Civil War Scenes


Quantity: 13 black-and-white engravings (14 x 10 cm images on 22.5 x 15 cm sheets)
Access: Open for research
Acquisition: Accessioned in July 1984 from the New York State Library’s “General Reference Picture Collection”
Processed By: Philip Brown, Clerk, New York State Library/Manuscripts and Special Collections, May 2008

Scope and Content Note:

The prints depict scenes of soldiers in the Union Army of the Civil War, beginning with the soldier leaving his family, engaging in battle, including the battle at Malvern Hill on July 1, 1862, and the naval attack on Charleston on April 7-8, 1863, and ending with a scene of the Andersonville Prison. Most were engraved by Copeland, Kilburn & Cross or Russell & Richardson in 1888 and 1889.

Item List:

Print Number Caption/[Description]
1 Last Glimpse of Home/[Young man in uniform at a gate looks back to his parents in the doorway of his home.]
2 Going to the Front/[A man and two children stand by a gate; the man is waving his hat at the regiment marching by.] Engraved by Copeland ’88; Russell & Richardson.
3 “All Quiet along the Potomac”/[A Union sentinel stands guard on a hill overlooking an encampment below.] Engraved by Copeland ’89.
4 Around the Camp Fire/[A group of men sitting and standing around a campfire with tents and wagons in the background; a second smaller image shows troops and wagons in motion.] Engraved by Copeland ’89.
5 Waiting for the Charge/[An entrenched Union Army on the right on top of a hill watches as a group of Confederates approach.] Engraved by Copeland ’89.
6 A Cavalry Charge/[Cavalry unit with guns ready ride in front of a log cabin store.] Engraved by Copeland ’88.
7 Artillery in Action/[Artillery unit firing cannon from a hill.] Engraved by Copeland ’89.
8 An Incident of Battle/[Infantry unit with color bearer charge a hill occupied by Confederate soldiers.] Engraved by Copeland ’88.
9 Battle of Malvern Hill (Lee’s Attack)/[ Soldiers with cannons on a hillside fire upon soldiers on field below.]
10 United States Military Engineers Constructing Corduroy Road through a Swamp/[A group of Union soldiers in a Bald Cypress swamp constructing a log road through it.] Engraved by Copeland ’88; Kilburn & Cross.
11 Storming the Fortifications/[A group of Union soldiers to the left are given a command to attack.] Engraved by Kilburn & Cross.
12 Attack on Charleston/[A fleet of boats firing on Charleston]
13 Scene in Andersonville Prison/[A group of soldiers behind a log stockade watched by men in guard towers.] Engraved by Copeland ’88.
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