Samuel Hollyer
Engravings, 1901-1913


Quantity: 159 black-and-white engravings (3 boxes). Each engraving measures ca. 9 cm. x 14.5 cm. and is mounted on a sheet ca. 24 cm. x 30.5 cm.
Access: Open for research
Acquisition: Purchase; Samuel Hollyer, May 1913
Processed By: Billie Aul, Senior Librarian, Manuscripts and Special Collections, April 1997; revised by Vicki Weiss, Senior Librarian, Manuscripts and Special Collections, November 2009

Biographical Note:

Samuel Hollyer was born February 24, 1826, in London, England. At 14 he was apprenticed to Edward and William Finden, engravers, but after serving five of his seven years he was transferred to Henry Thomas Ryall's studio. He later worked for Ryall and other engravers. In 1850 he married Amy Smith and the following year they emigrated to New York. Mrs. Hollyer died in 1853 and he returned to England for what he thought would be a few months. However, he found his work in great demand and so remained for six years, marrying, in 1863, Madeline C. Chevalier.

After his permanent settlement in America in 1866, he lived for many years at Hudson Heights, near Guttenberg, New Jersey. During his more than seventy years of work, he engraved line and stipple portraits of most of the literary celebrities of his time, as well as landscapes, bookplates and vignettes for book-illustration.

In 1904 he published a series of etchings of historic buildings under the title Prints of Old New York. He died December 29, 1919.

Scope and Content Note:

The 159 black-and-white prints in this collection were engraved by Samuel Hollyer between 1901 and 1913 and are mainly exteriors of buildings. The images are of historically important sites, houses, taverns, churches, forts, entertainment venues and public buildings that were built in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They are arranged in roughly alphabetical order.

The captions are from notes penciled on the sheets. The copyright dates, in parentheses at the end of the captions, are found on the prints.

List of Prints:

Box Print No. Caption / [Description]
1 1 American Museum, Scudder's, 1825. (c.1909) [Four-story building behind a cast-iron fence; circle courtyard in between the building and fence]
1 2 Andre's Prison, 1776. (c.1901) [Stone house with a sign above the door: "76 Stone House"]
1 3 Apthorpe Mansion, 1790. (c.1907) [Three-story building with a man walking on a dirt path to the right]
1 4 Cottages on John Jacob Astor's Farm, 1836. (c.1909) [Shacks behind a wooden fence with lady standing in the doorway of one of them]
1 5 Astor House (c.1913) [Five-story brick house with horse-drawn carriages and people passing in front]
1 6 Astor House Site and Barnum's, 1828. (c.1907) [Middle of a village with a museum to the back left, tailor shop to the front right, horse-drawn stagecoach in the middle of town and people walking in the streets]
1 7 Audubon Estate, 1850. (c.1903) [A two-story house fronting on a river on which are sailboats and a steamboat; two boys playing stick ball in foreground]
1 8 Barnum's Theatre, 1853. (c.1911) [Five-story building with signs for several businesses; the largest sign reads "Barnum's American Museum." In the foreground are several pedestrians and horse-drawn stagecoaches]
1 9 Bellevue Hospital, 1830. (c.1907) [Four-story building; in the foreground are a sailboat and men plying a rowboat]
1 10 Bowery Theatre, 1826. (c.1903) [A city block with a sign reading "New York Theatre Hotel" to the right of a building with six columns; a vendor has set up a display of stoves across the street from the theater and hotel]
1 11 Bowling Green, 1830. (c.1904) [Fenced-in park with buildings in the background and a horse and buggy in the foreground]
1 12 Old Brewery, Five Points, 1852. (no date) [A few buildings at the corner of a city block. One has a sign that reads "The Old Brewery"; another sign on the building reads "Five Points Mission"; next door is OBRENAN LIQUORS]
1 13 Broad Street, 1659. (c.1905) [A canal leads to an open body of water; Dutch-style houses along the banks of the canal; pedestrians, boats and a horse and wagon populate the scene]
1 14 Broad Street and Federal Hall, 1789. (no date) [A city street with the hall in the background; pedestrians and a man pushing a two-wheeled cart in foreground]
1 15 No. 1 Broadway, 1837. (c.1904) / [A large house on the corner of a block with a horse-drawn stagecoach and a man guiding a two-wheeled horse-drawn cart carrying two barrels in the foreground and a body of water in the background]
1 16 House on Broadway and Leonard St[reet] Where Union Club Once Met, 1840. (c.1912) / [City block showing five three-story homes and stores with people walking on sidewalk in front of the stores, a man riding a horse and another man driving a two-wheeled horse-drawn cart. The sign on one stores reads "Hawkes 157"; the other sign reads "Bourne 159"]
1 17 Broadway Theatre, 1859. (no date) / [People and horse-drawn carriages in front of the theater]
1 18 Buckhorn Tavern, 1812. (no date) / [Two-story house with four-columned portico and veranda; a stable to the left; people on veranda; horse-drawn carriage in foreground; carriages and horse in stable]. Another engraving from the same original can be found in PRI3110-20.
1 19 Bull's Head Hotel, 22nd St. and 3rd Avenue, 1830  (c.1908) / [Four-story hotel with a sign reading "Bulls Head." There is a water pump and trough to the left of the tavern; a man leads a horse toward the trough, another man rides a two-wheeled horse-drawn cart and a third man guides a two-wheeled horse-drawn cart carrying two barrels]
1 20 Burn's Coffee House, Front View, 1760. (no date) [Three-story house with trees in the background; a woman and small boy walking in front of the house and a man, also walking, some distance behind them]
1 21 Burn's Coffee House, Rear View, 1760. (no date) / [Trees and bushes surround house; three people on walkway leading to door]
1 22 Burhnam's Road House, 1852. (no date) / [A house in a country setting with a body of water in the background; horses and a carriage to the right; people relaxing on the front porch, and a stable to the left. On the water are a steamboat and a couple sailboats]
1 23 Burton's Theatre, Chamber Street, 1844. (no date) / [City block with several people standing on the sidewalk people in the doorways]
1 24 Castle Garden, 1852. (c.1904) / [Exterior view of Castle Garden; sailboats in the background and people in the foreground]
1 25 Castle William (Governor's Island), 1750. (c.1913) / [Two men and a dog in the foreground; four different styles of boats on the water that surrounds the island with the fort; mountains in background]
1 26 Cato's Inn, 1712. (c.1906) / [The inn stands behind a picket fence; man, woman and dog in foreground]
1 27 Catherine Market, 1850. (c.1903) / [Several buildings, horse-drawn carts and carriages as well as several pedestrians; the masts of two ships can been seen behind the buildings]
1 28 Old City Hall, Wall Street, 1775. (no date) / [Groups of people mingle out in front]
1 29 City Hotel, 1831. (c.1907) / [City hotel in center of picture; two commercial/residential buildings to the right of the hotel; church to the left; four-horse stagecoach in front of hotel]
1 30 City Hall, 1852. (c.1903) / [Front of building; trees and pedestrians in foreground]
1 31 City Hall Park, 1849. (c.1903) / [City Hall in background; fenced park in foreground; people inside and outside park; one man carries a sign]
1 32 Clermont Manor House, 1820. (c.1910) / [Left side and front of house with a lady carrying a parasol walking by]
1 33 Governor George Clinton's House (Pearl Street.), 1856. (c.1903) / [Center of three row houses with people and two-wheeled carriages passing by]
1 34 Collect Pond, 1800. (no date) / [Buildings scattered around the pond]
1 35 College of the City of New York, 1820. (c.1906) / [Front and side of building on corner lot; people and a two-horse four-wheeled carriage passing by]
1 36 Columbia College, 1828. (c.1906) / [Long three-story building partially hidden by trees]
1 37 Consort's Garden, Broadway, 1830. (c.1910) / [One-story building in row of three-story buildings; trees on roof; sign reads "New York Garden"]
1 38 Croton Aqueduct, 1850. (c.1906) / [Aqueduct in background; buildings, roads and trees in foreground]
1 39 DeBoor Farm House, 1698. (c.1906) / [Two-story house with dormers on stone foundation; porch on front and back; vines growing up the side]
1 40 Dewey Arch, 1899. (no date) / [Arch with quadriga; four pillars mark the perimeter; pedestrians, horse-drawn carriages and two electric cars populate the scene; tower in background]
1 41 Dutch Cottage in Beaver Street, 1679. (no date) / [Old wooden houses in a village setting; in the right foreground a donkey stands under a tree from which a sign hangs; in the left foreground two pigs root amid some clutter]
1 42 De Wint House, 1700. (c.1903) / [The date 1700 has been painted [?] on the front of the building; a child stands at the Dutch door; a dog lies near a boiling pot of water in the foreground]
1 43 East River from Riker's Island, 1798, from an old print by P. Maverick (c.1908) / [In the foreground two men fish from a canoe; in the background are a house and two smaller buildings]
1 44 Eden farm, 1797. (c.1905) / [Farm house on the shore of a body of water; trees in the background.]
1 45 Federal Hall and Wall Street, 1789. (no date) / [Right side and front of the hall; group of soldiers standing out front; two-horse carriage in foreground]
1 46 Old Ferry House, corner of Broad Street and Garden Street, 1712. / [Intersection of two streets; several houses/buildings; woman standing in the doorway of one house; man walking down the street.]
1 47 House on 23rd Street, residence of Mayor [Daniel F.] Tieman's Father, 23rd Street and 4th Avenue, 1850. (c.1908) / [A house, flying an American flag from the roof; a woman and a child walking by; two towers in background]. Another engraving from the same original can be found at PRI13110-2.
1 48 First French Church, 1688. (c.1905) / [Front of church; grave stones in front; man with walking stick standing on path.]
1 49 First Presbyterian Brick Church, 1768. (c.1905) / [Front and left side of church behind picket fence; people on street outside fence]
1 50 First Watch House of New York, 1720 [1700?]. (c. 1907) / [Small wooden structure with two men out front]
2 51 The Old Florence Road House, 7th Avenue and Harlem River, 1852. (no date, not signed by Hollyer) / [House right next to an outcropping of rock; pedestrians and horses and carriages.]
2 52 Fly Market, 1816. (c.1903) / [A few tables offering fruits or vegetables set up out front of a building with a sign reading "Abrm. Valentine"; in background is a covered market area; vendors and customers]
2 53 Fort Amsterdam, 1626. (c.1907) / [Buildings, one of which is a church, protected by a stone wall with a gate and a guard.]
2 54 Fort Fish, McGowan's Pass, 1814 (no date) / [Fort with eight soldiers in foreground; four of those soldiers attending a cannon; other soldiers and cannon in background]
2 55 Fort George, 1750. (c.1908) / [Fort in background; boats and a canoe in foreground]
2 56 Fort Lafayette, N.Y. Harbor, 1850. (c.1908) / [Fort in background; several boats in choppy waters in foreground and to the right of the fort]
2 57 Old Cottages on Frankfurt Street, 1859. (c.1910) / [Sign on one building: "Eagle Bakery, 44, Extra Large Bread"; sign on another building: "P. Crow"; woman selling goods sits next to makeshift table on the sidewalk near the bakery; woman, child and two men also on sidewalk]
2 58 Franklin Market, 1820. (c. 1903) / [Several buildings line a wide road by a body of water where several ships are docked; man pulling a two-wheeled wagon carrying boxes in foreground; other men attending to packages and a dog also in foreground; pedestrians on sidewalk.]
2 59 Fraunce's Tavern, 1777. (no date) / [Front and right side of tavern; two-horse buggy parked out front]
2 60 Fulton Ferry, 1746. (c.1908) / [A few buildings on the side of a body of water; sail boats on water; two oxen pulling a wagon of hay led by a man carrying a pitch fork in foreground; buildings on shore across the water.]
2 61 Fulton Market, 1850. (c.1911) / [Buildings in background; men in rowboats in foreground; two multi-masted boats between buildings and rowboats]
2 62 First Trip of Fulton's Steamboat to Albany, 1807. (c.1907) / [Steamboat moving along river; sail boats between steamboat and highlands in background]
2 63 Fulton Street and Market, 1828. (c.1913) / [Multiple buildings, pedestrians, carts and horses]
2 64 Fulton Street and Market, 1828. [Missing, April 1997- possibly a second copy of  Print 363]
2 65 Golden Tavern, 1785. (c.1904) / [Multi-story building with a sign that reads: "Golden Tavern"; woman working a pump in foreground; man standing in doorway; dog standing under a tree]
2 66 Gotham Tavern, 1820. (c.1904) / [Two-story building with sign that reads "Gotham. 298. Bowling Saloon," standing amid several other buildings]. Another engraving from the same original can be found at PRI3110-24.
2 67 Government House, 1790. (c.1905) / [Right and front of the building which has four two-story pillars on the front;  two oxen laying down in the front yard; man pushing a two-wheeled cart; several buildings in background]
2 68 Grace Church Rectory, 1860. (c.1913) / [Front of rectory facing on large yard]
2 69 Old Grapevine Tavern, 11th Street, 1830. (c.1906) / [Tavern on the corner of the block; two signs, one reading "The Old Grapevine" and the other reading "Lones/ Ales/and/Porter"]
2 70 Half Moon Sailing up the Hudson, 1609. (c.1909) / [Three canoes rowing towards the ship; highlands in background]
2 71 Hamilton Grange, 1802. (No. date) / [Front and left side of two-story house partially obscured by trees; two oxen in foreground]
2 72 Havemeyer Mansion, 1861. (c.1904) / [Three-and-a-half-story mansion with porches on three levels; three people on one porch; four-wheeled cart pulled by two horses carries two men to the front of the mansion; two women, a child and a man walk on the sidewalk]
2 73 Hell Gate, 1775. (c.1904) / [Three men on shore in foreground looking at a body of water with several islands and sailboats]
2 74 Copy 2 of Print 73.
2 75 Philip Hone's House and American Hotel, 1860. (c.1912) / [City block with several pedestrians and carts pulled by horses; sign on one building reads "American Hotel" and on the other "Tea Rooms"]
2 76 First Hotel of New Amsterdam, 1642. (no date) / [Two buildings on the shore with four men on the shoreline, three standing in a group and one beaching a boat; other buildings in background]                                     
2 77 House of Refuge, Madison Square, 1826. (c.1910) / [U-shaped building behind a fence; people all around the house. There are two signs, one on each end of the U; one sigh reads "House of Refuge"; the other reads "Female House of Refuge"]
2 78 Hunt's Mansion, 1770. (c.1906) / [House with tower that is taller than the two-and-a-half-story house; smaller buildings in background]
2 79 Jefferson Market, 1857. (c.1907) / [Aerial view of market buildings; centerpiece is a very tall lighthouse-style structure; signs: "Jefferson Country Market," "Starr Market," "Tyson," "C.H. Howe, Painter," "Window Shades Manufactory," "Window Shades Paperhanging." On a wagon: "Sol Sayles"]
2 80 John Street Theatre, 1767. (no date) / [Interior; actors on stage; members of audience seen from back with some in profile]
2 81 Jumel [Roger Morris] Mansion between 160th and 161st Streets, N.Y. (no date) / [Left side and front of house; two-horse carriage passing]
2 82 King's Bridge, 1856. (c.1904) / [Horse and covered cart passing building on road between building and waterway; man fishing from rowboat in water]
2 83 King's Bridge Road, near Dykeman's Farm, 1853. (c.1908) / [Right side and front of house on right; man and two yoked oxen in lot next to house; one-horse carriage passing house]
2 84 Knickerbocker Cottage, 6th Avenue, 1831. (c.1909) / [U-shaped building with sign: "Knickerbocker Cottage"; several pedestrians]
2 85 Libbey Castle, 1896. (c.1913) / [Entrance way to the castle between stone walls]
2 86 Earliest Library in New York, 1795. (c.1909) / [Left side (windowless) and front of building; pedestrians; other buildings in background]
2 87 Little Church around the Corner [Church of the Transfiguration], 1849  (c.1903) / [Church stands behind iron fence that comes to an entrance with a roof over it]
2 88 Livingston Manor House, 1890. (c.1909) / [Front and right side of house]
2 89 Lower Market, 1720. (c.1910) / [Several buildings on waterfront; five boats in water]
2 90 Lydig House & Mill on the Bronx [River], 1820 (c.1910) / [Shoreline in front of the house which is next to a mill]
2 91 McComb's Dam Bridge (Harlem), 1850. (no date) / [One-horse carriage crossing the bridge; pedestrians and rowboat in foreground; house on right in background; another bridge in background]
2 92 Madison Cottage, 23rd Street and Broadway, 1850. (no date) / [Building with a sign on top that reads "Madison Cottage"; a two-horse stagecoach stands in front of the hotel; a four-horse stagecoach is pulling up to building]
2 93 Masonic Hall, Bdy [i.e. Broadway], 1828. (c. 1910). / [Very tall building; people passing by]. Another engraving from the same original can be found at PRI3109-27.
2 94 First Merchants Exchange, 1790. (c. 1904). / [Building stands in the middle of the block]. This appears to be based on the C. Burton drawing. Another engraving from this original can be found at PRI3063.
2 95 The Miller House, White Plains, 1830. (c.1912) / [One-and-a-half-story wooden house surrounded by a fence]
2 96 Governor Morris's Mansion, 1798. (c.1905) / [Two-and-a-half-story brick house with ivy covering on a good portion of the house; a man stands on the second-floor landing]
2 97  Governor Morris's Yacht, Fancy, and the New York Harbor, 1717. (c.1905) / [Sailboats and rowboats in a harbor both in the water and on land; many buildings in background]
2 98 Old National Theatre. (c.1906) / [People, horses and carriages outside the theatre]
2 99 New Amsterdam, 1667. (c.1904) / [Several styles of ships heading into harbor; buildings in background]
2 100 New Amsterdam, 1667. (c.1911) / [Several styles of ships in harbor; buildings in background; banner reads: Novum Amsterodamum]
2 101 New York Tatersalls, 1840. (no date) / [Building in the center of the block has a sign that reads: "446 New York Tattersalls"; to its immediate right is "Broadway Academy" and to that building's immediate right is "M. Roberts Half Way House"; to the Tattersalls' immediate left is "Olymbic 448" and to that building's immediate left is "Patent Billiard Table Ware Room"; several horse-pulled stagecoaches pass by the block of buildings]
2 102 View of New York from Old Dueling Ground, 1804. (c.1910) / [Cut trail on the side of a river with a railing on the edge of the water; boats on river in background]
2 103 New York City Reservoir, 1829. (c.1907) / [A dirt road in front of two large buildings, one of which appears to be octagonal in shape; man is working a water pump in the right foreground; pedestrians and a four-wheeled carriage pulled by two horses pass by]
2 104 New-York Historical Society, 1851. (c.1909) / [Left side and front of the building on the corner of a block; people walking by]
2 105 New York Society Library, 1837. (c.1909) / [Right side and front of building; sign reads: "Society Library"]
3 106 Niblos Garden, Interior, 1820. (no date) / [Garden in foreground; buildings, partially obscured by trees, in background; people walking through garden]
3 107 Copy 2 of Print 106.
3 108 North Church, Fulton Street, 1769. (c.1906) / [Left side and front of church; pedestrians]
3 109 North Fort and Ship Constitution, 1832. (c.1907) / [Boats in foreground and background behind circular building]
3 110 Old Blue Bell Tavern, 1785. (no date) / [Building looks in need of repair; woman standing and boy sitting on walkway under overhang]
3 111 Old Bull's Head, Bowery, 1762. (no date) / [Building with a sign out front; sign has a picture of an ox's head on it; man and woman standing in front of building and woman sitting on stoop; dogs digging near building]
3 112 Old House, 34th Street and 11th Avenue, N.Y., 1843. (c.1912) / [House behind picket fence; people walking past house]
3 113 Old Post Office, 1850. (c.1907) / [Left side and front of building; several pedestrians on sidewalk]
3 114 Park Theatre, 1831. (no date) / [Oblique view of theater on left; several other buildings on street; two horse-pulled carts passing theater]
3 115 Phillipse Manor Hall, 1682. (c.1908) / [House surrounded by picket fence; cattle and children in foreground outside of fence]
3 116 Where Poe Wrote "The Raven," 1846. (c.1909) / [Back of the house; woman standing in the door way; pigs in right foreground eating; ducks in pond in left foreground]
3 117 Poe's Cottage, Fordham, 1850. (no date) / [Left side and front of cottage]
3 118 Old Revenue Offices, 1855. (c.1911) / [Front and right of building; stands near body of water]
3 119 Riker Estate, 1830. (c.1905). / [Three-story house with shed and water pump; ox or cow is drinking from trough by pump]. Another engraving made from the same original as available at PRI3086.
3 120 Rip Van Dam Church, 1729. (no date) / [Right side and front of church surrounded by fence; four-wheeled carriage pulled by two horses; man riding a horse; pedestrians]
3 121 Rotunda, City Hall Park, 1816. (c.1905) / [Building behind a picket fence with people walking around outside the fence]
3 122 St George's Church, 1811. (c.1904) / [Right side and front of church behind fence; two men carrying a third person in a carriage; pedestrians]
3 123 St John's Church, 1829. (c.1903) / [Front of church with a path leading to the entrance; benches along path]
3 124 St Luke's Church, 1850. (c.1903) / [Right side and front of church; houses on both sides of the church, which is partially obscured by trees]
3 125 Shakespeare Tavern, 1820. (c.1904) / [Building stands on the corner of Nassau and Fulton streets; signs on stores of building next to tavern read "Dr. Hull," "McLaughlin Books" and "Barber."
3 126 Shot Tower, 1836. (c.1907) / [Tower surrounded by buildings on the edge of a body of water]
3 127 Shot Tower, Center Street, 1858. (c.1908) / [Tower surrounded by buildings; sign on fence reads: "Colwell Lead Co. removed to [words blocked by wagon] cor. Walker St."; four-wheeled cart labeled "Paper" pulled by horse]
3 128 1st Garden Street or South Church, 1693. (c.1906) / [Front and left side of church with two people standing out front and a horse and buggy, followed by a man on a horse, riding by]
3 129 South Street, from Maiden Lane, 1828. (c.1913) / [A city street with a harbor, at which are docked a number of ships, on the left, and commercial buildings on the right; people, horses, carts, barrels and bundles in the street]
3 130 No. 7 State Street, 1852. (c.1911) / [Three-story house with a man and a woman standing out front]
3 131 State Street and Battery Park, 1852. (c.1903) / [Park with a fence separating the park from a street and buildings on the right; several people are in the park, some of whom are sitting on benches; Castle Garden in background.]
3 132 Statue of Liberty, 1888. (c.1910) / [Sail boat passing island]
3 133 Stewart Mansion, corner of 5th Avenue and 34th Street, 1870. (c.1909) / [Four-story mansion on the corner of a city block; several horses and buggies on the street; three buildings and a church steeple in background]
3 134 No. 1 Strand, 1690. (c.1906) / [A small village of buildings of different sizes on a point of land; mast of a ship can be seen in the lower right side of the picture; flag flying from inside fort]
3 135 Strawberry Hill Hotel, 1850. (no date) / [Front and left side of hotel with a dirt road leading up to it; people standing on or near porch]
3 136 Peter Stuyvesant's Town House, 1658. (no date) / [A house surrounded by a fence on the waterfront; several boats in the harbor]
3 137 Peter Stuyvesant's Country House in the Neighborhood of 14th Street, known as the Great Bouwerie, or Farm; Covered Many Acres from 4th Avenue to East River. (no date) / [Two-story house with circular and rectangular flower beds]
3 138 Sugar House and Middle Dutch Church (c.1913) / [Sugar mill and a church on the side of a cobblestone road; two-horse four-wheeled cart on road; three people on the sidewalk]
3 139 First Tammany Hall, Park Row & Frankfort Street, 1811. (no date) / [Front and left side of the three-story building on a corner of a city block with three doorways in the front; parts of other buildings can be seen]
3 140 Thalia Theatre & Atlantic Garden, 1880. (c.1912) / [Fronts of two large buildings and part of a smaller building; passing in front are a horse-drawn streetcar and a horse-drawn truck; several people on sidewalk]
3 141 Theological Seminary, 1833. (c.1906) / [Front and right side of four-story building behind fence; in background are a sailboat on a body of water and some highlands; woman and boy on sidewalk outside fence]
3 142 Tombs Prison, 1850. (c.1903) / [Front and right side of prison; horse-drawn streetcar and four-wheeled carriage pulled by two horses on road in front; several pedestrians on sidewalk]
3 143 Trinity Church, 1791. (no date) / [Front and right side of church, which is partially obscured by trees; four-wheeled carriage pulled by two horses on street; man and woman standing near entrance to church]
3 144 Tontine Coffee House, 1820. (c.1903) / [Coffee house is in foreground and at the head of a row of buildings of a city street that leads to a harbor; people, carts, barrels and bundles fill the street]
3 145 Turtle Bay, East River, 1853. (c.1904) / [A small house on shore; several canoes in the water]
3 146 United States Bank of Insurance Offices, Wall Street, 1798. (c.1904) / [Front and left side of building on corner of street with facades of two other buildings in scene; pedestrians]
3 147 Union Square, Dr. Cheever's Church, 1849. (c.1908) / [Aerial view of city buildings on the left and trees on the right; church in foreground; fence separates a park that can be seen on the right; two horse-drawn vehicles on the street]
3 148 Van Cortland Manor House, 1850. (c.1906) / [Front and left side of a two-and-a-half-story house with a wrap-around porch on the second level; partially obscured by trees and shrubs]
3 149 Vandenheuvel Mansion, built 1759. (c.1904) / [Three-story house connected to a two-story house; on the two-story house are painted the words "Carpenter Builder"]
3 150 Van Nest House, Bleeker St., 1828. (c.1907) / [Two-story house with trees scattered around property and a wooden fence wrapped around it; man, two women and a child outside the fence]
3 151 Water Street Presbyterian Church, 1815. (c.1906) / [City street of several buildings; signs on buildings read "C Pool Law Books" and "Custom House"; pedestrians and a four-horse carriage pulled by two horses]
3 152 Washington's Headquarters, Newburg[h], 1777. (c.1909) / [Front and left side of building; cannon on lawn]
3 153 Washington Market, 1859. (c.1907) / [Aerial view of a block of buildings near the waterfront; boats in water; pedestrians, carts and horses]
3 154 Walton House, 1784. (c.1907) / [Front of four-story house on a city block; partially obscured by trees]
3 155 Franconi's Hippodrome Madison Sq[uare], 1833. (c.1913) / [Brick building with circus-like tent-tops with many flags on top and people waiting in line at the entrance; two horse-drawn vehicles and men on horseback]. Another engraving made from the same original is available at PRI3108-16.
3 156 Yonkers, from a sketch taken in 1748. (c.1910) / [Hills in background; waterfall flowing into a stream that leads to a river; boats in water; three women and a man playing musical instruments and holding baskets in foreground]
3 157 Belvedere Club. (No date) / [Rowboat in foreground; two sailboats and rowboat in midground; houses and fields in background] This seems to be based on the J. Anderson drawing. Another engraving made from the same original is available at PRI3110-18.
3 158 Unidentified house. (c.1901) / [Three-story brick house on the corner of a city block with two people walking on sidewalk; two-wheeled carriage pulled by one horse; two-wheeled wagon being pulled by one horse]
3 159 Unidentified house. (no date) / [Three-story house; lower part of house obscured by trees and shrubs; wooden fence separating the yard from road]
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