Broadside Ballads Collection
Title Index

Title Accession Number
[All Out of Breath] - Untitled SCO BD0016
[Second Song on the Restoration of Peace, 1815] SCO BD1668
100 Fathoms Deep SCO BD0922
12th Regiment, New York State Militia SCO BD1255
18th Anniv. Sabbath School … 2d. Ref. Dutch Church SCO BD1549
1901 SCO BD0820
23d Penna's Brave Action … Battle of Fair Oaks SCO BD0053
32nd Anniversary of the American Anti-slavery Soc. SCO BD1547
69th Regiment, No. 4 SCO BD1167
79th Regiment SCO BD1150
8th Anniversary … 1st Cong. Sabbath School SCO BD1550
Abe Lincoln's Battle Cry SCO BD1395
Abe Lincoln's Union Wagon SCO BD1396
Abraham May SCO BD1580
Abraham May SCO BD1581
Abraham's Daughter SCO BD0003
Accident on the West Jersey Railroad: A Recitation SCO BD0004
Acrostic: Mary Wilt Thou Have Me SCO BD0675
Act on the Square Boys SCO BD0005
Address to the American Rifle Team SCO BD1499
Admonition to the Young to Seek and Follow Christ SCO BD1597-1
Adolphus Morninglory: Double Song and Jig SCO BD0240
Advice to Young Ladies SCO BD0006
Afloat on the Ocean SCO BD0007
Age of Progress, The SCO BD0008
Ah! Que J'Aime les Militaires SCO BD0009
Ah! There, Stay There SCO BD0010
Aileen a Roon SCO BD0011
Aileen Astore SCO BD0012
Ain't I Glad to Get Out of the Wilderness SCO BD0013
Ain't I Glad to Get Out of the Wilderness SCO BD0014
Alabama Again SCO BD0015
Alice Gray SCO BD0039
All Spice, or Spice For All SCO BD0017
Am I Not Fondly Thine Own SCO BD0018
Amber Tresses Tied in Blue SCO BD0019
America SCO BD1423
America SCO BD0019A
America, Commerce & Freedom SCO BD1597-19
American Anti-Masonry: A Parody SCO BD1609
American Boy, The SCO BD0020
American Flag, The SCO BD0021
American Star, The SCO BD0022
American Taxation SCO BD1622
Annie I Have Missed You SCO BD0024
Annie Laurie SCO BD0025
Annie Lisle SCO BD1397
Annie of the Vale SCO BD0027
Annie of the Vale SCO BD0026
Annie's Reply to Enoch Arden SCO BD0253
Anniversary … 2d Presbyter. Church Sabbath School SCO BD1552
Anniversary … 2d. Presbyter. Church Sabbath School SCO BD1551
Anniversary Hymn SCO BD0028
Another Glorious Victory SCO BD1658
Answer [to Rosy-wine] SCO BD1576
Answer of Katy Darling SCO BD0029
Answer to Mother Is the Battle Over? SCO BD0030
Answer to the Dark Girl Dressed in Blue SCO BD0031
Answer to Who Will Care for Mother Now SCO BD0032
Answer to Who Will Care for Mother Now? SCO BD0033
Anthem and Hymns … Installation of Rev. B.N. Martin SCO BD1517
Anti-rent Song SCO BD1398
Any Other Man, No. 2 SCO BD0034
Apostrophe to the Shade of Mina SCO BD1535
Army Hymn, The SCO BD0035A
As I Sat Upon My Dear Old Mother's Knee SCO BD0036
As We Grow Old SCO BD0037
Assassination of Ellsworth at Alexandria, Va. SCO BD1399
At a Christmas Gathering SCO BD1599-6
At the Anniversary of the Ladies Missionary Society … SCO BD1599-27
At the Fair SCO BD1599-29
At the Five Points Mission School Sunday Afternoon SCO BD1599-27
At the Fourth of July Celebration of Mr. Ward's SCO BD1599-4
At the Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs SCO BD1599-18
At the Great Garden Party at the Grand Union Hotel SCO BD1599-7
At the Horticultural Exhibition SCO BD1599-69
Attention! Berrian for Collector Charter-election SCO BD1582
Audience SCO BD1727
August the One SCO BD0038
Auld Lang Syne SCO BD0040
Aunt Jemima's Plaster or Sheep Skin Bees Wax No. 2 SCO BD0041
Awful Catastrophy of the Explosion of the Ship at N. York SCO BD1628
Back Side Albany SCO BD0119B
Bacon & Greens SCO BD0042
Bald Eagle SCO BD1599-36
Ballad … Anniversary of Washington's Farewell SCO BD1418
Balm of Gilead SCO BD0044A
Banks of Claudy SCO BD0044
Banks of the Hudson SCO BD0045
Banner of the Free SCO BD0046
Banner of the Sea SCO BD0047
Bard's Legacy SCO BD0048
Bashful Young Man SCO BD0049
Bateman's Tragedy SCO BD1584
Battle Cry of Freedom, or, We'll Rally Round … SCO BD0057
Battle Eve, The SCO BD0050
Battle Hymn of the Republic SCO BD0058
Battle is O'er SCO BD0051
Battle of Bull Run SCO BD0052
Battle of Corinth, October 4th 1862 SCO BD1631
Battle of Peach Tree Creek SCO BD0054
Battle of Queenston October 13, 1812 SCO BD1633A
Battle of Spottsylvania: "I Am Left To Die Alone" SCO BD0055
Battle of the Ball SCO BD1617
Battle of the Kegs SCO BD1683
Battle of the Potomac with the Malays SCO BD1659
Battle-Cry of Freedom SCO BD0058
Battle-Cry of Freedom SCO BD0056
Bawl of the Battle SCO BD1618
Bay of Biscay SCO BD0059
Be Friends With Your Brother Again SCO BD0060
Be Kind to Each Other SCO BD0062
Be My Mother Till I Die SCO BD0061
Beauteous Lizzie Fane SCO BD0063
Beautiful Isle of the Sea SCO BD0064
Beautiful Nell SCO BD0065
Beautiful Screamer: Parody on "Beautiful Dreamer" SCO BD0066
Beautiful Snow SCO BD1467
Bell Brandon SCO BD0067
Belle Brandon SCO BD1401
Belle of Baltimore SCO BD0068
Belle of Broadway SCO BD0069
Belles of the 'Bus SCO BD0070
Bellevue Baby Mrs. Cunningham's Adopted SCO BD0071
Bells of 1916 SCO BD1402
Berdan's Sharpshooters SCO BD0073
Berkshore Tragedy, or The Wittam Miller SCO BD1587
Bessie Lane SCO BD0074
Bid Me Good-bye, or the Soldier's Farewell SCO BD0076
Bill Posters Dream, or, Cross Whiskers SCO BD1403
Bill Snyder SCO BD1633
Billy Patterson, Billy on his Road to Town … SCO BD0077
Billy Wilson's Zouaves SCO BD0078
Birdie Darling SCO BD0079
Birds of a Feather SCO BD0080
Black and Blue Eyes SCO BD0081
Black-eyed Susan SCO BD0082
Blacks by Torchlight SCO BD1545
Bless the Lips that Kissed Our Darling SCO BD0083
Blest Ones at Home SCO BD0084
Blind SCO BD0085
Blind Man's Hope SCO BD0086
Blind Man's Lament SCO BD1404
Blind Soldier Boy SCO BD1596
Blow the Candle Out SCO BD0087
Blow, Gentle Gales SCO BD0383
Blue Violets SCO BD0089
Blue Violets SCO BD0088
Boatmen's Psalm SCO BD1542
Bob Anderson SCO BD0090
Bobbing Around No. 3 SCO BD0091
Boker's Daughter SCO BD0092A
Bold Brave Crew: Song of the Sea SCO BD0092B
Bold Privateer SCO BD0094
Bold Privateer SCO BD0095A
Bold Privateer SCO BD0095B
Bonnie Blue Flag SCO BD0096
Bonnie Jamie SCO BD0097
Bonny Banks O' Clyde SCO BD0098
Bonny Jean SCO BD0099
Bonny Joe SCO BD0100
Boston in Ashes SCO BD0101
Bottle's Empty Whiskey's Gone SCO BD0102
Bounty-Jumper SCO BD0103
Boys Keep Away from the Girls SCO BD0104
Boys of the Bowery Pit SCO BD0105
Boys of Uncle Samu'l SCO BD1405
Brave Bessy, the Soldier's Wife SCO BD1406
Brave Little Mac SCO BD0106
Brave Soldiers of the West SCO BD0107
Brennen on the Moor SCO BD1407
Bridal Morn SCO BD1590
Bride's Burial SCO BD1597-2
Brief History of the Marriage of John Dean … SCO BD0108
Bright Alfarata, or The Wild Indian Girl SCO BD0109
Bright Blue Eyes SCO BD0110
Bright Star of Hope SCO BD0256
Brilliant Naval Victory SCO BD1662
Brilliant Naval Victory on Lake Champlain SCO BD1673
Bring My Mother Back to Me SCO BD0111
British Taxation in North America SCO BD1629
Broadway Swell and the Bowery Bum SCO BD1533
Brogue SCO BD0112
Broken Home (Lillian and Joe) SCO BD0113
Brooklyn 13th Regiment SCO BD0114
Brother's Fainting at the Door SCO BD0115
Buchannan [sic] Democratic Rallying Song SCO BD0116
Bull Dog An' De Baby SCO BD0117
Bully For All SCO BD0911
Bully Nigger Amos SCO BD0118
Bunch of Blue Ribbons SCO BD0119
By the Sad Potomac Shore … The Death of Col. Baker SCO BD0120
By the Sad Sea Waves SCO BD0119A
By-gone Days SCO BD0729
Call SCO BD0121
Call Me Pet Names SCO BD0122
Cambridge, December 1731 SCO BD1678
Camp Gals SCO BD0123
Camp Medley SCO BD1570
Camp Song of the Maryland Line SCO BD0124
Campaign Songs, 1888 SCO BD0132B
Campbells Arre Comin' SCO BD0126
Canadian Boat Song SCO BD0127
Capt. Paul Jones's Victory SCO BD1665
Capture and Death of Major Andre SCO BD1568
Capture of Jeff Davis SCO BD0128
Capture of Little York, or, Dearborn Victorious SCO BD1674
Capture of Richmond and Petersburg SCO BD1564
Capture of Washington SCO BD1671
Carrie Lee SCO BD0129
Carrier Dove SCO BD0130
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny SCO BD0128A
Cars on the Track SCO BD0131
Cash in Hand … Capture of the British Packet SCO BD1670
Catholic Remedy: An Excellent New Ballad SCO BD1690
Cats in Our Back Yard SCO BD0132
Catskill Republican Club: Campaign Songs 1888 SCO BD1565
Caution to Those Who Hold Calvinism SCO BD1694
Champagne Charlie SCO BD0133
Change For a $10 Bill! SCO BD0134
Chant Du Depart SCO BD0135
Charcoal Man SCO BD0136
Charge at Roanoke by the Hawkins Zouaves, 2/8/1862 SCO BD0137
Charming Emma Snow SCO BD0138
Charming Lovely Nell SCO BD0139
Charming Woman SCO BD0140
Charming Young Lady I Met in the Rain SCO BD0141
Cheer Up and be a Brick SCO BD0142
Choice of a Wife SCO BD0847
Christian Sailor SCO BD0143
City Beau SCO BD0144
Clap Your Hands Till Daddy Comes Home SCO BD0146
Clap Your Hands Till Daddy Comes Home SCO BD0145
Clare's Dragoons SCO BD0147
Cloud of Witnesses SCO BD1612
Clouds are Passing Away SCO BD1231B
Cobbler SCO BD1544
Col. Owens' Gallant Irish Volunteers SCO BD0150
Cold Spring Harbor SCO BD0149
Colleen Bawn SCO BD1376
Colored Brigade SCO BD0151
Colored Cavalier SCO BD0152
Colored Volunteer SCO BD0153
Columbia Rules the Sea SCO BD0154
Columbia Shall be Free SCO BD0155
Columbia the Home of the World SCO BD1408
Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean SCO BD0156
Columbian Tragedy … Bloody Indian Battle SCO BD1638
Columbia's Glory SCO BD0157
Columbia's Greatest Glory SCO BD0158
Columbia's Hardy Seamen SCO BD1409
Columbus - Genoa's Son SCO BD1511
Come Home Father SCO BD0161A
Come Home Father SCO BD0161
Come in Out of the Draft SCO BD0162
Come Into the Garden, Maud SCO BD0163
Come Landlord, Fill a Flowing Bowl SCO BD0165
Come Sit Thee Down SCO BD0168
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming SCO BD0169
Come! Oh Come with Me SCO BD0167
Come, Birdie, Come SCO BD1300
Come, Gang Awa' Wi' Me SCO BD0159
Come, Haste to the Wedding SCO BD0160
Come, Jeff, Come, Or Fort Donaldson Is Taken SCO BD0164
Come, Maiden, With Me SCO BD0166
Comin Thro' the Rye SCO BD1197
Commercial Man SCO BD0170
Comrades SCO BD0171
Connecticut's Flood on Merrymak's Ebb SCO BD1712
Constitution SCO BD0172
Constitution and the Guerriere SCO BD0173
Contraband's Adventures SCO BD0189A
Contraband's Song of Freedom SCO BD0174
Convent Cell SCO BD0175
Convocation of a Grand Masonic Council … SCO BD1567
Copperhead [Valentine Card] SCO BD0176
Corcoran to His Regiment SCO BD0177
Corcoran's Ball SCO BD0178
Corcoran's Irish Legion SCO BD0179
Corkers SCO BD0180
Corsican Drover SCO BD1525
Cot Where I Was Born SCO BD0344
Cottage SCO BD0181
Cottage by the Sea SCO BD0182
Cottage by the Sea SCO BD0181A
Country Home and Liberty SCO BD0183
Country Treat SCO BD1691
Countryman's Invitation to Leave Noisy London SCO BD1577
Courage Mother I am Going SCO BD0184
Courting in the Rain SCO BD0184A
Cross Boy SCO BD0185
Crossing on the Ferry SCO BD1110
Crow Family SCO BD0186
Cruiskeen Lawn SCO BD0187
Cumberland's Crew SCO BD0188
Cunningham Baby, or The Heir from over Jordan SCO BD0189
Curious New Sonnet … To the Street Musicians SCO BD1597-3
Dada, Dada! SCO BD0190
Daniel Tucker's Wedding SCO BD0853
Daniels Decatur Emmett SCO BD1512
Dark and Rougish Eye SCO BD0191
Darkey Boat Glee SCO BD0192
Darkey Conscript SCO BD0193
Dark-ey'd Sailor SCO BD0194
Darling Little Blue-eyed Nell SCO BD0195
Darling Nell SCO BD0196
Darling Nelly Gray SCO BD0197A
Darling Nelly Gray SCO BD0197
Darling Rosabel SCO BD0198
Darling Yaller Gal Dat Had a Josey On SCO BD0199
Dashing White Sergeant SCO BD0566
Day of Judgement: An Ode … in the English Sapphic SCO BD1597-4
Daylight Is on the Sea SCO BD0200
Dead Rabbits' Fight with the Bowery Boys SCO BD0202
Deal With Me Kindly SCO BD0203
Dear Eliza SCO BD0204
Dear Mother I've Come Home to Die SCO BD0205
Dear Mother I've Come Home to Eat SCO BD1410
Dear Mother I've Come Home to Eat SCO BD0205A
Dearest Spot on Earth to Me Is Home, Sweet Home SCO BD0206
Death of Ellsworth SCO BD0207
Death of Little Joey SCO BD0208
Death of Nelson SCO BD0209
Death of the Brave General Wolf [sic] SCO BD1675A
Death Punishment SCO BD1642
Declaration SCO BD0210
Dedicatory Anthem SCO BD1534
Dennett's Delectable Dairy SCO BD0072
Departure of the 69th Volunteers SCO BD0211
Dermot Astore: Reply to Kathleen Mavourneen SCO BD0212
Deserted Seamstress SCO BD0213
Dialogue Between Death and a Lady SCO BD1702
Dick Darlin' the Cobbler SCO BD0214
Didn't She Seem to Like It? SCO BD0215
Dig Dig Dig, or, Hush-A-Bye Baby SCO BD0216
Digging for Gould SCO BD0217
Dinah's Lamentation SCO BD0218
Diuin Oade SCO BD1724
Divine Name Humbly Celebrated SCO BD1695
Dixey's Land SCO BD0219
Dixie for the Union SCO BD0220
Dixie of Our Union SCO BD0221
Dixie, Where Is Dixie? SCO BD0222
Dixie's Land No. 6 SCO BD0223
Do Not Heed Her Warning: Answer - Gipsy's Warning SCO BD1411
Do They Miss Me at Home SCO BD0224
Do They Think of Me at Home SCO BD1412
Do You Ask Me If I Love You SCO BD0225
Do You Ever Think of Me SCO BD0226
Do You Really Think She Did? SCO BD0227
Doctor's Wife SCO BD0229
Dog is Dead SCO BD0230
Doleful Ballad of Judge Miller and Dr. Crowe SCO BD0231
Don't Be Angry Mother SCO BD0232
Don't Be Choked Off SCO BD0233
Don't Give Up the Old Friends for the New SCO BD0234
Dose for the Tories SCO BD1701
Down Upon the Rappahannock SCO BD0235
Downtrodden Maryland SCO BD0236
Dr. Burdell, or The Bond Street Murder SCO BD0228
Dream, and Dr. Watt's Ode on the Day of Judgement SCO BD1597-4
Drover Boy SCO BD0237
Drummer Boy of Nashville SCO BD1413
Drummer Boy of Waterloo SCO BD0238
Drummer of Antietam SCO BD1414
Drummer of Antietam SCO BD0239
Drunkard's Lone Child SCO BD0240
Drunkard's Wife SCO BD0241
Dumb Scowld SCO BD0242
Dunbar, the Murderer SCO BD1625
Dutch Patrol SCO BD1600
Dying Address of the Three Thayers SCO BD1627
Dying Californian SCO BD0243A
Dying Confederate's Last Words SCO BD0243
Dying Girl's Appeal SCO BD0244
Dying Groans of Levi Ames … Executed at Boston SCO BD1706
Dying Hero's Request SCO BD0245
Dying Slave SCO BD0246
Dying Soldier: "Oh Do Not Bury Me Here" SCO BD1415
Dying Words … and Execution of Jesse Straang SCO BD1522
Eagle Boys and the Gallus Two SCO BD1543
Eggs for Breakfast in the Morning SCO BD0247
Ehren on the Rhine SCO BD0248
Eileen's Answer: A Response to … Eileen Allanna SCO BD0249
Elegaick Tribute … Death of … Seaborn Cotton SCO BD1700
Elegy … Sudden and Awful Death of Nathanael Baker SCO BD1689
Elegy Occasioned by the Death of … Joseph Warren SCO BD1703
Elegy on the … Death of … George Whitefield SCO BD1676
Elegy on the Death of … Priscilla Coleman SCO BD1597-5
Elegy on the Death of Asa. Frink SCO BD1619
Elegy on the Death of Mr. Buckingham St. John SCO BD1687
Elegy Upon the Death of Several Worthy … Persons SCO BD1716
Elegy Upon the Philadelphian Society SCO BD1644
Ellen Bayne SCO BD1416
Elogy [sic] on the Death of Mr. Nathaniel Burt SCO BD1648
Emerson SCO BD1510
Emigrant's Farewell SCO BD0250
Emmet Life-guard SCO BD0251
England's Lamentation ... Duke of Monmouth's Departure SCO BD1723
Enniskillen Dragoon SCO BD0252
Enoch Arden SCO BD0253
Epitaph Upon the Death … Maister Benedict Spinola … SCO BD1725
Erin Go Bragh SCO BD0255
Erin Go Bragh! SCO BD0256
Erin is My Home SCO BD0257
Erin, Adieu! SCO BD0254
Erin's Green Shore SCO BD0258
Escape of Stephens, the Fenian Chief SCO BD0259
Eulalie SCO BD0261
Eulalie SCO BD0260
Eulogium on Rum SCO BD1535
Evening Bell = La Cloche du Soir SCO BD0262
Evening Thoughts SCO BD1231B
Ever of Thee SCO BD1417
Ever of Thee SCO BD1015
Every Man's Land = Le Pays de Tout Homme SCO BD1588
Execution of Charles Cook [and other songs] SCO BD1634
Execution of Mary & Eliz. Marlow … SCO BD1572
Exile of Erin SCO BD0264
Exile of Erin SCO BD0263
Experience of Nancy Welch, a Blind Woman SCO BD1645
Faded Coat of Blue SCO BD0265A
Fair Helen SCO BD0265
Fair Maiden Who Sat on My Knee SCO BD0266
Fairest of the Fair SCO BD0269
Fairy Boy SCO BD0267
Fairy-belle SCO BD0837
Fairy-Belle SCO BD0268
Faithless Captain, or Betrayed Virgin SCO BD1585
Faithless Maria SCO BD0270
Fall of Charleston SCO BD0271
False One, I Love Thee Still SCO BD0479
Family Pride SCO BD0272
Fancy Peeler SCO BD0273
Far O'er the Deep Blue Sea SCO BD0274
Fare Thee Well, Kitty Dear SCO BD0275
Farewell Address of Jesse Straang to Mrs. Whipple SCO BD1521
Farewell Cora Lee SCO BD0276
Farewell to Home: Swiss Melody SCO BD0212
Farewell to Old England SCO BD0278
Farewell, Lilly Dear SCO BD0277
Farmer and His Son's Return from a Visit to Camp SCO BD1720
Farmer's Address to the Sunday School Christmas … SCO BD1599-50
Farragut's Ball SCO BD0279
Farragut's Ball SCO BD0280
Fashionable Fred SCO BD0281
Father Abbey's Will SCO BD1597-5
Father Abbey's Will Cambridge, Decemb. 1731 SCO BD1637
Father McShane SCO BD0282
Father of All SCO BD1508
Father of all Songs SCO BD0283
Father William Francis Davitt World War Martyr SCO BD1509
Father's Come Home. A sequel to: Come Home Father SCO BD0284
Feast of Roses SCO BD0285
Fenian Men SCO BD0286
Fernando Wood King of Manhattan Isle SCO BD1495
Few Days No. 2 SCO BD0287
Few Thoughts Compos'd on the Sudden & Awful Death … SCO BD1693
Fiddle-dum-dee SCO BD1611
Fight for the Championship SCO BD0288
Fire-Cap and Trumpet SCO BD0289
Fireman SCO BD0290
Fireman's Death SCO BD0291
Fireman's Victory SCO BD0292
Five Cent Shave SCO BD0293
Flag of Fort Sumter SCO BD0294
Flag of the Free SCO BD0294A
Flag of the Republic SCO BD0295
Flag with the Thirty Four Stars SCO BD0296
Flaming O'Flannagans SCO BD0297
Flanigan the Lodger SCO BD0298
Flee as a Bird to Your Mountain SCO BD0299
Florence Nightingale SCO BD0300
Flow Gently Sweet Afton SCO BD0301
Flower from Mother's Grave SCO BD1419
Flower From My Angel Mother's Grave SCO BD0302
Flower of Affection Will Wither Away SCO BD1611
Flower of the Land SCO BD0303
Flowing Hair SCO BD0268
Flow'ry Shannon Side SCO BD0304
Flying Your Kite Too High SCO BD0305
Fond Hearts at Home SCO BD0306
For Love of Thee SCO BD0307
Forgive and Forget SCO BD0308
Forsaken to the False One SCO BD0309
Four Colored Ghosts SCO BD0310
Fourth of July Song SCO BD0311
Franklin, The Lightning Tamer SCO BD0311A
Free & Easy of Our Union SCO BD0312
Free & Easy Song SCO BD0313
Freedom's Guide SCO BD0314
Freemen, Rally! SCO BD0315
Friendship and Love SCO BD0316
From a Husband to His Wife SCO BD0317
From Lord Byron to His Lady SCO BD1612
Full Moon Union Second Degree SCO BD0318
Full True and Particular Account of a Most … SCO BD1505
Funeral Elegy on the Rev. … George Whitefield SCO BD1646
Funeral Elegy on the Rev'd … George Whitefield SCO BD1714
Funeral Hymn SCO BD1532
Funeral Procession of President Lincoln SCO BD0319
Gal from the South SCO BD0320
Gal in the Cabbage Line SCO BD0321
Gal with de Blue Dress On SCO BD0322
Gallant 99th Regiment. N. Y. S. V. SCO BD0324
Gallant 99th Regiment. N.Y.S.V. SCO BD1083A
Gallant Hussar SCO BD0323
Gallant Sailor SCO BD1597-8
Gallant Soldier SCO BD0325
Gallant Sons of Erin: Dedicated to the 69th Regt. SCO BD0326
Gals on the Avenue SCO BD0327
Garden Gate SCO BD0328
Gathering of the Factions SCO BD0329A
Gathering Shells from the Sea Shore SCO BD0329
Gay and Happy SCO BD0330
Gay Old Cook SCO BD0331
Gen. Beauregard SCO BD0332
Gen. F. Siegel, Brig. General U.S.A. (an acrostic) SCO BD1248
Gen. McClellan's Farewell Address to His Army SCO BD0334
Gen. Scott and Corporal Johnson SCO BD0336
General Grant's Boys SCO BD0333
General Meade, the Hero of Gettysburg SCO BD0335
General Sample of Gubernatorial Eloquence SCO BD1697
General Warren, or the Battle of Bunkre[sic] Hill SCO BD1696
Gentle Annie SCO BD1420
Gentle Ella SCO BD0337
Gentle Maggie SCO BD0338
George B. McClellan, The Bold Engineer SCO BD0093
George Riley SCO BD1597-9
German Band, or The Dutch Flageolet-player SCO BD0339
Ghost of Mike Walsh SCO BD0340
Gipsy King SCO BD0341
Girl I Left Behind Me SCO BD0342
Girl I Loved Best of All SCO BD0343
Girls of America SCO BD1589
Girls of America SCO BD1421
Give Me a Cot in the Valley I Love SCO BD0344
Give Me a Home SCO BD0345
Give Me a Noble Fellow with a Bucktail in his Hat SCO BD0346
Give Me Back My Heart Again SCO BD1597-8
Give Us Back Our Old Commander SCO BD0348
Give Us Back Our Old Commander SCO BD1493
Glory Hallelujah No. 3 SCO BD0349
Go It While You're Young SCO BD0350
Go Where Glory Waits Thee SCO BD0351
God and Liberty! SCO BD1558
God Bless Them SCO BD0352
God for Our Native Land SCO BD0353
God Help Kentucky: An Anthem SCO BD0354
God Save Our Country's Flag SCO BD1559
God Save the Nation!: A War Hymn SCO BD1560
God Will Care for Mother Now SCO BD0355
Going to the Hop SCO BD0356
Golden Bull SCO BD1597-7
Golden Stair SCO BD0357
Good Bye John SCO BD0358
Good Ship Cumberland SCO BD0363
Good-bye SCO BD0359
Good-bye at the Door SCO BD0360
Good-bye False Heart, Good-bye SCO BD0361
Good-bye Sally Dear SCO BD0362
Goose Hangs High, No. 2 SCO BD0364
Grace Darling SCO BD0365
Grafted [sic] Into the Army SCO BD0366
Grafton Mountains SCO BD1422
Grandfather's Mill SCO BD0367
Grandfather's Socks SCO BD0368
Grandmother's Advice SCO BD0369
Grant's Return SCO BD0370
Grant's the Man SCO BD0371
Grant's Trip Around the World SCO BD0371A
Grave of Ben Bolt SCO BD0372
Grave of Lilly Dale SCO BD0373
Grave of Uncle True SCO BD0374
Graves of a Household SCO BD0375
Gray Goose and Gander SCO BD0376
Great Champion Prize Fight SCO BD0377
Great Eastern Steamer SCO BD0378
Great Japanese Embassy SCO BD0379
Great Police Fight SCO BD0380
Great Prize Fight SCO BD0381
Great Prize Fight, No. 3 SCO BD0382
Grecian Bend SCO BD1519
Green Bushes SCO BD0383
Green Grow the Rushes O! SCO BD0384
Green-grocer's Lament SCO BD0385
Grover's Little Lamb SCO BD0384B
Groves of Blarney SCO BD0386
Hail Columbia SCO BD1423
Hail Columbia, Happy Land! SCO BD0387A
Hail to the Chief SCO BD1424
Hail to the Chief SCO BD0387
Hail to the Union SCO BD0388
Hanging of the Crane SCO BD1425
Hannah More SCO BD0389
Hans Dunder has Gone for a Solger SCO BD0390
Happy Be Thy Dreams SCO BD0391
Happy Haidee SCO BD0392
Happy Home SCO BD0393
Happy Land of Caanan, No. 3 SCO BD0395
Happy Land of Caanan, No. 5 SCO BD0394
Happy New Year to Commodore Rogers SCO BD1661
Hard Times Come Again No More SCO BD1426
Hard Up SCO BD0396
Harp of Old Erin and Banner of Stars SCO BD0397
Harper's Ferry SCO BD0398
Harry Bluff SCO BD0399
Hattie Lee SCO BD0399A
Have You Seen Her Lately SCO BD0400
Have You Seen My Sister: A Highly Popular Comic. SCO BD0401
Hazel Dell SCO BD0402
H-ds-n's Speech from the Pillory SCO BD1597-10
He Led Her to the Altar SCO BD0403
He Tells Me He Loves Me SCO BD0404
Heart Bow'd Down by Weight of Woe SCO BD0601
Heart Rending Tragedy SCO BD0405
Heaven's My Home SCO BD0406
Heenan the Pride of America SCO BD0408
Heenan, Champion of the World, No. 2 SCO BD0407
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still SCO BD0409
Her Heart Is the Prize I Will Gain SCO BD0410
Herald Complaint Book SCO BD0411
Here I Am As You Diskiver SCO BD0412
Here in Solitude and Silence SCO BD0821
Here's a Health to Thee Tom Moore SCO BD0413
Hero When Fallen's No Longer a Foe SCO BD0451
Hicks the Pirate SCO BD0414
High Daddy SCO BD0415
Hills of New England SCO BD0416
His Sisters and His Cousins and His Aunts SCO BD0181B
Hod-carrier's Song SCO BD0417
Hoist Up the Flag SCO BD0418
Hoist Up the Flag. Long May It Wave SCO BD0419
Hold the Fort SCO BD0420
Homage to Beauty SCO BD0421
Home Sweet Home SCO BD0422
Home Where Roses Grew SCO BD0423
Homeward Bound SCO BD0424
Honey Bee Engine No. 5 SCO BD0425
Hoops No. 2: What a Ridiculous Fashion? SCO BD0426
Hoops! Hoops! SCO BD0427
Hoops, Hoops! SCO BD0428
Hop Lite Loo SCO BD0429
Hot Codlins SCO BD0430
How Are You Conscript SCO BD0431
How Are You Conscripts SCO BD0432
How Are You Green Backs? SCO BD0433
How Are You Green-backs? SCO BD0434
How Are You Hold Hingland? SCO BD0435
How Are You Off for Ile? SCO BD0436
How Can I Leave Thee SCO BD0437
How Dear to Me the Hour! SCO BD0688
How Sheridan Whipped Longstreet SCO BD1427
How Sherman's Veterans Took Atlanta SCO BD1428
How the Money Goes SCO BD0438
How to Close This Cruel War SCO BD0439
How to Put on Airs SCO BD0002
Humble Address … to the Provincial General … SCO BD1707
Hundred Years Hence SCO BD1429
Hundred Years Hence SCO BD0440
Hunkey Boy Is Yankee Doodle, or Whack Row de Row SCO BD0441
Hunkydory SCO BD0442
Hunt the Buffalo, or The Banks of the Pleasant Ohio SCO BD0443
Hunters of Kentucky SCO BD0444
Hurra for the Union! SCO BD0445
Hurrah for the Road SCO BD0446
Husband's Dream SCO BD0447
Hush Little Baby, Don't You Cry SCO BD0448
Hymn Commemorative … Declaration of Independence SCO BD1536
Hymn on Christ's Atonement SCO BD1681
Hymn on the Death of President Garfield SCO BD1430
Hymn: Lord of the World Whose Awful Nod SCO BD1668
Hymn: My Father's House SCO BD0761
I Am Fighting for the Nigger SCO BD0449
I Am Lonely To-night SCO BD0451
I Am Not a Gal of That Sort SCO BD0452
I Am Not Angry (Answer to "Don't Be Angry Mother") SCO BD0453
I Am Wandering All Alone SCO BD1177
I Cannot Sing the Old Songs SCO BD0454A
I Don't Know: The Great Know Nothing Song SCO BD1431
I Don't Think Much of You SCO BD0454
I Dreamed My Boy Was Home Again SCO BD0455
I Had But Fifty Cents SCO BD0455A
I Have a Silent Sorrow Here SCO BD0456
I Have Found Thee But Too Late SCO BD0457
I Have Something Sweet to Tell You SCO BD0458
I Knew That I Was Dreaming SCO BD0459
I Know Not That I Wish for This SCO BD0460
I Love the Merry Sunshine SCO BD0192
I Never Says Nothing to Nobody SCO BD0461
I Remember the Hour When Sadly We Parted SCO BD0463
I Remember the Hour When Sadly We Parted SCO BD0462
I Saw Thee When Thy Heart Was Light SCO BD1230
I Shouldn't Like to Tell SCO BD0467
I Spy Your Little Game SCO BD0468
I Stood it Like a Lamb SCO BD0469
I Stood on the Shore SCO BD0470
I Want to be a Soldier SCO BD0472
I Want to be a Soldier SCO BD0471
I Will Care for Mother Now SCO BD0473
I Wish He Would Decide, Mamma SCO BD0474
I'd Choose to Be a Daisy SCO BD0475
I'd Mourn the Hopes That Leave Me SCO BD0476
If Your Foot Is Pretty, Show It SCO BD1433
I'll Ask my Mother and Let You Know Next Sunday … SCO BD1432
I'll be a Soldier SCO BD0477
I'll Throw Myself Away SCO BD0478
I'll Touch My Harp SCO BD0479
I'm a Merry Laughing Girl SCO BD0523
I'm a Soldier Ready Made SCO BD1611
I'm Down on Double-quick SCO BD0480
I'm Going to Fight mit Sigel SCO BD0450
I'm Going to Fight mit Sigel SCO BD0481
I'm Going to Fight mit Sigel SCO BD0482
I'm Happy as the Day Is Long SCO BD0483
I'm Leaving Thee in Sorrow Annie SCO BD0484
I'm Not so Young As I Used to Be SCO BD0485
I'm Off for Charleston SCO BD0486
I'm Saddest When I Sing SCO BD0487
I'm Thinking of Home SCO BD0488
I'm Turning Gray Dear Kate SCO BD0489
In Answer to Sayers, England's Pride SCO BD0043
In Happy Moments SCO BD1210
In Memoriam … to the Memory of John A. Van Nostran SCO BD1599-49
In Memoriam: L.I. Farmer on the Death of His Wife SCO BD1599-47
In Memoriam: Long Island Farmer to the Memory of … SCO BD0490
In Memory of Col. Ellsworth Fire Zouaves SCO BD1434
In Memory of Nath'l Bloodgood SCO BD1599-74
In the Days When I Was Hard Up SCO BD0491
In the Days When We Went Gypsying SCO BD0492
In the Morning by the Bright Light SCO BD1435
Indian Girl, or Bright Alfarata SCO BD0493
Indian Lass SCO BD0494
Inaugruation of the Statue of Gen. Joseph Warren SCO BD1574
Innocent Mike SCO BD0495
Intended Bride's Burial SCO BD1612
Inventor SCO BD1557
Invitation to the Grove SCO BD0166
Irish Brigade, No. 2 SCO BD0499
Irish Patriots of 98 SCO BD0496
Irish Toad SCO BD0497
Irish Volunteer SCO BD0466
Irish Volunteer SCO BD0464
Irish Volunteers, No. 2 SCO BD0465
Irish Wide-awake SCO BD0498
Irishman's Shanty SCO BD0500
Is That Mother? SCO BD0501
Isabella with the Gingham Umbrella SCO BD0502
Isabella with the Gingham Umbrella SCO BD0502A
Isle of Beauty Fare Thee Well SCO BD0503
It is Better to Laugh Than be Sighing SCO BD0504
It is I! SCO BD0505
It Reminds Him of a Story SCO BD0506
It Was My Father's Custom: A Merry Christmas Song SCO BD0507
It Was My Mother's Voice SCO BD0508
I've a Home in the Woods SCO BD0509
I've Been Roaming O'er the Prairies SCO BD0510
I've Wandered by the Hut Side SCO BD0511
Ivy Green SCO BD0512
Jack Muggins, or The Donkey Balancer SCO BD0513
Jack of Guinea SCO BD0119B
Jackey, de Butcher Boy SCO BD0983
Jane O'Malley SCO BD0514
Jeff Davis SCO BD0515
Jeff Davis and His Uncle SCO BD0517
Jeff Davis, or The King of the Southern Dominions SCO BD0516
Jeff in Petticoats SCO BD0519
Jeff. Davis' Dream SCO BD0518
Jefferson "D" SCO BD0520
Jemima Brown SCO BD0521
Jem-mi-bul-le-ro: Instead of Lillibullero SCO BD1719
Jemmy and Nancy SCO BD1602
Jemmy Linkum Feedle SCO BD1436
Jenny Fair and Bright SCO BD0457
Jenny Lane SCO BD0522
Jersey Blue Handkerchief SCO BD0523
Jersey Calves SCO BD0524
Jersey Fisherman SCO BD0525
Jersey Lovers SCO BD0526
Jessie the Flower of Dumblane SCO BD0527
Jim Holmes: A Parody on Ben Bolt SCO BD0528
Jockey Hat and Feather SCO BD0529A
Jockey Hat and Feather SCO BD0529
Joe Bowers SCO BD0530
Joe Buggins' Wedding SCO BD0531
Joe Bugins's Wedding SCO BD0532
Joe Hardy SCO BD0533
John Anderson My Jo SCO BD0534
John Brown SCO BD1441
John Brown Song SCO BD0534A
John Brown Song SCO BD1437
John Brown's Entrance into Hell SCO BD0535
John Brown's Original Marching Song SCO BD0536
John Bull, or Any Other Man SCO BD0537
John Dean and His Own Mary Ann SCO BD0538
John Dean and His Own Mary Ann No. 2 SCO BD0539
John Mitchell: The Irish Patriot and Exile SCO BD0540
Johnny Bull "Sparks" Brother Johnathan SCO BD1438
Johnny Bull and Brother Jonathan SCO BD0541
Johnny Fill Up the Bowl: Free and Easy Song SCO BD0542
Johnny Get Your Gun SCO BD0543
Johnny Law SCO BD0544
Johnny's Prayer SCO BD0545
Johnson's Execution at New York SCO BD1628
Jolly Dogs SCO BD0546
Jolly Jack the Rover SCO BD0547
Jolly Old Crew SCO BD0548
Jolly Spree SCO BD0549
Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel SCO BD0550
Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel, No. 3 SCO BD0551
Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel, No. 4 SCO BD0552
Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel, No. 6 SCO BD0553
Josiah Brown SCO BD0554
Judge Not Man by the Cost of His Clothing SCO BD0555
Judy O'Dogherty: A Favorite Comic Song SCO BD0556
Julius' Trip to the World's Fair SCO BD0557
June Song SCO BD0558
Just After the Battle SCO BD0559
Just as of Old SCO BD0560
Just Before the Battle Mother SCO BD1440
Just Before the Battle, Mother SCO BD1439
Karnak SCO BD0561
Kate was Once a Little Girl SCO BD0562
Katy Darling SCO BD0563A
Keep Praying As You Go SCO BD0660
Keystone Brigade SCO BD0563
Kind Relations SCO BD0564
Kind Words SCO BD0565
Kind Words Can Never Die SCO BD0565
Kindling Wood Man SCO BD0566
Kingdom Coming SCO BD0567
Kingdom Coming SCO BD0568
Kiss and Be Friends SCO BD0569
Kiss Behind the Door SCO BD1442
Kiss Me Again SCO BD0570
Kiss Me Good-night Mother SCO BD0571
Kiss Me Quick and Go SCO BD0572
Kiss Me Quick and Go SCO BD0573
Kiss Me, Mother, Kiss Your Darling SCO BD1443
Kissing SCO BD0574
Kissing Through the Bars SCO BD0575
Kites are Flying: An Acrostic SCO BD0576
Kitty Kimo SCO BD0577
Klaghte Van Henriette de Bourbon Koninginne van … SCO BD1652
Lager Bier Song SCO BD0579
Lager-beer Jacob SCO BD0578
Lake-side Shore SCO BD0580
Lamentation of J.P. Donnelly SCO BD0581
Land of the West SCO BD0582
Landlord's Pet SCO BD0583
Lansingburgh Jim Crow No. 2 SCO BD1626
Larry Maher's Big Five-gallon Jar SCO BD0584
Larry O'Gaff SCO BD1611
Lass for a Sailor SCO BD0585
Lass That Loves a Sailor SCO BD0585
Last Broadside of the Frigate Cumberland SCO BD1563
Last of the 'Alabama' SCO BD0586
Last Race of the Rail Splitter SCO BD0587
Last Rose of Summer SCO BD0588
Lawyers and Bull-frogs SCO BD1620
Lazy Club SCO BD0589
Leave Me to Sleep Biddy SCO BD0590
Leonore SCO BD0591
Lessons Learned at Mother's Knee SCO BD0592
Let Me Kiss Him for His Mother SCO BD1444
Let Me Kiss Him for His Mother SCO BD0593
Let Me Kiss This Man and Brother SCO BD0594
Let Us Live With a Hope SCO BD0595
Letter SCO BD0596
Letter in the Candle SCO BD0597A
Letter That Never Came SCO BD0597
Level and the Square SCO BD0598
Liberty and Peace: A Song SCO BD1666
Liberty Tree SCO BD1675A
Liberty Tree SCO BD0599
Life in the Woods for Me SCO BD1066
Life, Trial and Execution of Alexander Richmond … SCO BD1504
Life, Trial, and Execution of Josh. Wollard … SCO BD1502
Light of Other Days SCO BD0600
Lillie Bell SCO BD0601
Lilly Dale SCO BD0602
Lilly Wood SCO BD0603
Lincoln & Hamlin SCO BD1445
Lincoln Lies Sleeping SCO BD1446
Line to the Modern Ladies SCO BD1705
Lines Addressed to the Poet Cutter SCO BD1599-15
Lines Composed on the Prevailing Malignant Cholera SCO BD1566
Lines Composed on the Prevailing Malignant Cholera SCO BD1535
Lines for a Family of Her Acquaintance SCO BD1645
Lines for the Little Neck Sunday School Pic-nic SCO BD1599-26
Lines on the Death of General Zachary Taylor SCO BD1538
Lines on the Death of Lieut. Gen. T. J. Jackson, CSA SCO BD0606
Lines on the Death of the Confederate Gen. SCO BD0607
Lines on the Egyptian Obelisk, "Cleopatra's Needle" SCO BD1599-48
Lines on the Murder of Mr. John Whipple of Albany SCO BD1523
Lines on the Occasion of an Indian Clam Bake SCO BD1599-53
Lines on the Proclamation …By the Tyrant Lincoln SCO BD0608
Lines to the Long Island Poet SCO BD1599-32
Lines Written on the Destruction of the … Maine SCO BD1640
Lines Written on the Dreadful Fire … in Chicago … SCO BD1448
Linger No Longer SCO BD0660
Listen to the Mocking-bird SCO BD0609
Little Alice SCO BD0610
Little Buttercup SCO BD0181B
Little Dog Stray SCO BD0611
Little Katy or Hot Corn SCO BD0612
Little Low Room Where I Courted my Wife SCO BD0613
Little Maid SCO BD0614
Little Old House on the Rhine SCO BD0615
Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane SCO BD1463
Little Ones SCO BD0616
Little Pigs SCO BD0429
Little Song for the Saints SCO BD0617
Loaf of Bread: Duett SCO BD0618
Log Cabin Odes: To Be Sung at the Dedication.. SCO BD1235
Lone Star Camp Song SCO BD0619
Long Island Farmer Finishing the Popping Corn Question SCO BD1599-24
Long Island Farmer Musing on a Wheel-barrow SCO BD1599-57
Long Island Farmer on "People Will Talk" SCO BD1599-58
Long Island Farmer on Congressmen SCO BD1599-17
Long Island Farmer on Decoration Day SCO BD1599-28
Long Island Farmer on Evacuation Day SCO BD1599-10
Long Island Farmer on John Bull Alias the British Lion SCO BD1599-66
Long Island Farmer on King Cotton SCO BD1599-55
Long Island Farmer on Mayor Wood's Election SCO BD1599-67
Long Island Farmer on Seeing the Poultry at the Agricultural Fair SCO BD1599-64
Long Island Farmer on Sim's Poem "Ostler Jo" SCO BD1599-42
Long Island Farmer on the Boys' Body Guard SCO BD1599-41
Long Island Farmer on the Burning of his Mill SCO BD1599-25
Long Island Farmer on the Fall of Charleston SCO BD1599-61
Long Island Farmer on the Last Hours of the Year 1860 SCO BD1599-65
Long Island Farmer on the Mount of Olives SCO BD1599-59
Long Island Farmer on the Newbrugh Centennial SCO BD1599-2
Long Island Farmer on the North Side Railroad SCO BD1599-62
Long Island Farmer on the Steamer Mehta … SCO BD1599-63
Long Island Farmer on the Yacht Sappho SCO BD1599-58
Long Island Farmer Poet on Seeing His Own Likeness SCO BD1599-54
Long Island Farmer Poet on Tobacco Smoking SCO BD0620
Long Island Farmer Poet on Yorktown SCO BD1599-12
Long Island Farmer to Dr. Rylance SCO BD1599-32
Long Island Farmer to John G. Crittenden of Ky. SCO BD1599-56
Long Island Farmer to the Directors of Jackson Ave SCO BD1599-20
Long Island Farmer to the Donation Party SCO BD1599-11
Long Island Farmer to the Soldiers SCO BD1599-21
Long Island Farmer Viewing a Bed of Flowers SCO BD1599-60
Long Island Farmer Whaling SCO BD1599-73
Long Island Farmer's Birth Place SCO BD1599-39
Long Island Farmer's Valentine SCO BD1599-33
Long Live McClellan SCO BD0621
Long Live the 69th SCO BD0622
Long Long Weary Day SCO BD0623
Look Out! The Rebels Are Coming SCO BD0624
Lookout Mountain SCO BD0625
Lorena SCO BD0626
Loss of the U.S. Sloop of War Hornet!!! SCO BD1449
Lost Cause or Confederate Medal SCO BD0627
Lottie in the Lane SCO BD0628
Louisiana: A Patriotic Ode SCO BD0629
Love Among the Roses SCO BD1491
Lover's Wish, The SCO BD0048
Love's Young Dream SCO BD0630
Loving Jesus: A Parody on Katy Darling SCO BD0631
Low Necked Dress SCO BD0632
Lucy Long SCO BD0633
Lula Is Gone SCO BD0634
Lulu is Our Darling Pride SCO BD0635
Mabel Clare SCO BD0636
Mac Dil Darrel; and Mac Dil Darrel No. 2 SCO BD0644
Maggie Murphy's Own SCO BD0646
Maggie's Secret SCO BD0647
Maggy by My Side SCO BD0648
Maginnis's Raffle SCO BD0649
Maid of the Mill SCO BD0650
Maiden's Vow SCO BD0651
Major Andre: Written While He Was a Prisoner … SCO BD1597-11
Major Andre's Arrest and Execution SCO BD0652
Major's Only Son SCO BD1597-12
Make Me No Gaudy Chaplet SCO BD0653
Makuzu Kozan: The Potter Poet SCO BD1452
Mama's Baby Boy SCO BD0654
Man That Couldn't Get Cool SCO BD0655
Man That Couldn't Get Warm SCO BD0656
Man Who Never Kiss'd SCO BD0657
Man With the Sealskin Pants SCO BD0658
Man You Don't Meet Every Day SCO BD0659
Man's Love SCO BD1373
Mansions of Light SCO BD0660
March of the New York Volunteers SCO BD0661
March on for the Union SCO BD0662
Marching Song SCO BD1453
Marching Through Georgia SCO BD0663
Maria the Dustman's Wife SCO BD0664
Mariner's Grave SCO BD0665
Marseillaise SCO BD0666
Marseillaise Hymn SCO BD0667
Mary and John SCO BD0668
Mary Ann I'll Tell Your Ma SCO BD0669
Mary Blane SCO BD0671
Mary Kelly's Beau SCO BD0672
Mary Machree SCO BD0673
Mary of Argyle SCO BD0674
Maryland My Home SCO BD1548
Maryland My Maryland SCO BD0676
Maryland, My Maryland! SCO BD1454
Marylander at Manassas SCO BD0677
Maryland's Lament for Jackson SCO BD0678
Massa Massa Hallelujah! The Flag's Come Back … SCO BD0679
Massachusetts Fifty-third SCO BD0680
Massa's in de Cold Ground SCO BD0681A
Massa's in the Cold Ground SCO BD0681
Matilda Baker, the Pretty Little Hoop Skirt Maker SCO BD0682
Matilda Toots, or You Should Have Seen Her Boots SCO BD0683
Maud Miller SCO BD1500
Maxims of Life, or How to Be Happy SCO BD0684
May Blane SCO BD0670
McCarthy's Mare SCO BD0637
McCawley's Bride SCO BD0638
McClellan and Victory!!! SCO BD0639
McClellan for 1865 SCO BD0640
McClellan Will Be President SCO BD0641
McClellan Will Be President SCO BD1450
McClellan's Address to His Army SCO BD0642
McClellan's Farewell to the Army of the Potomac SCO BD1451
McDonald's Return to Glenco SCO BD0645
M'Clellan's Band SCO BD0643
Meagher Is Leading the Irish Brigade SCO BD0685
Meditations at the Funeral of a Young Lady SCO BD1599-72
Meet Me at the Lane SCO BD0686
Meet Me at Twilight SCO BD0687
Meet Me by Moonlight Alone SCO BD0688
Meet Me by Moonlight Willie SCO BD0690
Meet Me To-night SCO BD0691
Meeting of the Waters SCO BD0690A
Memorial SCO BD0693
Memories of the Past SCO BD0694
Men of Erin SCO BD0695
Menagerie SCO BD0696
Mermaid SCO BD0697
Merry and Wise SCO BD1171
Merry Month of May SCO BD0698
Merry Piper SCO BD0699
Merry Swiss Boy SCO BD0700
Merry Swiss Girl SCO BD1611
Merry Swiss Girl SCO BD0700
Message She Found in the Sands SCO BD0701
Mickey's Gone for a Sailor SCO BD0702
Midnight Hour SCO BD0702A
Milkmaid SCO BD0980
Mill May SCO BD0703
Miller of the Dee SCO BD0704
Miller's Song SCO BD0705
Minnie SCO BD0706
Minnie Dear SCO BD0707
Minnie Moore SCO BD0708
Minstrel Boy SCO BD0709
Minstrel's Returned from the War SCO BD0710
Mirror for a Printer SCO BD1698
Misfortunes of Barney O'Neil SCO BD0711
Miss Brady's Piano-fortay SCO BD0712
Missing Steamer Pacific SCO BD0713
Modest Girl SCO BD0714
Mollie Darling SCO BD0715
Mollie Darling SCO BD0716A
Molly Asthore SCO BD0716
Molly Branigan SCO BD0717
Money Am a Hard Thing to Borrow SCO BD0718
Monitor and the Merrimac SCO BD0719
Monkey's Wedding SCO BD0721
Monks of Old SCO BD0722
Moon Behind the Hill SCO BD0723
Moon Is Beaming o'er the Lake SCO BD0724
Moonlight on the Lake SCO BD0725
Moons Are Out To-night SCO BD0726
Morgan's Tragedy SCO BD1573
Mormon King SCO BD0727
Most Tragical Account of a Woman's Murdering … SCO BD1573
Mother Come Your Boy Is Dying SCO BD0728
Mother Dear I'll Come Home Again SCO BD0729
Mother Dear I'm Thinking of You SCO BD1454
Mother Is the Battle Over SCO BD0730
Mother Is the Battle Over SCO BD0731
Mother Keeps the Gate Locked Now SCO BD0732
Mother Kissed Me in My Dream SCO BD0733
Mother of All Songs SCO BD0734
Mother on the Brain SCO BD0736
Mother Told Me So SCO BD0737
Mother Would Comfort Me SCO BD0738
Mother Would Comfort Me SCO BD0739
Mother, I've Come Home to Die SCO BD1455A-B
Mother, Oh! Sing Me to Rest SCO BD0735
Mottoes Upon the Wall SCO BD0740
Mountain Bugle SCO BD0741
Mountain Wave SCO BD1456
Mourful Lamentation … Death of Mr. Old Tenor SCO BD1597-13
Mourir pour la Patrie SCO BD0742
Mournful Song on the Death of the Wife and Child … SCO BD1688
Mournful Tragedy of Rosanna SCO BD1597-14
Mournful Tragedy of the Major's Only Son SCO BD1575
Mr. Finagan SCO BD0743
Mr. Simkins Lived at Leeds SCO BD0744
Mr. Simpkin SCO BD0745
Mrs. Cunningham and the Baby SCO BD0746
Mrs. Cunningham and the Baby, No. 1 SCO BD0747
Mrs. Johnson SCO BD0748
Mrs. Lofty and I SCO BD0749
Mrs. Reilly's Troubles SCO BD0750
Mulcahy's Gone Away SCO BD0751
Murder! Murder! The Murder of Noah Smith and Wife SCO BD1649
Murdered Policeman Eugene Anderson … SCO BD0752
Murmuring Sea SCO BD0753
Must We Leave the Old Home Mother SCO BD0754
My Boy with the Auburn Hair SCO BD0755
My Boyhood's Happy Home SCO BD0756
My Cottage Home SCO BD0757
My Daughter Julia SCO BD0758
My Dear Savannah Home SCO BD0759
My Emma Louise SCO BD0760
My Fifty-third SCO BD0762
My Friend and Pitcher SCO BD0497
My God! What is All This For SCO BD0763
My Good Old Darkey Home SCO BD0764
My Good-looking Man SCO BD0765
My Grandmother's Advice SCO BD0766
My Heart Is Sad and Lonely SCO BD0767
My Heart Is Sad for Thee Annie SCO BD0768
My Heart's in Old Ireland SCO BD0769
My Highland Home SCO BD0770
My Home Down on the Farm SCO BD0771
My Home in Kentuck SCO BD0772
My Johnny Was a Shoemaker SCO BD0773
My Little Side Door SCO BD0774
My Love He Is a Zou-zu Only 19 Years Old SCO BD0775
My Love is Like a Red Red Rose SCO BD1302
My Maryland SCO BD0776
My Mother Dear SCO BD0777
My Mother's Customs SCO BD0778
My Mother's Wedding Ring SCO BD0779
My Native Love SCO BD1066
My Old Kentucky Home SCO BD1457
My Own Dear Native Home SCO BD0780
My Polly Ann SCO BD0781
My Polly Ann SCO BD0782
My Pretty Red Rose SCO BD0785
My Skiff Is by the Shore (Parody on Come, Oh Come) SCO BD0167
My Soldier Laddie SCO BD1696
My Southern Sunny Home SCO BD0784
Mygel Snyder's Baby SCO BD0783
N. Wallis' Singing School Class, Songs SCO BD1624
Nancy Bell, or Old Pine Tree SCO BD0786
Nancy Gray SCO BD0787
Nancy Lee, or The Sailor's Wife SCO BD1458
Nancy Till SCO BD0789
Nancy Till: Popular Song SCO BD0788
Napolitaine SCO BD0755
Nation Is Weeping SCO BD0790
Nation Is Weeping SCO BD0791
Nation Mourns Her Martyred Son SCO BD0792
National Hymn SCO BD1507
National Song: Clime Beneath Whose Genial Sun SCO BD0148
Nation's Ingratitude SCO BD1541
Near the Banks of That Lone River SCO BD0793
Ned Branaghan and Nelly Mulligan SCO BD0794
Nelly Bly SCO BD0795
Nelly Was a Lady SCO BD0796
Nelly Was a Lady SCO BD0797
Nelly Wood SCO BD0798
Nerve SCO BD0799
Nerves SCO BD0800
Nettie is No More SCO BD0801
Nettie Moore SCO BD0802
Never Empty Cradle, Twins are Born SCO BD0803
Never Go Back on the Poor SCO BD0804
Never Take the Horseshoe from the Door SCO BD0805
New Ballad, Upon a New Occasion SCO BD1692
New Jers-A SCO BD0806
New Massachusetts Liberty Song SCO BD1708
New Mica Tip SCO BD0807
New Policeman SCO BD0808
New Prophecy of Several Strange and Wonderful … SCO BD1726
New Skedaddle Song SCO BD0809
New Song SCO BD1610
New Song … Late War with Great Britain SCO BD1592
New Song Called the True Blue … SCO BD1578
New Song on the Escape of Thomas Francis Meagher SCO BD0811
New Song on the Repeal of the Stamp-Act SCO BD1715
New Song to the Tune of the British Grenadier SCO BD1669
New Song: Uncle Bill - A Parody on "Nancy Till" SCO BD1459
New York 12th Regiment, No. 2 SCO BD0817
New York Fire-Zouaves SCO BD0813
New York Ice Man SCO BD0814
New York in Slices SCO BD0815
New York Sights SCO BD0816
New-York Apprentice Boy SCO BD0812
Nice Young Man SCO BD0818
Nigger on de Fence SCO BD0201
Niggers in Convention: Sumner's Speech SCO BD0819
No Apology No Trust SCO BD0822
No One to Love SCO BD0821
No Vermonters in Heaven SCO BD1524
Noble Lads of Brooklyn SCO BD0823
Noble Lads of Canada SCO BD1460
Nobody Hurt (Old Abe) SCO BD1501
Nobody Knows What a Racket Was There SCO BD1461
Nobody's Child SCO BD0824
Nobody's Darling But Mine SCO BD0825
Nora Creina, See the Flowers SCO BD0826
Nora O'Neill SCO BD0827
Norah M'Shane SCO BD0828
Norah's Remonstrance SCO BD0829
Norma's Children SCO BD0456
Norrible [sic] Tale of the Suicidal Family SCO BD0830
North Carolina: A Call to Arms SCO BD0831
Northmen are Coming SCO BD0832
Not for Joseph SCO BD0833
Not for Joseph SCO BD0834
Nothing at All SCO BD0835
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep SCO BD0836
O Dearest Dine SCO BD0836
O Gently Breathe SCO BD0837
O God Preserve the Mariner SCO BD0838
O Lovely Dixie's Land SCO BD0839
Oath, or Ye Freeman How Long Will Ye Stifle SCO BD0840
Obstinate Girl SCO BD0841
Ocean Burial SCO BD0842
Ode for the Canal Celebration SCO BD1539
Ode for the Celebration of the French Revolution SCO BD1537
Ode for the Fourth of July 1799 SCO BD1597-15
Ode of the "Ironsides" Club SCO BD0842B
Ode on Shanghai Mary Engine Co. 6 SCO BD1154
Ode on the Birth-day of the President of the U.S. SCO BD1709
Ode Sung at the Lecture of the Congregational … SCO BD1679
Ode to the President of the United States SCO BD1655
Ode: On Washington's Birth Day SCO BD0023B
Odes to be Sung at the Laying of the Cornerstone SCO BD1647
Officer's Funeral SCO BD0843
Offset for the Chesapeake … SCO BD1675
Oh and He Loved Me Dearly SCO BD0845
Oh Bless Me Mother Ere I Die SCO BD0846
Oh Breathe Not Her Name SCO BD0847
Oh Cherish Me SCO BD0848
Oh Come Fair Maid With Me SCO BD0849
Oh Dem Golden Slippers SCO BD0850
Oh for Wings to Soar SCO BD0858
Oh How Glad to Get Home SCO BD0851
Oh How Is That for High SCO BD0852
Oh I Should Like to Marry SCO BD0853
Oh I Vants to Go Home, or, Maximillian's Lament SCO BD0854
Oh I Wish This War Was Over SCO BD0855
Oh I'm Going Home SCO BD0856
Oh Kiss But Never Tell SCO BD0857
Oh Let Me Dream of Former Years SCO BD0858
Oh Mr. Dewey SCO BD1613
Oh My Love's Gone SCO BD0859
Oh No We Never Mention Her SCO BD0860
Oh Rip Tare My Johnny's Gone Away SCO BD0861
Oh Say Not Woman's Heart is Bought SCO BD0006
Oh Wan't She Fond of Her Greens SCO BD0862
Oh What a Difference in the Morning SCO BD0863
Oh Wilt Thou Be My Bride Kathleen? SCO BD0864
Oh Would I Were a Bird SCO BD0865
Oh Would I Were a Fly SCO BD0865
Oh Yes We Often Mention Her SCO BD0866
Oh! Abraham Resign SCO BD0108A
Oil on the Brain SCO BD0868
Oil on the Brain SCO BD1561
Oil-merchant SCO BD0867
Old Arm Chair SCO BD1213B
Old Arm Chair SCO BD0870
Old Bog-hole SCO BD0871
Old Bummer SCO BD0872
Old Cabin Home SCO BD0128B
Old Cabin Home SCO BD0872A
Old Churchyard SCO BD0873
Old Country Party SCO BD0874
Old Dog Tray No. 2 - A Parody … SCO BD0874A
Old Farm House SCO BD0875
Old Fashioned Farmstead SCO BD0876
Old Folks Are Gone SCO BD0878
Old Folks at Home SCO BD0879
Old Folks We Loved Long Ago SCO BD0880
Old Friend of Youth SCO BD0881
Old Gray Mare SCO BD0883
Old Grey Goose and de Gander SCO BD0882
Old Hats and Rags SCO BD0884
Old Hickory's Days SCO BD0885
Old House at Home SCO BD0886
Old K.Y. Ky. SCO BD0887
Old Kentucky Home SCO BD0888
Old King Cole SCO BD0889
Old Kirk-yard SCO BD0890
Old Leather Breeches SCO BD0891
Old Log Cabin in the Dell SCO BD0892
Old Log Cabin on the Hill SCO BD1419
Old Log Hut, or The Future's But a Dream SCO BD0893
Old Mose Song SCO BD0894
Old Mountain Tree SCO BD0895
Old Mousquetaire SCO BD0896
Old Oaken Bucket SCO BD0897
Old Parson Brown SCO BD0898
Old Play Ground SCO BD0899
Old Red Barn SCO BD0900
Old Rosin the Beau SCO BD0901
Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill SCO BD0900A
Old Sexton SCO BD0902
Old Shady Tree SCO BD0903
Old Sideling Hill SCO BD0904
Old Sir Toddy SCO BD0905
Old Street Lamp SCO BD0906
Old Tobacco Box SCO BD0907
Old Uncle Edward SCO BD0908
Old Village School on the Green SCO BD0909A
Old Virginia Low Lands Low SCO BD0909
Old Woman's Donkey SCO BD0910
Old-fashioned Photograph of Mother SCO BD0877
On a Christmas Tree SCO BD1599-6
On Bible Presentation, Comp. for a Missionary Lady SCO BD1599-30
On Captain Quarterman SCO BD1599-22
On Church Members Duties SCO BD1599-35
On Dining on the S.S. "City of Rome" in Mid-ocean SCO BD1599-23
On Laying the Corner Stone of Spinney's Sunday School SCO BD1599-46
On Laying the Cornerstone of the New Methodist Church SCO BD1599-16
On L--n's Proclamation of April 1st, 1863 SCO BD1513
On Pic-nic in Judge Ingraham's Grove SCO BD1599-37
On Planting Flowers in His Wife's Burial Lot SCO BD1599-45
On Seeing a Beautiful Quilt Made By … Ella Foster SCO BD1599-40
On Seeing a Lady Bring Armfull of Flowers to Church SCO BD1599-19
On Seeing a Splendid Dress in the Window SCO BD1599-18
On Seeing the Prince & Princess of Wales SCO BD1599-9
On the Banks of the Old Raritan SCO BD0916
On the Baptism of Wm. P. Douglas's and Colonel … SCO BD1599-43
On the Battle of Fort Donelson SCO BD1599-52
On the Beach at Long Branch SCO BD0917
On the Death of a Young Lady … SCO BD1573
On the Death of Benjamin P. Allen SCO BD1599-44
On the Death of General Sherman SCO BD1599-3
On the Death of H. H. Webster of the Y.M.C.A. SCO BD1599-13
On the Death of L. Loder, Esq. SCO BD1599-38
On the Emmanuel Church Sunday School, 6th St., N.Y. SCO BD1599-30
On the Lunch at the Convention at Garden City SCO BD1599-34
On the Oyster Bay Rail Road SCO BD1599-1
On the Riverhead Fair SCO BD1599-19
On the Valiant New-England General SCO BD1677
On Tobacco Smoking in Queens Co. Court House SCO BD1599-51
On Yonder Rock Reclining SCO BD0918
On Yonder Rock Reclining From … Fra Diavolo SCO BD0919
On Zion Church Sunday School Pic-nic at Bayside SCO BD1599-5
On! On! Erin! On! SCO BD0912
On! On! On! SCO BD0915
On! On! On! A Sequel to Tramp, Tramp, Tramp! SCO BD0913
On! On! On! The Boys Came Marching SCO BD0914
One Foot in the Stirrup SCO BD0920
One Good Turn Deserves Another SCO BD0921
One More Ribber for to Cross SCO BD0923
One Pound Two SCO BD0924
Only a Pansy Blossom SCO BD0925
Only a Picture SCO BD0926
Only Friends and Nothing More SCO BD0927
Oppression: A Poem, or New-England's Lamentation SCO BD1704
Order of Performances at the Third Publick … SCO BD1656
Order of Performances for the First Celebration … SCO BD1657
Organ Grinder SCO BD0928
Organ-grinder SCO BD0929
Original Water-fall SCO BD0930
Orphan Boy SCO BD0931
Other Side of Jordan SCO BD0932
Other Side of Jordan SCO BD0933
O'Toole & McFinnigan on the War SCO BD0934
Ould Irish Stew SCO BD0935
Our Country SCO BD0936
Our Country's Flag SCO BD0937
Our Day of Jubilee SCO BD0938
Our Flag Is There SCO BD0939
Our German Volunteers SCO BD0940
Our Glad Hosanna for … Prohibition SCO BD0941
Our Glorious Flag Red White and Blue SCO BD0942
Our Good Ship Sails To-night! SCO BD0943
Our Grandfathers' Days! SCO BD0944
Our Jack's Come Home To-day SCO BD0945
Our Leader President Franklin Delano Roosevelt SCO BD1514
Our Maryland SCO BD0776
Our Native Land SCO BD0947
Our Opinion SCO BD1632
Our Own Dear America SCO BD1057
Our Own Flag of Green SCO BD0949
Our Union, Right or Wrong SCO BD0950
Our Yankee Generals SCO BD0951
Our Yankee Generals SCO BD0952
Our Yankee Monitor SCO BD0953
Out For Once SCO BD0954
Out in This Cold World Alone SCO BD0955
Outlaw SCO BD0956
Out-lines SCO BD1718
Over the Garden Wall SCO BD0957
Over the Hills to the Poor House SCO BD0958
Oyster Man SCO BD0959
Paddle Your Own Canoe, No. 1 SCO BD0960
Paddle Your Own Canoe, No. 2 SCO BD0960
Paddy Duffy's Cart SCO BD0961
Paddy Goshlow SCO BD0962
Paddy Is the Boy SCO BD0963
Paddy McFadden SCO BD0964
Paddy Miles SCO BD0965
Paddy Miles SCO BD0966
Paddy O'Flanagan SCO BD0967
Paddy O'Lynn SCO BD0970
Paddy on the Canal SCO BD0971
Paddy on the Railway SCO BD0972
Paddy Whack SCO BD0973
Paddy's Grave SCO BD0974
Paddy's Lament SCO BD0975
Paddy's Wedding SCO BD0976
Par Excellence, or The Idol of the Day SCO BD0977
Parody No. 2, on "Vilikins and His Dinah" SCO BD0978
Parody on a Late Proclamation SCO BD1697
Parody on Dear Mother I've Come Home to Die SCO BD0979
Parody on I'm Lonely To-night SCO BD0980
Parody on Just Before the Battle Mother SCO BD0981
Parody on Norah O'Neal or Trying to Raise a Square SCO BD0982
Parody on Put Me in My Little Bed SCO BD0983
Parody on Tenting on the Old Camp-ground SCO BD0984
Parody on To the West SCO BD0985
Parody on When This Cruel War Is Over SCO BD0987
Parody on When This Curel War Is Over SCO BD0986
Parrot and the Old Arm Chair SCO BD0988
Parrot and the Parson SCO BD0989
Particulars of a Cruel Murder Committed By … SCO BD1503
Particulars of a Cruel Murder, Committed by … SCO BD1506
Parting Ode SCO BD1464
Pat and the Priest SCO BD0990
Pat Malloy SCO BD0992
Pat Malloy SCO BD0992A
Pat McCarty SCO BD0991
Pat Murphy of Meagher's Brigade SCO BD0993
Patrick Cazey: A Popular Irish Duet SCO BD0994
Patrick Mind the Baby SCO BD0995
Patrick Sheehan SCO BD0996
Patrick's Day Parade SCO BD0997
Patriotic Diggers, or Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. SCO BD1465
Patriotic Song SCO BD1555
Patriotic Song for the Times SCO BD0998
Pat's Adventures in the Crimea SCO BD0999
Pat's Curiosity Shop SCO BD1000
Pat's Farewell to His Sweetheart SCO BD1001
Pat's Observations on Harrison's Victory SCO BD1664
Paul Vane: Answer to Lorena SCO BD1002
Peace on Honorable Terms to America SCO BD1667
Peace! Peace! Peace Between Gt. Britain and USA SCO BD1653
Peanut Stand SCO BD1004
Peanut-gal's Ghost SCO BD1003
Pennsylvania Tramp SCO BD1005
Pennsylvanian Battle Cry SCO BD1006
Penny Song Book No. 1: 10 Popular Ballads for One SCO BD1007
People's Church SCO BD0075
Petticoat Lane SCO BD1008
Phoebe Dearest SCO BD1009
Phoenix Society SCO BD1010
Pictures with Their Faces to the Wall SCO BD1011
Pig is Greased Behind SCO BD1012
Pig Palloon Schip. Vat's Come to Europe on de Ski? SCO BD1013
Pilot [Oh Pilot 'tis a Fearful Sight] SCO BD1014
Pilot [When Lightnings Pierce the Pitchy Sky] SCO BD1015
Pirate's Serenade SCO BD1016
Pity the Blind SCO BD1466
Pity the Sorrows of a Poor Old Man SCO BD1017
Plain Case Stated … Especially of New-England … SCO BD1711
Plymouth Tragedy, or, Fair Susan's Overthrow SCO BD1586
Poem … Golden Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Otis Westcott SCO BD1630
Poem … Hearing the Late Reverend George Whitefield SCO BD1597-16
Poem on My Life From 8 Years of Age SCO BD1467
Poem on the … Death of the Rev. Josiah M. Muspratt SCO BD1522
Poem on the … Rev. Mr. Whitefield's Visit to Boston SCO BD1680
Poem on the Late Distress of the Town of Boston SCO BD1713
Poem Respectfully Dedicated to Our Martyred Pres. SCO BD1562
Poems by Norman Taylor (Pedestrian) 16th Regiment SCO BD1591
Poetical Correspondence SCO BD0001
Poetical Remarks … The Fight at Boston Light House SCO BD1643
Poking-Your-Nose-Into-Other-People's-Business SCO BD1019
Police Gazette! SCO BD1020
Polly Perkins of Washington Square SCO BD1021
Pompey's Grave SCO BD0836
Poor Billy Vail: A Parody on "Lilly Dale" SCO BD1022
Poor Little Fisherman's Girl SCO BD1023
Poor Old Horse Let Him Die SCO BD1024
Poor Old Maids SCO BD1025
Poor Old Maids SCO BD1465
Poor Old Slave SCO BD1026
Poor Pat Must Emigrate SCO BD1027
Poor Soldier Boy SCO BD1028
Pop Goes de Weasel SCO BD1029
Pop Goes the Weazle SCO BD1030
Pop Goes the Weazle No. 3 SCO BD1031
Portrait of the Times: or Physic for Licentious Faction SCO BD1571
Poverty's Tears Ebb and Flow SCO BD1032
Prayer and Potatoes - A Sermon SCO BD1033
Predictions for the Year 1783 SCO BD1682
Prentice Boy SCO BD1034
Presentation Festival SCO BD1496
President's Ball SCO BD1036A
Press Gang SCO BD1036
Pretty as a Daisy SCO BD1037
Pretty as a Picture SCO BD1038
Pretty Dilly Burn SCO BD1039
Pretty Jane SCO BD1040
Pretty Jemima SCO BD1041
Pretty Little Dark Blue Eyes SCO BD1042
Pretty Little Flora SCO BD1043
Pretty Little Mary, or Chuck Chuck Chuck SCO BD1044
Pretty Little Rosy Cheeks SCO BD1045
Pretty Little Sarah, or $7 a Week SCO BD1046
Pretty Maid Milking her Cow SCO BD1047
Pretty Mountain Rose SCO BD1048
Pretty Pond Lillies SCO BD1049
Pride of the Village SCO BD1050
Prince of Wales SCO BD1051
Prince of Wales No. 3 SCO BD1052
Prince of Wales, No. 2 SCO BD1053
Prisoner for Life SCO BD1054
Prisoner's Hope: Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! SCO BD1056
Prisoner's Hope: Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! SCO BD1055
Prize Song SCO BD1057
Proclamation SCO BD1698
Programme of Consecration of the Albany Cemetery SCO BD1604
Prologue to the Opening of the Theatre Royal SCO BD1607
Pull Down Your Vest SCO BD1058
Pulling Down of Garteletra Chapel SCO BD1059
Put By for a Rainy Day SCO BD1060
Queen of the Concert Saloon SCO BD1061
Queen's Telegraphic Message and President Buchanan's Reply SCO BD1531
Queer Sights SCO BD1062
Quiet Lodgings SCO BD1468
Racoon Hunters SCO BD1066
Rafferty's Party SCO BD1063
Ragged Coat SCO BD1064
Ragged Pat SCO BD1065
Raging Canal SCO BD1529
'Rah for Grover Cleveland SCO BD1515
Rally SCO BD0384B
Rally for Breckenridge and Lane SCO BD1067
Rally Round the Cause Boys SCO BD0123A
Rally Round the Flag SCO BD1068
Rally Round the Standard SCO BD1069
Rally Round the Stars and Bars SCO BD1070
Rambling Boy of Poverty SCO BD1071
Rambling Boys of Pleasure SCO BD1072
Read and Profit Thereby! New Goods SCO BD1639
Ready for the Fight SCO BD1073
Real, Perfect Cure SCO BD1074
Rebel, Spare That Flag SCO BD1075
Recollection of Sermon, &c, on Thanksgiving Day SCO BD1599-68
Recon I'm in Luck SCO BD1076
Red Hot SCO BD1077
Red Petticoats SCO BD1078
Red Robin SCO BD1079
Red Robin SCO BD1080
Red, White & Blue SCO BD1080A
Red, White & Blue SCO BD1081
Red, White & Blue SCO BD1082
Reformation Hymn SCO BD1612
Regret SCO BD1083
Reilly's Cooleen [sic] Bawn Persecuted SCO BD1084
Relief for Ireland SCO BD1085
Religious Card Player SCO BD1086
Remarkable & Shocking Deaths, &c. SCO BD1601
Remember and Repay! SCO BD1087
Remember Brown the Shoemaker SCO BD1088
Remember Poor Mother at Home SCO BD1089
Remember the Poor SCO BD1090
Reply … Episcopal Sunday School Card SCO BD1599-70
Republican Campaign Song: Lincoln & Hamlin SCO BD1091
Republican Glee for Lincoln & Hamlin SCO BD1092
Retreat of the Grand Army from Bull Run SCO BD1093
Return of Gen. Corcoran of the Glorious 69th SCO BD1094
Return of the 69th SCO BD1095
Revised Edition of the Battle of the Ball SCO BD1520
Rich Country Gal and the Wicked City Chap SCO BD1096
Richmond Jail SCO BD1097
Ridin' in a Railroad Keer SCO BD1098
Riding on the Cable Cars SCO BD1099
Riding on the Elevated Railroad SCO BD1100A
Ring Ring the Bells SCO BD0660
Riot in the City Hall Park, June 18, 1857 SCO BD1100
Riot in the City Hall Park, June 18, 1857 SCO BD1469
Rising Generation SCO BD1101
Robin Adair SCO BD1102
Robinson Crusoe SCO BD1103
Rock Beside the Sea SCO BD1104
Rock Me to Sleep Mother SCO BD1105
Rock of Liberty SCO BD1106
Rockaway SCO BD1107
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep SCO BD1108
Roger O'Malley SCO BD1109
Rolling Home in the Morning SCO BD1110
Root Hog or Die SCO BD1112
Root Hog or Die! No. 2 SCO BD1113
Root Hog or Die! No. 3 SCO BD1114
Root Hog or Die, or The Yankee Boys SCO BD1111
Root Hog or Die. No. 4 SCO BD1115
Rosa Lee SCO BD1116
Rosalie the Prairie Flower SCO BD1117
Rosalie the Prairie Flower SCO BD1470
Rosalie the Prairie Flower SCO BD1118
Rose SCO BD1597-11
Rose and the Lily SCO BD1119
Rose Atherton SCO BD1120
Rose of Alabama SCO BD1121
Rose of Allendale SCO BD1122
Rose of Tralee SCO BD1471
Rose of Tralee SCO BD0413
Rose of Tralee SCO BD1123
Rose Tree SCO BD1720
Roslin Castle SCO BD1597-8
Rosy-wine: A New Song SCO BD1576
Rough & Tumble, or The Amos Street Fight … SCO BD1125
Rouse! Brothers, Rouse! SCO BD1126
Rover's Grave SCO BD0691
Row of Tenement Houses SCO BD1127
Row, Row, Brothers, Row! SCO BD1128
Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch SCO BD1129
Rule Brittania SCO BD1130
Rules for Bummers SCO BD1131
Rules for Bummers SCO BD1132
Rum! Rum! Rum! The Bummer's Hope SCO BD1133
Run, Nigger, Run! or the M.P.'ll Catch You SCO BD1134
Running the Stages, on Sunday in Hoboken SCO BD1135
Sailor's Adieu SCO BD1136
Sally of the Sewing Machine SCO BD1139
Sally, Come Up! SCO BD1138
Sam. Houston and the People SCO BD1140
Sambo, I Have Missed You SCO BD1141
Samson's Revenge SCO BD1142
Sandy and Jenny SCO BD1143
Sarah's Young Man SCO BD1143A
Satterlee Boys to Uncle Sam SCO BD1144
Scenes That Are Brightest SCO BD1145
See That My Grave's Kept Clean SCO BD1472
Selection of Hymns … on the Fourth Day of July SCO BD1605
Serenade of the 300,000 Federal Ghosts … SCO BD1146
Seven Days Fight from June 26th to July 4th, 1862 SCO BD1147
Shabby Genteel SCO BD1151
Shamrock, Thistle and Rose SCO BD1152
Shanghai Engine SCO BD1153
She Never Blamed Him, Never SCO BD1155
She Never Chins as We Pass By SCO BD1156
She Sleeps in the Grave SCO BD0198
She Wore a Wreath of Roses SCO BD1157
Shells of the Ocean SCO BD1157A
Sheridan's Ride: Liberty and Union Forever SCO BD1158
Sherman's on the Track: Contraband Song and Chorus SCO BD1159
Ship That Carries Me Home SCO BD1160
Shocking Account: Fire Explosion [and other songs] SCO BD1635
Shocking Death of Miss Eliza Sydam of New York … SCO BD1516
Siege of Lucknow SCO BD1161
Sights for a Father SCO BD1162
Since I've Been in the Army SCO BD1163
Single Young Man Lodger SCO BD0035
Sinking of the Pirate Alabama SCO BD1165
Sinking of the Pirate Alabama by the … Kearsarge SCO BD1164
Sinners Invited to Come to Jesus SCO BD1681
Sixth Naval Victory SCO BD1660
Sketches of the Times SCO BD1614
Skids Are Out To-day SCO BD1473
Skimmer Lads SCO BD1554
Slain at Baltimore SCO BD1169
Slave of the Bottle SCO BD1594
Slavery Days SCO BD1170
Smiles and Kind Words SCO BD1171
Snip in the Gallery, or Play Up Nosy SCO BD1526
Social Fellows SCO BD1527
Soldier SCO BD1172
Soldier is My Beau SCO BD1173
Soldier's Child SCO BD1174
Soldier's Funeral SCO BD1175
Soldier's Prayer SCO BD1176
Soldier's Return SCO BD1177
Some Meditations Concerning Our Honourable Gentlemen … SCO BD1710
Somebody's Coming When the Dew Drops Fall SCO BD1178
Something to Love Me SCO BD1179
Sonata Sung by a Number of Young Girls SCO BD1699
Song SCO BD1610
Song Composed by the British Soldiers … SCO BD1597-17
Song Composed for the Fraternity of Steuben Lodge SCO BD1180
Song for Lafayette Fire Company No. 3 SCO BD1530
Song for the Eighth Company Dinner January 21st … SCO BD1474
Song for the Times, or John Brown, No. 4 SCO BD1181
Song in Eliza SCO BD1597-19
Song of All Songs SCO BD1182
Song of all Songs SCO BD1475
Song of Many Songs SCO BD1183
Song of the Locomotive SCO BD1184
Song of the Privateer SCO BD1185
Song of the Shirt SCO BD1186
Song of the Shirt SCO BD1187
Song of Victory: Carol at the End of the World War SCO BD1608
Song on Washington's Birthday and … Peace … 1815 SCO BD1668
Song to Old Union SCO BD1492
Songs and Ballads Sung by William B. Brown SCO BD1650
Songs for the Presidential Campaign of 1888 SCO BD0050B
Songs for the Presidential Campaign of 1888 SCO BD0050C
Sons of Columbia SCO BD1188
Sorrowful History of a Rich Merchant and Lucretia SCO BD1623
Sorrows of Yamba, or The Negro Woman's Lamentation SCO BD1641
Soupir des Esclaves SCO BD1189
South SCO BD1190
South Carolina: A Patriotic Ode SCO BD1191
Southern Cross SCO BD1192
Southern Matron to Her Son SCO BD1193
Southern Prisoner Gives His Thanks to the Baltimor SCO BD1194
Spirit of 1861: C.S.A. SCO BD1195
Spiritual Railroad to Heaven SCO BD1195A
St. Patrick's Prayer SCO BD1137
Stand by the Flag SCO BD1196
Star of Columbia SCO BD0399
Star of Glengarry SCO BD1197
Star Spangled Banner SCO BD1200A
Star Spangled Banner SCO BD1199
Star Spangled Banner SCO BD1198
Starry Flag: Great Union Song SCO BD0998
Stars and Bars SCO BD1200
State Rights, or Georgia vs. the Cherokee SCO BD1611
Steam Arm SCO BD1201
Stephen's Farewell Advice to Young Men SCO BD1202
Stick a Pin There SCO BD0131
Stopping in New York SCO BD1203
Streets of New York SCO BD1204
Strephon and Flora SCO BD1597-8
Strike the Harp Gently SCO BD0399A
Striking Ile SCO BD1205
Striped Pig: as Sung by Mr. Wills at the Tremont SCO BD1654
Such an Education Has My Mary Ann SCO BD1476
Sunday Night When the Parlor's Full SCO BD1477
Sunday School Celebration at the First Presbyterian Church, July 4, 1846 SCO BD1603
Sunlight on the Sea SCO BD1206
Susy and Pat Murphy SCO BD1207
Sweet Evelina SCO BD1208
Sweet Evelina SCO BD1209
Sweet Home Receive Me SCO BD1210
Sweet Lucy May SCO BD1211
Swill Milk No. 2 SCO BD1212
Sword and the Red, White and Blue SCO BD1213
Sword of Bunker Hill SCO BD1213A
Take Me Back to Home and Mother SCO BD1214
Take Me Back to My Dear Old Southern Home SCO BD1478
Taken In and Done For SCO BD1215
Tea Destroyed by Indians SCO BD1717
Telegraph Song SCO BD1540
Temperance Banner SCO BD1497
Temple Fire SCO BD1216
Ten O'Clock, or Remember Love Remember SCO BD1217
Tenth Montgomery Regiment. Col. W.H. Lytle SCO BD1218
Tenting on the Old Camp Ground SCO BD1219
That Baby on the Half Shell SCO BD1222
That Blessed Baby, or The Mother's Appeal SCO BD1220
That Blessed Baby, or, The Mother's Appeal SCO BD1221
That's So SCO BD1222A
That's Where the Laugh Comes In SCO BD1479
Thee, Thee, Only Thee SCO BD1223
Their Sham Shoulder Straps SCO BD1224
Then the Band Played SCO BD1225
Then You'll Remember Me SCO BD0828
There is a Flower That Blumeth SCO BD0175
There's Whiskey in the Jar SCO BD1226
They Have Broken Up Their Camps SCO BD1227
Thirtieth Street Murder: A Horrible Tragedy SCO BD1228
This Poetry For Sale …The Benefit of a Blind Man SCO BD1480
Those Stripes and Bold Stars SCO BD1229
Thou Art Gone from My Gaze SCO BD1230
Thou Art So Near and Yet So Far SCO BD1231
Thou Hast Cast Off the Heart That I Gave Thee SCO BD0424
Thoughts of Other Days SCO BD1231B
Thoughts Suggested by … the Bones of the Mastodon SCO BD1556
Three Fold Cord, or Trebble Obligation SCO BD1686
Three Friends SCO BD1612
Three Little Faces SCO BD1232
Tickler SCO BD1233
Tim Finigan's Wake SCO BD1481
Tim Finnegan's Wake SCO BD1234
Tired Soldier SCO BD1482
Tis But a Little Faded Flower SCO BD1236
Tis Hard to Give the Hand Where the Heart Can Neve SCO BD1236A
Tis Home Where the Heart Is SCO BD1237
Tis Said That Absence Conquers Love SCO BD1238
To a Brother Fighting for the Union SCO BD1239
To Be Performed at the Brattle Street Church SCO BD1685
To Charming Kate in Ireland SCO BD1240
To Miss Eva Who Requested Lines on Her Name SCO BD1599-31
To Mr. and Mrs. Ogilvia … at Their Wedding Anniversary SCO BD1599-8
To My Cousin in the Country SCO BD1518
To My Loved One SCO BD1483
To My Wife SCO BD1241
To the Author of the Rehearsal, New Haven Jan. 24 SCO BD1637
To the One I Love SCO BD1242
To the Painter SCO BD1599-25
Toast of 1783 SCO BD1243
Tommy, Do It Again SCO BD1244
Toper's Appeal: A Parody on "The Maniac" SCO BD1245
Traitor! Spare that Flag: Parody "Woodman Spare … SCO BD1247
Traitor's March to the White House SCO BD1248
Tramp Tramp Tramp SCO BD1250
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! The Prisoner's Hope SCO BD1494
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp! SCO BD1249
Tribute to General Scott SCO BD1615
Triumph of the Old Flag, or, Our Flag o'er Richmon SCO BD1251
True American on the Blue Laws SCO BD1252
True Protestants Litany SCO BD1722
Try, Try Again SCO BD0241
Twas Rank and Fame SCO BD0360
Twilight in the Park SCO BD1256
Two Favorite Songs on the Evacuation of … Boston SCO BD1597-18
Two Orphans SCO BD1257
Two Poems by J. & A. on the Death of Five Persons SCO BD1575
Two Poems by J. & A. on the Death of Five Persons SCO BD1498
Uncle Sam's Farm SCO BD1485
Unconstant Lovier SCO BD1258
Under the Gaslight, or Poor Little Laura SCO BD1259
Under the Willow She's Sleeping SCO BD1260-61
Under the Willow She's Sleeping SCO BD1486
Unfortunate Miss Bailey SCO BD1597-19
Unfurl the Glorious Banner SCO BD1262
Union SCO BD1263
Union Bonnie Blue Flag SCO BD1487
Union Boys SCO BD1264
Union Emotions SCO BD1265
Union Flag Triumphant Waves SCO BD1266
Union Forever SCO BD1488
Union Forever! & The Birth-day of Freedom SCO BD1598
Union Hope [and Other Songs] SCO BD1616
Union Must and Shall be Preserved SCO BD1267
Union Square on Sunday Night SCO BD1268
Union Volunteers SCO BD1269
Union War Songs: Army Hymn SCO BD1595
United States New Century Hymn SCO BD1651
Unparralleled [sic] Victory SCO BD1663
Upon the Drying Up That Ancient River, the River Merrymak SCO BD1712
Vacant Chair SCO BD1272
Vacant Chair SCO BD1270-71
Valentine & Julia SCO BD1273
Vanity of the World SCO BD1721
Vengeons la Patrie SCO BD1274
Victory SCO BD0384B
Victory At Last SCO BD1489
Victory At Last SCO BD1275
Views on Removing the Wynant Van Zandt Tablet SCO BD1599-14
Village Born Beauty SCO BD1276
Vir-Gin-A SCO BD1277
Viva L'America SCO BD1278
Viva L'America SCO BD1279
Voice from Ellsworth SCO BD1400
Voice of Free Grace SCO BD1282
Voici le Sabre de Mon Pere=Here Is the Sabre of My Father SCO BD1280
Volunteer SCO BD1283
Volunteer SCO BD1281
Volunteers' Song SCO BD1284
Wages of Sin, or Robbery Justly Rewarded SCO BD1684
Wait for the Turn of the Tide SCO BD1043
Wait for the Wagon SCO BD1285
Wait Till the Moonlight Falls on the Water SCO BD1286
Waiting for the May SCO BD1287
Wake Nicodemus SCO BD1288
Wann Jesus die Herzen Enzuendet mit Liebe SCO BD1553
War in Europe SCO BD1289
War in New York: The Bigots Are Rising SCO BD1290
War is Over Now SCO BD1291
Wars Are Not Over SCO BD1583
War-song of the Union SCO BD1292
Was My Brother in the Battle SCO BD1293
Washington's Birthday SCO BD1294
Wasp Stinging Frolic SCO BD1672
Watery Gods SCO BD1579
We are Coming Father Abraham SCO BD1295
We Are True Anti-renters SCO BD1633
We Met by Chance SCO BD1296
We Met 'Twas in a Crowd SCO BD1297
We Never Speak As We Pass By SCO BD1298
We Parted by the Riverside SCO BD1299
We Shall See Her No More SCO BD1301
We Stand Here United SCO BD1386
We Were Boys and Girls Together SCO BD1302
Wearing of the Green SCO BD1304
Wearing of the Green SCO BD1303
Weary Anthony, or The Loving Husband and His Scolding Wife SCO BD1569
Welcome "Jeff" to Baltimore SCO BD1305
Welcome Brave Boys. Richmond Falls: War is Over SCO BD1306
Welcome Mother SCO BD1307
Welcome Our Gallant 69th SCO BD1308
Welcome the Beautiful Day SCO BD0660
Welcome, Welcome Home SCO BD0206
We'll Be Free in Maryland SCO BD1309
We'll Fight for Uncle Sam SCO BD1310
Welshman SCO BD1546
We're Marching Down to Dixie's Land SCO BD1311
Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea SCO BD1313
We've a Million in the Field SCO BD1312
What a Heel She's Got Behind Her SCO BD1314
What Are the Wild Waves Saying SCO BD1315
What I Don't Like to See SCO BD1316
What Irish Boys Can Do (Answer to No Irish Need Apply) SCO BD1317
What Man Would Be Without a Woman SCO BD1318
What Other Name Than Thine Mother SCO BD1319
What the Candle Told Was True SCO BD1320
What Will You Do Love SCO BD1321
When I Was in the Tombs SCO BD1323
When I Went Out A Skating SCO BD1322
When Johnny Come Marching Home SCO BD1324
When Johnny Come Marching Home SCO BD1325
When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea SCO BD1326
When the Boys Come Home SCO BD1328
When the Moon on the Lake is Beaming SCO BD1327
When This Cruel Draft Is Over SCO BD1329
When This Cruel War Is Over SCO BD1331
When This Cruel War Is Over SCO BD1330
When Twilight Dews Are Falling SCO BD1332
Where Are the Friends of My Youth SCO BD1333
Where Did You Get That Hat SCO BD1334
Where is Home SCO BD0912
Where Is My Lover SCO BD1335
Where Liberty Dwells, There Is My Country SCO BD1593
Where the Bright Waves Are Dashing SCO BD1336
Where the Water Lillies Grow SCO BD1337
Where Was Moses When the Light Went Out? SCO BD1338
Where's That Back Pay SCO BD1339
While There's Life There's Hope SCO BD1340
Whipoorwill, or American Night-bird: A Poem SCO BD1341
Whistling Thief SCO BD1342
White Ghost SCO BD1344
White House SCO BD1343
White Wings SCO BD1345
Who Can Find Us Now SCO BD1346
Who Shall be Fairest SCO BD1347
Who Stole the Donkey SCO BD1348
Who Stole the Ham SCO BD1349
Who Will Care for Mickey Now SCO BD1350
Who Will Care for Mother Now SCO BD1353
Who Will Care for Mother Now SCO BD1352
Who Will Care for Mother Now SCO BD1351
Whoa Emma SCO BD1357
Who'll Have Me Now SCO BD1354
Who's Been Here Since I'v [sic] Been Gone SCO BD1355
Who's Been Here Since I'v [sic] Been Gone - Part 2 SCO BD1356
Who's Master? or, A Fight for the Breeches SCO BD1611
Why Did She Leave Him SCO BD1490
Why Don't They Do So Now SCO BD1358
Wide Awake Jordan SCO BD1359
Widow in the Cottage by the Sea-side SCO BD1360
Widow Malone SCO BD1361
Widow Mulroney's Ball SCO BD1362
Wife's Dream SCO BD1363
Wife's Lament: A New Temperance Song SCO BD1364
Will Friendship Buy Us Bread SCO BD1365
Will They Weep for Me at Home SCO BD1366
Will You Love Me When I'm Old SCO BD1367
William Price SCO BD1368
Willie We Have Missed You SCO BD1369
Willie's Welcome Home SCO BD1370
Wind Blew Through His Whiskers SCO BD1371
Windham Bull-frog Song SCO BD1621
Winsome Winnie SCO BD1372
Witnessing a Marriage Ceremony SCO BD1599-71
Women and Wine SCO BD1374
Women's Love SCO BD1373
Wonderful Dream SCO BD1636
Wonderful Irishman SCO BD1375
Woodman's Cot SCO BD1528
Woodpecker SCO BD1376
Would I Were a Boy Again SCO BD1377
Would I Were a Girl Again SCO BD1377
Would I Were with Thee SCO BD1378
Write to Me SCO BD0596
Yankee Boys So Handy O SCO BD1379
Yankee Clock: Franklin Engine Co. No. 3 SCO BD1380
Yankee Doodle SCO BD1381
Yankee Doodle Uncle Sam SCO BD1383
Yankee Doodle, No. 3 SCO BD1382
Yankee Man of War, No. 2 SCO BD1384
Yankee Volunteer SCO BD1385
Yellow Rose of Texas SCO BD1387
Yes Let Me Like a Soldier Fall SCO BD1386
Yes! We Think of Thee at Home SCO BD1388
You Know SCO BD1389
You Naughty Naughty Men SCO BD1390
You Were False But I'll Forgive You SCO BD1391
You'll Remember Me SCO BD1412
You'll Remember Me! SCO BD0018
Young Gal from New-Jers-A SCO BD1392
Young Recruit SCO BD1393
Young Unions Song SCO BD1394
Youth Hasting to Eternity [and Other Hymns] SCO BD1606
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