11835) for related family materials. Also, see the James Terry Gardiner Papers (SC7027) for material relating to Gardiner in his capacity as director of the New York State Survey from 1876 to 1886 and as a member of the New York State Board of Health from 1880 to 1886.

Box and Folder List:

Box Folder Description
    Genealogical Information and Background
1 1 Letters of Mrs. Charles S. Fayerweather (Margaret Doane Gardiner), regarding the letters of James T. Gardiner and her efforts to gather, edit and publish them, 1926-1927. (16 items)
1 2 Notes on James T. Gardiner's genealogy and chronology by Mrs. Fayerweather, undated. (37 pages)
1 3 Personal record and chronology of James T. Gardiner, prepared and written by himself, ca. 1876-1877, undated. (3 items)
    Correspondence: Letters by James T. Gardiner
1 4 James T. Gardiner letters to his father, mother, and aunt, 1857-1860. (21 letters)
1 5 James T. Gardiner letters to his mother, Anne Terry Gardner, 1861-1862 (many with transcription) (24 letters)
1 6 James T. Gardiner letters to Anne Terry Gardner and his uncle, probably Seth H. Terry, 1863 (one with transcription)  (16 letters)
1 7 James T. Gardiner letters to Anne Terry Gardner from San Francisco, [Calif.], 1864 (many with transcription) (12 letters)
1 8 James T. Gardiner letters to Anne Terry Gardner enclosing extracts from his journal. They were written from Yale until May when he sailed for California to join the U.S. Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel. These letters include many descriptive passages on California and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. 1867 (many with transcription)  (24 letters)
1 9 James T. Gardiner letters to Anne Terry Gardner and to his first wife, Josephine Rogers; also one draft letter to J[acob] D[olson] Cox.  Most letters written from Salt Lake City [Utah], 1868-1870 (many with transcription) (9 letters)
1 10 James T. Gardiner letters to his mother, Anne Terry Gardner, from the Wyoming Territory, Denver, and the Colorado Rockies and one letter to [Frederick Law] Olmsted, December 3, 1873, discussing improvements to Washington, D.C., 1872-1873  (many with transcription)  (12 letters)
1 11 James T. Gardiner letters to his mother, Anne Terry Gardner, beginning with June 1874 when he was in Washington, D.C. The rest were written while on the U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories. His September 17, 1875, letter includes, as an enclosure, the draft of James T. Gardiner's official report to Dr. F.V. Hayden on his surveying party's encounter with Indians, August 15 and 16, 1875. Also includes one draft letter to ___ Munger, May 4, 1875.  1874-1875 (many with transcription) (17 letters)
1 12 James T. Gardiner letters, 1876-1879.  (12 letters):
  1. Copy of letter to Chas. P. Daly, February 12, 1876, accepting position as general secretary of the American Geographical Society.
  2. Copy of letter to John V.L. Pruyn, July 13, 1876, accepting directorship of the New York State Survey.
  3. Letter to John V.L. Pruyn, president of the board of commissioners of the State Survey, July 12, 1877, reporting on the elevation of Schuyler Lake.
  4. Letter to daughter, [Florence], October 15, 1877.
  5. Eight letters to his mother, 1876-1879  (some with transcription)
1 13 James T. Gardiner letters, 1880-1896. (16 letters):
  1. Nine letters to his mother, 1880-1881. 
  2. Letter to Mrs. Pruyn, Christmas 1880, regarding his engagement.
  3. Letter to W.R. Emerson, Esq., February 14, 1883, discussing plans for house James T. Gardiner was building at Northeast Harbor, Maine.
  4. Two letters to his second wife [Eliza Greene Doane], June 15 and 18, 1883, written while on trip to the Southwest. 
  5. Letter to William. M. Ewarts, March 24, 1884. 
  6. Letter to daughter, Margaret, April 1, 1896.
  7. Draft of letter to [Frederick Law] Olmsted, inquiring about position as professor at Cornell University.
    Correspondence: Letters to James T. Gardiner
1 14 Anne Terry Gardner to James T. Gardiner, 1857, 1859. (22 letters)
1 15 Anne Terry Gardner to James T. Gardiner, 1860. (27 letters)
1 16 Anne Terry Gardner to James T. Gardiner, 1861. (6 letters)
1 17 Anne Terry Gardner to James T. Gardiner, 1862-1863, 1868. (23 letters)
1 18 Letters to James T. Gardiner, from uncles, Arthur and Seth Terry; grandfather, Seth Terry; and friends, Dan P. Dewey and Clarence King. 1845-1859. (10 letters)
1 19 Letters to James T. Gardiner, from friends, D.P. Dewey, William. S. Kennedy, and Clarence King; Capt. George P. Balch of Army Ordnance; his Aunt Lizzie (Elizabeth Terry Clarke); his father, Daniel Gardner; his brother, Eugene Gardner; and his grandfather, Seth Terry. 1860-1862. (31 letters)
2 1 Transcriptions of letters from Clarence King to James T. Gardiner, 1859-1862, 1869.  Original letters not included. (17 letters)
2 2 Letters to James T. Gardiner, 1869-1875. (17 letters):
  1. F.K.H. [Florence King Howland], Newport, [R.I] - April 2, 1869
  2. W.H. Doughty, Troy, [N.Y.] - July 6, 1869
  3. T.I. Ellerbeck, Salt Lake City, [Utah] - September 10, 1869
  4. T.I. Ellerbeck, Salt Lake City, [Utah] - April 14, 1870
  5. A[rnold Henry] Guyot, Princeton, [N.J.] - December 23, 1870
  6. Clare[nce] [King] - February 15, 1873
  7. F[erdinand] V[andiveer] Hayden, Washington, D.C. - March 10, 1873
  8. S.L. Abbot, Boston, [Mass.] - April 1, 1874
  9. J[osiah] D[wight] Whitney, Boston, [Mass.] - May 10, 1874
  10. J[osiah] D[wight] Whitney, Cambridge, [Mass.] - May 18, 1874 (with transcription)
  11. Julia Ward Howe (per Sec.), Washington, D.C. - January 31, 1875
  12. Julius Bien, New York, [N.Y.] - April 28, 1875
  13. Wm. J. Palmer, Philadelphia, [Pa.] - August 31, 1875
  14. Cuthbert Mills, et al - August 1875 (with transcription)
  15. Clare[ence] King, New York, [N.Y.] - September 29, 1875
  16. Wm. Howard Doughty, Troy, [N.Y.] - October 11, 1875
  17. W[illiam] D[wight] Whitney, New Haven, [Conn.] - October 17, 1875 (with transcription)
2 3 Letters to James T. Gardiner, 1876-1885. (20 letters):
  1. A[lbert] Bierstadt, New York, [N.Y.] - January 24, 1876
  2. Spencer F. Baird, Washington, D.C. - February 22, 1876
  3. A[lbert] Bierstadt, New York, [N.Y.] - May 20, 1876
  4. Elisha Harris, New York, [N.Y.] - October 24, 1876
  5. William John Potts, Camden, [N.J.] - February 22, 1879 (enclosing genealogy and coat of arms of Grew family) (with transcription)
  6. John T. Bush, Niagara Falls, [N.Y] - June 4, 1879
  7. Helen Jackson - April 13, 1880
  8. [Admiral] David D. Porter, Washington, D.C. - April 14, 1880
  9. Joseph P. Bradley, Washington, D.C. - April 17, 1880
  10. Hamilton Fish, New York, [N.Y.] - May 4, 1880
  11. [Marquess of] Dufferin [and Ava], St. Petersburg [Russia] - May 7, 1880
  12. Henry Grew, Hyde Park [N.Y.] - November 7, 1880
  13. Florence K. Howland, Newport, [R.I.] - May 8, 1881 (congratulating on marriage and on regaining the use of his "i")
  14. H[enry] H[obson] Richardson, Brookline, [Mass.] - February 27, 1884
  15. F.K. Howland, New York, [N.Y.] - May 8, 1885
  16. Erastus Brooks - May 9, 1885
  17. Aunt Sarah, Westwood, [?] - May 11, 1885
  18. Walter S. Hubbell, Rochester, [N.Y.] - June 20, 1885
  19. John S. Gilbert, Malone, [N.Y.] - June 20, 1885
  20. C[larence] K[ing] - undated.
2 4 Note from Aunt Lizzie [Elizabeth Terry Clarke] to James T. Gardiner enclosing eight portions of Anne Terry Gardner's letters to her sister containing references to "Jamie," undated. (9 items)

Writings of James Terry Gardinerz: Manuscripts and Drafts
2 5 Journal of James T. Gardiner, commenced February 5, 1857. It covers the period through August 13, 1857 and includes sketches and accounts and "Notes of Green Mountain Expedition," July 27-August 5, 1859, West Brattleboro, Vermont. (1 item)
2 6 Early writings of James T. Gardiner, 1856-ca. 1863, undated. (9 items):
  1. Composition on General Francis Marion, undated
  2. Speech on slavery, March 28, 1856.
  3. Speech to Webster Debating Society, March 1857.
  4. Speech on benefits of Irish immigration delivered before the Webster Debating Society, April 2, 1857.
  5. Speech on excluding Bible from common schools, undated
  6. Speech on capital punishment, undated
  7. Composition on clouds and skies, undated
  8. Composition on camping, undated
  9. Moot Court Brief. Case 4. Case of Illegal Imprisonment. (Probably written 1862-63 while at Columbia Law School)
2 7 Typed copy of "Adventures with the Geological Survey" by James T. Gardiner, transcribed by Margaret Doane Fayerweather. Original not included. (9 pages)
  1. Cliff of the Pines, 1863, 1 p.
  2. The Flooded Ford, ca. 1868-1869, 1 p.
  3. The Trail between the Cedar Bushes, 1865, 4 pp.
  4. The Silver Tip, undated, 3 pp.
2 8 Notes on Sierra Nevada, 1866. (30 pages):
  1. Sierra Nevada, 1866, 14 pp. (with transcription)
  2. Fourth Mountain, July 17, (1866), 4 pp. (with transcription)
  3. Ridge South of the Chiquita Joaquin, July 26, (1866), 4 pp. (with transcription)
  4. Black Mountain, May 30, (1866), 5 pp.
  5. Mammoth Mountain, undated, 3 pp.
2 9 Reports on Elevations in the Rocky Mountains, undated.(5 items, 40 pages):
  1. Determination of the Elevations of the Principal Points on the Great Lakes and Rivers and in the Rocky Mountains, 21 pp.
  2. Elevations on the Great Lakes and Rivers and in the Rocky Mountains, 4 pp.
  3. Elevations of Principal Points on the Great Lakes and Rivers and in the Rocky Mountains, 9 pp.
  4. Paper discussing publication of report on elevations, 4 pp.
  5. Notes on the Rocky Mountain Ranges in Colorado Territory, 2 pp.
2 10 Hearing before the Committee on Public Lands, U.S. House of Representatives, May 1874. (6 items, 40 pages):
  1. Statement concerning methods of Surveying for Geological Maps made by James T. Gardiner, read to Committee on Public Lands, May 20, 1874, 13 pp.
  2. Address to Committee defending himself against charges made by Lieut. G.M. Wheeler, May 23, 1874, 2 pp.
  3. Draft of statement to Committee defending himself against Wheeler's charges, undated, 6 pp.
  4. Second draft of above statement, undated, 6 pp. (with transcription)
  5. Statement of Lieut. G.M. Wheeler in James T. Gardiner's handwriting, undated, 1 p. (with transcription)
  6. "Surveys of the Territories," typed transcript of Special Correspondence of the Inter-Ocean, May 25, 1874, 8 pp., regarding hearings before Committee on Public Lands.
2 11 U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey Papers and Reports, undated. (6 items, 42 pages):
  1. Plan of Operations of Geological and Geographical Survey of the Public Domain; addressed to the Secretary of the Interior, 4 pp.
  2. "Information respecting the Geological and Geographical Survey," addressed to the Secretary, 9 pp. (with transcription)
  3. The U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, 8 pp.
  4. Points concerning the U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, 12 pp.
  5. Reasons for a Geological Survey of Our Public Domain, 7 pp.
  6. Primary Triangulation of 1873, 2 pp.
2 12 Notes on Western Surveying and Arizona Mapping, undated. (with partial transcription) (2 items, 6 pages) 
2 13 Report on the Prospects of Mining Industry in Sonora, Mexico; in Southern Arizona; and in New Mexico, April 21, 1881. (1 item, 48 pages)
2 14 Addresses to New York Yale Alumni Association, 1882, undated. (2 items, 41 pages):
  1. Proposed Discovery of New York by the State Survey, undated, 34 pp.
  2. How to Escape Sewage Poison, March 1882, 7 pp.
    Writings of James Terry Gardiner: Published
2 15 Published Reports by James T. Gardiner, 1875. (2 items, 44 pages):
  1. Report upon the Southern Coal and Iron Fields of Colorado Territory, (Colorado Springs: Outwest Printing and Publishing Co., 1875), 23 pp.
  2. The Elevations of Certain Datum Points on the Great Lakes and Rivers and in the Rocky Mountains, (Extracted from the Annual Report of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories for 1873). Washington: GPO, 1875, 21 pp.
2 16 Published Letters to Editors written by James T. Gardiner, 1879-1886. (7 items):
  1. Reprint of "Teachings of a Statue," Albany Evening Journal, March 15, 1879. (2 copies)
  2. Reprint of "Robert R. Livingston," Albany Evening Journal, March 20, 1879. (2 copies)
  3. "To Save the North Woods," New York Daily Tribune, January 14, 1884.
  4. "The Arms of Fort Orange Club," Albany Express, January 24, 1886. (2 copies)
    Newspaper Clippings
2 17 Hayden Exposition's attack by Indians in August 1875. (2 items):
  1. Rocky Mountain News, September 17, 1875
  2. New York Times, September 25, 1875
2 18 New York State Survey 1876; legislative action on appropriations for Survey 1877; and James T. Gardiner's resignation as director of the State Survey, 1885. (12 items)
2 19 Wedding of James T. Gardiner to Eliza Greene Doane, April 28, 1881.  Fourteen clippings from assorted New York newspapers, also one copy of Marriage Hymn written by Bishop William Croswell Doane for the ceremony; congratulatory telegrams; invitation to the wedding. (19 items)
2 20 Subjects of interest to James T. Gardiner as director of State Survey and member of the State Board of Health: preservation of Niagara Falls; veto of State Board of Health appropriation; and the water supplies of Buffalo and Syracuse, 1881-1886.  (7 items)
2 21 Deaths of friends of James T. Gardiner: Clarence King and Col. William B. Hyde, 1882, 1901. (7 items)
2 22 Deaths of Anne Terry Gardner and Eliza Greene Doane Gardiner, 1883, 1912.  Newspaper clippings and tributes. (19 items)
2 23 Death of James T. Gardiner and obituary by Wm. Croswell Doane, 1912. 
(16 items)
    Miscellaneous Letters and Papers
3 1 Letters and papers referring to James T. Gardiner, 1875-1912. (8 items):
  1. A[rnold Henry] Guyot, Princeton, [N.J.], to Dr. (F.V.) Hayden. March 31, 1875. (with transcription)
  2. Shep Madera (packer on the Hayden Survey), Camp Carlin, [Nev.], to unknown, referring to "Mr. Gardner" and "Lizzie," October 24, 1875.
  3. W[illiam] A[lmon] Wheeler, Malone, [N.Y.], to Mr. Moore of the Senate. February 15, 1877.
  4. Horatio Seymour, Utica, [N.Y.], to D. Thomas Vail. January 11, 1878.
  5. Extract from the minutes of the Council of the American Geographical Society, April 7, 1877, regretting resignation of James T. Gardiner as general secretary.
  6. Extract from Annual Report of the Council of the American Geographical Society, January 8, 1878, lauding the value of the New York State Survey.
  7. Abstract of record of meeting of board of directors of Northeast Harbor Village Improvement Society, September 16, 1912, a tribute to James T. Gardiner's memory.
  8. Resolution from board of directors of Mexican Coal and Coke Company, December 11, 1912, recording loss of James T. Gardiner and extending sympathy to his family.
3 2 Published material relating to James T. Gardiner and his work, 1873-1929. (6 items):
  1. U.S. House of Representatives, 42d Congress, 3d session, Ex. Doc. 166 on Geographical Survey of the Territories, January 31, 1873.
  2. U.S. House of Representatives, 43d Congress, 1st session, Ex. Doc. 240 on geographical and geological surveys west of Mississippi, May 2, 1874.
  3. U.S. Senate, 43d Congress, 1st session, Report No. 311, Report on Bill S. 686, April 28, 1874.
  4. Explorations made under the direction  of Prof. F.V. Hayden in 1876, reprint.
  5. The Colorado Magazine, published by the State Historical Society of Colorado, VI, no. 4, July 1929, containing "The Hayden Survey in Colorado in 1873-1874," pp. 146-156, letters from James T. Gardiner with notes by Roger W. Toll.
  6. Invitation to opening of State Reservation at Niagara, July 15, 1885.
3 3 Certificates: Ph.B. degree awarded to James T. Gardiner from Yale College, 1868; and Boston Society of Natural History acknowledging James T. Gardiner's election as corresponding member, April 1, 1874. (2 items)
3 4 Miscellaneous letters and papers, 1862-1878, undated. (30 items):
  1. Letter: Hal to Clare[nce King]. July 31, 1862.
  2. Grocery receipt to James T. Gardiner. August 1, 1862.
  3. Certificate for King, Gardner, et al traveling to Canada. August 11, 1862.
  4. Letters from Caroline Crane, Washington, D.C., to James T. Gardiner's first wife, Josephine Rogers. May 25 and June 18, 1870.
  5. Two letters in Spanish and one translation. July 23 and September 17, 1873.
  6. Copy of letter of Charles. P. Daly to J[ames] A[brams] Garfield, May 8, 1874, expressing desire that U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories be continued (with transcription)
  7. Lists of property lost in battle with Indians, August 15, 16, 1875. (5 sheets)
  8. Copy of memorandum filed with Senate Bill No. 148 (Chap. 216, Laws of 1878): "An Act relating to the State Survey and making appropriations therefor."
  9. Address of James T. Gardiner's land agent in California.
  10. Two letter fragments
  11. Envelope containing four shaded drawings of rocks, one initialed JTG, March 14, 1863, and bookplate.
  12. Poems to James T. Gardiner by daughters, Mary Gardiner Frazier and Margaret Doane Gardiner, undated, 3 pp.
  13. Miscellaneous items of unidentified transcription, 3 pp.
3 5 Line of the Brooklyn Water Works, 1859, by Geo. Hayward, 171 Pearl St., New York. (1 item)
3 6
  1. Colorado, South Park Division, after 1867.
  2. Supplement to the Colorado Chieftain, Pueblo, Colorado, May 19, 1870, "The Parks of Colorado," description and map of the San Luis Parc of Colorado Territory and Northern Portion of New Mexico. (2 items)
3 7 James T. Gardiner, 1863, 1870s, undated.  Four images and copies. 
(14 items)
3 8 James T. Gardiner, Denver [Colo.] 1873.  Three images and copies.
(17 items)
3 9 James T. Gardiner and colleagues on expedition, 1864, undated. (4 items):
  1. "The Field Party of 1864," by Silas Selleck, San Francisco, [Calif.]
  2. Carte de visite by Silas Selleck, undated
  3. Gardiner, King and unknown, undated
  4. Gardiner (?) on expedition, undated
3 10 Gardiner and Terry Family Photographs, ca. 1860, undated. (18 items):
  1. Judge Seth Terry (1781-1865), Hartford, [Conn.], undated (2 copies)
  2. Judge Seth Terry, son and grandson, ca. 1865
  3. Anne Terry Gardiner, three images, undated
  4. Young girl (Katrina?)
  5. Mary Coltman Grew (1756-1834), photo from painting, undated
  6. Eliphalet Terry (1743-1812), photo from painting, undated (2 copies)
  7. Mary Hall Terry (1746-1833), photo from painting, undated
  8. Rev. Walter Clarke, Buffalo, [N.Y.], 1864
  9. Group photo (Grew family?), ca. 1860s
  10. Seth Terry (1781-1865), photo of portrait painted in 1800, with letter from Elizabeth Terry Clarke (2 copies)
  11. Home of Mary Coltman Grew (1756-1834), Leicestershire, [England], photo of pencil sketch, with 1922 letter to Margaret Doane Gardiner Fayerweather. (2 copies)
3 11 Unidentified Family and Miscellaneous Images, undated. (8 items)
3 12 Prints of Yosemite Valley and surrounding peaks by Carleton E. Watkins, numbered and labeled with location, ca. 1861. (13 items)
  1. No. 4  In Camp – Yo Semite Falls
  2. No. 6  Yo Semite Falls 2630 ft
  3. No. 8  Arbor Vitae  Yo Semite
  4. No. 9  The Upper Yo Semite Falls
  5. No. 20  Vernal Falls 300 ft  Yo Semite
  6. No.34  North Dome 4767 ft  Yo Semite
  7. No. 36  Half Dome 3729 ft  Yo Semite
  8. No. 41  Three Brothers 4480 ft  Yo Semite
  9. No. 42  "Inverted in the tide Stands the grey Rocks,"  Yo Semite
  10. No. 49  El Capitan 3600 ft  Yo Semite
  11. No. 52  The Mono Pass  Yo Semite
  12. No. 64  Cathedral Spores  Yo Semite
  13. (unnumbered) From the Foot of the Mariposa Trail
3 13 Yosemite Valley Sketch and Map. (10 items):
  1. Photo of sketch of Yosemite Valley, undated
  2. Photo of map of Yosemite Valley drawn by James T. Gardiner, 1863. (9 copies)
    Terry Family Letters and Papers
4 1 Letters: Seth Terry to John Grew, brother of Ann Grew, and Mr. and Mrs. Grew, 1810-1819. (15 letters)
4 2 Letters: Seth Terry to Ann Grew Terry, 1810-1821. (30 items)
4 3 Letters to Seth Terry, 1812-1835. (27 letters):
  1. 23 letters from Ann Grew, 1812-1813, 1819, 1820, 1821
  2. 1 letter from Mrs. Mary Grew, May 4, 1820.
  3. 1 letter from Mark Tucker, January 29, 1835.
  4. 1 letter from R.H. Walworth, February 2, 1825, with explanation.
  5. 1 letter from Daniel Gardner, February 18, 1835.
4 4 Letters: Between Ann Grew Terry, Hartford, [Conn.], Mary Coltman Grew Boston, [Mass.] and friend Sarah Richardson, Dedham, [Mass.] 1812-1814, 1833 (8 letters)
4 5 Miscellaneous Papers and Letters of Seth Terry. (8 items):
  1. Papers regarding trial of Seth Terry, 1828, including 1 summons, 2 statements, and 1 bundle of depositions.
  2. Report of North Sabbath School in Hartford, Conn., 1831. (12 pages)
  3. Petition of neighbors for Judge Terry not to move away, March 12, 1846.
  4. Seth Terry's reply to petition, April 1, 1846.
4 6 Extracts, book of sayings compiled by Seth Terry and his wife, Ann Grew Terry, 1800-1857; presented to Anne T. Gardiner, October 10, 1864, approx. 100 pages. (1 item)
    Anne Terry Gardner Papers
4 7 Letters: Anne Terry Gardner, Hartford [Conn.] to Daniel Gardner, Troy [N.Y.] 1835-1845, (18 letters)
4 8 Letters: Anne Terry Gardner to Daniel Gardner, 1846-1861. (21 letters)
4 9 Letters: Anne Terry Gardner to brother-in-law, Rev. Walter Clarke, and to Wm. J. Palmer regarding railroad business deals, 1860-1875. (4 letters)
4 10 Letters to Anne Terry Gardner from mother, Ann Grew Terry, and grandmother, Mary Coltman Grew, 1826-1834, 1849, undated. (25 letters)
5 1 Letters to Anne Terry Gardner from father, Seth Terry, 1827-1840. (27 letters)
5 2 Letters to Anne Terry Gardner from father, Seth Terry, 1841-1862. (13 letters)
5 3 Letters to Anne Terry Gardner from Daniel Gardner; includes comments on politics, 1835-1856. (29 items)
5 4 Letters to Anne Terry Gardner, 1838-1881. (19 letters):
  1. C.E. Bucher - undated, before marriage in 1835
  2. Unidentified - undated, before marriage in 1835
  3. Wendell Phillips, Boston [Mass.] - February 22, 1838
  4. A[nne] T[erry] G[reene] Phillips (cousin) & Wendell Phillips, Boston, [Mass.] - May 27, 1839
  5. L[ydia] H[oward Huntley] Sigourney, Hartford, [Conn.] - June 21, 1845
  6. Sister (fragment of letter), Cincinnati, [Ohio] - September 7, 1847
  7. Florence King, West Brattleboro, [Vt.] - August 1, 1859
  8. Arthur Terry, New York, [N.Y.] - December 14, 1860
  9. Hattie [Harriet Sprague Terry] - (ca. 1861-2) (partial)
  10. Lizzie [Elizabeth Terry Clarke] - November 19, 1865
  11. Florence K[ing] Howland, Newport, [R.I.] - June 1, 1869
  12. Wm. J. Palmer, Philadelphia, [Pa.] - July 21, 1875 (with enclosure)
  13. Wm. J. Palmer, Philadelphia, [Pa.] - July 23, 1875
  14. Wm. J. Palmer, Philadelphi,a [Pa.] - July 27, 1875
  15. Wm. J. Palmer, Philadelphia, [Pa.] - August 21, 1875
  16. Wendell Phillips - October 9, 1876
  17. Eliza G. Doane, Albany, [N.Y.] - December 11, 1880
  18. Eliza G. Doane, Albany, [N.Y.] - April 26, [1881]
  19. Eliza G.D. Gardiner, Philadelphia, [Pa.] - May 4, 1881
5 5 Poetry, Verses and Writings by Anne Terry Gardner, 1856, 1860, 1864, 1876, and undated, (16 items)
5 6 Miscellaneous writings belonging to Anne Terry Gardner, undated. (5 items)
5 7 Journals of Anne Terry Gardner, 1826-1867. (3 items):
  1. October 2, 1826- May, 1827, describing studies, events and religious feelings and developments. (20 pages)
  2. Recording a month-long journey, begun in 1833. (10 pages)
  3. Begun February 23, 1858-ca. 1867, discussing children and events, relating family stories. (50 pages)
5 8 Steele's Book of Niagara Falls, 9th edition, Buffalo: Oliver G. Steele, 1846, 95 pages, belonging to Anne Terry Gardner. (1 item)
    Gardner Family Letters and Papers
5 9 Letters to Daniel Gardner, Troy, [N.Y.], 1835-1854. (10 letters):
  1. Seth Terry, Hartford, [Conn.] - February 12, 1835
  2. Seth Terry, Hartford, [Conn.] - January 22, 1836
  3. Wendell Phillips, Boston, [Mass.] - March 17, 1837
  4. Seth Terry, Hartford, [Conn.] - February 26, 1839
  5. Seth Terry, Hartford, [Conn.] - September 4, 1840
  6. Henry Grew, Philadelphia, [Pa.] - April 19, 1841
  7. Louisa Hall, Fishkill Landing, [N.Y.] - May 6, 1842
  8. Geo. N. Briggs, Pittsford, [N.Y.] - September 5, 1844
  9. A[lexander] H[ill] Everett, Boston, [Mass.] - November 25, 1845
  10. William H. Seward, Saratoga Springs, [N.Y.] - November 24, 1854
5 10 Miscellaneous Letters and Papers of Daniel Gardner, 1817-1862, undated. 
(9 items):
  1. Valedictory address delivered at Union College, 1817. (5 pages)
  2. Draft of letter to Governor Morgan offering his services in the war, April 22, 1861.
  3. Draft of letter to President Abraham Lincoln with advice, June 18, 1861.
  4. Papers relating to an act to enforce payment for piratical captures and for confiscations by rebels, 1861-1862. (4 items)
  5. Notes on Illinois laws, 1837. (1 page)
  6. Notes on Gardner family history, undated. (1 page)
5 11 Bound book entitled "Lafayette," 1834-1835. (1 item, 110 pages):
  1. Extract of Daniel Gardner's journal pertaining to "Last Great Speech of General La Fayette." (transcribed by Anne Terry Gardner)
  2. Discours du Général Lafayette a la Chambre des Deputés, 3 janvier 1834. (8 pages)
  3. Oration on the life and character of Gilbert Mothier de Lafayette, delivered [before] both Houses of Congress … on the 31st of December, 1834 … by John Quincy Adams, (Washington: Duff Green, 1835). (96 pages)
5 12 Miscellaneous Papers, Notes and Newspaper Clippings of Daniel Gardner, with 1 interpretive note on Daniel Gardner by his granddaughter, Mrs. Charles S. Fayerweather.  (20 items)
    Eliza Greene Doane Gardiner and Doane Material
5 13 Letters and Notices to Eliza G.D. Gardiner, 1869, 1895, 1900, undated.  (7 items)  Included:
  1. Booklet of poems to Lizzie Doane from her grandfather, George Washington Doane, the bishop of New Jersey, January 9, 1869.
  2. Notice of acceptance in the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1985.
  3. Notice from the Colonial Dames of the State of New York, 1900.
5 14 Transcriptions of letters from Eliza G.D. Gardiner to James T. Gardiner, while on a trip to Italy with daughter Margaret, February 12-June 3, 1905.  Original letters not included. (12 letters)
5 15 Poems and drafts by EGDG, undated. (86 pages)
5 16 Miscellaneous Doane Family Material, undated. (45 items):
  1. Lithograph of Greene's stone castle in Warwick, [R.I.], residence of Thomas Greene and descendants, 1660-1795; with genealogical notes of the Greene family on verso.
  2. Crest of George Sears Greene
  3. 5 miscellaneous poems.
  4. 12 pages of miscellaneous notes.
  5. 8 clippings referring to the Doane family
  6. 18 pages of nursery rhymes translated from English to French
    Early Papers of George Gardner, Daniel Gardner and Seth H. Terry (Documents from single accession 11007)
5a 1 George Gardner and Daniel Gardner Land Papers for transactions in Petersburgh,  N.Y., 1793-1845. (12 items)
5a 2 Deeds and Land Papers for Illinois Territory bounty land purchased by George and Daniel Gardner, 1818-1864. (11 items)
5a 3 Deeds and Land Papers for Troy, N.Y., properties purchased by Daniel Gardner, 1826-1863. (20 items)
5a 4 Correspondence of Daniel Hall, Troy, N.Y., and William Jacques, New York, N.Y., regarding real estate transactions in Troy, 1825-1851. (5 items)
5a 5 Correspondence of Daniel Gardner, regarding various property transactions, 1836-1861. (15 items)
5a 6 Correspondence of Henry Robbins, Troy, N.Y., to Daniel Gardner, regarding property transactions,  March-June, 1863. (15 items)
5a 7 Correspondence to Seth H. Terry from family and other authors, some regarding property transactions, 1863-1864. (19 items)
EL 1
  1. Deed in the name of Richard Gibson of Salem, N.Y., for bounty land in the Territory of Illinois, purchased from John Millar of Troy, N.Y., January 13, 1818.
  2. "Map of the Village of La'Grange, Schuyler County, Illinois," owned by D. Gardner, Esq., of Troy, and others, April 28, 1836.
  3. Letter from Daniel Gardner to Mr. A. Grimshaw, Pittsfield Pike, Ill., regarding his land deed, June 29, 1841.
  4. Indenture of lease document between William Coonrad of Brunswick, N.Y., and John and George Hanaman of Brunswick, N.Y., for 271 acres of land in Rensselaer County, June 23, 1841.
     Large Items
6 1 Daniel Gardner's degree and licenses: Union College diploma, 1817; four attorney licenses from 1820, 1823, and 1827. (5 items)
6 2 Engravings. (2 items):
  1. View of St. John's Chapel from the Park, drawn and engraved for the New York Mirror, 1829.
  2. Unidentified river and falls scene, undated.
6 3 Western  Photographs. (11 items):
  1. Mt. Gardiner (Sierra Nevada), [Calif.], taken from the divide between Granite Basin and Copper Creek, U.S. Geological Survey photo by Gilbert, undated. (8 copies)
  2. Mt. Gardiner by Ansel E. Adams, 8 in. x 10 in., undated.
  3. Monument Park, El Paso County, [Colo.], by William H. Jackson, undated.
6 4 Photograph from Professor F.V. Hayden's U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, by William H. Jackson, ca. 1871.  "Our Trail in West Galatin Cañon. 487."  (1 item)
6 5 Photograph from Professor F.V. Hayden's U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, by William H. Jackson, ca. 1871.  "176. The Riding Animals." (1 item)
6 6 Photograph from Professor F.V. Hayden's U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, by William H. Jackson, ca. 1871.  "217. Gardiners River Hot Springs. Diana's Baths." (1 item)
6 7 Photograph from Professor F.V. Hayden's U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, by William H. Jackson, ca. 1871.  Untitled. (1 item)
7   Family scrapbook of Anne Terry Gardner: containing Terry and Grew family genealogies; clippings and obituaries of family members; letters of Seth Terry to Anne Terry Gardner; Gardner and Grew genealogies; papers of Daniel Gardner; Coltman papers and letters; Anne Terry Gardner's remembrances of children; dried flowers and mementoes; clippings regarding Rev. Walter Clarke; a 1776 letter from Eliphalet Terry to his wife, Mary Grew Terry; sampler by Eliza Greene; silhouette portraits of Louisa Gardner and Anne Grew Terry. 
(1 item; 25 x 30 cm, 152 pages)
8   Scrapbook on James T. Gardiner: containing newspaper clippings on the Terry family; four letters by James T. Gardiner, 1849-1851, 1864; newspaper clippings on the U.S. Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel, U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey, New York State Survey, New York State Board of Health, the preservation of Niagara Falls, the Gardiner-Doane wedding, and James T. Gardiner's resignation as director of the State Survey, transcriptions of poems possibly by Clarence King. (1 item; 27 x 34 cm, 150 pages-about half blank, some loose clippings included)
9   Scrapbook begun by Anne Terry Gardner in April 1883 and continued after her death (May 19, 1883): containing clippings of family and friends' deaths and family news; clippings relating to Wendell Phillips, his death, and the death of his wife; clippings relating to the business of James T. Gardiner: State Survey, State Board of Health, and Niagara Reservation; clippings regarding legal cases of Eugene T. Gardner; fragment of Gardner family silk. (1 item; 19 x 25 cm,  84 pages, some loose clippings included)
EL 2 Broadsheet newspapers, some with reports on the Hayden Expedition and Indian fight, 1873, 1875. (5 items):
  1. Weekly Rocky Mountain News, August 6, 1873.
  2. Philadelphia Inquirer, September 8, 1875. (2 copies)
  3. Daily Rocky Mountain News, September 19, 1875.
  4. National Republican, October 30, 1875.
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