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Lyall D. Squair
Teddy Roosevelt Postcard Collection

Quantity: 742 Items (3 Boxes)
Access: Open to Research
Acquisition Deed of Gift from Lyall A. Squair, December 1998
Processed By: Fred Bassett, Senior Librarian, Manuscripts and Special Collections, December 1999

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Scope and Contents Note:

This collection consists chiefly of picture postcards relating to the public life and caricature of Theodore Roosevelt. Included here are many personal and family portraits, views of his homes and haunts; political campaign rallies, Rough Rider expeditions, and his African safari. Also included are many cartoon caricatures of Roosevelt, especially in regards to his famous expression: "delighted!" The "Teddy Bear" motif that was popularized by Teddy Roosevelt is the subject of almost half the cards in this collection. Most depict bears engaged in human activities. In essence this collection is useful for studying popular culture in the United States prior to the First World War.

Item Description
Theodore Roosevelt. Portrait. F.H. ALT. 1909. 
Theodore Roosevelt. Portrait. Schiender Paper Co., Austin, Minn. May 31/June 4, 1907. 
"A Square Deal for Every Man. Theodore Roosevelt" Rotograph Co., N.Y., F2000/5. 
"A Square Deal for Every Man. Theodore Roosevelt" Rotograph Co., N.Y. FL225/B. Nov. 8, 1908. 
"Theodore Roosevelt" [Portrait]. Souvenir Postcard Co., N.Y. copyright 1904. 
Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt within an embossed silk image of the American Flag. May Ettlinger & Co., Ltd., London & New York. 
"Theodore Roosevelt. President of the United States" Arthur Livingston, Publisher, New York City. 
"Roosevelt and King Edward" [Portraits surrounded by flags of Great Britain and United States] Copyright by Illustrated Postcard Co., 1907.  
"Theodore Roosevelt. President of the United States." [Portrait]. Copyright 1909, Rockwood, N.Y.  
10  "President Theodore Roosevelt" [Portrait]. Franz Huld, Publisher, New York. No. 400. Copyright, 1904. 
11  "Theodore Roosevelt 1858" [Embossed image.] No. 402.  
12  [Same as item No. 11] June 24, 1908. 
13-16  "Theodore Roosevelt" [embossed illus.]  
  Item Nos. 17-22; Raphael Tuck & Sons' Postcard Series, No. 2333.  
17  "Theodore Roosevelt" [Portrait] 
18  "President Roosevelt in His Office" 
19  "President Roosevelt at Oyster Bay" 
20  "Theodore Roosevelt as a Rough Rider" 
21  "Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt and Her Daughter Ethel" 
22  "Miss Alice Roosevelt" 
23  "Colonel Theodore Roosevelt" [On horseback]. Souvenir Postcard Co., N.Y. 
24  "Theodore Roosevelt. 26th President of the United States. Has served since September 14, 1901." [Portrait] Published by M.T. Sheahan, Boston. 
25  "Theodore Roosevelt" [Portrait]. Copyright, 1909, by Detroit Publishing Co., [Detroit, Michigan] 6265. 
26  "A Square Deal to Every Man Big or Small, Rich or Poor," - "President Roosevelt". Copyright, 1907 by Underwood & Underwood, N.Y. - U80304. Published by American News Company, New York (Excelsior) 
27  Caption "1902-1905, 1905- " [Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt] [Illustrated] P[ostcard] C[ompany].  
28  "President Roosevelt". [Portrait]. Household Postcard Club, Topeka, Kansas.  
29  "President Roosevelt". Copyright Pach Bros. N.Y. No. 19 Foster and Reynolds, Washington, D.C.  
30  "President Roosevelt" [sculptogravures]. 
31  "Theodore Roosevelt" [Portrait]. Copyright 1904 by Pach Bros., N.Y.  
32  "Puzzle Post Card." Three-dimensional postcard that tilts to a portrait of Theodore Roosevelt of view of the White House. H.C.J. Deeks & Co., Patterson, N.J. 
33  "President Roosevelt, USA" [Portrait]. 
34  Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt within an "R" that features vignettes of New York City. Illustrated Postcard Co., New York. 
35-36  Same as above except vignettes of Washington, D.C. 
37  Copy of the Delazlo portrait of Theodore Roosevelt. The painting is now hanging in the Trophy Room at Sagamore [Hill], Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y. Dormand Postcard, Riverhead, N.Y. Chrome 
38  "Theodore Roosevelt" Portrait. Ullman's Frame Art Series. Ullman Mfg. Co., N.Y. 
39  "Set the boom in motion, from Maine to Frisco's shore! Reward Roosevelt's devotion with Four Years More!" Includes portrait. Ullman's Framer Art Series. 
40  Portrait same as item No. 39, but with biographical information. Ullman's Frame Art Series. 
41  Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt. 
42-43  "President Theodore Roosevelt." Copyright, 1966, Harris-Ewing, Washington, D.C. 
44  "Winner for 1912". Portrait. Campaign advertisement card. 
45  "Looking down P[ennsylvani]a Ave[nue] from 15th Street before the parade. In[auguration] of Theo[dore] Roosevelt." [Washington, D.C., 1904]. Photograph. 
46  Business reply postcard for Packet University Library Book Club. Nelson Doubleday Inc., Garden City, N.Y. Includes a small image of Theodore Roosevelt. 
47  "Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States." Portrait. A.B.H. Publication, Los Angeles, Calif. Chrome. 
48  View of the wax sculpture of Theodore Roosevelt at the National Wax Museum, Washington, D.C. Washington Novelty Inc., Washington, D.C. Chrome. 
49  Theodore Roosevelt at the inauguration of Tomas Entrada Palma as president of Cuba, May 5, 1902. Illustration by Guerra Hnos. & Co., Havana. 
50  "State Dining Room, The White House, Washington, D.C.," Detroit Publishing Co., No. 7699. 
51  United States Capitol Building with portraits of Theodore Roosevelt as Rough Rider and as President. Rose Company, Philadelphia, Pa. 
52  "The White House, Washington, D.C." Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt in upper left hand corner. E. Wheelock & Co., Peoria, Illinois. 
53  "President Roosevelt at Plattsburgh Barracks, Plattsburgh, N.Y." [publisher not indicated].  
54  "Reviewing the Rough Riders Brigade, Ocean Grove, N.J." Souvenir Post Card Co., N.Y. No. 3458. 
55  Theodore Roosevelt giving a speech at the Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, California, 1915. Realphoto. Cardinell-Vincent Co., San Francisco, Calif. 
56  Theodore Roosevelt at Camp Upton, N.Y. (Military) Realphoto. 
57  "Ex-President Roosevelt addressing a crowd in R.R. [Rail Road] Sta[tion], Haverhill, Mass." Reprint. 
58  "Special crate of Ordway pink meat cantaloupes being presented [to] Colonel [Theodore] Roosevelt, August 30, 1910. Ordway, Colo[rado]." Realphoto.  
59  "Waiting for Teddy [Theodore Roosevelt], Sibley, I[ow]a, September 3, 1910. Realphoto. 
60  "[Theodore] Roosevelt a Sibley, [Iowa], September 3, 1910." Realphoto. 
61  "Replanting the Original Naval Orange Tree by President Roosevelt, May 7th, 1903 in front of old Adobe and Campanile at Glenwood Inn, Riverside, Calif." Newman Post Card Co., Los Angeles, Calif. No. 5472. 
62  Roosevelt at Gray, Maine" 
63  "President Roosevelt at the laying of the Corner Stone of Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown, Mass." H.B. Dickerman & Son, Taunton, Mass. 
64  "President Roosevelt delivering address at the laying of Corner Stone of Pilgrim Monument at Provincetown, Mass. August 20, 1907." Published by Provincetown Advocate. 
65  "Presidents Roosevelt and Mitchell at Wilkest-barre [sic], Pa". American News Company, New York, N.Y. Lithochrome No. 10831. 
66  "Capitol Building, Lansing, Michigan." Tom Jones, Cincinnati, Ohio. Includes portrait of Theodore Roosevelt. 
67  "Theodore Roosevelt speaking in the Tacoma [Washington] High School Stadium to 40,000 People." Sprouse-Reiley Co., Tacoma, Washington, No. 14685. 
68  "Tomb of Andrew Jackson at the Hermitage, near Nashville, Tennessee." Davie Printing Co., Nashville, Tennessee. 
69  "President Roosevelt Speaking from Railroad Station, Bridgeport, Connecticut." I. Stern, Brooklyn, New York. 
70  "Theodore Roosevelt, Morrisville, Vermont, August 30, 1912." Realphoto. 
71  "Col. Theo[dore] Roosevelt addressing Residents and Friends at Oyster Bay, Long Island, [N.Y.]" Realphoto. 
72  Twin portraits of Theodore Roosevelt and his wife. Realphoto. 
73  "President Roosevelt viewing the Team, 1907." Oregon Trail Monument Expedition Post Card. No. 20. Ezra Meeker, Seattle, Washington. 
74  Same as item No. 73. 
75  Caption: "Main Street, Helena, [Montana]." Realphoto. Portrait of Roosevelt in banner of Lewis and Clark County Republican Club hung over the street. 
76  "Magic Moving Card. Our Next President … Pick the Winner and Chew Little Yara … and Wang … Bendixen Tobacco Co., Syracuse, N.Y." G. Felscuthal & Co., Chicago, IL. Three-dimensional images of William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. Presidential election campaign of 1912. 
77  "When Teddy Comes in Camp" U.S. Army and National Guard Series. No. 20., D. Goldberg, Newark, N.J. 
78  Same as item No. 77 
79  "Theodore Roosevelt" The Rotograph Co., N.Y. Series No. A1. 
  Items 80-89 are Realphoto cards the Rotograph B Series. Rotograph Co., New York, N.Y. 
80  "Mrs. Roosevelt and Sons" B554 
81  "Roosevelt Family" B555 
82  "The President and Sons" B556 
83  "Theodore Roosevelt" B557 
84  "Theodore Roosevelt" B558 
85  "The President and Sons" B559 
86  "Miss Alice Roosevelt" B789 
87  "President Roosevelt" B2189 
88  "President Roosevelt and His Family" B2191 
89  "Mrs. Roosevelt and Miss Ethel" 
90-91  "The Portsmouth Drama". Rotograph Co., N.Y. Vignette of portraits of officials from the United States, Russia, and Japan who were involved in negotiating the Peace Treaty to end the Russo-Japanese War at Portsmouth, N.H., August 15, 1905. 
92  "Russian and Japanese Peace Ambassadors in Conference at Portsmouth, N.H., August 14, 1905…" Canney's Music Store, Portsmouth, N.H. 
93  "Michigan Agricultural College Semi-Centennial, 1857-1907, celebration, May 29-30-31, [1907]." Includes portraits of Theodore Roosevelt and J. L. Snyder. 
94-95  "Official Italian Earthquake Relief Memorial Card, December 28, 1908, American Italian General Relief Committee, World Building, New York." William S. Brewer, New York. 
96  "Bulloch Hall, Roswell, GA. Home of President [Theodore] Roosevelt's Mother, Georgia Building, Jamestown Exposition." 
97  "Pine Knot in Winter. President Roosevelt's Hunting Lodge nears Scottsville, Va." Idyalwood Studio, Scottsville, Va. 
98  [Theodore Roosevelt and his family]. Realphoto. 
99  "President Roosevelt and Family: Pride of Our Nation." The Bellman Association, Chicago. 
100-107  "President Roosevelt and Family". Illustrated Post Card Co., N.Y. 
108-111  "Alice Roosevelt [and] Nicholas Longworth". Copyright 1904, Pach Bros., N.Y. Twin Portraits. 
112  "Miss Alice Roosevelt [and] Congressman Longworth." The PCK Series. Twin portraits. 
113  "Marriage of Miss Alice Roosevelt and Mr. Nicholas Longworth, White House, February 17, 1906." Copyright, 1905, by P.J. Plant, Washington, D.C. 
114  Letter "A" vignette with portrait of Alice Roosevelt and views of New York City. 
115  "Mrs. Roosevelt and Daughter Ethel." 
116  "Christening the German Emperor's Yacht, Meteor". Franz Huld, New York. No. 258. 
117  "The German Emperor's New Yacht" Franz Huld, New York, No. 255. Includes portraits of Emperor Wilhelm II, Prince Henry of Prussia, Alice Roosevelt, and Theodore Roosevelt. 
118  "President Roosevelt congratulating his engineer and firemen after a fast run." Underwood and Underwood, New York and London, No. 514. 
119  "[Alice Roosevelt] in the Philippines. Arriving in Jolo." H. Hagaman Co., New York. 
120-123  John Geyer illustrations of wild animals along with quotes of Theodore Roosevelt. Separate illustrations feature a leopard, hippotamus, rhinoceros, and zebra. 
124  "The Strenuous Life" Trubador No. 3116. Illustration of Theodore Roosevelt after a lion hunt. 
125  "Strife: The law of worthy life is fundamentally the law of strife … Theodore Roosevelt." [Quotes in book Wright Scrift.??] 
126-127  Quotations by Theodore Roosevelt. No pictures. P.F. Volland Co., Chicago. 
128  "DEELI-GHTED" [Caricature of TR in Africa] Pingree & Bengel, San Francisco. 
129  Caption: "Teddy Roosevelt and family" Realphoto. 
130  Unidentified realphoto postcard showing men leaving a railroad car. One of the individuals may be Theodore Roosevelt. 
131  "Teddy No. 2. A Bold Warrior". Picture of a cat on a leopard-skin rug. 
132  "Teddy. Originator of Big Stick, Teddy Bears, Race Suicide, Strenuous Life, Square Deal." Caricature. 
133  "I Am Leading a Strenuous Life". Cartoon caricature of Theodore Roosevelt on a rocking horse. 
134  "Teddy Monk: Don't monkey with trouble 'til trouble monkeys with you." Caricature. 
135  "Funny Teddy Post Cards …" Adolph Selelige Pub. Co., St. Louis, Mo. Advertisement for post cards. 
136  "Something New on the String". Cartoon caricature of Theodore Roosevelt. 
137  "It's the Noise We Make for Roosevelt that Helps Win." Cartoon caricature. M. Periclat. 
138  "Don't be afraid Uncle - We'll get there all right." Cartoon caricature of Theodore Roosevelt and Uncle Sam. Fred C. Lounsbury. 
139  "If you need any help call us." Cartoon. 
140  "DE-LIGHTED to receive your good letter." "T.L.B." Hand-drawn illustration of Theodore Roosevelt. 
141  "A Rough Rider" U. Co., NY. 
142  "DE-LIGHTED" Keystone Post Cards Wild Animals" Series Number 80. Julius Bien & Company, N.Y. 
143-145  "Dee-Lighted" Caricature of Theodore Roosevelt. J.K. Howe Co., Chicago. 
146-148  "Dee-Lighted" Caricature of Theodore Roosevelt. 
149  "DEE-LIGHTED" Caricature of Theodore Roosevelt. 
150  "Delighted" E.B. & E. Large letter "D" with illustration of TR wearing Rough Riders hat and specs. 
151-154  Caricatures of Theodore Roosevelt by F.G. Henry Co., New York: "Our Own Comet"; "The Mighty Hunter", "As of Yore", The Crowning of the King." 
155  "You should take Teddy's advice." Cartoon. Leather postcard.  
156  "THE ONE BEHIND- "G'wan an' Shoot!" "Aw, chase yerself! I ain't no Teddy Roosevelt." Cartoon. Leather postcard. 
157  "Wishing You Roosevelt's Luck, Rockefeller's Wealth, Jeffries' Health." Leather postcard. 
158  Realphoto postcard of a painting showing all Presidents of the United States from George Washington to Theodore Roosevelt grouped together. 
159-162  "OUR 25 PRESIDENTS". Individual portraits of all U.S. Presidents from Washington to Theodore Roosevelt. 
163  "OUR 26 PRESIDENTS". Similar to above card with the addition of William Howard Taft. 
164  "The American's Choice, 1850-1904". Individual portraits of United States Presidents. 
165  Vignettes of Washington, D.C. and portraits of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Illustrated Postcard Co., N.Y. 
166  Portraits of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. Boston Postcard Co. 
167  Presidential campaign postcard, 1912, for William Howard Taft. 
168  "Our Presidents". Vignettes of U.S. Presidents from George Washington to Dwight Eisenhower. 
169  "Presidents of the United States of America". Vignettes of all presidents through Lyndon Johnson. 
  (Album No. 2) 
170  Milburn Residence, Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y., where President McKinley died, September 14, 1901. 
171  "Milburn Residence, Buffalo, N.Y., where President McKinley died September 14, 1901. (X) shows the location of the room in which he died." Lithocrome C. 3058. The Buffalo News Co., Buffalo, N.Y. 
172-173  Wilcox Residence and Milburn Residences, Buffalo, N.Y. Buffalo Morning Express - Beautiful Buffalo Series. 
174-175  "Wilcox Residence, Buffalo, N.Y., where President Roosevelt took the oath of office, September 14, 1901. H.L. Woehler, Buffalo, N.Y. and Dresden, Germany. Includes a portrait of Roosevelt. 
176  "Ansley Wilcox Residence, Buffalo, N.Y. …" Buffalo News Company, Buffalo, N.Y. (includes portrait) 
177  "Wilcox House, Buffalo, N.Y., where President Roosevelt took the oath of office after McKinley's death." (includes portrait) 
178  Same as no. 177, but without portrait. 
179  Wilcox residence, where President Roosevelt took the oath of office. 
180-181  "Ansley Wilcox Residence, Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y." S.H. Knox and Co. 
182-183  "Wilcox House, Buffalo, N.Y.," where Roosevelt took the oath of office after McKinley's death. 
184-185  Dedication ceremony of library building at Jordanville, New York. Theodore Roosevelt gave an address at the occasion. Real photos. 
186  "Episcopal Church. Church President Roosevelt attends, Oyster Bay, Long Island" Guildersleeve Studio, Huntington, Long Island [N.Y.] 
187  "President Roosevelt passing through the Canal Zone", I.L. Maduro, Jr., Photographer, Panama. 
188  "West chamber of Pedro Miguel Lock, Panama Canal", Valentine Souvenir Co., New York. 
189  "Culebra Cut looking south, Panama Canal", I.L. Maduro, Jr., Photographer, Panama. 
190  "Centre Wall, Gatun Locks, Panama Canal", I.L. Maduro, Jr., Photographer, Panama. 
191  "The Colonial Room, The Roosevelt [Hotel]… New York, N.Y.]" 
192  "Roosevelt's Cabin on the ranch near Medora, North Dakota. Where he lived from 1883 to 1886. 
193  "Theodore Roosevelt bidding [R.E.] Peary God Speed" Kawin & Co., Chicago. 
194  "Peary's Arctic Ship, "Roosevelt". 
195  "Steamer "Theodore Roosevelt," Chicago and Michigan City Line." V.O. Hammon Publishing Co., Chicago. 
196-197  "Steamer "Theodore Roosevelt," Chicago and Michigan City Line of Steamers." V.O. Hammon Pub. Co., Chicago. 
198  "Theodore Roosevelt Boat, Chicago." 
199  "S.S. Roosevelt and S.S. United States, at Michigan City, Ind[iana]." 
200  "U.S.S. Maine" 
201  "The Roosevelt Tree, Sequoia National Park, California." Real photo. 
202  Roosevelt Tree, Sequoia National Park, California. Cardinell-Vincent Co., San Francisco-Los Angeles. 
203  "Teddy's Delight" View of a tree. F.H. Wisewell, Phelps, N.Y. 
204  "View South from the Twin Cuts, Roosevelt Highway, near Wyalusing, Penn[sylvania]." George V. Taylor, Wyalusing, Pa. 
205  "View from Wyalusing Rocks Looking North." "Scene on the Roosevelt Highway near Wyalusing, Pa." Robbins & Son, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
206  "Wyalusing Rocks, Elevation 1175 ft., 505 ft. above water." "Scene on Roosevelt Highway near Wyalusing, Pa." Robbins & Son, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
207  "View from Wyalusing Rocks, Looking South." "Scene on Roosevelt Highway near Wyalusing, Pa." Robbins & Son, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
208  "Birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt, New York City." Real photo. 
209  "Theodore Roosevelt House, 28 East 20th Street, New York, N.Y.," Louis Dormand, Riverhead, N.Y. 
  Items 210-217 is an eight-card set titled: "The Roosevelt House, 28 East Twentieth Street, New York." Woman's Roosevelt Memorial Association. 
210  Front Fascade 
211  "The Hall and Stairway" 
212  "The Parlor" 
213  "The Library and View of the Dining-room" 
214  "The Dining-room" 
215  "The Bedroom, East View" 
216  "The Bedroom, North View" 
217  "The Nursery" 
218-225  "An eight-card set duplicating the views of the previous set. These cards were issued by Artvue Post Card Co., New York, N.Y. 
226  "Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace: The Dining Room". Keller Color Inc., Clifton, N.J. 
227  "Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace: The Bedroom in which he was born". 
228-232  "President Roosevelt's Home, Oyster Bay, L.I." Illustrated Post Card Co., N.Y. 
233  "Theodore Roosevelt's Residence, Oyster Bay, Long Island" Gildersleeve Studio, Huntington, L.I., [N.Y.]. 
234  "Sagamore Hill, Residence of Col. Roosevelt, Oyster Bay, L.I., N.Y." Photo & Art Postal Card Co., New York City. 
235  "Sagamore Hill, Home of President Theodore Roosevelt, Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y." Snouder's Drug Store, Oyster Bay, N.Y. (Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.) 
236-237  "Sagamore Hill - Theodore Roosevelt's Home, Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y." Artvue Post Card Co., New York, N.Y. 
238-241  "Sagamore Hill" Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y. The Residence of Teddy Roosevelt. Restored 1953." Louis Dormand, Riverhead, L.I., N.Y. 
238  Exterior View 
239  Exterior View 
240  The Study (interior view) 
241  The Dining Room 
242  "On the Road to Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, L.I.," Illustrated Post Card Co., N.Y. 
243  "Entrance to President Roosevelt's Grounds, Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, L.I., J.H. Randall, Importer & Publisher, Oyster Bay, L.I.. 
244  "Grave of Theodore Roosevelt, Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y. Snouder's Drug Store, Osyter Bay, N.Y. (The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.). 
245  "Theodore Roosevelt's Grave, Oyster Bay, L.I. Lumitone Photo-Print, New York, N.Y. 
246-247  "Roosevelt Hall, S.M. Roosevelt's Residence" PCK Series. The Smoke House, Skaneateles, N.Y. 
248  "The Roosevelt Tablet, N.Y.: In the Adirondacks" Adirondack Studio, North Creek, N.Y. 
249  Roosevelt Tablet. 
250  "Near Newcomb, N.Y." [Roosevelt Tablet] 
251  Entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, North Dakota. 
252  Theodore Roosevelt's Maltese Cross Cabin, Medora, N.D. 
253  Rough Rider Hotel, Medora, N.D. 
254  Bison in the North Dakota Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt National Park. 
255  North Unit, North Dakota Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt National Park. 
256  Painting of Roosevelt in the North Dakota Badlands. 
257  Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, American Museum of National History, New York City. 
258  Blue Room, Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana. 
  (Album No. 3) 
  Roosevelt and Africa. A Brilliant Panorama of the Mysterious and Dark Continent. Series A. A set of 20 cards published by the Post Card House, Springfield, Massachusetts. Box for the cards files before them in the collection. 
259  (1) Street Scene in Zanzibar. 
260  (2) Roosevelt Arriving at Mombassa. 
261  (3) Entering Mombassa Harbor. 
262  (4) Founding a New Mission. 
263  (5) Selecting Head Porters. 
264  (6) Roosevelt Going into Africa. 
265  (7) Arrival at Ranch. 
266  (8) Scenes on Uganda Railway. 
267  (9) Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. 
268  (10) The Heart of Game Country 
269  (11) Kermit Photographs His Father 
270  (12) The Camp at Kapiti. 
271  (13) Taming the Jungle Beasts. 
272  (14) Lioness Hunt, Kapiti Plains. 
273  (15) Signs of a Lion. 
274  (16) Lion Hunt on Athi Plains. 
275  (17) End of Lion Hunt. 
276  (18) Back at Nairobi. 
277  (19) Lioness Killing Zebra. 
278  (20) Kermit Roosevelt's Narrow Escape. 
  Roosevelt in Africa… Series B. Sequel to previous set. Cards numbered 21-40. Box for the cards files before them in the collection. 
279  (21) Curing the Skins. 
280  (22) Fine Hunting. 
281  (23) Viewing the carcass. 
282  (24) In the Lion's Lair. 
283  (25) Trophies of a Big Hunt. 
284  (26) Masai Killing Castle. 
285  (27) Tales of Hunting Exploits. 
286  (28) Difficulties of Hunting Elephants. 
287  (29) Killing Crocodiles. 
288  (30) Hippopotami and Their Habits. 
289  (31) To Kill a Hippopotamus. 
290  (32) Hunters' Camp in Jungle. 
291  (33) Horrible Custom. 
292  (34) Women Kill Hippopotami. 
293  (35) Kavirondo Women Taking a Sun Bath. 
294  (36) Native Maidens of a Jungle Village. 
295  (37) Curious Native Dances. 
296  (38) Huge Water Buck for the Feast. 
297  (39) Modes of Travel. 
298  (40) A Native Village 
  A Trip through the Wilds of Africa on Postcards. Twenty-five realistic scenes in the country visited by Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt, H.L. Mintz, Chicago (2 duplicate sets). Box for the cards files before them in the collection. 
299  (1) The Tiger. 
300  (2) Tiger and Cobra. 
301  (3) African Types. 
302  (4) The African Elephant. 
303  (5) The Rhinoceros. 
304  (6) The Parrot 
305  (7) The Crocodile 
306  (8) The Hyena 
307  (9) The Chimpanzee 
308  (10) The Ostrich 
309  (11) The Leopard 
310  (12) The Lion 
311  (13) The Wart Hog 
312  (14) The Gnu 
313  (15) The Elephant 
314  (16) The Jackal 
315  (17) Lion Hunt 
316  (18) The Gorilla 
317  (19) The Camel 
318  (20) Illustration on reverse side shows how civilization enters upon these wild regions of Africa … 
319  (21) The Giraffe 
320  (22) The Antelope 
321  (23) Hippopotamus 
322  (24) The African Buffalo 
323  (25) The Guagga 
(324-340)  "Roosevelt Tour" Series published by Arthur Capper, Topeka, Kansas 
324  Roosevelt Expedition 
325  Signal Hill, Gibraltar 
326  View of Cairo, Egypt 
327  Lions of Uganda 
328  On the Alert [Lion Scene] 
329  Lion Hunter's Lookout 
330  A Fallen Monarch [Elephant] 
331  Tsavo Bridge [Uganda] 
332  Caravan on the March 
333  Hippopotamus in the Swamp 
334  The King of the Masai Velt [Lion Scene] 
335  Hunting Big Game 
336  Rhinoceros at Rest. 
337  The Tropic Jungle. 
338  Zebras and Gnus 
339  A Sleeping Crocodile 
340  Flamingoes on Lake Hannington 
341  "Good Bye Teddy". Bear card with portraits of Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. 
342  "Hello Bill!" "We Love Bill, Possum…" (Possum holds the Flag of the United States). 
343  "A Rough Rider" Theodore Roosevelt caricature Raphael Tuck and Sons "Gassaway Series no. 6667. 
344  Cracker Jack Bears no. 12 
345  Cracker Jack Bears no. 15 
  (Album No. 4) 
  Roosevelt Bear Series of illustrated postcards by various artists. 
346  (1) Roosevelt Bears at Home. 
347  (2) Roosevelt Bears Go Aboard the Train. 
348  (3) Roosevelt Bears in a Sleeping Car. 
349  (4) Roosevelt Bears on a Farm. 
350  (5) Roosevelt Bears at a Country School. 
351  (6) Roosevelt Bears at the Country School. 
352  (7) Roosevelt Bears Leaving the Balloon. 
353  (8) Roosevelt at the Tailor's. 
354  (9) Roosevelt Bears in the Department Store. 
355  (10) Roosevelt Bears at Niagara Falls. 
356  (11) Roosevelt Bears at the Boston Public Library. 
357  (12) Roosevelt Bears Take an Auto Ride. 
358  (13) Roosevelt Bears at Harvard. 
359  (14) Roosevelt Bears on the Iceberg. 
360  (15) Roosevelt Bears in New York City. 
361  (16) Roosevelt Bears at the Circus. 
362  (17) Roosevelt Bears out West. 
363  (31) Roosevelt Bears as Hunters. 
364  (32) Roosevelt Bears as Washington. 
365  Roosevelt Bears (no. 17 of a different series) 
  Thomas F. Schweitzer series of postcards featuring the Roosevelt Bears. 
366  The Roosevelt Bears leave their Mountain Home (TFS-4) 
367  The Roosevelt Bears at the County Fair (TFS-5) 
368  The Roosevelt Bears Arrive in Boston (TFS-6) 
369  The Roosevelt Bears at Harvard (TFS-7) 
370  The Roosevelt Bears in Paris (TFS-8) 
371  The Roosevelt Bears see the Wax Musee: Roosevelt Bears, Buster Brown, and Tige (TFS-9) 
372  The Roosevelt Bears see the Wax Musee: Buster Brown Resolution (TFS-10) 
373  "NOT YET, BUT SOON…" Stork and teddy bear illustration on leather postcard stock. 
374  Paper version of the previous item. 
375  "A substitute" Stork and teddy bear. 
376  "Here's to your health. Jan. 1st." Polar bears celebrating over a bottle of wine. 
377  "Jan. 1st. Wish You Good Luck." Polar bear. 
378  "A Greeting of Jan. 1st." Polar bear. 
379  Same as 378. 
380  "Can you guess the one I love…" Bear hugging a woman. 
381  Valentine's Day greeting showing a bear and little girl embracing. 
382  Valentine's Day greeting showing a black child with bear cub and puppy dog. Raphael Tuck and Sons, London. 
383  "Won't you Bee My Honey … I cannot Bear to Love you. Valentine's Day Greeting showing a bear with a jar of honey. Raphael Tuck & Sons, London. 
384  "To My Valentine…" Teddy bear in a heart. 
385  "A HAPPY EASTER TO YOU." A Bear with a chicken hatching from an egg. Raphael Tuck & Sons Easter Post Cards Series No. 1042. 
386  "Wishing you a bright and happy Easter". Teddy bear and chickens. 
387  "A Merry Christmas" child looking at Teddy bear and toy drum by a Christmas Tree. 
388  "The Seasons Greetings" Teddy Bear with holly. 
389  Same as 388 
390  "With Best Wishes." Teddy Bear holding holly. 
391  "I know that I could bear the bliss if you'd give me a Christmas Kiss!" Teddy bear illustration. 
392  "With my very best bow and my very best smile, I bring my MERRY CHRISTMAS wish to you in proper style." Teddy bear holding a gift box. 
393  "Its just barely possible of Christmas Day…" A teddy bear carrying a Christmas tree. 
394  "A Friendly Greeting…" Same illustration as 393. 
395  "Hereon I send a greeting kind so CHRISTMAS DAY you'll know with love I bear my friends in mind wherever I may go …" Illustration of bear with a wreath at sunrise. 
396  Happy New Year. There's trouble bruin if you don't write me this New Years!" Illustration same as 395. 
397  "Good wishes at New Years…" Illustration same as 393 and 394. 
398-399  "XMAS GREETINGS" Teddy bear driving a sled loaded with holly and toys. International Art Publishing Co., New York and Berlin. 
400  [Christmas]. Illustration of an automobile driven by a teddy bear. International Art Publishing Company, New York and Berlin. 
401  "Christmas Greeting" Illustration of a child mailing letters. 
402  "A Merry Christmas" Christmas tree ornaments, including teddy bears. 
403  "Boldog Karacsonyi unnepeket". Little girl and a teddy bear in the lap of her mother sitting by a Christmas tree. (Danish?) 
404  "Hearty Christmas Greetings …" Illustration of a child with Teddy Bear and other toys." 
405  "A Merry Christmas" Illustration of children and various toys. 
406-407  "A Merry Christmas" Embossed illustration of a bear hanging Christmas stockings. 
408-409  "A Merry Christmas" Embossed illustration of a bear decorating a Christmas tree. 
  Seasons Greetings: Set of six cards copyright 1982 by Merrimack Publishing Co., New York. 
410  Dancing bear playing cymbals. 
411  Dancing bear holding a baton. 
412  Dancing bear playing the drum. 
413  Dancing bear playing the trumpet. 
414  Dancing bear playing the triangle. 
415  Dancing bear playing the tuba. 
416-420  Group of quotation cards with velvet Teddy Bears affixed to paper backing. Various quotations appear on the front. All by the same unidentified printer. 
421  Illustration of bears with hunting rifles in the woods. George V. Miller & Co. Publishers, Scranton, Pa. 
422  "Bare Teddy: Teddy Bear. Illustration of a naked child with a Teddy Bear. 
423  Caricature of Teddy Roosevelt and a Teddy Bear on a mechanical see-saw affixed to a postcard. K. & B. D. no. 335. 
424  "Moving Day in Possum-Town". Illustration of two possums walking on a path towards Washington, D.C. The opossums are caricatures of President William Howard Taft and V.P. James Sherman. 
425  "The Only Possum That Escaped". Illustration of three opossums and caricature Teddy Roosevelt leaving Washington, D.C. 
426  "Dear . Am unavoidably detained: cannot possumbly [sic] get away until . yours " Illustration of an opossum on a tree limb. 
427  "Good Eating Here! Special for Today: Roast Teddy Bear Mountain House Style." Illustration of an opossum dining on a teddy bear. 
428  "Dear Friend: My Home Address is not in a tree. Quit playing Possum and call upon me!" Illustration of an opossum peering out from a tree. 
429  "TEDDY B. PUT THIS BIB ON YOUR TEDDY BEAR". Illustration of a Teddy Bear on leather postcard. 
430  "TEDDY B." Teddy Bear image made from authentic bear hair affixed to paper stock. 
431-435  "TEDDY B." Embossed image of a Teddy Bear holding a walking staff. 
436-439  "TEDDY'S." Embossed image of three Teddy Bears. 
440  Novelty leather postcard in shape of a Teddy Bear with attached leather address tag. 
441  "I Want To Let You Know…" Bear in a boat writing a letter with name Teddy on band of sailor cap. Franz Huld Pub., New York. 
442  "Delighted to meet you." Bear with U.S. belt, campaign hat, and flag; wearing Pince-nez glasses (T.R.). Franz Huld Pub., New York. 
443  "I'd like to be your Teddy". Bear with large red heart on sweater, paw placed over heart. Franz Huld Pub., New York. Teddy Bear Series No 3. 
444  "I'd like to be your Teddy." Lady bear with fancy hat, purse, and large red heart on front. Franz Huld, Pub., New York. Teddy Bear Series No. 8. 
445-454  Busy Bears Series. J.I. Austen Co., Chicago. Twelve-card set of bears engaged in human activities including days of the week. 
445  "BUSY BEARS ON MONDAY" Washing clothes. 
446  "BUSY BEARS ON TUESDAY" Ironing clothes. 
447  "BUSY BEARS ON WEDNESDAY" Sweeping floor. 
448  "BUSY BEARS ON THURSDAY" Mopping floor. 
449  "BUSY BEARS ON SATURDAY" Mending clothes. 
451  "BUSY BEARS PLAYING LEAF FROG" Bear stealing lunch. 
452  "BUSY BEARS OFF TO SCHOOL" Parents and child. 
454  "BUSY BEARS' VACATION" School closed and locked. 
  Days of the week set of seven postcards published by Wm. S. Heal, New York. Illustration of bears doing human activities. 
455  "SUNDAY" Going to church. 
456  "MONDAY" Washing and drying clothes. 
457  "TUESDAY" Ironing clothes. 
458  "WEDNESDAY" Mending clothes. 
459  "THURSDAY" Baking pies. 
460  "FRIDAY" House cleaning. 
461  "SATURDAY" Going to the market. 
462-468  Set of hand-colored leather postcards for each day of the week. Views similar to the previous set. Published by W.S. Heal, N.Y. 
  Incomplete set of postcards with illustrations signed by D.P. Crane. Published by H.G.Z. & Co. 
469  "TUESDAY" Ironing clothes. 
469A  "THURSDAY" Visiting. 
470  "HOLIDAY" Going on a picnic. 
  Incomplete set of seven cards for each day of the week. White sketch drawing upon solid green colored background. D. Hillson. 
471  "TUESDAY" Ironing clothes. 
472  "FRIDAY" House cleaning. 
473  "SATURDAY" Going to the market. 
  American Postcard "Busy Bears" Series No. 79 Ulman Manufacturing Co., New York. Seven-card set of colored illustrations of bears doing human activities for each day of the week. 
474  "SUNDAY" "This Little Bear Goes to Church". 
475  "MONDAY" "This Little Bear Washes Clothes". 
476  "TUESDAY" "This Little Bear Irons Clothes". 
477  "WEDNESDAY" This Little Bear Mends Clothes". 
478  "THURSDAY" "This Little Bear Bakes Pies". 
479  "FRIDAY" "This Little Bear Cleans House". 
480  "SATURDAY" "This Little Bear Goes to Market". 
  Days of the Week Series by V.O.H.P. Co. Color illustrations with red background signed. 
481  "SUNDAY - PROMENADE" Bear family out for a walk. No. X39. 
482  "MONDAY - WASHING" No. X40. 
483  "TUESDAY - SEWING" No. X41. 
484  "WEDNESDAY - MATINEE" No. X42. At a movie theater. 
485  "FRIDAY - MARKETING" No. X44. 
486  "SATURDAY - BAKING" No. X45. 
  Days of the week series (set) R.L. Wells White sketch drawing on green background. 
487  "FRIDAY" House cleaning. 
488  "SATURDAY" Marketing. 
489  "MARRIED ON THURSDAY - MARRIED FOR WEALTH". Bear adorned with a bridal veil. 
  Little Bears Series no. 128 by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Twelve-card set of colored illustrations of bears engaged in human activities. 
489a  "BREAKING THE RECO[RD]" Speeding in an automobile. 
490  "Tobogganing in the Snow." 
491  "One In The Eye" Tennis Match. 
492  "Your Good Health." Toasting. 
493  "The Jolly Anglers." Fishing. 
494  "Missed Again." Hunting. 
495  "Kept In At School." 
496  "The Ice Bears Beautifully." Ice Skating. 
497  "The Cake Walk." Dancing. 
498  "A Morning Dip." Swimming in the Ocean. 
499  "Oh, What A Shock." Window shopping. 
500  "A Very Funny Song." Playing piano and singing. 
501  Molly spoon feeding a Teddy Bear. Signed M. Geiner. International Art Publishing Co., New York Series No. 781. 
502  Teddy Bear carrying Molly followed by two Teddy Bear cubs holding eating utensils. Signed by M. Greiner. International Art Publishing Co., New York. Series No. 781. 
503-506  "Romantic Bears". Series No. 88. Ulman Manufacturing Co., New York. Nos. 1950-1953. 
503  "Too Late" Small bear in top hat, holding flowers and other gifts, standing outside on the doorsteps, in the snow, peering at the shadow of kissing bears through the drawn window shade. No. 1950. 
504  "Who Cares" Two bears embracing while sitting on a fence during a rainstorm. No. 1951. 
505  "The Lullaby". Girl bear sings while the boy bear falls asleep on the couch. No. 1862. 
506  "A Letter To My Love" Small bear putting a letter into a mailbox. No. 506. 
  "Sporty Bears" Series No. 83. Ullman Manufacturing Co., New York. Signed M.O.S. Nos. 1923-1929 (incomplete set). 
507  "Out for Big Game". Small bear in the woods holding a hunting rifle. No. 1925. 
508  "A Dip In The Surf". A bear, attired in swimming trunks, riding the wave. No. 1927. 
509  "An Unexpected Bite". Bear fishing from a rowboat bearing the name "Teddy". No. 1928. 
510  "On the Links". Playing golf. No. 1929. 
  Natural Art Company Series Nos. 206-211. Signed by C. Twelvetree. Colored views of Teddy Bears featured in different situations on solid green background. 
511  "A Little Bear Behind" No. 206. White Teddy with suitcase waving at departing train in the distance. 
512  [Stung] No. 207. Brown Teddy with bee swarming over his head. 
513  "STUNG" No. 207. Brown Teddy with bee swarming over his head. 
514  "The Bear on the Dark Stairway". No. 208. Brown Teddy ascending a staircase. 
515  "How Can You Bear This Weather". No. 209. White Teddy standing on a block of ice, fanning himself and wiping his brow. 
516  "A Bear Impression" No. 210. White Teddy with red stripes on his back as a result of sitting on freshly painted park bench. 
517  "The Seashore Bear" No. 211. Brown Teddy playing in sand with shovel and bucket. 
518  "A SURE STRIKE" National Art Company, No. 269. Signed by C. Twelvetree. Teddy Bear wearing a red-and-green sweater holding a bowling ball. 
  Rotograph Publishing Co., New York Series Nos. 307-317. Signed by Rose Clark. Illustrations of Teddy Bears in various poses. 
519  "A Bear Town Cadet" No. 307. Soldier. 
520  "Is that you Henry?" No. 308. Lady bear dressed in a nightgown holding a candle and poker. 
521  "The Bride" No. 310. Lady bear in a veil holding a bouquet. 
522  "A Bear Town Sport". No. 312. Bear wearing a top hat and vest, smoking a cigar. 
523  "I won't be home for dinner, Dear!" No. 315. Bear talking on the telephone with flower bouquet in hand. 
524  "Fifth Avenue". Lady bear wearing a fancy hat, scarf, and muff. 
  Mischievous bears series. Copyright 1906, S.S. Porter. Various publishers. Colored illustrations. 
525  "Going Some" No. 127. Great Western News Company, Chicago. Bear being chased by bees coming out of the hive. 
526  Same as item No. 526 except publisher not identified. 
527  "EN ROUTE" No. 127 Lady bear in sun bonnet holding a broom chasing after a male bear. 
528  "NEAR THE FINISH" Little bear smoking a cigarette while eating jam about to be caught by adult bear with switch in hand. 
529  Duplicate of No. 528. 
  [Bear Twins] set(s) Tower M. & N. Co. Each Series No. has multiple styles, color schemes, and title captions. 
530  "But we are civilized quite, therefore they dress us out of sight. No. 97-1. 
531  "I am waiting for you." No. 97-1. 
532  "Greetings From." No. 97-2. 
533  "It's a skin game." No. 97-2. 
534  "You don't say!" No. 97-3. 
535  "Greetings From." No. 97-3. 
536  "Won't You Join Us." No. 97-3 (black background) 
537  "Won't You Join Us." No. 97-3 (green background) 
538  "Here's to the stars and stripes, the land of our birth, a pretty girl - the best things on earth. No. 97-4. (black background). Celluloid bear shaped object affixed to this card. 
539  Same as above without celluloid image. 
540  "Hurrah for the American eagle, that beautiful bird so hale; whom nobody can inveigle, or put salt on his lovely tail. No. 97-4. (maroon background) 
541  "Greetings from" No. 97-4 (black background) 
542  "Greetings from" No. 97-5 (black background) 
543  "We wear pajamas and have perfume too, we are two dandies from the polar zoo. no. 97-5 (green background) 
544  "Keep it quiet" No. 97-6 (black background) 
545  "The children too must have a pet … if you are not a bear you may be one yet." No. 97-6. 
546  "Let us reform". No. 97-6 (black background) 
  [Seasons] Copyright 1906. J.S. Porter, Chicago. 
547  "SPRING" Male and Female bear under an umbrella. 
548  "SUMMER" Father and son bear fishing. 
549  "AUTUMN" Adult bear with hunting rifle followed by child bear carrying a picnic basket. 
549A  "WINTER" Two bears sledding. 
  Embossed cards featuring bears doing various human activities. Unidentified publisher. 
550  "Where am I at" Teddy Bear with a cane and top hat appears to be lost. 
551  "Is marriage a failure". Adult Teddy holding a baby Teddy Bear. 
552  "Please ask Pa." Courtship between male and female Teddy Bears. 
553  "Many happy returns". Teddy Bear dressed in tuxedo, toasting. 
554  "Come, birdie, come". Female bear calling a male bear. 
555  "Never touched me" Bear having no success at shooting a bird with a hunting rifle. 
556  "Well! Well! You never can tell." Female bear envying a ball of honey held by a male bear. 
  Series of colored illustrations featuring bears engaged in human activities by an unidentified publisher. 
557  "I am in a whirl." Male and female bear dancing. No. 241. 
558  "I am enjoying myself." Male bear watching a ballet performance from a private box. No. 242. 
559  "I never expected to meet you." Big bear and little bear greeting each other. No. 243. 
560  "Oh my, but you are sweet." Bear eating honey from a beehive with the prospect of being stung by a swarm of bees. No. 244. 
561  "I have not had much luck, so far." Bear with a fishing rod. No. 245. 
562  "I am not going anywhere, I am coming back." Bear sledding down a hill. No. 246. 
563  "The joys of a bachelors [sic] life." Bear sitting at a table feasting. No. 247. 
564  "It was a touching scene." A legless bear sitting on a wagon begging from another bear. No. 248. 
565  "I have been hunting for you the whole year, but have not found you yet." Two bears conversing with one holding a hunting rifle. No. 250. 
  Teddy Bear Scenes published by W.A. Beach Co., Roxbury, Mass., and M.T. Sheahan, Boston, Mass. 
566  "First Punishment." Big bear spanking a little bear while another covers his face. 
567  "Out for a walk." Two little bears holding the hands of a big bear. 
568  "Evening Prayer." Two little bears kneeling with the big bear. 
569  "Happy Family." Big bear with arms around little bears. 
570  "Teddys [sic] had a scrap." Teddy bear with cast around neck, arm, and foot. 
571  "Good night." Teddy bear in nightgown holding a candle. 
572  Picture of a Teddy Bear wrapped in winter coat and hat. 
573  Picture of a Teddy Bear wearing dress overalls. 
574  Picture of a Teddy Bear wearing football padding and carrying a ball under one arm. 
575  "Two Little Bears" Picture of a little girl, whose pajamas are open in the rear, with a Teddy Bear. 
576  "Teddy Bear Hug" Picture of a Teddy Bear hugging a doll. National Mfg. Co., Boston. 
577  "Now for a 'Home Run,' Teddy!" Illustration of four Teddy Bears playing baseball. 
578  "Is this a square deal, Teddy?" Four Teddy Bears playing cards. 
579  "Here we are, Teddy." Four Teddy Bears walking together four abreast. 
580  "With Love and Best Wishes and plenty of XXXXXX." Embossed Teddy Bear. 
581  "Is The Coast Clear?" Signed by V. Colby. Muir & Co., Chicago. Illustration of a bear club peering out of a tree trunk behind two lovers. 
582  "And I Only Hugged A Little." Signed V. Colby. Muir & Co., Chicago. Bear cub with bull and chain around left leg. 
583  "I Wish I Wasn't So Popular." Signed V. Colby. Bear cub behind bars. 
584  "Have You A Little Teddy Bear In Your Home?" Leather postcard illustration of three Teddy Bears peering out windows of a brick house. 
585  "Eidgenossen Schützenbruder! - Eidgen, Schützenfest, Bern, 1910. Offizielle Festposkarte. Illustration of a bear holding the Flag of Switzerland. 
586  "Prosit Neujahr!" Illustration of a real bear looking at a Teddy Bear. 
587  No title. Owen Publishing Co., Dansville, N.Y. Drawing of a little boy pulling a sled while offering a ride to a little girl holding a Teddy Bear. 
588  "I don't know why I love you, but I do." Carbon Photo Series. No. 487. Illustration of a little girl holding a Teddy Bear in her lap. 
589  "Isn't He A Darling." Illustration of two dolls and a Teddy Bear setting in a wagon. 
590  "What do you 'spose I am thinking about? Oh you will guess it, I haven't a doubt! Just simply sitting as I often do, thinking and thinking of nothing but you!" Gibson Art Co., Cincinnati. Valentine card with illustration of little girl and Teddy Bear sitting in a chair. 
591  "Evening Prayer" Carbon Photo Series. 484. A child and four Teddy Bears on bedside kneeling in prayer. 
592  "Two's Company Three's None" M.T. Sheahan, Boston. Illustration of a child hugging Teddy Bear in preference to a doll.  
593  "Music Has Charms" Gutman & Gutman, N.Y. A child playing a flute with a Teddy Bear. 
594  "One of Us Must Die" Signed by Mary Sigsbee. Reinthal & Newman, N.Y. A child crawling on the floor with toy guns about to confront a Teddy Bear. 
595  "A Letter From Your Dad." Illustration of a Teddy Bear. A small envelope is affixed to the card where a note is enclosed. 
596  Realphoto card of a child standing next to a baby carriage holding a Teddy Bear. 
597  Photographs of children holding Teddy Bears affixed to a card with artistic scene. 
598  The Old Brown House Doll Museum, Gothenburg, Nebraska. 
599  "Helena's drawing, 1907." Drawing of a Teddy Bear on blank side of an official U.S. Postal Card. 
600  "I Cannot Bear To Leave Thee." Leather postcard in the shape of a Teddy Bear. Parsons, Kansas stamped in the front of the card. 
601  "Did we look like that?" Illustration of two bears standing like humans gazing at a Teddy Bear. 
602  "Just Too Late." Bear dressed in a suit with suitcase in hand chasing after a departing train. 
603  "When We Go Out In Our Motor[car] My how the people do stare. For I'm the rich Mrs. Bruin and hubby's my Show-fur bear." Man and woman bear in an automobile. 
604  "Teddy's Birthday Party." Signed by Margaret Tempest. Medici Society, Ltd., London. 
605  "King of the Castle." Signed by Margaret Tempest. Medici Society, Ltd., London. Illustration of bears building a sand castle. 
606  "Greetings from Canastota [N.Y.]." Tinsel added to illustration of two bears engaged in a snowball fight. 
607  "Dealing with her little bear behind." J. Murray Jordan. Illustration a young woman pulling a Teddy Bear along the seashore. 
608  "Mary with her little bear behind." Bamforth & Co., New York. Series No. 1996. Illustration of a child with a Teddy Bear. 
609  "Up the stairs I bet you I went/as fast as ever I could/For a Teddy Bear, with a very/fierce glare right in the landing stood." The Novelty Post Card. Illustration of a child ascending a staircase at night. 
610  "Maude with her little Bear behind." Illustration of a Teddy Bear on a leash held by a young woman. 
611  "I'm Not Afraid in the Dark, Only There's A Little Bear Behind." The Bellman Assn., Chicago. Illustration of a child looking back at a wooden toy bear. 
612  "Mary With Her Little Bear Behind." Leather postcard illustration of a bear on leash being held by a young woman. 
613  "Bearly Able To Write. I've Got A Big Bear Behind!" Photochrome by Colourpictures Publishers, Inc., Boston. Illustration of a woman being followed by a bear. 
614  "Me and Teddy." Illustration of a child hugging a Teddy Bear. 
615  "Two Little Bares." The Rotograph Co., N.Y., F.Z. 159. Illustration of a child and a Teddy Bear. 
616  "No Time To Write." Illustration of a bear gazing at a man up a tree. 
617  "I'm Ahead of the Game So Far." Illustration of a man being chased by a bear. 
618  "Pressed for Time, Can't Write." Illustration of a man being pinned down by a bear. 
619  Same as 618. 
620  "There's A "Bear" Chance That I Will Not Be Home Soon." Illustration of a man being chased by a bear. 
621  "No Time To Write From Blairsville, Pa." Leather postcard with illustration of man being chased up a tree by a bear. 
622  "Follow This Up." Leather postcard with illustration of a bear climbing a tree in pursuit of a person." 
623  "Bear in mind I'm in a hurry." Leather postcard illustration of a man being chased by a bear. 
624  "Ish Ga Bibble (I should worry) Like a bear and let you hug me?" Illustration of a hunter being hugged by a bear. 
625  "Have been trying to reach you for some time." Illustration of a hunter on a tree limb being followed by a bear. 
626  "I unexpectedly met an old acquaintance." Illustration of a hunter running away from a bear. 
627  "I came out ahead of the game." Bulius, Boin & Company, N.Y. Comic Series. Illustration is the same as 626. 
628  "Greeting. Keep a little bare spot in your heart for me: You'll find me faithful as Teddy B." Illustration of a Teddy Bear. 
629  "Levi & Cohen, Inc. Imported Skins" Comic postcard. 
630  "It's up to you." Illustration of a confrontation between a bear and hunter. 
631/632  "I cannot bear to have you think that I've forgotten you; so send this little bear along, to show it is not true." Illustration or a bear in a tree. 
633  "A bear hug. A birthday hug you'd get today, if I were only there; but as I'm here, I'll send it by this jolly little bear." Sanford Card Co., Danville, N.Y. Drawing of a bear standing on a tree stump. 
634  "Here's something to love and something to tease, something to cuddle and something to squeeze, someone who'll stick thro' storm and fair. A dear little, cute little brown Teddy Bear." Celluloid image of a Teddy Bear affixed to the postcard. 
635  "I can hardly bear to leave." A leather postcard with illustration of a Teddy Bear dressed in a tuxedo." 
636  "Wishing you a happy Christmas." Illustration of a polar bear greeting two children. 
637  "I cannot bear to leave thee." Drawing of a man being hugged by a bear. 
638  "Bear in mind." Illustration of a big bear teaching three little bears. 
639  Picture of a man with two bears standing on hind legs. L.F. Branning, New York City. 
640  "I'll see!" Illustration of a Teddy Bear who is about to open a picnic basket. 
641  "Grizzly Bear Killed at Bridge River, British Columbia." 
642  "Yosemite National Park: I can't bear to leave Yosemite." 
643  "Yosemite National Park: 'Any Sugar Today' - At the Bear Pits." 
644  "Please Bear Me In Mind." Picture of a bear standing on hind legs." 
645  "The Woman Bear, Yellowstone Park." No. 16343, J.E. Haynes, St. Paul, Minn. Picture of a mother bear nursing two cubs. 
646  "Twin Cub Bears," Yellowstone Park. No. 10142. J.E. Haynes, St. Paul, Minn. Picture of two bear cubs. 
647  "I can't bear to leave the Adirondack Mountains. 116 AD, C.W. Hughes & Co., Inc., Mechanicville, N.Y. (Curt Teich, Chicago). Illustration of a bear cub sitting amid some rocks. 
648  "Three Bears at Indian Head, N.H.: In the White Mountains, N.H." Frank W. Swallow Post Card Co., Inc. Picture of three bears standing on their hind legs. 
649  "Animal Color Series from the San Diego Zoo: Polar Bear." Hester and Smith Inc., San Diego, CA. 
650  "Polar Bear - New York Zoological Park," New York Zoological Society, Publishers, New York. 
651  "Polar Bear Group: The American Museum of Natural History, New York." 
652  "Polar Bear, Chicago Zoological Park at Brookfield." No. 272. American Colortype Co., Chicago. 
653  "Bears on the Highway - Yellowstone National Park." C2036. Intermountain Tourist Supply Co., Salt Lake City, Utah. 
654  "Nature Wild Bears." "Playing In Vermont" (on back). CK229. Curteich Art Creation. 
655  "Sequoia National Park, California: Old Scarface" (Picture of a black bear). Western Publishing and Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Calif. 
656  "Lincoln Park, Bear Cave, Chicago." No. 41, Franklin Post Card Co., Chicago. 
657  "Bear" No. 1109. Paul D. Koeber & Co., New York, N.Y. Picture of a bear climbing on rocks. 
658  "Giant Panda, Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, Illinois." Gerson Bros. Chicago, Illinois. 
659  "Bern, [Switzerland] - Bärengraben mit Münster" (Bear pit with cathedral [in background](. 
660  "Black Bear: Ursus americanus" Charles K. Reed, Publisher, Worcester, Mass. 
661  "Lunch Time in Maine." No. 1835. American Art Postcard Co., Boston, Mass. Bear drinking from a bottle. 
662  "Lunch Time In Maine." American Art Postcard Co., Boston, Mass. (Linen Era Reprint). Bear drinking from a bottle. 
663  "A Bottle Baby" "In the Great Smokey Mountain's National Park" Ashville Post Card Co., Ashville, N.C. Bear drinking from a bottle. 
664  "A Little 'Dear' with a 'Bare Behind' in the Adirondack Mountains, N.Y. C.W. Hughes, Inc., Mechanicville, N.Y. Picture of a black bear following a deer. 
665  Realphoto view of a man feeding two bear cubs. 
666  "Learning Table Manners" C.T. Art-Colortone Sanborn Souvenir Co., Denver, Col. View of a mother and cub eating a meal set upon tree stump. 
667  "Betsy Mansfield-Stowe, VT" Realphoto of a black bear. 
668  "Learning Table Manners" C.T. Art-Colortone, Curt Teich Co., Chicago, Illinois. View of two bear cubs eating food on a table. 
669  "Alaskan Brown Bear, New York Zoological Park," New York Zoological Society, N.Y. 
670  View of two bears being fed by a man. 
671  "Believe Me, These Are The Bare (Bear) Facts": "Time Savers Easy Correspondence Card - Save Time - Check Items Expressing Your Sentiments." Card split between view of bears and a checklist. 
672  "Feeding The Bear - Yellowstone Park," Haynes Photo, No. 145. 
673  "Mother Bear and Cubs" Plastichrome Colorpicture, Boston, Mass. 
674  "A Native Black Bear, Adirondack Mountains," Standard Supply Co., Otter Lake, N.Y. 1110-K. 
675  "A Black Bear in Big Wyoming," Wyoming Travel Commission. 
676  "Black Bear Cubs." C3106 Mike Roberts, Berkley, CA. 
677  "Of the First Families" Two bear cubs sitting atop a tree stump. 
678  "A Bear Fact," Christmas greeting postcard. 
679-715  A.G. Wallihan sets of realphoto postcards of Wild Game. Helgessen Photo Shop, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (Details of 3 sets included with cards). 
679  Bear no. 4 
680  Bear no. 6 
681  Bear no. 8 
682  Wild Cat no. 1 
683  Wild Cat (Lynx Rufus) no. 2 
684  Wild Cat (Lynx Rufus) no. 6 
685  Cougar no. 12 
686  Cougar no. 19 
687  Cougar no. 22 
688  Cougar no. 23 
689  Cougar (Mountain Lion) no. 30 
690  Mountain Sheep no. 5 
691  Antelope no. 7 
692  Antelope no. 9 
693  Antelope no. 11 
694  Antelope no. 13 
695  Antelope no. 15 
696  Deer no. 7 
697  Deer no. 27 
698  Deer no. 33 
699  Deer no. 40 
700  Deer no. 44 
701  Deer no. 55 
702  Deer Fawn no. 58 
703  Elk 
704  Elk no. 0 
705  Elk no. 16 
706  Elk no. 22 
707  Elk no. 24 
708  Elk no. 25 
709  Elk no. 28 
710  Elk no. 29 
711  Cottontail Rabbit no. 1 
712  Wild Duck no. 2 
713  Sage Hen no. 3 
714  Coyote no. 2 
715  Snake no. 3 
716-725  Landscape postcards with bear images made from velvet affixed to paper stock. 
726  "Historic Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y." Tomlin Art Co., Northport, Long Island, N.Y. Souvenir Folder. 
727  "Cinnamon Bear & Cub (Black Bear Species)" Traveltime Product, Smith Grant Mann, Ltd., Vancouver, Canada. 
728  "The Moose is the largest of the deer Family, often weighing up to 1300 pounds." Traveltime Product, Smith Grant Mann, Ltd., Vancouver, Canada. 
729  "The 'BEAR' facts are, I'm having a great time…" H. & L. Inc., San Diego, Calif. Illustration of a Teddy Bear wearing a Hawaiian shirt. 
730  Illustration of Teddy Bears on a merry-go-round. H. & L. Inc., San Diego, CA. 
731  "Hang in there and have a Merry Christmas …" Drawing Board Greeting Cards, Dallas, Texas. Picture of a Teddy Bear hanging on holly green. 
732  "We wish you a Merry Christmas" Argus Communications, Allen, TX. Illustration of two Teddy Bears setting under the Christmas Tree. 
733  "Bears Meet Buster Brown." Reprints of the Roosevelt Bears Series. Dover Publications, Mineola, NY. 
734  "Literary Bears" Reprints of the Roosevelt Bears Series. Dover Publications, Mineola, NY. 
735  "Teddy Roosevelt: Speak softly and carry a big stick." Bicentennial [Cards ?], Salt Lake City, Utah. Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt. 
736  Illustration of a Teddy Bear looking at a book of "[Christmas] Carols" Gordon Fraser Postcards, England. No. 225-10. 10 items. 
737  "The Jolly Anglers" Trade cards: Estey Organ Co., Brattleboro, VT. Illustration of two bears fishing from a boat. 
738  Illustration of a bear wearing a suit, waist-coat, and top hat. Cut-out with string. 
739  Postal cover with a portrait of Theodore Roosevelt. 
740  Berlin's Roosevelt Bear Stationery for Little People. 
  a.) Roosevelt Bears at Niagara Falls. 
  b.) Roosevelt Bears at the Boston Public Library. 
  c.) Roosevelt Bears in the Department Store. 
741  Miscellaneous a.) "It's a bear." Novelty card showing what appears to be a bare behind but is, in fact, the bald head of a man being shaved by a barber. b.) Note card with picture of a bear mailing a Valentine
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