Broadside Ballads Collection
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Ballads sorted alphabetically by the last name of the composer.
Composer Accession Number Title
A Rebel SCO BD0608 Lines on the Proclamation …By the Tyrant Lincoln
A. SCO BD1575 Two Poems by J. & A. on the Death of Five Persons
A.S. SCO BD0814 New York Ice Man
Abbey, Matthew SCO BD1597-5 Father Abbey's Will
A'Beckett, T. SCO BD1006 Pennsylvanian Battle Cry
Adams, Stephen SCO BD1458 Nancy Lee, or The Sailor's Wife
Allen, John SCO BD1141 Sambo, I Have Missed You
Anderson, A. SCO BD0051 Battle is O'er
Anderson, A. SCO BD0055 Battle of Spottsylvania: "I Am Left To Die Alone"
Anderson, A. SCO BD0334 Gen. McClellan's Farewell Address to His Army
Anderson, G. W. SCO BD0554 Josiah Brown
Anderson, G. W. SCO BD0495 Innocent Mike
Anderson, G. W. SCO BD0962 Paddy Goshlow
Anderson, G. W. SCO BD1212 Swill Milk No. 2
Angelo, H. SCO BD1405 Boys of Uncle Samu'l
Anthropos SCO BD1712 Connecticut's Flood on Merrymak's Ebb
Arne, Dr. SCO BD1597-19 Song in Eliza
Atkins, Ned. SCO BD0004 Accident on the West Jersey Railroad: A Recitation
Auber, D. F. E. SCO BD0601 Heart Bow'd Down by Weight of Woe
Auber, D.F.E. SCO BD0918 On Yonder Rock Reclining
Auber, D.F.E. SCO BD0919 On Yonder Rock Reclining From … Fra Diavolo
Bailey, Edward SCO BD1566 Lines Composed on the Prevailing Malignant Cholera
Bailey, Edward SCO BD1535 Lines Composed on the Prevailing Malignant Cholera
Ballou, Silas SCO BD1592 New Song … Late War with Great Britain
Baltimora SCO BD0678 Maryland's Lament for Jackson
Barrows, Louise SCO BD0355 God Will Care for Mother Now
Batchelder, Eugene SCO BD1496 Presentation Festival
Bayley, F.W.N. SCO BD0410 Her Heart Is the Prize I Will Gain
Bayly, Thomas Haynes SCO BD0309 Forsaken to the False One
Beach, Elizabeth T.P. SCO BD1563 Last Broadside of the Frigate Cumberland
Beckel, J. C. SCO BD0346 Give Me a Noble Fellow with a Bucktail in his Hat
Beckel, J.C. SCO BD0840 Oath, or Ye Freeman How Long Will Ye Stifle
Beebee, S. SCO BD1686 Three Fold Cord, or Trebble Obligation
Belasco, F. SCO BD0448 Hush Little Baby, Don't You Cry
Benjamin, John SCO BD0801 Nettie is No More
Benkert, George Felix SCO BD1188 Sons of Columbia
Bennock, Francis SCO BD0300 Florence Nightingale
Bieber, Albert B.A. SCO BD1514 Our Leader President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Biglin, P. S. SCO BD0472 I Want to be a Soldier
Biglin, P. S. SCO BD0471 I Want to be a Soldier
Bishop, Henry R. SCO BD0383 Blow, Gentle Gales
Bland, James SCO BD1435 In the Morning by the Bright Light
Blume, Frederick SCO BD0508 It Was My Mother's Voice
Boiledieu, A. SCO BD0262 Evening Bell = La Cloche du Soir
Bollman, H. SCO BD0079 Birdie Darling
Boyd, Kate J. SCO BD0849 Oh Come Fair Maid With Me
Boyers, Adjt. SCO BD1326 When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea
Brackett, Joseph Warren SCO BD1610 New Song
Bradbury, William B. SCO BD1489 Victory At Last
Bradel, P. SCO BD0390 Hans Dunder has Gone for a Solger
Braham, David SCO BD0958 Over the Hills to the Poor House
Braham, David SCO BD0672 Mary Kelly's Beau
Brockway, William H. SCO BD1256 Twilight in the Park
Brother, A. SCO BD0028 Anniversary Hymn
Brown, William B. SCO BD1650 Songs and Ballads Sung by William B. Brown
Buck, Albert SCO BD1231B Evening Thoughts
Buck, Albert H. SCO BD1231B Clouds are Passing Away
Buck, Albert H. SCO BD1231B Thoughts of Other Days
Buckley, Frederick SCO BD0488 I'm Thinking of Home
Buckley, Frederick SCO BD0847 Oh Breathe Not Her Name
Buckley, Frederick SCO BD0572 Kiss Me Quick and Go
Buckley, Frederick SCO BD1301 We Shall See Her No More
Buckley, Frederick SCO BD0573 Kiss Me Quick and Go
Budworth, J. H. SCO BD0091 Bobbing Around No. 3
Buntline, Ned SCO BD0222 Dixie, Where Is Dixie?
Buntline, Ned SCO BD1245 Toper's Appeal: A Parody on "The Maniac"
C.S.S. SCO BD1169 Slain at Baltimore
Carleton, William SCO BD1062 Queer Sights
Casten, J. Cross SCO BD0103 Bounty-Jumper
Casten, J. Cross SCO BD1077 Red Hot
Catskill Republican Club SCO BD0132B Campaign Songs, 1888
Caustic, Betty SCO BD1571 Portrait of the Times: or Physic for Licentious Faction
Child, Calvin G. SCO BD1464 Parting Ode
Childs, Ward J. SCO BD1339 Where's That Back Pay
Clark, Chas. A. SCO BD1273 Valentine & Julia
Cliftan, Ernest SCO BD1093 Retreat of the Grand Army from Bull Run
Clifton, Harry SCO BD0521 Jemima Brown
Clifton, Harry SCO BD1043 Wait for the Turn of the Tide
Clinton, Harry SCO BD0270 Faithless Maria
Coates, Elmer Ruan SCO BD0061 Be My Mother Till I Die
Cobb, Sylvanus SCO BD0310 Four Colored Ghosts
Cola SCO BD0017 All Spice, or Spice For All
Collins, J. H. SCO BD1258 Unconstant Lovier
Connelly, Charles SCO BD1389 You Know
Conway, Frank SCO BD0771 My Home Down on the Farm
Core, William H. SCO BD1115 Root Hog or Die. No. 4
Cosgrove, William SCO BD0445 Hurra for the Union!
Craig, Tom SCO BD0153 Colored Volunteer
Cronan, Jeremiah SCO BD1448 Lines Written on the Dreadful Fire … in Chicago …
Crosby, Fanny SCO BD0220 Dixie for the Union
Cross, John C. SCO BD1265 Union Emotions
Cross, John C. SCO BD1354 Who'll Have Me Now
Cross, John C. SCO BD0233 Don't Be Choked Off
Cross, John C. SCO BD0736 Mother on the Brain
Cross, John C. SCO BD1133 Rum! Rum! Rum! The Bummer's Hope
Cross, John C. SCO BD0867 Oil-merchant
Cross, John C. SCO BD1410 Dear Mother I've Come Home to Eat
Crowe, Selden W. SCO BD0231 Doleful Ballad of Judge Miller and Dr. Crowe
Cummins, J. J. SCO BD1010 Phoenix Society
Cummins, J.J. SCO BD0912 On! On! Erin! On!
Cutter, Bloodgood SCO BD1599-59 Long Island Farmer on the Mount of Olives
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-6 On a Christmas Tree
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-28 Long Island Farmer on Decoration Day
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-29 At the Fair
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-27 At the Five Points Mission School Sunday Afternoon
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-30 On Bible Presentation, Comp. for a Missionary Lady
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD0620 Long Island Farmer Poet on Tobacco Smoking
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-6 At a Christmas Gathering
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-5 On Zion Church Sunday School Pic-nic at Bayside
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-30 On the Emmanuel Church Sunday School, 6th St., N.Y.
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-12 Long Island Farmer Poet on Yorktown
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD0490 In Memoriam: Long Island Farmer to the Memory of …
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-16 On Laying the Cornerstone of the New Methodist Church
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-17 Long Island Farmer on Congressmen
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-18 On Seeing a Splendid Dress in the Window
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-18 At the Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-19 On Seeing a Lady Bring Armfull of Flowers to Church
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-19 On the Riverhead Fair
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-14 Views on Removing the Wynant Van Zandt Tablet
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-20 Long Island Farmer to the Directors of Jackson Ave
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-9 On Seeing the Prince & Princess of Wales
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-13 On the Death of H. H. Webster of the Y.M.C.A.
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-7 At the Great Garden Party at the Grand Union Hotel
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-10 Long Island Farmer on Evacuation Day
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-22 On Captain Quarterman
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-23 On Dining on the S.S. "City of Rome" in Mid-ocean
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-40 On Seeing a Beautiful Quilt Made By … Ella Foster
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-25 To the Painter
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-25 Long Island Farmer on the Burning of his Mill
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-26 Lines for the Little Neck Sunday School Pic-nic
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-32 Long Island Farmer to Dr. Rylance
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-27 At the Anniversary of the Ladies Missionary Society …
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-8 To Mr. and Mrs. Ogilvia … at Their Wedding Anniversary
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-21 Long Island Farmer to the Soldiers
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-53 Lines on the Occasion of an Indian Clam Bake
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-65 Long Island Farmer on the Last Hours of the Year 1860
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-64 Long Island Farmer on Seeing the Poultry at the Agricultural Fair
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-24 Long Island Farmer Finishing the Popping Corn Question
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-62 Long Island Farmer on the North Side Railroad
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-31 To Miss Eva Who Requested Lines on Her Name
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-61 Long Island Farmer on the Fall of Charleston
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-60 Long Island Farmer Viewing a Bed of Flowers
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-58 Long Island Farmer on "People Will Talk"
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-58 Long Island Farmer on the Yacht Sappho
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-57 Long Island Farmer Musing on a Wheel-barrow
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-56 Long Island Farmer to John G. Crittenden of Ky.
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-66 Long Island Farmer on John Bull Alias the British Lion
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-54 Long Island Farmer Poet on Seeing His Own Likeness
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-63 Long Island Farmer on the Steamer Mehta …
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-52 On the Battle of Fort Donelson
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-51 On Tobacco Smoking in Queens Co. Court House
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-50 Farmer's Address to the Sunday School Christmas …
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-49 In Memoriam … to the Memory of John A. Van Nostran
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-48 Lines on the Egyptian Obelisk, "Cleopatra's Needle"
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-47 In Memoriam: L.I. Farmer on the Death of His Wife
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-46 On Laying the Corner Stone of Spinney's Sunday School
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-45 On Planting Flowers in His Wife's Burial Lot
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-44 On the Death of Benjamin P. Allen
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-43 On the Baptism of Wm. P. Douglas's and Colonel …
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-42 Long Island Farmer on Sim's Poem "Ostler Jo"
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-41 Long Island Farmer on the Boys' Body Guard
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-55 Long Island Farmer on King Cotton
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-38 On the Death of L. Loder, Esq.
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-33 Long Island Farmer's Valentine
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-34 On the Lunch at the Convention at Garden City
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-4 At the Fourth of July Celebration of Mr. Ward's
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-35 On Church Members Duties
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-36 Bald Eagle
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-3 On the Death of General Sherman
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-37 On Pic-nic in Judge Ingraham's Grove
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-67 Long Island Farmer on Mayor Wood's Election
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-1 On the Oyster Bay Rail Road
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-39 Long Island Farmer's Birth Place
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-72 Meditations at the Funeral of a Young Lady
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-68 Recollection of Sermon, &c, on Thanksgiving Day
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-69 At the Horticultural Exhibition
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-2 Long Island Farmer on the Newbrugh Centennial
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-71 Witnessing a Marriage Ceremony
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-11 Long Island Farmer to the Donation Party
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-74 In Memory of Nath'l Bloodgood
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-73 Long Island Farmer Whaling
Cutter, Bloodgood H. SCO BD1599-70 Reply … Episcopal Sunday School Card
Daly, John J. SCO BD0622 Long Live the 69th
Danforth, Benjamin-Lyr SCO BD1555 Patriotic Song
Danks, H. P. SCO BD0759 My Dear Savannah Home
Danks, H. P. SCO BD0825 Nobody's Darling But Mine
Darling, J. M. SCO BD0371 Grant's the Man
De Chenier, Marie-Joseph SCO BD0135 Chant Du Depart
De Witt, Robert M. SCO BD1356 Who's Been Here Since I'v [sic] Been Gone - Part 2
De Witt, Robert M. SCO BD1355 Who's Been Here Since I'v [sic] Been Gone
Deardorf, Frank SCO BD1452 Makuzu Kozan: The Potter Poet
Delegate SCO BD1142 Samson's Revenge
Dever, W.J. SCO BD0945 Our Jack's Come Home To-day
Dime, Gustave SCO BD1274 Vengeons la Patrie
Dime, Gustave SCO BD1189 Soupir des Esclaves
Divine, W. H. SCO BD1218 Tenth Montgomery Regiment. Col. W.H. Lytle
Dix, John Ross SCO BD1224 Their Sham Shoulder Straps
Dix, John Ross SCO BD1406 Brave Bessy, the Soldier's Wife
Dix, John Ross SCO BD1501 Nobody Hurt (Old Abe)
Dix, John Ross SCO BD1427 How Sheridan Whipped Longstreet
Dix, John Ross SCO BD1428 How Sherman's Veterans Took Atlanta
Dodworth, C.R. SCO BD0292 Fireman's Victory
Doyle, Edward SCO BD1252 True American on the Blue Laws
Dresser, Paul SCO BD0737 Mother Told Me So
Duganne, A. J. H. SCO BD0023B Ode: On Washington's Birth Day
Dunne, William SCO BD0283 Father of all Songs
Dyer, Sidney SCO BD0373 Grave of Lilly Dale
E.O.C., Mrs. SCO BD0813 New York Fire-Zouaves
E.R. SCO BD1643 Poetical Remarks … The Fight at Boston Light House
Eastburn SCO BD0893 Old Log Hut, or The Future's But a Dream
Eastburn SCO BD0174 Contraband's Song of Freedom
Eastburn SCO BD1251 Triumph of the Old Flag, or, Our Flag o'er Richmon
Eastlack, Francis F. SCO BD1431 I Don't Know: The Great Know Nothing Song
Edeson, G.R. SCO BD1343 White House
Elder, S. G. SCO BD0073 Berdan's Sharpshooters
Ellen SCO BD1497 Temperance Banner
Ely, J.G. SCO BD1449 Loss of the U.S. Sloop of War Hornet!!!
Emmett, Daniel Decatur SCO BD1346 Who Can Find Us Now
Emmett, Daniel Decatur SCO BD0415 High Daddy
Emmett, Tony SCO BD0003 Abraham's Daughter
Emmit, Dan SCO BD0117 Bull Dog An' De Baby
English, Frederick S. SCO BD1289 War in Europe
English, Frederick S. SCO BD0024 Annie I Have Missed You
Erlington, S.N. SCO BD1499 Address to the American Rifle Team
Evans, Thomas SCO BD1630 Poem … Golden Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Otis Westcott
Everest, C. SCO BD0253 Annie's Reply to Enoch Arden
Fahie, George A.W.L. SCO BD1016 Pirate's Serenade
Fase, Henry SCO BD0896 Old Mousquetaire
Feeney, Patrick SCO BD1152 Shamrock, Thistle and Rose
Fessenden, Thomas Green SCO BD1610 Song
Filley, Frank C. SCO BD1453 Marching Song
Finley, John SCO BD1588 Every Man's Land = Le Pays de Tout Homme
Fitz Squizzle, Don, Sergt SCO BD1144 Satterlee Boys to Uncle Sam
Flanagan, John SCO BD0211 Departure of the 69th Volunteers
Flanagan, John SCO BD0499 Irish Brigade, No. 2
Fleming, F. SCO BD1560 God Save the Nation!: A War Hymn
Forbes, John SCO BD0128 Capture of Jeff Davis
Foster, S.H. SCO BD1633 Bill Snyder
Foster, Stephen C. SCO BD1312 We've a Million in the Field
Foster, Stephen C. SCO BD0111 Bring My Mother Back to Me
Foster, Stephen C. SCO BD0477 I'll be a Soldier
Foster, Stephen C. SCO BD1426 Hard Times Come Again No More
Foster, Stephen C. SCO BD1369 Willie We Have Missed You
Foster, Stephen C. SCO BD0795 Nelly Bly
Foster, Stephen C. SCO BD0879 Old Folks at Home
Foster, Stephen C. SCO BD1293 Was My Brother in the Battle
Foster, Stephen C. SCO BD0888 Old Kentucky Home
Foster, Stephen C. SCO BD1420 Gentle Annie
Fox, Harry SCO BD0398 Harper's Ferry
Fox, Will H. SCO BD0113 Broken Home (Lillian and Joe)
Freshman SCO BD1617 Battle of the Ball
Fritz, Levi J. SCO BD0762 My Fifty-third
Frozen Water SCO BD0331 Gay Old Cook
G.H.S. SCO BD1180 Song Composed for the Fraternity of Steuben Lodge
G.L. SCO BD0006 Advice to Young Ladies
Gannon, T. SCO BD0213 Deserted Seamstress
Garsides, Irad L. SCO BD0407 Heenan, Champion of the World, No. 2
Garvey, Stephen SCO BD0726 Moons Are Out To-night
Gay, James D. SCO BD0333 General Grant's Boys
Gay, James D. SCO BD0107 Brave Soldiers of the West
Gay, James D. SCO BD0207 Death of Ellsworth
Gay, James D. SCO BD1395 Abe Lincoln's Battle Cry
Gay, James D. SCO BD0563 Keystone Brigade
Gay, James D. SCO BD1396 Abe Lincoln's Union Wagon
Gilbert, W. S., 1836-1911 SCO BD0181B His Sisters and His Cousins and His Aunts
Gilbert, W. S., 1836-1911 SCO BD0181B Little Buttercup
Giles, Charles SCO BD1619 Elegy on the Death of Asa. Frink
Glover, C. W. SCO BD1123 Rose of Tralee
Goodwin, William SCO BD1598 Union Forever! & The Birth-day of Freedom
Greene, E.G. (Mrs.) SCO BD0941 Our Glad Hosanna for … Prohibition
Greenwod, Harry SCO BD0812 New-York Apprentice Boy
Gurley, P. D. SCO BD1532 Funeral Hymn
H. SCO BD1087 Remember and Repay!
Hack, Henry, Jr. SCO BD1267 Union Must and Shall be Preserved
Haerle, Louis SCO BD0010 Ah! There, Stay There
Hale, George A. SCO BD1633 We Are True Anti-renters
Hall, Charlie SCO BD0193 Darkey Conscript
Hall, Lillie SCO BD1049 Pretty Pond Lillies
Hanby, D. R. SCO BD0197 Darling Nelly Gray
Hanford, William H. SCO BD0984 Parody on Tenting on the Old Camp-ground
Harding, Frank SCO BD1533 Broadway Swell and the Bowery Bum
Hardwick, G. P. SCO BD1564 Capture of Richmond and Petersburg
Hardwick, George P. (Mrs.) SCO BD0439 How to Close This Cruel War
Harrigan, Edward SCO BD1032 Poverty's Tears Ebb and Flow
Harrigan, Edward SCO BD1476 Such an Education Has My Mary Ann
Harrington, T. F. SCO BD1232 Three Little Faces
Harris, John Fitz SCO BD1083 Regret
Hatch, J.L. (Rev.) SCO BD1290 War in New York: The Bigots Are Rising
Hawthorne, Alice SCO BD0609 Listen to the Mocking-bird
Hawthorne, Alice SCO BD0076 Bid Me Good-bye, or the Soldier's Farewell
Hawthorne, Alice SCO BD0560 Just as of Old
Hays, Will S. SCO BD1463 Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
Hays, Will S. SCO BD0715 Mollie Darling
Hays, Will S. SCO BD0827 Nora O'Neill
Hays, Will S. SCO BD0716A Mollie Darling
Hays, Will S. SCO BD0855 Oh I Wish This War Was Over
Hedges, Charles SCO BD0713 Missing Steamer Pacific
Higgins, Mary Josephine SCO BD1239 To a Brother Fighting for the Union
Hill, George Paradox SCO BD1557 Inventor
Hogan, M. SCO BD1384 Yankee Man of War, No. 2
Holder, E. G. B. SCO BD0063 Beauteous Lizzie Fane
Holmes, Oliver Wendell SCO BD1595 Union War Songs: Army Hymn
Holmes, S. N. SCO BD1542 Boatmen's Psalm
Holtz, Robert E. SCO BD1309 We'll Be Free in Maryland
Hood, E. P. SCO BD0241 Drunkard's Wife
Hood, Thomas SCO BD1187 Song of the Shirt
Hood, Thomas SCO BD1186 Song of the Shirt
Hopkins, Joseph SCO BD1705 Line to the Modern Ladies
Hotchkiss, Louise C. SCO BD1402 Bells of 1916
Houghton, George W. SCO BD1243 Toast of 1783
Houghton, George W. SCO BD1418 Ballad … Anniversary of Washington's Farewell
Housh, E. T., Mrs. SCO BD0352 God Bless Them
Howard, Frank SCO BD0925 Only a Pansy Blossom
Howard, H. J. SCO BD0581 Lamentation of J.P. Donnelly
Hughes, John SCO BD0054 Battle of Peach Tree Creek
Huntly, William A. SCO BD0754 Must We Leave the Old Home Mother
Hutchinson, William H. SCO BD0248 Ehren on the Rhine
Hyatt, Henry SCO BD0610 Little Alice
I.V.T.V.J. SCO BD0123 Camp Gals
Irishman SCO BD0177 Corcoran to His Regiment
Isaacs, P. R. SCO BD0115 Brother's Fainting at the Door
J. & A. SCO BD1498 Two Poems by J. & A. on the Death of Five Persons
J. E. V. SCO BD0280 Farragut's Ball
J. E. V. SCO BD0279 Farragut's Ball
J. L. S. SCO BD0578 Lager-beer Jacob
J.D. SCO BD1695 Divine Name Humbly Celebrated
J.F. SCO BD1723 England's Lamentation ... Duke of Monmouth's Departure
J.H. SCO BD1522 Poem on the … Death of the Rev. Josiah M. Muspratt
Jeanie, F. SCO BD0368 Grandfather's Socks
Johnson, Eugene T. SCO BD0734 Mother of All Songs
Johnston, Eugene SCO BD0179 Corcoran's Irish Legion
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD1403 Bill Posters Dream, or, Cross Whiskers
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD1414 Drummer of Antietam
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD0271 Fall of Charleston
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD0885 Old Hickory's Days
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD0526 Jersey Lovers
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD0438 How the Money Goes
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD0981 Parody on Just Before the Battle Mother
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD1291 War is Over Now
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD1050 Pride of the Village
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD0066 Beautiful Screamer: Parody on "Beautiful Dreamer"
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD0986 Parody on When This Curel War Is Over
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD0980 Parody on I'm Lonely To-night
Johnston, Eugene T. SCO BD0987 Parody on When This Cruel War Is Over
Johnston, Robert SCO BD1413 Drummer Boy of Nashville
Jonghmans, E. SCO BD0171 Comrades
Jumper Boy SCO BD1380 Yankee Clock: Franklin Engine Co. No. 3
Justice, William B. SCO BD0520 Jefferson "D"
Kean, Thomas SCO BD0397 Harp of Old Erin and Banner of Stars
Kennedy, Harry SCO BD1048 Pretty Mountain Rose
Kiallmark, George SCO BD0897 Old Oaken Bucket
Kiernan, James SCO BD0112 Brogue
Kiernan, William SCO BD0449 I Am Fighting for the Nigger
Kimball, J. B. SCO BD0358 Good Bye John
Kimic, Charley SCO BD0983 Jackey, de Butcher Boy
Lamb, Robert SCO BD1070 Rally Round the Stars and Bars
Langenschwarz, Max SCO BD1540 Telegraph Song
Lapierre, J.E. SCO BD0750 Mrs. Reilly's Troubles
Layol, Retnomrev SCO BD1524 No Vermonters in Heaven
Lee, Chauncey SCO BD1597-15 Ode for the Fourth of July 1799
Leonard, John F. SCO BD0654 Mama's Baby Boy
Leslie, Ernest SCO BD1105 Rock Me to Sleep Mother
Leslie, Thomas SCO BD0662 March on for the Union
Lieder, Pauline SCO BD0102 Bottle's Empty Whiskey's Gone
Lieder, Pauline SCO BD0247 Eggs for Breakfast in the Morning
L'Isle, Rouget De SCO BD0666 Marseillaise
L'Isle, Rouget De SCO BD0667 Marseillaise Hymn
Lockwood, L. C., Rev. SCO BD0084 Blest Ones at Home
Lockwood, L.C., Rev. SCO BD0631 Loving Jesus: A Parody on Katy Darling
Longfellow, Henry W. SCO BD1425 Hanging of the Crane
Lovelock, J. SCO BD0640 McClellan for 1865
Lowe, E. Walter SCO BD1483 To My Loved One
Lowe, Walter E. SCO BD1415 Dying Soldier: "Oh Do Not Bury Me Here"
Lowry, R. SCO BD1559 God Save Our Country's Flag
Lubeck, Hans SCO BD1013 Pig Palloon Schip. Vat's Come to Europe on de Ski?
Ludlow, F.H. SCO BD1492 Song to Old Union
Ludwig, Otto W. SCO BD0184 Courage Mother I am Going
Lue SCO BD1100 Riot in the City Hall Park, June 18, 1857
Lue SCO BD1469 Riot in the City Hall Park, June 18, 1857
Lunt, George SCO BD1574 Innaugruation of the Statue of Gen. Joseph Warren
M.V. SCO BD0839 O Lovely Dixie's Land
Mackenzie, John SCO BD0288 Fight for the Championship
Mahon, John SCO BD0178 Corcoran's Ball
Marion, William C. SCO BD1359 Wide Awake Jordan
Mark, J.W. SCO BD0928 Organ Grinder
Markey, John T. SCO BD1371 Wind Blew Through His Whiskers
Markham, Edwin SCO BD1608 Song of Victory: Carol at the End of the World War
Marlow & Regan SCO BD0820 1901
Marsh, J. SCO BD1306 Welcome Brave Boys. Richmond Falls: War is Over
Marsh, J. SCO BD1561 Oil on the Brain
Marylander SCO BD1513 On L--n's Proclamation of April 1st, 1863
Massett, Stephen SCO BD1327 When the Moon on the Lake is Beaming
Massett, Stephen C. SCO BD0943 Our Good Ship Sails To-night!
McCann, Arthur SCO BD0464 Irish Volunteer
McClaferty, Alex SCO BD0615 Little Old House on the Rhine
McDougall, G. F. SCO BD1607 Prologue to the Opening of the Theatre Royal
McFadden, Arthur SCO BD0150 Col. Owens' Gallant Irish Volunteers
McGlennon, Felix SCO BD0863 Oh What a Difference in the Morning
McGowan, Richard J. SCO BD1113 Root Hog or Die! No. 2
McGuey, J. SCO BD0425 Honey Bee Engine No. 5
McIntyre, John SCO BD1640 Lines Written on the Destruction of the … Maine
Mercer, R. W. SCO BD0627 Lost Cause or Confederate Medal
Merritt, Jesse SCO BD0149 Cold Spring Harbor
Million, M. J. SCO BD0641 McClellan Will Be President
Million, M.J. SCO BD1450 McClellan Will Be President
Milton, W. S. SCO BD0906 Old Street Lamp
Misfortune's Bard SCO BD0389 Hannah More
Mitchell SCO BD1160 Ship That Carries Me Home
Morris, Robert SCO BD0598 Level and the Square
Morton, Dan F. SCO BD1156 She Never Chins as We Pass By
Mosier, Frank SCO BD0338 Gentle Maggie
Mullaly, W.S. SCO BD0740 Mottoes Upon the Wall
Mullaly, W.S. SCO BD0900 Old Red Barn
Muzio, Signor SCO BD0950 Our Union, Right or Wrong
New Contributor SCO BD0108A Oh! Abraham Resign
Newcomb, Bobby SCO BD1037 Pretty as a Daisy
Nicol, B. SCO BD0266 Fair Maiden Who Sat on My Knee
Norman, Bert C. SCO BD0701 Message She Found in the Sands
O. H. S. SCO BD0093 George B. McClellan, The Bold Engineer
O'Connor, Mary E. C. SCO BD0083 Bless the Lips that Kissed Our Darling
Offenbach, J. SCO BD0009 Ah! Que J'Aime les Militaires
Offenbach, J. SCO BD1280 Voici le Sabre de Mon Pere=Here Is the Sabre of My Father
O'Malley, Miles SCO BD1011 Pictures with Their Faces to the Wall
O'Malley, Miles SCO BD0646 Maggie Murphy's Own
One of the B'hoys SCO BD0528 Jim Holmes: A Parody on Ben Bolt
One of the Suspended SCO BD1153 Shanghai Engine
Osborn, George W. SCO BD0500 Irishman's Shanty
Our Ned SCO BD0756 My Boyhood's Happy Home
Our Ned SCO BD0123A Rally Round the Cause Boys
Our Ned SCO BD0643 M'Clellan's Band
P. K. SCO BD1083A Gallant 99th Regiment. N.Y.S.V.
P.J.C. SCO BD0621 Long Live McClellan
P.K. SCO BD0324 Gallant 99th Regiment. N. Y. S. V.
Pabor, Willie E. SCO BD1078 Red Petticoats
Palmer, Harry M. SCO BD0498 Irish Wide-awake
Palmer, Harry M. SCO BD0874 Old Country Party
Palmer, William Kimberley SCO BD1508 Father of All
Palmer, William Kimberley SCO BD1509 Father William Francis Davitt World War Martyr
Palmer, William Kimberley SCO BD1512 Daniels Decatur Emmett
Palmer, William Kimberley SCO BD1510 Emerson
Palmer, William Kimberley SCO BD1511 Columbus - Genoa's Son
Pastor, Tony SCO BD0411 Herald Complaint Book
Pastor, Tony SCO BD1475 Song of all Songs
Pastor, Tony SCO BD1182 Song of All Songs
Pastor, Tony SCO BD0466 Irish Volunteer
Pastor, Tony SCO BD0440 Hundred Years Hence
Pastor, Tony SCO BD1429 Hundred Years Hence
Pastor, Tony (?) SCO BD0034 Any Other Man, No. 2
Pease, A. S. SCO BD1615 Tribute to General Scott
Peck, Abeizer SCO BD1677 On the Valiant New-England General
Pepper, J. W. SCO BD0356 Going to the Hop
Percival SCO BD0306 Fond Hearts at Home
Perry, George SCO BD0832 Northmen are Coming
Peters, J.G. SCO BD0141 Charming Young Lady I Met in the Rain
Pettee, Rev. J.T. SCO BD1033 Prayer and Potatoes - A Sermon
Philadelphia SCO BD0747 Mrs. Cunningham and the Baby, No. 1
Pimlott, Susie SCO BD1422 Grafton Mountains
Plumley, G. S. SCO BD1593 Where Liberty Dwells, There Is My Country
Pompey Volunteer SCO BD1633A Battle of Queenston October 13, 1812
Poole, John F. SCO BD0481 I'm Going to Fight mit Sigel
Poole, John F. SCO BD0649 Maginnis's Raffle
Poole, John F. SCO BD0482 I'm Going to Fight mit Sigel
Poole, John F. SCO BD0450 I'm Going to Fight mit Sigel
Prendergast, T. B. SCO BD0110 Bright Blue Eyes
Purtel, Tommy SCO BD0240 Adolphus Morninglory: Double Song and Jig
Quien Sabe SCO BD1185 Song of the Privateer
Radcliff, Sarah SCO BD1590 Bridal Morn
Rea, Mr. SCO BD1679 Ode Sung at the Lecture of the Congregational …
Read, Thomas Buchanan SCO BD1158 Sheridan's Ride: Liberty and Union Forever
Readel, C. H. SCO BD1266 Union Flag Triumphant Waves
Rice, Joe L. SCO BD0938 Our Day of Jubilee
Rice, Phil SCO BD0550 Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel
Richmond, Alexander SCO BD1504 Life, Trial and Execution of Alexander Richmond …
Robinson, James SCO BD0097 Bonnie Jamie
Roe, Ramsey, Jr. SCO BD0379 Great Japanese Embassy
Roe, Remsey, Jr. SCO BD0377 Great Champion Prize Fight
Rogerson, Clarence L. SCO BD1337 Where the Water Lillies Grow
Root, George F. SCO BD1439 Just Before the Battle, Mother
Root, George F. SCO BD0568 Kingdom Coming
Root, George F. SCO BD0567 Kingdom Coming
Root, George F. SCO BD1056 Prisoner's Hope: Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
Root, George F. SCO BD1440 Just Before the Battle Mother
Root, George F. SCO BD1443 Kiss Me, Mother, Kiss Your Darling
Root, George F. SCO BD1055 Prisoner's Hope: Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
Root, George F. SCO BD1227 They Have Broken Up Their Camps
Ross, Thomas SCO BD1017 Pity the Sorrows of a Poor Old Man
Rouse, Fred SCO BD0436 How Are You Off for Ile?
Rouse, Fred. SCO BD0930 Original Water-fall
Runner SCO BD1154 Ode on Shanghai Mary Engine Co. 6
Rush, Anne SCO BD0330 Gay and Happy
Rylance, Mrs. SCO BD1599-32 Lines to the Long Island Poet
Ryman, Addison SCO BD0669 Mary Ann I'll Tell Your Ma
S.B.B. SCO BD1507 National Hymn
S.M. SCO BD1691 Country Treat
S.S. SCO BD1712 Upon the Drying Up That Ancient River, the River Merrymak
Saugerties Bard SCO BD0228 Dr. Burdell, or The Bond Street Murder
Saugerties Bard SCO BD1341 Whipoorwill, or American Night-bird: A Poem
Saugerties Bard SCO BD1531 Queen's Telegraphic Message and President Buchanan's Reply
Saugerties Bard SCO BD0202 Dead Rabbits' Fight with the Bowery Boys
Saugerties Bard SCO BD0405 Heart Rending Tragedy
Saugerties Bard SCO BD0021 American Flag, The
Saugerties Bard SCO BD1625 Dunbar, the Murderer
Saugerties Bard SCO BD0752 Murdered Policeman Eugene Anderson …
Saugerties Bard SCO BD0071 Bellevue Baby Mrs. Cunningham's Adopted
Saugerties Bard SCO BD1228 Thirtieth Street Murder: A Horrible Tragedy
Sawyer, C. Carrol SCO BD0033 Answer to Who Will Care for Mother Now?
Sawyer, C. Carrol SCO BD0032 Answer to Who Will Care for Mother Now
Sawyer, Charles Carroll SCO BD0455 I Dreamed My Boy Was Home Again
Sawyer, Charles Carroll SCO BD0739 Mother Would Comfort Me
Sawyer, Charles Carroll SCO BD0760 My Emma Louise
Sawyer, Charles Carroll SCO BD1328 When the Boys Come Home
Sawyer, Charles Carroll SCO BD0738 Mother Would Comfort Me
Schwenseck, Joseph SCO BD0668 Mary and John
Scott, Archibald SCO BD0408 Heenan the Pride of America
Scott, Archibald SCO BD0576 Kites are Flying: An Acrostic
Scott, Archibald SCO BD1051 Prince of Wales
Scott, Archibald SCO BD1294 Washington's Birthday
Scott, Archibald SCO BD1255 12th Regiment, New York State Militia
Scott, Archibald SCO BD1364 Wife's Lament: A New Temperance Song
Scott, Archibald SCO BD1202 Stephen's Farewell Advice to Young Men
Scott, Archibald SCO BD1240 To Charming Kate in Ireland
Scott, Archibald SCO BD0043 In Answer to Sayers, England's Pride
Seecomb, John SCO BD1637 Father Abbey's Will Cambridge, Decemb. 1731
Seeger, William Tully SCO BD1651 United States New Century Hymn
Sertrew, Saul SCO BD0542 Johnny Fill Up the Bowl: Free and Easy Song
Shattuck, C.F. SCO BD0922 100 Fathoms Deep
Shaw, R. K. SCO BD1631 Battle of Corinth, October 4th 1862
Shaw, Thomas SCO BD1688 Mournful Song on the Death of the Wife and Child …
Shires, William SCO BD1365 Will Friendship Buy Us Bread
Showalter, A.J. SCO BD1515 'Rah for Grover Cleveland
Silent Sam SCO BD0461 I Never Says Nothing to Nobody
Simmons, Anthony K. SCO BD1466 Pity the Blind
Skelly, J. P. SCO BD0036 As I Sat Upon My Dear Old Mother's Knee
Skelly, Joseph P. SCO BD0751 Mulcahy's Gone Away
Small, William F. SCO BD0575 Kissing Through the Bars
Smallbones SCO BD1394 Young Unions Song
Smith, Henry F. SCO BD0926 Only a Picture
Smith, James SCO BD0053 23d Penna's Brave Action … Battle of Fair Oaks
Smith, M. H. SCO BD1580 Abraham May
Snodgas, Jr. SCO BD1222 That Baby on the Half Shell
Sophomore SCO BD1520 Revised Edition of the Battle of the Ball
Sophomore and a Freshman SCO BD1618 Bawl of the Battle
Speck, Samuel H. SCO BD1478 Take Me Back to My Dear Old Southern Home
Spencer, James B. SCO BD1176 Soldier's Prayer
Stansky, Morris SCO BD0983 Parody on Put Me in My Little Bed
Staph, John SCO BD0592 Lessons Learned at Mother's Knee
Stedman, Edmund Clarence SCO BD1600 Dutch Patrol
Steele, Silas S. SCO BD1164 Sinking of the Pirate Alabama by the … Kearsarge
Steele, Silas S. SCO BD1165 Sinking of the Pirate Alabama
Stoehr, Lewis SCO BD0624 Look Out! The Rebels Are Coming
Street, Alfred B. SCO BD1538 Lines on the Death of General Zachary Taylor
T.H.H. SCO BD1589 Girls of America
T.H.H. SCO BD1421 Girls of America
Taylor, Bayard SCO BD1057 Prize Song
Taylor, Z. SCO BD1596 Blind Soldier Boy
Thomas, J. R. SCO BD0027 Annie of the Vale
Thomas, J. R. SCO BD0206 Welcome, Welcome Home
Thomas, J. R. SCO BD0026 Annie of the Vale
Thompson, Charles F. SCO BD1353 Who Will Care for Mother Now
Thompson, Charles F. SCO BD1351 Who Will Care for Mother Now
Thompson, Charles F. SCO BD1352 Who Will Care for Mother Now
Thompson, J. SCO BD1525 Corsican Drover
Thonton, James SCO BD1089 Remember Poor Mother at Home
Thornton, L. M. SCO BD0031 Answer to the Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
Tompson, Edward SCO BD1700 Elegaick Tribute … Death of … Seaborn Cotton
Traveler SCO BD0016 [All Out of Breath] - Untitled
Tucker, Henry SCO BD0205A Dear Mother I've Come Home to Eat
Tucker, Henry SCO BD1330 When This Cruel War Is Over
Tucker, Henry SCO BD1331 When This Cruel War Is Over
Tucker, Henry SCO BD1455A-B Mother, I've Come Home to Die
Tucker, Henry SCO BD1259 Under the Gaslight, or Poor Little Laura
Tucker, Henry SCO BD0205 Dear Mother I've Come Home to Die
Tully, Frank SCO BD0249 Eileen's Answer: A Response to … Eileen Allanna
Turnbull, Robert SCO BD0761 Hymn: My Father's House
Uncle Pearson SCO BD1599-15 Lines Addressed to the Poet Cutter
Unsigned Friend SCO BD1710 Some Meditations Concerning Our Honourable Gentlemen …
Unsworth SCO BD0136 Charcoal Man
Upham, Louise S. SCO BD0791 Nation Is Weeping
Upham, Louise S. SCO BD0790 Nation Is Weeping
Upham, Nathan SCO BD1446 Lincoln Lies Sleeping
Valleau, John M. SCO BD0625 Lookout Mountain
Van Deinse, Paul J.A. SCO BD1594 Slave of the Bottle
Vivian, Charley SCO BD1348 Who Stole the Donkey
Von Smit, A. SCO BD1370 Willie's Welcome Home
W. C. SCO BD0105 Boys of the Bowery Pit
Walsh, P. J. SCO BD1001 Pat's Farewell to His Sweetheart
Walter SCO BD0616 Little Ones
Walters, B. Frank SCO BD0463 I Remember the Hour When Sadly We Parted
Walters, B. Frank SCO BD0162 Come in Out of the Draft
Warden, David A. SCO BD1159 Sherman's on the Track: Contraband Song and Chorus
Warden, David A. SCO BD0679 Massa Massa Hallelujah! The Flag's Come Back …
Warden, David A. SCO BD0120 By the Sad Potomac Shore … The Death of Col. Baker
Warren, Walter SCO BD1366 Will They Weep for Me at Home
Washington Bene. Society SCO BD1657 Order of Performances for the First Celebration …
Washington Bene. Society SCO BD1656 Order of Performances at the Third Publick …
Watson, James SCO BD1467 Beautiful Snow
Watts, Dr. SCO BD1597-4 Day of Judgement: An Ode … in the English Sapphic
Webster, J. P. SCO BD0357 Golden Stair
Welch, Nancy SCO BD1645 Lines for a Family of Her Acquaintance
Welch, Nancy SCO BD1645 Experience of Nancy Welch, a Blind Woman
West, O.C. SCO BD1581 Abraham May
Westendorf, Thos. P. SCO BD0923 One More Ribber for to Cross
Wetmore, W. J. SCO BD0431 How Are You Conscript
White, Charles SCO BD0577 Kitty Kimo
White, Charles Albert SCO BD0101 Boston in Ashes
Whittier, J. G. SCO BD1500 Maud Miller
Widdows, F. SCO BD0172 Constitution
Wilkinson, James SCO BD0037 As We Grow Old
Wilkinson, Jemima SCO BD1636 Wonderful Dream
Williams, Gus SCO BD0783 Mygel Snyder's Baby
Williams, Gus SCO BD1042 Pretty Little Dark Blue Eyes
Winner, Septimus SCO BD0676 Maryland My Maryland
Winner, Septimus SCO BD0253 Enoch Arden
Winner, Septimus SCO BD0792 Nation Mourns Her Martyred Son
Winner, Septimus SCO BD0927 Only Friends and Nothing More
Winter, Banks SCO BD1345 White Wings
Winter, Mrs. SCO BD1150 79th Regiment
Wohlfahrt, Michael SCO BD1553 Wann Jesus die Herzen Enzuendet mit Liebe
Woodworth, Samuel SCO BD1537 Ode for the Celebration of the French Revolution
Woodworth, Samuel SCO BD1539 Ode for the Canal Celebration
Work, Henry Clay SCO BD1288 Wake Nicodemus
Wortman, Denis, D. D. SCO BD0558 June Song
Wrighton, W. T. SCO BD0409 Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
Wurzel SCO BD0402 Hazel Dell
Zieber, John L. SCO BD0342 Girl I Left Behind Me
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