Ciba Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.
Ciba Drug Advertising Cards, ca. 1940s


Quantity: 25 full-color advertising cards
Access: Open for research
Acquisition: Originally part of the uncataloged Medical Library collection. Transferred to Manuscripts and Special Collections after the move to the Cultural Education Center.
Processed By: David Larson, Intern, University at Albany, SUNY, July 1996

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Scope and Content Note:

The advertising cards were produced by Ciba Pharmaceutical Products, Inc., of Summit, New Jersey. The cover of each pamphlet is a full-color historical illustration of a medical facility in the United States. On the interior fold is a thumbnail black-and-white sketch that illustrates how the facility looked at the time of publication, ca. 1940s, and a brief history of the facility. The rest of each pamphlet advertises a drug. Generally, there are two pictorial advertisements (ads) for the drug and text which describes how to use the drug, the dosage and the way(s) the drug is issued.

Pamphlet List:

Pamphlet Number Title [Name of drug advertised]
1 House of Mercy Hospital, 1874, Pittsfield, Massachusetts [Percorten ad]
2 Schenectady Free Dispensary (original source of the present Ellis Hospital) Schenectady, New York [Percorten ad]
3 Medical College of the State of South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina [Nupercainal ad. In color]
4 University of California Medical Center [Nupercainal ad]
5 College of Medicine (formerly Starling Medical College) of Ohio State University [Nupercainal ad]
6 King County Hospital System (formerly Harborview), Seattle, Washington [Nupercainal ad. No image of drug]
7 Rush Medical College, Chicago, Illinois [Lipoiodine ad]
8 Cincinnati General Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio [Lipoiodine ad]
9 University of Michigan Medical School and Hospital, Ann Arbor, Michigan [Coramine ad]
10 Jersey City Medical Center, Jersey City, New Jersey [Coramine ad]
11 Wayne University College of Medicine (formerly Detroit College of Medicine and Surgery), Detroit, Michigan [Coramine ad]
12 Millard Fillmore Hospital (formerly Buffalo Homeopathic Hospital) [Buffalo, New York] [Coramine ad]
13 University of Virginia School of Medicine – [inset portrait of] Dr. Robley Dunglison (1798-1869) [Digifoline ad. No image of drug]
14 University of Buffalo School of Medicine, Buffalo, New York (1846-1849) [Coramine ad. In color]
15 St. Peters Hospital, Albany, New York (1869) [Nuporals ad]
16 Troy Hospital, Troy, New York [Dial ad]
17 University of Colorado School of Medicine in Its Early Days [Dial ad. No image of drug]
18 Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Di-ovocylin ad]
19 Memorial Hospital (Albany City Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary, 1875), Albany, New York [Trasentin ad]
20 Buffalo General Hospital, [Buffalo, New York] [Trasentin ad]
21 City Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio [Trasentin ad]
22 Buffalo Hospital of the Sisters of Charity, Buffalo, New York (Old Sisters Hospital, Pearl Place) [Perandren ad]
23 Georgetown University School of Medicine [Perandren ad]
24 Tufts College Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts [Perandren ad]
25 The Washington Hospital, Washington, Pennsylvania [Perandren ad]
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