Souvenir Photo Views, Howe Caverns
ca. 1940


Quantity: 20 black-and-white photographs (5 x 7 cm.) with original mailing wrapper
Access: Open to research
Acquisition: Transfer from Postcard Collection (QC16510), June 2010
Processed By: Manuscripts and Special Collections, June 2010


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Scope and Content Note:

This collection of photographs depicts the rock formations, waterways, cascades, and other natural features of Howe Caverns, which is located in Schoharie County, New York. Also included is the original wrapper that was used for mailing these photographs.

List of Photographs:

Item Caption / [Description]
1 The lodge over the entrance to Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Two- and three-story, multi-gabled building with dormers]
2 Underground boating and natural pillar, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Several people in a boat]
3 The witches of the grottoes, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Rock formation]
4 Chinese Pagoda in Titan's Temple, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Rock formation]
5 The Chinese Pagoda, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Close-up of the pagoda]
6 The Golden Cascade and Natural Bridge, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Bridge has guard rails running along its top; cascade is below bridge]
7 Boating on the Lagoon of Venus, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Several people in a boat]
8 Pool of Siloam and entrance to Cathedral Archway, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Guard rail runs along the pool]
9 Leaning Tower of Pisa and steps to the Bridal Altar, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Rock formations]
10 A bit of the Winding Way, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Trail through narrow, twisting, final segment of the tour]
11 Niobe or the Broken Idol, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Close-up of the rock formation]
12 The Kissing Bridge, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Rock formation]
13 Home of the Fairies and the Inverted Village, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Rock formations]
14 The Great Beehive, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Rock formation]
15 Bridge over chasm and under Balance Rock, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Bridge has guard rails]
16 The Bishop's Pulpit, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Rock formation]
17 The Bridal Altar, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Calcite heart cut from a piece of calcite found in a stream in the caverns]
18 Telephoning at head of underground lake, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [In foreground a tour guide is using telephone; behind him a line of visitors is entering the caverns.]
19 The Glacier, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Rock formation]
20 The Pipe Organ, Howe Caverns, N.Y. / [Rock formation]
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