Collection of Photographic Prints Related to Liberty, N.Y.
ca. 1900


Quantity: 14 black-and-white photographs, each 13 x 17.5 cm.
Access: Open for research.  Library does not own photonegatives.
Restrictions: White cotton gloves must be worn when handling photographs.  Library does not own copyright. 
Acquisition: Purchase, Mrs. Hudson's, November 2001
Processed By: Vicki Weiss, Senior Librarian, Manuscripts and Special Collections, 2010

Scope and Content Note:

This collection of photographs of scenes in Liberty, Sullivan County, New York, were, according to information supplied by the dealer, made from glass negatives. Eleven of the photographs were taken during a parade and show floats and people dressed in their best clothes; the other three photographs appear to have been taken after a fire. Names of businesses can be seen on buildings in the background of several of the pictures. Some of the information in the descriptions was taken from notes attached to the photographs.

Photo Number Description
1 Float with a patriotic theme parked on a dirt street in front of a three-story building. The float is a wagon, pulled by two decorated horses; several women dressed in white dresses and a few men are sitting on the float; one woman is holding an American flag; a sign painted on fence behind the wagon reads: "aut[os] to hire"; sign on hidden building: "A.F. Armstrong Printing Office."
2 Women's Christian Temperance Union float pulled by two horses
3 Two little girls in a decorated four-wheeled pony cart parked on a dirt street; several houses in background
4 Cinderella-style shoe depicting "Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" float passing the reviewing stand; photo taken from above and behind reviewing stand. The float is being pulled by two horses; several horses pulling buggies and a couple "horseless carriages" are in the background. Signs on buildings: "H.J. Sarles Co. Department Store," "The Photoplay Theatre," "Fresh and Salt Meats" and "Milspaugh & Co. Pure Drugs and Chemicals."
5 Two women in a four-wheeled horse-drawn cart passing the reviewing stand; photo taken from same spot as Photo 4; same background as Photo 4
6 Float with a Japanese theme passing the reviewing stand; photo taken from same spot as Photos 4 and 5; same background as Photos 4 and 5
7 Several women wearing white dresses and black hats and holding bouquets sitting on top of a stagecoach being pulled by four horses
8 Three girls, two of whom hold parasols, and one man, all in white attire, sitting in an automobile that is almost completely covered with decorative bunting
9 Four-wheeled carriage, labeled Poel[l]man Ho[u]se, being pulled by two horses. The carriage sports a patriotic theme, with Uncle Sam sitting next to a man holding a very large American flag and a statue of an American eagle fastened to the top of the carriage. [Note says the hotel is now the home of the Liberty Museum & Arts Center.]
10 Float pulled by two horses carrying a small "sailboat" in which are sitting several women and one man. A man dressed in a white suit and hat is holding the reins of the horses; the float is parked in front of building with a sign reading "Bakery & Confectionery"; in the background is a building with a sign reading "Restaurant."
11 21 men (firemen in dress uniform?) standing in line, facing front, in front of two businesses: "M. Roth Manuf. of Cigars" and "Liberty Register" [Note attached says the Register closed in 1971]
12 Large gathering of people in the street near the H.J. Sarles Department Store
13 Street scene after a fire. Several men are milling about on the sidewalk and street on the right; a two-horse fire engine is on left. Signs on buildings: "Boston Candy Kitchen," "M. Shwartz Clothier [Manufacturer]"; "Gas St[ation]."
14 One policeman (?) stands with about two dozen tired-looking men, who have probably just put out a fire. A few of the men are holding fire-fighting equipment and one is holding a dog.
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