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Papers, 1854-1870


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Biographical Note:

Members of the Schott family were pioneer settlers of the Town of Fayette, Seneca County, New York. Frederick Rothwell Schott (February 21, 1811-May 31, 1888), the son of Andrew and Margaret Schott, was educated in the public schools and learned the tailor trade.

Frederick married Catharine Mirenda Bellis (March 24, 1819-April 29, 1909) and they had nine children: Edwin Bear (April 9, 1838-May 30, 1919); Mary Elizabeth (September 3, 1840-February 18, 1843); Uriel Belles (February 12, 1843-December 26, 1870); Mary Catherine (October 25, 1844-February 1939); Septimus Watkins (July 20, 1848-October 26, 1851); Freddie Kossuth (October 27, 1855-March 16, 1856); Marsena Benton (born May 1858); Cordelia Elizabeth (August 4, 1861-December 24, 1861); Frederick “Freddy” Brinton (March 4, 1864-November 1, 1933).

Uriel traveled to French Corral, California, in 1863, where he stayed with Ed (possibly his brother Edwin) for about a year before returning home to Seneca County. A note in the collection indicates Uriel died of typhoid fever in 1870.

Scope and Content Note:

Of particular interest in this collection are the three letters Uriel sent to his family in Seneca County in which he describes his trip to California and his time with his brother Ed at French Corral. The letter of April 8, 1863, includes comments on the fun he had in New York City; he writes that the family would have “laughed to see us bug our eyes out a looking” at the sights he saw. Uriel traveled by boat from New York to the Isthmus of Panama. In a letter dated March 11, he talks of being “discouraged and disgusted,” and in the letter dated September 12, he writes about coming back home.

Item List:

Folder Item Description
1 1 Letter, Uriel Schott to Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, April 8, 1863, with transcription
1 2 Letter, Uriel B. Schott, French Corral, [Nevada County, California], to Sister, March 11, [1864], with transcription
1 3 Letter, [Uriel] B. Schot[t], to Sister, September 12, [1864], with transcription
1 4 Reward Merit card presented to Mr. Urial [sic] Schott by F.R. Weitzel, teacher, April 22, 1854
1 5 Business card: F. Schott,/Merchant Tailor/and Dealer in/Ready-made Clothing, Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, &c./South Waterloo [Seneca County, New York]/Cutting done on short notice
1 6 Envelope addressed to Miss Mary C. Schott, Waterloo, Seneca Co., N.Y., date difficult to read
1 7 Note stating Uriel B., son of Fredrick and Catherine M. Schott, died December 26, 1870, of typhoid fever, aged 27 yrs. 20 mo. 14 days
1 8 Sample of Uriel’s hair
1 9 Sample of Aunt Mary’s wedding dress
1 10 Photocopy of daguerreotype of Uriel, Edwin and Mary Catherine Schott
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