Broadside Ballads Collection
Index of Ballad Tunes or "Airs"

Most ballads were published without musical notation, and many were written to the tunes of popular songs. In such cases, the printer would note the tune or "air" below the title.

Original Tune Accession Number Broadside Ballad Title
All Round My Hat SCO BD0201 Nigger on de Fence
America SCO BD0384B Victory
America or Olivet SCO BD1430 Hymn on the Death of President Garfield
American Boy SCO BD1194 Southern Prisoner Gives His Thanks to the Baltimor
American Taxation SCO BD1609 American Anti-Masonry: A Parody
Anacreon in Heaven SCO BD1610 New Song
Annie I Have Missed You SCO BD1141 Sambo, I Have Missed You
Annie Laurie SCO BD0097 Bonnie Jamie
Annie Lisle SCO BD0680 Massachusetts Fifty-third
Annie Lisle SCO BD1483 To My Loved One
Annie Lisle SCO BD1283 Volunteer
Annie of the Vale SCO BD0164 Come, Jeff, Come, Or Fort Donaldson Is Taken
Annie of the Vale SCO BD1305 Welcome "Jeff" to Baltimore
Auld Lang Syne SCO BD0207 Death of Ellsworth
Bag of Nails SCO BD1383 Yankee Doodle Uncle Sam
Banks of Claudy SCO BD0755 My Boy with the Auburn Hair
Barclay and Perkins's Drayman SCO BD0313 Free & Easy Song
Battle Cry of Freedom SCO BD0123A Rally Round the Cause Boys
Battle Hymn of the Republic SCO BD0349 Glory Hallelujah No. 3
Beautiful Dreamer SCO BD0066 Beautiful Screamer: Parody on "Beautiful Dreamer"
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms SCO BD0015 Alabama Again
Ben Bolt SCO BD0372 Grave of Ben Bolt
Ben Bolt SCO BD0528 Jim Holmes: A Parody on Ben Bolt
Billy Barlow SCO BD0962 Paddy Goshlow
Billy Barlow SCO BD1289 War in Europe
Billy O'Rourke SCO BD0498 Irish Wide-awake
Billy O'Rourke SCO BD0640 McClellan for 1865
Blow Ye, Winds of Morning SCO BD0398 Harper's Ferry
Blue Alsatian Mountains SCO BD1127 Row of Tenement Houses
Bob and John SCO BD0401 Have You Seen My Sister: A Highly Popular Comic.
Bold Soldier Boy SCO BD1028 Poor Soldier Boy
Bonnie Blue Flag SCO BD0736 Mother on the Brain
Bottle More SCO BD0087 Blow the Candle Out
Bow, Wow, Wow SCO BD1431 I Don't Know: The Great Know Nothing Song
Bow, Wow, Wow SCO BD1611 State Rights, or Georgia vs. the Cherokee
Bow, Wow, Wow SCO BD1291 War is Over Now
Bowld Soger Boy SCO BD1530 Song for Lafayette Fire Company No. 3
British Grenadier SCO BD1708 New Massachusetts Liberty Song
British Grenadiers SCO BD1669 New Song to the Tune of the British Grenadier
Broth of a Boy SCO BD0711 Misfortunes of Barney O'Neil
Broth of a Boy SCO BD1212 Swill Milk No. 2
Brothers, Will You Meet Me SCO BD0536 John Brown's Original Marching Song
Bruce's Address SCO BD0496 Irish Patriots of 98
Bruce's Address SCO BD0642 McClellan's Address to His Army
Bryan O'Lynn SCO BD1362 Widow Mulroney's Ball
Burning of the Henry Clay SCO BD0304 Flow'ry Shannon Side
Burns' Farewell SCO BD0228 Dr. Burdell, or The Bond Street Murder
Burns' Farewell SCO BD1053 Prince of Wales, No. 2
Burns' Farewell SCO BD1228 Thirtieth Street Murder: A Horrible Tragedy
California Brothers SCO BD1399 Assassination of Ellsworth at Alexandria, Va.
Campbells Are Coming SCO BD0624 Look Out! The Rebels Are Coming
Campbells Are Coming SCO BD0832 Northmen are Coming
Camptown Races SCO BD0381 Great Prize Fight
Camptown Races SCO BD1091 Republican Campaign Song: Lincoln & Hamlin
Cape Ann Breeze SCO BD1438 Johnny Bull "Sparks" Brother Johnathan
Captain with His Whiskers SCO BD1403 Bill Posters Dream, or, Cross Whiskers
Captain with His Whiskers SCO BD0734 Mother of All Songs
Captain with His Whiskers SCO BD1182 Song of All Songs
Captain with His Whiskers SCO BD1183 Song of Many Songs
Cars on the Track SCO BD0193 Darkey Conscript
Champagne Charlie SCO BD0578 Lager-beer Jacob
Cheer Boys Cheer SCO BD0661 March of the New York Volunteers
Chevy Chase SCO BD1597-13 Mourful Lamentation … Death of Mr. Old Tenor
Climbing up the Golden Stair SCO BD1099 Riding on the Cable Cars
Cobbler There Was SCO BD1692 New Ballad, Upon a New Occasion
Columbia the Gem of the Ocean SCO BD1501 Nobody Hurt (Old Abe)
Come Home Father SCO BD0284 Father's Come Home. A sequel to: Come Home Father
Come to Me Love SCO BD0673 Mary Machree
Come, Oh! Come with Me SCO BD0167 My Skiff Is by the Shore (Parody on Come, Oh Come)
Cowskeen Lawn SCO BD0242 Dumb Scowld
Cradle's Empty SCO BD0102 Bottle's Empty Whiskey's Gone
Cupid Took Lodgings in Dublin SCO BD0497 Irish Toad
Cure SCO BD1074 Real, Perfect Cure
Dan Tucker SCO BD0639 McClellan and Victory!!!
Dandy Jim from Caroline SCO BD0321 Gal in the Cabbage Line
Dandy Jim of Caroline SCO BD1355 Who's Been Here Since I'v [sic] Been Gone
Dandy Jim of Caroline SCO BD1356 Who's Been Here Since I'v [sic] Been Gone - Part 2
Dandy O! SCO BD1611 I'm a Soldier Ready Made
Dark Girl Dressed in Blue SCO BD0031 Answer to the Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
Day When We Went A Gipsying SCO BD0778 My Mother's Customs
Dear Irish Boy SCO BD1364 Wife's Lament: A New Temperance Song
Dear Mother I've Come Home to Die SCO BD0205A Dear Mother I've Come Home to Eat
Dear Mother I've Come Home to Die SCO BD1410 Dear Mother I've Come Home to Eat
Dear Mother I've Come Home to Die SCO BD0979 Parody on Dear Mother I've Come Home to Die
Dearest Mae SCO BD0138 Charming Emma Snow
Dearest May SCO BD1415 Dying Soldier: "Oh Do Not Bury Me Here"
Derry Down SCO BD0910 Old Woman's Donkey
Dixie's Land SCO BD0223 Dixie's Land No. 6
Dixie's Land SCO BD0952 Our Yankee Generals
Dixie's Land SCO BD0951 Our Yankee Generals
Dixie's Land SCO BD0998 Patriotic Song for the Times
Do They Think of Me at Home SCO BD1177 I Am Wandering All Alone
Do They Think of Me at Home SCO BD1366 Will They Weep for Me at Home
Do They Think of Me at Home SCO BD1388 Yes! We Think of Thee at Home
Does Your Mother Know You're Out SCO BD0468 I Spy Your Little Game
Dog and Gun SCO BD0652 Major Andre's Arrest and Execution
Donnelly and Cooper SCO BD1085 Relief for Ireland
Don't Be Angry Mother SCO BD0453 I Am Not Angry (Answer to "Don't Be Angry Mother")
Don't Put Your Feet on a Man When He's Down SCO BD0804 Never Go Back on the Poor
Down in Picadilly SCO BD1215 Taken In and Done For
Dumble-Dum Deary SCO BD0229 Doctor's Wife
Duncan Gray SCO BD0241 Try, Try Again
Eileen Allanna SCO BD0249 Eileen's Answer: A Response to … Eileen Allanna
Elixir of Love SCO BD0305 Flying Your Kite Too High
Emigrant's Lament SCO BD0250 Emigrant's Farewell
Fairy Boy SCO BD0730 Mother Is the Battle Over
Farewell to the Mountain SCO BD0278 Farewell to Old England
Farmer's Boy SCO BD1394 Young Unions Song
Few Days SCO BD0287 Few Days No. 2
Flag of Our Union SCO BD0179 Corcoran's Irish Legion
Flaming O'Flannigans SCO BD1344 White Ghost
Flip Flap SCO BD1264 Union Boys
Flower From My Angel Mother's Grave SCO BD0779 My Mother's Wedding Ring
Free and Easy SCO BD0312 Free & Easy of Our Union
Free and Easy SCO BD0330 Gay and Happy
Free and Easy SCO BD1073 Ready for the Fight
Free and Easy SCO BD1284 Volunteers' Song
French Musician SCO BD1481 Tim Finigan's Wake
Full Moons SCO BD0726 Moons Are Out To-night
Gaelic Air SCO BD0581 Lamentation of J.P. Donnelly
Gay and Happy SCO BD0124 Camp Song of the Maryland Line
Gay and Happy SCO BD1451 McClellan's Farewell to the Army of the Potomac
Gay and Happy SCO BD0937 Our Country's Flag
Gay and Happy SCO BD1006 Pennsylvanian Battle Cry
Gay and Happy SCO BD1263 Union
Gee Ho Dobbin SCO BD1224 Their Sham Shoulder Straps
Gentle Annie SCO BD0181 Cottage
Gentle Annie SCO BD0768 My Heart Is Sad for Thee Annie
Gideon's Band SCO BD0643 M'Clellan's Band
Gideon's Band SCO BD1309 We'll Be Free in Maryland
Girl I Left Behind Me SCO BD0218 Dinah's Lamentation
Girl I Left Behind Me SCO BD0450 I'm Going to Fight mit Sigel
Girl I Left Behind Me SCO BD0481 I'm Going to Fight mit Sigel
Girl I Left Behind Me SCO BD0482 I'm Going to Fight mit Sigel
Girl I Left Behind Me SCO BD1592 New Song … Late War with Great Britain
Girl I Left Behind Me SCO BD1314 What a Heel She's Got Behind Her
Gloire aux Martys Victorieux SCO BD1274 Vengeons la Patrie
Glorious 69th SCO BD1094 Return of Gen. Corcoran of the Glorious 69th
Glorious Sixty-Ninth SCO BD0283 Father of all Songs
Glory Hallelujah SCO BD1265 Union Emotions
God Save the King SCO BD1507 National Hymn
God Save the King SCO BD1057 Our Own Dear America
God Save the King SCO BD1180 Song Composed for the Fraternity of Steuben Lodge
God Save the King SCO BD1191 South Carolina: A Patriotic Ode
Good-bye Allie Dear! SCO BD0798 Nelly Wood
Good-bye, Sweet-heart Good-bye SCO BD0361 Good-bye False Heart, Good-bye
Grandfather's Clock SCO BD0368 Grandfather's Socks
Grandmother's Old Arm Chair SCO BD0988 Parrot and the Old Arm Chair
Green Grow the Rushes Oh SCO BD0589 Lazy Club
Green Little Island SCO BD1495 Fernando Wood King of Manhattan Isle
Hail to the Chief SCO BD0387 Hail to the Chief
Hail to the Chief SCO BD0540 John Mitchell: The Irish Patriot and Exile
Hail to the Chief Who in Triumph Advances SCO BD0335 General Meade, the Hero of Gettysburg
Happy Land of Caanan SCO BD0439 How to Close This Cruel War
Happy Land of Caanan SCO BD0621 Long Live McClellan
Happy Land of Canaan SCO BD0867 Oil-merchant
Harp That Once thro' Tara's Hall SCO BD0343 Girl I Loved Best of All
Harp That Once thro' Tara's Hall SCO BD0657 Man Who Never Kiss'd
Harp That Once thro' Tara's Hall SCO BD1001 Pat's Farewell to His Sweetheart
Hibernia's Jean SCO BD0389 Hannah More
Highland Laddie SCO BD0576 Kites are Flying: An Acrostic
Highland Mary SCO BD0334 Gen. McClellan's Farewell Address to His Army
His Sisters and His Cousins and His Aunts SCO BD0370 Grant's Return
Hold the Fort SCO BD0384B Rally
Honest Man's the Noblest Work of God SCO BD0792 Nation Mourns Her Martyred Son
Hosier's Ghost SCO BD1641 Sorrows of Yamba, or The Negro Woman's Lamentation
Hundred Years Hence SCO BD1077 Red Hot
Hunt the Buffalo SCO BD1054 Prisoner for Life
Hunters of Kentucky SCO BD1405 Boys of Uncle Samu'l
I Am Off for Baltimore SCO BD1016 Pirate's Serenade
I Want to Be an Angel SCO BD0471 I Want to be a Soldier
I'll Throw Myself Away SCO BD1125 Rough & Tumble, or The Amos Street Fight …
I'm Afloat SCO BD0295 Flag of the Republic
I'm Lonely To-night SCO BD0980 Parody on I'm Lonely To-night
I'm Sitting on the Stile Mary SCO BD1323 When I Was in the Tombs
Indian Hunter SCO BD0752 Murdered Policeman Eugene Anderson …
Irish Jaunting Car SCO BD0584 Larry Maher's Big Five-gallon Jar
Irish Molly-O SCO BD1153 Shanghai Engine
Irish Volunteer SCO BD0150 Col. Owens' Gallant Irish Volunteers
Irishman's Shanty SCO BD0874 Old Country Party
Irishman's Shanty SCO BD1248 Traitor's March to the White House
Jeannette and Jeannot SCO BD1427 How Sheridan Whipped Longstreet
Jeannette and Jeannot SCO BD1273 Valentine & Julia
Jenny Jones SCO BD0141 Charming Young Lady I Met in the Rain
Jenny Jones SCO BD0310 Four Colored Ghosts
Jessie, the Flower of Dumblane SCO BD0303 Flower of the Land
Jim Crack-corn SCO BD0215 Didn't She Seem to Like It?
Jim, the Carter Lad SCO BD0983 Jackey, de Butcher Boy
Joe Bowers SCO BD0103 Bounty-Jumper
Joe Bowers SCO BD1004 Peanut Stand
John Anderson SCO BD0090 Bob Anderson
John Dean SCO BD0006 Advice to Young Ladies
John Todd SCO BD1368 William Price
Jordan SCO BD0189 Cunningham Baby, or The Heir from over Jordan
Jordan SCO BD0202 Dead Rabbits' Fight with the Bowery Boys
Jordan SCO BD0718 Money Am a Hard Thing to Borrow
Jordan SCO BD1140 Sam. Houston and the People
Jordan SCO BD1359 Wide Awake Jordan
Just Before the Battle Mother SCO BD0559 Just After the Battle
Just Before the Battle Mother SCO BD0981 Parody on Just Before the Battle Mother
K.Y.K. SCO BD0806 New Jers-A
Kathleen Mavourneen SCO BD0212 Dermot Astore: Reply to Kathleen Mavourneen
Katy Darling SCO BD0029 Answer of Katy Darling
Katy Darling SCO BD0631 Loving Jesus: A Parody on Katy Darling
King and Countryman SCO BD1654 Striped Pig: as Sung by Mr. Wills at the Tremont
King of the Cannibal Islands SCO BD0379 Great Japanese Embassy
King of the Cannibal Islands SCO BD0426 Hoops No. 2: What a Ridiculous Fashion?
King of the Cannibal Islands SCO BD0516 Jeff Davis, or The King of the Southern Dominions
King of the Cannibal Islands SCO BD0655 Man That Couldn't Get Cool
King of the Cannibal Islands SCO BD0656 Man That Couldn't Get Warm
King of the Cannibal Islands SCO BD0727 Mormon King
King of the Cannibal Islands SCO BD1468 Quiet Lodgings
Ladies' Tongues SCO BD1318 What Man Would Be Without a Woman
Lanagan's Ball [sic] SCO BD0279 Farragut's Ball
Lannigan's Ball SCO BD0178 Corcoran's Ball
Lannigan's Ball SCO BD0280 Farragut's Ball
Lannigan's Ball SCO BD1428 How Sherman's Veterans Took Atlanta
Lannigan's Ball SCO BD1036A President's Ball
Last Rose of Summer SCO BD0239 Drummer of Antietam
Last Rose of Summer SCO BD1414 Drummer of Antietam
Late Worthy Old Lyon SCO BD1715 New Song on the Repeal of the Stamp-Act
Let Me Kiss Him for His Mother SCO BD0594 Let Me Kiss This Man and Brother
Let the Strain Be Bold and Free SCO BD0912 On! On! Erin! On!
Letter in the Candle SCO BD1320 What the Candle Told Was True
Life on the Ocean Wave SCO BD0114 Brooklyn 13th Regiment
Life on the Ocean Wave SCO BD0849 Oh Come Fair Maid With Me
L'Ignorance a Brise Ses Armes SCO BD1189 Soupir des Esclaves
Lillibullero SCO BD1719 Jem-mi-bul-le-ro: Instead of Lillibullero
Lilly Dale SCO BD0706 Minnie
Lilly Dale SCO BD1022 Poor Billy Vail: A Parody on "Lilly Dale"
Lily of the West SCO BD0213 Deserted Seamstress
Limerick Races SCO BD0442 Hunkydory
Limerick Races SCO BD0506 It Reminds Him of a Story
Little Pig's Tail SCO BD1398 Anti-rent Song
Little Roving Soldier SCO BD1409 Columbia's Hardy Seamen
London Is Now Out of Town SCO BD1525 Corsican Drover
Lone Rock by the Sea SCO BD0729 By-gone Days
Lord Lovell SCO BD0518 Jeff. Davis' Dream
Lorena SCO BD1002 Paul Vane: Answer to Lorena
Louisiana Lowlands SCO BD1147 Seven Days Fight from June 26th to July 4th, 1862
Low Backed Car SCO BD0495 Innocent Mike
Low Backed Car SCO BD0632 Low Necked Dress
Maniac SCO BD1245 Toper's Appeal: A Parody on "The Maniac"
Marching Along SCO BD1453 Marching Song
Marsellois Hymn SCO BD1537 Ode for the Celebration of the French Revolution
Marshall Ney SCO BD1308 Welcome Our Gallant 69th
Mary Blane SCO BD1380 Yankee Clock: Franklin Engine Co. No. 3
Mary Had a Little Lamb SCO BD0384B Grover's Little Lamb
Maryland My Maryland SCO BD0762 My Fifty-third
Maryland My Maryland SCO BD0776 My Maryland
Maryland My Maryland SCO BD0776 Our Maryland
Matilda SCO BD0928 Organ Grinder
Meeting of the Waters SCO BD0499 Irish Brigade, No. 2
Meeting of the Waters, or Indian Hunter SCO BD0405 Heart Rending Tragedy
Misseltoe Bough SCO BD0070 Belles of the 'Bus
Monkey Turned Barber SCO BD0134 Change For a $10 Bill!
Mother Is the Battle Over SCO BD0030 Answer to Mother Is the Battle Over?
My Mary Ann SCO BD0554 Josiah Brown
My Normandy SCO BD1454 Maryland, My Maryland!
Nancy Till SCO BD1459 New Song: Uncle Bill - A Parody on "Nancy Till"
Nell Flaugherty's Drake SCO BD0515 Jeff Davis
Nelly Gray SCO BD0074 Bessie Lane
Nettie Moore SCO BD0801 Nettie is No More
New Play-house Tune SCO BD1726 New Prophecy of Several Strange and Wonderful …
New York Volunteer SCO BD0940 Our German Volunteers
New-Jers-A SCO BD1277 Vir-Gin-A
Newsboys, The SCO BD0105 Boys of the Bowery Pit
No Irish Need Apply SCO BD1317 What Irish Boys Can Do (Answer to No Irish Need Apply)
Nobody Know the Trouble I See SCO BD1461 Nobody Knows What a Racket Was There
Nora Creina SCO BD0808 New Policeman
Norah O'Neal SCO BD0982 Parody on Norah O'Neal or Trying to Raise a Square
Nothing Like Pride About Me SCO BD0452 I Am Not a Gal of That Sort
Oh I Should Like to Marry SCO BD0853 Daniel Tucker's Wedding
Oh No My Love No SCO BD1193 Southern Matron to Her Son
Oh No We Never Mention Her SCO BD0866 Oh Yes We Often Mention Her
Oh Susannah SCO BD0180 Corkers
Oh Susannah SCO BD0894 Old Mose Song
Old Brown Cot on the Hill SCO BD0615 Little Old House on the Rhine
Old Dan Tucker SCO BD1633 Bill Snyder
Old Dan Tucker SCO BD0905 Old Sir Toddy
Old Dan Tucker SCO BD1100 Riot in the City Hall Park, June 18, 1857
Old Dan Tucker SCO BD1469 Riot in the City Hall Park, June 18, 1857
Old Dog Tray SCO BD0874A Old Dog Tray No. 2 - A Parody …
Old Folks at Home SCO BD0084 Blest Ones at Home
Old Hundred SCO BD0936 Our Country
Old Hundred SCO BD1595 Union War Songs: Army Hymn
Old Lang Syne SCO BD1496 Presentation Festival
Old Leather Breeches SCO BD0649 Maginnis's Raffle
Old Mr. Flanagan SCO BD0750 Mrs. Reilly's Troubles
Old Pine Tree SCO BD0425 Honey Bee Engine No. 5
Old Virginia Lowlands Low SCO BD0333 General Grant's Boys
Old Zip Coon SCO BD0871 Old Bog-hole
On the Road to Brighton SCO BD0106 Brave Little Mac
One Night to a Concert I Went SCO BD1010 Phoenix Society
Original SCO BD1204 Streets of New York
Orphan Boy's Lament SCO BD1240 To Charming Kate in Ireland
Ould Lang Syne SCO BD1497 Temperance Banner
Our Grand-father's Days SCO BD0885 Old Hickory's Days
Over the Garden Wall SCO BD1244 Tommy, Do It Again
Over the Hills to the Poor House SCO BD1216 Temple Fire
Paddy's Rambles SCO BD0999 Pat's Adventures in the Crimea
Pat's Curiousity Shop SCO BD1050 Pride of the Village
Peace, Troubled Soul SCO BD0055 Battle of Spottsylvania: "I Am Left To Die Alone"
Perfect Cure SCO BD0800 Nerves
Plains of Mexico SCO BD0078 Billy Wilson's Zouaves
Pompey Snow SCO BD0909 Old Virginia Low Lands Low
Poor Old Slave SCO BD0196 Darling Nell
Poor Old Slave SCO BD0245 Dying Hero's Request
Prima Donna Waltz SCO BD0858 Oh for Wings to Soar
Prisoner's Hope SCO BD0915 On! On! On!
Prisoner's Hope SCO BD0913 On! On! On! A Sequel to Tramp, Tramp, Tramp!
Prisoner's Hope SCO BD0914 On! On! On! The Boys Came Marching
Prisoner's Hope SCO BD1133 Rum! Rum! Rum! The Bummer's Hope
Put Me in My Little Bed SCO BD0983 Parody on Put Me in My Little Bed
Queer Things SCO BD1062 Queer Sights
Raging Canal SCO BD0053 23d Penna's Brave Action … Battle of Fair Oaks
Raging Canal, or The Californian Brothers SCO BD0363 Good Ship Cumberland
Rakes of Mallow SCO BD0898 Old Parson Brown
Rally Round the Flag Boys SCO BD1542 Boatmen's Psalm
Rat Catcher's Daughter SCO BD0092A Boker's Daughter
Red Robin SCO BD0872 Old Bummer
Red White and Blue SCO BD0407 Heenan, Champion of the World, No. 2
Red, White and Blue SCO BD1424 Hail to the Chief
Red, White, and Blue SCO BD0817 New York 12th Regiment, No. 2
Red, White, and Blue SCO BD0949 Our Own Flag of Green
Rich Girl SCO BD0942 Our Glorious Flag Red White and Blue
River Roe SCO BD0211 Departure of the 69th Volunteers
River Roe SCO BD0324 Gallant 99th Regiment. N. Y. S. V.
River Roe SCO BD1083A Gallant 99th Regiment. N.Y.S.V.
River Roe SCO BD0813 New York Fire-Zouaves
Robin Ruff SCO BD0618 Loaf of Bread: Duett
Robinson Crusoe SCO BD1003 Peanut-gal's Ghost
Rock Me to Sleep Mother SCO BD0590 Leave Me to Sleep Biddy
Root Hog or Die SCO BD0380 Great Police Fight
Root Hog or Die SCO BD0517 Jeff Davis and His Uncle
Root Hog or Die SCO BD0954 Out For Once
Root, Hog, or Die SCO BD1343 White House
Rory O'More SCO BD0290 Fireman
Rose Tree SCO BD0414 Hicks the Pirate
Rosin the Beau SCO BD0340 Ghost of Mike Walsh
Rosin the Bow SCO BD0315 Freemen, Rally!
Rousseau's Dream SCO BD0763 My God! What is All This For
Roving Journeyman SCO BD0765 My Good-looking Man
Scots Wha Hae A[sic] Wallace Bled SCO BD1150 79th Regiment
Scots Wha Hae Wi' Wallace Bled SCO BD0148 National Song: Clime Beneath Whose Genial Sun
Sebastopol SCO BD1167 69th Regiment, No. 4
Shamrock Shore SCO BD0685 Meagher Is Leading the Irish Brigade
Shan Van Vocht SCO BD0259 Escape of Stephens, the Fenian Chief
Shan Van Vocht SCO BD0331 Gay Old Cook
She Had Such a Delicate Way SCO BD0227 Do You Really Think She Did?
Sheffield Apprentice SCO BD0812 New-York Apprentice Boy
Shells of the Ocean SCO BD0269 Fairest of the Fair
Soldier's Dream SCO BD0051 Battle is O'er
Soldiers Tear SCO BD1406 Brave Bessy, the Soldier's Wife
Son of a Gambolier SCO BD1474 Song for the Eighth Company Dinner January 21st …
Sparkling and Bright SCO BD1492 Song to Old Union
St. Patrick's Day SCO BD0397 Harp of Old Erin and Banner of Stars
Standard-bearer SCO BD1292 War-song of the Union
Star of the Evening, Glory on High SCO BD0319 Funeral Procession of President Lincoln
Star Spangled Banner SCO BD0137 Charge at Roanoke by the Hawkins Zouaves, 2/8/1862
Star Spangled Banner SCO BD0294 Flag of Fort Sumter
Star Spangled Banner SCO BD1192 Southern Cross
Star Spangled Banner SCO BD1200 Stars and Bars
Star Spangled Banner SCO BD1267 Union Must and Shall be Preserved
Storm SCO BD0325 Gallant Soldier
Strike for Tyrol and Liberty SCO BD0170 Commercial Man
Sweet Evelina SCO BD1093 Retreat of the Grand Army from Bull Run
Sword of Bunker Hill SCO BD0046 Banner of the Free
Teddy the Tiler, or, Cannibal Islands SCO BD1165 Sinking of the Pirate Alabama
Tenting on the Old Camp Ground SCO BD0984 Parody on Tenting on the Old Camp-ground
The Baby-show SCO BD0544 Johnny Law
There Was a Jolly Miller SCO BD0583 Landlord's Pet
Think of Your Head in the Morning SCO BD0993 Pat Murphy of Meagher's Brigade
Three Yankee Pigeons SCO BD1662 Brilliant Naval Victory
Tim Finnegan's Wake SCO BD1063 Rafferty's Party
Tippecanoe and Tyler Too SCO BD0377 Great Champion Prize Fight
To All You Ladies Now at Land SCO BD1690 Catholic Remedy: An Excellent New Ballad
To the West SCO BD0985 Parody on To the West
Tom Bowling SCO BD0236 Downtrodden Maryland
Tom Haliard SCO BD1036 Press Gang
Troubador SCO BD0241 Drunkard's Wife
True as Steel SCO BD0371A Grant's Trip Around the World
Twisting of the Rope SCO BD0688 How Dear to Me the Hour!
Under the Willow SCO BD1446 Lincoln Lies Sleeping
Under the Willow She's Sleeping SCO BD0790 Nation Is Weeping
Under the Willow She's Sleeping SCO BD0791 Nation Is Weeping
Union Cockade SCO BD1097 Richmond Jail
Valley of Inkerman SCO BD0465 Irish Volunteers, No. 2
Vilikens and His Dinah SCO BD0990 Pat and the Priest
Vilikins SCO BD0071 Bellevue Baby Mrs. Cunningham's Adopted
Vilikins and Dinah SCO BD1096 Rich Country Gal and the Wicked City Chap
Vilikins and His Dinah SCO BD0978 Parody No. 2, on "Vilikins and His Dinah"
Villikens and His Dinah SCO BD0417 Hod-carrier's Song
Villikens and His Dinah SCO BD1052 Prince of Wales No. 3
Villikins and His Dinah SCO BD0108 Brief History of the Marriage of John Dean …
Villikins and His Dinah SCO BD0382 Great Prize Fight, No. 3
Villikins and His Dinah SCO BD0538 John Dean and His Own Mary Ann
Villikins and His Dinah SCO BD0539 John Dean and His Own Mary Ann No. 2
Villikins and His Dinah SCO BD0746 Mrs. Cunningham and the Baby
Villikins and His Dinah SCO BD0747 Mrs. Cunningham and the Baby, No. 1
Villikins and His Dinah SCO BD0814 New York Ice Man
Villikins and His Dinah SCO BD1013 Pig Palloon Schip. Vat's Come to Europe on de Ski?
Villikins and His Dinah SCO BD1207 Susy and Pat Murphy
Viva La SCO BD1255 12th Regiment, New York State Militia
Wait for the Wagon SCO BD0445 Hurra for the Union!
Wait for the Wagon SCO BD0449 I Am Fighting for the Nigger
Wait for the Wagon SCO BD1445 Lincoln & Hamlin
Wait for the Wagon SCO BD0662 March on for the Union
Wait for the Wagon SCO BD1203 Stopping in New York
Wait for the Wagon, or, Old Virginia Lowlands SCO BD1396 Abe Lincoln's Union Wagon
Walk in De Parlor and Hear De Banjo Play SCO BD1485 Uncle Sam's Farm
Watcher SCO BD1466 Pity the Blind
Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea SCO BD0034 Any Other Man, No. 2
Wet Sheet on the Flowing Sea SCO BD0107 Brave Soldiers of the West
Whack Row De Dow SCO BD1450 McClellan Will Be President
Whack Row De Dow SCO BD0641 McClellan Will Be President
Whack Row De Dow SCO BD1354 Who'll Have Me Now
Whack Row De Dow! SCO BD0271 Fall of Charleston
When I Saw Sweet Nellie Home SCO BD0184 Courage Mother I am Going
When Jockey First the Wars Began SCO BD1722 True Protestants Litany
When This Cruel War Is Over SCO BD0462 I Remember the Hour When Sadly We Parted
When This Cruel War Is Over SCO BD0987 Parody on When This Cruel War Is Over
When This Cruel War Is Over SCO BD0986 Parody on When This Curel War Is Over
When This Cruel War Is Over SCO BD1329 When This Cruel Draft Is Over
When This Cruel War Is Over [Answer Song] SCO BD0463 I Remember the Hour When Sadly We Parted
Whiskey in the Jar SCO BD0273 Fancy Peeler
Whiskey in the Jar SCO BD1310 We'll Fight for Uncle Sam
White Star, or Billy Barlow in Tennessee SCO BD0625 Lookout Mountain
Who Will Care for Mother Now SCO BD0355 God Will Care for Mother Now
Who Will Care for Mother Now SCO BD0473 I Will Care for Mother Now
Who Will Care for Mother Now SCO BD1350 Who Will Care for Mickey Now
Who Will Care for Mother Now? SCO BD0032 Answer to Who Will Care for Mother Now
Who Will Care for Mother Now? SCO BD0033 Answer to Who Will Care for Mother Now?
Willie We Have Missed You SCO BD0024 Annie I Have Missed You
Woodland Mary SCO BD0238 Drummer Boy of Waterloo
Woodman Spare That Tree SCO BD1075 Rebel, Spare That Flag
Woodman Spare That Tree SCO BD1247 Traitor! Spare that Flag: Parody "Woodman Spare …
Yacht America SCO BD1269 Union Volunteers
Yankee Doodle SCO BD0073 Berdan's Sharpshooters
Yankee Doodle SCO BD1670 Cash in Hand … Capture of the British Packet
Yankee Doodle SCO BD1720 Farmer and His Son's Return from a Visit to Camp
Yankee Doodle SCO BD0288 Fight for the Championship
Yankee Doodle SCO BD0436 How Are You Off for Ile?
Yankee Doodle SCO BD0541 Johnny Bull and Brother Jonathan
Yankee Doodle SCO BD1571 Portrait of the Times: or Physic for Licentious Faction
Yankee Doodle SCO BD1144 Satterlee Boys to Uncle Sam
Yankee Doodle Dandy SCO BD0719 Monitor and the Merrimac
Yankee Man of War SCO BD0464 Irish Volunteer
Yankee Manufacture SCO BD1101 Rising Generation
Ye Banks and Braes SCO BD0255 Erin Go Bragh
Ye Hearts of Oak SCO BD1663 Unparralleled [sic] Victory
Ye Mariners of England SCO BD1668 [Second Song on the Restoration of Peace, 1815]
Ye Mariners of England SCO BD1668 Song on Washington's Birthday and … Peace … 1815
Year of Jubilo SCO BD0123 Camp Gals
Young Gal from New Jersey SCO BD0233 Don't Be Choked Off
Young Lockinvar SCO BD0093 George B. McClellan, The Bold Engineer
Last Updated: May 20, 2021