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Broderick, Warren F.
J.E. West's New Lebanon Shaker Community Photographs,

Quantity: 68 negatives, 68 photoprints
Acquisition: Purchased from Warren Broderick, September 23, 1985
Access: Use gloves when handling photos. Photo PRI4539-79 may not be reproduced without the permission of the Winterthur Museum. The negatives are stored in the vault and require special permission to use.
Processed By: Billie Aul, Senior Librarian, Manuscripts and Special Collections, with the aid of Vicki Weiss, October 1992

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Scope and Contents Note:

This collection is composed of photos and negatives made by Warren Broderick by re-shooting photos taken by J.E. West. Photos 69 through 113 and 136 were made from a collection entitled "Views of North Family Shakers at Mt. Lebanon, New York, by J.E. West." Photos 114 through 135 were made from a collection entitled "Other Views of Mt. Lebanon Shakers by James E. West."

According to an inventory list which accompanied the photos, there were 47 photos in the "North Family" collection. The photos and negatives labeled J32, J37 and J43 by Warren Broderick are missing. The negatives of the "North Family" collection have been numbered 1 through 45; there are two negatives of the photo labeled J4. The prints have been numbered 69 through 113 and 136. There are two copies of photos J2 and J20.

The negatives of the "Other Views" collection have been numbered 46 through 68; there are two negatives of photos K6 and K7. The prints have been numbered 114 through 135; there are two copies of photo K18.

Notes on the Guide:

The number in the first column is the number of the print in the collection, that is, the number which will be found on the folder and on the photograph. The number in the second column is the number assigned to the photograph by Warren Broderick. The number in the third column is the number assigned by the Library to the corresponding negative. This number will be found on the negative's folder.

The first line in the description column, which is in bold, is the name given the photograph by J.E. West (J1-J47) or Warren Broderick (K1-K21). The information in regular type was supplied by the cataloger based on information from Tom Donnelly, Geoffrey Gale and Steve Patterwick.

The spelling of names was verified by comparing the photographs in the West collection with the photographs on microfilm listed in The Shaker Collection of the Western Reserve Historical Society: A Reel List of the Manuscripts and a Short Title List of the Printed Materials Contained in the Microform Collection (RR,016.2898,qW527).

No. J/K No. Neg. No. Description
69  J1  The Village. Cluster of North Family buildings looking from Stone Barn; shot from above roof level; views of parts of buildings obstructed by trees. This picture was made into a postcard. 
70  J2  Group with Elder Evans. Thirteen women and four men gathered for a formal portrait; women and men wearing typical Shaker dress. Among those pictured are: Daniel Offord, Charles Greaves, Rosetta Stevens (?), Elder Evans, Anna White, Sr. Rebecca (?).  
71  J3  Front of Dwelling. Three women standing near fence of the North Family residence, which dominates the photograph. 
72  J4  4, 5  In Eldress Sister's Sewing Room. Martha J. Anderson, Grace Bowers, Anna White, members of the North Family in the sewing room. One woman is knitting; the second woman appears to be handing a shuttle to the third woman who has a piece of fabric on her lap; two spool holders sit on the tables. 
73  J5  In the Laundry. Daniel Offord turns the crank on the washing machine in the North Family Ironing- and Wash- House. Woman to his left might be Rosetta Stevens. Five women and two girls are engaged in ironing; one girl appears to be bringing a flat iron from the stove, upon which can be seen other irons; several irons can be seen on the tables; clothes hang on drying racks. 
74  J6  In the Sewing Shop. Amelia Bell, Martha Burger, Olive Holden, Mable Lane, Julia Lincoln, Agnes Luke, Lucy Powers, Bell Raullhusen, Rosetta Stevens, Cora Vinear and Maud Whitney, members of the North Family, make shirts for sale. The women sit on either side of a long table upon which seven sewing machines can be seen; all but two of the women are wearing bonnets. 
75  J7  North End of Village. Looking north at North Family complex from vicinity of Tannery Pond. North Family residence is white building; brick building on left in North Family Brethren Shop. Sign on elm tree indicates distances to Pittsfield, Lenox, Albany, Williamstown, Springs [sic] and Stockbridge; running alongside the road is a slate-style stone walk; two electrical or telephone posts can be seen. 
76  J8  Street Showing Church (with curved roof). On the left is the North Family ice house; on the right are the North Family Sister Shop and residence. The Meeting House is in the background. Two young girls stand next to a muddy road in this winter scene; fences seem to run the length of road. 
77  J9  10  Village Street (looking north). Looking north at the Center Family complex. In the foreground is Blacksmith Pond (or Sheep Pond?). The Center Family dwelling is in the background. A woman in a fancy hat carrying a large black bag stands at the edge of the pond; electrical or telephone posts line the street. 
78  J10  11  Playing Croquet. North Family compound. Four women wearing bonnets are playing croquet on the piece of land between several garden plots. The farm deacon's shop and a shed can be seen in the background. 
79  J11  12  Between the Dwellings. North Family compound. Brother Charles Graves is seated on the steps at the back of the North Family residence. Seen in the back right, Sister Shop; left, Wash House. A woman is walking down the path from the wash house; two women stand on the patio behind the residence; a man is pushing a wheelbarrow across the same patio; steps upon which Charles Greaves sits lead from the residence toward the partially-overgrown path. This photo may not be reproduced without the permission of the Winterthur Museum. 
80  J12  13  In the Dining Room. Two large tables are set for a meal; three women sit at the tables and four other women appear to be preparing the repast; feathery type plants hang from the slat-board ceiling; the slat-board floor is bare except for one small rug. 
81  J13  14  In the Kitchen. Three women are posed around the work table and near the stove in the North Family kitchen; upon the stove are several pots; a bowl of corn on the cob is on the table as are several small bowls. 
82  J14  15  In the Store. North Family store in front of the Sisters Shop. Feather dusters hang from the ceiling; shelves are full of china and knickknacks; on the table are dolls, pincushions, doilies, photographs, etc.; crocheted and knitted items hang on the back wall; two flat irons can be seen next to a stovepipe; a woman is sitting on a chair behind a small table. 
83  J15  16  In the Library. North Family Library. An unidentified woman sits at a piano; Leila Taylor stands next to the piano; Catherine Allen sits next to the other two; two paintings or photographs hang on the wall; a wall shelf holds two vases of flowers, two photos and what looks like a combination clock and barometer. 
84  J16  17  In South Visitor's Room. An August 1895 calendar hangs on the wall in either the Trustees' Office or Church Family residence - the only two places which would have been this fancy. The two windows have upper and lower sets of shutters, the top ones being open and the bottom ones closed; a rocking chair has bold-stripe-pattern pads for the back and seat and a head rest with tassels; an oil lamp, books and papers are on a table which has a tasseled tablecloth; there are several photos and other items on a chest of drawers; another chair has a foot rest before it; in the right-hand side of the picture appears to be a bed. 
85  J17  18  In the Path. Anna White pauses on a path behind the North Family dwelling and the second dwelling to look at one of the flowering bushes. 
86  J18  19  Younger Sisters (Group). Seven women and girls sans bonnets are sitting on the ground. 
87  J19  20  Group with Arbor. Described by Stephen Patervic in Communal Studies, v. 11, 1991, p. 32 as follows: "Almost the entire North Family, 'kodaked' in the summer of 1902 by a Mrs. Sharp of New York City. Back Row, l-r: Levi Shaw, Agnes Lee, Charles Greaves, George Reynolds, Fanny Tyson, Sarah Burger, Leila Taylor, Florence Staples, Anna White, Ella B. Perry, Mazella Gallup; Middle Row, l-r: Helen Park, Catherine Allen, Lydia Staples, Eliza Rayson, Maria Blow, Ruth Barry, Jane Cutler, Cecilia DeVere; Front Row, l-r: Victoria Park?, Rosetta Stephens, Lucy Moore, Grace Lewis?" 
88  J20  21  Group with Hedge. Group portrait taken about the same time as 87. 
89  J20  21  Same as 88 
90  J21  22  Eldress Anna and Sr. Sarah. Eldress Anna and Sister Sarah of the North Family are seated next to a small table upon which are spread out sewing implements, including a small sweet-grass basket; a bonnet is perched upside down on the table. 
91  J22  23  Eldress Anna White. Portrait; she is wearing a shawl and holding her glasses in her left hand; a basket sits upon a two-step stool next to her; in the background is a clock and a picture in a frame on a counter. 
92  J23  24  Sister Catherine. Portrait of Catherine Allen. A shawl is draped over the back of the rocking chair in which she sits; basket is on rug next to her; she sits at a desk which has a cabinet with closed doors on top of it; a table is covered with a tablecloth with tassels. 
93  J24  25  Sister Catherine. Another portrait of Catherine Allen. 
94  J25  26  First and Second Houses. Man stands on path at gate before North Family dwelling; North Family second house is in background. 
95  J26  27  North Family Buildings from South. Looking north at North Family dwelling and second house. Slate-rock sidewalk runs up hill between road and fence; buildings are in background. 
96  J27  28  Lebanon Valley from State Road. On mountain overlooking Shaker site. Center Family buildings on right. Standing on present-day Route 20. Murky photograph; parts of some buildings can be seen, including spire of a church in the background. 
97  J28  29  Lebanon Valley from State Road. Center Family buildings on right; Second Family buildings in center. Shot from hill overlooking valley. 
98  J29  30  Lebanon Valley from near Columbia Hall. Lebanon Springs. Several buildings in foreground; road winds out to main road in background. 
99  J30  31  Elder Daniel Offord and Bro. Levi Shaw. Levi Shaw with sickle; Daniel Offord pushes lawnmower. 
100  J31  32  Brother Levi Shaw. Holding sickle. 
101  J33  33  Brother Charles Greaves. Holding woodworking tools. 
102  J34  34  Sr. Catherine and Sr. Martha Burger. North Family dwelling. Martha is standing. Setting is the same as Number 92. 
103  J35  35  Sister Martha Burger. On the table is a copy of photograph Number 91; Martha Burger is sitting in a chair on the back of which is a crocheted head doily; a plant stands on the table behind the photograph; books lie on the table; on the wall hang a mirror, a calendar and two framed pieces, one of which is "Notice to Visitors." 
104  J36  36  Sister Eliza Rayson. Portrait. She is sitting in a rocker; next to her feet is a footstool. 
105  J38  37  The Kitchen Garden. North Family kitchen garden, in foreground. The buildings pictured belonged to the Church Family. The first Meeting House is the dark building behind the tree; building on left is the Tannery; low building is L-Barn; Ministry House is behind it. The garden is divided into several different plots in which various items have been planted; a fence runs the length of the garden; buildings and a mountain can be seen in the background. 
106  J39  38  Visitor's Dining Room. Trustee's Office, Church Family. Table is set for a meal; china can be seen in the cupboard; woman is sitting at the table; another woman is sitting in a chair in the background reading. 
107  J40  39  Elder Daniel Offord. Nice clear shot of him and lawn mower. 
108  J41  40  Wash Room (Elder Daniel). Basement of North Family Wash House. Rotary extractor, spin cycle. Daniel Offord is taking items out of or putting them into washer; clothes are soaking in tubs in the background. 
109  J42  41  Sister Cecelia De Vere. Portrait. She is resting her head on her hand; elbow is resting on a book on a table which is covered by a tasseled tablecloth. 
110  J44  42  Sister Leila S. Taylor. Portrait. She is holding a book in her hands and sitting next to a table upon which are a paper, a few other books and a glass bowl. 
111  J45  43  Elder Daniel addressing Salvation Army. Salvation Army men and women are sitting on the North Family croquet lawn facing the camera; Elder Daniel's back is to the camera as are the backs of the other Shakers, who are sitting on chairs; one woman is squatting down and has her arm around a little girl who is sitting on a chair. 
112  J46  44  "Nearer My God to Thee". Same setting as Number 111; most of the Salvation Army and Shaker men and women are kneeling; some of the older Shaker women are sitting on chairs. 
113  J47  45  Members of S.A. visiting Shakers. Men and women of the Salvation Army pose in front of the North Family dwelling; chairs and hats are on the ground to their right; Shaker women are sitting on chairs in front of and looking out windows. 
114  K1  46  Interior of meeting house, 2nd floor. Interior of second floor meeting room in Church Family dwelling; "winter meeting room" for Sabbath meetings. Two small tables covered with tablecloths in center of room; three rows of chairs and benches on either side of the tables facing the center of the room; organ (?) at end of room; shutters on most of the windows are closed; lamps are hanging from ceiling. 
115  K2  47  Front of Church Family dwelling. Large trees obstruct most of the view of the building. 
116  K3  48  Office and store exterior. Church Family Visitors House, which included the Trustees' Office and the post office for the community, 1860-1946. Iron-and-stone post fence runs along the length of the building. 
117  K4  49  Interior of church - chairs set up. Interior of Meeting House, looking south. Rows and rows of chairs facing each other across two small tables in the center of the room. 
118  K5  50  Group of older Shakers. Group portrait. Includes Catherine Allen, Anna White, Leila Taylor (?), Sr. Rosetta Stevens, Anna Doolittle. 
119  K6  51, 52  Kitchen interior. Church Family Kitchen. Large stove upon which stand two large pots; long table on the left; clock and barometer on the wall. 
120  K7  53, 54  Kitchen interior. Church Family Kitchen decorated for Christmas. Combination washbasin-cupboard stands in center of room; four long tables are set for a meal; paper chains are suspended from the ceiling. 
121  K8  55  3 sisters in room. Church Family. Calendar reads: September 1903. The women are wearing white blouses, long skirts and high shoes; decorations, such as calendars and pictures hang on the wall and small personal items, such as a toy train, sit on the furniture. 
122  K9  56  Group of elders & sisters. Four older men and six older women plus one child pose for this group portrait. 
123  K10  57  Main Street showing store. Church Family Store in Trustee's Office. Looking north. North Family dwelling in distance. Hireling's house in back of Trustees' Office. Sign over door reads: Office & Store. Another section of the road as seen in Number 75; tree with distance signs in background; iron-and-stone post fence runs in front of building. 
124  K11  58  Church. Second Meeting House; first Meeting House in back. Building has curved roofs. 
125  K12  59  Reservoir. Church Family Reservoir from the late 1880s. It was fed by artesian well for domestic water use. Reservoir is rectangular; mountains can be seen in background. 
126  K13  60  Brick Dwelling. Central Ministry Dwelling, 1870s. Ran all communities everywhere. Beautiful brick building; building with curved roof is to the right. 
127  K14  61  Small brick building. Central Ministry Dwelling. White picket fence (with pickets that look like stylized candles) runs along front of photograph; iron-and-concrete post fence runs in front of the picket fence; building with curved roofs can partially be seen. 
128  K15  62  Church Family dwelling seen through trees. Trees block most of view; gate of fence is open. 
129  K16  63  Three older sisters, sewing. Part of fourth sister can be seen; they are sitting on chairs in front of a large chest of drawers with cabinets above and next to a small desk upon which are their supplies, some books and a vase of flowers. 
130  K17  64  South Family Shakers. Identified by Anna White as South Family. Collection of buildings amid the hills; road runs from front of photograph toward the buildings; electrical or telephone posts run along one side of the road. 
131  K18  65  Peace Conference, afternoon meeting. 1903 or 1904. Last major use of the Meeting Room. Anna White organized Peace Conference. Woman is standing at podium; woman and two men are sitting at table in front of podium; Shaker men sit to the one side of the podium and the Shaker women sit on the other side; other men and women sit in the chairs facing the podium. 
132  K18  65  Same as 131 
133  K19  66  Corina Bishop and young girl. Corina sits before a shuttered window; the little girl's hand rests on Corina's shoulder; next to the little girl is a small table covered with a cloth and upon which stands a vase with a fern-type plant; a lamp stands on a larger table, which is covered with a cloth and littered with books and papers; many small personal items stand on the top of the chest of drawers, the desk and a wall shelf; a rocking chair stands in front of the desk. 
134  K20  67  Levi Shaw (oval portrait) 
135  K21  68  Elder Daniel Offord. Portrait
136  J2  Same as 70
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