John Brees
Papers, 1685-1848


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Biographical Note:

John Brees, born in 1774, was a lawyer and sheriff (1815-1818) in Rensselaer County, New York.

Scope and Content Note:

These papers contain correspondence concerning John Brees’s career as lawyer and sheriff, and correspondence of Hendrick Bries and his wife, Wyntie, that concern business matters. These papers also include land titles and other legal documents relating to family landholdings in Hoosic [Hoosick] Patent, which is situated in the northeastern corner of Rensselaer County of New York State. Also in the collection is an inventory of the house furnishings of Anthony Brees, dated September 28, 1795, and the will of Anthony Brees, December 1, 1809.

Container List

Box Folder Description
1 0 Guide and card index to folders 16-20
    Correspondence, 1711-1848
1 1 Letters to John Brees, 1815-1817 (16 items)
1 2 Letters to John Brees, 1818-1819 (28 items)
1 3 Letters to John Brees, 1820-1829 (30 items)
1 4 Letters to John Brees, 1830-1835 (13 items)
1 5 Letters by John Brees, 1819-1820 (3 items)
1 6 Letters to Hendrick Brees, 1711-1753; mostly in Dutch (16 items)
1 7 Letters to Wyntie Brees, 1756-1770; some items in Dutch (10 item)
1 8 Miscellaneous Brees family correspondence, 1769-1848 (7 items)
    Hoosick Patent papers, 1739-1805  (folders 9-12)
A series of lawsuits by heirs of the purchase of the Hoosick patent.
1 9 Land titles, 1739-1753 (10 items)
1 10 Land titles, 1780-1803 (14 items)
1 11 Papers relative to Chancery Court proceedings of Anthony Brees vs. Daniel Bradt; includes a letter of Peter Yates to Anthony Brees, 14 September 1803; copy of an affidavit of Anthony Brees, ca. 1803; record of  the proceedings (25 p.) in the handwriting of Peter Yates, ca. 1803 (3 items)
1 12 Assorted legal papers relative boundary disputes and other claims, ca. 1780-1805 (11 items)
1 13 Letters of Peter Yates to Evert Yates, October 1824 (3 items)
1 14 Will of Anthony Brees, December 1, 1809 (1 item)
1 15 Inventory of household furnishings taken in Presence of  Anthony Brees and his wife, William and Angelica Cebra, and Peter Yates, September 28, 1795 (1 item)
1 16-18 Legal and estate papers, 1635-1832 (30 items)
Also some Jochem Staats material.
See Calendar below.
1 19-20 Contracts and deeds, 1738-1836 (25 items)
See Calendar below.

Calendar of Items in Folders 16-18

Folder Item Year Date Contents
16 1 1685 October 16

Mychiels[en], Cornelis. N[ew] York. Power of attorney to Pieter Woglum, junior, and Jan Becker, to manage his affairs in Albany. Mentioned: Myndert Fredrichsn Smith. Witnesses: Dirck Claesen, Willem hoppe, hendrick Janse Van Veurde. D.S. (copy) 1p.

On left margin: Recorded October 22, 1702, by Robt. Livingston, D. Clerk for the City and County of Albany. On lower margin: Affidavit as a true copy made before J. Borgardus, notary public, by J. Roorbach, copyist, at Albany, March 28, 1772. (In Dutch)

16 2 1686 July 2

Van (?) Scaick(?), Gisb[er]t(?), by mark. Albanij St[adt]. Transfer(?) of land near Albany to Ebert (?) Teunise (?) and others. Witnesses: Ebert(?) Ryckman Van Scaick(?), Tonij Sowt(?), ji. Van Sant(?) Groote(?), Sr. D.S. 1 p.

On lower margin, in reverse: Receipt to R(?). Sanderson(?) [probably Robert Sanders] by Nicollaes v. Saick(?) for payment on account. Alb[any], May 18, 1687. D.S. 1p. (In Dutch)

16 3 1692 August 2 [Sanderson, Robbert]. Albany. Deed to Reynier Barentse, late of Albany, deceased, of one-half of a parcel of pasture, land on the plain to the south of the city of Albany; and, the same having been willed by Barentse to his cousin Barents, elder son of Joachim Staats, and Barents being under age, title to this land is herewith transferred to his father for him; giver, recently of Albany, nowof New York. Former owner: Kilian Van Rensselaer. Adjacent owners: Casper Jacobsen, Evert Wendel, Senr., Goose Gerritse’s widow, wardens of the Dutch Reformed church. D. 2p. (In Dutch)
16 4 1695 March 5 Cuijler, Joh[annes]. Albany. Agreement to convey to Cornelis v[an] Schelluyne and Bastian harmens a parcel of land lying south of the city of Albany outside the fort on the road to the church; made by Cuyler for himself and as representing the claim of Reynier Barents; Cuyler’s title derived through Mynd. harmense, Barents’s through Robt. Sanderse. Witnesses: Johannis Rosenboom, Gysbert Marsellis. D.S., also by Van Schelluyne and Harmens. 1p. (In Dutch)
16 5 1698 August 2

[Sanderson, Robbert.] [Albany.] Deed to Reynier Barentsen, late of the city of Albany, deceased, for one-half of a parcel of pasture land on the plain to the south side of the city of Albany; and, this land having been willed by Barentsen to his cousin Barent,, eldest son of Jochim Staats, and Barent being under age, title to the land is herewith transferred to his father for him; the whole lot measures 49 rods southwestward, eastward 50 rods, southward 26 rods, and 14 rods to the north; giver, a merchant, recently of Albany, is now of New York. Former owner: Kilian van Renselaer [sic]. Adjacent owners: Casper Jacobsen, Evert wendel, senr., the widow of goose gerritse, and the wardens of the Dutch Reformed congregation of the city of Albany. D. 2(4)p.

Upper quarters split off and sewed together.

16 6 [17--] Before November 1 Advertizement [sic] of intention to survey, preparatory to division, a tract of land in Albany County called Cainskeek by the Indians and lying beneath the city of Albany on the west side of the River over against Claverack. Former owners: John Leite, John henrick Bruyns, Jurian Teunissen; later, John Van Loon, Joachim Staats, Joannis provost. Majority of present owners: Barent Staats, Abram provost, Jacob Staats, Ssamuel Staats, Abram Staats, John Schuyler, Jacob halenbeek, John halenbeek, Samuel Van Veghte. Mentioned: Ryer Schermerhoorn, Andries Coeyman, Cornelis van den Berg, John Collens; peter Kronk (Bronk?); Richard Nicolls, Thomas Dongon, governors of the province of New York. D. (copy) 1p.
Endorsement: ... Adversizement for dividing Lands at Loonenbergh.
17 7 1701 March 26 Bleecker, Johannis, mayor [of Albany]. Receipt to Gerrit Tunise, justice of the Colony of Rensselaerwyck, for £18, 6s, 6d, full share of the colony in the £2000 to be raised for His Majesty. D.S. 1p.
17 8 1701 October 24 Van Veghten, Johannis. Albany. Bill rendered Juffrow ver plank. D.S. 1p. (In Dutch)
17 9 1703 December 15 [Smith, Charlis.] Quitclaim deed to Capt. Gerrit Tunisse of Rensselaerwyck, Albany County, by Charlis Smith, his wife Alida Van Deyck Smith, and her sister Elizabeth Van Deyck, of a house and lot on Jonkers Street in the city of Albany; givers of Queens County on Nassau Island. Former owners: Elizabeth Beeck (Beech? Beck?) Van Deyck Bradshaw, deceased, late of the city of Albany, mother of Alida Smith and Elizabeth Van Deyck; Peter Jacobsen Marius, deceased, late of the city of New York. Adjacent owners: John De Bruyn, Harme Rutgers. Mentioned: George Bradsawh, deceased, second [really her third] husband of Elizabeth Beeck. D. (copy). 3p.

On pp. 3-4 and attached sheet: Copy of quitclaim for this property given in “the third year of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lady Ann” at “New yorke” to Capt. Gerrit Teunisse by Samuel Bayard, merchant, and Peter Wessells, mariner, administrators of the estate of Peter Jacobsen Marius, deceased, late of the city of New York; givers of New York city. Former owner: Elizabeth Bradshaw. Adjacent owners: John D. Browne, Harme Rutgers. Mentioned: Francis Salisbury, attorney; Lord Viscount Cornbury, governor of the province of New York. D. 4p.

[Elizabeth Beck m. (1) Capt. Sylvester Salsburg; (2) Dr. Cornelis Van Dyck, wid’r.;, s. of Hendrik , the schout fiscael; (3) Bradshaw]

17 10 1703/4 January 27

Teunisse, Arientie. Kingstowne. Deposition: A patent was obtained by Jan Bruyn, her late husband Jurian Teunnise, and John Cloet for a tract of land on the west side of Hudson’s River, Albany County, in the Great Plain; Myndert ffredrickse bought the one-third share of Jan Hendr. Bruyn, giving Fredrickse first possession of settlement at the Waterside called Klinckenbergh; it was agreed between her husband, Fredrickse and Cloet that Fredrickse should keep this settlement, and that Cloet should have a plain called the Rondeel instead of a waterside share; Cloet gave the Rondeel to Wyntie, daughter of Harmen Thomase. Mentioned: Jacob Casperson; Col. Richard Nicolls, governor of the province of New York. Made before: Wm. Nottingham, justice of the peace. D.S. 1p.

Endorsed: Deposition ... that ... Fredrickse bought the share of J.H. Bruyn in Loonenbergh.

17 11 1704 June 3 Van Veghten, Johannis. Albany. Agreement between Johannis and Volkart Van Vechten as to their respective shares in lands inherited from their father, Gerrit Teunisse Van Vechten, and held by him in common with Jon Dow and Claes Van Terbus(?). Witnesses: jeinkudert het klynne Eylau (Jan Coudert Eylau, junior?), Pieter van Brugh, Alexdar. V. Rensselaer, F(?). Salisbury. D.S., also, by Volkdert Van Veghten. 2p. (In Dutch)
17 12 1704 October -- D[e] Peyster A. New yorke/ Note giving security to Johann H. Van Vegte for goods sold his brother Cornelis. D.S. 1p. (In Dutch)
17 13 1706 April 24-28 Rynders, B. New york. Seven receipts to Joghem Staats for his share in various payments to the estate of Rynier Barents. Mentioned: Marten Cornelse, Jacob Janse, Jonas Volkerse, Jurian Van hoesen, Klaes Van petten, Melgert Wynanse, Pieter davitse. D.S. On 2p. (In Dutch)
17 14 1711 September 17 Lewis, Francina. Bond to Col. Joachim Staats, Albany County; giver of New York city. Witnesses: Stephen Richard, Thos. Stathaus. D.S. 1(4)p.
17 15 1722 October 2

Verplanck, David. Kinderhook. Business letter to --. Mentioned: Jan Rosie. A.L.S., also, by Samuel Ten Broeck and Gerret van denberg (by mark). 1p. (In Dutch)

Fragmentary; one piece does not seem to belong.

17 16 1765 April 22

Smith, --, junior attorney. New York. Summons to Jacob Van Schaick, Philip Schuyler, Johannes Vendel, Philip Van Alstyne, and Gerret Van Ness to give testimony in a suit for trespass and ejectment, James Jackson, plaintiff, versus Joachim Staats, defendant, to be tried at the city of Albany, June 25; dated in the fifth year of the reign of George the Third, king of England, etc. Mentioned: Daniel Horsmanden, chief justice of the province of New York. D.S. 1p.


18 17 1755 July 31 Douw, Volckert Pr., mayor. City of Albany. Certificate that an account book submitted to him for examination seems to be that in which Joachim Staats, Senr., kept his accounts. Mentioned: Capt. Myndert Schuyler, deceased; John Roorbach; Capt. Joachim Staats of the H---g [crossed out]. D.S. 1(4)p. Acknowledged October 7, 1765 before Abm. Yates, Sen. Alderman; witnessed by P. Silverster p[e]r (for?) paar Staats.
18 18 1794 January 7

Van Vorst, Philip, junior. Quitclaim deed to Joseph Osterhout, Kingston, Ulster County, New York, for two parcels of land about one mile and a half on the north side of the Mohawk River and two miles and a half from the town of Schenectady, Albany, County, begin (1) a tract called the Waterese Crupelbos, containing 83 acres, and (2) a tract on the north side of the road from Schenectady to Ballstown, containing 28 acres, 6s 10d annual rent being reserved to the trustees for the common land of the town of Schenectady; givers, Van Vorst and his wife Engeltie (by mark), of Schenectady. Witnesses: Judith V. Antwerp, Abrm. Oothout. D.S. 4p.

On back of p.1: Acknowledged by givers and by Judith Van Antwerp, witness, before Isaac Vrooman, one of the judges of the court of common please for the city and county of Albany, May 6, 1794.

18 19 1807 July 18 Schermerhorn, Daniel. Schodack. Appeal to Robert Woodworth, James L. Hogaboom, and Leonard Gansevort, Junior, three of the judges of the court of common please of the county of Rensselaer, against the proposal of Joshua Griffith and James G. Myers, two of the commissioners of highways for the town of Schodack, to lay out a new road through his improved land; requests that a hearing in the matter be held at Schodack Landing in the house of Abraham D. Schermerhorn, inn keeper, July 24, 1807. Mentioned: Arent Van Dyke, Cornelius J (I?). Schermernorn. D.S. 1(4)p.
18 20 1807 July 27 Ruggles, Edwd. Greenbush. Order to E.C. Genett in favor of Col. Phillip Staats. D.S. 1p.
18 21 1810 April 27 Spring, Samuel (by mark). Agreement with John Van Der Zee for his lease on half-shares for one year from May first of a farm in Greenbush: Spring retains half of house, barn and stable; Van Der Zee is to have the garden and pay half of the Patroon’s rent; etc.; both parties of Greenbush. Mentioned: Garret A(?). Lansing. Witness: Jacob Brinckerhof. D.S., also, by John Van Derzee. 2p.
18 22 1814 November 28 Mallory, Jas. Receipt to Jacob C. Lansing for $3.07, the price of 80 square perches of land in the north east corner of a farm of 55 acres in the town of Greenbush, sold for taxes due from John H. Van Rensselaer; giver is collector for the 9th collection district of the state of New York. Adjacent owners: Nicholas Smith, William Whitbeek. D.S. 2p.

On back: Assignment by Lansing of this title to Jacob G. Vandenbergh, February 13, 1818. Witness: R.L. McDonald.
18 23 1816 March 2

Brinckerhoff, --. Rough notes of Brinckerhoff’s instructions or report in regard to legal or business matters in connection with the drawing (transportation) of timber. Mentioned: Mahan, Gen. Van Allen, Hall & Newel. D. 1p.

Date is one mentioned in text. Top of document torn, but on back is part of a memorandum or endorsement: Afterwards Agreement made in writing ... 18 17 Ma ...

18 24 1816 September 18 Harrington, James. [Greenbush]. Agreement with Jacob G. Vandenbergh for sale to Vandenbergh of standing timber on Harrington’s farm. Adjacent owner: Abm. Herrington. Witness: Jacob Brinckerhoff. D.S., also by Vandenbergh. 1p.
18 25 1827 April 14

Bratt, Gerrit T. [Albany]. Agreement of Gerrit T. Bratt, for himself and Barnabas Bratt, James Bratt, Elizabeth McClallen, Daniel Bratt, Henry Bratt, and Catharine Bratt, children and heirs at law of Hendrick Bratt, deceased, late of the city of Albany, to sell to John I. Van Schaick, of the city of Albany, a farm or parcel of land in the town of Greenbush on the Papsknee Creek (including an island in the creek), containing 42 acres more or less; each giver to execute a separate warranty deed to Van Schaick in which his wife or her husband shall be included, the deed to be delivered in three months; givers also to have a survey and map of the farm made; and their present lease of the property to Sylvanus J. Penniman is to be assigned to Van Schaick. Adjacent owners: Benjamin Akin, Breese & Van Rensselaer. Mentioned: James McKown, E. Van Alen.. Witnesses: Benjamin Jesup (?), Isaac Van Schaick. D.S., also, by John I. Van Schaick. 3p.

On back: Receipt by Gerrit T. Bratt for Elizabeth McClanler to John I. Van Schaick for a part payment; dated at Albany, April 19, 1827.

18 26 1832 May 4 --, --. Albany. Check in favor of C. Hale drawn on the New-York State bank. D. (printed form) 1p.
18 27 1832 June -- Hoffman, L.G. Receipted bill to the Schodack Academy for printing certificates of stock. D.S. 1p.
18 28 n.d.   Memorandum of fines in the case of Sergeant Barant Frazon (Frazer?) and Private Peter Frazon; Obadiah Lansing’s court. D. 1p.
18 29 n.d.  

Richard, Paul. New York. Letter to Johannes Van Veghten: His sister, Frau Benjamin De Friess, is losing her sight and is likely to become dependent on her friends; she wishes to return to Albany; will her brother receive her, or does he prefer that her New York friends arrange for her care by a good servant – which will be more expensive? Mentioned: Dr. André Voer(?), Jennet LaVigh, Andries Doern. A.L.S. 2p. (In Dutch)

Tattered, in fragments, and partly illegible.

18 30 n.d.   Wendel, Evert. Opinion rendered to Pister Bronck on the legal position and capacities of a freed negro house-servant. D. 1p. (In Dutch)

Calendar of Items in Folders 19-20; Items 2, 6 and 9 file with Extra-Large documents

Folder Item Year Date Contents
19 1 1738 August 12 Bries, Hendrick. Bond to Johannis Van Veghte by Hendrick Bries. Barnardus Brat and Barent Van Bueren, jr.., for payment of his debts and maintenance. Signed by givers. Witnesses: Gerrit Ten. Van Veghte, Gerrit C. Van Den Bergh. D.S. 1(4)p.
19 2
1738 August 12

Bries, ,Hendrick. Deed of triple partition and quitclaims to a farm in the manor of Rensseler’s Wyck and to Creeplebush lands, all formerly owned by Johannis Van Veghte, mutually given to him by Hendrick Bries, Barnardus Brat and Barent Van Bueren [jr?]. After August 12, 1738. Signed by Bries and Brat. Witnesses: Cornelis Van Vechten, Rob’t. Sanders. Attested as a true copy by Abm. G. Lansing, Nov. 24, 1794. D.S. (copy) 5(10)p.

Half of first page lacking.

19 3 1752 April 15 Bries, Hendrick. Bond to Nickolas Cuyler. Witnesses: Jacob Vander Heyden, Junr., Mary(?) Van Der Hayden, Johs. Vanderheyden. Receipted in full, June 6, 1753, by Johs. Vanderheyden, attorney for Cuyler. D.S. 1(4)p.
19 4 1774 September 2 Bries, Anthony. Bond to Francis Winne. Witnesses: John J. Cluet, Peter W. Yates. Assigned by Winne to Yates, Dec. 5, 1774. Witness: Peter Tears. D.S. (by mark) 2p.
19 5 1783 October 27 V[an] Rensselaer, Henry K. Peppercorn lease to Anthony Bries of one-third share in a house and farm at Popsknee in Albany County. Witnesses: Cornelius Lansingh, Peter W. Yates. D.S. 3p.
19 6
1783 October 28 V[an] Rensselaer, Henry K. Deed to Anthony Bries of his one-third share in a house and farm at Popsknee in Albany County owned in common with Bries and Bernardis Bradt. Witnesses: Cornelies Lansingh, Peter W. Yates. D.S. 2(4)p.
19 7 1784 January -- [Bries, Anthony]. Albany. Complaint against John Wilson for non-payment of debt. Made through Peter W. Yates, attorney; Matthew Visscher for defendant. D. 1p.
19 8 n.d.   Memorandum as to the conduct of a suit for ejectment. Endorsement: S.V. Renss. Vs H.K. V.Ren. (Brees). Begins: All depends on the deed, 1787 – low meadow and arable land. D. 3p..
19 9
1799 July 22 Hill, Caleb. Lease to John Bries of a farm in the town of Greenbush, Rensselaer County: 4 acres. Signed also by Bries. Witnesses: R(?). Woodworth, Jo. Van Rensselaer. Print: Charles R. & George Webster. Albany. Encorsed: John Bries to Caleb Hill, 1799. D.S. (printed form) 1p.
19 10 1812 April 14 Bries, Anthony. Quitclaim deed to John Bries of a farm and the old homestead of Anthony Bries, deceased, town of Greenbush, Rensselaer County. Witnesses: Ab. Van Vechten, Henry Soucks. Mentioned: Edmund C. Genet. Print: Websters & Skinners, Albany. D.S. (printed form) 1p.
19 11 1811 June 5 New York (State). Governor, 1807-1817 (Daniel D. Tompkins). Albany. Commission to John Brees as quartermaster, 3rd brigade, cavalry. Signed also by Anthony Lamb, Dep. Secretary, June 17, 1811. Attestation to oath of office by Ruggles Hubbard, clerk, Rensselaer County, May 20, 1812. D.S. (printed form) 1p.
19 12 1815 June 15 Whitford, Edward. Bond as deputy-sheriff to John Brees, sheriff of Rensselaer County. Signed also by John Reeve. Witness: Charles G. Satta. D.S. 1p.
19 13 1818 March 3 Van Denbergh, Henry.. Bond as deputy sheriff to John Brees, sheriff of Rensselaer County. Signed also by John Witbeck, Jr., and William Lewis. Witness: Jonathan Witbeck. D.S. 2p.
19 14 1818 February 23 McDonald, Richard S. Bond as deputy sheriffs of Richard L. McDonald, Levinus Lansing, Abm. L. Lansing, Jacob C. Lansing, and James Adams to John Brees, sheriff of Rensselaer County. Witnesses: H.B. McDonald, E.W. Walbridge, Andw. Thompson. D.S. 2p.
19 15 1818 April 24 Phelps, Sam[ue]l T. Bond to John Brees, sheriff of Rensselaer County, in a case of trespass. Signed also by W[illiam] W. Pratt. Witness: Charles Martin. D.S. (printed form) 1p.
19 16 1818 August 24 Brees, Anthony. Assignment of estate to John Brees for the benefit of creditors. Witnesses: Anthony I (J?). Brees, John Herrington. Printer: F. Adancourt, Troy. D.S. (printed form) 1 p.
20 17 1819 November 29

King, James. Albany. Certificate to the appearance of John Breeese as a witness for Edmund C. Genet in the case of Henry James Genet and others versus Mathias B. Tallmadge. A.D.S. 1p.

King identifies himself as one of the masters in the Court of Chancery of the state of New York.

20 18 1819 March 13 Brees, John. Transfer to Michael S. Van Der Cook, sheriff of Rensselaer County, of prisoners in gaol. Brees acts as retiring sheriff. Signed also by Micl. S.V.D. Cook. Witnesses: A. Betts, I (J?). N(/). Brockway. Lists 42 prisoners with charges against them. D.S. 6(8)p.
20 19 1819 September 1 Adancourt, Francis Adancourt. Bond to John Brees for arbitration of disputes pending between them. Witness: Wm. McManns. Printer: Parker & Bliss, Troy. D.S. (printed form) 1p.
20 20 1824 April 1

Bratt, Gerrit T. Lease to Sylvanus J. Penniman of a farm in the town of Greenbush, Rensselaer County: 40 acres. Signed also by Penniman. Witness: John R. Fitch. D.S. (printed form) 1p.

On back: Assignment of lease by Bratt to J. T(F?). Vanschaick. Albany. April 19, 1827.

20 21 1827 May 26 Bradt, Barnabus. Quitclaim deed to John Bries by Barnabus Bradt and Margaret Bratt, his wife, in her right, to a parcel of land in the town of Greenbush, Rensselaer County: about 42 acres. Witness: Eben Adams, Joel Adams. Acknowledged by givers, same date, before Joel Adams as justice of the peace in Middlesex County, Mass. D.S. (printed form) 1p.
20 22 1834 January 18 Brees, John. Agreement to lease to Henry Goodrich land opposite the Greenbush and Schodack academy on the Rensselaer and Columbia turnpike: 4 acres. Signed also by Goodrich. D.S. 1p.
20 23 1834 April 23

Brees,, V.R.V. Promissory note to John S. Miller, Greenbush. Signed also by William Morrison (by mark) and H.J. Genet. Endorsements: John S. Miller, John Brees, Evert Van Epps, H.V.D. Van Epps (H. & D. Van Epps?) D.S. 1p.

Protest attached, signed by H[armanus] S[chyler] Van Ingen, notary public, July 25, 1834. D.S. (printed form) 2p.

20 24 1835 January 15 Brees, John. Agreement to lease to Henry Goodrich premises near the Greenbush church – the same rented him last year, except a lot sold to James J (I?), Lansing: 3 acres. Signed also by Goodrich. D.S. 1p.
20 25 1836 March 17 Goodrich, H[enry]. Agreement to lease from Anthony J (I?). Brees, R.W. Brees, Christian Brees and Jichorcum Brees those premises now occupied by him in the town of Greenbush formerly leased from John Brees D.S. 1p.


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