Alfred Billings Street
Papers, 1806-1906; bulk 1840-1880


Quantity: 12 boxes (ca. 4.0 cubic ft.)
Access: Open to research
Acquisition: Gift: Nina M. Wilson, May 1939; accretion from  Dr. M. Cox of Rensselaer Falls, N.Y.,[?]; accretion purchased from Dennis Holzman Antiques, January 2010
Processed By: Regina Berry, Student Assistant, State University of New York at Albany, October 2015

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portrait of Alfred Billings Street
From a portrait of Alfred Billings Smith in the NYS Library.

Biographical Note:

Alfred Billings Street was born December 18, 1810 or 1811, in Poughkeepsie, New York, the son of Randall Sanford Street (1780-1839) and Cornelia Billings (1782-1838). His father was a general in the state militia, serving in the War of 1812; he later served as a district attorney and congressman. Young Street received his boyhood education at the Dutchess County Academy. When the family moved to Monticello, Sullivan County, New York, he studied law with his father and was admitted to the bar.

In 1839 he moved to Albany, New York, where he established a law office, but, possessing little genuine interest in law, practiced for only about three years, choosing instead to pursue his literary interests. While in Albany he met Elizabeth Weed (1821-1905), whom he married on November 3, 1841. She was the daughter of Smith Weed (1755-1839), a prominent merchant in the city, and Sarah Fitch (1784-1871). The couple had one son: Alfred Weed Street (1844-1933).

As a young man, Alfred Street had developed a great love for the beauty of nature and took to expressing his thoughts and experiences by writing poems.  Writing poetry and prose about the beauty of nature and about historical events became his lifelong avocation. When he was 15 years old two of his poems, "A Winter Scene" and "A Day in March," were published in the Evening Post, a New York City newspaper.

From 1843 to 1844 he served as the literary editor of the Northern Light, a literary magazine published in Albany; he contributed several poems and articles.

From 1848 to 1862 he was the state librarian of New York State and was described as "diligent and attentive," spending much less time on his poetry during this period. He then served as law librarian until 1868.

His major poetic works began with The Burning of Schenectady, and other Poems, published in 1842. The London edition of Frontenac or The Atotarho of the Iroquois; A Metrical Romance, a long poem about the French Count de Frontenac, governor of then France, appeared in 1849, while the American edition was published in 1850. A book of his collected poems came out in 1848 and the poem Our State was published in 1849. Other works of poetry and prose appeared in these and the succeeding years, including Woods and Waters, or the Saranacs and the Racket in 1860 and The Indian Pass in 1869. He also co-authored the book Forest Scenes in 1860 to which he contributed a compilation of works entitled, "Forest Pictures in the Adirondacks."  Street later published a two-volume edition of his poetic works, The Poems of Alfred B. Street, in 1867, which included several patriotic works inspired by the Civil War.

Street also published, in 1859, The Council of Revision of the State of New York: Its History, and, in 1863, A Digest of Taxation in the States.  

Street died in Albany, June 2, 1881, and is buried in Albany Rural Cemetery in Menands, New York, alongside his wife.

Alfred B. Street was a highly rated "descriptive poet" in his day, ranking with Bryant, Emerson, and Longfellow.  He was often published in local newspapers and called upon to write verses or give speeches for civic events.  He was even quite popular in England.  One favorite topic of Street's was the autumn beauty of Sullivan County and his vivid depictions of the landscape may have helped promote the budding tourism industry there.  In 1874, a discussion of his merits as a poet appeared in Littell's Living Age, Vol. 122.external link

Scope and Content Note:

The Alfred Billings Street papers consist largely of manuscripts and newspaper clippings of Street's poetry and prose, of both nature and historical events.  Many of the poems were written about the natural surroundings at Street's home in the Catskill region of Sullivan County and trips he made to the Adirondacks. These poems include The Indian Pass; Woods and Waters or Summer on the Saranacs; Burgoyne; Lake and Mountains or Autumn in the Adirondacks; Trout Fishing in Sullivan County; The Willewemoc in Summer; Lake Mohonk; The Falls of Mongaup; and Sunset on Shawangunk Mountain. Also included are reviews of his work, advertisements for his publications, correspondence with family and publishers, notebooks, scrapbooks, and manuscripts of catalogs written by Street during his tenure as New York State Librarian. Papers added after Street's death include obituary notices, newspaper clippings about Street's life and work, correspondence and business papers regarding Smith Weed, and a few papers of Alfred Weed Street.

The collection has been arranged into four series: I) Biographical and personal papers, including correspondence; II) Published writings; III) Manuscript writings of poetry and prose, some loose and some bound; and IV) Papers from Street's tenure at the New York State Library.

Box and Folder List:

Series I: Biographical and Personal Papers
Quantity: 0.3 cu. ft. (Box 1, plus 2 EL Folders)
This series contains Street and Billings family history information and biographies of Alfred B. Street, as well as some of his personal papers, correspondence and obituary notices.  Also included are some early papers of Street's father-in-law, Smith Weed, one of which is a manumission document.  A few items belonging to Street's son, Alfred Weed Street, are in this series.  There are also a number of mid-19th Century photographs, though the only images that are clearly identified as being of Street himself are the engravings from his publications.

Box Folder Description
    Biographical Information
1 1 Street and Billings Family Genealogical Information, ca. 1889-1890 (12 items)
1 2 Papers of Smith Weed (father of Elizabeth Weed Street), 1806-1833 (6 items):
Includes a document of manumission for "Clara, a negro woman."
1 3 Published biographies of Alfred B. Street, (5 items):
  1. Information sheets from Encyclopedia of American Biography, n.d.
  2. "Our Contributors," Graham's Magazine. Philadelphia: August 1846
  3. "Alfred B. Street," American Literary Magazine. New York: December 1848 (2 copies; one with photograph)
  4. "Albany's Greatest Poet," The Argus. Albany, N.Y., December 23, 1888
1 4 "Phrenological Character of Mr. Alfred B. Street," by Margaret Thompson, n.d.
1 5 Alfred B. Street—Affiliations and posts (3 items)
  1. Certificate of Street's membership in Albany Gallery of Fine Arts, January 1, 1846
  2. Certificate recognizing Street's authorship of Frontenac: A Poem January 2, 1849
  3. Sullivan County Whig, March 2, 1849. Street listed as Justice of the Peace, 1835
1 6 Alfred B. Street—Appointment as State Librarian, newspaper clippings, ca. 1848
1 7 Newspaper clippings mentioning Alfred B. Street, his speeches and poems, n.d., 1902, 1906
1 8 Death of Alfred B. Street—Newspaper obituaries, 1881 (10 items)
    Correspondence and Personal Papers
1 9 Letters: Alfred B. Street to his wife, Elizabeth Weed Street, 1848-1864 (8 items)
1 10 Letter: Alfred B. Street to Walter Weed (brother-in-law) with poem, "The Golden Wedding," 1860 (2 items)
1 11 Letters: Alfred B. Street to publishers and others, some in draft form, 1848-1879 (19 items):
  1. To Richard Bentley, Esq., December 26, 1848
  2. To Jno. W. Hasbrouck, Esq., May 14, 1849
  3. To Jno. W. Hasbrouck, Esq. June 2, 1849
  4. To Jno. W. Hasbrouck, Esq., June 23, 1849
  5. To Jno. W. Hasbrouck, Esq., December 14, 1849
  6. To Jno. W. Hasbrouck, Esq., September 14, 1850
  7. To Jno. W. Hasbrouck, Esq., December 23, 1851 (copy with transcription)
  8. To Fanny, December 2, 1862
  9. To Messrs. Hurd and Houghton, July 28, 1869
  10. To Messrs. Hurd and Houghton, July 30, 1869
  11. To Messrs. Hurd and Houghton, July 31, 1869
  12. To H.O. Houghton and Co., August 4, 1869
  13. To L.M. Gano, Esq., November 25, 1873
  14. To E. Bliss Jr., Esq., May 3, 1870
  15. To Messrs. Littell and Gay, July 22, 1874
  16. To Prof. A.C. Kendrick, April 14, 1875
  17. To Messrs. Littell and Gay, January 10, 1876
  18. To Messrs. Hurd and Houghton, March 16, 1878
  19. q. To Wm. H. Bogart, Esq., March 8, 1879
1 12 Letters: Elizabeth Weed Street to family and friends, 1885-1898, n.d. (4 items):
  1. To Mr. Wilson, October 28, 1885
  2. To Mr. and Mrs. Danforth, October 8, 1889
  3. To Mrs. L.P. [Annie] Morton, February 11, 1898 (with copy of poem The Silver Wedding)
  4. To Laura, undated
1 13 Letters: Various authors to Alfred and/or Elizabeth Street (one with genealogical data), ca. 1860-1890 (9 items)
1 14 Invitation cards to Alfred and Elizabeth Street, 1850-1860 (3 items):
  1. Invitation and calling card from Mrs. Erastus Corning, ca. 1850
  2. Invitation from Mrs. Franklin Townsend, ca. 1850
  3. Invitation and calling card from Mrs. Eli Perry, ca. 1850
1 15 Photos of Alfred B. Street—copies of engravings from publications, n.d.
(5 items)
1 16 Carte de Visite Photographs, ca. 1864 (9 items):
  1. "Dudley Waller, The Infant Orator." Published by Mitchell & Seixas
  2. Dudley Waller, Fredericks Co., New York, N.Y.
  3. English Booth at the Army Relief Bazaar, Albany, N.Y.
  4. Unidentified man, by Senter & Fowler, Auburn, N.Y.
  5. Unidentified seated man, by Coddington & Davidson, Warsaw, N.Y., with stamp, [1864-1866]
  6. Unidentified seated man, by R. E. Churchill, Albany, N.Y.
  7. Unidentified standing man, by Churchill & Denison, Albany, N.Y.
  8. Unidentified man, oval bust portrait by Churchill & Denison, Albany, N.Y.
  9. Unidentified standing man, by S. J. Thompson, Albany, N.Y.
1 17 Cabinet Card Photographs, ca. 1870s-1890s (3 items):
  1. Unidentified man, bust portrait, no photographer name
  2. Unidentified man, with white hair and beard, by Wheeler, Unadilla, N.Y.
  3. Unidentified elderly man with white hair and beard, mounted, no photographer name
1 18 Newspaper clippings—Items of interest to Alfred B. Street, 1846-1869, n.d.:
  1. Poem "Beauregard"
  2. Articles about Indians:
  1. Name origins of northern New York
  2. More Indian nomenclature - Montreal Gazette - June 20, 1857
  1. Daily Knickerbocker, December 24, 1846, article on attractions of Albany
  2. The Citizen and Round Table, September 25, 1869, on life of Lord Byron
  3. The Home Journal, December 23, 1848, The Prayer of Love, incident in life of Cromwell
  4. Falls of Katrine
  5. How nature covers up battlefields
  6. Reputed sight of Babel
  7. Clipping of old poem on the Schenectady Massacre by Walter Willie, June 12, 1690
  8. Small newspaper clippings, with poems: "Grief, "Song," "The Infinite" and others
EL 1 Honorary degree, Nuremberg, Germany, 1861
1 19 "A Tribute to Alfred B. Street," by the Rev. E. B. Russell, August 1873 (copy)
1 20 Event programs, tickets, broadsides and clippings—Functions attended by Street or where his poems were read, 1844-1876, (15 items) including:
  1. Lecture before Albany Young Men's Association, subject "The Heroic in Human Nature," January 14, 1857
  2. Newspaper clipping, Albany Relief Bazaar, Albany, 1864. Street delivered poem at opening exercises
  3. Newspaper clipping on I.O.O.F. Celebration. One of Street's poems was recited
1 21 Publication notices for his works—Broadsides and newspaper clippings, 1840s-1860s`
1 22 Hand written glossary of "floriography," or the language of flowers, n.d.
1 23 Alfred Weed Street papers (son of Alfred B. Street), (3 items):
  1. Certificate of membership of in Albany Institute, February 18, 1873
  2. Wedding notices (newspaper clippings), 1876
  3. Letter: H. A. Street to Alfred W. Street regarding his enquiry about an ancestral grant of lands from King George III, August 1888
    Miscellaneous and Unattributed Items
1 24 Items of unclear relevance - contains several poems not written by Street, some newspaper clippings (one on Indian Nomenclature would surely be interesting to Street, but it was printed many years after his death), some printed poems, a calling card, a shoemakers advertisement, and some loose papers
1 25 Ledger book—Accounts from Russia, N.Y. (includes the name G. P. Comstock), 1851-1857 (1 item)
EL  2 Pictures and Illustrations (5 items):
a. Ballou's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, "Windsor Castle, England" shows Queen Victoria and Prince Albert entering the gate, n.d.
b. Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, March 7, 1857
  1. p. 211, Story of Mad Anthony Wayne's Assault on Stony Ct.
  2. pp. 212-213, pictures and report about a flood in Albany

c. Harper's Weekly, March 6, 1858

  1. p. 147, Sleighing on Broadway (N.Y.C.), picture on back article entitled "The Fitness of Things" announces the election of a new Regent of the University (New York - Albany) probably Mr. Street
  2. p. 152-153, Mammoth Steamship, Leviathan Being Towed to her Moorings, picture
d. Small newspaper picture of an old mill

Series II: Published Writings of Alfred B. Street
Quantity: 0.3 cu. ft. (Box 2)
Many of Street's poems, stories and addresses were published in the newspapers and journals of the day.  This series is mainly comprised of newspaper clippings of these works, and of the reviews written about his works, both positive and negative.  Also included here are his manuscripts for a number of public addresses.

Box Folder Description
2 1 Published poetry—Journal extracts, 1841-1893, n.d.
2 2 Published poetry—Newspaper clippings, 1850-1882, n.d.
2 3 Published poetry—Booklets, (2 items):
  1. "Dr. Palmers' Address and Mr. Street's Poem, delivered before the Pittsfield Young Ladies Institute." Albany: Gray, Sprague & Co., 1852.
  2. "Science; a Poem," by Alfred B. Street. Albany: Van Benthuysen, 1856.
2 4 Published poetry—"The Watkins Glen," Albany Journal, November 14, 1873.
(2 copies)
2 5 Published prose—Newspaper clippings, 1851-1891
2 6 Published prose—Journal extracts, 1852-1869, n.d.  (5 items)
2 7 Published prose—Scrapbook of clippings with loose pages, n.d., includes:
  1. "The Falls of the Bounding Dear"
  2. "A Christmas Skate"
  3. "The Snow Storm"
  4. "A Village Fourth of July"
  5. "Coit's Ridge"
  6. "The Old House by the Green"
2 8 Reviews and criticism of Alfred B. Street writings—Newspaper clippings, 1840-1878, n.d.
2 9 Reviews and criticism of Alfred B. Street writings—Journal extracts, 1846-1874 (4 items)
2 10 Title pages and contents list, 1845, 1867 (3 items)
    Historical articles and addresses
2 11 Newspaper clippings related to writings and speeches:
  1. Short history of the Old Council of Revision based upon Street's book of that title, n.d.
  2. "The Surrender of Burgoyne" an address delivered by Street on October 17, 1856 at Schuylerville, N.Y., Albany Journal, November 15, 1856.
2 12 Manuscripts—Speeches and orations, (9 items):
  1. Oration delivered at Monticello, July 5, 1830 (?)
  2. Oration, July 4, 1847
  3. An Inaugural Address, delivered before the Franklin Society, April 30, 1825 (2 copies in same Ms.)
  4. Unidentified speech (prob. Independence Day)
  5. Unidentified speech (prob. Independence Day)
  6. Unidentified speech (prob. Independence Day)
  7. Unidentified speech (part missing, prob. Independence Day)
  8. Unidentified speech (loose pages, prob. Independence Day)
  9. Unidentified speech praises American progress

Series III: Manuscripts of Alfred B. Street's Poetry, Prose and Historical Writings
Quantity: 3.0 cu. ft. (Box 3-11)
Street was a prolific writer as is evidenced by the quantity of material in this series.  Here are his manuscripts of works of poetry, prose and history; some that were published, others not.  Some writings are in bound volumes, some in notebooks and many are loose pages.  His works are usually titled, but few are dated. 

Box Folder Description
    Manuscripts of Street's Poetry
3 1 Early poetry, loose sheets, mostly untitled, n.d., (36 pages)
3 2

Poems published in 1846 edition of Street's poems (3 items):
a. "To E____" in Mrs. Street's writing (loose in folder)

b. Bound manuscript volume (without cover) contains:

  1. "The Settler"
  2. "Bunker Hill," a poem included in 1867 ed. of Street's poems (2nd version)
  3. On reverse: "Legal rights of a wife"
  4. "Tenant by the courtesy" legal rights
  5. "Power" legal definition
c. Bound manuscript volume (cardboard covers) contains:
  1. "A Day in Indian Summer" (2 versions)
  2.  "Moranna"
  3. "The Silver"
  4. untitled poem "stream of my birth …"
  5. untitled poem "The columned …"
  6. "The Falls of the Mongaup" (3 versions)
  7. "Brady's Leap"
  8. prose, on the Mohiccani Indians
  9. "The Wolf of the Shakaken"
  10.  On reverse: "Ulloah or the Pequod Chief"
  11. "The Sachem's Death"
  12. "The Forest Tree"
3 3 "Woods and Waters, or Summer in the Saranacs," published 1865, title page, notes and illustrations
3 4 Some poems published in Volume II of the 1867 edition of Street's poems, n.d.  (7 items):
  1. "Mark Darrow"
  2. "Our Union"
  3. "Summer Night"
  4. "Flag of the Eagle"
  5. "The War Bugle"
  6. "Woman"
  7. "Zeuxisand Parrhosius, or the Pictures"
3 5 Short poems published in newspapers, n.d. (10 items):
  1. "A Golden Afternoon"
  2. "The Hand", "The Brain"
  3. "The Heart", "The Eye"
  4. "Just After Sundown"
  5. "Summer Coming" (2 copies)
  6.  "The Sawmill"
  7.  "Meadow Wood"
  8. "Snow" (2 copies)
3 6 Young Men's Association of Albany poems, n.d. (2 items):
  1. Poem. Y.M. Association
  2. Ode on the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Young Men's Association of Albany
3 7 ["Woman"], poem delivered at [Woman's?] University, n.d.
3 8 Miscellaneous short poems (if or when published unknown), n.d. (33 items):
  1. "Acrostic"
  2. "Cattle Homeward"
  3. "Harvest Home"
  4. "Listening to the Robin"
  5. "Pictures of Winter"
  6. "Seneca Lake"
  7. "Sights and Sounds"
  8. "The Beaver Kill"
  9. "The Black Bear"
  10. "The Dock"
  11. "The Full Moon"
  12. "The Haystack"
  13. "The Heroic"
  14. "The Loon"
  15. "The Old Barn"
  16. "The Rapids"
  17. "To Elizabeth on her presenting me with a violet"
  18. "To Miss Anna C. Martin"
  19. "To Miss Weed"
  20. "To Mrs. Julia Dean Hayne"
  21. "Tune - Star Spangled Banner" (2 copies)
  22.  "Ah sweet Aline!"
  23. "Follows the lightning …" partial ms.
  24. "Our flame sinks in darkness …" partial ms.
  25. "Oh tell me not of bye-gone years …"
  26. "Over us bends the solemn night …"
  27. "The blushing rose …"
  28. "The head of the loon is a sable dot …"
  29. "The mountain frowns black …"
  30. "Time wages on its rapid tide …"
  31. "When heart and hope were young …"
  32. Poem on paper headed "Reverting to the name I had given the mountain I wrote the following lines…When winter comes with his snow and ice..."
  33. "To the great Medicine Man of the Pale faces," February 22, 1864
3 9 Unidentified short poems and scraps, also list of dates when certain poems were sent to the publisher, and where sent, n.d.
3 10 Various reflective prose pieces, n.d. (6 items):
  1. "Fate of genius"
  2. "Intemperance"
  3. "I am one of those curious old jokes …"
  4. "Poetry appears like an angel of light, …"
  5. "Reminiscences: The Soldiers Tale"
  6. "The Universal distribution of knowledge …"
3 11 Notebook bound with string, n.d.:
  1. List of laws, 1779-1785, N.Y. Legislature
  2. "In one of his splendid works Byron says ‘High mountains are a feeling…' " (pages marked with letters B-K)
  3. On reverse, a tale about nature [?]
    Manuscripts of Street's Prose Stories and Tales
4 1 Prose stories and tales, n.d. (7 items):
  1. "Cobb Lott"
  2. "The Coliseum," a tale of ancient Rome
  3. "Dusty Tin or the Liberty Drivers"
  4. Gorge and Mountain or a Tramp Through the Trees - a long prose woodland tale
  5. "The Hill Lot"
  6. "The Ice Freshet" (2 copies, labeled #1 and #2 on back in pencil)
  7. "The Indian Pass" (excerpts)
4 2 "Beverwyck," written for [The Albany] Argus, n.d.
4 3 "Gorge and Mountain or A Tramp Through the Trees," (draft mms. of a long woodland tale), n.d.
4 4 "Lake and Mountain, or Autumn in the Adirondacks" (partially burned), n.d.
4 5 Prose stories and tales, n.d.:
  1. "Jim Allthings"
  2. "The March of the Roman Legion," about ancient Rome
  3. "South Ridge" 
  4. "Sir Korn Cobb of Cobb Hill"
4 6 Prose stories and tales, n.d.:
  1. "Wild Lightning; or the Delaware Barrens"
  2. "The Delaware Mountains; or The Gnasher"
4 7 "Dark Dingle in Whitewater; A Story of the Upper Delaware," n.d.
4 8 Prose version of "Zeuxis and Parrhosius, or the Pictures," (partial mss.), n.d.
4 9 Plays and poetic dramas (bound volume and loose pages), n.d.:
  1. Phaysalias
  2. Burgoyne
  3. Constantius
4 10 "Nantucket and Siasconset," observations and descriptions, n.d.
4 11 Unidentified prose, first line, "It seems as if the mountain has been cloven asunder …," n.d.
4 12 Unidentified prose (loose pages, missing pages, may be more than one work), n.d.
4 13 Unidentified prose, parts of mss., fragments, n.d.:
  1. "All the yachts …"
  2. "An Indian …"
  3. drawing of an iceboat "Ice boat - an ice boat is a raft …"
  4. "On the shores of the Adriatic the wives …" Rep. [?]etch, December 11, 1868
  5. Chapt. III, The beauty of the morning …
  6. "The flora of Essex …"
  7. "To counteract Fraser, Morgan, …" (on Rev. War) pp. 63-64
  8. "When the terms of sale are agreed on …" law
  9. Listing of dates, volume #s - purpose unknown
  10. "But what heavy tread …" about ancient times
  11. fragment of poem, "… thing like the lightning charged the blaze"
4 14 Unidentified tale mixed with poetry, written in pencil on back of legal papers (difficult to read), n.d.
    Manuscripts of Street's Long Historical Poems
5 1 "Frontenac, or The Atotarho of the Iroquois," a tale of the Forest in 1696; In Cantos, with Notes by Alfred B. Street (draft copy), n.d. (200 p.)
5 2 "Frontenac" (final copy with preface), (was published in New York, 1849)
5 3 "Frontenac Notes," (part of above), n.d.
5 4 "LaSalle," historical poem (draft copy), n.d.
5 5 "LaSalle," historical poem (draft copy), n.d.
5 6 "The Revolution," historical poem (draft copy), n.d.
5 7 "Do-ne-on-dah or The Grey Eagle of the Iroquois," historical poem, n.d.
(2 copies)
5 8 "The Iroquois League," (draft copy), n.d.
5 9 "The Pilgrim Spirit," historical poem [delivered at Yale College Commencement, July 30, 1851]
5 10 "Ulloah or A Tale of the Hudson," historical poem (bound mms.), ca. 1827
    Manuscripts of Street's Historical Writings
6 1 "The Battle of Saratoga," paper read before N.Y. Historical Society, December 1, 1857 (98 p.) (Subsequently published in The Historical Magazine, March 1858; see Box 8, Folder 2)
6 2 "The Battle of Saratoga," (con't)
6 3 Historical writings, poetry, drawings, drafts of letters and historical data (notebook), 1875-1877:
  1. Draft letter from Street to Prof. A. Kendrick
  2. "May" (2 copies)
  3. "A Rural Walk"
  4. "Street Lightning"
  5. "The Old Basket—A Brook scene in Sullivan"
  6. "The Summer Shower"
  7. "The Panther Woods"
  8. "Twilights"
  9. "A Winter Scene," sent to Appleton's Journal, July 13, 1876
  10. "The Millpond"
  11. Draft letter to the Rev. W.H.H. Murray, July 5, 1877
  12. Battle of Saratoga, detailed notes
  13. Battle of Bennington, detailed notes
  14. "Synopsis of Burgoyne's Expedition"
  15. Unidentified letter, three drafts declining invitation to participate in Decoration Day
  16. Draft letter to Mrs. Sarah Eldridge Spear, April 22, 1875
  17. unlabeled poem about wars
6 4 Historical narrative on the American Revolution (untitled), n.d.
6 5 "Memoir of the centennial celebration of Burgoyne's surrender, held at Schuylerville, N.Y., under the auspices of the Saratoga monument association, on the 17th of October, 1877," by William L. Stone; published 1878. (Booklet, missing p. 1-84, 96-100, contains Street's poem "The Surrender of Burgoyne,")
6 6 Historical writings (notebooks and loose pages), n.d.:
  1. "Lake Champlain"
  2. Narrative on the American Revolution
  3. Synopsis of "Early Incidents of Albany"
6 7 "Savonarola," short paper with notes on Italian history, n.d.
6 8 Descriptive writing on rock formations in Essex County, N.Y., n.d.
    Bound Manuscripts and Diaries
7 1 Bound book, titled "Old Times & Pastimes of American Forest Sketches" by Alfred B. Street, n.d., 151 p., (missing pages 10-87), 17 x 23 cm, containing the following newspaper clippings:
  1. Alfred B. Street, biographical and critical notice
  2. "A Trip Through The Interior," criticism
  3. "Summer Fancies - No. 2"
  4. "Summer Fancies - No. 3"
  5. "Wild Kimball, or the Freshet"
  6. "A Walk to the Indian Mound near Albany"
  7. "A Walk near Albany"
  8. "Florence in the Fifteenth Century"
  9. "Mahingah - or the Wolf of the Mahiccanni"
  10. "Glimpses of the Early History of Albany"
7 2 Small booklet, light brown leather, with some handwritten poetry, prose, n.d.,
50 p., 9 x 15 cm
7 3 "The Saranacs," a prose tale on nature, n.d., 130 p., 17 x 21 cm (loose pages inserted)
7 4 "Ulloah or The Pequod Chief," an historical poem, n.d., 104 p.,
19 x 24 cm
7 5 "White Water or The Raftsman: A Legend of the Upper Delaware," a prose tale on nature, n.d., 120 p., 18 x 21 cm (missing back cover)
7 6 "The Manor House in Beverwyck, Dedicated to Hon. Stephan Van Rensselaer, the Present Patroon, with sentiments of the highest esteem and friendship," a poetic tale revolving around the old Van Rensselaer Manor house, "unfinished 1873," 59 p., 18 x 21 cm
7 7 Miscellaneous untitled poetry and notes on historical figures, n.d., 50 p., 18 x 21 cm:
  1. George Clinton
  2. John Jay
  3. Major Lewis
  4. D. D. Tompkins
  5. De Witt Clinton
  6. Joseph C. Yates
  7. Jonas Platt
  8. Jacob Platt
  9. James Kent
  10. Richard Morris
  11. John Lansing, Jr.
  12. Notes on legal reports
7 8 Volume containing (fragile condition, 18 x 21 cm):
  1. "Saratoga" historical poem, unpublished and unfinished, April 25, 1874
  2. "De Leon" historical poem, unpublished, April 25, 1874
  3. "The King Trout," short prose tale, n.d.
  4. "The Star," poem, n.d.
8 1 "Scrapbook," labeled in silver gilt letters, contains newspaper clippings of many poems, and some handwritten copies of poems, n.d., 25 p., 22 x 28 cm
8 2 Bound copy of "The Battle of Saratoga," with additions and corrections, printed in The Historical Magazine, March 1858, 18 p., 26 x 31 cm
8 3-8 Six small black leather bound pocket diaries containing prose, poetry, drawings and notes, 1859, 1878, n.d.
9 1 "Eaglepine Or Life in a New York Frontier Village, Vol. 1," a tale in poetry and prose, n.d., approx. 275 p., 20 x 26 cm
9 2 "Eaglepine Or Life in a New York Frontier Village, Vol. 2," a tale in poetry and prose, n.d., approx. 435 p., 20 x 26 cm
10 1 Notebook without cover (marked 3), early poetry, n.d., approx. 100 p., 17 x 20 cm
10 2 Notebook (marked vol. 4) with brown marbled cover, n.d., approx. 200 p., 16 x 20 cm:
  1. Untitled poetry
  2. "The Battle of Bennington," an historic poem on the Revolution
  3. "Fort Stanwix," historical prose tale
  4. "Iroquois," historical prose tale
  5. "Iroquois," Notes on the "Official names of the Iroquois"
  6. Untitled prose, on Tapper's Lake
  7. "The Parthenon," prose tale on Greece
  8. Untitled prose, on nature
  9. "The Brain," a poem
  10. Untitled prose
10 3 Notebook (marked vol. 5) with brown and blue marbled cover, n.d.,  approx. 200 p., 18 x 21 cm:
  1. Untitled poems
  2. "Reds of the West," a poem
  3. An untitled prose tale from front to back then turn book backwards and it continues
10 4 Notebook (marked vol. 6) with multicolor cover, n.d.,  approx. 200 p., 17 x 21 cm: contains poetry, including ms. of published poem "The Mountain Raven" (list of other poems in book itself)
10 5 Notebook (marked vol. 7) with cardboard cover, n.d., approx. 100 p., 17 x 22 cm: early poetry
10 6 Bound manuscripts, "Wild Stories of Wild People," n.d., approx. 500 p., 20 x 27 cm:
  1. "Dick Stein, or The Scout of Beaverwyck; A Tale of Ancient Albany"
  2. "Foaming Rift; or The Delaware Raftsman" (newspaper clipping)
  3. "The Robbers' Cave"
  4. "Wild Lightning"
  5. "The Gnasher" (newspaper clipping)
  6. "Rippledash Tim"
  7. "The Black Spectre of Bethel"
  8. "The Totem" (newspaper clipping)
11 1 Notebook manuscript, "Who Killed Him? Or the Mystery of the Upper Neversink," n.d., approx. 100 p., 20 x 26 cm
11 2 Bound manuscript, "The Camp Fire or Autumn Days in the Adirondacks," n.d., 488 p., 18 x 22 cm
11 3-7 Five partial manuscripts, untitled, missing one or both covers, one with loose pages, 1859, n.d.,

Series IV: Papers from Street's Tenure at the New York State Library
Quantity: 0.3 cu. ft. (Box 12)
Street was appointed state librarian of New York State in 1848, in which capacity he served until 1862, then becoming the law librarian in the New York State Library, a post he held until 1868.  These papers are mainly catalogs and lists.

Box Folder Description
12 1 Catalogue of Books, Maps [etc.] added to the State Library, January 1851-January 1852 (law books, partial document)
12 2 Catalogue for the year 1852, commencing January 1st (law books, first page only)
12 3 Catalogue of Additions to the [Law Department] of the State Library, 1857 (handwritten manuscript in poor condition)
12 4 Manuscript of A Digest of Taxation in the States, published in 1863, (many pages missing)
12 5 Addenda of Law Books to December 1, 1864 (pages missing)
12 6 Index to the Addendum of Law Books brought down to January 1, 1865
12 7 Statute Law and State Papers—Addendum to January 1, 1865
12 8 Untitled Booklist [Legal reference?], ca. 1865
12 9 Additions to the Law Department of the State Library, January 1, 1865 - March 1, 1866
12 10 List of Deficiencies in Documents of the United States existing in the State Library, ca. 1867
12 11 Untitled reference list by legal topic, p. 1-45, n.d.
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